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Patch 5 10 Maintenance Schedule Banner

Patch 5.10 will be up on live in the early hours of May 28th (May 29th for OCE):


Here’s everything Patch 5.10 will contain:



Patch 5 10 Maintenance Schedule for NA

Riot Noc New PortraitOn 05/28/15, starting at, 01:30 Pacific time (08:30 UTC), ranked queues will be disabled in preparation for patch 5.10. At 03:00 Pacific time (10:00 UTC), the servers will be shut down and all games currently in progress will end in a draw and stats will not be recorded. We estimate the battlegrounds will be unavailable for 3 hours.

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And here is the schedule for the other regions:

  • EUW ] 03:30 UK Time (02:30 UTC) – 05:00 UK Time (04:00 UTC)
  • EUNE ] 01:30 CEST (23:30 UTC) – 03:00 CEST (01:00 UTC)
  • OCE ] 02:30 Sydney Time (16:30 UTC) -04:00 Sydney Time (18:00 UTC) (May 29th)
  • LAS ] 02:30 de Buenos Aires / 02:30 de Santiago – 04:00 de Buenos Aires / 04:00 de Santiago
  • LAN ] 02:30 de Ciudad de México / 02:30 de Bogotá – 04:00 de Ciudad de México / 04:00 de Bogotá
  • BR ] 03:30 do horário de Brasília (06:30 UTC) – 05:00 do horário de Brasília (08:00 UTC)
  • TR ] 03:30 TSİ (00:30 UTC) – 05:00 TSİ (02:00 UTC)
  • RU ] 00:30 по московскому времени (21:30 UTC) – 02:00 по московскому времени (23:00 UTC)



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Free Champion Rotation June 2 banner

The following Champions will be free-to-play until June 2nd:


Bard Final Portrait

Elise Final Portrait

Ezreal Final Portrait

Fiora Final Portrait

Jayce Final Portrait

Karma Final Portrait

Kog'Maw Final Portrait

Nidalee Final Portrait

Veigar Final Portrait

Viktor Final Portrait



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Champion Skin Sale May 29 Banner

The following Champions and Skins will be 50% off until May 29th:

Miss Fortune Final Portrait

Swain Final Portrait

Zac Final Portrait

Arcade Hecarim – 675 RP

Hecarim_4 (2)


Commando Jarvan IV – 260 RP



Shockblade Zed – 487 RP



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Red Posts 24 05 Banner



A short teaser has been released across League Facebook walls, featuring shaking mana potions and… that’s the full extent, really. In other news, Lyte mentioned a position-based Team Builder Draft in the works; on the forums, we’ve confirmation that promo matches are being looked into and that inactivity warnings will be getting much more frequent. Also, the lore team came out of their dark and mysterious shelter to address how League’s narrative will be handled in the future.


Recent News


XiaoWeiXiao Interview Banner


Note that this teaser is probably not alluding to Gangplank’s rework.

Here’s a screenshot of the full table, taken from a larger version of this video posted on other League Facebook walls:

Large Version Screen

Here are links to the walls in different languages:


What is Riot doing to control trolls in Champion Select

Lyte Final PortraitWe’ve been working on Team Builder Draft, which is position-based (so you don’t have to pick a champion first), that should solve many Champion Select problems.

We’re also focused on improving skill diversity and encouraging players to still master multiple positions while maintaining the drafting/counterpicking aspects of competitive League. We’ll talk more about Team Builder Draft’s design in the future.

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Changes to inactivity warnings Ranked decay

MirrossHey everyone,
We’re testing some changes to inactivity (decay) in the upper tiers of ranked play. Previously, you’d get a one-time notification as you approached the decay threshold, but now we’re dialing up the frequency of inactivity warnings to ensure the risk of decay stays front-of-mind. We just want to make sure players don’t simply forget to maintain the ranking they worked so hard for.


Players in danger of ranked decay will receive inactivity warnings every time they log in until becoming active again. Previously this notification occurred just once.

MASTER & CHALLENGER SOLO: Decay starts after 10 days of inactivity, with warnings during the final 3 days
MASTER & CHALLENGER TEAM: Decay starts after 28 days of inactivity, with warnings during the final 9 days
PLAT & DIAMOND SOLO AND TEAM: Decay starts after 28 days of inactivity, with warnings during the final 9 days

Let me know your thoughts!

-Riot Mirross

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Why are Ranked inactivity notifications becoming so frequent

Socrates New PortraitWhen we first launched inactivity notifications we thought, ‘We probably shouldn’t make these too spammy’.

Then we decayed and realized we should probably make these more spammy.

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Will you be changing promo matches in the future

Socrates New PortraitWe are looking at promos as something we want to improve. We’ll likely be testing some of the described behaviors on pbe in the coming weeks.

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A day in the life of a Rioter

Meddler Final PortraitSure, happy to help.

TurtleMan878 (NA)2 days ago

  1. What are the typical hours you work?

A normal day for me tends to be something along the lines of get in between 10:00 and 10:30, stop working around 8:00 to 8:30. Those sort of hours are pretty common, though some people prefer an early start/early finish approach.

TurtleMan878 (NA)2 days ago

  1. What are the tasks you preform each day? (doesn’t need to be super specific)

My average day looks something like this:

  • Quick synch up meeting for the day with the rest of the team, where everyone runs through what they’re working on, focusing mainly on where they could do with some help, what they’d like to test and quickly covered topics relevant to the team (e.g. upcoming events, changes to the tools we work with etc)
  • Playtest – full game of SR, with a focus on testing new champions and significant reworks, followed by people getting together to discuss feedback and next steps in small groups.
  • Lunch, often including spillover conversation from the playtest.
  • An afternoon that’s a mixture of meetings (e.g. with the artists working on new champions, with the balance team to figure out our next steps for a just released champ, with engineers working on new tech etc) and solo project work (putting new spells together to test, fixing bugs, hooking up new visual effects etc).
  • Another playtest and feedback session.
  • More discussion with other developers or solo work, depending on what’s of most value at the time.

TurtleMan878 (NA)2 days ago

  1. What skills are required to preform the job you do?

Goal oriented analysis and problem solving, an understanding of what creates satisfying gameplay (mechanics especially), the ability to communicate well with people from a range of different disciplines (verbal and written), at least some thematic/creative understanding, some degree of scripting skill, at least a moderately broad game background.

TurtleMan878 (NA)2 days ago

  1. How did you get in to the field?

I was previously working as a transportation engineer, focused particularly on computer simulations of what the transport system of a city 10-50 years in the future might look like. At the same time I was playing LoL, and spotted a forum post from Riot’s head of design, Zileas, looking for design applicants. Figured I’d throw in an application, since one of the things specified was a preference for people from analytical/engineering fields and game development was a subject I’d always been interested in.

TurtleMan878 (NA)2 days ago

  1. Advice for people getting into the field?

Analyze games, make games, figure out what you want to do, be realistic:

  • Don’t just play a couple of games/genres you know you like. Play broadly, and figure out why different types of games appeal to different people, why the elements in a game function as they do (whether you agree or disagree with the choice), what you’d do differently etc.
  • Start developing skills before you try to get into the industry. You’ll learn a lot from trying to makes games/components of games that’s extremely valuable both in growing your own skills and showing you ability in an interview. Whether that’s modding, indie development, creating content using the various game making software out there, pen and paper design or whatever doing stuff makes you better at it (and gives you projects to show others).
  • Figure out what sort of game development you’re interested in and focus a fair bit of your learning on that. Do you want to create concept art for new characters? Build levels for an FPS? Write the story of an RPG? Create animations for a fighting game? Do sound design for an RTS? There are a wide range of different skillsets needed, depending on what sort of career you’re after, so figuring out what appeals to you and what you’ve got the potential to be good at’s really valuable.
  • Be realistic and don’t expect immediate success. Game development’s a popular industry, some parts of it especially, so there’s often a lot of competition for entry level positions. There are ways of improving your odds though if you want to take them, such as being willing to move to locations with lots of employers, putting a lot of time into personal development via your own projects, starting in a field you’re not as interested in to get a foot in the door etc.

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Whats the strategy of the narrative team

Jaredan Final PortraitStrategy: keep creating enthralling Champions and accompanying stories along with various other products. At the same time we are investing in various ways to make cool things in different media (wasn’t Chronobreak spiffy?), while we level up the Narrative discipline to help make sure that happens. That leveling up includes partnerships with various other disciplines as well as a new organisational structure and hiring more talented people to learn from and grow with.

For story, as well as continuing to develop products with Champion, Champion Update, Events, and beyond, we are reassessing every single champion bio for clarity, quality of expression, and direction. This takes time, but we think we have a format that players will like. The first examples of it will be seen alongside some other products that I can’t quite give a timeline on yet.

We want to do it as we want to deliver on our promises to players, because it enriches the LoL experience, and we love to do it.

Sorry I can’t be more specific, but I hope it gives you an idea of where we are at.

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Follow Up

Jaredan Final PortraitWhat we’re currently working on for League of Legends: five or six champions currently in various stages of production (no ship date promises), some champions up for a revisit, all voice over, a few fun promos, a story embedded event, and a bunch of other stuff that makes me tingly in my happy place (my happy place is in Liverpool, England). Each of those things is through a team of marvelous Rioters from various disciplines, and each product has a large variety of specific things that have to be created for it (we do a lot more than just the bio for a champ, for example).

As you said, I’m not going into specifics in case things don’t go to plan or, most often, because I don’t want to spoil some severely awesome things for you, the players, and for the Rioters who are helping to create them.

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FanMade Champion Select Screen

Lastly, here’s a fantastic concept by Eduardo Cabrera. You can find him on Twitter @lolinflames.




Kindlejack Final PortraitNice! You don’t have to stick with the current layout though, I’m sure there’s a better option. Is there any way to show all the champions at once so there’s no need for a scroll bar? Or would that be too crazy. Is the technology there? I don’t know. Maybe when we all have oculus rifts you’ll be standing in a crowded room and have to push champions aside while frantically searching for the one you want to play. Or they’ll be floating heads surrounding you crying out ‘Pick me! Pick me! Or teeny mouse sized in a big fish tank and you pick out the one you want like goldfish. A dark abyss stands before you and you call out the champions name then play your flute-dagger like Green Ranger and it summons them from the void?

Looks really slick UI wise. I’d love to see alternate art of champions looking sad that shows up when they get banned >:P

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



Patch 5 10 PBE Banner

 Patch 5.10 will hit live in the early hours of May 27th, assuming there are no delays. Here are its contents:


New Champion

Store Content

Balance Changes




Ekko The Boy Who Shattered Time

Ekko will be available in store for 7800 IP/975 RP during the first week. Afterwards his IP cost will go back down to 6300.


Ekko_Splash_WP (1)

EkkoKid_0 Ekko_Square_0

Ekko Model 1 Ekko Model 2 Ekko Model 3


Ekko Final Portrait



  • Base Health: 580 + 80 per level
  • Base Mana: 280 + 40 per level
  • Base Damage: 57 + 3 per level
  • Base Attack Speed: 0.644 + 3% per level
  • Armor: 27 + 3 per level
  • Magic Resist: 32 + 1.25 per level
  • Auto Attack Range: 125
  • Movement Speed: 345
  • Base Health-per-second: 1.8 + 0.18 per level
  • Base Mana-per-second: 1.2 + 0.16 per level


ZDrive Resonance Final IconZ-Drive Resonance [ Passive ]

Ekko’s damaging spells and attacks build up Resonance stacks on his enemies. Every third attack against the same target triggers Ekko’s passive, dealing 15 + (12 per level) (+0.7 AP) bonus damage and slowing his enemy by 40/50/60/70/80% (values for levels 1/6/11/16/18) for 2/2.5/3 seconds. If he triggers his passive on an enemy champion, Ekko also gains a movement speed buff equal to the amount he has slowed the champion by. The slow cannot be triggered on the same target for 3 seconds.


Timewinder Final IconTimewinder [ Q ]

Cooldown: 11/10/9/8/7 seconds  || Mana Cost: 60/70/80/90/100

Ekko throws a device in a target direction, damaging 60/75/90/105/120 (+0.2 AP) all enemies along its path. Once it reaches max distance or hits an enemy champion, the device expands, creating a field that slows all enemy and neutral units by 32/39/46/53/60%. After a moment, the device contracts and rushes back to Ekko, dealing 60/85/110/135/160 (+ 0.6 AP) damage to all enemies in its path.


Parallel Convergence Final IconParallel Convergence [ W ]

Cooldown: 22/20/18/16/14 seconds || Mana Cost: 30/40/50/60/70

Passive: Ekko’s basic attacks deal bonus magic damage to enemies under 30% health, equal to 5% [ +1% per 45 AP ] of their missing health (capped at 400 damage vs. minions and monsters).

Active: Ekko opens a time rift, creating an alternate reality copy of him that tosses a device to a target location. After a delay, the device expands into a broad zone that slows enemies by 40%. If Ekko enters the sphere, it detonates, granting him a 150/195/240/285/330 (+ 0.8 AP) shield for 2 seconds and stunning all enemies inside for 2.25 seconds.


Phase Dive Final IconPhase Dive [ E ]

Cooldown: 15/13/11/9/7 seconds || Mana Cost: 40/50/60/70/80

Ekko dashes a fixed distance towards a target area. Once his initial dash has ended, Ekko gains greatly increased range on his next basic attack, and blinks to his target to deal 50/80/110/140/170 (+ 0.2 AP) bonus magic damage and apply on-hit and spell effects.


Chronobreak Final IconChronobreak [ R ]

Cooldown: 110/90/70 seconds || Mana Cost: Free

Ekko rewinds time, briefly turning untargetable and invulnerable before reappearing wherever he was a few seconds ago. Once he reappears, Ekko heals for 100/150/200 + 20/25/30% (+1% per 30 AP) of the damage he was dealt over the last 4 seconds. Ekko also deals 200/350/500 (+ 1.3 AP) magic damage to all nearby enemies.


Here’s his Champion Select quote:


And his complete set of lines, courtesy of SkinSpotlights:


Here’s an in-game preview of Ekko’s spells:

Ekko Passive 1

Ekko Passive 2

Z-Drive Resonance [ Passive ]


Ekko Passive 3

This is the trail Ekko leaves behind when he triggers the movement speed buff from his passive.


Ekko Q 1

Ekko Q 2

Ekko Q 3

Ekko Q 4

Timewinder [ Q ]


Ekko W 1

Ekko W 3

Ekko W 2

Parallel Convergence [ W ]


Ekko E 1 Ekko E 2

Phase Dive [ E ]


Ekko R 1

Ekko R 2

Ekko R 3

Chronobreak [ R ]


Here’s Ekko’s in-client lore:

“A prodigy from the rough streets of Zaun, Ekko manipulates time to spin any situation to his advantage. Using his own invention, the Zero-Drive, he explores the branching possibilities of reality. As well as experimenting with multi-dimensional probability, Ekko spends his days running wild with the other lost children of Zaun. Though he revels in this freedom, when there’s a threat to his friends, he’ll endure anything to defend them. To the unknowing observer, Ekko accomplishes the impossible with ease, time and time again.



Here’s a link to the music used in the video:


Sandstorm Ekko

Sandstorm Ekko will be available in store for 975 RP.





Sandstorm Ekko Model Updated 1

Sandstorm Ekko Model Updated 2

Sandstorm Ekko Recall

For his recall, Sandstorm Ekko opens his time device and sand swirls out of it and around him.


Dudu Ekko Passive 1

Dudu Ekko Passive 2

Z-Drive Resonance [ Passive ]


Dudu Ekko Q 1

Dudu Ekko Q 2

Dudu Ekko Q 3

Timewinder [ Q ]


Dudu Ekko W 1

Dudu Ekko W 2

Parallel Convergence [ W ]


Dudu Ekko E 1

Dudu Ekko E 2

Phase Dive [ E ]


Dudu Ekko R 1

Dudu Ekko R 2

Chronobreak [ R ]



Knockout Lee Sin

Knockout Lee Sin will be available for 1350 RP.




Knockout Lee Sin Model 1 Knockout Lee Sin Model 2

Knockout Lee Sin Idles

Knockout Lee has a few new idle animations: mostly warming up routine before a boxing match.


Knockout Lee Sin RecallKnockout Lee Sin Recall 2 Knockout Lee Sin Recall 3

For his recall, Knockout Lee Sin rests on a chair. When he’s recalled, the bell rings and he kicks his chair away.


Knockout Lee Sin Q

Sonic Wave [ Q ]


Knockout Lee Sin W

Safeguard / Iron Will [ W ] 


Knockout Lee Sin R 1

Knockout Lee Sin R 2

Dragon’s Rage [ R ]



Nightmare Tryndamere

Nightmare Trynd will be available for 750 RP.




Nightmare Trynd Model 1 Nightmare Trynd Model 2 Nightmare Trynd Spin



Order of the Lotus Irelia

Order of the Lotus Irelia will be available for 750 RP.




Lotus Irelia Updated Model 1

Lotus Irelia Updated Model 2

Lotus Irelia W

Lotus Irelia R

Transcendent Blades [ R ]



New Summoner Icons


NA LCS - Enemy eSports and Team Dragon Knights

profileIcon868 profileIcon867


EU LCS - Origen



LAN - Dash9 Gaming, Havoks Gaming, Meet Your Makers, Revenge eSports, Lyon Gaming, Gaming Gaming,

profileIcon806 profileIcon865 profileIcon866

profileIcon803 profileIcon804 profileIcon805


LAS - Furious Gaming, Bencheados, Isurus Gaming, Rebirth eSports, Last Kings, Kaos Latin Gamers

profileIcon798 profileIcon799 profileIcon801

profileIcon796 profileIcon797 profileIcon864


Brazil - CNB e-Sports Club, G3nerationX, INTZ eSports, INTZ Red, KABUM Orange, KABUM Black, Keyd Stars, Pain Gaming

profileIcon848 profileIcon849 profileIcon850 profileIcon851

profileIcon852 profileIcon853 profileIcon854 profileIcon855


Russia - Dolphins of Wall Street, Your Exit, Team Just, Solar Wind, Team Just, Team Just [ second ], Team Dragon

profileIcon856 profileIcon857 profileIcon858

profileIcon825 profileIcon825_old profileIcon859


OCE - Absolute, Sin Gaming

profileIcon862 profileIcon863


Turkey - Crew e-Sports Club, Oyun Hizmetleri, Besiktas e-Sports Club, Besiktas e-Sports Club [ second ]

profileIcon860 profileIcon861 profileIcon794 (1) profileIcon794_old



Champion Changes


Akali Final Portrait


Change BoxShadow Dance Final IconShadow Dance [ R ]

  • Dashing now puts Akali 100-200 units behind her target, changed from 150-250



Cassiopeia Final Portrait


Nerf BoxAspect of the Serpent Final IconAspect of the Serpent [ Passive ]

  • At 100 stacks, the AP ratio on Twin Fang’s heal has been decreased from 0.1 to 0.06



Nerf BoxTwin Fang Final IconTwin Fang [ E ]

  • Now restores 1.5% of Cassiopeia’s maximum mana on kill, decreased from 3%



Jinx Final Portrait


Change BoxSwitcheroo Final IconSwitcheroo [ Q ]

  • Attack Speed buff at 3 stacks changed from 30/55/80/105/130% to 30/40/50/60/70% + ( 0 / 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70% ). This value scales with Jinx’s level.


Here are some examples with values pre- and post-Patch 5.10

  • At level 5, with 3 point in [ Q ], Jinx’s 5.9 value at 3 stacks is 80%. Her 5.10 value would be 58%.
  • At level 9, with 5 points in [ Q ], Jinx’s 5.9 value at 3 stacks is 130%. Her 5.10 value would be 95%.
  • At level 16, Jinx’s 5.9 value would be 130%. This is where both values are equal.
  • At level 18, the 5.9 value would be 140%. End-game the 5.10 value is 10% higher.

To sum up, this is quite the brutal nerf to Jinx’s early game without much tradeoff later. Recommend you max Zap! [ W ] by level 9 over Switcheroo if the change makes it to live.



Leona Final Portrait


Nerf BoxZenith Blade Final IconZenith Blade [ E ]

  • Hitbox width decreased from 90 to 70




Lulu Final Portrait

Change BoxGeneral

  • Base mana-per-second increased from 1.2 to 1.7
  • Mana-per-second per level decreased from 0.16 to 0.12



Reksai Final Portrait

Nerf BoxGeneral

  • Base health decreased from 611 to 570



Karma Final Portrait


Buff IconGathering Fire Final IconGathering Fire [ Passive ] 

  • Spell hits now reduce Karma’s cooldowns by 2/2.5/3 seconds (at levels 1/7/13), increased from 2 seconds at all levels
  • Auto attacks against champions reduce Karma’s cooldowns by 50% of that value – 1/1.25/1.5 seconds respectively


Buff IconFocused Resolve Final IconFocused Resolve [ W ]

  • Karma can now also leash jungle monsters
  • AP Ratio increased from 0.6 to 0.9


Rework BoxRenewal Final IconRenewal [ Mantra + W ]

  • No longer deals bonus damage
  • Now roots the target for an additional 0.75/1/1.25/1.5 seconds (values for levels 1/6/11/16)



Buff IconInspire Final IconInspire [ E ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 10 seconds at all ranks to 10/9.5/9/8.5/8
  • Mana Cost decreased from 60/70/80/90/100 to 60/65/70/75/80
  • Shield value decreased from 80/120/160/200/240 to 80/110/140/170/200


Rework BoxDefiance Final IconDefiance [ Mantra + E ]

  • Damage portion removed
  • Now shields the target for an additional 30/90/150/210 (+ 0.3 AP) (stacks with Inspire’s shield)
  • Allies around Karma’s target are shielded for 50% of the target’s shield, changed from 30/70/110/150 (+0.3 AP)



Ryze Final Portrait


Buff IconArcane Mastery Final IconArcane Mastery [ Passive ]

  • Duration on overcharge increased from 3 seconds (4/5/6 with R ranks) to 6 (no scaling)

Buff IconOverload Final IconOverload [ Q ]

  • Base damage increased from 65/90/115/140/165 to 65/95/125/155/185


Rework BoxDesperate Power Final IconDesperate Power [ R ]

  • Now lasts 6 seconds at all ranks, increased from 4/5/6
  • No longer increases the duration of Ryze’s overcharge from Arcane Mastery [ Passive ]



Sejuani Final Portrait


Nerf BoxFlail of the Northern Winds Final IconFlail of the Northern Winds [ W ]

  • Maximum HP scaling on first hit decreased from 4/5.5/7/8.5/10% to 4/4.5/5/5.5/6%



Taric Final Portrait


Buff BoxImbue Final IconImbue [ Q ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 60/80/100/120/140 to 60/70/80/90/100



Zed Final Portrait


Quality of Life BoxDeath Mark [ R ]Death Mark Final Icon

  • Tooltip now states Zed can reactivate Death Mark after 1 second



Item Changes


Buff IconAncient Coin Final IconAncient Coin

  • UNIQUE Passive – Favor: Kills near the user now grant 3 gold, increased from 2



Change BoxArdent Censer Final IconArdent Censer

  • Attack Speed buff on shielded targets decreased from 25% to 15%
  • Shielded targets now gain a 30 magic damage-per-hit buff


Buff IconBanner of Command Final IconBanner of Command

  • Range’s on active’s minion promote increased from 1000 to 1200


Buff IconBlade of the Ruined King Final IconBlade of the Ruined King

  • Range on active increased from 450 to 550


Buff IconBilgewater Cutlass Final IconBilgewater Cutlass

  • Range on active increased from 450 to 550


Nomad’s MedallionBuff IconNomads Medallion Final Icon

  • Base Mana Regen increased from 25% to 50%
  • UNIQUE Passive – Favor: Kills near the user now grant 4 gold and 10 Health, increased from 3 Gold and 5 Health


Buff IconTalisman of Ascension Final IconTalisman of Ascension

  • UNIQUE Passive – Favor: Kills near the user now grant 4 gold, increased from 3
  • UNIQUE Active: Cooldown decreased from 60 seconds to 40



Mastery Changes


Change BoxBandit Final IconBandit | Tier 5 Utility  |

  • Now grants +3 Gold (8 for melee) for every attack on an enemy champion. The bonus gold can’t be procced on the same champion more than once every 5 seconds.


Change BoxExpanded Mind Final IconExpanded Mind | Tier 4 Utility, moved to Tier 1 | 

  •  Now has 4 ranks, increased from 3
  • Expanded Mind now increases mana pool by 25/50/75/100 flat mana, changed from 2/3.5/5%
  • Place on the utility tree has been swapped with Meditation


Buff IconInspiration Final IconInspiration | Tier 4 Utility | 

  • Experience granted every 10 seconds increased from 5/10 to 10/20



Buff IconIntelligence Final IconIntelligence | Tier 5 Utility | 

  • Now reduces the cooldown on active items by 8/14/20%, increased from 4/7/10% (note that the 2/3.5/5% CDR on spells is still there)



Change BoxMeditation Final Icon Meditation | Tier 1 Utility, moved to Tier 4 | 

  • Now restores 0.5/1.0/1.5% of missing Mana every 5 seconds, changed from 1/2/3 flat mana
  • Place on the utility tree has been swapped with Expanded Mind


Change BoxWanderer Final IconWanderer | Tier 6 Utility |

  • Now grants 20 flat movement speed, changed from 5%




ARAM Changes

Note that ARAM received a mini-rework in Patch 5.8 and a new Summoner Spell for the mode was added – Mark/Dash.


Nerf BoxMark Dash Final Icon Mark / Dash

  • Range decreased from 2500 to 1600
  • Cooldown increased from 20 seconds to 40



Here’s some new loading screen art for Crystal Scar (Dominion), Twisted Treeline (3v3) and the Advanced Tutorial (newbies) that I totally didn’t miss in yesterday’s PBE update.


Crystal Scar

CSBackground (1)


Twisted Treeline


Advanced Tutorial



Hexakill with Bans

Hexakill returns as a featured game mode, this time with bans added to Champion Select:


L3T4NCY New PortraitHi everyone! ^.^/

It’s about that time again and we’re bringing back another of our tried and true modes, Hexakill: Twisted Treeline! This time around we’ve included one important addition; BANS!We heard you guys last time, so we’ve gone and squeezed bans into our Hexakill champion select screen. This is also a good test for us to see how efficiently we can resurrect old modes (it varies wildly from mode-to-mode, but you gotta start somewhere).

Some design notes:
— Let us know what you think of the bans readability in the Hexakill champion select screen.
— Obviously if any bugs, etc come up, let us know in this thread!

[ Link to Post ]



Hide Eye Candy Menu Option

A new Game tab option will allow players to disable map particles and other clutter.


Riot JxE Final PortraitHey all,

Recently we added an option to the Game tab in the menu called “Hide Eye Candy”. Some of our more competitive players requested the the option to hide some of the less subtle movement on Summoner’s Rift. We added the option to disable things like butterfiles, dragonfiles and the water wakes to help competitive players focus on what they care about, the gameplay.

The next PBE deploy should have the hook ups enabled. Let us know if we missed anything that should’ve been added and if you have any other feedback regarding this new option.

~Riot JxE

Edit: Only ambient critters that persist after 1:55 will be disabled by this option. You can continue to perfect the dark ritual necessary to spawn the Duck.

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Ekko Comic Banner

Riot have released a digital comic, “Chronobreak”, detailing Ekko’s grizzly past:



Below you can find the individial comic pages:

Ekko Comic Page 0

Ekko Comic Page 1

Ekko Comic Page 2

Ekko Comic Page 3

Ekko Comic Page 4

Ekko Comic Page 5

Ekko Comic Page 6

Ekko Comic Page 7

Ekko Comic Page 8

Ekko Comic Page 9

Ekko Comic Page 10

Ekko Comic Page 11


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21 05 Banner


PBE 21/05


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.


PBE 13 05 Reference banner

Check out Ekko, Sandstorm Ekko, Knock-out Lee Sin, Nightmare Tryndamere and Order of the Lotus Irelia HERE!


New Splash Arts

Here’s Sandstorm Ekko’s splash art. You can find a full preview of the skin HERE.




Champion Changes

Ekko Final Portrait


Nerf BoxChronobreak Final IconChronobreak [ R ]

  • Cooldown increased from 90/80/70 seconds to 110/90/70



Item Changes


Change BoxAbyssal Scepter Final Icon Abyssal Scepter

  • The rework has been reverted.

[ Note ] You can find the original rework HERE.


Here are all the PBE updates for the Patch 5.10 cycle so far:


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Card Skins Banner


Pick a card, any card.

Stack the deck with Ace of Spades Ezreal, Queen of Diamonds Syndra, King of Clubs Mordekaiser, and Wild Card Shaco, now joining Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate in the League store and wherever luck is made, not found.

image (4) (1)

Grab each skin for 750 RP (except Jack of Hearts TF, he’s still 520 RP) or go all-in with the High Stakes bundle at 25% off - that’s 2638 RP or 5651 RP if you need the champs – from now until 11:59 PDT May 25.


Below  you can find previews of all 4 skins. Note that they use the same splash art.

  • Ace of Spades Ezreal
  • King of Clubs Mordekaiser
  • Queen of Diamonds Syndra
  • Wild Card Shaco



Ace of Spades Ezreal

Ace of Spades Ez is available for 750 RP.




Ace of Spades Ezreal Updated Model 1

Ace of Spades Ezreal Updated Model 2



King of Clubs Mordekaiser

King of Clubs Mordekaiser is priced at 750 RP.



Lord of Clubs Morde Model 1

Lord of Clubs Morde Model 2



Queen of Diamonds Syndra

You can woo in Queen of Diamonds Syndra to your kingdom for 750 RP.



Queen of Diamonds Syndra Model Updated 1

Queen of Diamonds Syndra Model Updated 2



Wild Card Shaco

Wild Card Shaco is available for 750 RP.



Wild Card Shaco Model 1

Wild Card Shaco Model 2


Wild Card Shaco also has a new box:

Wild Card Shaco Box



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Champion Skin Sale May 25 Banner

The following Champions and Skins will be 50% off until May 25th:


Brand Final Portrait

Draven Final Portrait

Taric Final Portrait


Heartseeker Ashe – 487 RP



Pentakill Karthus – 375 RP

Karthus_4 (1)


Thunder Lord Volibear – 260 RP

Volibear_1 (1)



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Reform Cards Banner


New player reform system heads into testing

Lyte Final PortraitWhen negative behavior occurs, we know that the faster a player receives feedback, the better their chances of reforming. With that in mind, we’re building and iterating on a new instant feedback system that delivers actionable feedback and appropriate punishment to players that need it most. In the future, we expect instant feedback to take on rewards as well, but in step one we’re focused on reform-oriented feedback and punishment.

The system’s initial tests kick off today in NA and take aim at verbal harassment. The system delivers reform cards (notifications that link evidence of negative behavior with the appropriate punishment) that help players address their negative behavior. Your reports help the instant feedback system understand and punish the kind of verbal harassment the community actively rejects: homophobia, racism, sexism, death threats, and other forms of excessive abuse. These harmful communications will be punished with two-week or permanent bans within fifteen minutes of game’s end. Here’s how it works:

  • Teammates or opponents of the offending player send reports and the system validates them to make sure they aren’t false
  • The system examines the case and determines whether the behavior deserves rejection or punishment based on community-driven standards of behavior
  • The system fires a reform card through email, sharing the chat log of the offending player (we scrub other players’ names and chat logs) and the punishment for the behavior

The player behavior team will be on deck, hand-reviewing the first few thousand cases the instant feedback system sorts through. If the test goes smoothly, we expect instant feedback to roll out to all regions shortly. Like we mentioned up top, this test marks the beginning for instant feedback. Upgrades will allow it to shoulder more reform and punishment responsibilities and even reward positive play. Here’s a peek at where we’re headed:

  • In-client reform cards
  • Follow-up notifications for players who reported a player who was punished
  • Upgrades for chat and ranked restrictions
  • Upgrades to recognize negative gameplay behaviors like intentional feeding
  • Recognition of honors and rewards for positive behaviors and communication

We’ll hang around the comments to answer questions and hear your feedback. We’ll come back soon to share more about the vision for player behavior, including plans for the Tribunal.

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