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Champion Update Team: Poppy, Ryze, Taric & Tristana Currently Being Worked On, Zz’Rot Portal in the Meta

January 8th, 2015


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The new champion should be delayed to prioritize reworks of older champions

Scruffy Final PortraitHey Sinwrath, we totally feel like you do in terms of how much we need to (and want to) update our old champs. The potential of these characters to be awesome is really high. Just in terms of designers on the champion update team, this year we are growing from 4 to 6, and at the same time I think (hope) we’re getting better at what we do.

We don’t have any set timelines like “expect 1 update a patch,” but we will release as many high quality updates as we can this year (both big and small). We are in progress on a bunch of the champs you have listed above, and the work is looking very promising so far.

That said, we don’t have any plans to slow down new champion releases. IMO new champs are part of the lifeblood of what keeps League fresh and evolving.

2015 is gonna be a good one.

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Follow Up

Do you mean only 4 people get to decide what the reworked kits will be

Scruffy Final Portrait We actually work very closely with a lot of people, so every update gets feedback and improvements from 10-20 different designers and another 20 artists, producers and engineers.

The whole champion update team is closer to 30 people, in 2014 we had 4 game designers (not including me).

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Can we at least get a vague timeline on each of these champions

Scruffy Final PortraitI don’t want to bring up any stuff that is still too early and experimental but a few projects that we are working on and are going pretty well IMO are:


Some are small, medium, and some are big scope. Also there are a bunch more in the pipe just not ready to talk about yet.

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What will be the scope of Tarics rework

Repertoir New PortraitThis time around, Taric’s update is not going to be a small one. The next update you guys see to him will be pretty substantial. Haven’t locked down full details yet so we haven’t established a release patch yet (and don’t have too much to share as far as details go), but he’s one of two projects I’m pretty actively working on.

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What about Gangplank

Scruffy Final PortraitWe’re actually working on GP as well, he’s just a bit earlier in the process.

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Will Shen be reworked He isnt on the list

Scruffy Final PortraitAgree that Shen needs work, we just have so many to do and only enough bandwidth for a handful at one time. We will get to everyone that needs it in time.

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Follow Up

What do you mean by bandwidth

Scruffy Final Portrait“Bandwidth” refers to how much content you create and work on simultaneously. It’s a combination of how many resources you put the team (primarily staffing and testing) and type of the work required (how many people you can throw on a problem before you hit diminishing returns or “too many cooks in the kitchen problem”)

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Adding too many new champions will make League impossible to balance

Scruffy Final PortraitIt’s definitely true that there is a point (just for illustration say 500 champions) where there are more champions than there should be and it starts to detract rather than add value to the game.

At our current rate of ~8 new champs a year, I think we have at least a few more years before we start to hit the point of slowing down further.

On point though, we definitely want to ramp up the rate of fixing/improving existing champs by a large amount.

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What kind of impact are you hoping this item has on the game

Reinboom Final PortraitThe main ideal impact is more teams can split push even if it costs an item investment to do so. Or a different type of siege pressure.

The item actually functions best when there is someone present to support it. It’s kind of weak at pushing minions itself (intentionally). It WILL eventually push down a tower, but it takes awhile by itself.

The type of opening that provides though could be useful.

Nasus CAN gain stacks on it. Be careful when building against Nasus.

And yes, the item does have uses outside of split pushing. It can compliment a siege. It can be placed preemptively against a lane that is at risk of slowly pushing towards a tower alone to help negate it. It can be used for vision (in kind of a weird manner).

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Why cant the gate be killed by skillshots

Reinboom Final PortraitOne of the core concepts to the item is “here is a defensible point you must take from me”. It’s a tool to lure your opponent into engaging or making a mistake.

Making it hittable by skillshots goes against that.

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Shouldnt the Voidspawns grant gold to enemy champions who kill them

Reinboom Final PortraitMost ranged champions have better tools available to them for taking towers than Zz’Rot Portal already.

If it becomes a must pick on all champions, then the base stats of the voidspawn can be dropped even further and more of it shifted over to how your defenses contribute to its damage. That is, pushing it even further into the realms “tank only-ness”.

Damage output counters Zz’Rot Portal innately in that you can clear the voidspawn and the void gates. If your opposing ranged character purchases an early Zz’Rot Portal, then you can build clear and sustain (Tiamat) to deal with it or you can threaten pressure elsewhere. By putting their value into pushing power, they sacrificed stats that could’ve helped them with Dragon.

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Reinboom Final PortraitThe cost of the item is already paid by building it. Unlike a champion ability, there was already significant investment given to getting a void gate out.

Turning such an investment into a reward for your opponent is… tricky and not ideal. The void gate itself does provide 25 gold when you kill it, but even that is only a tiny bit for the purposes of the incentive, “this is the thing you’re supposed to kill”.

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Do you expect it to be actually used or do you feel the itemll be forgotten

Reinboom Final PortraitMy predictions: It will have a spike in usage when it first rolls out then it will have a drastic decrease. People will find creative usages and some people will become attached to it. It’s a uniquely fun ability – active map presence on an item – for some players. I don’t think it will have an overwhelming usage rate though, it’s not really “core” on many champions.

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Do the Voidspawns benefit from the Siege Commander Elixir

Reinboom Final PortraitThey currently aren’t boosted by siege commander. That will probably change.

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Is ZzRot Portal supposed to be a support or top lane item

Reinboom Final PortraitTop, Bruisers, or a late game “My GA is on cooldown and I just really need to take a turret so I’ll exchange the GA for this new thing” item.

Fun fact: Raptor Cloak (and thus Point Runner) was made for this item. It building into Ohmwrecker was a later changed. This item just got delayed enough that it got released in a weird order.

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Will the item be available on Twisted Treeline and Howling Abyss as well

Reinboom Final PortraitCurrently, no. It was tuned for SR lane distances so we would need to do a bit of research to make sure it would work healthily on those maps first.

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Follow Up

How about Dominion

Reinboom Final PortraitNope. Sorry! It could be kind of interesting on Crystal Scar, though the cooldown might be a bit long for the map. Hm.

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