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Top scorers points earned for week 1

  1. Shiphtur – Dignitas: 60.27 points
  2. Piglet – Liquid: 58.89 points
  3. Freeze – Renegades: 48.31 points
  4. WildTurtle – Immortals: 48.29 points
  5. Fenix – Liquid: 47.84 points
  6. Trick – G2: 47.09 points
  7. Kiwikid – Dignitas: 45.69 points
  8. Altec – NRG: 45.65 points
  9. FORG1VENGRE – H2K: 45.45 points
  10. Stixxay – CLG: 44.17 points


First impressions from Week 1

  • Immortals look amazing. I’m happy to give especially Reignover and Turtle higher priority. I get the feeling Fnatic’s early game shotcalling last season was heavily directed by Reignover, although I can’t prove it, but that usually means a lot of fights. Turtle’s back to his aggresive self too so he’ll be awesome.
  • We have yet to see Dignitas fight upper tier teams (NRG had subs, so it didn’t count), but their point gain versus middle pack teams is amazing. Pay attention to their matchups, and Shiphtur may very well get you 50+ points in a week.
  • NRG’s question marks to me at the moment are KonKwon and Moon. Their other players look great though. They did very well this week, but it would be great to see how much Moon influences the tide of their games.
  • CLG is looking alright. Heavy rotations still in play, but lots of diving and teamfighting as well. I still have questions about Huhi, but I think Stixxay deserves a spot on the map.
  • Liquid‘s members are looking to be very good fantasy point generators, even though they’re 0-2. I don’t know if I should include Matt on the list yet, however, and the whole sub squad thing does not help their case. Be careful about running them, because if they’re subbed out midweek you’re in trouble.
  • TSM and Origen I think had off weeks… I’d have to see their week 2 play to decisively lower any of their positions, since apparently neither team had much practice coming into this week. Also Doublelift randomly got high points, so he’s working that + status well.
  • Renegades seem to have a pretty rotation heavy style (ode to MonteCristo I suppose). Their teamfighting seems alright though, so I’m happy to give small boosts to some of their members.
  • Consider fielding players who get to play against TiP. TiP is looking very weak, and that’s exploitable.
  • UoL looks pretty good. Diamond and Viziscasci have decent synergy, and their new bot lane have been performing acceptably. They’ll put up a good fight regardless of their opponent, so I expect good things to come from them. However, I’m still not convinced about the nature of their aggression. Their points seem to be above average, so I’m keeping an eye on them.
  • I’m still unsure about Echo Fox, Fnatic, G2, and Roccat. Fnatic moreso because they had one decent game against an out-of-form Origen, and because they had one terrible game against Vitality.
  • H2K is looking fantastic as well, but they seemed to play more rotationally as opposed to aggressively. I feel like they’ll get consistently high points, but absurd maximums will be rare.
  • Vitality’s performance looks to be about whether or not Shook wakes up right that day. I’ve lowered Kasing and Hjarnan temporarily for now, but there’s a good chance I might bump them back up again.
  • Elements, Giants, and Splyce did not impress me at all last week.

Based on these impressions, I have slightly adjusted the Drafting Priority for Week 2. Notice the tonne of new additions. Below the list, I’ve done a small run down for notable Week 2 matches that might be worth setting up your roster for.




Notable Week 2 Matches

Average points per game ~= 20 per player. The games I note are ones I expect to be higher than average or lower than average in certain ways. If I don’t note something, it’s because I either don’t think it’s worth mentioning, or I think it’ll give average points.

Team Impulse vs. Cloud9

  • Probably a convincing C9 win. Rush, Sneaky, and Jensen expected to do exceedingly well here.

TSM vs. Immortals

  • Slanted in favour of Immortals, probably 65-35 odds from TSM’s poor showing this week.
  • TSM looks to be good at putting up fights, so they (Doublelift and Bjergsen especially) should be able to net decent scores.
  • IMT has a very aggressive style that has been successful so far. Unless TSM has found a way to completely shut them out, they should score quite well too.

Liquid vs. Counter Logic Gaming

  • Probably a bloodbath.
  • Liquid has a good record vs CLG in season games.
  • Pay attention to which players Liquid fields.
    • If Piglet, Dardoch, and Fenix are in, I think they’re bound to get lots of points.
  • Also, if Liquid beats CLG like they have in the past, expect it to be a stomp (low CLG points).

NRG vs. Immortals

  • I expect a lot of kills to go both ways in this matchup.
    • Impact vs Huni, Pob vs GBM, Turtle vs Altec are all going to be crazy.
  • The question mark here will be Moon, and his performance will determine which way the points slant.
    • If he does well, NRG and Immortals should go even on points, but if he does poorly, Reignover’s going to take over.

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9

  • If C9 run hai, expect a lot of rotations, and an average to above average game for points.
  • This shouldn’t be a stalled out game. I expect a lot of proactive diving and skirmishing.
  • Whichever team wins this game will likely have a tonne of points from objectives.

Giants vs. G2 Esports

  • If both teams have the same showing at last week, I expect Trick, Emperor, and Perkz to have nutty points from this game.

Origen vs. Unicorns of Love

  • This game will probably have quite a bit of action going on, so I think points should be higher than average.
  • There might be a bit of a mid and bot lane mismatch in favour of Origen, but if Diamondprox plays well he can probably balance it out.
  • The key question is if Origen was able to get meaningful practice this week, as opposed to the last one.
    • If they are in practice, they’ll score amazingly
    • Running Origen & their members will be a high risk high reward decision for this week

Fnatic vs. H2K

  • H2K seems to play a very rotational style game.
    • Even though they convincingly won both their games in week 1, they didn’t have absurd amounts of points.
  • Fnatic also looks really shaky.
  • I expect H2K to have average-above average points for this game.
    • However, if they sweep the game, Fnatic will do extremely poorly on points.

Fnatic vs. Unicorns of Love

  • Last season, I would run all my Fnatic and UoL members regardless of their other matchups whenever I saw this was going to happen.
    • It just got the most insane points for no reason whatsoever.
  • Fnatic and UoL now have really different lineups, and I find that their playstyles are have yet to be solidified.
  • If you feel like a gamble, this game might explode and possibly win you the week.


Graphics by Ling Gu: @SixSonatas

Writing by Kevin ‘SoullessFire’ Lee: Tweet any questions you may have to @SoullessFyr

Special thanks to Chefo


Fantasy LCS isn’t about picking up the best players historically. For example, a good player last season who didn’t get top tier fantasy points is Froggen. Consider that Elements was in shambles, and though he’s still arguably a top mid laner in EU, it was hard to consistently perform for him. Fantasy LCS is about being able to pick players that are able to consistently achieve a high amount of kills, assists, and multi-kills.



Quality 1

As mentioned above, all that matters in Fantasy LCS is high kills and assists. You want extremely aggressive players who will always try to get kills instead of farming safely. Having a high number of deaths is not a detriment as long as the player is getting kills. This is pretty simple math:

  • A player who trades a kill for a death nets 1.5 points.
  • A player who dies but gets an assist nets 1 point

Trading for an assist is already the same as getting 100 CS. A passive player who aims to only farm is going to lose out big time on fantasy points. Farm should be seen as a bonus extra 3-6 points.

Quality 2

Multi-kills play a large factor in getting bonus points. In my experience, you should aim for about 20-30 points per player per game on your fantasy team. If a player gets on average 25 points a game, you’d get 50 points in a week per player, leading to an average of 300 points, which is very difficult to beat.

  • Pentas mean a bonus 10 points, Quadras 5, Triples 2
  • This is on top of the kill points. So technically, a Penta is worth 17.5 points, Quadras 16, Triples 6.5

If a player gets a pentakill, already get near the 20 point floor you’re aiming for. This is key, and how players like Niels or Doublelift can get 40-50 points in a single game. Of course, a player won’t be getting pentakills every game, but players who consistently mop up team fights are more likely to get these bonuses (mostly AD Carries and Mid Laners)

Quality 3

Think about a fantasy team player as a car. Having a fantasy player that are incarnations of qualities 1 and 2 is like having a pretty shiny lamborghini. However, that lambo is only going to go as far as it has fuel for. The fuel in this analogy is going to be their team, and how well it works together. Case in point: Froggen/Forgiven last split.

A top fantasy team is one with excellent teamfighting and macro play. These usually lead to wins, and the math is pretty self-explanatory.

With that being said, here’s my top picks for fantasy. The players were divided based off how well their prior performances (stats from previous Fantasy LCS splits) fit the aforementioned criteria:




Two Notes:

  •  Be wary of slumps. A fantasy team that does well on week 1 will not necessarily do well all split.
  • Try to draft a fantasy team where you are able to substitute players out in order to avoid your team playing against each other (in the worst case, the game is a shut out, and one of your players gets like no points)


Disclaimer: I am not personally responsible for whatever happens if you follow this guide. 


Graphics by Ling Gu: @SixSonatas

Writing by Kevin ‘SoullessFire’ Lee: @SoullessFyr


A few notes on the selection process for these players:

I picked 1 player per role, each from a semifinalist team, and 2 players from the winning team. This amounts to 1 Origen, 1 Fnatic, 1 KOO, and 2 SKT. I picked players whose play I thought represented the team’s strengths well.

The stats consist of each players’ performances over the course of the 2015 World Championships. I included a teensy bit of analysis beneath each card as well.


Prior to worlds, Smeb was pretty under the radar. Everyone was talking about ssumday, Marin, Flame, Koro… and so on. I think he’s an extremely interesting case, since I thought he was probably the best, if not second best top laner at worlds this year. His play indicates an affinity towards teamfighting and duelling, and this is reflected in his champion selection, with 10/17 games being on Fiora or Darius. In addition, the info card here says that Smeb has the highest damage % dealt to champions of semifinalist top laners. This is actually bit of an understatement; he had the highest damage % dealt to champions of all top laners at worlds. Furthermore, of all the top laners, he was given the 2nd highest % of gold. All these stats point to Smeb being a centrepiece of KOO’s play; KOO relies on Smeb to carry and win games, which given their 2nd place finish at Worlds can be considered an extremely successful strategy.


I need to be really careful with Bengi here (ie, incoming wall of text). It’s actually extremely hard to track jungle statistics, since League’s match history doesn’t really offer any extremely useful stats in measuring their overall game pressure. However, here are a few extremely interesting things I’ve noticed, which might allow us to extrapolate a teensy bit about the jungle meta:

  1. Elise was picked or banned in 97.3% of games. Rek’sai in 76.7%. The next highest was Gragas at 45.2% (and he was banned for the semifinals and finals). The next highest was Lee Sin at 38.4%, and then we see this gigantic drop with Nidalee as #5 most picked/banned, at a whopping 8.2%.
    • Bengi had Elise and Rek’sai for 11 of his 16 games.
  2. Bengi’s gold % is 15.7%. He is tied for the 4th lowest % of gold on a jungler with Amazing (with whom he has extremely similar statistics). However, he has the 6th highest wards per minute on any jungler, with 4 of the 5 players above him getting a significantly higher amount of gold (by at least 1%).
  3. Bengi’s kill participation is also very middle of the pack, similar to the rest of the semifinalists (9th out of 16th).

So what does this tell us?

The top few picks share a couple things in common – good early pressure from ganks, strong teamfight utility, and decent tanking ability. Elise’s ridiculous P/B can be attributed to the fact that she has the best early kill potential while being extremely safe with her Rappel (Spider Form E). Of the top jungle picks listed, she has the highest First Blood % at 46.2%.

The second and thirds stats in tandem indicate that Bengi plays a more supportive role (as most already know). He wards a tonne, but he doesn’t get that much gold. He also doesn’t seem to get that many kills, but this can be skewed by the fact that SKT has 274 throughout the tournament and they had a few games conducive to stylish solo plays (vs BKT for example). However, SKT gets first blood in 69% of games. As much as that is dependant on the team itself, there is no doubt the jungler tends to play a large part in allowing for it.

If we put all this together, we can garner that Bengi plays a supportive role by outputting a lot of pressure on the map solely via vision and presence. His high warding rate indicates that he is able to assist with necessary early game vision and pressure (demonstrated in the reward of a high first blood rate). Furthermore, Bengi has the 2nd highest assists of any jungler at worlds, with 144. The next highest is Reignover with 92. Considering how little gold Bengi gets, it’s pretty safe to say he paves the road for SKT’s carries to succeed.


Of Faker’s stats, the most notable thing is that he got the lowest amount of gold out of the 3 carry positions on his team (and third lowest of all semifinalist mids, tops, and ADCs), while having the third highest damage per minute of all semifinalists.

It seems that although SKT has the God of League of Legends himself, they don’t tend to rely on him to hard carry a game 1v5. Instead of funnelling gold onto Faker, SKT distributes a pretty amount across all three carries (25.9% on Bang, and 24.2% on Marin, 25.1% on Easyhoon). This allows for all players to maintain a strong amount of pressure on the map, regardless of where they are. Faker just seems to be able to be able to convert his gold into damage and pressure better than anyone else.

Also, he picked Ryze 5 of the 6 Ryze appearances at Worlds and played a game as Olaf. Make do with this information as you will.


When people talk about Origen, it’s always Soaz this, xPeke that. I suppose that might have changed a little bit after the quarter finals against Flash Wolves, when Niels went insane and played out of his mind. However, for me, Niels has consistently been a shining star on Origen since his first week in the LCS (and man his fantasy points this season were unreal). In fact, his stats at this Worlds reflect how important his role on the team is. Niels gets the most gold and deals the most damage out of every player on his team. xPeke comes in second in both gold and damage stats, and his damage % is nowhere near Niels’. Out of all the semifinalists, Niels has the highest kill participation as well. His stats demostrate that Origen are aware of his strengths, and rely heavily on him to win games.


It’s not really a secret that Yellowstar is the backbone of Fnatic. After the team’s rebuild at the start of Season 5, it became clear that he was the lynchpin of the perennial European favourites. His stats are fairly standard; extremely high wards/min and wards cleared per min. Yellowstar’s stats are very reflective of Fnatic’s aggressive and high paced playstyle, with his most played champions being Shen and Alistar, both very dive-oriented supports, and a fast tower push netting them the first tower in 75% of their games.

Oh, and something something one of two players to attend all 5 Worlds and part of the only team to have reached 3 semifinals.

Graphics by Ling Gu: @vpnviper

Stats compiled and writing by: Kevin ‘SoullessFire’ Lee

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We are announcing that the tryouts for our AD Carry position have ended, and would like to welcome the newest member of our organization, Peter ‘Doublelift’ Peng.

Doublelift is a player who truly needs no introduction. Consistently heralded as the best AD Carry to have come from North America, Doublelift has been a professional player since Season 1 and has represented our region at Worlds twice. His storied career is well known internationally, and he has proven himself on numerous occasions to be a worthy opponent on the world stage. His reputation as a consistently motivated and hardworking player, in addition to his status as a North American have led us to believe that Doublelift was the best choice for the position over a large number of talented applicants. We are extremely excited to welcome him to TSM, and look forward to the upcoming year with him.

“Joining TSM will be a new chapter in my life, one that I am both excited and proud to be a part of. I hope to prove myself and earn the welcome of TSM fans worldwide. I am determined to use this fresh start to break through my current limits and dominate the competition harder than ever.

To all my current fans: regardless of the team I play for, I will always be the same person that you have known. I will now be playing for an organization I believe that will respect my loyalty and hard work. I am extremely grateful for all the support you have shown me throughout my career, and hope to deliver even better results this season.” – Peter ‘Doublelift’ Peng

As a result of this decision, we are also announcing that Jason ‘WildTurtle’ Tran is now a part of our substitute roster, and is looking at starting AD Carry positions on other teams. We will announce any future updates regarding his situation.

TSM Keith Tryout

June 22nd, 2015

We are announcing a brief tryout period with Yuri “KEITHMCBRIEF” Jew for our AD Carry Position starting this week. KEITH will be staying at the TSM house and will be splitting scrims with Jason “WildTurtle” Tran during this tryout period. We make this decision with the intent to let WildTurtle take a step back from the game to evaluate and find a way to improve on his recent gameplay. Our wish is to allow Turtle a fair chance and motivate him to get back into his old form.

As of this moment, WildTurtle is still the starting AD Carry for TSM. KEITHMCBRIEF will only partake in scrims. Any future changes will be made in accordance with Riot’s ruleset and announced after approval.


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See notes at the bottom


For the sake of being thorough:

Number of games played:

  • SK: 28
  • Fnatic: 28
  • H2k: 31
  • Gambit: 22
  • Unicorns of Love: 32
  • Copehagen Wolves: 21
  • Elements: 18
  • Roccat: 18
  • Giants: 19
  • MeetYourMakers: 19

Numbers I found interesting:

  • Reignover’s Rek’sai KDA
  • Febiven’s LeBlanc KDA
  • Fnatic’s objective control
  • Most of Elements
  • The average game times
  • Werlyb’s most played is Jax with a 4.0 KDA


Link to 2015 NA LCS Spring Split Overview

Graphics by Ling Gu: @vpnviper

Stats compiled and writing by: Kevin ‘SoullessFire’ Lee

All statistics compiled manually through detailed match histories provided by lolesports.

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See notes at the bottom


For the sake of being thorough:

Number of games played:

  • TSM: 26
  • Cloud 9: 28
  • CLG: 22
  • TiP: 31
  • Gravity: 22
  • Liquid: 32
  • Team 8: 19
  • Winterfox: 18
  • Dignitas: 18
  • Coast: 18

Numbers I found interesting:

  • Quas’ Lulu KDA
  • Bjerg’s Ahri KDA
  • Mancloud’s KDA
  • Dyrus’ Kill Participation
  • TSM’s first dragon rate
  • C9’s first baron rate
  • CLG’s first blood rate
  • Graves being the most played ADC for 4 teams
  • Ahri being the most played Mid for 5 teams


Link to 2015 EU LCS Spring Split Overview

Graphics by Ling Gu: @vpnviper

Stats compiled and writing by: Kevin ‘SoullessFire’ Lee

All statistics compiled manually through detailed match histories provided by lolesports.

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In light of an extreme breach of sportsmanlike conduct, we are announcing the immediate removal of our NACS team, TSM Darkness. The entire team has henceforth been dropped for this unacceptable behaviour. We recognize that a lack of vigilance has allowed this to happen. For this we express our deepest apologies to CLG, who has been a close friend for many years, and to anyone else who was affected by this transgression. We would like to reassure these parties that we will never allow incidents such as this to happen again.

“We were unaware of the situation; the news was broken to us by George ‘HotshotGG’ Georgallidis. We feel horrible for what happened with CLG Black and our organization is adamant in our condemnation of this behaviour.” – Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh

TSM will not have further relations with the ex-TSM Darkness lineup, and hopes to rebuild the team from scratch in the following season.

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IEM Katowice Banner

(Part 3 of 3)

Click the images for higher resolution




LCK Stats at end of Week 7

NA LCS stats at end of Week 7

LPL stats at end of Week 7, Day 1. Season 5 Statistics for substitute players Xiye and Mystic unavailable 🙁

Link to part 1: IEM Katowice 2015 League of Legends Team Infographs (Pt. 1)

Link to part 2: IEM Katowice 2015 League of Legends Team Infographs (Pt. 2)

Stats compiled and writing by: Kevin ‘SoullessFire’ Lee

Graphics by Ling Gu: @vpnviper

All statistics were taken off and

IEM Katowice Banner

(Part 2 of 3)

Click the images for higher resolution

SK Gaming




 EU LCS stats at end of Week 7

LMS stats end of Week 7 Day 3

Link to part 1: IEM Katowice 2015 League of Legends Team Infographs (Pt. 1)
Link to part 3: IEM Katowice 2015 League of Legends Team Infographs (Pt. 3)

Stats compiled and writing by: Kevin ‘SoullessFire’ Lee

Graphics by Ling Gu: @vpnviper

All statistics were taken off and