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Absolute Legends NA admits to cheating

December 23rd, 2012 Leave a comment


George “Zekent” Liu has come clean about cheating in the online qualifier for season 3 against Team Dynamic. Due to an error in game creation, players were able to spectate the game and feed Absolute Legends information as it was happening. Although there is a three minute delay, there were multiple occasions where the game was paused and allowed spectators to to gain up to date information. This form of “pause ghosting” essentially gives the cheating team a map wide Clairvoyance.


Whether it’s here in League of Legends with Team Dignitas and Jatt in WCG 2011 or Woong screen looking at the season 2 playoffs – or Uckington win trading to qualify for World of Warcraft regionals. The temptation to cheat to qualify is always there in e-sports, and it’s a damn shame. However even with the cheating TD managed to defeat aL, and secure their spot. Zekent apologized, and before this he had a sterling reputation as one of the nicest guys in the game. The question is, can the community forgive him?


Too bad, if  aL won Unstopable might have been able to pay back the money he stole from Phantoml0rd.

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  • http://www.addictguild.com Inti

    I actually prefer it when the enemy cheats… makes the victory all that much sweeter, not to mention after playing this game for years doesn’t every player have a 90% accurate clairvoyance running 24/7?

    Maybe if the map was 100000x bigger I would see an issue with this so called cheat. Reminds me of killing people while flashed in CS, people always do the same thing add in your muscle memory and brain and its GG.

  • TellsWhatsHeard

    I don’t know if I can call AFs “cheat” a cheat against TSM even if I want to. Reginald said himself that they only saw someone looking at the screen by, what they believe, was accident and even though they were mad they were understanding because it wasn’t meant to happen but if you knew you was about to die if you walked to a certain spot, you wouldn’t freely go there even though you knew that’s what should have happened.
    Again even though I would want to call it cheating I can’t.

  • Banana

    @ksg sobe
    Really? A baseball comparison with E-SPORTS?

  • ksg sobe

    unfortunately for Al, I gotta agree with disgruntled on his post. They cheated, and there should be massive punishments infringed upon them for said cheating. I wouldn’t ban their accounts, but I would certainly ban them from competitive play for the remainder of the season. Cheating should not be allowed, and being caught cheating or admitting to cheating in a sponsored tournament should be grounds for bar from tournament play. It sets a standard for how the want these tournaments to go. If a player in baseball is deemed to be doing steroids, how often have we seen them punished by being suspended for the majority of a season? This should be the standard for Esports as well. Cheating should not only be looked down upon, it should be severely punished as well.

  • Taddy


  • OriCakes

    “However even with the cheating TD managed to defeat aL, and secure their spot.”

    this should be changed to

    “However even with the cheating, TD managed to defeat aL and secure their spot.”

    as the first implies TD was cheating.

  • Nate

    Tournaments just need to have their own template to block paused games like ads or black screen while playing music. Also there should be a pause time limit and how many pause each team need to have. Of course longer delay as well.

  • Grim


    How is it buggy?

    It can happen if someone is streaming the tourney, has nothing to do with the tournament system

  • Mike

    I agree with what Disgruntled is saying in the sense of someone needs to be made an example of so people will (hopefully) stop attempting to cheat, I agree with you because he is overreacting (not being a douche though). I admire the fact that Zekent came forth and apologized, and admitted this on behalf of his team. I admire aL for being honest about it. I do, however, believe that something needs to be changed. Multiple people said that changing to 4 or 5 or 10 min delay is too much. Why?

  • SmellyTie

    Actually that kinda is all you need to punish a criminal…

  • Xiaosu


    The thing is, Riot has no proof at all of what happened, so, all they could do was to try to ban them. which would just make Zekent turn out to say he was lying and it was all just a joke.

    You can’t punish a criminal when all the proof you have is the criminal’s word he did it.

  • Supister

    Can’t Riot fix this buggy tournament system to prevent these things from happening?

  • john114

    Easiest way to solve this problem is to pause spectator mode right when players pause the game. I know, that sometimes it will be weird, if the game will be paused in the middle of some teamfight, but imho its still best solution for this problem.

  • MechaGallade

    Wow @Disgruntled, you are way overreacting. Disband the team and ban the players? What is wrong with you? Cheating in anything is not unheard of, and this is their careers we are talking about. They even stopped after the first game and lost. I wouldn’t be surprised if they threw on purpose because of the previous cheating. You need to stop being such a douche.

  • Death Scavenger

    basically the same crap that happened to TSM at the world championship…
    getting unfair information about enemy team positioning caused by a pause.

    Good to know Riot hasn’t learned from their mistakes :3

  • Disgruntled

    As someone who has a huge respect for Zekent, I do not believe that this behavior can be allowed. Ever. Making a 4 or 5 or even 10 minute delay is unrealistic. They should just immediately fix the bug where if the game is paused, so are those who are spectating. Also, it is my personal opinion that Absolute Legends should be disbanded, and every player banned from e-sports. Perhaps even permanently banned from League of Legends. Riot needs to make a clear statement to the community, cheating is not allowed, and will not be tolerated.

  • hereNthere

    With those skype messages, he’ll get ddosed soon

  • andrew

    Even though these guys cheat, which is a shame, it’s always gratifying that they apologize and come clean. Just them posting that they feel terrible after doing so shows they have a conscience and are man enough to own up to their mistakes, although intentional. With the spectator system for these qualifiers and such, they should just have a custom game type where its still 5v5 on summoner’s rift, just like the tournament draft pick, with spectation disabled. I really don’t see any other alternative, try as I might.

  • https://twitter.com/pcdieox Dieox

    No matter what expectations or preconceptions we have ALL players have the capacity to fall short. Zekent and aL is no different. It is unfortunate what happened but it is a first (that we know of) from aL. I can forgive for this. Forgetting is another story though. If for some strange reason find myself against aL in the future I will have to assume the worst possible and play accordingly. It is unfortunate.

  • http://tinyurl.com/jaxop Sam

    Wow, I didn’t know these happened a lot, do they?

  • Ryuzakku

    Just make it 4 or 5 minute delay and in online qualifiers make sure there is no spectating allowed except for shoutcasters

  • Civilaction

    What the hell is this… and mostly whats Riot going to do about it? 10 minute delay? or will this player be banned forever from Esport events?