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2015 Spring Promotion Tournament: Millennium Relegated, CLG Makes A Comeback, And More!

September 14th, 2014

The 2015 Spring Promotion Tournament has concluded, with the one-time expansion tournament coming soon. In case you’ve missed it, let’s look at who’s made it back into the LCS, and who’s out (for now).


North America

Counter Logic Gaming vs Curse Academy

Clg logo2.png  Crs Acad logo 150.png

Result: CLG 3-2 CA

After being taken down two games in a row, CLG bounced back to take three games in a row. Even when CA picked Hecarim as the supposed counter to what they thought would be Link’s Yasuo, the Ziggs pick from CLG allowed them to ensure this Horse stayed in his stable.


Evil Geniuses vs Team Coast

EG.png   Coast 150.png

Result: EG 3-0 CST

Evil Geniuses return to the LCS in a convincing 3-0 victory, with the match coming not too long after Coast had benched their solo laners, Rhux and Goldenglue for Ringer and Miracle, Korean players in D1 (KR Solo Queue).


Complexity vs Team 8

CompLexity150.png  Team 8 logo.png

Result: CoL 2-3 T8

Complexity are the first NALCS team to get relegated for the 2015 Season. Team 8 took it in a close Best of 5 series, and as such it wouldn’t be surprising to see CoL back after the expansion tournament.




Copenhagen Wolves vs H2K Gaming

Copenhagenwolves150.png  H2k logo blue.png

Result: CW 3-0 H2k

The Wolves, after a fairly poor split have managed to secure their spot for the 2015 Season by convincingly taking down H2k.


Gambit Gaming vs SK Prime

Gambit150.png  SK Prime logo.png

Result: GMB 3-1 SKP

Gambit picked it up during the last super week of the split, and have shown that they can indeed still compete with other European teams, avoiding relegation just weeks after benching Genja.


Millennium vs Unicorns of Love

Mil logo125.png  UOL logo.png

Result: M 2-3 UoL

Millennium are the one EULCS team to get relegated out, however have another shot with the expansion tournament. It was a grueling series for both teams, ending up very very close in the end.








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