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Announcing the TSM Subs!

February 13th, 2013 Leave a comment


Every team needs some subs for the LCS and we’ve been waiting to see who TSM would choose- that wait is now over!


Dan Dinh


eG9nZWJrdMTI=_o_league-of-legends-dan-dinh-interview-the-nature-of-the-First up we have the one and only Dan Dinh;if you have any interest in Professional LoL at all you know who this man is. A pro, on and off, since 2010 and founding member of the team Epik Gamer, Dan has more tournament experience than many of the other players in the LCS. He mains jungle and plays far more champions in the jungle than most can, to the point where he was the only player who made jungle Eve work reliably in early Season 3.



Daryl “wingsofdeathx” Hennegan



Next up: Daryl “wingsofdeathx” Hennegan. Another former Epik Gamer player who remained with the team after they transitioned into being TSM Evo. While wings has only been in the pro-scene since the middle of last year, he made quite the splash. Known for strong mechanics, very good game knowledge and a deep champion pool. wings is a strong addition to any team. He was most famous for his Lee Sin, Riven and Kennen in Season 2 and is credited with being one of the first people to start building AP Kennen with ADmsteries and a Doran’s Blade for early lane dominance.

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 Jason “WildTurtle” Tran


IMG_0249[]Last but most certainly not least we have Jason “WildTurtle” Tran. Mr Turtle has been around for quite a while, though often in the sidelines. He helped Monomaniac (currently called GGU after a long stretch of being Team Dynamic) qualify for IPL4. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to attend himself and parted ways with the team. He took the spotlight at IPL Faceoff, while subbing for Team Legion, where he wrecked Misaya in midlane. He joined oRb, which became Quantic and then Cloud9, which was the biggest upset in the LCS qualifiers when they did not make it. WildTurtle managed to shine through however and we welcome him to the TSM bench.


And that fills out the TSM substitute list for now, I’m sure you’ll join us in wishing them the best of luck.

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  • patty

    play more solo queue @AnusHunter

  • Tsmgooner

    will the subs moving to the TSM gaming house?

  • Crimson


    But the thing is is that regi is better than basically EVERY mid in na right now. Why would he bench himself if he is the best mid in NA at the moment? And I’m not just saying this to disagree, I’ve watched countless hours of streams of every member of nearly every team NA, and EU. Regi is top 10 in the world for mids, and working his way up.

  • loish12

    @Grindy He is 23, born in the year of 1989

  • orchidd

    big picks.

  • AnusHunter



    im not an actual “regi hater”, thats just how i feel. same goes for hotshotgg!
    sure they made the LoL NA scene but time won’t stop just because of this.
    of course they can be stubborn and stay. but both team will eventually go down as time passes and thats why they should bench themselves. take a look at MARN, he knows he’s not as good as the rest and benched himself, that’s good leadership!!!

  • Mathias Jakobsen


    I think Riot will pay for you, if you have to go to any of the tournements. If Dyrus can’t play the tournement, Riot will pay for you instead of Dyrus.

  • Grindy

    How old is wings? He looks really young, and I never noticed that before.

  • kawaiimachine


  • Swedish awesomeness


    Hotshot got carried.. he sucked and failed all game, he cant blame worthless mechanics and retarded moves on runes..

    Ez sux hard when he gets bullied that hard early, no other carrie needs early dominance as hard

  • ui9luipl


  • http://solomid Dyrus


  • Hueymcduck

    @Swedish awesomeness

    Hotshot had no runes, ezreal doesn’t suck.

  • Swedish awesomeness

    Why change anything :( best team NA without question! Best botlane NA, the loss vs CLG were only becouse bad picks (Ez sux)(Chaox ashe wouldve won) The law of the jungle, Only the strongest survive? Oddone is alive!!! Dyrus is doing what he should = He shit on people! Regi in mid.. So many people cant stand him being good at what he do and give him shit for it, in my opinion he Owns.. U guys make NA worth watching!

  • supister

    What’s the benefit of being a sub?

  • Crimson


    Doublelift is pretty good, but from a spectators stand point you both are good in different aspects. I wouldn’t have either of you any other way.

  • Crimson

    Omg, the amount of regi haters here is retarded. Seriously, he had maybe 3 bad tournys and since then he has improved 10 fold. Nearly every single game regi is carrying or doing his job, and making plays. He wins his lane more than he loses it, and gets roam going. I’d say regi is probably the best ap mid in na at the moment, look up his statistics before you guys talk shit. Seriously, I think regi has no only improved his mid game; but also his attitude in game and out of it. I’m sorry regi that you have such shitty tsm fans who cling to bad performances f the past and refuse to see how much you have improved.

  • Remorceful

    all awesome

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    aredbujyuamio7 ewcry

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  • chapichoy9

    substitutes dont need roles, wings will sub both solo lanes and turtle ad/mid

  • Reginald

    xmasterx … that comment made absolutely no sense……

  • Chaox

    doublelift OWNS me :(

  • ayone



    @Name (required)
    Totally, wings playing mid when they have WildTurtle who wrecked freakin misaya, wings plays top :P

  • Name (required)


    um are you real regi? or just an impersonator? i would hate to see you leave the field of battle man :(

  • Name (required)


    how sad. you obviously don’t understand a thing about TSM or how they function. oh well. haters will be haters.

  • Reginald

    WingsofDeathx will most likely be taking my spot because I will eventually just start coaching.

  • Amocoru

    Chaox honestly needs to step up his game or they should give the ADC spot over to Turtle on a platter. I like the addition of Wings. He’s a strong player all around and can sub for top or mid depending on the situation. Dan…..not a professional caliber player anymore, IMO. He’s entertaining and has a lot of knowledge but he’ll never be able to stand up to oddbro on the fields.

  • Mr Chow

    @rwitucki As Turtle’s IRL friend, I can say without a doubt, he was always an AD main, and played Mid for LgN solely because they needed a mid laner.

  • Reggie-hater

    eRu :
    Dyrus you are very good but Regi need to get benched asap ^^

    Indeed Dyrus get beat he still contribute to winning the game by using as supportive player or figure a way to get back in the game. Reggie gets beat he feed more and makes desperation calls to feed the other team even more.

  • eRu

    Dyrus you are very good but Regi need to get benched asap ^^

  • DekuPlatformer

    No rainman?

  • Dyrus


  • Dyrus

    Wings is much better than me. I think i should bench myself and let him carry TSM to victory

  • http://www.twitter.com/sisileLOL SiSile

    Nice players! I like wings and dinh!
    Too bad i don’t play that often on NA server. Maybe i should.

  • Dyrus

    Wings is gonna take my spot :(

  • derp

    nhat’s already employed by riot, he runs the spectator mode

  • NeoPhobos

    Well, with the addition of Wings, looks like any chance of bringing on Nhat is pretty much dead (IIRC, Wings [and most of Evo in general] didn’t like Nhat’s tendency to be too serious/strict [always reminding them to update their guides on the TSM site, etc])

  • Chipp Fipps


  • TheShortKid

    Wow, nice Wingsofdeath is going to be in TSM. Congrats! (:

  • Haseo

    YES! Wings! Congratulations to both him and TSM for this. :D


    @Luinky Wonder
    that may be true but if you fuck up your lean almost everytime its not really helpful…anyway totally forget about wings. he is also a better player than dyrus but i think dyrus should stay as he improved bigtime since the s2 championship!

  • Peter


  • Loki

    when will they join the gaming house?

  • ->

    Great players, but I think it would be better if TSM would add 2 more members so they can play as a second team in little tournaments and gain even more experience.

  • meltphace

    WHERE’S SILSOL?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

  • t3h

    That’s dangerous levels of concentrated baylife on one team. If Jonas came back as coach everything east of San Andreas would probably fall into the ocean.

  • Tialee

    Wings!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • :)

    Bischu is already coL’s sub no?

  • Luinky Wonder


    ppl keep forgetting that regi isnt the captain just because of his mechanics… but because he calls almost every play for the team… without him, TSM would lose their baylife style.

  • riDzt

    :3 exicited, now that they have subs i hope that the main team actually win games now

  • GuestMr

    Dat WildTurtle Photo . so classic.

  • John

    I like this.


    no offense but regi should retire for real and give wildturtle his seat as main mid! he’s just not the same anymore…i guess…maybe everyone knows how to counter his style nowadays. anyways he’s not up to where the rest of TSM is!

  • Stac

    Finally!!! Sick subs. Expected Dan Dinh, not surprised with Wings, pleasantly surprised with WildTurtle.

  • Mitsugi

    Wow! Those subs are huge! Wingz, dan and turtle, geeez so good players! GL to them!

  • Grant

    Omfg get bischu he is the best shshhshsbehsajksuxhsbshs

  • Bob Easy

    Dennis :
    wings said ind a live stream that he would not join CLG, but and i quote “if i had to join a team it would be TSM”

    My bad, I stand corrected. Still glad he is with TSM nonetheless!


  • rwitucki


    WildTurtle plays both mid and ad, so that fills both of those positions. Dan mains jungle, but can still move around. Wings obviously mains top, but I’m sure he’s pretty flexible too. The only role they don’t cover with these 3 players is support, but I’m guess each of them could play it if they really had to.

    I don’t know why you think they need a mid and “one more ad” when before Cloud 9, Turtle was primarily a mid laner.

  • Dennis

    wings said ind a live stream that he would not join CLG, but and i quote “if i had to join a team it would be TSM”

  • Vall


  • xmasterx

    tsm needs mid laner and one more adc for me

  • Bob Easy

    I can recall a few weeks ago people asking Wings if he had plans on joining a team for Season 3. He didn’t know at the time and of course the question came up if he was joining TSM as a sub and he said something on the lines of “I will never join TSM” Funny to see him there, but at the same time happy since he is a great player and will definitely be an asset to the team when he is needed.

    Good luck this season!

  • :3 HAi