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PBE 23 April


Classic Braum – Champion Preview



Dragonslayer Braum – Skin Preview



Blade Queen Lissandra – Skin Preview



Dragonslayer Pantheon – Skin Preview



Atlanthean Syndra Updated Model


Dragonslayer Pantheon Splash Art

Dragonslayer Pantheon Splash Art


Night Stalker Rengar

Night Stalker Rengar Splash


Braum New Portrait


Concussive Blows [ Passive ]

Passive Braum

  • Braum and his allies work together to stun a target. Braum’s basic attacks apply Concussive Blows. Once the first stack is applied, ally basic attacks also stack Concussive Blows. Upon reaching 4 stacks, the target is stunned for 1.25/1.5/1.75 seconds ( levels 1/7/13 ) and takes 70 – 240 magic damage. For the next 8 seconds, they cannot receive stacks but take 14 – 48 (+2 per level) bonus magic damage from Braum’s attacks.


Winter’s Bite [ Q ]

Q BraumCooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 || Mana Cost: 50/55/60/65/70

  • Braum propels freezing ice from his shield dealing 80/125/170/215/260 ( 2.5% of Maximum Health ) magic damage to the first target hit and slowing them by 70%, decaying over the next 2 seconds. Applies a stack of Concussive Blows.



Stand Behind Me [ W ]

W BraumCooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 || Mana Cost: 30/40/50/60/70

  • Braum leaps to a target allied champion or minion. On arrival, Braum and the target gain 20/22.5/25/27.5/30 ( + 14/15.5/17/18.5/20%  of  bonus Armor and MR ) Armor and Magic Resist for 3 seconds


Unbreakable [
 E ]

E BraumCooldown:  18/16/14/12/10 || Mana Cost: 30/35/40/45/50

  • Braum reduces incoming damage and blocks for allies behind him and raises his shield in a direction for 3/3.25/3.5/3.75/4 seconds, negating the damage of the next attack from this direction. Subsequent attacks deal 30/32.5/35/37.5/40% reduced damage. Braum intercepts projectiles, causing them to hit him and be destroyed. Braum gains 10% Movement Speed for the duration.

Glacial Fissure [
 R ]

R BraumCooldown: 140/120/100 || Mana Cost: 100

  • Braum slams the ground, knocking up enemies nearby and in a line in front of him. A fissure is left along the line that slows enemies. Enemies hit take 150/250/350 (+0.6 AP) magic damage. The first champion hit is knocked up for 1.5 seconds, subsequent enemies are knocked up briefly. For the next 4 seconds enemies that enter the area are slowed by 60% for 1.5 seconds.


Braum’s Poro Interaction (Howling Abyss)


Braum’s Lore


“‘Tell me a bedtime story, grandma.’

A bitter wind howls outside, whipping falling snow into devil whirls.

‘What kind? A tale of the Ice Witch, perhaps?’

The girl crawls into her arms. ‘Too scary. Tell me a story about Braum!’

‘Ah, Braum!’ The old woman smiles. ‘There are so many. My grandmother used to tell me of the time Braum protected our village from the great dragon! Or once – this was long ago – he raced down a river of lava! Or -’ She pauses; puts a finger to her lips. ‘Have I told you how Braum got his shield?’

The girl grins and hops under the covers. The hearth fire snaps, holding off the wind.

“Well. In the mountains above our village lived a man named Braum -”

‘I know that!’

‘He mostly kept to his farm, tending his sheep and goats, but he was the kindest man anyone had ever met, and he always had a smile on his face and a laugh on his lips.

‘Now, one day something terrible happened: a young troll boy � around your age – was climbing the mountain and happened on a vault, set into the mountainside, the entrance guarded by a huge stone door with a shard of True Ice at its center. When he opened the door, he couldn’t believe his eyes: the vault was filled with gold, jewels – every kind of treasure you could imagine!

‘What he didn’t know was that the vault was a trap. The Ice Witch had cursed it – and as the troll boy entered, the magical door CLANGED shut behind him and locked him inside! Try as he might, he couldn’t get out.

‘A passing shepherd heard his cries. Everyone rushed to help, but even the strongest warriors couldn’t open the door. The boy’s parents were beside themselves; his mother’s wails of grief echoed around the mountain. It seemed hopeless.

‘And then, to everyone’s surprise, they heard a distant laugh.’

‘I bet it was Braum!’

‘Aren’t you clever! Braum had heard their cries and came striding down the mountainside. The villagers told him of the troll boy and the curse. Braum smiled, nodded, turned to the vault, and faced the door. He pushed it. Pulled it. Punched it; kicked it; tried to rip it from its hinges. But the door wouldn’t budge.’

‘But he’s the strongest man ever!’

‘It was perplexing,’ her grandmother agrees. ‘For four days and nights, Braum sat on a boulder, trying to think of a solution. After all, a child’s life was at stake.

‘Then, as the sun rose on the fifth day, his eyes widened and a broad grin lit up his face. ‘If I can’t go through the door,’ he said, ‘then I’ll just have to go through -’

The girl thinks; her own eyes widen. ‘- the mountain!’

‘The mountain. Braum headed to the summit and began punching his way straight down, pummeling into the stone, fist after fist, rocks flying in his wake, until he had vanished deep into the mountain.

‘As the villagers held their breath, the rock around the door crumbled – and when the dust cleared, they saw Braum standing amidst the treasure, the weak but happy troll boy in his arms.

‘I knew he could do it!’

‘But before they could celebrate, everything began to rumble and shake: Braum’s tunnel had weakened the mountaintop, and now it was caving in! Thinking quickly, Braum grabbed the enchanted door and held it above him like a shield, protecting them as the mountaintop collapsed. When it was over, Braum was amazed: there wasn’t a single scratch on the door! Braum knew it was something very special.

‘And from that moment on, that magical shield never left Braum’s side.’

The girl is sitting upright, beaming with excitement. ‘Grandma, tell me another.’

‘Tomorrow.’ Her grandmother smiles; kisses her forehead; blows out the candle. ‘For you need to sleep, and there are many more stories to tell.”


Braum’s Champion Interactions



  • “You remind me of Agatha. Best cow back home!”
  • Alistar, I have cow you should meet.”


  • “Mother gave me bear as child too, Annie.”


  • “After this we share a drink. You like goats milk?”


  • “What’s your poison, Gragas? Mine’s milk.”


  • Tryndamere! This is fun, right?”
  • “Are you having fun, my friend?”


  • “Your hair… we do not see things like this in the Freljord.”


Braum’s Item Interactions


  • “This has the smell of a faraway land. Perhaps I shall see it one day.” (Ancient Coin)
  • “Ha-ha! Perfect!” (Boots of Mobility)
  • “These shoes… they are too tight!” (Boots of Speed)
  • “To friends I am snowfall, to enemies I am avalanche!” (Frozen Heart)
  • “My shield will protect this shield.” (Randuin’s Omen)
  • “A shield for my shield? I like it!” (Randuin’s Omen)
  • “No sneaking up on Braum this time.” (Sightstone)
  • “Sight is the key to victory… also stone.” (Sightstone)
  • “Fire does the body good.” (Sunfire Cape)
  • “I’ve always wanted an on-fire cloak.” (Sunfire Cape)
  • “Ooh, now I need marshmallow.” (Sunfire Cape)


Braum’s Interactions When Blocking Ultimates


  • “I’m having cold flashes.” - Ashe
  • “Good Shot, you’ll get them next time.” - Caitlyn & Ezreal
  • “Look, your axes bounce right off.” – Draven
  • “Ah! A refreshing sea breeze.” - Nami
  • “Heh, it is windy today.” - Riven



Champion Balance Changes


Gragas New Portrait

Drunken_RageDrunken Rage [ W ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 8/7.5/7/6.5/6 seconds to 6 at all ranks

Explosive_CaskExplosive Cask [ R ]

  • Range increased from 1050 to 1150



 Jarvan IV New Portrait

Martial_CadenceMartial Cadence [ Passive ]

  • Damage increased from 6/8/10% of current HP as bonus physical damage to 10% at all levels
  • Cooldown increased from 6 seconds at all ranks to 10/8/6 (levels 1/7/13)

Golden_AegisGolden Aegis [ W ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 45/50/55/60/65 to 30 at all ranks



Miss Fortune New Portrait 

Double_UpDouble Up [ Q ]

  •   Added a 0.35 AP Ratio on the initial hit and a 0.5 AP Ratio on the bounce hit. Rest of values are unchanged



Malphite New Portrait


Granite Shield [ Passive ]Granite_Shield

  • Recharges every 10/8/6 seconds ( levels 1/7/13 ) , reduced from 10 at all ranks

Brutal_StrikesBrutal Strikes [ W ]

  • Mana cost reduced from 50/55/60/65/70 to 25 at all ranks



Tryndamere New Portrait


Spinning_SlashSpinning Slash [ E ]
  • Tooltip fix: Now states that Tryndamere gains Rage for hitting enemies





Sunfire Cape New VFX

Video up soon! (PBE went down)



Wriggle's_Lantern_itemWriggle’s Lantern
  • Tooltip Fix: Now correctly states it needs 30 stacks to transform, not 25





CLG Nien Banner

Zach “Nien” Malhas announced in an interview with OnGamers today that he is stepping down as a substite player for CLG.



CLG Roster Changes: Nien Steps Down


 Today, CLG regrettably announces Zach “Nien” Malhas’ decision to step down from his role as the team’s starting top laner. In conversation with team management yesterday, Nien expressed that he is not satisfied with his own performance, feels he is holding the team back, and does not presently feel he is deserving of a starting position on the team. He also noted that the community’s intense criticism of his play and general attacks towards him had become increasingly taxing mentally, and damaging to his confidence as a player over time. On top of this, he has had some family matters arise which he feels the need to be able to dedicate more time and attention to. He will be leaving the house and returning home to focus on improving himself individually as a player and spending more time with his family.

For more insight into his decision, you can see Nien’s interview with Travis of onGamers here.

 Nien has agreed to stay on the roster as a sub and is open to returning to the starting role in the future if the team cannot find a suitable replacement. CLG now begins its search for a new starter in preparations for the LCS NA Summer Split and World Championships. The team is looking for a career top laner to replace Nien, but has also discussed the possibility of moving Link to top lane and replacing him with a proven, exceptional mid lane talent.

To learn more about the team’s approach moving forward, check out Travis’ interview with the team captain, Peter “Doublelift” Peng, here at onGamers.

 CLG would like to thank Nien for his time with the team as a starter. He has shown a remarkable attitude and desire to improve himself as a player. He has been fundamental in the team’s improvement over the Spring Split and CLG’s return to competitive prominence in North America. Most importantly he is a great friend. We respect his decision and will continue to support him moving forward. We hope to see him regain his confidence and return to LCS soon.


 Not leaving League








Braum, the Heart of the Freljord, revealed


The frozen peaks of the Freljord have for centuries punished the weak. But as these feared glacial lands host the graves of the frail, for the mighty, the land is a cradle, a place that elevates mere strongmen into true champions. Braum’s story started here, and as his strength and fortitude grew, so too did his legend. Today, his feats inspire all from the poorest of peasants to the fiercest of raiders. And as he prepares to bear his shield into battle once again, he goes knowing he carries the hopes and adoration of the Freljord’s people with him.





Passive: Concussive Blows

  • Braum’s basic attacks apply Concussive Blows. Once the first stack is applied, all basic attacks from Braum and his allies apply further stacks. Targets that sustain four stacks are stunned and suffer bonus magic damage. After being stunned, Braum cannot apply Concussive Blows to his target again for a moderate duration.


Q: Winter’s Bite

  • Braum propels freezing ice from his shield in a straight line skillshot, dealing magic damage (based on Braum’s max health), slowing and applying a stack of Concussive Blows to the first target hit.


W: Stand Behind Me

  • Braum leaps to the aid of a nearby ally, positioning himself between his target and their nearest enemy champion, and granting both Braum and his target bonus armor and magic resist based on his total armor and magic resist.


E: Unbreakable

  • Braum raises his shield in a target direction, negating the damage from the first attack from the shield’s direction and reducing the damage of all subsequent attacks as long as the shield is raised. Braum intercepts projectiles with Unbreakable, causing them to hit him and then be destroyed. He also gains a minor speed boost until he lowers his shield.


R: Glacial Fissure

  • Braum slams his shield into the ground, sending out a huge long-range skillshot that knocks up and damages all enemies caught before leaving behind a strong slow field.


Braum is a strong and resilient melee support capable of making game-changing plays while saving his team from a barrage of enemy attacks. He forms symbiotic bonds with the marksman he fights alongside, forming a wall between the two teams and leaping to the aid of his allies as he transitions into a late game tank.

Bot lane

In lane, Braum functions most effectively as a reactionary or opportunistic support, constantly on the lookout for chances to apply Concussive Blows to the enemy duo. Accurate use of Winter’s Bite triggers the mark on targets who’ve wandered from their minion wave, while Braum can tag aggressive enemies with basic attacks before leaping back to the ranged safety of his marksman with Stand Behind Me. After applying Concussive Blows, Braum and his marksman have two solid options: either follow up hard and try to activate the stun, or zone the enemy and take up aggressive positioning. Concussive Blows is powerful enough to win almost any trade, while the threat of triggering the stun acts as a powerful deterrent, forcing the enemy marksmen away from valuable minion gold. Braum’s also a powerful asset during friendly ganks: by dashing to his jungler with Stand Behind Me, Braum’s able to get into the heart of the enemy duo. After they’ve been tagged with Concussive Blows, the jungler’s extra attacks accelerate the stun and help secure kills.

But while Braum is undeniably useful on the offense, he’s an absolute colossus when defending. The additional defenses provided by Stand Behind Me help both Braum and his marksman survive otherwise lethal damage, while Unbreakable has the potential to completely shield his ally from all incoming damage when positioned correctly. When activated, Unbreakable protects all of Braum’s allies behind the shield from basic attacks and targeted and pass-through abilities like Varus’ Piercing Arrow, Taric’s Dazzle, and Caitlyn’s Piltover Peacemaker, but not placed abilities like Nidalee’s Bushwhack or Swain’s Nevermove. More importantly, Braum can move while using Unbreakable, meaning he can reposition with his ally as they head towards the safety of their tower, or as the enemy team moves to flank around the shield. Braum is also able to continue attacking and casting abilities while he shields with Unbreakable – landing the slow from Winter’s Bite while moving back deters enemy junglers and marksmen still further.

Braum gains solid initiation or follow-up potential once he hits level six and unlocks Glacial Fissure, offering friendly junglers easy ganking targets with its huge knock-up and slow. If Braum’s looking to cut off his target’s escape route, he can quickly reposition with Stand Behind Me before firing Glacial Fissurebehind his target. The ability’s slow field is large and powerful enough to force flashes and secure kills. Finally, Glacial Fissure is equally powerful as a disengage tool, nullifying chases when aimed correctly.


The more allies around Braum, the more his shield shines. In small-scale skirmishes, he darts in front of his allies with Stand Behind Me before using Unbreakable to block pick attempts and soak up the subsequent damage. Should his team be outnumbered, Glacial Fissure is again a strong disengage ability, particularly in the jungle’s narrow pathways. Alternatively, when Braum’s part of the more powerful skirmishing group, a well-aimed Winter’s Bite slows and applies Concussive Blows, all but guaranteeing a kill.

While other supports operate best within their team or deep in the enemy ranks, Braum functions best as a physical wall between the two teams, soaking up damage with Unbreakable while his team’s damage dealers get to work. The low cooldown on Winter’s Bite helps Braum slow both approaching and fleeing enemies while setting up Concussive Blows for his team. His passive is strongest here – by floating between the two teams, Braum’s able to use basic attacks on the enemy tanks and fighters as he hits the enemy backline with Winter’s Bite, potentially setting up stuns against the entire enemy team. Meanwhile, Stand Behind Me gives Braum the sudden celerity he needs to dart to his teammates and protect them from harm with Unbreakable, which has the potential to turn around even the most lamentable of teamfights, or protect his squishies when they’re being attacked. Finally, unleashing Glacial Fissure through the enemy team splits and (literally) slows their hopes of a coordinated assault, giving Braum and his allies the opportunity to move in and clean up.

Works Well With

Champion Insights

As with all champions, we designed Braum to fill a specific gap in the League of Legends champion pool. Specifically, he’s the first true tank support that we’ve created, a champion who takes the hits for their team. We’ve had plenty of defensive supports – champions like Nami, Soraka, Janna etc – who negate damage through heals or shields, along with fighter supports like Leona and Alistar, who are generally great at initiating teamfights before diving deep into the enemy team and disrupting as much as possible. Braum’s something different: he’s a tanky support who literally takes the hits for his team, and as such requires a new mindset, position and playstyle to most conventional supports.

The key to Braum’s unique playstyle is Unbreakable, his E. It’s an active defense, similar to Yasuo’s Wind Wall, but while Yasuo’s ability was created so that he’d have the means to protect himself (the team utility is considered a secondary bonus), we specifically designed Unbreakable so that Braum could protect his team. It makes Braum different because he – more than any other champion – creates zones of safety behind him. He defendsthroughout the game, first by protecting his marksman during laning, then by protecting his entire team and tanking during late game. While other supports focus on buffing, heals or disruption, Braum fills a unique role between the two teams, taking the brunt of the damage for his team and letting his damage dealers do their thing.

This positions him literally between the two teams, and gave us some interesting design questions to answer. Specifically, how else does a defensive melee support contribute in fights when he has limited damage and can only land basic attacks on the enemy’s beefy frontline? This is where we brought in his passive, Concussive Blows, and Q, Winter’s Bite. Braum can harass while protecting, not necessarily through his own strength, but by applying Concussive Blows to enemy targets. This greatly amplifies his team’s power while keeping Braum’s positioning consistent throughout teamfights. And while Braum can’t easily harass the enemy backline (Winter’s Bite only affects the first enemy it strikes, and Braum’s basic attacks are melee), when his allies get jumped by enemy fighters and tanks, he can quickly reposition with Stand Behind Me before peeling multiple targets with Concussive Blows.

We’re excited to see what you guys make of Braum. If you’re interested in testing him before his live release, get into the PBE and give him a whirl. We’d love to get your feedback!


3rd Party Banner


With the recent debacle over Riot allowing Curse Voice to be used by players, I thought I’d give you guys an objective rundown of why this is a non-issue. If drama is what you crave, Reddit is more than welcome to supply you; this will be a factual analysis.

This article will address the Curse Voice and 3rd Party software general. I hope I’ll give you an idea of the difference between an app that provides a service and one that harms the competitive environment of a game. I’ll also talk about pay-to-win software, exploitative apps, suggested policies and cookies. Ned Stark dies somewhere in this article.



Curse App Legal


Quoting Shapzar in his Reddit comment:

“Programs that give you information you have already earned (such as visible timers) are ok. Programs that give you information you have not earned (such as enemy timers/timers in the fog of war), ones that make decisions for you, or take actions for you, are NOT ok.”

 Curse Voice doesn’t provide more information to the player than what’s already available. If something happens in the fog of war, the program won’t alert you to it. Onto the second point, which is more controversial: is an automated timer taking actions away from a player?  The answer to that relies on a distinction between player decisions and mechanics that don’t require thoughtful/skilled input. This translates to what 3rd party software should be acceptable in LoL.

 Here’s a jungle overlay that I’ve been using for over a year:

Jungle Overlay

This is a standard buff overlay, which you can download for free. You click the appropriate icon when the objective is down and the timer starts. It was confirmed as legal all those years ago and still is. It requires some player input, but it lifts the responsibility of memorizing numbers and puts a focus on the timer so you plan out your teamplay accordingly. The overlay is, in this case, passively assisting your play with information you want to keep track of.

 The difference between this and Curse Voice is that the latter will, reportedly, remove the mediator (you) and start the timer by itself. So the question becomes: is this click on an overlay or memorizing of numbers an interactive mechanic? If so, then the software would be treated as a hack, because it’s assisting people through an automated feature. If not, it’s as harmless as all the other jungle timer apps that have existed since the early days of stonewall008.

 I don’t think these required tasks are indicative of player skill, and I’ll give you an example with another game: StarCraft II. There are two features that did not exist in the original and were implemented with the Heart of the Swarm expansion – auto-mining and worker count. Auto-mining sends your initial six workers to a mineral patch automatically when the game starts (resource gathering). Before that, you’d have to order your units as soon as the game started. Similarly, you had to keep track of how many workers you’re sending to mine a single base; more than the maximum meant some workers were moving pointlessly between occupied resource nodes, not doing anything. A UI window was introduced to keep track of worker count.


Ease of Play Did these features cheapen the experience? Was the game ruined for the casual masses flipping birds and crushing candy? No, because neither of those mechanics contribute to a player’s thought process in-game – they were busy-work, something that became reflexive with practice. You were not a better player for clicking on a mineral patch quicker than your opponent – maybe you had lower latency, faster mouse response or maybe you’re the Flash in which case how is it fair you’re playing StarCraft ladder? It’s a parallel situation when counting workers on mineral patches – you just did it because it was the optimal way to play, not because you had a deeper understanding of the game. And this is where my main argument for automated objective timers in LoL lies.

 The act of you timing Dragon or blue buff, in itself, doesn’t make you a better player. It makes you a competitive player, because it’s a requirement in a game that’s objective-focused, but keeping timers in your head, or on a sheet of paper, or on an automated overlay isn’t indicative of a mechanic you’ve developed as a result of becoming better at the game. Am I improving, mechanically, when I click on that timer? No. I don’t associate this action with a choice in the game, I don’t consider whether it’s a must – I do it because it’s stuck in my head and I have to do it if I want to win. If a 3rd party software exists that does this for me, I will not, magically, become Challenger. Timing objectives is not a result of assessing the game situation – it’s the video game equivalent of accounting and that’s boring and non-interactive.


“If we allow automated timers, we have to allow highlighting low-health minions, track ward placement and enemy cooldowns, etc.”


 It’s a reasonably analogy, if you only take Riot’s short statement as evidence of their upcoming 3rd party policies. But it falls apart when you consider that all the above-mentioned information depends on the game environment, therefore, depends on the player’s involvement. CS-ing is a mechanical skill, but it’s also a strategy – getting in range, timing your hits and AA resets so you get all minions, avoiding aggro, calculating risk and so on. Vision and enemy cooldowns also directly influence player choice in a game, so if you have software that tracks wards you saw get placed or downtime of enemy spells, that software is harming your personal assessment of how the match is developing. Timing objectives, in itself, is neutral. Actually taking objectives is player-involved.

 Let me present an alternate scenario for those who find the above statements confusing. You have two apps – one times objectives, the other –  enemy cooldowns. Now, you stop them individually. First, you lose the objective timer. This doesn’t change the environment, because you can still time objectives yourself and you still have to develop a strategy to take them. The timer was passively influencing your gameplay; it was providing a service that’s easy to keep track of and its automated feature doesn’t give an advantage over the enemy. Now, you disable the enemy CD timer. If that timer was proper, it would be collecting information on current cooldown reduction, level of spells and would have the entire lolwiki database to work with.  It’s humanly impossible for you to accurately reproduce the results of that timer. Worse, still, the timer was actively altering your gameplay, making you more aware of when to commit or disengage, etc.





 If you’re worrying Riot will allow apps that calculate your movement with Tier 2 Boots, you’re overly dramatizing – no company writes their 3rd party software agreement without considering what’s abusing the concept and what’s not. Let me break down the difference between a beneficial app and a harmful one:

Good App
Bad App

* Provides irrelevant service for competing
Does the opposite. (no, seriously)

* Has no impact on player’s performance

* Doesn’t use datapools to calculate

* Is free

* Doesn’t provide hidden information

* Doesn’t generate input (macros, bots, etc.)

* Doesn’t monitor or decrypt user data

* Doesn’t interfere with game files

I should point out that the price of an app is of no importance if it follows point 1 about what’s expected of a “good app”.  As long as it follows the above guidelines, the app should be optional, therefore its price is a non-factor. At higher levels, people will feel forced to use software that makes following the game flow easier. That’s where accepted apps are beneficial – they provide a better service that helps people focus on developing a strategy. They don’t take away the element of strategy from players – that’s what bad apps do.

Let’s go over this again. TeamSpeak – allows players to communicate between each other, makes no active impact on the game, passively provides a service. Approved. Motion Tracking (imagined name), gives you an estimation of a Champion’s path and arrival time, taking into account Movement Speed, abilities, masteries, runes and in-game statistics. Rejected.

Curse Voice

Banning 3rd party software altogether is the no-brainer here. If we remove the community aspect of developing for the game, we avoid the risks of having it in the first place, but we’re left with nothing. Fact is, apps are already being used in LoL. Whether it’s a harmless Skype call or a jungle timer overlay, or a malicious drop-hack or macro-bot for Cassiopeia’s E, we won’t get rid of systems that go against an establishment. Didn’t work for the States when they banned alcohol in the 20s, won’t work for software on the Internet. What we can do is help Riot form reasonable restrictions on 3rd party software.

And may I point out how hypocritical it is that the community wants to be more involved in the direction of the game but then actively rejects community-created apps?





 Curse Voice is currently in closed beta, so it’s not an equal playing ground for people who want to take advantage of it. In its boom of popularity, marketers take advantage and provide popular streamers with keys they give to people who subscribe. Or give them away to people who like their page or lick their shoes or whatever – this is common business practice. Whether it’s unethical and taking advantage of consumers is a side topic. For this article, the main factor is the software isn’t provided to everyone.

 Further segregation will occur if Curse Voice is not a free app. If this indeed becomes a software players need installed to compete and puts those who don’t have it at a disadvantage, then either the program will be banned or the community will look for alternatives. Either way, paid required apps are unacceptable, because they constitute a pay-to-win model.

 As I’ve established in the previous section, I don’t believe Curse Voice will be a necessity. But the arguments against paid apps concern the practice in general, and it’s something Riot will have to actively discourage, through their policies. If common logic dictates the development of future 3rd party apps for LoL, the benefits they’ll provide players with will not justify people paying for them.

It’s a thin line that outside software can thread when it’s being used in a competitive environment. To completely erase that line is squandering the potential of a community to deliver quality service.





 Timers won’t make you Challenger. Yes, 3rd party software is a gray area when it comes to what’s allowed and what’s not. These issues have existed and have been resolved in the industry since the dawn of online games. There are strict and logical policies that ban programs which destroy competitiveness. Companies today have the tools to differentiate between 3rd party software used. The community that commits to developing them for serious use understands the guidelines for their implementation, they’re not just blindly putting together macro bots or dataminers or whatever have you.

 To ban all apps from being used is to go the way of companies that don’t put faith in players. The fear of exploits when LoL has grown to such scale is real and, yet, it’s no more justified than the fear of any company putting out an online game. I hope this article has at least made you consider that pulling a curtain over 3rd party software in general isn’t necessary. What is necessary is having proper Terms of Service that can’t be misinterpreted.

You have been DDOS’ed from this article.


My Info Article Ending

Recently, Riot announced that you could vote for the sixth player on each team for the Hexakill event. The results of voting from all over the globe are in, and the two extra players for the event are:

Misaya – Hailing from China, this former captain and mid-lane mastermind behind Team WE brings years of experience to the All-Star table. Having competed at the highest levels – from IEM to the upper echelons of the LPL – Misaya will be right at home on the All-Star stage.

Toyz – Coming all the way from Hong Kong, Toyz brings World Championship experience to the All-Star arena. With staggering KDA and GPM numbers throughout his professional career, this former TPA titan doesn’t have to prove himself to anyone. That kind of confidence will surely make for a good show in the Hexakill challenge.


Not only Hexakill will be at the event; After TSM and C9 showed you the glory that is Ultra Rapid Fire, the world’s All Stars will show you too. Heading to Le Zenith arena in Paris, U.R.F. has been beloved by the playerbase across the board. Now we’ll see the world’s best take it into action on the big stage. The community will vote for a single champion that must be picked by both teams. From now until 12:00 AM PDT on April 26th, YOU decide who they play. Doublelift vs Rekkles on Lee Sin? How many mushrooms can xPeke place? The LoL community will decide.

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Patch 4 Point 6 Banner

Patch 4.6



Riot Pwyff Button Rioter RiotPwyff: Hi Summoners,

Since this is the patch the 2014 All-Star tournament will be played on, we’re taking it a little easy on the changes. After 4.5’s laundry list, here’s what we’re tackling next.

Reworks: We’ve released a number of reworks over the past few patches and we’re committed to following up to get these champs to a better place. We saw quick opportunities to polish up Kassadin, Gragas and Rengar. We also have plans for Skarner, but we’re going to keep him in the lab a little longer. You can read about our specific design intentions below, but the general theme (for all of the above) is to make these reworked champions more unique within their role while still preserving game health.

Top lane: We’re particularly aware of low champion diversity – especially in competitive play. The current state of top lane is a couple of champs go to fight on an island and that makes the balancing act tricky. We know that nerfs won’t work because taking down today’s bullies (hi Renekton!) means that others would rise to the spot. Instead, we’re going to be buffing(!) champions over time that have teamfight-oriented, healthy gameplay. In this vein we have changes in store for Jarvan IV, Malphite, Rumble and more, but Rumble is the only one shipping because he’s the only one done. Stay tuned, as this will be an ongoing project.

Onward to the patch notes!

LoL Patcher (1)

LoL Patcher










Wriggle's Lantern

Summoner Spells


Twisted Treeline, Crystal Scar & Howling Abyss

Hextech Sweeper

 Twisted Treeline

Twisted Treeline

Bots (1)


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Rotation Week 15 Season 4

The following Champions will be free-to-play until April 29th!


Ashe - 450 IP / 260 RP
Pantheon - 3150 IP / 790 RP

Irelia - 4800 IP / 880 RP
Quinn - 6300 IP / 975 RP

Karma - 3150 IP / 790 RP
Vladimir - 4800 IP / 880 RP

Master Yi - 450 IP / 260 RP
Zed - 6300 IP / 975 RP

Nami - 6300 IP / 975 RP
Ziggs - 6300 IP / 975 RP


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Sale April 25




  • Galio – 440 RP
  • Hecarim – 487 RP
  • Twisted Fate – 292 RP


Enchanted Galio – 260 RP



Enchanted Galio Splash


Frozen Terror Nocturne – 487 RP



Frozen Terror Nocturne Splash


Obsidian Malphite – 487 RP



Obsidian Malphite Splash



New Champion Teaser

Link to official announcement.



“With the Freljord’s winter closing in and an almighty battle raging around him, one brave poro bounds on in his eternal search for snacks.”



The news is labeled under “Champion Preview” and, based on the footage, I have two theories what this new Champion will be:


Figure in Poro Spotlight

Burly Man, Not Likely a New Champ

Poro Champ Best Champ

Poro Champion – Obvious Choice


Which one would you rather play? I know I’d like to be fed cookies by teammates. In all seriousness, if we are getting a burly man in the League that helps people, it can mean only one thing – Riot is making ANGUS!


Angus Comic – by the Man & Legend OrbitalDropKick


Angus Manly Comic for Men

Angus Manly Comic for Men


I couldn’t find a link to this comic, but here’s the thread it was attached to. You may remember OrbitalDropKick from classic literature such as OHRI THE NINE TALED CAT LADY, PLS NERF Trondomore the Wild Man Empreror and RIOT HLEP PLS: RE: ELSIE, how can 2 champion?

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Hello Summoners, the time for the North American LCS Spring Split Playoffs is upon us. Playoffs start tomorrow, so let’s get an overview of each matchup.

What’s Riding on These Matches

For the winner of the whole tournament: A spot in Paris, France against the world’s top teams.

For the winners of the quarterfinal matches: a guaranteed spot in the next split.

For the losers of the quarterfinals: They’ll have to play each other, with the loser going to relegation.


Matchup #1: Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Coast

Clg logo2.png                                            

All eyes are on this match, with the potential for CLG’s rise to glory, or another failure in the books. All Star AD Carry Doublelift has never won a single LAN, and CLG hasn’t won one in years. After a fairly successful Spring Split, there’s hope for the reborn Counter Logic Gaming. On the other hand, Coast is relying on Shiphtur to lead them to victory. With his astonishing performances in so many games this season, a Coast fan should hope that he can pull it out for an upset.

CLG will look to rotate and outplay the enemy strategically, whereas Coast’s goal is to get their solo laners going and hope to make picks across the map. Coast will definitely look to give ZionSpartan and Shiphtur the edge in their lanes, while CLG’s rush hour duo will be a daunting task for WizFujin and Daydreamin to take on. Nien has been less consistent than ZionSpartan, however CLG doesn’t rely on Nien a large amount. Dexter has been able to influence the map more than NintendudeX throughout the split, and he’ll likely handle CLG’s early calls. Link and Shiphtur is the most important matchup, as both of them don’t want the other mid laner taking their team into the lead.

The winner of this matchup will move on to face Team SoloMid.

Prediction: CLG 2-0 Coast, due to them having better rotations and looking very comfortable with the 2v1 meta. However, this is Counter Logic Gaming.


Matchup #2: Dignitas vs Curse


This is going to be a heated series, as it seems these teams are always contesting those middle of the pack positions. Dignitas will see the return of William “scarra” Li to the starting line up, for reasons unbeknownst to us. Neither team has a set-in-stone style of play, with Curse sometimes being able to out-rotate the enemy team with different compositions, while not showing up at all other times. Dignitas on the other hand are able to handle themselves individually and usually gather up kills, however may struggle in the 2v1 meta. They also show poor control of Baron Nashor,  being known as “Dignitoss” fairly often.

Looking at individual matchups, things are fairly even except Curse has a slight edge, with Quas doing better in the current meta than Cruzer. Dignitas’ bottom lane is a wild card, as we’re never sure how they’ll turn out. QTPie and KiWiKiD are the wild card who have dominated many games, whereas in others struggle immensely (noting their recent gaming against CLG, where KiWiKiD couldn’t hit level 5 for a while due to being forced to recall or dying). Scarra is making his return, up against Voyboy who hasn’t really been doing poorly but definitely isn’t the driving force behind Curse’s victories. Both Junglers will look to make moves around the map and snowball the lanes, rather than attempt early dragons or counterjungling.

It’s a toss up over who will win, however Curse has looked more solid as of late and it Dignitas hasn’t practised with scarra in a while.

The winner will face Cloud 9.

Prediction: Curse 2-1 Dignitas, as Curse is the more stable team.

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April 21 Sale


  • Lee Sin – 440 RP
  • Nidalee – 395 RP
  • Vi – 487 RP

Blade Mistress Morgana – 375 RP

Blade Mistress Morgana

Blade Mistress Morgana Splash

French Maid Nidalee – 260 RP

French Maid Nidalee

French Maid Nidalee Splash 

Scarlet Hammer Poppy – 487 RP

Scarlet Hammer Poppy

Scarlet Hammer Poppy Splash