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Free NA-Oceania Transfers Soon, NA Live Events in 2015, Scrapped Champion Abilities, Maokai Disabled, LeaverBuster Penalties Delayed

January 16th, 2015


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Free NA Oceania Transfer Window

CptStupendous: Happy Friday Oceania!!

We’re going to open the free transfer window from North America to Oceania for 2 weeks! The free window will open on January 23, 2015 and run through February 8, 2015. After that time it will go back to the regular price of 2,600 RP.

To transfer your account:

Log into your North American account
Click on the store icon up the top
Unlock the Transfer to Oceania when it is free from January 23 through February 8
You can find out more information about the transfer process here: http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/oceanic-transfer-faq

Paid for a transfer from NA to OCE within the last 2 weeks? Then you can get it refunded by contacting player support! https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us

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NA Live Events



NA Live Events in 2015

RiotPDB New PortraitHey guys,

I’m RiotPDB, and I head up the NA team at Riot. I’d like to provide some insight into our goals and plans when it comes to live community and esports events in NA during 2015.

This past year, we attended more live events in North America than ever before. From Boston to Seattle to Toronto to Atlanta, we had a great time exploring new places and ways to interact with the community in person. We’re still learning and have lots of new things we want to tackle, which means further changes to our event strategy in 2015. Broadly, this year we’re going to shift our focus away from some of the bigger cons and instead experiment with new event formats and, more importantly, new locations.

One of the first changes you’ll see is that we’re toning down our presence at PAX East. We’ve had an amazing time there over the past few years, but this year we’re scaling our presence down to speaker panels and the Cospitality Lounge for all the hardworking cosplayers. Similarly, there’ll also be a shift on the esports side as we won’t be hosting the NA LCS 2015 summer playoffs at PAX Prime in Seattle. PAX has been an awesome host for the finals the past two seasons, but this year we’re exploring ways to bring that experience to even more players across NA.

So what’s the upside? Well, you can expect at least five live League events across the US and Canada in 2015, and likely more. The specifics will vary between dedicated esports events and broader NA community events built around things like collegiate play or specific League topics (content creation, cosplay, etc), but the goals will be the same – to give players an ideal setting for sharing their passion for League with each other.

When it comes to esports, this year we’re planning to bring LCS to more esports fans across North America. This means more stops and events outside of the West Coast and more opportunities for esports fans across the region to join us for live events. Additionally, refocusing away from existing conventions like PAX gives us the chance to create a tailored experience for League players and esports fans, with venue setups specifically optimized for the live esports experience rather than the space and logistical restrictions that come along with being part of an existing con. Check out today’s announcement about our Mid-Season Invitational and All-Star 2015 for a sneak peek at just a few of the events we’ll be sharing more details on soon.

As the NA event scene continues to evolve, we want to make sure we’re hosting amazing live events for League in different locations (all across the US and Canada) and for all types of players. While that means you might not always see us at the same events every year, it also means we can explore new venues and opportunities. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we finalize our plans and give you plenty of advance notice for events, so keep an eye out for announcements on Boards and lolesports.com.

As always, we’d love your continued feedback as we provide further updates. Whether you’re most interested in meeting pros, chatting with content creators, seeing cosplay, or watching matches (or all of the above!), make sure to let us know and help us put together kickass League events in 2015.

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Will Riot have a booth at PAX East this year

Aklaen Final PortraitHey, TheSleepingOne. I can say for sure I’ll still be attending PAX East so we shall definitely meet again and there are also going to be a lot of cool Rioters at the panels and helping at the Cospitality Lounge, so don’t feel like you can’t come say hi and talk to them.

As last year we focused on attending a lot of anime/ gaming conventions, this year we switched the focus on different types of formats that will also allow us more flexibility on the location. It doesn’t mean we won’t be back there in the future and it definitely doesn’t mean we’re not going to have events outside of esports, on the contrary, as RedBeard said we’re looking more into developing esports events that have a lot of different elements to them including the community aspect, on top of the community events we’re planning for 2015.

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Follow Up

Why announce you wont be there after peopleve bought tickets

Aklaen Final PortraitI totally understand your point of view and get that this isn’t ideal for you and other League players who have already bought tickets. That’s why we put together this announcement as soon as we knew our presence at PAX East would be smaller this year. Sadly, as you point out tickets already went on sale, but we wanted to at least provide this heads up so you’d know what to expect. Ultimately, this is a trade off that’ll let us explore awesome new event possibilities that hopefully you can all enjoy throughout the year. While our presence at PAX East will be different and definitely smaller, we’re still really excited about interacting with the community through panels, and I personally hope to see you there.

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Scrapped Abilities


Scrapped abilities on champions

Xelnath New PortraitLux’s shield used to give her allies stealth/invisibility until they attacked.

Azir’s passive (Tower resurrection) used to be his ultimate, except it shot lasers like Viktor E.

Ryze used to deal magic damage on his basic attacks.

Xerath’s ult mode used to have no cooldown and each shot cost 20 mana on a 0.33 sec cooldown.

Yorick used to have an ultimate where a line of creeping hands reached out and rooted everyone in his path. (Zyra E)

Lucian used to have two independent auto attack timers.

Rengar’s rework used to allow you to get an acceleration gate effect by running through bushes during your ult.

Xelnath New Portrait

Elise used to not be able to jump to her target in spider form, but could instead create webs that would ensnare enemies who ran under her.

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Gypsylord New Portrait Thresh R used to be a targeted buff that turned an ally into an avatar of undeath and gave them 60% CDR (stacked with other CDR)

Vi R used to be 3 spells. She’d suppress you and then choose to WW R you, Malphite R you, or throw you across the map.

Jinx R used to be “Circle of Cats.” She’d shoot a missile across the map that she could detonate to spawn a donut of magical smoke that would turn enemies into cats ala Lulu polymorph

Jinx R used to “Carpet Bomb.” She’d shoot out a global missile that would drop hundreds of Ziggs Q’s randomly around it as it flew.

Jinx R used to be “Bring Down the Hammer.” She’d designate a location on the map and 4 seconds later a giant lazer beam would come out of the sky and annihilate anyone standing in the area.

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Vesh Final PortraitSoraka had AoE Mikael’s, a Penance look-alike channel heal, her silence zone used to pacify (no attacking in zone – one iteration it actually polymorphed you into celestial lulu cupcakes).

Trist didn’t have anything to crazy.

The other champion I’m working on updating though… oh man he’s had some craaazy stuff.

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Maokai Disabled Single Post



Maokai disabled due to invulnerability bug


Follow Up

Why was Maokai disabled immediately but Nidalee still hasnt been disabled

[ Context ] There have been several complaints on Reddit about Nidalee disappearing after exiting a brush.

Repertoir New PortraitHey guys,

Here’s the deal on Nidalee. With the 5.1 patch, we put in a change that we had hoped might be causing the visually glitchy movement with Nidalee. Due to the nature of the bug being difficult to reproduce (despite some people apparently seeing it every game?), we did not document the change because we aren’t completely confident that it’s a fix.

If anyone can provide a video and any other information regarding how to reproduce the bug on the 5.1 (so since this morning), it may be useful in helping us get it fixed.

Equally useful to get us an idea as to whether it’s still happening may be if you were experiencing the bug before the patch and now aren’t, or you weren’t experiencing it and now are, or if you were seeing it beforehand and still are since the patch.

Thanks in advance for anyone who happens to get a video of it happening on Live servers since this morning.

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LeaverBuster  Single Post


Delayed LeaverBuster Penalties

Tantram Final PortraitHey all,

There were some firewall and networking issues recently and we decided to turn LeaverBuster off to ensure that players were not mistakenly sent to low priority queue. When the server issues were fixed, we turned LeaverBuster back on, but the penalties weren’t firing. As a result of this, we’re seeing that some players who left/AFK’d in games after the firewall and networking issues resolved did not receive their penalty until this week.

Sorry about the confusion! All low priority queue penalties should be granted immediately after leaving/AFK games now, instead of after a delay.

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Follow Up

Why arent players pardoned for AFKing before the downtime

Tantram Final PortraitPeople will serve the penalty for punishments they earned. We turned off enforcement in order to prevent people suffering from a known bug from being punished. We did this to help players. So yes, if a player earned a punishment, they do have to work it off.

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