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Preseason 2015 Increasing Strategic Diversity Banner

A new dev blog details the goals of the preseason changes and some of the balancing goals for Season 5.



Ymir New PortraitWith the 2014 season winding down, we’re once again just around the corner from the time of chaos that is preseason! Rest assured this isn’t chaos for the sake of chaos or disruption for the sake of disruption; the preseason is an important period of downtime between ranked and professional play to set the foundation for the next year of League’s evolution. Over the coming days we’ll publish a series of dev blogs going in-depth with our preseason changes, including the jungle (again!), objectives, and items. While these won’t cover 100% of what’s coming, we wanted to cover the big topics before getting to the fun. For now, let’s kick things off on a higher level.



Preseason: Just the Beginning


Preseason is our chance to set the stage. It’s the beginning, not the end.

There will be a lot of changes to League over a short period of time and, with so many variables at play, we’re expecting the game to be disrupted, imperfect, and require a lot of tweaking over time. In other words, while we’re confident we’re taking the game in the right general direction, we’ll correct course as needed as we see the changes unfold.

While we’ve been testing preseason internally for months, no matter what we do, players will have put hundreds or thousands (nearly millions?) of times more hours into these changes in the first week than we ever could. We’re looking forward to seeing what you’re all able to do with this slew of new mechanics and content, and we’ll be looking for your feedback.

On to the good stuff!


Strategic Diversity


This preseason, we’re looking for ways to support more strategic diversity in League of Legends. If your eyebrow is raised right now, you’re not alone – ‘strategic diversity’ is a pretty vague and abstract idea. It’s not just a buzzword to us, but a deep focus of our design philosophy going forward, so to keep everyone on the same page we’ll be breaking down what strategic diversity means to us and how we’re working to increase it in this series of posts.


The Path Less Traveled


When we talk about strategic diversity, it’s a conversation about the ways you look to win – the different paths to victory your team can take. Mechanical skill (insane Lee Sin ward kicks) and tactical decision making (funneling through the jungle to set up a perfect Orianna ult) are important elements of skill in League. We’ve focused a lot in the past at ensuring that tactical and mechanical mastery are powerful and, while we don’t want to change that, we do want to enhance the impact and variety of strategic gameplay.

Through the years, players have discovered a bunch of viable strategies like teamfight-focused (deathball) strats, split pushing, siege / poke comps, objective control, and more. In the past, when one of the aforementioned strategies was so dominant it crowded out all others we didn’t have a whole lot of options to bring it back in line other than nerfing the champions that were critical to its success. Think Shen back in his split push heyday or, more recently, Ziggs and stall comps. Since we believe that League is at it’s best when multiple strategies are battling it out on the Rift, we had to target champions to bring strategies in line to allow others to emerge. We’re hoping the path being set by the 2015 pre-season will allow us to create an ecosystem where multiple strategies can prosper… and kill each other.


Some Nitty-Gritty


A common theme you’ll notice is a focus on specialized offense but generalized defense. What this means is your offensive strategy is going to be strengthened by specializing into it. If you want opt into a specific strategy, you’re best off picking a team comp and purchasing items that enable this strategy. For defending against this specialized offense, however, we’re going to provide players with the tools they need in a way that makes counter-strategies available to nearly any team comp (for example, an item that will let you engage on an elusive poke comp). This is the intent of many of the changes to objectives or items; they are available to most comps most of the time and can be leveraged as needed. This allows us to add more power to strategic decisions without games just being decided in champion select.

Another major focus is on deepening the demands on players and champions so that there are more ways for a champion to express strength and power. This will be most apparent in the jungle where we want demands to be greater than “can you gank super hard?” We’re looking to re-introduce value to junglers who can clear quickly or safely (think Season 2) as well as keeping the value of junglers who hit lanes hard, fast and early.


Quick Preview


We’ll be experimenting with changes to objectives (towers, dragon, and baron), the jungle (a new camp, spawn times, difficulty, items, rewards… well, all of it really), items (more situationally powerful actives!) and some core systems (stats per level, death timers, how health / mana regen works). It’s a lot to take in and will take even more time to master in-game, but we’ll walk you through it as we go deeper into the design decisions behind these changes in the coming days. Every change is geared towards laying a foundation which can support more strategic diversity – no matter which champ you choose on the path.

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News 31 10 Banner



I’ve gathered the teasers that’ve been hovering around Reddit regarding a new Champion that’s coming this year, Kallista. Also, upcoming changes to Sion’s passive, an update on Cassiopeia’s state and a few tidbits about Team Builder, a bug with Vi’s E and footstep noise for Champions.


Recent News



New-SR-Banner (1)



Collection of Teasers about Kallista,

a new Champion that will be coming to League before the end of this year.


A teaser was posted on the official League of Legends Facebook page. Below the video is a message, “We are vengeance.”




A concept for the potential new Champion, Kallista, has been photoed at the “Lucca Comics & Games” 2014  convention in Italy. Remember that these are not confirmed to be in the game are just concept arts for now. Take it as a potential teaser.



10698469_623006454475062_6317513823333300794_n (1)


And here’s a teaser image posted on the League of Legends Italian Facebook page.




This image can be found on the promo flags at the “Lucca Comics & Games” convention which is celebrating Harrowing.




And also on a recent Summoner icon for the Hexakill Twisted Treeline Mode.


3 (2)


There have also been a few lore posts on Reddit, translated from Portuguese to English. The originals were posted on the Brazilian forums by Rioter Fabulist.



Sion Changes banner



Sion feels underwhelming make his Q and R more reliable

Scruffy Final PortraitThere should be a few tweaks for him (some stat increases, bugfixes, usability and mana costs) up on the PBE in the next build (they will be released in the next patch).

To some of your points about Q and R reliability, those will most likely not change. Those abilities are meant to be very powerful but limited in meaningful ways.


  • Q has beyond most normal ability AOE base damage and CC, because it is a very committed decision (a good comparison here is fiddlesticks drain). If we wanted to increase the reliability of the spell we would probably make the “snap cast” (not full charge) more effective.
  • Similarly R enables unstoppable engage and map movement at the cost of great reliability. That said, the R turning is a number that we can tweak easily if we want to increase the reliability a bit more in the future.

Your feedback is really helpful and we definitely consider it in our decision making.


PS – The W passive on champ kill change that you’re suggesting is likely in the next patch, we have a prophet.

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What stats will you be adjusting on Sion

Scruffy Final PortraitThe stat changes are actually HP focused. Both in consistent gains (hp per level) and in earned gains (W passive).

Mana costs are more of a shift than a buff/nerf. Moving E cost up a little and lowering Q and W cost to compensate.

There is a delay after you reactivate R, he plays a specific “leap into the air and slam down” animation to represent it. A big dude of his size cant just stop on a dime is the general idea.

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Suggestion Make the Q Cast Time scale with Attack Speed

Scruffy Final PortraitNo plans of that. Attack speed is not a stat that he scales particularly well with, and that’s ok. He scales well with HP, armor, MR, AD, and CDR already.

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Suggestion Have his passive bleed flat, not

Scruffy Final PortraitThis is actually something we are doing for the next patch. Flat HP amount drain (based on char level) instead of % max HP.

It was a silly thing that he was punished for building tanky with the old system. So yea, good change.

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Update on Cass Banner

Here’s the original post detailing the future of Cassiopeia.



STASHU New PortraitHey! Yeah sorry about the slow progress here, and it still might take another week or two to get stuff on the pbe. As Morello said, we’re definitely willing to be experimental with pbe stuff, but won’t put anything up there till its ready for testing.

I’ve been working closely with Morello and Scruffy and lots of others in really focusing these changes. Our thinking is still largely the same as in my last post, but we’ve actually narrowed it down to a few specific changes– on which we’re currently in the process of implementing. Pretty confident in what we have, but not 100% ready just yet. I’ll be more explicit with our plans when as we get closer to our mark. Sorry to be so cryptic, definitely working on it though.

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Is a change to her passive a real possibility

Morello Final PortraitI think changes to how it works are on the table, but I think the scaling paradigm is still part of her “why bring her” (outside of the general fun factor/attachment to themes). I still think the largest and most salient critiques are about how she doesn’t feel like herself.

Lane bullying will not be restored, in either iteration (“able to lane” is important though).

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Theres been a threeweek silence on Cassiopeias state

Morello Final PortraitI could see that – some of this was the unfortunate timing of Worlds too (a lot of us went to go see it live!), so we had less time on the ground since we’ve spoken about Cass.

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Did Stashu try to tweak Cassiopeia on the PBE

Morello Final PortraitNot enough time before the bug lock date. He tried and didn’t have time to get something reasonable done.


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Why did you rework Cassiopeia

Morello Final PortraitA few things to note:

A champion like Casseopia, who has repeatable targeted damage, has very little dueling play other than fish and destroy. Casseopia was absurd pre-update in lane, but clunky and hard to play. She fell off late, but that’s not a solid enough footing to base the champion on – lack of lane counterplay should not be balanced with “well, she sucks later.” It’s a binary and non-LoL appropriate pattern (even if it’s certainly fun to shit on people in lane :P)

We won’t revert because the update isn’t just a wash; it accomplishes the functional goals of changing Cass’ power curve – which is still an intended goal. What we missed was playstyle and emotional resonance notes, along with power tuning. This will then be additive and adjusted based on the current foundations, and not a new overhaul. The issue wasn’t a change, the issue was trading one set of problems for a new set, when we can instead solve problems with a follow-through.

So she’s in a bad state now, but this is still closer to what “finished” will look like than old Cass.

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Single Posts 31 10 Banner



Suggestion Add footstep noise for Champions

Riot Eno Final Portrait Hey!

I haven’t seen this topic come up in a while, and I’d be glad to give some insight.

There have been some experiments in the past with adding footsteps and movement sounds to the Champs. Results were mixed, and often times ended up getting annoying.

BUT, that isn’t to say that we would never think about adding them sometime down the road. Honestly though, it’s a Herculean task at this point, and probably isn’t realistic; but never say never.


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Follow Up

What if they could be heard only when out of combat

Riot Eno Final PortraitYeah, maybe it’s something that would just get cut out when in battle – there are definitely things we could do to make it not annoying.

It’s good to know it’s something you guys are interested in, and I agree, the fine audio folks at Valve did a good job with this type of system in Dota 2.

Cheers! =)

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Vis Excessive Force E currently doesn’t deal damage

Gypsylord New PortraitWe’re hoping to get a fix in for this in the next patch. Strangely enough, Vi’s winrate has not been impacted. Likely partially because her E has bonus functionality! The cone is failing but the attack itself is not and she hits things in a circle near the impact point in addition to the cone. This allows her to still AoE jungle camps effectively if she groups them close enough together.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll have her patched up soon. In the meantime try to group things a little closer together to hit them with E’s AoE circle (hint: Your Q vacuums creeps)

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How many people currently use Team Builder

Lyte Final Portrait

A solid number of players play Team Builder as their “primary” game mode, but it’s a work in progress that we’re still trying to improve. We’re also researching and designing what a Team Builder Ranked could look like, and our current ideas are a simpler, slimmed down version of Team Builder with some improvements to the draft process.

Some of the new things coming up include:

  • almost full groups getting a higher priority in queue to fill out their groups
  • we’ve completely re-done the matchmaking algorithms so playing with premades will result in fairer matches
  • we’re going to have Team Builder “remember” the last spec you played and automatically populate the fields so you can get into game quicker

We’re tinkering with a couple more things to Team Builder Normals, and hope more players give it a shot if their initial impression of the mode wasn’t the best experience.

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Follow Up

Can we get more options on TB, not Champion-related

Lyte Final PortraitYes, it’s possible. We’ve thought about allowing a “Fill” option specifically, but with your other suggestion worry a bit about the problem where a lot more choices = a lot longer queue times for teams. Imagine allowing players to select 2 ADCs, 2 ranged only, 1 mage, but 3 melee only… weird combinations will result in bad experiences. You could say the pain is self-inflicted, but we don’t like designs that allow players to opt-in to miserable queues.

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PBE 30 10 Banner


PBE 30/10


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.

[ Note ] The Preseason changes have been pulled from the PBE. The New Summoner’s Rift is still available for testing.


PBE Content from Patch 4.19 Cycle:



Reaper Soraka Splash Art


For a full preview of Reaper Soraka, check here.







Singed Splash Art Update


Singed’s splash art has received a few lightning and color shifts. Also, RIP skull sticker on the bottle.








Singed_Splash_0 (1)



Wukong Splash Art Update


Wukong’s new splash art has received a number of color shifts and extra details.




MonkeyKing_Splash_0 (1)





MonkeyKing_0 MonkeyKing_Square_0



Summoner’s Rift Login Theme



The updated map will be coming with Patch 4.19 as a staggered release. To learn more about it, check here.





Victory Defeat Visuals

New visuals for the end-game screen have been added to complement the updated map.


defeat victory (1)



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Champion Skin Sale November 3 Banner

The following Champions and Skins will be 50% off until November 3rd:


Graves Final Portrait

Jinx Final Portrait

Lux Final Portrait



Bittersweet Lulu – 487 RP



Valkyrie Leona – 260 RP




Viking Tryndamere – 375 RP



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PBE 29 10 Banner


PBE 29/10


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.

[ Note ] The Preseason changes have been pulled from the PBE. The New Summoner’s Rift is still available for testing.


PBE Content from Patch 4.19 Cycle:



Reaper Soraka Color Update


For a full preview of Reaper Soraka, check here.





Reaper Soraka Model Soraka Model 2




Reaper Soraka Updated 1Reaper Soraka updated 2



Gifting Center Updates


The Gifting Center in the in-game store has received updated thumbnails for its features.


Gifting Center Updates Screenshot


g-champion_sm g-skin_sm


There are also a few gifting assets that aren’t yet in use.


g-ms_sm g-ms g-mc  g-mc_sm



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



Worlds Sale Banner

This year’s bundles for the World Championship are going away in just a few days! Continue reading for the contents of each bundle.

[ Note ] Championship Riven is a Limited skin and will not be making a return for the sales this year.

The 2014 World Championship sale ends on October 31 so snag your favorite skins before they head into the vault!

2014 Championship Bundle -  2115 RP (1455 RP if you already own the champ)

  • Championship Thresh – 975 RP
  • Championship Shyvana – 975 RP
  • 2014 Championship Ward – 640 RP
  • World Championship 2014 Icon – 1 IP

Fnatic Team Bundle – 25% off at 2812 RP (5688 RP if you need the champions)

  • Fnatic Gragas – 750 RP
  • Fnatic Jarvan IV – 750 RP
  • Fnatic Janna – 750 RP
  • Fnatic Corki – 750 RP
  • Fnatic Karthus – 750 RP

TPA Team Bundle – 25% off at 2812 RP (5358 RP if you need the champions)

  • TPA Ezreal – 750 RP
  • TPA Mundo – 750 RP
  • TPA Nunu – 750 RP
  • TPA Orianna – 750 RP
  • TPA Shen – 750 RP

SKT T1 Team Bundle – 25% off at 3292 RP (6513 RP if you need the champions)

  • SKT T1 Zed – 750 RP
  • SKT T1 Vayne – 750 RP
  • SKT T1 Jax – 750 RP
  • SKT T1 Lee Sin – 750 RP
  • SKT T1 Zyra – 750 RP
  • SKT T1 Ward – 640 RP

These skins aren’t going into the vault but through October 31, you can grab all the skins and champs Samsung White used to clench the 2014 World Championship for half off!

2014 World Championship Winners Bundle – 50% off at 2210 RP (4220 RP if you need the champions)

  • Corki
  • Janna
  • Kassadin
  • Rengar
  • Orianna
  • Hot Rod Corki (Imp didn’t use a skin but we decided to throw one in anyways)
  • Frost Queen Janna
  • Harbinger Kassadin
  • Night Hunter Rengar
  • Bladecraft Orianna

Celebrate the 2014 World Championships!

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Dev Blog The Making of Featured Game Modes Banner


Ascension, Hexakill, U.R.F? Check out how all these modes are created and what challenges their developers face.



L4T3NCY New PortraitAs everyone enjoys Hexakill: Twisted Treeline, it felt like a good time to give some insight into how we make Featured Game Mode’s by analyzing our approach to the previous mode, Ascension. Hopefully I can give you guys some insight into our iterative development process, what we take away and learn from each mode, plus some stories about things that didn’t make it.


Rapid prototyping


We start each Featured Game Mode by trying to define what kind of experience it should be. There are design pillars which help guide this, but we often want you to “discover a new or interesting way to engage with your favourite champions in League of Legends”. Of course we still want modes to feel like LoL to some degree, so you can expect to level up, gain power and fight other champions, but we’re not afraid to bend the rules. Sometimes there’s an overarching theme we’re working towards with a mode (e.g. Shurima) and other times it’s a fun mechanic or rule change that just wants to be turned into a mode (e.g. One For All, URF). The golden rule is that regardless of its shape, a mode has to be fun!

With Ascension, we wanted to highlight the Shurima event and bring some of the pervasive lore themes like “power corrupts” through with fun gameplay. It needed to feel scrappy and intense so we started drifting towards a Team Deathmatch (TDM) kind of feel. The Crystal Scar’s circular shape made it a strong initial candidate for that kind of gameplay. The tower pads nicely doubled as spawn points enabling a strategic choice for players when entering the battle (and also neatly solved design issues around TDM spawning in the LoL ecosystem). It wasn’t going to just work ‘as is’ though, so we ripped out the towers and minions to fast forward through the laning phase of regular LoL, enabling you to get straight to the fighting! With those changes, daily playtests began to have a running theme emerge: a constant ‘struggle for power’.

Two problematic design issues became evident during prototype playtests that I want to zoom in on:


1) Snowballing


Ascension initially felt very snowbally, and while we want to reward #bigplays, it doesn’t feel great to make a single mistake and never be able to recover. We tested and eventually kept the following ‘anti-snowball mechanic’ in Ascension; all players on both teams had exactly the same gold & XP at all points throughout a match. This meant that at any point in time, you always had an equal chance to win/lose any teamfights. There was no mathematical ‘snowballing’ possible in Ascension, making the Ascended buff the only actual statistical advantage on the map. Even if the other team was stomping, you had as much chance to win the next Xerath fight, Ascend, and make a comeback. A side-effect was that even when losing badly, you could still get valuable skirmishing practice right up to the end of a game, due to never actually being ‘behind’. We were pretty happy with how this solution played out across Ascension’s lifetime.


2) Lack of ‘strategic choice’


There was also an early lack of ‘strategic choice’ in the mode. Original prototype playtests felt too sparse and barren for a TDM, which led to us shrinking the map into the tighter, more action-packed jungle area of the Crystal Scar. This increased the action, but still felt like a directionless TDM. Our team internally dubbed it “Murderball Simulator 2014″. The prevailing meta was to just group as 5 and roll around the map killing anything that moved. :/ While murderball was fun in short bursts, it was too monotonous, and we’d tire of it after only a few games. There were no peaks or valleys in the tension curve across the game life. It needed a higher objective layer to float above the TDM, giving purpose to your rampage (rather than killing everything in sight being a means to its own end). We eventually settled on the Relics of Shurima & Ancient Ascendant Xerath combo that shipped, but here’s some of the ideas that didn’t make it:

    • Transferring the Ascended buff player-to-player based on the killing blow. This was one of the earliest prototypes and just led to a snowbally comp style with monotonous gameplay. Badtimes. :(
    • Capturable towers that provided an area of vision around them while held. These were basically ignored as the vision wasn’t valuable enough to directly affect the scoreboard. “Hmm, I could grab some vision… or maul someone’s face off with Udyr… face mauling please!”
  • Transforming the 4 remaining teammates on an Ascended team into ‘sand soldiers‘. We wrote a whole new kit for these ‘sand soldiers’ based around helping the Ascended track, hunt and lock down kills. Turns out that taking away your ability to play your favourite champion is a terrible idea. The kit tried to walk a middle-line of doing everything, and ended up being good at nothing in particular. “Why am I this sand soldier guy trying to slow guys and shield the Ascended? I could be doing this as Lulu… and WAY BETTER!”


That perfect game


We often hear from players that they would like more ways to express their skill level visually. With the ‘Perfect Ascension’ icon, we wanted to try making a ‘challenge mode’ icon to reward exceptional play. It needed to reflect actual gameplay excellence to be valuable (if it were easy, it would have no value right?) and not be compulsory in any way. The icon didn’t require any deviation from regular Ascension play or strategy, and happened naturally in the course of playing to win. You just needed to win VERY convincingly (IE: play the perfect game). Many strategies were kicked around as the best path to a perfect game, but we largely saw that if it ever came down to a scrap at Xerath, then your team probably wasn’t playing the perfect game. For those of you who did earn the icon though, nice work! You now hold one of the rarest summoner icons there is.




Each mode brings with it a new wild west of meta where initially “anything is possible”. After about a week though, the sands settle and most players seem to have a good grip on “what’s OP”. It was pretty widely accepted that “assassins were strong in Ascension”. But let’s look at some comparisons.



That may or may not surprise some of you. However… who was actually strong in Ascension?


Yeah that’s Taric up there in 5th, despite having a stunningly unpopular pick rate. Oh don’t worry, we never saw that one coming either… truly outrageous. This is a good example of why having these modes as temporary is a boon. It gives us the freedom to experiment without the burden of having a static and well-documented meta.” Featured Game Modes don’t have comparable depth to Summoner’s Rift, and having them on for a few weeks at a time keeps them fresh and exciting (if Ascension was permanent these meta numbers might have staled fairly quickly thereafter).

Things to improve


Featured Game Modes are a great chance for us to learn what’s fun in LoL, what doesn’t work, or what we’d like to do better next time around. The Perfect Ascension icon highlighted for us the possibility of misalignment between players on the game’s win condition. Specifically, resolution of the icon shouldn’t have been possible before the end of a match. This is something we’re taking on board.

We were originally going to make Perfect Ascension an ‘opt-in experience’ and lock it to premade 5-mans, as not everyone on a team might be bought in on trying to earn the icon. This felt too limiting though, and we wanted to give everyone a chance to be rewarded for playing that ‘perfect game’. One thing that we noticed overall with the Perfect Ascension was that it forged a lasting memory for everyone, whether they achieved it or not. This is something we’re keen to do again, with maybe a different shape.

There was also the eventual solution for how we shrunk the map size and limited player movement using the ‘black darkness’ on the ground. It was a functional, but not terribly coherent solution. While it did its job (barely) for the first outing of Ascension, there were lots of readability issues for players when initially encountering it. Even after multiple interactions, it was still often unclear to many players that it represented the ‘edge of the playspace’. If we ever bring Ascension back, that’s one of the first things we’d like to tidy up.

Both of these examples show the value of Featured Game Modes being temporary. While we might have let something like the ‘black darkness’ solution hold back shipping a permanent mode, the temporary nature of Featured Game Mode’s let players enjoy the mode for a few weeks and make some #bigplays. The highs and lows felt chasing the Perfect Ascension (and the permanent memento for those of you who got it) also would not have been feasible to try. Plus when the mode is done, we can learn from your feedback, and use it to inform any similar upcoming design features, or maybe tweak the mode and bring it back at some point.


What’s next?


In the near future I want to chat about the current state of Featured Game Modes. It’s been over a year since we started doing them and is a good time to take stock of what we’ve done, where we are now and what we’re aiming to do in 2015. Until then, see you on the rift! ^_^/


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New SR Banner

The new Summoner’s Rift is entering open beta soon!


AEON New PortraitFor almost six months, we’ve had the updated Summoner’s Rift stewing on PBE as we made tweaks and changes based on your feedback. Although we’ll continue to refine and optimize, we’re pretty happy with where we’re at right now, so we’ll soon be moving onto the next phase: open beta! Once the 2014 season is officially wrapped, we’re going use a staggered rollout during preseason, pushing the updated map onto live in stages to help ensure server stability. Here’s the order for our planned rollout:

  • Stage 1: Team Builder and Intro Bot games
  • Stage 2: All normal modes, custom games, and all other bot modes
  • Stage 3: Ranked

We expect this rollout could take several weeks and we may delay stages if we run into bugs or server stability issues. That said, our plan is to push it out as fast as we can while making sure its appearance is toaster-friendly and doesn’t Lee Sin kick our servers into oblivion.

Finally, while this is still technically a beta (we’re planning to continue to update Summoner’s Rift–for example, expect updates in the next couple of patches!), the updated Summoner’s Rift will eventually completely replace the old one, so there will be no separate queues to play on the existing SR. This’ll allow us to focus our resources on improving the updated SR, and avoid splitting the team’s focus by having to make the upcoming preseason changes on both.

From the entire team that worked on this update, we truly wanted to thank you for your feedback! We can’t wait to face you all in-game on Summoner’s Rift

Riot Aeon

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PBE 28 10 Banner


PBE 28/10:


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.

[ Note ] The Preseason changes have been pulled from the PBE. The New Summoner’s Rift is still available for testing.


PBE Content from Patch 4.19 Cycle:



Ranked Icons Update


The icon rewards for Season 4′s Ranked Leagues have been updated.


Solo / Duo Queue - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Challenger 1,2,3

profileIcon715 profileIcon715 (1) profileIcon716 profileIcon717 profileIcon718 profileIcon719 profileIcon720 profileIcon721 profileIcon722


3v3 Team - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Challenger 1,2,3

profileIcon723 profileIcon724 profileIcon725 profileIcon726 profileIcon727 profileIcon728 profileIcon729 profileIcon730 profileIcon731


5v5 Team - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Challenger 1,2,3

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Refer-a-Friend Borders for Rewards


[ Note ] The Refer-a-Friend system is being revamped. You can read more on the topic here.


WarwickLoadScreen_1_LE TwitchLoadScreen_3_LE



Champion Changes



Lucian Final Portrait


The Culling New IconThe Culling [ R ]

  • Damage-per-shot decreased from 45/55/65 to 40/50/60 [ revert on the changes in this PBE update ]


[ Note ] On the PBE, the cooldown of The Culling is still higher than on live.



Nocturne Final Portrait


Unspeakable Horror New IconUnspeakable Horror [ E ]

  • Now passively grants Nocturne a massive movement speed increase when moving towards feared targets


[ Note ] I don’t see exact values and the change doesn’t work on the PBE, so for now consider it a tooltip change only.



Quinn Final Portrait


  • Auto Attack Range decreased from 550 to 525 [ revert on the changes in this PBE update ]
  • Movement Speed increased from 330 to 335 [ revert on the changes in this PBE update ]



Sion Final Portrait


Decimating Smash New IconDecimating Smash [ Q ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 50/55/60/65/70 to 45/50/55/60/65


Soul Furnace New IconSoul Furnace [ W ]

  • Health bonus from a Large Monster / Champion Kill & Assist increased from 8 to 10
  • Mana cost decreased from 70/75/80/85/90 to 65/70/75/80/85


Roar of the Slayer New IconRoar of the Slayer [ E ]

  • Mana cost increased from 25 at all ranks to 35



Experimental Soraka Changes


Vesh New PortraitHey guys,

Going to be testing out an buffed W range for Soraka as well as a fixed travel time cast paradigm for Q (like Nami bubble instead of Twitch Cask).

The first version up today is probably a bit too fast, and I will probably be iterating through a number of values to find the one that feels juuuust right.

Anyway, would love feedback about how these changes feel and the playing-against feedback is especially vital. Leave any feedback you have here and I promise I’ll be reading all of it ^_^

[ Link to Post ]


[ Note ] I don’t think these changes are in this PBE update. Will double-check.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



Free Champion Rotation November 4 Banner

The following Champions will be free-to-play until November 4th:


Brand Final Portrait

Lulu Final Portrait

Nami Final Portrait

 Rammus Final Portrait

Sejuani Final Portrait

Swain Final Portrait

Teemo Final Portrait

Tryndamere Final Portrait

Urgot Final Portrait

Vayne Final Portrait



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at