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Context for Lulu PBE Changes & Zyra AI Tweaks, Slumber Jack on Mercy Vote, Round-up of Arcade Community Creations

September 3rd, 2015


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Are Lulus PBE changes meant to push her off solo lanes and back to support

[ Note ] You can find Lulu’s changes from this PBE cycle HERE.

Phreak New PortraitNo, Lulu is fine in either. See: Lulu, Karma, Zyra working in both. Varus, Ezreal, Corki working Mid/Bot. Nautilus working Top/Support. You’re injecting your own assumed intent and cherry-picking examples and saying, “Yep, this is a pattern.” The issue with Soraka is that consistent self-healing often ends up being extremely problematic, as once you hit enough mana regen to keep the spell up, you no longer have gameplay in the lane.

Lulu may not be super common in NA/EU. But she is almost 100% red side ban or blue side first pick in both Korea and China and finally growing in Western popularity. League of Legends is played globally and honestly, the Asian teams just end up being faster at picking up on this. In short: Lulu is overpowered in solo lanes right now.

So let’s circle back to these changes.

Most mid lane and some top lane matchups are magic damage focused. Very few bottom lane matchups are. Her durability is now roughly equal vs physical (plus, hp5, damage blocking via the defensive masteries, potions, and her shield further inflate the value of armor) but definitely weaker vs. magic. Thus, Lulu is weaker in solo lane matchups more than in support matchups. Plus the Spellthief buffs on her.

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Is Riot hesitant about implementing Mercy because it could be abused

[ Note ] The “Mercy” system is a old fan concept for a system that pardons teams who have an AFK-er on their team.


Slumber Jack Final PortraitLet me ask some different questions, because perhaps people ‘abusing’ it might not be the only way to think of it.

For players on the losing/outnumbered team, how will they perceive teams that choose to not show them mercy?

For winning teams, are we creating an expectation or a feeling that unless they show mercy that they’re not as good of players as those who would have?

EDIT: Gotta get back to work, but I saw this thread and wanted to facilitate a bit of discussion. We appreciate the desire you guys have to help make things better!

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Its unlikely that a Mercy refusal would happen a lot

Slumber Jack Final PortraitHappening a lot would be a possibility. After just having someone leave their game, could that further hurt a player’s general perception of the community when many of these players who deny mercy might otherwise be perfectly well-behaved and fun to play with?

EDIT: Let me re-frame this. Would we be giving outnumbered players a reason to feel differently about those on the other team when they otherwise would have been ok with them? That, perhaps, not only are they unlucky for having a leaver in their game but also unlucky for getting matched against people who chose to not grant mercy?

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The Mercy vote should emphasize that the enemy didnt deserve the loss

Slumber Jack Final PortraitHmm. Well, we’re working on improving the way honour (and in this case, ‘Honorable Opponent’) works, so perhaps it’s just a matter of making this button the obvious use case in these situations (and of course, to make it feel more rewarding — we’re working on it). Interesting.

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Why would a Mercy vote make one feel like a better player

Slumber Jack Final PortraitPerhaps showing mercy wouldn’t make you feel better because there are situations where you feel it’s the expectation (if you think they deserve it). Perhaps the only situation is to make you feel worse if you don’t: do I lose the game, or do others think less of me because I personally held a belief that they didn’t deserve it?

Everyone will have different reasons for why they think they should/shouldn’t give it. You can see them in this thread: Do you simply think they should? Why was someone afk? Was it from the start? Was someone on the enemy team a jerk at any point? Am I sacrificing my first win of the day (this could probably be mitigated)?

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What exactly did Zyras AI Tweaks touch up on

Meddler Final PortraitPlants should now consistently target Zyra’s most recent auto attack target, rather than sometimes attacking things Zyra had attacked previously. They’ll also interact a bit better with FoW and should be a bit more responsive around their facing/tracking of targets. Might be some other more subtle stuff, can’t recall off the top of the head.

Got a playtest in on the AI changes yesterday and they felt reasonable to me (I play a moderate amount of Zyra). Nothing that felt dramatically different, so not sure if I’d have known the changes were there if I hadn’t been told, did feel like there weren’t the moment or two of plants being unresponsive I’d normally notice in a game though.

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Meddler Final PortraitZyra’s plant logic will not be that much different. Here’s the actual logic for those curious:

1) Units that have taunted the plant (e.g., Shen), whatever their range.. they will just stare at an out of range unit while taunted
2) Champs Zyra has auto-attacked in the last 3 seconds (prioritizing most recently attacked)
3) Champs that have recently been attacked by any plant (prioritizing nearest)
4) Champs within 350 units of the plant — for reference, 350 is the size of Lee Sin’s E1 or Evelynn’s R (prioritizing closest)
5) Non-champs Zyra has AA’d (prioritizing most recently attacked)
6) Any unit in range (prioritizing closest)

The changes in 5.18 are that:

  • 2 and 5 now use “most recent” over “closest”, allowing Zyra to better re-direct plants to higher priority targets;
  • Plants will no longer get hung up on invisible targets, such as champions in fog of war;
  • Plants will no longer sometimes mis-believe that they attacked on spawn (which caused a long delay before their first real attack);
  • Plants will quickly move to face the target they are going to attack next, so you can get a better sense for how your actions shape their priorities.

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Why does almost every new Champion have a linear projectile Q that slows

CertainlyT New PortraitOur infatuation with lines is matched only by our love affair with circles.

We overuse the line nuke missile, but there’s a reason it’s our dominant cast type: it tends toward good gameplay around minions/Braums, reads very clearly since it emanates from the caster directly and produces threat that fairly smoothly scales down with distance (creating somewhat linear reward for approaching your enemy, which is risky).

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What happened to Syndras PBE passive buffs

[ Note ] Here are Syndra’s reverted PBE buffs in question:


Buff BoxTranscendent Final IconTranscendent [ Passive ]

  • At rank 5, the 15% bonus magic damage on Dark Sphere is now true damage
  • At rank 5, Scatter the Weak’s width is increased to 100%, up from 50%


Scarizard Final PortraitJust that we were still investigating them. We’re still looking at ways to make the passive cooler (more for W+E), but no sign of the ETA.

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Arcade community creations

Jynx Final PortraitTime to level up with some awesome arcade community art, videos, and cosplay! Click on the artists’ names to see more of their work.




yomi_UR and yochris72


SongJiKyo and Skull Tooth


ryjenic and RinRinDaishi


Polkadotzombie and Ofskysociety


NoamyFrerius and Ninja-Dee


Lighane and KilljoyDET


Ka-ho, Kiseki, Quist, Khymichi and Kai



justduet and finalbossveigar-replies


Duckui and Danielle Beaulieu



ArtKirby-XIV and AninhaT-T




Community collaboration with Hyun’s Dojo



Share more of your favorite arcade creations in the comments below!

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]