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The most popular drink that is soft in the entire world, Coca Cola, started in Atlanta, Georgia, when you look at the year 1886.

Being a manufacturer that is prominent dealer and supplier of soft drink concentrates and syrups globally, Coca Cola supplies its beverage concentrates and syrups to distributors, bottling and canning operators and fountain retailers and wholesalers. Apart from bottled and canned soft drinks and concentrates, the company’s beverage products consist of numerous tea, coffee and sports drinks. Even though company started building its international network when you look at the 1920s, it now operates in nearly 200 countries and produces a lot more than 400 brands.

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McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest chains of fast food restaurants, that is famous for its hamburgers. It serves nearly 68 million customers each in 120 countries all over the world day. With its headquarters in the us, McDonald’s began its operations within the year 1940 as a barbecue restaurant, which was operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald. However, when you look at the year 1948 the restaurant reorganised its business as a hamburger stand by incorporating production line principles. Further in 1955, Ray Kroc became a franchise agent within the company. He later purchased the restaurant chain from the McDonald brothers and were able to expand it on an level that is international.

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