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Alliance vs SK Gaming Preview

August 9th, 2014

Alliance and SK Gaming will play next week during the first of the two EULCS Summer Playoffs Semifinal (Friday, August 15th 2PM GMT, 7AM PDT). While Alliance is considered the team to beat in Europe, SK Gaming has been looking for a chance to usurp the top spot for two splits now. They appeared to have fallen off late into the regular season of the summer split, however showed a rejuvenated state when they took down Roccat 3-0 without breaking a sweat.

A Monster and A Dark Horse
Alliance is king in Europe at the moment. Just like Fnatic, they’ve got a star-studded lineup from top to bottom. With some of the top players in EU, laning is enough of a scary experience for SK Gaming. That said, if they can hold out past the lane SK has a chance. If they simply get destroyed by Alliance in the first 15 minutes they won’t come back. Not only that, Alliance’s players (for the most part) have more experience in high-pressure situations. Froggen and Wickd are Worlds Semifinalists, OGN finalists, and have played massive crowds too. Shook’s demeanor and attitude seems to give off a feeling that he doesn’t care whether it’s against SKT or against XDG. Tabzz has stated to be fairly confident, and Nyph has enough experience compared to the current SK Roster.

Alliance’s strengths lay, well everywhere. Their only weakness (and I use that term loosely, not a weakness but more of what they don’t focus on specifically) is team fighting, although the only team that could be better at team fighting in Europe is Fnatic and I don’t see Alliance being significantly worse. SK Gaming can still pull out good fights, but they are usually less clean than Alliance in execution of strategy. SK showed today that they can still completely outmanuver a team, and did that to Roccat three times in a row. They didn’t have to play from a disadvantage in lane though, and that will be a challenge for them.

The stars of the show for Alliance are Tabzz and Froggen, both of whom are easily world-class. Candypanda can still compete with Tabzz, but Tabzz is definitely mechanically stronger, let alone their bottom lane being stronger. Froggen will easily hold an advantage over Jesiz, who’s no slouch but it’ll be very hard for him to take down such a legendary player. Wickd and Freddy112 are going to be fairly close and it’ll depend on the champion picks realistically, but Shook has to worry about those two superstars down in middle and bottom while Svenskaren can focus a little more effort on top lane.

Prediction: 3-1 Alliance>SK Gaming

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