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Ex-CoL Jungler Brokenshard Joins SK Gaming Prime; Yerrow joins Supa Hot Crew

June 26th, 2014


Brokenshard                                                                                   Furthest on the left; Yerrow


After being plagued by Visa issues, Brokenshard has  managed to find some consolation in the arms of the legendary SK Gaming organization, and will be suiting up for their amateur LoL squad, SK Gaming Prime. He will be replacing ‘Gilius’, who team manager Joe ‘InnerFlame” Elouassi describes as someone who needs more experience even though he already has high mechanical ability.  Brokenshard sadly has been replaced on Complexity, as the poor guy can’t get a visa. However, hopefully he’s found his second wind on SK Prime, with an incredible organizational backing and a strong team. He has a lot of experience as well, especially for an amateur player. He will lead this team filled with raw talent, hopefully into a new era of LoL eSports.

Also with some changes in EU, is SHC. Supa Hot Crew has decided to replace Bram “wewillfailer” de Winter, on the account that Bram himself decided to take a step back from the LCS. Contrary to what some of the community seems to believe, wewillfailer’s attitude did not come in to play about him being sent to the bench, according to team manager Michael Shorr. However, it was not a completely unreasonable  reaction for the community to draw, as apparently he had been benched on past teams for that reason. I personally am inclined to believe he’s cleaned up his act, and just wasn’t the right fit for Supa Hot Crew. We wish luck to wewillfailer, as he hopes to take a coaching or management role in the future.



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