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Headhunter Akali now Available in Store

March 23rd, 2015


Headhunter Akali Banner


Headhunter Akali strikes true

Conceal yourself with light-bending technology. Strike true with twin energy kamas. Eliminate your prey in the name of the Headhunters.

Symmetry is overrated.


Join the Headhunters’ ranks with Headhunter Akali, available now in the League of Legends store for 1350 RP (on sale for 975 RP through 23:59 PDT on March 30) or stalk the battlefield with the Headhunters bundle for 40% off at 2340 RP (4083 RP if you need the champions) from now through 23:59 PDT on March 30.

  • Headhunter Nidalee
  • Headhunter Caitlyn
  • Headhunter Rengar
  • Headhunter Master Yi

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Below you can find a complete preview of Headhunter Akali:




For her recall, Headhunter Akali fuses her kamas together, spins them and her suit is then covered with a pink grid.


Mark of the Assassin [ Q ]


Twilight Shroud [ W ]


Crescent Slash [ E ]


Shadow Dance [ R ] 



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