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A Balance Update, Shyvana’s Changes Reverted, Better Custom Sets, Ezreal’s Mystery and More!

May 9th, 2013 Leave a comment



A small balance patch (including the new shield mechanics for Lux and Diana), no changes for Shyvana for now, Poppy’s Heroic Charge improved, Map and Champion-specific item sets and a new lore piece, courtesy of Ezreal!


Balance Changes

Shyvana changes delayed

Poppy’s heroic charge reworked!

Improvements to Item Sets

An ancient mystery in Runeterra

Balance Changes




Pale_CascadePale Cascade ( W )

  • Now stacks instead of refreshing.





Prismatic_BarrierPrismatic Barrier ( W )

  • Shield increased from 50/65/80/95/110 + 0.25 AP to 80/105/130/155/180 + 0.35 AP (reverted to normal).
  • Now stacks instead of refreshing.





ConsumeConsume ( Q )

  • In the tooltip, “Lizards” has been replaced by “Reptiles”.





  • All changes have been reverted. Read below for more.





ElasticSlingshotElastic Slingshot ( E )

  • All changes on the PBE server have been reverted.


Let'sBounceLet’s Bounce! ( R )

  • Damage has been increased from 100/150/200 (+0.25 AP) to 140/210/280 (+0.4 AP )
  • Enemies hit more than once now take 50% damage again.

Shyvana changes delayed




Flame_Breath Flame Breath ( E )

  • Damage lowered from 80/125/170/215/260 to 80/110/140/170/200
  • Tooltip now applies a DoT called Cinders for 5 seconds.
  • 15% Armor Penetration buff removed
  • This effect is applied to all enemies if cast during Dragon Form


Dragon's_DescentDragon’s Descent ( R )

  • Now brings enemy champions along the path with her



xyphavatarRiotlink Button Xypherous: I just pulled this from the 3.7 patch.

While we want to do things to Shyvana – she just isn’t testing well enough for us to be confident in shipping her in 3.7. We know that ‘E’ feels lackluster and that her ‘R’ could be cooler, we’re just playing around with what specifically.


So, Shyvana will stay as she is for some time.

Poppy’s heroic charge reworked!



SummonerIcon_FrostguardRiotlink Button FeralPony: I have re-coded Poppy’s Heroic Charge spell from the ground up for this patch. The goals of this are to improve the charges detection of terrain and eliminate a few nasty edge case bugs where Poppy can stun enemies inappropriately even if missing terrain. All numerical elements of the skill should remain the same (cooldown, range, mana cost, damage etc)There is one currently known bug of charging enemies on a glancing strike can cause the enemy to stop and be stunned but Poppy will continue charging. I’ll be fixing this tomorrow morning for our next PBE push.

I’d like to shoot for getting it out next patch, but I’d like feedback from folks on how it feels first to be confident in going ahead with the change. If you guys could give it a go and see if you find any wonkiness with it that’d be greatly appreciated. Checking the feel of the ability versus the Live version especially would be very helpful. Thanks guys!

Improvements to Item Sets


The following PBE announcement has been placed on the official community site:



After reviewing your feedback, we’ve made some big changes to Item Sets. We’re still working on it (for example, you are not yet able to stack items), but we’re ready to make it available again on PBE so we can start another cycle of discussion.

What’s new?
-Page Management:

–The drop down menu has been replaced with a full list so you get a broader overview of all your Item Sets.

– Map and Champion Associations:

–You now have precise control over which champions and maps your Item Sets can be used with.

–When you get into a game, you’ll only see the Item Sets relevant to your current game, ordered by their specificity.

As with everything we bring to PBE, we will continue to iterate based on your feedback. Don’t forget to report any issues you encounter.



 item sets


So as you see here, I’ve picked Blitzcrank and have assigned to him a Starting Set for Dominion. That’s right, you can now choose your sets for each champion and game mode! You can associate your builds with each map or champion or you can go into specifics – the choice is yours! (well, at least on the PBE it is)

An ancient mystery in Runeterra


An interesting lore piece has hit the forums:


ezreal lore piece


Hey, everyone. Ezreal here.

Normally, I wouldn’t ask for help. I’ve come across a lot of interesting relics in my travels, but never anything like these.

I’ve gathered everything on my desk for all of you to take a look. The important thing is that these relics were found all over Runeterra, and they date from different and completely unconnected eras. The thing is… they all share one similarity: they show a dark figure, clearly inhuman, wielding a jagged blade. 

This is a mystery I’m not sure I want solved. From what I can gather so far, this dark figure has been at the center of many bloody conflicts and tales of war.

What do you think? Who is this figure, and what role has he played in Runeterra’s history? 

Oh, and if you really want to hear some of the stories about these things… I’ll tell them, but some of them aren’t pretty.



Stay tune for more juicy lore bits!





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  • theMAN

    shyvana NEED a CC T___T

  • T0ns of damage

    Tooltip for nunus consume changed to reptile? Look out renekton!!

  • League of Yordles

    @fenezwerg New champion name is Aatrox, the Darkin Blade . Here is a photo of him ( for those who didn’t saw yet ) http://eune.leagueoflegends.com/news/aatrox-darkin-blade-revealed

  • BarbaraRedding36

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  • xfioramaster18

    nerf fiora. ASAP

  • hwangbeast
  • Nodin

    This might not be the place to post this but since FeralPony posted here hopefully he reads the comments. Is there any talk about making it so that we can soloque in the position we want to play. Maybe show a wait time for each position and then let you que up in the position you want to play? Then if people que up as support then pick an ADC that would be reportable. A lot of the platinum players say to play one champ in 100’s of games so wouldn’t it be great if you could que up in the position you wanted to play?

  • Wreckognized

    Riot is aware of ap nunu top/mid right?…….right???

  • lwierd


    Just because he’s got great damage output and is ungankable he should be nerfed? Please. Because Kassadin is such an instant ban too, right? Let’s just remove flash/ ghost as well.

  • Slash

    seriously zac is already op and now u decide to buff him even more? It’s gonna force it to be 100% pick/ban in both soloque/LCS. Zac should be unable to charge slingshot while taking damage or something because hes close to impossible to gank as it is and he has an unfair advantage over all other toplaners. For jungle hes okayish.

  • orchidd

    @Watt comment like this one? i hope not.

  • somepeople

    “main” shyvanna, doesn’t know how she works and that she’s staying the same. Ok!

  • oyez

    Learn to read, kiddo. They’re reverting the nerfs, hence it’s a buff.

  • Dave

    They don’t nerf Shyvana at all. They just >REVERTED before they applied the changes -> she will remain the same like she is on normal servers at the moment.)

  • PainatiX

    shyvana nerf ?!?! WTF Riot

  • Plsmbld

    so they are nerfing shyvana till they do decide to fix her….. great…..

  • Gabriel

    OMG why nerfing shyvana’s e, riot, I really dont understand. And no one is even playing her so why nerfing her? I main her and this change really suck.

    sorry for my english

  • Watt

    Shyvana is FINE the way she is.. You are allways o´poking the wrong champs. Trundel? Solo baron at lvl 13 with BK whats that about? Poppy is fine..Strong as hell. Leave her alone ! Do Riot even reead our comments?

  • Fail


    But they buffed her…..They removed the nerfs

  • http://www.godlike.com WTFFF

    NERF STUPED TRUNDLE like really wtf????

  • Trollis

    Galio’s brother.

  • Ben

    So poppy will have fewer successful stuns now. -_-

  • fenezwerg

    hi`s name is borgen, the judge
    whenever a bloody war was in runeterra he appers and judged the partys !
    Then he choose the weeker party and slayed tho opponents till theygave up ! :D

  • johnDizzey

    items sets wuhu no i can delete this crapy program to do it

  • stepzaag

    why the hell they nerf shy so hard?

  • Decre

    Item sets are great! Can’t wait for the release!