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Discussion on New Poppy Banner

Meddler talks about the likelihood of Poppy being a dedicated tank post-rework.


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Poppy hasnt been nerfed because shes not a consistent pick ban in pro play

Meddler Final PortraitThat’s it in a nutshell. Poppy getting picked occasionally doesn’t worry us. Poppy as regularly played though, pick/ban especially, would be a problem. Because of that we’ve got a Poppy rework in progress, with one of the aims of that project being to make it so if Poppy’s strong enough to get regular play that’s fine, rather than something we feel compelled to deal with.

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Do you think Poppy should be changed from a burst champion to a tank

Meddler Final PortraitI do feel tank is a good fit for Poppy. She’s a determined, honorable, warrior who wants to be right in the middle of the fight. Her signature gameplay traits are a hammer smash, charging someone into a wall and being extremely hard to kill, all of which can fit well with the tank class (think more Sion as a tank, than Braum as a tank).

Certainly, she’s also got a lot of kill potential at present. Extremely hard to kill or CC, really burst champion with some mobility’s not a good combo though, and it’s only held in check at present since Poppy’s early game is atrocious and she’s kept a bit weak in general. Of the two sides of her we could focus on the tank/fighter side seems like a much better fit to me than the assassin/burst side.

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Will you keep Lolipoppys original splash art after the rework

Meddler Final PortraitI haven’t dared ask what the plans for that are nightmarish creation are yet.

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Isnt it boring for paladins to always be in the middle of fights and not do damage

Meddler Final PortraitI’m with you that honorable and middle of the fight aren’t the same thing. I’d describe both Ashe and Lee Sin as honorable in terms of personality for example, yet neither wants to be right in the midst of everything (Ashe wants to keep her distance, Lee Sin usually wants to be killing or ulting a prime target so spends more time around the edges waiting for his moment). In Poppy’s case though I feel both honorable and middle of the fight do apply.

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Shens Q and W to be reworked Banner

Meddler iterates on  the recently-mentioned Shen rework and mentions his Q and W spells will likely be completely changed.


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Why are TF and Pantheons ults not canceled by damage like Tahm and Reksais

Meddler Final Portrait Consistency’s something we explicitly wanted to avoid in these cases. The goal with Rek’Sai and Tahm Kench’s ults was to offer teleports that were used in different ways to avoid overlapping too much on what makes TF and Panth distinctive. Rek’Sai has no range limit on her teleport, but can’t use it to disenage easily, while TF’s much more slippery, but has a significantly shorter range and a noticeably higher CD.

Consistency’s something we do value in cases where it makes things easier to understand at a glance (e.g. the commonly used ‘you’ve stunned’ purple VFX above stunned champions’ heads). It’s not something we want to pursue whenever possible though. We want different champions to bring different tools to the game, testing different skills and creating different decisions. Additionally, sometimes a solution in one case isn’t appropriate for another (e.g. Lucian’s a spell cast heavy ADC whose mana costs become much less significant over the course of the game. Kog’Maw’s another spell cast heavy ADC, his mana costs need to remain really meaningful however).

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I find Shens Q having the same range as Yasuos Q to be very unthematic

Meddler Final PortraitMatching thematics with gameplay is something we put a lot of effort into, there are times though where we need to prioritize balance over lighter thematic expectations. Having a thrown weapon have the same range as a long spear stab or sword thrust is that sort of case (by contrast if Caitlyn, as a sniper, had a really low attack range that’d be a pretty significant disconnect).

As far as Shen goes we think he’s in a pretty effective spot right now and don’t currently have any plans to add more power to him. It’s also very likely his Q will be replaced or very heavily modified in his gameplay update (we’d like to give him a more interesting combat pattern for laning/1v1s and changing the Q will be a significant part of that).

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Do you think Swain is in a good spot right now

Meddler Final PortraitOverall yes. We’ve always been a bit suspicious that Swain might actually be too strong and potentially pretty oppressive if the right meta came along. So far though that remains just a theory. Swain doesn’t see regular professional play, but his balance is in a good spot otherwise. No current plans for him as a result.

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Will there be any changes to Shens lack of splitpushing or his Feint W

Meddler Final PortraitIt’s very likely we’ll keep Shen as a low waveclear champion, his inability to push quickly’s a really important safety valve on his ultimate.

Feint we’ll almost certainly replace outright. Odds are fairly high some form of other defensive ability will replace it, Shen needs some inherent survivability.

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Changelog for New Hud Banner

Changes to the new HUD will be hitting the PBE next week.


HUD changes for next PBE build

Chager Final PortraitWe’ve received a lot of good feedback and have made some adjustments to the HUD to test out before the next release:

  • Cooldown timers now take the entire skill square (no longer circular)
  • We’ve made the CD timers go from full to empty to better show cooldown time (vs. fill up)
  • Off cooldown flash has been changed in color (gold) and reduced in animation length
  • Multiple sounds have been removed or softened (skill up, scoreboard open close, player stat window open close)
  • Some fonts have changed
    — Please note we’ve just implemented a new font system and are going through and tuning all the places fonts are displayed. There’s still a lot of polish left to do but we wanted to get it out and tested on PBE as we iterate
  • Changed crit and attack range in the character stats page (crit now displays in bottom left of base window and attack range in bottom left of extended stat window)

Things we’re looking to get out early next week:

  • Adjusting color of OOM and CD to have differentiated colors
  • Ongoing font work (both color/shadow and size/typography)
  • More space between ally portraits and minimap (and making portraits bigger)
  • Level up animation color differentiation and animation shortening


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Colorblind Mode is in a terrible state

Rayven New PortraitHi, we hear you! We are working on a TON of readability improvements for the next patch including:

  • Clearer, larger fonts
  • Text colors and styling (as well as darker bgs for contrast)
  • Full square ability cooldowns with a more readable color
  • Pulled way back on animation length and noise
  • A lot less blue
  • More negative space between elements
  • Larger team frames and meters
  • More readable stats
  • More readable spell pips

All that said, our internal colorblind testers (red/green) found the new minimap to be more readable than the old one due to the toned down bg. Are you having trouble tracking info on it?

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Can you not make pots fully gray when they cant be used

Rayven New PortraitWe might pull back on the fully grey pots. They’re grey in the old HUD as well, but not completely.

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Will we be able to move around item slots in the shop menu

Rayven New PortraitWe want this as well. Weren’t able to do it as part of this feature though :(

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The new minimap is weird and attracts my eyes when I dont want to look at it

Rayven New PortraitIt was jarring for us at first too, but in the end we felt things read better with the dim bg. Your feedback is noted though. LMK if you get used to it over time.

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The scoreboard is currently hard to navigate

Rayven New PortraitYeah we want to improve the scoreboard this patch. What else are you having trouble seeing other than MIA?

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The Champion stat icons for Attack Range and Crit Chance should be swapped

Rayven New PortraitThanks Throstus, we are swapping AR for crit and I’ll move that icon over :)

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The cooldown and outofmana animations look to similar to each other

Rayven New PortraitWe are doing a big differentiation pass on cd and oom. The funny thing is, they were both blue in the old HUD as well. Need to find the right balance though.

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Why was the scoreboard global kills towers moved to the bottom right

Rayven New PortraitThe concept was to get frequently checked strategic info in one glance rather than darting your eyes around the screen. I think we could have chunked info better for sure to cut down on the “clutter.”

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The shop menu takes too much space Can we be given the option to resize it

Rayven New PortraitYou can scale the Shop down by grabbing and dragging the bottom right corner – I agree it’s too big. I scale mine all the way down.

We are working on most of the contrast issues you mentioned.

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HP as True damage mechanic Banner

Fiora’s new ultimate has caused some balance concerns among the community regarding the lack of counterplay in spells that deal %HP true damage.


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I hope HP true damage doesnt become an overused mechanic in new kits

Meddler Final PortraitIt’s a mechanic we only intend to only use very occasionally (hence the 4 year gap between Vayne’s release with it and Fiora’s rework gaining it). It’s something we’ve explored on a few different prototypes post Vayne release, this is the first time though where we’ve concluded it was an appropriate fit. % max hp physical/magic damage or flat true damage are almost always the more appropriate tool for abilities that need to be limited against squishy targets/strengthened against tankier targets.

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Whatre your thoughts on Vaynes current state

Meddler Final PortraitWe’re pretty happy with Vayne’s current state. She’s a reasonable pick, especially if you build a team that supports her well. She’s got clear weaknesses though, and doesn’t offer things almost all other ADCs do. When you pick Vayne you’re choosing to give up various tools in exchange for her strengths.

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Ranked decay coming back on July 27th

Riot Mirross Final PortraitHey folks,

Last week, we temporarily disabled ranked queues and ranked decay so players wouldn’t lose LP while ranked was down. Ranked decay will be re-enabled return on July 27 at 12:00PM PDT in all regions.

The time that’s passed will still count against your inactivity period when decay is re-enabled, so if you’ve taken a break, make sure to play a game before July 27 if you want to avoid the LP penalty. If you’ve been playing consistently, this won’t affect you at all.

Ranked decay refresher:

Bronze, Silver & Gold:

There’s no decay in solo or team queues for these tiers.

Platinum & Diamond:

Solo and team queues:

After 28 days of inactivity in a particular ranked queue, you’ll be hidden from the standings in your league. You’ll also lose LP depending on your current tier. Every seven days thereafter, you’ll lose LP until you play a match in that queue particular.

Master & Challenger:

Solo queue:

Decay sets in after 10 days of inactivity to ensure competition continues at the highest echelons of League.

Team queue:

Decay occurs after 28 days to account for the difficulties of managing five (or more) player schedules.

Find out more about ranked decay.

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Bilgewater Wallpapers Banner

Riot’s LAN site has posted all sorts of digital Bilgewater-themed goodies:




Young.TF.Graves_Splash_1920x1080 Pre.GP_Splash_1920x1080 TF.v.Graves_1920x1080 SlaughterDocksSkins_Splash_1920x1080 MF_Splash_1920x1080 GP_StandingAlone_1920x1080


Summoner Icons

Graves.Icon.320x320 TF.Zoom.Young.320x320 Graves.Zoom.Young.320x320 Bilgewater.Crest.320x320 TF.Icon.320x320





Artsed.Carnicero.1920x1080 (1)



portada1 portada2 portada3



graves missfortune fizz Gangplank thresh twistedfate nami rata graves gp twistedF ms


Bilgewater Events and Tournaments Banner

You can find a Bilgewater tournament to participate in and compete for rewards HERE.


TLDR: Bilgewater-themed live events are happening all around the world. Join the party and experience Bilgewater in a whole new way–and yes, there may be loot to plunder.

Special Bilgewater Boarding Parties are being planned and we need you on board. Be a part of history as you meet with other players and bring Bilgewater to life. Crew members who are victorious in combat (we mean tournaments) will be rewarded with Bilgewater prizing. If you’re part of one of the in-person Bilgewater Boarding Parties, there may be exclusive swag you can’t get anywhere else.

Be part of League of Legends history and bring Bilgewater to real life!


Community-Run Events

These are special Bilgewater Boarding Parties organized and run by members of your local community. These events will take place between July 30th and August 9th at in-person locations around the world and online.

To register for a community-run Boarding Party head to the Community Events page, find an event near you (or online) and click the “Register” button. Be sure to read the event details for info on how to join in the fun. New events will be added as they are approved. Be sure to check back often to get the most updated list.



In-person tournamentsMeet other League of Legends fans for a face-to-face tournament held in a real-world location near you. Competition takes place on the Butcher’s Bridge ARAM map or the Black Market Brawlers game-mode.


Online tournamentsCan’t make it to an in-person Boarding Party? Then make your adventure virtual by joining an online tournament. These events take place on the Butcher’s Bridge ARAM map or the Black Market Brawlers game-mode.


In-person play sessionsIf competition isn’t your thing, look for a Bilgewater Play Session, a non-competitive opportunity to play on the new on the Butcher’s Bridge ARAM map and Black Market Brawlers game-mode.

Approved community-run tournaments are eligible for special Bilgewater digital prizing based on event type and size. Prizing will be awarded to the top teams in the tournament. Check out each event’s “Prizing” section for more information. Players must be registered for the event on the Community Events page to be eligible for prizing.


bwbp_chestA limited number of in-person Bilgewater Boarding Parties will be receiving a shipment of exclusive Bilgewater swag (which means ‘free stuff’) that isn’t available anywhere else. As always, supplies are limited, and not every attendee or Boarding Party is guaranteed loot.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


After a series of roster changes in June, the Copenhagen Wolves will shuffle their roster yet again as Ilyas “Shook” Hartsema has left the team.

Leaving Elements in April,  Shook finds himself a free agent in the offseason. On Saturday, Hartsema took to twitter to announce his availability.



Finishing in 10th place in the European LCS, the Copenhagen Wolves have been auto-relegated to the Challenger series. It is yet to be seen who they will bring in as their new starting jungler.



PBE 25 07 Banner


PBE 25/07


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.



Champion Changes


Gangplank Final Champion Portrait

General Box

  • Gangplank now additionally gains one Silver Serpet every second [3v3, ARAM and Dominion only]



Nidalee Final Champion Portrait


Nerf BoxProwl Final IconProwl [ Passive ]

  • Hunt marks now last 3 seconds, decreased from 4



Nerf BoxJavelin Toss Final IconJavelin Toss [ Q ]

  • Base minimum damage decreased from 50/75/100/125/150 to 50/70/90/110/130
  • Maximum damage decreased from 150/225/300/375/450 to 150/210/270/330/390



Sivir Final Champion Portrait


Nerf BoxOn the Hunt Final IconOn the Hunt [ R ]

  • Movement speed boost decreased from 60% at all ranks to 30/45/60%
  • Now affects allies within 900 range, decreased from 1000
  • If an ally walks within range of On the Hunt after it’s been cast, they’ll receive 20% bonus MS [tooltip fix]




Fiora got her old haircut back. Goodbye Colette:


Fiora_0-1 Fiora_Splash_0-2-1024x604

Fiora-Updated-Model-4-1024x640 Fiora-Updated-Model-3-1024x640 Fiora-Updated-Model-5-1024x640




To complement her gameplay & visual rework, Fiora’s received a new short client entry:


”I have come to kill you for the sake of honor. And though you possess none, you will die just the same.” The most feared duelist in all of Valoran, Fiora is as renowned for her indomitable will and haughty pride as she is for her skill with the blade. She was born to Demacia’s House Laurent, a once-proud family whose reputation was tarnished by the actions of her father. In an unprecedented move, Fiora challenged him to single combat and, upon winning, took control of House Laurent. Defying the Demacian establishment, she has set about restoring the reputation and pride of her family name, one duel at a time.




Cooldowns on the new HUD now fill the entire icon, not just a circle inside it:






You can now select the ward skins for the wards you won’t place from Champ Select:


Ward-Selection-1-1024x640 Ward-Selection-2-1024x640




PBE 21 07 Reference Banner


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



Bilgewater Act 2 Banner

Act Two of Riot’s Bilgewater event is now up on the promo site.


Live the Event

Explore the World

Act Two Lore

[ Note ] You can check out all the upcoming pirate-themed content HERE.

Bilgewater-Burning-Tides-Banner (1)



Live the Event

Pirate skins, wards, bundles and merchandise are now on sale.

Event Skins Banner Bilgewater Skins




Corsair Quinn can fly to your aid for a price of 750 RP.


Quinn Splash Mirror Quinn Load Screen Mirrored



Corsair Quinn Updated 1 Corsair Quinn Updated 2



Corsair Quinn Q 



Valor Model




You can gamble on Cutpurse TF for 750 RP.


Graves_Splash_6 Cutpurse TF Load Screen



Cutpurse TF 1 Cutpurse TF 2

Cutpurse TF Update 2 Cutpurse TF Update 1



Cutpurse TF 3



Graves won’t cut your throat if you cough up 750 RP.


Graves_Splash_6 Cutthroat Graves Load Screen



Cutthroat Graves Updated 1 Cutthroat Graves Updated 2




Rogue Admiral Garen will let you join the ranks for 750 RP.


Quinn Splash Mirror Rogue Garen Load Screen



Rogue Garen Model 1 Rogue Garen Model 2



Rogue Garen W 2




You can have this uglier Witcher siren for 750 RP.


Aatrox_Splash_32 (3) Sea Hunter Aatrox Load Screen



Aatrox Model 1 Aatrox Model 2





50% off

Bilgewater-inspired artists and designers created alternate fantasy skins even before the city became the latest setting for a League event. Add these classic skins to your collection in this flexible cost bundle for 2996 RP (4118 RP if you need the champs) until 2:00 PDT on August 10, including Bilgewater Katarina, Bilgewater Swain, Bilgerat Rumble (Legacy), Fiddle Me Timbers, Buccaneer Tristana, and Pirate Ryze (Legacy).



25% off

Seize control of Runeterra’s seas with Gangplank’s Saltscourged Bundle! This flexible cost bundle lays keel at 3535 RP (4127 RP if you need GP), lasts until 2:00 PDT on August 10, and includes Sailor Gangplank (Legacy), Special Forces Gangplank, Minuteman Gangplank, Toy Soldier Gangplank (Legacy), Sultan Gangplank, and Spooky Gangplank.



25% off

Strut into action with the Bounty Hunter Bundle! This flexible cost bundle clocks in at 4547 RP (5139 RP if you need MF), lasts until 2:00 PDT on August 10, and includes Arcade Miss Fortune, Mafia Miss Fortune, Candy Cane Miss Fortune (Legacy), Road Warrior Miss Fortune (Legacy), Secret Agent Miss Fortune, Cowgirl Miss Fortune, and Waterloo Miss Fortune.




Available for 640 RP.

Slaughter Fleet Ward Skin Model




Available for 640 RP.

Mother Serpent Ward 1




Available for 250 RP.




You can pick up these 5 statue for 20 dollars each, discounted from 25, from Riot’s merch store.

Graves Statue Miss Fortune Statue

Nami Statue Gangplank Statue

Nautilus Statue


You can snag the Bilgewater mousepad for 18 dollars; the Graves unisex T-shirt will cost you 25.

Bilgewater Mousepad Graves Unisex Tshirt




In the second act, you can take a tour of Bilgewater’s Slaughter Docks.

Slaughter Docks



ACT TWO PART ONEMelee on the Docks Banner

I’m coughin’ up black. The smoke from the warehouse fire is tearin’ my lungs to shreds, but I don’t have time to catch my breath. T.F.’s getting away, and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna spend another dog’s age chasin’ him all over Runeterra. It ends tonight.

The bastard sees me coming. He shoves a couple of dock hands out of the way and runs off across the wharf. He’s trying to work his escape card, but I’m keeping the heat on him, so he can’t focus.

More Hooks swarm around, like flies on an outhouse. Before they can block his path, T.F. tosses a couple of his exploding cards and takes the thugs out. A few Hooks are an easy fight for him. But I ain’t. I’m comin’ to get my due, and T.F. knows it. He scurries down the wharf as fast as he can.

His scuffle with the dock boys gives me just enough time to catch up. He sees me and darts behind a huge hunk of whale spine. A blast from my gun shatters his cover, filling the air with shards of bone.

He answers by trying to take my head off, but I shoot his card in midair. It explodes like a bomb, knocking us both on our asses. He scrambles to his feet first and takes off. I fire Destiny as fast as she’ll shoot.

Some Hooks close in on us with chains and cutlasses. I turn quick and blow their insides out their backs. Before I can hear the wet slap of their guts on the dock, I’m spinning on my heels. I take aim at T.F., but I’m clipped by a shot from a pistol. More Hooks, and these are better armed.

I duck behind a piece of an old trawler’s hull to return fire. My gun just clicks. Gotta reload. I slam some fresh shells into the cylinder, spit my anger onto the floor, and wade back into the chaos.

All around me, shots and bolts burst through wooden crates. One of ’em tears a chunk of my ear off. I just grit my teeth and plow forward, squeezing the trigger. Destiny is chewin’ up everything. One Jagged Hook loses a jaw. Another is blasted into the bay. A third gets torn into a red sheet of muscle and sinew.

I snap around to find T.F. escaping deeper into the slaughter docks. I run past a fishmonger hanging up scavenger eels. One of the beasts is just skinned, its innards still spillin’ onto the dock. The monger turns on me, swinging a meat hook.


I take off his leg.


I follow up with a shot to his head.

I shove away a stinking razorfish carcass and keep moving. The blood is ankle deep, some of it from the fish and some from the Hooks we’ve gunned down. It’s enough to give a dandy like T.F. fits. Even with me on his tail, he slows his stride to keep from messin’ up his skirts.

Before I can close in, T.F. kicks on into a gallop. I can feel myself losing wind.

“Turn and face me!” I holler.

What kind of man don’t own up to his problems?

A noise to my right draws my attention to a balcony holding two more Hooks. I fire, and the whole thing crashes to the docks.

The gun smoke and debris are so thick, I can’t see a damn thing. I run toward the sound of his lady boots thudding across the wooden slats. He’s makin’ for Butcher’s Bridge at the end of the slaughter docks – the only way off the island. Damned if I’m letting him get away again.

As I reach the bridge, T.F. skids to a halt, halfway across. At first, I think he’s given up. Then I see why he stopped: On the far side, blocking his way, there’s a mass of sword-wielding bastards. But I ain’t backing down.

T.F. turns back only to find me. He’s trapped. He looks over the side of the bridge, down at the water. He’s thinking about jumping – but I know he won’t.

He’s all out of options. He starts walking toward me.

“Look, Malcolm. Neither of us needs to die here. As soon as we get out of this-”

“You’ll run again. That’s all you’ve ever done.”

He don’t answer. Suddenly, he ain’t so worried about me. I turn back to see what he’s fixed on.

Behind me, I see every lowlife that can carry a blade or pistol storming onto the docks. Gangplank must’ve called in all his boys from across the city. To keep going’s a death sentence.

But livin’ ain’t the most important thing to me today.



ACT TWO PART TWOClosing in Banner

They’re in no rush, the Hooks. Not anymore. They know they have us trapped. Behind them, it looks like every rat-stabbing cutthroat in Bilgewater has shown up to the party. No way back.

On the far end of the bridge, blocking my escape into the maze of Bilgewater’s slums, is what appears to be the whole Red Caps dock gang. They rule the east side of the waterfront. Gangplank owns them, just like he owns the Hooks and nearly the whole damned town.

Behind me, there’s Graves, stomping ever closer. The stubborn son of a bitch doesn’t care about the mess we’re in. It’s amazing, really. Here we are, yet again, like all those years ago. Deep in the muck, and he just won’t listen.

I wish I could tell him what really happened back then, but there’s no point. He wouldn’t believe me, not for a second. Once something’s lodged in that thick skull of his, it takes a while to shake it loose. And we don’t have a while.

I back up to the side of the bridge. Over the rail, I see the winches and pulleys suspended beneath me – then the ocean far below. My head spins, and my stomach drops into my boots. As I stagger back to the middle of the bridge, I get a full view of how bad a spot I’m in.

Looming in the distance is Gangplank’s black-sailed ship. From it, a damned armada of boats is closing in below, rowing hard. Looks like all of his men are heading our way.

I can’t get through the Hooks, I can’t get through the Caps, and I can’t get through Graves’s pig-headedness.

Only one way to go.

I step up onto the railing of the bridge. We’re even higher than I realized. The wind whips at my coat, making it snap like the sails of a ship. I should never have come back to Bilgewater.

“Get the hell down from there,” says Graves. Is there a hint of desperation in his voice? It’d break him if I died before he got the confession he wants so much.

I take a deep breath. It really is a long way down.

“Tobias,” Malcolm says. “Step back.”

I pause. I haven’t heard that name in a long time.

Then I jump from the bridge.





The Brazen Hydra was one of the few taverns in Bilgewater that didn’t have sawdust on the floor. Drinks were rarely spilled, let alone teeth, but on this night, its patrons could be heard all the way to Diver’s Bluff.

Men of some repute, and even greater means, were turning the air blue with wondrous songs of the very worst acts.

And there, in the middle of them all, was the conductor of the night’s revelry.

She twirled, toasting the health of the harbor master and all his watchmen. Her lustrous red hair whipped around, captivating the eyes of every man in the room, not that they had been looking at anything other than her.

No glass had been allowed to run empty all night – the crimson-haired siren made sure of that. But it wasn’t the dulled senses of every man in the room that drew them closer. It was the promise of her next glorious smile.

With merriment still shaking the tavern, the front door opened, and in stepped a plainly dressed man. Inconspicuous to a degree that only comes from years of practice, he walked to the bar and ordered a drink.

Among the clumsily assembled gallery, the young woman grabbed a fresh glass of amber ale.

“My fine fellows, I’m afraid I must take my leave,” she said with a flourish.

The men of the harbor guard responded with loud bellows of protest.

“Now, now. We’ve had our fun,” she said, chiding them amiably. “But I have a busy night ahead, and you are all so very late to your posts.”

She hopped onto a table without missing a beat, before looking down upon them all with triumphant glee.

“May the Mother Serpent grant us mercy for our sins!”

She smiled her most captivating smile, raised the large tankard to her lips, and then downed her ale in one tremendous gulp.

“Especially the big ones,” she said, as she slammed her glass on the table.

She wiped the beer from her mouth to a rapturous roar of approval and blew a kiss to all.

Like servants before their queen, the room parted.

The door was held open for her by the gracious harbor master. He hoped to garner one last glance of approval, but she was lost to the streets before he could look up from his unsteadily courteous bow.

Outside, the moon had dipped behind Freeman’s Aerie, and the night’s shadow seemed to reach out to meet the woman. Each step that she took from the tavern became more purposeful and surefooted. Her carefree veil dissolved, and her true self was revealed.

Her smile, her look of wonder and joy, were gone. She stared grimly, not seeing the streets and alleys around her, but looking far beyond to the many possibilities of the dark night ahead.

Behind her, the plainly dressed man from the tavern was gaining. His footsteps were silent, yet unnervingly swift.

In a measured heartbeat, he put his stride in perfect unison with hers, just off her shoulder, out of her periphery.

“Is everything in place, Rafen?” she asked.

After all these years, he was still taken aback at how he could never surprise her.

“Yes, Captain,” he said.

“You weren’t spotted?”

“No,” he bristled, reining in his displeasure at the question. “The bay was free from the harbor master’s eyes, and the ship was as good as empty.”

“And the boy?”

“He played his part.”

“Good. We meet at the Syren.”

At her word, Rafen broke away and disappeared into the gloom.

She continued onward as the night wrapped itself around her. Everything was in motion. All that remained was for her players to begin the show.






I hear Graves roar as I dive off the bridge. All I can see is the rope beneath me. No need to think about the fall or the bottomless black depths.

Everything is a blur of rushing wind.

I nearly scream with joy when I catch the rope, but then it burns into my palm like a branding iron. My fall stops with a snap as I slide to the bottom of the looping tether.

I hang there a moment, cursing.

I’ve heard that dropping into water from this height normally won’t kill a man, but I’d rather take my chances on the stone loading dock that’s at least fifty feet straight down. I’ll die, but it’s a damned sight better than drowning.

Between me and the stone platform, a pair of heavy-duty cables run from here to the mainland, one forward, one back. Crude, noisy mechanisms power them. They’re used to transport rendered down parts of sea beasts to the markets in Bilgewater proper.

The cables strum as a heavy rusted bucket, as big as a house, grinds its way toward me.

I let a smile creep on my face for a second. That is, until I see what’s in the cart. I’m about to drop feet first into a seething vat of rotting fish spleen.

It took me months to earn the coin for my boots. Supple as gossamer and sturdy as tempered steel, they were crafted from the hide of an abyssal sea drake. There are fewer than four pairs in the whole world.

Damn it.

I time my jump just right and land in the middle of the chum bucket. The cold slop seeps through every hand-stitch of my prized boots. At least my hat’s clean.

Suddenly, I hear that damned gun bark again.

The mooring line explodes.

The cart groans as it slides free from the cables. The wind’s knocked out of me as the bucket slams into the stone platform. I feel the foundations of the dock shake before everything flips on its side.

The world falls over my head, along with a ton of fish guts.

Struggling to stand, I look for another way out. Gangplank’s launches are closing in. They’re nearly here.

Dazed, I drag myself toward a small boat moored on the loading dock. I’m not halfway there when a shotgun blast rips its hull wide open, scuttling it.

As the boat sinks, I drop to my knees, exhausted. I try to catch some breath over my own stench. Malcolm stands over me. Somehow, he made his way down, too. Of course he did.

“Not so charmin’ now, are ya?” Graves grins, looking me up and down.

“Are you ever gonna learn?” I say, rising to my feet. “Every time I try to help you, I-”

He fires into the ground in front of me. I’m pretty sure I get a chunk of something in my shin. “If you’d just list-”

“Oh, I’m all done listenin’,” he interrupts, grinding out the words. “The biggest score of our lives, and before I knew it, you were gone.”

“Before you knew it? I told you-”

Another blast, another shower of stone, but I’m past caring.

“I tried to get us out. The rest of us saw the job was going south,” I say. “But you wouldn’t back down. You never do.” The card’s in my hand before I realize it.

“I told you then, all you had to do was back me up. We would’ve gotten out clean – and rich. But you ran,” he says, stepping forward. The man I used to know seems lost under years of hatred.

I don’t try to say anything else. I can see it in his eyes, now. Something’s broken inside of him.

Over his shoulder, a glint catches my eye – it’s a flintlock. The first of Gangplank’s crewmen are on us.

Without thinking, I flick the card. It slices toward Graves.

His gun thunders.

My card takes out Gangplank’s man. His pistol was leveled at Malcolm’s back.

Behind me, another member of his crew slumps to the ground, a knife in his hand. If Graves hadn’t shot him, he could’ve had me, cold.

We both look at each other. Old habits.

Gangplank’s men are all around now, crowding in close, howling and jeering. There’s too many to fight.

That doesn’t stop Graves. He brings his gun up, but he’s out of shells.

I don’t draw any cards. There’s no point.

Malcolm roars and goes at them. That’s his way. He shatters one bastard’s nose with the butt of his gun, before the mob beats him to the ground.

Hands grab me, pinning my arms. Malcolm’s hauled to his feet, blood dripping from his face.

Ominously, the hoots and hollers from the mob around us fall silent.

The wall of thugs parts to reveal a red-coated figure striding toward us.


Up close, he’s much bigger than you’d imagine. And older. The lines of his face are deep and chiseled.

He’s holding an orange in one hand, slicing off its skin with a short-bladed carving knife. He’s doing it slow, making each cut count.

“So tell me, boys,” he says. His voice is a deep, rumbling growl. “Do you like scrimshaw?”


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ESL has issued a statement regarding Performance Enhancing Drugs, or PEDS. Starting with it’s ESL One Cologne event on August 22nd, ESL will conduct skin tests on all professional players involved in competition to ensure competitive integrity.

Today we are announcing the beginning of the steps we’ll be taking as an organization in order to determine enforce guidelines and rules surrounding the use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) at ESL events.


In order to maintain the spirit of fair play within esports, ESL has partnered with NADA (the Nationale Anti Doping Agentur, which is headquartered in Bonn, Germany) to help create an anti-PED policy that is fair, feasible and conclusive while also respecting the privacy of players. ESL will also be meeting with WADA (the World Anti Doping Agency, based in Montreal, Canada) so they can be actively involved in the making, enforcing and dissemination of this policy to additional regions such as the US, Asia and Australia.


In the meantime, we will taking immediate action to ensure that ESL’s company values of exemplary sportsmanship and integrity are maintained. As such, we will be administering the first PED skin tests at ESL One Cologne this August, with a view to performing these tests at every Intel Extreme Masters, ESL One and ESL ESEA Pro League event thereafter as soon as the official PED policy is established and tournament rules updated accordingly.

We will remain proactive in ensuring all professional players and organizations involved in ESL competitions will be kept informed of the initiative’s progress. Updates on changes to tournament rules including the list of banned substances, methods of testing and potential disciplinary actions for players caught using PEDs and/or admitting to having used them will be provided to players via their respective team managers and/or owners.


This policy comes after Kory “SEMPHIS” Friesen, a Counter Strike: Global Offensive player under Team Nihilum, admitted last week to using Adderall at ESL One Katowice, in March, under former Team Cloud 9.


 “I don’t even care. We were all on Adderall. I don’t even give a f–k. It was pretty obvious if you listened to the comms. People can hate it or whatever.”


Currently, the ESL Rulebook does not name any substances specifically, though it does state:


To play a match, be it online or offline, under the influence of any drugs, alcohol, or other performance enhancers is strictly prohibited, and may be punished with exclusion from the ESL One.


Adderall is an amphetamine that is commonly used to treat Narcolepsy and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Adderall is also banned by Major League Baseball, the NBA, Major League Soccer, the NCAA and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, which regulates Olympic sports.


Official Statement by ESL


image via ESL


riftpulse edit


Rift pulse returns with the latest standings and news from around the scene. In the LCS, Fnatic closes in on a perfect season in EU and Gravity looks to take NA for their first ever bye into the semifinals. Regions across the globe are taking their final shape  as we look towards the 2015 World Championship.


North America


  • Calitrlolz will be leaving the LCS after the Summer Split, stating on twitter that this weekend will be his last.
  • Andy “Reginald” Dinh will step in as Head Coach for Team SoloMid as of Monday, July 20th.
  • Ram “Brokenshard” Djemal will coach Team Dignitas in place of Sami “Rico” Harbi as he tends to personal business.
  • Adrian “Adrian” Ma has stepped down from Team Impulse, citing that he does not feel like he is part of a team.
  • XiaoWeiXiao has been suspended pending investigation into Eloboosting allegations.










  • Team Roccat has added Korean Top Laner Jae Seung “Dart” Jin to their roster. No official announcement has been made regarding the addition.
  • Jungler Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek has stepped down from Unicorns of Love, and joined Challenger team Gamers2.
  • Unicorns of Love add Berk “Gilius” Demir as starting Jungler, as well as Cho “H0R0” Jae-hwan and Karim “Airwaks” Benghalia as substitutes for the Jungler position.
  • Forg1ven has been suspended for the next four games due to excessive negative behavior.
  • Gambit added 3 new substitutes to their roster in Amaury “Moopz” Minguerche, Pierre “Steelback” Medjaldi and Karim “ImSoFresh” Bbahla. They will play with Moopz in week 9 in light of Forg1ven’s suspension.
  • Tony “Shlaya” Carmona has been added to Fnatic as a substitute mid laner.





























  • LMS playoffs will take place July 24-26. Schedule below.








Scene Updates




images via lolesports. Banner via Chefo.


PBE 23 07 Banner


PBE 23/07


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.



New Chroma Packs

Vayne and Nami’s chroma packs will be available in store for 590 RP after Patch 5.15 hits live [~August 5].



Vayne Chroma 1 Vayne Chroma 2

Vayne Chroma 3 Vayne Chroma 4

Vayne Chroma 5 Vayne Chroma 6



Koi Nami Chroma 4 Koi Nami Chroma 1

Koi Nami Chroma 5 Koi Nami Chroma 2

Koi Nami Chroma 6 Koi Nami Chroma 3



Champion Changes


Fiora Final Champion Portrait


Quality of Life Box FinalBladework Final IconBladework [ E ]

  • [Bugfix] Second attack no longer crits towers



Teemo Final Champion Portrait


Change BoxCamouflage Final IconCamouflage [ Passive ]

  • Attack Speed when exiting stealth changed from 40% to 15% + 5% per level
  • Teemo now takes 1.5 seconds to stealth, down from 2
  • While in brush, Teemo will enter stealth twice as fast (0.75 secs) and moving through brush won’t break the stealth.


Buff BoxNoxious Trap Final IconNoxious Trap [ R ]

  • Mushrooms now last 5 minutes, decreased from 10
  • Cast range increased from 230 to 300/600/900
  • Internal cooldown decreased from 1 second to 0.25
  • Casting time increased from 1 second to 1.5
  • Now has an additional function: if Teemo throws a mushroom on top of another mushroom, it will bounce up to 3/4/5 Teemos before being planted.


Teemo R Bounce




Fiora and all her skins have received updates to the facial structure and armor. Here are some up-to-date screenshots:


Fiora Updated Model 1 Fiora Updated Model 2



Fiora Updated Model Royalguard 1 Fiora Updated Model Royalguard 2



Fiora Updated Model Nightraven 1 Fiora Updated Model Nightraven 2



Fiora Updated Model Headmistress 1 Fiora Updated Model Headmistress 2




PBE 21 07 Reference Banner


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Champion Skin Sale July 24 to 27 Banner

The following Champions and Skins will be 50% off until July 27th:


Rammus Final Portrait

Rumble Final Portrait

Zed Final Portrait




Woad Ashe Model




Neon Strike Vi Model




Spellthief Lux Model


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Team Impulse Yu “XiaoWeiXiao” Xian has been suspended pending investigation, accord to Riot Games Associate eSports manager, Hunter Leigh.

On Tuesday, July 21st, a thread discussing Elo boosting rumors popped up on reddit, with a screenshot of a conversation allegedly held between the TiP mid laner and  a possible client. Here is that conversation, translated:


TIP Wexiao: You’re annoying.

TIP Wexiao: If you don’t believe me don’t come to me.

TIP Wexiao: I said I’ll play once I get the money.

Other preson: Ok. I won’t press you. It’ll be in five days. I won’t press you.

TIP Wexiaio: Money’s here.

TIP Wexiaio: I’m playing now.

Other guy: Ok.

Other guy: PAYPAL.

TIP Weixiao: (email account)

Other guy: I can pay 1400.

Other guy: To Masters 100LP, then 1400. Is that safe?

TIP Wexiao: To Masters. Then the other half (of the money).

Other guy: Anything you want. As long as you uphold your end of the bargain.

Other guy: How much did you receive?

TIP Weixiao: 980 altogether.

TIP Wexiaio: And 410 from last time.

TIP Wexiaio: 1300.

Other guy: Agreed.

Other guy: Now?

Other guy: I require payment.

(I’m not sure what they’re talking about here)

TIP Wexiaio: Ok.

TIP Wexiaio: After I withdraw (money).


On July 22nd, Hunter Leigh tweeted on the situation:



Team Impulse tweeted out their response:



Riot has ruled on Elo boosting in the past. Most recently, Shern ‘Shernfire’ Tai of OPL team Dire Wolves was suspended for all Riot-affiliated League of Legends competition for the remainder of the year.

This suspension comes just before the final week of the LCS, where TiP currently sits at 11-5. Riding a six game win streak, Team Impulse looks to secure a second place finish with games against Gravity and Team Liquid in week 9. NoL will continue to update this story as it develops.


PBE 22 07 Banner


PBE 22/07


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.




Fiora’s received her splash art, loading screen and in-game portrait.


Fiora_Splash_0 Fiora_0



Note that this splash is a lot more colourful than the one we saw yesterday. Here’s a comparison:

Fiora Old vs New



Champion Changes


Fiora Champion Portrait Final

General Box

  • Health-per-second decreased from 1.675 to 1.65
  • Armor-per-level decreased from 4 to 3.5 [ reverted to live status]
  • Mana per level increased from 37 to 40 [ reverted to live status]
  • Mana-per-second decreased from 1.8 [+0.16 per level] to 1.6 [+0.14 per level] (live value is 0.1)



PBE 21 07 Reference Banner


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