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Glory of the Climb – Making Sense of Season 3!

January 4th, 2013

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Hello Summoners! My name is Dcgreen and I am a League of Legends beta veteran and avid soloqueue grinder. After much toil in Season 2 I managed to attain a 2k rating before the seasons end, despite getting to 1900 and dropping all the way back to 1450. Along my journey I learned a lot of tricks and strategies about soloqueue which I used to get back on top of my game. With Season 3 shaking everything up I am here to provide advice on what I am doing to gain rating and what you can do to get a grasp on the monstrous amount of changes that have hit the Fields of Justice!

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The Best Change in Season 3!

So Season 3 brought forth a sea of changes. After the dust has settled and Black Cleaver’s been nerfed 5 times, it’s time to make sense of everything. Hands down I think the best change to come with season 3 is the nerf to boots coupled with the additional movespeed all champions received. This is a great change because it opens up a variety of different starting builds each champion can go instead of forcing them into “boots/3 pots,” which in turn makes a handful of new champions viable. Lots of melee champions who had a hard time surviving the laning phase with only 3 potions are starting to reemerge!

Champions to Maximize your ELO gains!

I encourage anyone looking to gain ELO to start playing Akali, Fiora, Fizz, Galio, Kassadin, Pantheon, Poppy, Talon, Trundle, Tryndamere, Volibear, Wukong, and Zed in solo lanes. Because of how rare these champions used to be back in season 2 people are unfamiliar with how to lane against them, leaving them vulnerable to make lots of mistakes for you to capitalize on. With a Crystaline Flask, 5 hp/mana potions, and a ward; any of these heroes can survive the laning phase as well as be protected against jungle ganks, allowing them to achieve a farmed midgame state and dominate! From there it is just up to your individual skill to be able to capitalize against your opponents inexperience and snowball your lane.

My Personal Experience and the Reasoning Behind It!

Personally I have been playing a lot of Fizz and have set up my runes and masteries for early “all-ins” against the enemy mid laner as early as levels 2 and 3! According to LoLKing, Fizz is played in about 4-5% of games; compared to champions like Diana or Evelyn who are played in about 15% of games. This means my enemy is 66% more unfamiliar of what Fizz does than if I was playing Diana or Eve, which explains why I get firstblood so often 😉 I encourage everyone to dust off their old favorite champions and experiment with new builds and strategies and catch your opponents by surprise; just make sure you make an extra rune page with yellow armor runes incase you run into any Talons/Pantheons 😛

(notice average kills per game: 11.2!)


About the Author:

I have been playing League since closed beta where I would consistently place in the top 200 elo. I took a break from League when Stracraft 2 came out but returned shortly after and peaked at about 1650 rating in Season 1. During Season 2 I got into LoL writing in when I was hired by Elementz to do esports coverage for ReignofGaming.net. Eventually I was scouted by Curse who asked me to write for LoLPro.com to help generate buzz during its launch. Through my work at LoLPro, Curse felt confident giving me the opportunity to manage ReignofGaming.net as it was newly relaunched under their brand. I worked on ReignofGaming for 5 months developing content for Curse including a video series I created/produced called, “Game of Throwns.” Eventually my contract with Curse expired and I put my time back into grinding soloqueue where I eventually managed to achieve a peak rating of 2016 as season 2 ended. Now with the writing opportunity that TSM is providing me I am looking to again create helpful content for players looking to improve their game, rating, and fun while playing League of Legends. I am striving for Diamond rating this season and am here to provide you with tips and advice on how you can improve your game.