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Ahab Final PortraitTL;DR: We’re actively partnering with ISPs across North America to build a dedicated highway for League traffic. So far we’ve built what we call the “north bridge”, which services connections in the northern US and Canada. Work is ongoing, and the goal is to create a unique network dedicated to transporting League traffic across the shortest, most stable route possible.

Hi everyone,

Riot Ahab here again with a mini-update on what’s happening with the new dedicated League network we’re building in NA. In case you missed the original announcement and Q&A we posted earlier in January, you can check it out here.

These updates will serve as a peek behind the curtain as we continue to build out this network across NA. We can’t share all the nitty-gritty details due to contractual complexities and security concerns, but we can provide a picture of what we’re doing as we go!

For this first update, let’s explore an overview of what we’ve already built up to this point: the first half of the network, which we’re calling the “north bridge.” Currently, this bridge is pathing League traffic for the northern US and Canada and is built out of a series of strategically-placed PoPs (points of presence) with direct connections between them.

What’s the “north bridge”, and what the hell is a PoP?

Think of it this way: if this direct network is a dedicated highway for League traffic between you and the servers, think of the PoPs as “on-ramps”; they get your data on the highway to the servers in the most direct route as physically possible.

These PoPs consist of two elements:

  • Physical hardware: servers and switches placed in key cities
  • Peering agreements: contractual agreements set up with ISPs to funnel traffic directly to the closest PoP

The first part (physical hardware) is pretty straightforward: buy some server space and make sure the on-ramp allows League traffic to hurry along onto the highway.

The bigger challenge, as is true with real highways, is making sure local traffic finds its way to the on-ramp–otherwise the highway does little good! This is where peering agreements come in: these partnership agreements mean ISPs now redirect League traffic off of their networks and toward the nearest PoP.

Once we’ve made a peering agreement with a local ISP (which for big ISPs, like any contractual arrangement with a big company typically takes a fair amount of lawyering back and forth), there’s often a decent amount of necessary fine-tuning with that ISP.

This is important because different ISP algorithms can send traffic bouncing around before it loops into one of our PoPs, much like poorly laid-out street signs could send you driving several towns over and back again before finally finding a PoP on-ramp. Which means on our end we have to track down inefficient pathing routes and work with the ISP to redirect that traffic to make sure it’s taking the most direct route to the closest PoP. It takes a little work, so bringing a PoP online and securing peering agreements doesn’t always mean that everything is working as it should from the get-go. Plus, ISPs change– things break, they merge with other ISPs, split up, new ones may come, and old ones may go, which makes peering and fine-tuning a constant, ongoing process.

With that in mind, here’s a look at the direct network as it exists today:


Red dots represent live PoPs we’ve set up so far. In those areas, we’ve installed hardware and are actively working through agreements with local ISPs. Grey dots indicate PoPs that are still in-progress. We’ll post additional updates as those grey dots come online.

This map doesn’t show the direct paths connecting the PoPs, but if you connect the red dots you can see that the north bridge is largely complete. We still have plenty of peering contracts to negotiate with ISPs in these markets so we can make sure local traffic is taking the best possible path to its local PoP, but we’re off to a good start. Typically, we first target the biggest ISPs in any given market because many major ISPs often provide traffic peering routes to smaller local ones (and you’ll find a list of ISPs that we’re currently partnering with at the bottom of this post). So if you’re on a smaller ISP, your connection could likely peer through the larger ISP companies we have agreements with and already be on this new network!

So what does all of this mean?

Connections running through this network should experience a more stable, consistent experience while playing League, since it’s taking the most direct route possible to the game servers. When Phase 3 of the NA Server Roadmap deploys, this network will provide as many players as possible a comparable ping when connecting to the more centralized server location. But we’ll speak more on that in the future!

Live nearby a red dot on the map above? Experienced any drastic fluctuations to your connection in the past few months? Let us know in the comments below. Knowing your local postal code as well as ISP helps us figure out how your data is being routed, but keep in mind if your ISP isn’t yet on the list of current partners below, there’s a chance your data might not be pathing through our network yet.

We’ll post our next NA Server Roadmap update with what we’re actively doing to deliver a consistent quality League connection as well as let you guys know once we’ve started bringing the southern bridge online.

Until then, thanks for reading! We’ll stick around for the next 4 hours to answer whatever questions we can.

-Riot Ahab

US & Canadian ISPs we’re currently partnering with and still tuning how things work:
(note: this list is constantly growing as conversations and contracts develop, but at the time we can only list those we’ve completed peering agreements with!)

  • Atlas Networks Corporation
  • Charter Communications
  • Clear Wireless
  • Cogent Communications
  • Comcast Cable Communications
  • Eltopia
  • Hurricane Electric
  • Interconnected Associates
  • LS Networks
  • NetRiver
  • NTT America
  • Pocketinet Communications
  • Rogers Cable Communications
  • Saskatchewan Telecommunications (SaskTel)
  • Shaw Communications
  • Syringa Networks
  • TekSavvy Solutions
  • TELUS Communications
  • TeraGo Networks
  • Threshold Communications
  • Vision Net
  • WiscNet
  • Worldlink

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Self Gifting Banner

It’s back! For a limited time, surprise yourself with a Mystery Skin!

Purchasing a Mystery Skin will unlock an unowned skin worth 520 RP or more (that could get you a discount of 84% off a skin)! As with the previous rounds of Mystery Skins, you can only unlock skins for champions you own.

Mystery Skins will be available in the Skins tab of the store for 490 RP and are limited to five per day. Grab your Mystery Skins from now until 23:59 on February 2!

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Dev Blog Reward Banner



TLDR: Our player behavior philosophies include punishment, reform and positive reinforcement. With rewards, we have to be careful to design systems that don’t simply incentivize positive behavior for a small duration, but provide reasons to stay positive all the time.

Hello again!

Last time, I mentioned that Drevarius would go into a deeper dive on punishment in this blog, but with the surprise Mystery Gift for positive behavior going out to 95% of players in 2014, we wanted to take the opportunity to jump ahead and explore our philosophies around rewards and positive reinforcement.

One of our core philosophies is that there’s no silver bullet to improving player behavior in online games, and you always need a mix including punishment, reform, and positive reinforcement.

End of Snowdown Mystery Gift

In 2014, we focused on the community and self-reflection. We ran a few experiments, including an exercise where players reflected on their last 10 games and we all came to the conclusion that the one negative experience that happens occasionally should not define our community. With Snowdown’s celebration of everyone coming together to be a part of the Legend of the Poro King, it was a great opportunity to deliver a positive behavior surprise.

One of the keys of positive reinforcement is the idea of “schedules,” or the expected frequency of a reinforcing event. Introducing surprise rewards unrelated to specific activities or durations is one of the most effective ways to encourage positive player behavior. The surprise element is crucial: imagine an achievement system where, if you are sportsmanlike for your next 10 games, you unlock a free skin. Players could simply behave for 10 games, unlock their gift and go back to playing the same way they were before (whether that’s positive, negative or neutral). So, instead, we’ll continue to surprise players once in awhile for their positive behavior. Because players aren’t sure what the next reward is (or when it is), players will strive to be sportsmanlike in a larger range of games to try to get all the surprises.

For positive players in the game, this won’t really affect them and they’ll just get surprises every so often for being awesome. For neutral players, this effort might convince some of them to put in that extra effort in a few more games to get the next surprise. For negatively behaved players, this effort might also encourage a few to change their ways although we expect the biggest impact to be with the neutral players.

Its All in the Surprise

In future roll-outs it’ll be possible for players to earn the next surprise so long as they’ve been positive since the last surprise was awarded. So, if you were chat restricted and missed a surprise, you could still be eligible if you were positive in the time range between that one and the next.

Also, keep in mind that not every surprise will be a mystery gift. Every surprise will differ in magnitude, and be tailored to different players. For example, the last surprise before the end of Snowdown gift was an IP Boost, mainly beneficial for newer players still building out their champion pools. Other surprises may include collectibles like unique summoner icons (which some players will remember we’ve tried before with the Santa Baron icon).

In the last blog in this series, we’ll be back to discuss punishment as a deterrent for negative behavior and our philosophy around it. Thanks as always, and we’ll see you in game!

- Lyte

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Patch 5 2 Jungle Items banner


Fearless New PortraitTLDR: We did a pretty poor job ensuring you guys got the full reasoning for why we were doing this, and I really dropped the ball here. I failed to ensure that our patch notes reflected the intent of these changes, nor did I give Pwyff and crew nearly enough info to make that possible for them. I’m here to give the full context and also talk about how these changes fit into our strategy around the jungle right now.

So, the 5.1 “Smite with Charges!” change does a lot of cool stuff for the strategic freedom of the jungler, but we also knew that it would hit some of the same issues the Conservation mechanic had from season 4. Mainly, when you’re not ‘wasting’ a resource with overflow, it creates very clear windows for the jungler to go do something else with a very low cost. In other words, a jungler waiting for Smite to come off cooldown can gank or go kill wards without feeling like they’re making a deliberate trade for it.

Combined with a few junglers that could grab a camp or two and then bring out very potent ganks, this meant that 5.1 created a situation where the optimal strategy for some of our most powerful gankers was to go back to their old habits of deciding lanes before laners had even hit level 2 (in some cases). Worst of all was that failing these ganks didn’t really set these junglers behind, because many other junglers didn’t have the ability to invade and punish them after the failed gank.

The adjustments were made to hit this specifically, so that guys like Jarvan and Lee Sin had a bit more of a risky start if they tried this, as would Shaco, Xin, and Panth, even if they’re not currently centered in the spotlight.

We are aware that this change hurts some of the junglers with weak clears, leaving them with less gold for pots to stay healthy during their second clear. We know this is really painful when blind monks and dunking princes are taking over games. We know have a lot of work ahead of us. We’ve been making changes and adjustments to the systems around the jungle at a really high frequency, and that’s largely complicated the work that could have been done on the individual items or the champs. We’ve already been having a lot of internal discussions about what we need to do as the dust settles on the systematic changes. The 5.2 changes happened because we know early gankers needed to be much higher risk, and the extremely cheap jungle items were a main contributor to their reliability.

We still need to carve out more space for our tank junglers, and we are still trying to give junglers more reason to invade and counter jungle. These actions are one of the core reactions necessary to keep gankers in check, and currently aren’t functioning at the levels necessary for healthier play. Can’t say it enough, we have lots of work ahead of us still, and we’re committed to making this better. 5.3 is already very tight for changes, so 5.4 is much more likely for the next round of changes.

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Pwyff Final PortraitTotes my bad on the context in the patch notes. Reading back on it, it definitely reads like we didn’t acknowledge the full problem. Something to learn for the future definitely.

As an aside, we talk a lot about making precise changes that directly target the problem – I think for this one we took a more broad approach that ended up ‘hurting’ a lot of junglers, even if it was more directly aimed at aggressive level 2 gankers (Lee / J4 / Shaco / Panth / Xin). We’re aware, we’re looking into it.

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Why dont you just nerf Lee Sin and Jarvan instead of jungle items

Fearless New PortraitWe knew the items enabled a pattern, a pattern that JarvSin ( Lee Vin?) were able to opt into, but it’s not just them. The items created too low of a threshold for success for a jungler’s first few minutes. The item adjustment needed to fix that issue with the system, and would need to even if those dudes weren’t generally strong.

Also as I posted, it’s been very hard to make changes to individual champions while we’re also making so many large systematic changes. Trying to get the systems of the game stable gives us a lot more space to hit the champs we need to it, and more excitingly, start bumping up the champs that we think we’ve pushed down with the system changes.

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Why do large systematic changes never change Lee Sin

Fearless New PortraitI’m honestly not even sure what you’re insinuating here.

The actual reason why Lee tends to due really well through many rounds of changes is because he’s incredibly flexible, very poorly stat bound (can do well with a huge range of builds), grants a lot of power that cannot be repressed through systematic changes. As stated above, he needs to be changed, and we know that many functions of the jungle changes won’t be realized without those changes.

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Balance Philosophy Banner

Ghostcrawler New PortraitHey guys,

I’ll throw out a few responses here.

On balance philosophy – we realize that our strategy for who we balance for isn’t well articulated. Do we balance for LCS or for Silver players? Or both? We’re trying to make sure we agree on what our actual goal is, because I think “We balance for everyone!” is a little too precious and unrealistic.

We’ll communicate our strategy when we’ve made sure we’re on the same page. Balance philosophy is a topic that greatly interests me. I don’t make the individual tuning changes personally (and you wouldn’t want me to) so I can’t provide as much context on specific patch notes, though I do help set the philosophy and direction for what kinds of changes we try to make.

Related, “win rate” gets used a lot as synonymous with balance, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. We need to communicate better about what game balance means to us, because there’s more to it than that. A lot of what you’re discussing in this thread is sort of “pre-balancing.” We’re making a change (that we have wanted to make for some time!) by removing DFG, and we know that change would have big ramifications if we didn’t adjust some champs to compensate. Those adjustments, while grounded in math, playtesting and player feedback, still often come down to educated guesses, because we don’t have the data from thousands of live games yet. A more accurate but painfully slow way to balance is to make one change, see how the live game reacts, then make another change in response to that. We think this would feel worse overall.

On design accountability — it totally exists. It’s part of my job to make sure it exists. Now, it’s not the kind of thing you’re likely to see a lot. We’re not going to publicly flog designers for making mistakes, though I can understand why that might be cathartic. On the other hand, designers (and anyone at Riot really) should be upfront and honest with you guys about when they think they’ve made a mistake.

On designers buffing champions that they like to play — this would be a big accountability issue. As someone pointed out, while we are all gamers here, this is also a place of business with a product (LoL) and customers (you guys). It’s royally unprofessional to try and tweak the game to benefit your own personal games. That’s a serious breach of trust (Rioter and players) that would come with serious consequences. We may make changes you don’t understand or don’t agree with, but it’s not because we’re trying to boost our own ELO.

On Lee and Thresh — they are champions we like, but more importantly, they also resonate with a lot of players. It’s not a popularity contest, but on the other hand, we believe a lot of why people play them is because they are fun to play, not just because they win a lot. Both champs have a lot of cool abilities, and arguably they both have so many that a) neither has a lot of weaknesses, and b) they compliment almost any comp you try to build. We’re trying to figure out ways to make them less awesome in every situation without stripping away what is fun about them. For example, last year or so we tried to tone down Lee’s mobility and ward hopping, but it felt terrible, and largely due to player feedback (intelligent, meaningful feedback, not whining and pitchforks) we reverted it.

As always, we appreciate the feedback. The more targeted and actionable it is, the more useful it is for us. I can go tell the balance team “Boards say you suck” and they would kind of look at me and say “Okay, what changes in how we adjust champions should we make?” and I would say “You just suck.” There’s not really a lot of direction for improvement there.


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Single Posts 30 01 Banner

Will there be changes to Mordekaiser in Patch 5 3

Meddler Final PortraitOne of the options we’re looking at at the moment is whether we should play up Morde’s tankier side a bit more. Huge guy in a full suit of armor with a passive that generates a shield suggest tough front line dude. The removal of DFG already shifts him away from bursting down a target almost instantly, our thinking is that offering him a more sustained presence might be a good approach as a result. That’s very much an idea being explored right now though, not yet a proven direction.

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What has been the most purchased skin so far

Hippalus Final PortraitAssassin Master Yi is still the most purchased skin overall due mostly to free RP. But the record for most skins purchased during release was set by a new skin in 2014. Any guesses? I’ll tell you if the most upvoted guess is right or not.

UPDATE: As of 11:45am PST, the most upvoted guesses are:

  • 1) The ultimate skin that wasn’t
  • 2) Project Yasuo
  • 3) Dragonslayer Pantheon

and the answer is……..

  • 1) Haha good one – maybe we’ll make up for it in 2015. Or maybe not.
  • 2) Yes! Congrats Reddit.
  • 3) Not the winner of this prize, but it WAS the most played 2014 skin in my personal quest for challenger (which sadly fizzled out somewhere in gold).

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


Dev Blog Champion Update Preview Banner

 The Champion Update team is currently working on Kassadin and Ryze in addition to their other projects. Here’s an inside look on their progress thus far:



Hey guys,

Fruity Sebbles here on behalf of the Champion Update team. It’s been a while since we last shared what the team’s been working on, and now that we’re wrapping up Tristana’s update I’d like to preview some of our current projects and the thinking behind them.

If you prefer the TL;DR, we’re currently working on a visual update for Kassadin as well as a more general Ryze update. We’re also still cranking away on Poppy’s comprehensive update. Read on if you’d like details straight from the designers!

DISCLAIMER TIME! Please keep in mind the following does not represent a comprehensive list of what’s on our radar or even being worked on. Everything mentioned below is tentative, not tied to specific delivery dates, subject to change, delay, cancellation, obliteration, etc.


In case you missed it, Tristana’s update is now live! As with all our projects, we’ll be monitoring Tristana closely post-release in case she needs any final tweaks. She’ll also be getting a new splash in one of the upcoming patches.



Art thoughts by Riot Tokkelossie

Confession time: I’ve been a massive Kassadin fanboy since the first time I played him. The misunderstood hero who turns the dark power of the Void back on itself, fighting fire with fire, standing alone against a force that could threaten all of Runeterra – how awesome is that?

We can all agree though that Kassadin’s visuals could do a lot more to live up to his awesome premise. As one of the original 40 champions, he’s been left behind as League’s visual quality bar has continued to rise over time.

Unlike some older champions, Kassadin has always had a distinct personality and theme to his visuals, and we definitely want to maintain those traits in the course of this update. Our approach has very much been to take Kassadin’s unique identity, locate the most important elements in his visual design, and then refine things to match LoL’s current standards. Kassadin’s latest splash did a great job of following that approach and served as a useful reference point for our work.

We’re also focused on improving Kassadin’s in-game read. His original model has such a strong contrast between the black costume and its white trim that details become difficult to discern at in-game scale. Nudging his color scheme in ways that improve his in-game read without changing his identity will allow us to really highlight Kassadin’s key visual elements and make him pop on the Rift.



Art thoughts by IronStylus

Ryze inhabits a unique space within League of Legends. He’s not a standard fantasy wizard with white hair and robe. He doesn’t cast magic using a wand or incantations. We want to make sure his update communicates these traits and reinforces his uniqueness. With that in mind we plan to keep his major reads (blue skin, big scroll, spell book) while streamlining and updating some of his details.

With Ryze’s update we want to better convey that he’s a master of magic (and running) in a way that’s kinetic and physical, almost punching his magic out in the same way an expert martial artist expresses his skill. Communicating the runic element is also important, so glyphs, runes, and other forms of character-based effects are key factors.

Since we’re solidifying Ryze’s identity as a solitary and nomadic mage who’s on the run, we want to make sure that’s reflected in his appearance by playing up a more rugged feel to his gear and clothing. Again, we want to remain faithful to his major reads while injecting a little more grit that shows off his resilience as a hardened spell-slinging battlemage.

Gameplay thoughts by RiotRepertoir

Ryze’s kit has a strong identity, but it’s pretty binary based on his distance from you. Get too close and you’re getting hit by the full force of his “always on” kit, every time. This limits our ability to tune him as he’s an absolute terror when his numbers are too strong. Thus, our overall goal is to preserve his particular identity as a “tanky, in-your-face mage” while focusing his power into windows that create more relevant decisions for both Ryze and his opponents.

Essentially, we want to increase the highs and lows when Ryze is in a scrap – bigger wins when he’s skillful, as well as better opportunities for his opponents to interact with his gameplay. To do that, we have to build more unreliability into his kit. Skillshots are one way to do that, with his Q the obvious candidate to become a skillshot in return for longer range. We do like Ryze’s brand of close-range mastery, so rather than turn everything into skillshots we’re building clearer power/timing windows into the rest of his kit.

Finally, we want to better visualize and clarify Ryze’s power as well as what exactly he’s doing to his opponents. Some examples include better presenting his rapid-fire casting and making his E’s behavior more controllable and understandable (again, for both Ryze and his opponents).



Fear not, we’re still working on her! Check her section in last year’s Champion Update dev blog for the early details.


That’s it for now. We’ll be back with more updates as these projects (and others!) move closer to completion!



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


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(WiP) DJ Sona Teaser

January 30th, 2015


Riot have shared 3 song files on their Youtube channel. There’s also a promotional site that’s currently being worked on.


I’ll continue updating if more stuff pops up.









If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at




PBE 29/01


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.


All PBE updates for Patch 5.3 Cycle:





A new ward skin to go with Heartseeker Varus and Sweetheart Annie will be released around Valentine’s Day.



The Heartseeker Ward, when placed, hovers above the air for a bit before being struck by an arrow and going invisible.



Texture Rebalances

Fiddlesticks, Veigar and Lord Mordekaiser have received texture updates in this patch.


Bonus: Arctic Ops Kennen received a texture update in a small PBE patch. I’ve merged both patches here.


Arctic Ops Kennen

Classic Fiddlesticks


Spectral Fiddlesticks


Bandito Fiddlesticks


Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks


Fiddle Me Timbers


Surprise Party Fiddlesticks


Classic Veigar

Classic Veigar 2


White Mage Veigar


Veigar Greybeard


Leprechaun Veigar


Baron Von Veigar


Superb Villian Veigar


Lord Mordekaiser 



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



Champion Skin Sale February 2 Banner

The following Champions and Skins will be 50% off until February 2nd:


Jarvan IV Final Portrait

Karma Final Portrait

Ziggs Final Portrait


Emumu – 260 RP




Frost Queen Janna – 487 RP



Northern Front Swain – 375 RP

Swain_NorthernFront_Splash (1)

Bilgewater Swain 1 Bilgewater Swain 2 Bilgewater Swain 3




If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


Arclight Velkoz Banner

 Purify all you survey with Arclight Vel’Koz, available in store for 975 RP until February 2nd and 1350 RP afterwards:



NaKyle New PortraitOne eye, piercingly blue, cooly stares from behind Arclight armor. A man cowers before it. All the light in the cavernous hall suddenly rushes toward the unblinking eye, refracting off its cornea and generating enormous, purifying power. The man’s body lifts from the stone beneath his feet. His skin blisters before his body disappears in the blinding light.


The calculus of justice is beyond mere geometry. Do the math because Arclight Vel’Koz is available now for 1350 RP (on sale for 975 through 23:59 PST on February 2).

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Below you can find a complete preview of the skin:






Arbiter Velkoz Model 1

Arbiter Velkoz Model 2

Arbiter Velkoz Recall

Arbiter Velkoz Recall 2

For his recall, Arclight Vel’Koz pulls out his eye and light pours out of him.


Arbiter Velkoz Basic Attack

Basic Attack


Arbiter Velkoz Q 1

Arbiter Velkoz Q 2

Arbiter Velkoz Q 3

Plasma Fission [ Q ]


Arbiter Velkoz W 1

Arbiter Velkoz W 2

Arbiter Velkoz W 3

Void Rift [ W ]


Arbiter Velkoz E 1

Arbiter Velkoz E 2

Tectonic Disruption [ E ]


Arbiter Velkoz R 1

Arbiter Velkoz R 2

Lifeform Disintegration Ray [ R ]


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


PBE 28/01


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.


All PBE updates for Patch 5.3 Cycle:




Tweaks to Inquisitor Marauder Skins

The following skins from yesterday have been tweaked:


Inquisitor Nautilus has received minor texture updates.



Inq Nautilus 1

Inq Nautilus 2


Inquisitor Nautilus Updated 2


The shields hovering around him during Titan’s Wrath [ W ] have also received new textures.



Inq Nautilus W 2



Inquisitor Nautilus W Updated


Marauder Ashe has received a few minor color tweaks.



Marauder Ashe 1

Marauder Ashe 2


Marauder Ashe Updated 1

Marauder Ashe Updated 2


Marauder Warwick has received sharper textures.



Marauder WW 1

Marauder WW 2


Marauder WW Updated 1

Marauder WW Updated 2



New Summoner Icons


New icon for Valentine’s day! No info yet on whether it’ll be available for IP.




Texture Rebalances


Classic Kennen

Classic Kennen 1

Classic Kennen 2


Deadly Kennen

Deadly Kennen 1

Karate Kennen

Karate Kennen 1


Kennen M.D.

MD Kennen


Swamp Master Kennen has also been updated, but I don’t have access to the skin. :/


Infernal Mordekaiser

Infernal Morde



Champion Changes


Kennen Final Portrait


Electrical Surge Final IconElectrical Surge [ W ]

  • Active can now be cast if a target is inside Slicing Maelstorm, even if the target doesn’t have a Mark of the Storm




  • Two buttons to mute and enable the in-game sound have been added to the PBE but they haven’t been attached to any menus yet.
  • The audio bug with Firecracker Jinx’s minigun has been fixed.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


Patch 5.2 Notes

January 27th, 2015

Don’t know when Patch 5.2 will hit live? Here’s the schedule for all regions.


Store Content

Champion Updates

New Game Mode


Visual Updates



[ Note ] Sweetheart Annie isn’t included in the official patch notes, so she may not be enabled before Patch 5.3.


Pwyff Final PortraitHello, Summoners.

Welcome to the official 5.2 patch notes! With a lot of our 2015 changes in the process of settling down, we realized we could finally tackle some longer-standing design challenges of the game.

Like Deathfire Grasp (there it is).

We’ll get into the gritty details soon (well, immediately after this foreword), but the short of it is that DFG has always been a tough item to balance around and, like Lich Bane, we finally realized if we wanted to have healthy mage assassins in the game, we needed to tackle the problem at its source. Ultimately we came to the decision to remove DFG completely (remember, read the context for more information!), but this also frees us up to give cool things for champions who’ve been shackled by their reliance on the item (or by our fear of them picking one up).

For the unfortunate news, however, we couldn’t hit as many things as we’d have liked for 5.2, so we’re spreading a lot of this love out over the course of two patches – 5.2 and 5.3. With 5.2, we’ve got Ahri and Annie (no, we didn’t prioritize by alphabetical order), but you can expect some changes for champs like Veigar, Mordekaiser, and Katarina, along with new 120 AP item explorations in the near future (small warning: the item might take additional iteration time, so no promises!).

Some have noted a sort of ‘anti-assassin theme’ for this patch, but we’re trying to broaden the definition of a successful assassin beyond simply blowing up a squishy target. Alternatively, if an assassin is just too reliable at what he or she (or it) does, that’s another challenge for us to tackle. There’s always going to be a fine line we’ll have to walk when it comes to making healthy assassins, but we’d love to live in a world where assassins have their place in the game along with other types of mages. This will be an ongoing process and we’ll keep you abreast as we continue working.

Finally… We hope everyone’s doing well with their ranked placements! We’d like to wish you all success in your matches, but that ends up being paradoxical because someone’s gotta lose for others to win, so rather than showing any favoritism we’d like to wish you a pleasant time. That’s it.

Statistics, right here.

[ Link to Post ]


Removal of Deathfire Grasp

Deathfire Grasp Final IconOur initial goal with Deathfire Grasp was to make a “tank-busting” item that could do exactly that: bust down tanks when they’re knocking on the front door. After the introduction of Liandry’s Torment, however, tank-busting was replaced with tank-burning and, instead, Deathfire Grasp became the item for assassins to stack another nuke spell on top of their already burst-heavy kits. While we like to keep itemization options available for those who want it, the sheer existence of Deathfire Grasp has given us a few headaches in the past and present:

1.) Adding Deathfire Grasp to a bursty kit really amps up that “woah what happened to me” moment when someone nukes you from orbit. In the past, when we see mages pick up a DFG to double-down on their burst, we’ve had to balance around that champion which, in turn, makes them even more reliant on DFG to blow people up (or they get changed so much they find an alternative playstyle). Vicious cycle.

2.) Deathfire Grasp also adds a lot more reliability to a mage’s assassination attempts, which means they need to commit less for them. If, for example, Ahri only needs to use one charge of Spirit Rush to nuke her target (with DFG + Q + W), she frees herself to use her other two charges to get back to safety. If we accept this will always happen with DFG, Ahri ends up without a lot of extra ‘power budget’ to do other cool mage-y things like sustained damage or kiting.

As we mentioned in the foreword, we’re looking into champions who will be heavily impacted, but some of our larger projects (Veigar, Katarina, Mordekaiser) have to wait until 5.3. There were also a few mages we haven’t given sorry-we-removed-DFG-changes to, specifically because we examined them and realized they either needed the power reduction that comes with losing DFG or they have access to alternative item paths and won’t be as affected.

Final note, we’re also going to be looking into itemization opportunities for late-game mages, so stay tuned for that in 5.3!

Overlapping Crowd Control Effects

Remember when we said we wouldn’t tell you when we were going to turn this on? Turns out we found a few extra bugs (hello Riven) before we could, so we hit the brakes before the deploy. But this time we’ve got it, so it’s back to business as usual.Some time in the next week we’ll be turning this feature on so we can effectively track its impact on the game. We just wanted to let you know what the change was. Sorry for the delay!

[ BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY ] Fixed a long-standing bug where champions affected by overlapping crowd control effects could occasionally use abilities (Flash, Zhonya’s Hourglass, etc) when transitioning between disables. This will be turned on at a later date in the patch.



Attack Move Commands in Stealth

If you’re used to using attack-move to move to places while in stealth, you should probably stop.

[ IT SHOULD DO WHAT IT SAYS ] Issuing an attack-move command while in stealth will cause you to move to the area  attack the nearest target, even if you’re stealthed



Arclight Vel’Koz will be available for 1350 RP in the store after Patch 5.2 hits live.


Arclight Vel’Koz Skin Preview





Arbiter Velkoz Model 1

Arbiter Velkoz Model 2

Arbiter Velkoz Recall

Arbiter Velkoz Recall 2

For his recall, Arclight Vel’Koz pulls out his eye and light pours out of him.


Arbiter Velkoz Basic Attack

Basic Attack


Arbiter Velkoz Q 1

Arbiter Velkoz Q 2

Arbiter Velkoz Q 3

Plasma Fission [ Q ]


Arbiter Velkoz W 1

Arbiter Velkoz W 2

Arbiter Velkoz W 3

Void Rift [ W ]


Arbiter Velkoz E 1

Arbiter Velkoz E 2

Tectonic Disruption [ E ]


Arbiter Velkoz R 1

Arbiter Velkoz R 2

Lifeform Disintegration Ray [ R ]



Firecracker Jinx

Firecracker Jinx will be available for 1350 RP in the store after Patch 5.2 hits live.


Firecracker Jinx Skin Preview





Firecracker Jinx Model 1

Firecracker Jinx Model 2


Firecracker Jinx Updated

Firecracker Jinx Recall

For her recall, Firecracker Jinx… fires firecracks.


Jinx Skin Q 1

Jinx Skin Q 2

Jinx Skin Q 2 Explosion

Switcheroo! [ Q ]


Jinx Skin W 1

Jinx Skin W 2

Zap! [ W ]


Jinx Skin E 1

Jinx Skin E 2

Flame Chompers! [ E ]


Jinx Skin R 1

Jinx Skin R 2

Jinx Skin R 3

Super Mega Death Rocket! [ R ]



Warring Kingdoms Katarina

Warring Kingdoms Kata will be available in store for 975 RP.


Warring Kingdoms Katarina Skin Preview





Warring Kingdoms Kata Updated

Kata Skin Recall

For her recall, Warring Kingdoms Kata throws one of her knives high in the air, catches it and spins it around between her fingers.


Kata Skin Q 1

Kata Skin Q 2

Bouncing Blades [ Q ]


Kata Skin W 1

Kata Skin W 2

Sinister Steel [ W ]


Kata Skin E 3

Kata Skin E 1

Kata Skin E 2

Shunpo [ E ]


Kata Skin R 1

Death Lotus [ R ]



Warring Kingdoms Nidalee

Warring Kingdoms Nidalee will be available in store for 975 RP.


Warring Kingdoms Nidalee Skin Preview





Nida Skin Model 1

Warring Kingdoms Nida Updated

Nida Skin Model 3

Nida Skin Recall

For her recall, Warring Kingdoms Nidalee spins her spear over her head and then rotates it clockwise along the ground.


In her kitty form, Nidalee chases around a ball of light and leaps after it before recalling.

Nida Skin Q 1

Nida Skin Q 3

Nida Skin Q 2

Javelin Toss [ Human Q ]


Nida Skin Cougar Q

Takedown Hunted

Takedown [ Cougar Q ]


Nida Skin W 2

Nida Skin W 1

Nida Skin W 3

Bushwhack [ Human W ]


Nida Skin Cougar W 1

Pounce [ Cougar W ]


Nida Skin E 1

Primal Surge [ Human E ]


Nida SKin Cougar E

Swipe [ Cougar E ]



Sweetheart Annie

Sweetheart Annie will be available in store for 750 RP after Patch 5.2 hits live.


Sweetheart Annie Preview





Sweetheart Annie Model 1

Sweetheart Annie Model 2

Sweetheart Annie Model 3

Sweetheart Annie Model 4



Firecracker Ward Skin

The Firecracker Ward Skin will be available in store for 640 RP.


Firecracker Ward Skin 1


Firecracker wards have a neat smoke animation when they’re placed.

Firecracker Ward Skin 2

Firecracker Ward Skin 3



New Summoner Icons


Two new Lunar Revel Summoner icons will be available in the store:

profileIcon770 profileIcon771


You can earn this icon during the Ocean Week event.


No news on how to get this one (yet!).



Tristana Champion Update

Tristana and all her skins have been visually updated:


Classic Tristana

Classic Tristana Model 1

Classic Tristana Model 2

Tristana Classic Recall

For her recall, Tristana does a somersault into the air and lands on her cannon.


Tristana Death Animation

Saddest death animation this side of Bandle City.


Classic Tristana Q

Rapid Fire [ Q ]


Rocket Jump 1

Rocket Jump 3

Rocket Jump 2

Rocket Jump [ W ]


Explosive Shot 1

Explosive Shot 2

Explosive Shot 3

Explosive Shot [ E ]


Buster Shot 1

Buster Shot 2

Buster Shot [ R ]


Riot Girl Tristana

Riot Girl Tristana Model


 Earnest Elf Tristana

Earnest Elf Tristana Model


Firefighter Tristana

Firefighter Tristana



Firefighter Trist is a legendary skin so all her spells got new effects! Check them out below:

Trist Skin Q 1

Trist Skin W 1

Trist Skin W 2

Trist Skin E 1

Trist Skin E 2

Trist Skin E 3

Trist Skin E 4

Trist Skin R 1

Trist Skin R 2

Trist Skin Death Animation


Guerrilla Tristana

Guerrilla Tristana Model


Bucaneer Tristana

Bucaneer Tristana Model


Rocket Girl Tristana

Rocket Girl Trist Model

Rocket Girl Trist Model 2




Tristana Final Portrait

  • Base AD increased from 52.5 to 54.5
  • Attack Speed-per-level decreased from 2.5% to 1.5%
  • Base Health decreased from 634 to 624
  • Base Armor decreased from 27 to 25


Rocket Jump Final IconRocket Jump [ W ]

  • Damage decreased from 70/115/160/205/250 (+ 0.8 AP) to 80/105/130/155/180 (+ 0.7 AP)
  • Rocket Jump deals 25% bonus damage per stack of explosive shot (new mechanic), caps at +100% damage at 4 stacks


Explosive Shot Final IconExplosive Shot [ E ]

Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 mana || Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12 seconds || Range: 550

New Active (replaces old): Places a charge on target enemy or tower that explodes after 4 seconds, dealing 60/70/80/90/100 (+ 0.5 Total AD) (+0.5 AP) physical damage to nearby enemies. Tristana’s basic attacks against the target increase the charge’s damage by 25%, stacking up to 4 times. If Tristana hits her target 4 times, the charge is detonated automatically



Buster Shot Final IconBuster Shot [ R ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 100/85/70 seconds to 60 seconds at all ranks
  • AP Ratio decreased from 1.5 to 1.0


Trist has a brand new voice to complement her visual and gameplay update! Here are all her lines, courtesy of SkinSpotlights:




“Greatness comes in all shapes and sizes, as proven by this diminutive, cannon-wielding yordle. In a world fraught with turmoil, Tristana refuses to back down from any challenge. She represents the pinnacle of martial proficiency, unwavering courage, and boundless optimism. For Trist and her gun, Boomer, every mission is a chance to prove that heroes do exist.”



Nemesis Draft

A brand new featured game mode will be up on the PBE; the basic rules are you get to pick champions for the enemy rather than for yourself.


L4T3NCY Final PortraitHi everyone!

Our first Featured Game Mode for the year, “Nemesis Draft”, is on its way to the PBE. This time around, you’ll be choosing the champions for the enemy team, then making the champs you’ve been given work in battle on the Summoner’s Rift. Let the ‘creative’ comps begin. :)

Some notes:
– Nemesis Draft is a 5v5 featured game mode played on Summoner’s Rift.
– Nemesis Draft allows each player to choose 1 champion for the enemy team for a total of 5 per team.
– Each team will still get 3 bans. Do you bans champs do DON’T want to play, or leave them up to give to the other team? It’s up to you. :)
– Available champions for you to give the other team are allowed from the collective pool of champs on your allied team.
– There is a free trading period after all champs have been locked in, allowing you to organise amongst your team who would be best playing which champs. Even if you don’t own a champion, you’ll still be able to trade and play anyone you’re given.

Known issues:

Play flow artwork is still a placeholder.

Nemesis Draft will be live on the PBE soon™. We’ve paid special attention to the champion select phase this time, to make the picking & trading phases as clear as possible, so feedback on that flow will be welcome. Also “Thanks!” again to you PBE guys that always help us catch things early. Even if we can’t respond to every bug or report individually, we do read EVERYTHING and fix as much as possible.

SO.. we’re excited to see how scheming & creative you guys are. Are we about to uncover some diamonds in the rough? Will it be, “Give them all melee champs!” or “Give them all AD so we can just build armour!”. And then the inevitable, “Ok guys. We’ve got 4 junglers and a support.. but so do they! Let’s do this.” I can’t wait. :)

See you on the Rift. ^_^

[ Link to Post ]


Here’s a short overview. You  ban champions for your team; the goal is to eliminate possible “bad picks” the enemy could make for you. Then you choose the enemy’s champion and vice versa.

Nemesis 1


You can trade champions after selection is done, akin to ARAM.

Nemesis 2

That’s all, really. The goal here seems to be to get players playing champions they wouldn’t otherwise pick.



Champion Changes



Ahri Final Portrait

 [ Context ] Deathfire Grasp, a core item on Ahri, is being removed in Patch 5.2.


Orb of Deception Final IconOrb of Deception [ Q ]

  • Ahri gains a massive movement speed buff while the Orb is travelling


PBE Ahri MS Buff

MS buff seems pretty significant and static across level-ups; at level 1, it raises Ahri’s MS from 330 to 545 and then decays over the duration of the orb’s travel.


Fox Fire Final IconFox Fire [ W ]

  • Base damage increased from 40/65/90/115/140 to 50/80/110/140/170


Charm Final IconCharm [ E ]

  • Damage increased from 60/90/120/150/180 (+ 0.35 AP) to 60/90/120/150/200 (+ 0.5 AP)
  • No longer amplifies Ahri’s damage against Charmed targets by 20% for 6 seconds



Akali Final Portrait


Crescent Slash Final IconCrescent Slash [ E ]

  • No longer procs Mark of the Assassin


Shadow Dance Final IconShadow Dance [ R ]

  • Range decreased from 800 to 700



Annie Final Portrait


Molten Shield Final IconMolten Shield [ E ]

  • Armor and Magic resistance granted by the shield reduced from 20/30/40/50/60 to 10/20/30/40/50


Summon Tibbers Final IconSummon: Tibbers [ R ]

  • If Annie casts Molten Shield while Tibbers is active he will receive the shield and a short decaying speed boost



Azir Final Portrait


Azir Q New IconConquering Sands [ Q ]

  • Range increased from 800 to 875




Cassiopeia Final Portrait


Noxious Blast Final IconNoxious Blast [ Q ]

Mana cost increased from 40/45/50/55/60 to 40/50/60/70/80


Twin Fang Final IconTwin Fang [ E ]

Mana cost increased from 35/45/55/65/75 to 50/60/70/80/90




Fizz Final Portrait


Urchin Strike Final Icon Urchin Strike [ Q ]

  • Magic damage decreased from 10/40/70/100/130 ( +0.6 AP) to 10/25/40/55/70 ( +0.3 AP)


Seastone Trident Final IconSeastone Trident [ W ]

  • Base damage on passive decreased from 30/40/50/60/70 ( +0.35 AP) plus 4/5/6/7/8% of target’s Missing Health magic damage over 3 seconds to 20 ( +0.45 AP) magic damage over 3 seconds (to clarify, % damage is removed)
  • Damage on active changed from 10/15/20/25/30 ( +0.25 AP) to 10/20/30/40/50 (+ 4/5/6/7/8% of target’s missing HP)

To sum up, the % damage went from the passive to the active, couple of number tweaks as well.


Seastone Trident Updated


Chum the Waters Final IconChum the Waters [ R ]

  • Now amplifies Fizz’s damage against the target hit by Chum the Waters by 20% for 6 seconds


Chum the Waters Updated


Fizz now has a trident symbol to indicate he’ll deal amplified damage.

Fizz Amp Buff 1

Fizz Amp Buff 2



Nidalee Final Portrait


Prowl Final IconProwl [ Passive ]

  • Nidalee can now hunt monsters as well as champions
  • When Nidalee procs the Hunted mark on a monster, it becomes rooted for a short duration




Reksai Final Portrait


Queens Wrath Prey Seeker Final IconQueen’s Wrath [ Unburrowed Q ]

  • Base damage decreased from 15/30/45/60/75 to 15/25/35/45/55


Burrow Unburrow Final IconUn-Burrow [ Burrowed W ]

  • Base damage decreased from 60/110/160/210/260 to 40/80/120/160/200
  • Enemies can now be hit by Unburrow’s knock-up and damage once every 10/9/8/7/6 seconds, decreased from once every 10 seconds at all ranks



Riven Final Portrait


Broken Wings Final IconBroken Wings [ Q ]

  • No changes, the auto-cancel of Broken Wings’ animation has been removed =)




Zed Final Portrait

  • Attack Speed-per-level decreased from 3.1% to 2.1%
  • Base Attack Speed decreased from 0.658 to 0.644



Item Changes


Hunter’s Machete Upgrades

  • Cost increased from 750 Gold to 850 Gold (recipe cost up from 350 Gold to 450)

Includes Poacher’s Knife, Skirmisher’s Sabre, Stalker’s Blade and Ranger’s Trailblazer.


 Devourer Enchantment Final IconDevourer Enchantment

  • Recipe cost decreased from 600 Gold to 500


Juggernaut Enchantment Final IconJuggernaut Enchantment

  • Recipe cost decreased from 250 Gold to 150


Magus Enchantment Final Icon   Magus Enchantment

  • Recipe cost decreased from 680 Gold to 580


Warrior Enchantment Final IconWarrior Enchantment

  • Recipe cost decreased from 163 Gold to 63


Aether Wisp Final IconAether  Wisp

  • Cost decreased from 950 Gold to 850 (note; cost of items that build out of Aether Wisp is unchanged)


Aether Wisp Updated


Hextech Gunblade Final IconHextech Gunblade

  • AD decreased from 45 to 40
  • AP increased from 65 to 80
  • Lifesteal decreased from 12% to 10%


Giants Belt Final IconGiant’s Belt

  • Now builds out of a Ruby Crystal (400 Gold)
  • Added recipe cost of 600 Gold, total cost unchanged


Zzrot Portal Final IconZz’Rot Portal

  • Now grants the first and every fourth Voidspawn 100% of the user’s Armor and MR as bonus magic damage, changed from every third;
  • Voidspawns now have 50 base health, up from 40, 115 Armor, up from 60, and 20 Magic Resist, down from 40





Dragon Final IconDragon

  • Base damage decreased from 230 to 120
  • Attack range increased from 350 to 500



Visual Update to Tower Shield

The shield provided by the second outer turrets has been visually updated.


Updated Shield PBE


The Bloodthirster also has a similar shield now.

Bloodthirster Shield Update



Updated Platform Walls


The Summoner platforms on both side now have similar relics to those found on the base gates. Of course, after 15 seconds they disappear.

Platform Update Blue Side

Red Side Updated Gate 2



Texture Rebalances

Dr Mundo, Irelia, Jarvan IV, Swain, Vayne, Nunu and Yorick have received texture updates.


Classic Dr. Mundo

Classic Mundo Model 1

Classic Mundo Model 2


Executioner Mundo

Executioner Mundo Model


Corporate Mundo

Corporate Mundo Model


Mundo Mundo

Mundo Mundo Model


Classic Irelia

Irelia Model 1

Irelia Model 2


Nightblade Irelia

Nightblade Irelia Model


Aviator Irelia

Aviator Irelia Model


Infiltrator Irelia

Infiltrator Irelia Model


Frostbutt Irelia

Frostbutt Irelia Model


Classic Jarvan IV

Classic Jarvan Model 1

Classic jarvan Model 2


Commando Jarvan IV

Commando Jarvan IV Model


Dragonslayer Jarvan IV

Dragonslayer Jarvan Model


Darkforge Jarvan IV 

Darkforge Jarvan Model


Classic Nunu

Nunu Classic 1

Classic Nunu 2


Workshop Nunu

Workshop Nunu


Grungy Nunu

Grungy Nunu


Nunu Bot

Nunu Bot


Demolisher Nunu

Demolisher Nunu


Classic Swain

Classic Swain Model

Classic Swain 2

Classic Swain 3


Northern Front Swain

Bilgewater Swain 1

Bilgewater Swain 2

Bilgewater Swain 3


Bilgewater Swain

Bilgewater Swain 4

Bilgewater Swain 5


Classic Vayne

New Vayne Classic 1

Vayne Classic 2


Vindicator Vayne

Vindicator Vayne


Aristocrat Vayne

Aristocrat Vayne


Dragonslayer Vayne

Dragonslayer Vayne


Heartseeker Vayne

Heartseeker Vayne


Classic Yorick

Classic Yorick 1

Classic Yorick 2


Undertaker Yorick

Undertaker Yorick 1


Pentakill Yorick

Pentakill Yorick 1



New Friend Discovery Feature

If you have a Facebook account and friends there who play League, this new feature will give you an easy way to find each other in-game.




MattEnth: Hey everyone,

In an upcoming patch, we’re introducing a new series of features that’ll help you find and add your IRL friends in League. We’re designing a hub for these features that’ll grow over time. The first of these helps you add fellow League players from your Facebook friends list. Many of you are on Facebook, and already use it to find friends in gaming networks. To us, it makes sense to start there.

When the new hub goes up, you’ll have the option of finding friends in League through Facebook. To clarify, you must choose to activate and use this feature. If you do, you’ll start seeing friend suggestions near the bottom of your League friends list. From there, you can add your friend or dismiss the recommendation.

You’ll only see suggested friends under all of these conditions:

  1. Both you and the suggested friend have activated and approved the Facebook connection
  2. You aren’t yet friends in League
  3. You are friends on Facebook
  4. Neither you nor the suggested friend have ignored the recommendation

When you add a suggested Facebook friend to your LoL friends list, you’ll still see them by their summoner name. In this implementation, their Facebook name will be prepopulated in their friends list note so you remember who’s who. You can still change the note afterward if you like.

We recognize that this isn’t a feature for every player. A key design tenet for the feature is that nothing changes for players who choose not to use it. We want this feature to be easy to ignore, while still valuable for those who want to beef up their friends list. We also want to make it easy to opt out of the feature at any time and for any reason.

Another key design tenet is privacy. We’ve taken extra steps to ensure that your Facebook info will never be shared with players if you haven’t explicitly activated the feature. If you do authorize and activate the feature, only your Facebook friends will ever see you as a suggested friend. Your Facebook info won’t be shared with strangers, won’t interact with your Facebook feed and will never post to your Facebook Timeline for you.

This feature is going to be on the PBE for a while so that we can gather feedback and iterate. We’re not quite finished yet, but we wanted to make sure to get the word out early. I’ll be around in the thread with Limely, a designer on the feature, to answer any questions!


[ Link to Post ]



Ranked Team Decay

We’re increasing the window of time that Challenger and Master Tier teams can wait to play before they begin decaying: they now share the same 28-day activity requirement as Platinum and Diamond teams (Gold, Silver and Bronze teams never decay). While a stricter requirement makes sense for solo players who set their own schedules, ranked teams are far more susceptible to conflicts. To be clear, we still want teams to stay active in order to maintain their positions; we just don’t want the requirement to be so strict that it discourages them from trying to reach the top of competitive team play.

[ CHALLENGER/MASTER TEAM DECAY ] Teams decay after 10 days  28 days of inactivity
[ CHALLENGER/MASTER SOLO DECAY ] Players decay after 10 days of inactivity (unchanged)



InGame Audio Settings

Prior to this patch a few of our audio sliders were maxed out by default, so the only way to “raise” them was to lower everything else and then increase your computer’s volume. With 5.2 we’re adding functionality to increase these settings properly – the old 100 is now 75 (so default settings won’t sound any different) and the new 100 is louder. For the sake of consistency we’ve pared a bit off the max of our remaining settings which were set to 50 by default, similarly giving them a numerical default of 75 with no difference to actual volume. Master Volume is the only setting which remains completely unchanged at its historic default of 100.

As part of this change we’ll be wiping all custom audio settings with patch 5.2. Make sure to fiddle with them when you log back in!

[ THESE SLID UP ] Default audio volumes for Music, Announcer and Voice are unchanged, but reassigned to 50  75. This means max volume at 100 has decreased.
[ THESE SLID DOWN ]  Default audio volumes for Sound FX, Ambience and Pings are unchanged, but reassigned to 100  75. This means max volume at 100 has increased.
[ YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO RE-SLIDE ] All audio settings will be reset to default when patch 5.2 is released. Remember to readjust your settings!
[ STOP SAYING SLIDE ] To summarize, default audio settings in patch 5.2 will sound the same as the default settings in earlier patches, but should be more intuitive to adjust. Max levels have changed.




  • (Coming a bit after the initial patch) Fixed a bug where your last-used skin for a champion would appear to be selected, but not actually applied in-game
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t see other players’ trinkets if you targeted them by left-clicking
  • Fixed a bug where Phantom Dancer’s minion pass-through buff was working inconsistently
  • Tenacity has been restored as a searchable category in the item shop
  • Fixed particle visibility issues for various abilities on Very Low settings
  • Fixed a clipping issue with Annie’s base splash art
  • Restored Infernal Alistar’s custom fire effects on Q – Pulverize



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


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PBE 27 01 Banner


PBE 27/01


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.



Heartseeker Varus


Heartseeker Varus will be available in store for 1350 RP.

Heartseeker Varus 1

Heartseeker Varus 2


HS Varus Recall 1

HS Varus Recall 2

For his recall, Heartseeker Varus flies in the air and fires an arrow with the strength of half a Teemo.


HS Varus Basic Attack

Basic Attack


HS Varus Passive 1

HS Varus Passive 2

Living Vengeance [ Passive ]


HS Varus Q 1

HS Varus Q 2

HS Varus Q 3

Piercing Arrow [ Q ]


HS Varus W 1

Blighted Quiver [ W ]


HS Varus E 1

HS Varus E 2

HS Varus E 3

Hail of Arrows [ E ]


HS Varus R 1

HS Varus R 2

Chain of Corruption [ R ]



Inquisitor Nautilus


Inquisitor Nautilus will be sold for 750 RP.

Inq Nautilus 1

Inq Nautilus 2


Inq Nautilus Q

Dredge Line [ Q ]


Inq Nautilus W 1

Inq Nautilus W 2

Titan’s Wrath [ W ]



Inquisitor Sivir


Inquisitor Sivir has been priced at 750 RP.

Inq Sivir Model 1

Inq Sivir Model 2


Inq Sivir Q 1

Inq Sivir Q 2

Boomerang Blade [ Q ]



Marauder Ashe


Marauder Ashe will cost 750 RP.

Marauder Ashe 1

Marauder Ashe 2


Marauder Ashe W

Volley [ W ]



Marauder Warwick


Marauder Warwick will be available in store for 750 RP.

Marauder WW 1

Marauder WW 2


Hungering Strike Marauder WW

Hungering Strike [ Q ]



Champion Changes


Sona Final Portrait

  • Base Health increased from 482.36 to 497.6
  • Health-per-level decreased from 77 to 70
  • Base Attack Damage increased from 50.04 to 52.04
  • Base Movement Speed increased from 325 to 330
  • Mana-per-second decreased from 1.8 to 1.6184
  • Mana-per-second per level increased from 0.08 to 0.13



Item Changes


Greater Stealth Totem Final IconGreater Stealth Totem

  • Now stores up to two charges of wards. Regains a new charge every 60 seconds.




One more text file labeled “DJ Sona” was added on the PBE today.


The Camera Move Speed option has been split into two options for both mouse and keyboard.

Options Speed Update



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



Patch 5 2 Maintenance Schedule Banner

Patch 5.2 will be here in the early hours of January 28th. Here’s the schedule for all regions:


Don’t know what will be in the next patch? Here are all the contents:




Patch 5 2 Maintenance Schedule for NA

Riot Noc New Portrait

On 01/28/2015, starting at 01:30 PST, ranked queues will be disabled in preparation for patch 5.2. At 03:00 PST, the servers will be shut down and all games currently in progress will end in a draw and stats will not be recorded. We estimate the battlegrounds will be unavailable for 6 hours.

[ Link to Post ]



And here is the schedule for the other regions (patching starts on January 28th):


  • EUW ] 03:30 GMT – 05:00 GMT
  • EUNE ] 00:30 GMT - 02:00 GMT
  • OCE ] 03:30 AM AEDT – 05:00 AM AEDT
  • LAS ] 05:00 (AR/UY/CL), 03:00 (BO)
  • LAN ] 04:00 (MX/CO/PE), 05:30 (VE)
  • BR ] 05:30 BRT – 07:00 BRT
  • TR ] 03:30 – 05:00
  • RU ] 01:30  - 03:00



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at