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To say there was a buzz around C9 coming into the Summer Split would be a vast understatement. Their scrim record is beyond exceptional and they breezed through the Promotional Tournament to earn their spot. The only question mark surrounding them was the often-true idea that online scrim results and actual LAN ability do not always line up. It is safe to say that such worries were entirely baseless for Cloud 9.

They seemed to have little difficulty in their 5-0 run through Super Week, showing both the ability to play very aggressively early and snowball to victory as well as the patience to wait, while behind, for the perfect moment to turn the game around. They defeated TSM, Dig, VES, Curse and Coast- this includes two of the three teams currently tied for second place. Their heavily Korean-based strats and spectacular cohesion suggest that this is not going to be short-lived success either. In this vlog Meteos talks about the team, their new living conditions (as they recently moved into their own gaming house), their scrim schedule and his rapidly growing stream.

While it’s very early in the season and much can happen between now and Worlds, if C9 play like they have so far, they may be NA’s best hope for a podium finish.

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It is with great regret that we must report that our charity event will not be happening on the dates originally stated. This is due to some severe schedule conflicts, including but not limited to; the All-Star team preparing for China, and what would be a larger than acceptable number of substitutes if we moved it closer. We are currently unsure as to when the event will occur, but it will certainly not be before the All-Star match.


We apologise for this, but having a sub-par tournament is not something we are willing to do. Quality is always the most important aspect.




The SoloMid Management.

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Riot Fixed

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Keep your calendars clear for the 17th and 18th of May. TSM will be joined by other top teams from the LCS to clash on the Rift, for your entertainment. Even better than that, SoloMid will be donating $20,000 to the Boston One Fund:

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino have announced the formation of The One Fund Boston, Inc. to help the people most affected by the tragic events that occurred in Boston on April 15, 2013.

You can read more about the Boston One Fund: HERE

The other teams that are taking part will be announced closer to the date. We hope to see you all there to support your favourite teams as well as a great cause!



Have trouble finding people to play with? Are your friends not into LoL or far worse/better than you? Then TeamSummon is the answer. With it you can find a duo-queue partner, a full ranked 5s team or even people to play a custom game with. They also plan to have more modes added at some point soon. For all the details see the video bellow and then why not give it a shot?

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After many hours of debate and much consideration, the management of SoloMid has decided to replace Chaox with WildTurtle on a permanent basis. We are extremely grateful to Chaox for all he has contributed over the last two years and it is with a heavy heart that we bid him goodbye. The accomplishments TSM achieved with Chaox on the team will be remembered for as long as people play League of Legends. WildTurtle will be the AD carry for TSM from this week onwards. We are confident this change will be a positive one in the long run; TSM have their eyes firmly on the top of the podium.

For interviews and behind the scenes footage showing the road to this outcome watch this week’s episode of GameCrib.



We are proud to announce, the next level of stat-tracking and champion-build information. With it you can track what the pro and high-ranked players do in their games and even better, the order in which they do them. Let’s go through some examples of how it works and the kind of results you can expect.


What do you seek?


click to enlarge


When loading the homepage one of the first things you’ll see is the search bar. If you had a specific target for your visit, this will be the fastest path to reach it. It will search for players and champions and will bring up a clickable drop-down list after the first character typed, so you don’t even need to enter the whole thing.





Overview of your topic


click to enlarge


Say your goal was information on how the pros are currently building Renekton; a click on him from your previous search will bring up a smorgasbord of high-level builds. Here you get the broad-strokes of a large number of games. The final-build, how recent, if they won and who was playing. From this point you can go even deeper to see the next level of details. Click on which game you want to see, we’ll use KiWiKiD’s as an example.





The fine details


click to enlarge


This is where ProBuilds starts to get really exciting. You can see how the teams did overall, their scores and final builds. Under that you can see the specific player’s final build more prominently and his choice of summoner spells. The best bits however are the Buy Order and Skill Order sections. Here you can see exactly what he did and the order he did it in. You can see that he bought wards on almost every back and that he put a second point in W at level 10 but max’d E before W otherwise.





click to enlarge


This level of detail is truly fascinating and now you can find it for all the high-level games you see on stream! Of course, the runes and masteries are not ignored, they are clearly and cleanly presented. This gives you an almost complete overview of the match from Welcome to Summoners Rift to one of the Nexuses being destroyed. This was not a special case; every game on ProBuilds is recorded in equal detail for your entertainment and interest. You can also search for players and see all of their recent matches if your focus is in a slightly different direction; it works the same way.





Live feed


click to enlarge


If you don’t have a specific need in mind but have a few minutes to kill and are wondering what the pros are currently up to there is a Live Feed. This will list all the most recent games from followed players. Top players from the EU, NA, CN, TW and KR servers will all appear here in a constant stream of games. If one catches your eye, a simple click will bring you all the facts.


We want everyone to be able to use ProBuilds successfully- there is no point having all this fantastic information if only some people can make full use of it. In that regard we currently support five languages (English, French, German, Korean and Spanish) and will constantly strive to add more language options as time goes on. While we are launching today, this is an open-beta phase and we will be adding more features as time goes on. Please let us know if you find any bugs or if there are any features you think would make it an even more rewarding experience. ProBuilds is the future, we hope to see you there; let the information flow!




News broke a little earlier today that Jang ‘Woong’ Gun-woong would be departing from CJ Entus Frost. It appears he is taking some form of break, however he may end up fully retiring from professional LoL, though he may return after a break. His replacement will be Kim Hermes’ Kang-hwan, formerly of MVP Blue.

You can read the full announcement, in Korean, here




chTSM announced today that Chaox, their AD carry, would be taking a short break from competitive League of Legends. For one week Jason “WildTurtle” Tran, already an official TSM sub, will be filling in for him.

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