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Just recently on April 17th, Counter Logic Gaming announced that Head Coach William “Scarra” Li would be stepping down from his position as head coach, and would be leaving the organization. The organization cited that despite a strong regular season finish, CLG again faltering the in the playoffs proved to be a “tremendous obstacle”. As a result of their placing along with personal issues, Scarra has resigned from his position.

An interview was conducted with OnGamers regarding scarra’s decision.


Coaching Position Open

With the departure of Scarra, applications for CLG’s new coach have been opened. Team owner George “HotshotGG” Georgallidis was interviewed as well, regarding the team’s future:

The organization released this statement as part of their press release:

While we are saddened to lose such an experienced presence and friend, we recognize that this is a decision made in everyone’s best interest. We wish Scarra the best of luck and will do all we can to support him in his future endeavors, whatever he decides them to be.


As a result of this decision, CLG will be accepting resumes for the head coach position of its League of Legends team. These are the desired qualifications:

  • 25 years of age or older
  • Prior coaching experience
  • Experience working within LCS and/or NACS highly desired
  • Extensive LoL game knowledge
  • College degree preferred
  • Must have strong interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Highly disciplined


Please submit your cover letter, resume and a summary of your coaching philosophy, with the words “LoL Head Coach Application” in the title of the email, to: [email protected]


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Left to Right: SoAZ, Niels, xPeke, Mithy, Amazing


Origen, the team founded by former Fnatic mid laner Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez, has qualified for the 2015 EULCS Summer Split. They will be taking the spot of MeetYourMakers, who have been automatically relegated due to finishing in 10th place. This marks the return of three-time EULCS Champions xPeke and SoAZ, who have not been in the LCS since leaving Fnatic after the 2014 Season.


Challenger Series Playoffs Recap

After strong finishes throughout both of the Challenger Series this past split, Origen, along with three other Challenger teams played a playoff series in order to decide who would enter the LCS, who would play for a spot, and who would be sent home empty-handed.

The teams at the playoffs were:

  • Origen
  • Copenhagen Wolves Academy
  • Reason Gaming
  • Gamers2

After beating Reason Gaming by a score of 2-1, Origen moved on to the finals where they faced Copenhagen Wolves Academy, who had taken down Gamers2 2-0. Against CWA, Origen managed a strong 3-0 victory, immediately qualifying them for the 2015 EULCS Summer Split.  Gamers2 lost to Reason Gaming in the third place decider 2-1, so Reason Gaming, along with Copenhagen Wolves academy will be playing either Team ROCCAT or Giants Gaming for a spot in the LCS.



#1 Origen

In case you’re not caught up with the Challenger scene, Origen’s roster is:


ID Name Role
France sOAZ Paul Boyer Top
Germany Amazing Maurice Stückenschneider Jungle
Spain xPeke Enrique Cedeño Martínez Mid
Denmark Niels Jesper Svenningsen AD
Spain mithy Alfonso Aguirre Rodriguez Support
Denmark Casadar Mikkel Lund-Madsen Sub/Top

Meanwhile, their coaching staff consists of:


ID Name Role
United Kingdom Veteran Michael Archer Analyst
USA Hermit Analyst


#2 Copenhagen Wolves Academy (Sister team to Copenhagen Wolves)


ID Name Role
Netherlands Morsu Bram Knol Top
Netherlands Kirei Thomas Yuen Jungle
Netherlands CozQ Sofyan Rechchad Mid
Netherlands Vizility Jeffrey de Vries AD
Netherlands Hybrid Glenn Doornenbal Support

NOTE: If CWA make it into the LCS, the Copenhagen Wolves organization will be required to transfer the team to another organization, due to the “1 team per organization” rule.


#3 Reason Gaming


ID Name Role
Poland Kubon Jakub Turewicz Top
Poland Xayoo Marcin Majkut Jungle
Poland TakeFun Rafał Górniak Mid
Poland Celaver Paweł Koprianiuk AD
Poland Libik Marek Kręgiel Support


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2015 URFitational Grand Finals.png


Held on April 1st, 2015, two teams of old-school LoL pros took to the rift to duke it out in an Ultra Rapid-Fire match. Ye Olde League Organization took on Society of Worth Accessing Gentlemen in a match originally meant to be played on the NURF Gamemode, which would have featured:

  • +100% mana and energy cost on all abilities
  • +200% cooldown inflation on abilities, items and summoner spells
  • +225 movement speed reduction
  • +200% delay between basic attacks
  • Critical strikes deal 50% of base AD
  • Units critically strike on 150% of attacks

Unfortunately, due to a technical difficulty, URF mode was used instead. In less than 20 minutes and in devastating fashion, YOLO managed to take down SWAG.


An Announcement From Rivington

Riot’s own Rivington Bisland III delivered a statement regarding the event, which was the following:

When speaking of the Bisland family history, it’s impossible not to mention strategery. Yes, strategery. Not only was it my first word, but strategery was invented by my grandfather and forefather of some of the most innovative gameplay ever seen on the Rift, Rivington Bisland I.

My grandpappy, known as “Riv One” by those in the URFitational scene, performed the inaugural URFitational cast with Nicolas Flamel Allen in 1943. He spent more than 30 years as a regular behind the URFitational casting desk producing premium, award-winning coverage of our annual soirée. Due to the elite and exclusive nature of the event, tournament footage and distribution is only available to members of the Universal Rivington Federation.

As newly-elected President of the aforementioned Federation, and as direct descendant of the URFitational legacy, I felt the exclusive nature of the URFitational wasn’t the way to bring this proud, historical tournament into the future. Therefore, for the first time ever, I’m proud that I’ll be able to share this annual tradition outside the Federation and directly with all of you.


An Event to Remember

The URFitational featured the use of ringers, some substitutes and some quality acting from the Riot crew. Highlights include Brian “TheOddOne” Wyllie losing his spot to brother Anslie “frommaplestreet” Wyllie after heading to the restroom, along with everyone finding out the true power of AD Malzahar.

Just one of the gifs that this event has created


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IEM 9 Taipei.jpg

IEM Season IX – Taipei is the fifth event of IEM Season IX (forth season with LoL involved), organized by ESL. It will take place in Taipei, Taiwan at Taipei Game Show, with the previous ones being:

  • IEM Shenzen – China
  • IEM San Jose – USA
  • IEM Cologne – Germany

Next up, will be Katowice, for the IEM World Championship, which will feature the 1st place winners of all previous IEM events during Season 9 of IEM.



The English casters at IEM Taipei were Leigh “Deman” Smith and Joe Miller, formerly a part of Riot’s EU LCS casting crew. Meanwhile, Marcel “Dexter” Feldkamp and Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez acted as analysts.



Prize Pool

A total prize money of $ 50,000 USD was announced.

Place Prize (USD) ≈Prize (EUR) Team
Gold.png 1st $ 25,000 € 20,080 Yoe.FWlogo std.png yoe Flash Wolves
Silver.png 2nd $ 11,000 € 8,835 Tpa std.png Taipei Assassins
SF.png 3rd/4th $ 5,000 € 4,016 AHQLogo std.png ahq e-Sports Club
SAJlogo std.png Saigon Jokers
5th/6th $ 2,000 € 1,606 Btlogo std.png Bangkok Titans
Avlogo std.png Avant Garde

Standings/Bracket for IEM Taipei

At IEM Taipei, a total of six teams where in attendance, being:


Taipei Assassins Taiwan
Tpa logo.png
[Show/Hide Roster]
ahq e-Sports Club Taiwan
Ahq logo.png
[Show/Hide Roster]
yoe Flash Wolves Taiwan
FW logo 150.png
[Show/Hide Roster]
Avant Garde Australia
Av logo new.png
[Show/Hide Roster]
Saigon Jokers Vietnam
SAJ logo.png
[Show/Hide Roster]
Bangkok Titans Thailand


Meanwhile, the bracket went:

Quarter-Finals (Bo3) Semi-Finals (Bo3) Final Match (Bo5)
  AHQLogo std.png ahq 0
  Yoe.FWlogo std.png yoe.FW 2
  Yoe.FWlogo std.png yoe.FW 2
  Btlogo std.png BKT 0
  Yoe.FWlogo std.png yoe.FW 3
  Tpa std.png TPA 2
  SAJlogo std.png SAJ 0
  Tpa std.png TPA 2
  Tpa std.png TPA 2
  Avlogo std.png Av 0


Info via eSportspedia.

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In a vlog created last week, Team Liquid support player Alex “Xpecial” Chu revealed that the team’s mid laner, Kim “Fenix” Jae-hun, & AD Carry, Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin may not be able to play in Week 1 of the 2015 NALCS Spring Split. He also predicted that Team Liquid would finish around 3rd place this split, a bold call considering the new faces present in North America. 


Two days ago, it was confirmed by Team Liquid co-owner Steve “Liquid112″ Arhancet that Fenix would arrive in time for the first week of LCS, however there was no confirmation on the status of their star AD Carry. This was alarming to fans, especially those who had Team Liquid’s Korean stars as part of their Fantasy LCS rosters.


Soon after, Team Liquid’s head coach, Peter Zhang, announced that Team Liquid would not be able to field Piglet as a starting player for the first week, and would instead use substitute player Yuri “KeithMcBrief” Jew.



KeithMcBrief is known as the former support player for Team LoLPro, with not much time for him to transition back to his native role. Prior to his stint as a support, he was known as a top challenger AD Carry, earning praise from the likes of Counter Logic Gaming’s Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, which he stated on a Reddit AMA this past May.

Q: [/u/Tamerlin] Who do you think is the most talented ADC in NA outside of the LCS?

A: [Doublelift] I’d say Altec or KEITHMCBRIEF based on solo queue performance, but I don’t pay much attention to ADs outside of the LCS, and play with nameplates off as well so nobody really stands out. It’s really hard to judge based on solo queue/amateur performances because some ADs will seem really strong but lack a lot of skills that win games at higher levels.



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Due to the departure of Joe Miller and Leigh “Deman” Smith, Riot Games was in need of new casters for the 2015 EULCS Season. As such, today they’ve announced their new casting lineup for the 2015 EULCS Season in an announcement at LoLeSports:


As we kick off a new season of the EU LCS, Trevor “Quickshot” Henry and Martin “Deficio” Lynge will be heading up the caster team hosting 2015’s live broadcast from our studio in Berlin. Moving into leading roles within the team, Quickshot and Deficio will be helping to guide viewers through a brand new season of LCS action — including guest spots along with Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere on the new League show, PTL.

In addition to this core duo, new face Devin “PiraTechnics” Younge will be joining the EU LCS caster lineup. Formerly of the LPLen team that brought the Chinese LoL pro stream to Western fans, PiraTechnics will be making his debut during the first week of the season.

This season, we’re also adding an analyst desk in EU to offer post-game in-depth analysis with expert commentators. Hosted by Sjokz, the desk will feature guest commentators and analysts to break down the day’s action, including Worlds analyst and pro Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels for week one. In the future, more guests and pros will be rotating to pick up the conversation live in studio, so look out for more announcements in the coming weeks.

Over at the EU Challenger Series, Richard “Pulse” Kam and James “Stress” O’Leary will be helming the caster desk. A familiar duo to viewers of the LCS Expansion Tournament, Pulse and Stress will oversee the games as Challenger teams fight for a spot in the EU LCS.

We hope to add to our EU LCS lineup in the next few months, but are excited to be kicking off the action from our new studio space with this collection of talented casters. With new and reshuffled teams battling seasoned veterans and a brand new EU LCS studio home, we’re looking forward to a 2015 season full of fierce competition in Europe!

Deman and Joe Miller have chosen to stay in Cologne, where they will be working for ESL on other events.

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NALCS team LMQ has officially rebranded as Team Impulse. The team formerly known as LMQ iBUYPOWER is a shell of it’s former self. They’ve parted ways with 4/5 out of their 2014 Season roster, and only Mid Laner Xian “XiaoWeiXiao” Yu remains. To complete essentially what is a full rebuild, they’ve chosen to take on a new name, immortalizing the one and only LMQ roster of:

  • Top: Xiao “Ackerman” Wang
  • Jungle: Zhou “NoName” Qi-Lin
  • Mid: Xian “XiaoWeiXiao” Yu
  • AD Carry: Li “Vasilii” Wei-Jun
  • Support: Zhang “Mor” Hong-Wei


A New Roster

Their new roster isn’t finalized, but LMQ currently boasts:

  • Lee “Rush” Yoonjae - Jungle
  • Xian “XiaoWeiXiao” - Mid
  • Adrian “Adrian” Ma - Support


Rushing into 2015

Rush, or Rush IX, is known for being the #1 ranked player in Korean Solo Queue at the time of initial rumors of him moving to America surfacing. He was ranked above players among the likes of legendary mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, or the former Samsung players (despite moving to China, they still play primarily on Korean Solo Queue – the distance between the two nations is FAR less than the distance between the American East and West coasts, so ping is fine). Being a solo queue star, no one expects an initial amazing performance out of him in competitive matches. However,  one can look to another Korean solo queue star – Faker as an example of raw talent turned into one on of the best players in the world (or in Faker’s case, the best player in the world).


Collegiate Star

Adrian is known for accepting a scholarship to Robert Morris University to compete in eSports, and for being the support of XDG Gaming under the name “Popstar Adrian”. After XDG failed to qualify for the LCS, Adrian accepted the scholarship to RMU.


Official Announcment

Taken from

No one knew how we’d do when we first announced that we were moving to North America to compete in the LCS. Some predicted that we’d fail, while others believed that we could win the whole tournament and represent North America at Worlds. 

Over the past year we’ve met some amazing people: our wonderful fans, our immensely talented and respectful competition, our exceptional volunteers and the admirable people at Riot Games. We’ve had some issues, yes, but we’re proud to be representing North America as we head into the 2015 Season. 

LMQ grew from a relatively small Chinese brand to one that was recognized all over the League of Legends community, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the talent and dedication of our players and fans. With four of the five players who represented us no longer in the roster, it doesn’t feel right to continue using the LMQ brand. It’ll still be a core part of our identity but using it does a disservice to the team that represented us so well. 

Today we’re proud to announce that we will be changing our name to Team Impulse. Impulse stays true to the core of the former LMQ. Even though the players that represented us are gone, we still embody their play style. LMQ’s former play style was fierce, reckless and impulsive. Our new brand will continue to enshrine the 2013 team while also forging a new direction for the organization. 

Without further ado, here are the latest additions to the 2015 League of Legends roster for Team Impulse. 



Photo provided by Damian Estrada

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LGD Gaming, which already features Gu “Imp” Seung-bin and World Champion Choi “Acorn” Cheon-ju, has announced that they’ve signed Lee “Flame” Ho-Jong. On top of that, OnGamers sources have been told that the contract is worth over $500,000 USD, and that Flame even denied a $1,000,000 contract from Stand Point Gaming – an organization with a less notable LoL team.

 “We are pleased to announce the addition of Acorn and Flame to our League of Legends team. Last year we barely missed out on the World Championships and ended the season in fourth place. Both Acorn and Flame, proven individuals who have played in OGN Finals, will be instrumental in our campaign to conquer the LPL. We are looking forward to the upcoming season and hope to do our fans proud.”

said Orrin Xu, LGD’s Business Development Manager.


Who to Start

Since LGD also signed Acorn, they have two Korean top laners. LGD’s management have yet to decide who will start, with both being one of the best in their position at certain points in time. Flame, who was dominant quite a while back, was significantly more dominant than Acorn was in early-mid 2014.

Flame was known as a player who could be at your inhibitor turret by twenty minutes into the game if left unchecked, while Acorn has been known for spot-on teleports and an incredible ability to thrive in a 1v2 lane. That’s a huge contrast – Flame was THE star, Acorn made sacrifices so someone else could be the star. LGD do have Imp on that team, having Flame as well may be too much work for the jungler to handle. Acorn will likely play well into letting other players do their job, but all we can do is wait and see how LGD chooses to utilize two, very talented yet very different top laners.


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After an “interesting” set of four games, Gambit Gaming take down Counter Logic Gaming 3-1 at the IEM Cologne 2014 Grand Final. This is Gambit’s 5th IEM title, with the others being:

  • IEM Season 6: Kiev
  • IEM Season 6: Championship
  • IEM Season 7: Katowice
  • IEM Season 8: Cologne (2013, which CLG also attended)

It was an intense, bloody series with ludicrous amounts of kills from both sides, and a fair performance from CLG considering their substitute jungler and new team chemistry. Despite the series going 3-1, Game 2 was incredibly close with Doublelift being untouchable on Vayne but CLG falling to a base race and could have forced a Game 5.



MATCH 1/5: CLG (Blue) vs GMB (Red)

Winner: GMB leads 1-0
Game Time: 38:04


 Jayce  Pantheon
 Syndra  Lee Sin
 Azir  JarvanIV


Image: End-game screenshot[14]

Towers: 3 Gold: 54.6k Kills: 10
ZionSpartan  Irelia 1 1-3-4
Thinkcard  Elise 2 0-4-4
Link  Kassadin 3 8-7-1
Doublelift  Lucian 2 0-8-3
Aphromoo  Janna 3 1-2-7
Towers: 10 Gold: 68.1k Kills: 24
Cabochard  Gnar 2 3-1-10
Diamond  Sejuani 2 4-1-11
niQ  LeBlanc 1 6-2-5
P1noy  Graves 3 9-3-4
Edward  Thresh 1 2-3-10

1,2,3 Number indicates where in the pick phase the champion was taken.

MATCH 2/5: GMB (Blue) vs CLG (Red)

Winner: GMB leads 2-0
Game Time: 53:05


 Pantheon  Irelia
 Azir  Syndra
 JarvanIV  Gnar


Image: End-game screenshot[15]

Towers: 9 Gold: 84.8k Kills: 26
Cabochard  Jax 2 6-6-9
Diamond  Lee Sin 1 6-2-12
niQ  Kassadin 3 7-7-8
P1noy  Corki 2 6-5-9
Edward  Janna 3 1-4-16
Towers: 7 Gold: 80.9k Kills: 24
ZionSpartan  Maokai 3 2-4-10
Thinkcard  Elise 2 7-6-8
Link  LeBlanc 1 4-8-9
Doublelift  Vayne 2 11-4-6
Aphromoo  Thresh 1 0-5-12

1,2,3 Number indicates where in the pick phase the champion was taken.

MATCH 3/5: CLG (Blue) vs GMB (Red)

Winner: CLG (GMB leads 2-1)
Game Time: 42:23


 Irelia  Pantheon
 Gnar  Jax
 Azir  Lee Sin


Image: End-game screenshot[16]

Towers: 9 Gold: 74.2k Kills: 31
ZionSpartan  Rumble 2 4-3-15
Thinkcard  Nunu 2 4-6-17
Link  Syndra 3 10-5-6
Doublelift  Caitlyn 3 12-4-9
Aphromoo  Thresh 1 1-4-15
Towers: 8 Gold: 68.2k Kills: 22
Cabochard  Lissandra 3 6-9-8
Diamond  JarvanIV 1 3-6-15
niQ  Jayce 2 6-5-6
P1noy  Corki 1 7-5-4
Edward  Janna 2 0-6-11

1,2,3 Number indicates where in the pick phase the champion was taken.

MATCH 4/5: GMB (Blue) vs CLG (Red)

Winner: Gambit Gaming wins IEM Cologne!
Game Time: 40:48


 Pantheon  Irelia
 JarvanIV  Gnar
 Thresh  Azir


Image: End-game screenshot[17]

Towers: 9 Gold: 69.6k Kills: 21
Cabochard  Renekton 3 3-2-9
Diamond  Lee Sin 1 0-5-11
niQ  Syndra 2 8-4-5
P1noy  Graves 2 10-1-4
Edward  Sona 3 0-4-15
Towers: 3 Gold: 62.5k Kills: 16
ZionSpartan  Jax 1 3-1-3
Thinkcard  Nunu 2 1-5-12
Link  Orianna 3 2-5-7
Doublelift  Caitlyn 2 7-3-7
Aphromoo  Janna 1 3-7-11


CONGRATS to Gambit on their 5th Intel Extreme Masters title!

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CLG has been at the center of controversy after their decision to speak to William “scarra” Li from Dignitas in early September, while scarra was still on contract – illegal by LCS rules, a violation for which TSM’s Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg was fined earlier this year. Riot has handed out their biggest fine ever, $10 000 USD, with multiple reasons for that below.

Organization: Counter Logic Gaming
Region: North America
Date of Ruling: December 10, 2014
Subject: Penalty; Violation of LCS Ruleset


We were recently notified of allegations that Counter Logic Gaming’s (CLG) management violated the LCS anti-tampering/poaching provision by soliciting William “Scarra” Li, who was at the time still under contract as a substitute player for Dignitas, to not re-sign with Dignitas in the offseason and instead sign with CLG. Attempting to recruit LCS Team Members still under contract with other LCS organizations is a serious offense, and we began a thorough investigation to determine if the accusations had merit.

As a result of our investigation we’ve discovered the following:

Shortly following the conclusion of the LCS 2014 NA Regionals in early September, Counter Logic Gaming’s owner, George “HotshotGG” Georgallidis, reached out to Li directly to express a desire to work with him. Li was still under contract with Dignitas at this time.

Several weeks later, at least one Counter Logic Gaming team member was informed by team management that Scarra seemed interested in the organization and was their top choice to be coach. A team member then informed CLG management he was going to reach out to Li to discuss the possibility of Li coaching for CLG next season. This team member went on to have a conversation with Li regarding the possibility of him not re-signing with Dignitas during the offseason and instead becoming coach for CLG, a clear violation of the LCS anti-tampering/poaching rule.

In mid-October, LCS officials were made aware of allegations that CLG had attempted to poach Li, and promptly reached out to CLG management to get their side of the story. Georgallidis repeatedly made false statements to LCS officials during the investigation, denying knowledge of any conversations between himself and Li or CLG team members while Li was under contract regarding Li becoming a coach for CLG.

Multiple sources have since provided evidence confirming that Georgallidis personally approached Scarra and had knowledge of at least one other CLG team member having a conversation with Li about the possibility of him joining CLG before Li’s contract with Dignitas was up.


10.2.12 No Poaching or Tampering.

“No Team Member or Affiliate of a team may solicit, lure, or make an offer of employment to any Team Member who is signed to any LCS team, nor encourage any such Team Member to breach or otherwise terminate a contract with said LCS team. Violations of this rule shall be subject to penalties, at the discretion of LCS officials.”


CLG has violated rule 10.2.12 of the LCS ruleset and will be subject to penalties.


Counter-Logic Gaming is:

  • Fined $10,000
  • Restricted from fielding William “Scarra” Li as an official LCS Team Member for the first 3 weeks of the 2015 LCS Spring Split
    • CLG will still be required to field a Head Coach for the first 3 weeks of the 2015 LCS Spring Split


This is the most severe penalty we have ever levied on an LCS team. Here’s more context on our reasoning and how we reached this decision:

  • We consider poaching to be a serious violation which challenges the competitive integrity of the league – as such, the penalties we consider are severe. LCS teams are expected to respect not only the contracts that they’ve signed with their own players, but those that other organizations have signed with theirs. Tampering with players on opposing teams can incentivize extremely toxic dynamics (e.g. players deliberately playing poorly to “force” their organization to release them) and is an unacceptable form of gamesmanship. It also puts honest teams which comply with anti-tampering/poaching rules at a disadvantage in acquiring players.
  • There are a number of factors that we consider whenever we’re assessing a penalty for any violation of LCS rules. Intent and honesty on the part of a rule-breaking individual or group are important – likewise, if the offender or offenders are dishonest, we consider that when weighing our decision. We also look at who’s under investigation – for example, our judgment may be more severe for the ownership of an LCS organization whose understanding of the ruleset and potential consequences may be more sophisticated than that of an individual player.
  • In this case, the fact that CLG ownership made false statements to LCS officials and directly attempted to poach a player under contract to a rival LCS organization has been considered an aggravating factor in assessing the penalty.
  • In this case, where it wasn’t one player but the ownership of an entire LCS organization that engaged in poaching, a fine alone is not a sufficient penalty. We want our penalties to help avoid similar situations in the future, and a fine alone will not effectively deter determined organizations from attempting to poach players.
  • Limiting the value of CLG’s ill-gotten acquisition by restricting its ability to field Li as an LCS Team Member for the first three weeks of the LCS is a more effective penalty than simply ramping the fine amount up further.
  • Under LCS rules, a team may negotiate with a player under contract with another team if they obtain permission from that player’s organization. In this case, if CLG had requested and received permission from Dignitas to speak with Li prior to their talks, there would have been no issue. Teams may also simply wait until a player’s contract is up (in this case, Li’s contract was up in late October) to recruit a player. CLG chose to do neither, which has led to this investigation and outcome.

Our decision in this investigation relied heavily on evidence and firsthand testimony provided to us by sources who requested anonymity because of their close relationship with the parties at the center of this investigation. While we generally strive for transparency in our competitive rulings, we also highly value protecting sources who come forward to offer evidence to LCS officials despite the risk of potential backlash if their identity is made public.

We understand that this explanation is not as satisfying as full public disclosure of all of the evidence which led to our ruling, but doing so would pose an unacceptable risk to the anonymity of the sources who came forward to speak with us.

This ruling reflects our desire to send a clear signal that poaching is unacceptable in the LCS, as is deliberately making false statements to LCS officials.

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