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Glory of the Climb – Dominion: How it can Help you Win Lane and Win Games

January 5th, 2013


Greetings Summoners! Today’s article is going to be about the hidden gem to improving your combat skills, Dominion. Dominion received a lot of hype and attention during its release but that attention almost immediately switched back to Summoner’s Rift, as that is the format people enjoy most and the game is balanced around; today Dominion has almost been forgotten as a format as it is played less than custom ARAMs. Despite the statistics and trends I am here to tell you that Dominion is one of the best formats you can play to improve your skills as a player and by playing 1-2 games of Dominion a day you can raise your ELO.

Dominion: Good for More than Just Skin Spotlights!

Have you ever heard or been advised by friends, or even pro players on stream, that you should warm up by playing a Normal game before you queue for ranked? Makes sense, even athletes warm up so why shouldn’t you? I wholeheartedly agree with warming up before playing ranked, but instead of playing a game of Summoner’s Rift, why not play Dominion? Unless you have 40 extra minutes to kill, enjoy farming for 10-20 minutes, like risking not getting the champion/lane you want, and like winning games of SR that aren’t worth rating, then go ahead and queue up for a Normal game. If I have your attention though, consider everything Dominion provides!

There’s little to no farming which means all your time in game is going to be spent casting spells on champions and fighting people to the death; you get MORE passive gold and experience which means you’re guaranteed to get at least 2 core items + boots per game despite how bad you might do and at least level 18. You can instalock any champ you want and people don’t rage at you; you’re also almost guaranteed to play whatever champ you have been thinking about all day at school, work, or those 5 minutes it took to start up your computer. Ever queued for a game and been like “OMFG I AM GONNA PLAY THE SHIT OUTTA SOME FIZZ RIGHT NOW!” and then you realize you are last pick and you have to play Support; which is fine support is actually fun now, but you really wanted to play that certain champ. Again think Dominion (Fizz is never taken from me). The best part about Dominion is, win or lose, you are always guaranteed to have a fun time! Sure its more fun to win, you even get your 1st win of the day bonus (200+ IP) if you do, but how can you complain when you got to spend 20 minutes on your favorite champion melting everyone’s face off? Dominion is the most stress free and rewarding game mode to play in League hands down, which makes it the best mode to play for warming up!

You Told Me It Would Make Me Win My Lane?

The way Dominion works is 4 people go for the Windmill(top) and 1 person goes to capture the bottom node and fight the other person in bottom lane; essentially top is a 4v4 and bottom is a 1v1. Eventually the game will get wild and people will start going everywhere, but this is the meta for about the first 5 minutes of Dominion. If you want to get better at winning your lane then you go bottom. It’s typically a bit more boring than going top but it will help you hone your dueling skills which are the most important in lane. With the jungle tweaks of season 3 it is less likely for the jungler to gank early and ruin your lane for you/assist you, so you need to become more self-reliant on winning your lane by yourself. This means you need to know how far you can push your champion in a 1v1 situation against specific match-ups and in Dominion you encounter tons of different champions in the bottom lane, which increases your champion knowledge and match-up versatility.

For Example: If someone tried to counter-pick my Fizz mid with Xin Zhao (which happened the other day) I would know how to fight him because I have faced a Xin bottom in Dominion. He scales a lot better than Fizz after about level 7 but can’t do anything against an all in at early levels. Also if you fight him in a creep wave and you Playful/Trickster his 3rd attack of ThreeTalonStrike he will auto-target and use the knock-up attack on a minion, then you land and continue doing a ton of damage to him. Now how would you know something like that unless you play mid vs Xin Zhao all the time? You wouldn’t! But because you play Dominion and are more well versed vs random match ups than the average player you can use this knowledge to win your lane more often. The same idea applies to regular lane match-ups as well obviously.

Oh before I forget, there are a lot of instances when you are going to be fighting someone in bottom lane on a tower, so Dominion also helps you develop another important lane skill: Tower Diving. You may also get better at remembering to chug potions while in combat 🙂


You Told Me It Would Make Me Win My Game?

Ok so if the bottom lane of Dominion helps you win your lane then… you guessed it! Top can help you win more games. The top portion of Dominion is an all out brawl; 8 people all hopped up on moth balls and speed shrines are fighting to capture the windmill! Its basically a full-fledged team fight every time you respawn and run top, sometimes there’s even a tower shooting at you! Basically to be good at Dominion you need to be able to capture the Windmill and to do that you need to be alive, or have someone on your team be alive after all the fighting. Now if you play a squishy assassin, like Fizz, its not smart to Urchin Strike their Garen before anyone else on your team engages and get insta-killed; this is a common mistake average players make all the time. Timing, patience, positioning, and opportunity are skills Dominion can help you develop; multiple times in the same game! In how many team fights do you have the luxury of making mistakes in an average game of Summoner’s Rift, before the opposing team gets too strong and just flat out wins the game; one, maybe two if you were ahead?

In a 20 minute game of Dominion you can fight numerous multi-champion skirmishes and learn how your champion functions within those situations. 1v2’s, 2v2’s, 2v3’s, 3v4’s, 4v4’s, 4v5’s, and even 5v5’s sometimes! Yes, sometimes you will get overrun, focused, or kited around a tower, but other times you will play your balls off, learn to rely on your teammates, understand positioning, learn how to do damage and assassinate while being safe, and even carry the game! The best part is you will be having a blast, but the most important thing is that you didn’t need to deal with the normal Summoner’s Rift bullshit: fighting with people in champ select, worrying about being counterpicked, farming to get items or levels to reach your peak, or wasting 30-60 minutes of your time!

Dominion allows you to play the champions you want, improve your dueling and teamfight skills, utilize your time, warm up, and have fun! So the next time you hit the “PLAY” button, make sure to switch modes from Classic to Dominion and have fun! I guarantee if you adapt this outlook you will see your ELO go up 🙂

Love, Dcgreen



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