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June 30th, 2015


29 06 PBE Banner


PBE 29/06


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.


Brand Updated W VFX

Brand’s W now has a swirly animation and is slightly more explosive:


Brand New W 1      Brand New W 2



Champion Changes


Nautilus Final Portrait


Nerf BoxRiptide Final IconRiptide [ E ] 

  • Base damage decreased from 60/100/140/180/220 to 60/95/130/165/200




Item Changes


Buff BoxMagus Enchantment Final IconRuneglaive Enchantment

  • Ability Power increased from 40 to 50
  • The damage on Spellblade’s passive has been increased from 0.75 of base AD + 0.3 AP to 1.0 of base AD + 0.3 AP


Change BoxZekes Herald Final IconZeke’s Herald

  • New Recipe: Glacial Shroud [950 Gold] + Amplifying Tome [ 435 Gold ] x2 + 480 Gold Recipe Cost = 2300 Gold Total
  • Grants 50 Ability Power, 250 Mana, 35 Armor and 10% Cooldown Reduction
  • UNIQUE Passive: When you’re within 1000 units of each other, you and a target ally generate charges while moving. Casting spells and attacking grants more charges. At 100 charges, the next damage instance consumes all charges and increases the AP of both you and your ally by 20% and grants both 50% bonus Critical Strike chance for 6 seconds
  • UNIQUE Active – Conduit: Target an ally to bind with them, removing all other Conduits they currently have on them [60 second cooldown]


[ Note ] The rework doesn’t appear to be hooked on the PBE yet, but the new recipe is there.


Zekes Herald


Context for Zekes Herald changes

Riot Jag Final PortraitHey guys, RiotJag here to tell you about the Zeke’s Herald update coming to PBE soon.

Zeke’s Herald on Live is an item that you can buy as a support, fighter, or tank if you really wanted to enhance the offensive power of your teammates. However, the range of champions that it is useful on was small, and the effect was not nearly as satisfying as it was powerful, leading to very few players purchasing it in the shop. The Black Cleaver update has done a great job of giving tanky champions a way to add offensive utility for their team, so we wanted to look at what supports could do in this realm. And because supports frequently play around the high value squishies on their team (AD or AP carries), we felt we could do something a little more unique for them.

The new Zeke’s Herald is a Duo Queue’s dream. A support will buy this item and then use the active to select their teammate who will drop the biggest hurt on the enemy. As long as they stay in range and work with the ally they’ve selected, they’ll build up to a proc that infuse the pair with an extreme amount of power. During this window, if the enemy team isn’t paying attention, they’ll pay the price (yes, that really is 50% Crit and 20% AP)!

Grab a partner and get on PBE to hit us with any and all feedback, whether it’s about the gameplay of the item or if it’s the VFX. And be warned, if you’re in one of those games where you have no idea what your ADC is doing in lane, this probably isn’t the item to buy!

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June Bundles Sale

[ Link to Official Announcement ]


Its time for June bundles

WizardOTL Final BannerTap into your dark side, heat things up, remember the good old days, and become the law with this bunch of June bundles!

Snag these limited time bundles now through 23:59 July 6.



Discount Demons – 50% off at 3298 RP (4907 RP if you need the champions)

Skins included:

  • Blood Moon Thresh
  • Underworld Wukong (Legacy)
  • Reaper Soraka (Legacy)
  • Underworld Twisted Fate (Legacy)
  • Dark Crystal Ryze
  • Lollipoppy (Legacy)

Champions included:


Covering Fire Bundle – 50% off at 2208 RP (4044 RP if you need the champions)

Skins included:

  • Wildfire Zyra
  • Vandal Brand (Legacy)
  • Dragonslayer Braum
  • Panda Annie
  • Infernal Alistar

Champions included:


Protect and Sever Bundle – 50% off at 2323 RP (4215 RP if you need the champions)

Skins included:

  • Riot Blitzcrank (Legacy)
  • Riot Kayle (Legacy)
  • Officer Caitlyn
  • Captain Volibear
  • Officer Vi

Champions included:


You Belong in a Museum Bundle – 50% off at 1981 RP (3770 RP if you need the champions)

Skins included:

  • Frosted Ezreal
  • Jurassic Cho’Gath
  • Jurassic Kog’Maw
  • Dino Gnar
  • Pharaoh Amumu (Legacy)

Champions included:



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Free Champion Rotation July 7 Banner

The following Champions will be free-to-play until July 7th:


Annie Final Portrait

Caitlyn Final Portrait

Cassiopeia Final Portrait

Lucian Final Portrait

Shaco Final Portrait

Singed Final Portrait

Talon Final Portrait

Trundle Final Portrait

Xin Zhao Final Portrait

Zyra Final Portrait



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Champion Skin Sale July 3 Banner

The following Champions and Skins will be 50% off until July 3rd:


Lucian Final Portrait

Skarner Final Portrait

Veigar Final Portrait


Dragonslayer Braum – 487 RP



French Maid Nidalee – 260 RP



Mafia Jinx – 487 RP

image (11) (1)



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As the Copenhagen Wolves struggle to claw their way out of the 10th place position in the EU LCS, internal issues have continued to bubble, resulting in yet another change. Petar “Unlimited” Georgiev has decided to step down from the team. He will continue to play until a replacement has been found, and will continue to evaluate his options for the future.


Unlimited speaks on his decision to step down:


Which leads me to the next point, after 2 of my closest friends and teammates in the team are leaving it is now officially not the same team anymore, so my driving force of the obligation i felt to do everything in my power to keep the team going is just not there anymore.

And to finish it off, i always felt like my talents would be much more useful as a coach than as a player i always spend countless of time theory-crafting and preparing for our opponents, only to end up not sleeping well and under-performing because of that, but i stayed as an active player because i thought my team needed me to, but now i realize that is not the case.


Read the full statement


NoL will continue to provide updates on the Copenhagen Wolves as changes develop.


26 06 PBE Banner


PBE 26/06


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.


Note that there are text strings for Chroma Packs for Bard, Dreadknight Nasus, Grim Reaper Karthus and Shockblade Zed, but these haven’t been patched in yet.


Champion Changes


Kayle Final Portrait


Buff Box SpecialRighteous Fury Final IconRighteous Fury [ E ]

  • Kayle’s basic attacks now passively deal an additional 10/15/20/25/30 [ +0.15 AP] magic damage
  • Righteous Fury’s active now increases the base magic damage to 20/30/40/50/60 [ Note: tooltip update, the damage values for the active are the same as on live ]




Kennen Final Portrait


Buff Box SpecialMark of the Storm Final IconMark of the Storm [ Passive ]

  • Stun duration has been increased from 1 second to 1.25




Singed Final Portrait

General Box

  • Base Magic Resist increased from 31.25 to 33.35



Item Changes


Buff Box SpecialDevourer Final IconDevourer Enchantment

  • Base magic damage-on-hit has been increased from 25 to 30
  • Passive no longer grants 2 stacks for Champion kills/assists and 1 for monsters; instead, it grants 1 stack for large monsters and Champion kills/assists and 5 for killing epic monsters (Dragon, Baron)
  • At 30 stacks, the Devourer enchantment becomes “Sated”:


Tooltip 2


Add Box SpecialSated Devourer Final IconSated Devourer [Upgrades automatically at 30 stacks]

  • Grants 50% Attack Speed and 60 magic damage-on-hit
  • No longer stacks bonus damage
  • UNIQUE Passive – Phantom Hit: Basic attacks deal bonus magic damage and every other basic attack will proc on-hit effects twice


Sated Devourer

Sated Devourer 2


Here are the in-game icons for the Sated Devourer jungle upgrades:

3714_Skirmishers_Sabre5 3713_Rangers_Trailblazer5 3711_Poachers_Knife5 3706_Stalkers_Blade5


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In Store Pool Party Skins Banner

Pool Party skins splash down


The temperature’s rising on Summoner’s Rift and it’s not just because Draven asked Leona for a Solar Flare to help even out his tan (please don’t ask where he keeps his sunscreen). That’s right, it’s Pool Party time!


Strap on your snorkel and join Rek’Sai in the deep end. Just watch out for the landshark’s underwater torpedoes and sudden urge to hop on a jet ski around level 6.


Lulu and a pokey Pix are getting bubbly while building sandcastles. But don’t try kicking over these sandy structures, we heard they pack quite the punch.


No matter how many times we tell him no diving, Zac can’t seem to stop flying face first into the shallow end — not to mention anyone unlucky enough to get in his way. Now if only we could figure out where he ends and the actual pool begins.

And don’t forget, the Zac Sweet chroma pack is slingshotting into the League of Legends store soon! Mmmmm sugar-riffic.

Sometimes catching foam axes gets exhausting, so Draven’s taking a break to soak up a little poolside sun in trunks that he swears are all the rage in Noxus right now. Sure big guy, whatever you say.

What’s a Pool Party without tunes? Luckily, Big Purple’s got it covered with his masochistic melodies and a laid back island wardrobe that just screams MUNDO!

Slide over to the League of Legends store and pick up Pool Party Lulu, Pool Party Rek’Sai, and Pool Party Zac for 975 RP each until 11:59 PDT on June 29 (1350 RP after that). Pool Party Mundo and Pool Party Draven can also join your sunburnt squad for 975 RP a piece.

The fun doesn’t end there! Because you all earned a special set of rewards during Team Up, the bundles below are available from June 26 – July 2!

Pool Party Palooza Bundle – 6449 RP (10889 RP if you need the champs)

  • Pool Party Lulu
  • Pool Party Rek’Sai
  • Pool Party Draven
  • Pool Party Mundo
  • Pool Party Zac
  • Pool Party Graves
  • Pool Party Lee Sin
  • Pool Party Renekton
  • Pool Party Leona
  • Pool Party Ziggs

Frozen Pool Party Bundle (30% off everything) – 2046 RP (3894 RP if you need the champs)

  • Winter Wonder Orianna
  • Poro Rider Sejuani
  • Snow Day Malzahar

[ Link to Post ]

Below you can find complete previews of the pool party skins:


Pool Party Draven

Pool Party Draven will be available for 975 RP.




Pool Party Draven Model 1

Pool Party Draven Model 2

Pool Party Draven Recall

For his recall, Pool Party Draven sunbathes (minus the sun).


Pool Party Draven Q 1

Pool Party Draven Q 2

Spinning Axe [ Q ]


Pool Party Draven W

Blood Rush [ W ]


Pool Party Draven E

Stand Aside [ E ]


Pool party Draven R

Whirling Death [ R ]



Pool Party Dr Mundo

Pool Party Dr. Mundo will be available for 975 RP. He’s also part of the Pool Party community event and will be handed out to free (along with Mundo) to players if the Tier 6 (55 million points) reward stage is reached.



Pool Party Mundo Model 1

Pool Party Mundo Model 2

Pool Party Mundo Recall

For his recall, Mundo starts playing his banjo and then he smashes it on the ground.


Pool Party Mundo Q 1

Infected Cleaver [ Q ]


Pool party Mundo New W

Burning Agony [ W ]


Pool Party Mundo E

Masochism [ E ]


Pool Party Mundo R

Sadism [ R ]



Pool Party Lulu

Pool Party Lulu will be available for 975 RP.



Pool Party Lulu Model 1

Pool Party Lulu Model 2

Pool Party Lulu Model 3

Pool Party Lulu Recall

For her recall, Pool Party Lulu hides under her octopus costume and looks for her staff.


Pool Party Lulu Basic Attack

Basic attack


Pool Party Lulu Q 1

Glitterlance [ Q ]


Pool Party Lulu W 1

Pool Party Lulu W 2

Pool Party Lulu W 4

Whimsy [ W ] (Cast on Enemy)


Pool Party Lulu W 5

Pool Party Lulu W 6

Whimsy [ W ] (Cast on Ally)


Pool Party Lulu W 3

Help, Pix! [ E ] (Cast on Enemy)


Pool Party Lulu E 1

Help, Pix! [ E ] (Cast on Ally)


Pool Party Lulu R 1

Pool Party Lulu R 2

Wild Growth [ R ]



Pool Party RekSai

Pool Party Rek’Sai will be available for 1350 RP.



Pool Party Reksai Model 3

Pool Party Reksai Model 4

Pool Party Reksai Recall

For her recall, Pool Party Rek’Sai circles around a frog on a leaf before devouring it.


Pool Party Reksai Q Unburrowed 1

Pool Party Reksai Unburrowed Q 2

Queen’s Wrath [ Unburrowed Q ]


Pool Party Reksai Q Burrowed 1

Pool Party Reksai Q Burrowed 2

Pool Party Reksai Q Burrowed 3

Prey Seeker [ Burrowed Q ]


Pool Party Reksai W Burrowed 1

Pool Party Reksai Unburrow

Burrow / Unburrow [ W ]


Pool Party Reksai E Unburrowed 1

Furious Bite [ Unburrowed E ]


Pool Party Reksai E Closed

Pool Party Reksai E Reworked 2

Pool Party Reksai Reworked E 1

Tunnel [ Burrowed E ]


Pool Party Reksai R 1

Pool Party Reksai R 2

Void Rush [ R ]



Pool Party Zac

Pool Party Zac will be available for 1350 RP.



Pool Party Zac Model 1

Pool Party Zac Model 2

Pool Party Zac Model 3

Pool Party Zac Recall

For his recall, Pool Party Zac leaps into the air and lands in a pool with a rubber Urf.


Pool Party Zac Passive 1

Pool Party Zac Passive 2

Cell Division [ Passive ]


Pool Party Zac Q 1

Stretching Strike [ Q ]


Pool Party Zac W 1

Unstable Matter [ W ]


Pool Party Zac E 2

Pool Party Zac E 3

Pool Party Zac E 1

 Elastic Slingshot [ E ]


Pool Party Zac R 1 Pool Party Zac R 2 Pool Party Zac R 3

Let’s Bounce! [ R ]



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


Champion Insights Tahm Kench Banner

[ Link to Official Post ]



Champion Insights Tahm Kench the River King


We sat down with the champion ideation team to hear about the process that took an idea – Fish Tank – and turned it into Tahm Kench.



Game design notes

image (23)As a role, tanks have generally brought one of two things to their team: either they’re in the Amumu/Sejuani camp of locking down an entire enemy team and setting up for a wombo combo, or they help their team lock down and eliminate a single high value enemy target either through chained CC (think Solar Flare into Zenith Blade into Shield of Daybreak on Leona) or by throwing/dragging the enemy into the tank’s team (Singed, Volibear, Skarner). The challenge we wanted to tackle with Tahm Kench was to take a tank who did neither of these, and instead offered something completely different to his team. The art guys got scribbling, and soon started gravitating towards this Big Mouth character. This was a huge boost for us, with the visuals quickly inspiring a mechanic that was relevant to the champion’s visuals and new to League, too: Devour.

Let’s start with devouring allies. We knew we wanted the ability to work on enemies, and we were initially pretty hesitant about allowing Tahm Kench to eat his pals. That said, once we tried it out, we realized that “Tahm Kench the Armoured Personnel Carrier” was actually pretty fun. Aside from the risk of trolling, allies will quickly realize how good it feels when a decent Tahm player has their back. He can eat you over a wall, spit you over a wall, and run fast toward the enemy if you’re a Tryndamere type looking for a free ride to your soon-to-be victims. As the ally, you can also decide when and where Tahm spits you, after a short lockout period. What’s more, being able to pull an ally out of a fight at will is really strong. It can save allies from abilities like Nami bubbles or Vi ults, and generally allows squishies to do Really Dumb Things and get away with it. This should enable riskier plays, particularly from the kind of high damage/low health champs that usually have to pull away from a scrap, or at least fight from the back.

“But Zenon, how is that fair? I just spent all my CC on this guy, we were about to kill him, and then suddenly General Gulp comes in and whisks him away!”

Well yes, imaginary FAQ person, but let me tell you about a few things I added in to help balance things a little. First of all, as I mentioned, while Tahm Kench has this pretty swell devour ability, he lacks a lot of the traditional tools that tanks usually carry around. He can’t lock down enemies at will, for instance, and he has absolutely no utility AOE tools that your average punching bag brings to a fight. Secondly, while eating an ally to keep them safe is super clutch, the ability does come with some baked in drawbacks. Its relatively short range means Tahm, who most of the time will be on a support budget and thus not the tankiest man in the game, will have to stand close to your team, or at least close to members of his team who you want to kill. So uh… you can just kill him if you focus him. Lastly, if Tahm Kench does eat his ally, the ability’s minimum duration means you’ll still have a few precious seconds to leverage your temporary numbers advantage!

“Okay. Tell me about enemy devour.”

As a raw mechanic – taking enemies out of a fight and severely reducing their vision for a few seconds – enemy Devour is incredibly powerful, which forced us to consider the circumstances through which it would be okay to use, even for a few seconds. We knew that Tahm Kench couldn’t just go around eating enemy champs at will – that would be ridiculous – so we started figuring out ways to backload the ability, or establish x criteria that you need to meet before y can happen. For comparison, Malphite can ult into a teamfight at will because Unstoppable Force is a frontloaded ability – it has immediate impact and once it’s spent, he has to wait a long while before he can use it again. Because we had decided he would NOT bring the usual tank toolset of locking down an enemy, we couldn’t allow Tahm Kench the same flexibility, so ended up implementing passive stacks into his kit. So, while Tahm Kench can eat enemy champions and take them out of a fight for a few seconds, he has to hit them with a few basic attacks (or licks) first. This takes time and proximity, and telegraphs his intentions to the enemy team, giving them plenty of time to peel for the River King’s target.

While the rest of his kit certainly adds to his uniqueness (grey health, an idea we borrowed from fighting games, is also new to League, while his ult is a really strong flanking tool that reinforces his Armored Personnel Carrier-ness), it was his Devour that really set Tahm Kench apart from the rest. Hopefully you’ll be able to make the most of the ability and wreak your own different brand of havoc with the verbose villain.

Art notes

by Chris Campbell aka Skeeziks and Gem Lim aka Lonewingy

image (24)The Ideation Process

The first few steps of our ideation process usually involve us setting a broad goal and then chucking around as many ideas as possible before we start whittling things down, centering our efforts around the ideas and hooks that really appeal to us. Knowing we were designing a tank, we started brainstorming literally anything, and a few weeks later, had five or six pretty solid concepts for League’s next tank. Then the culling began!

After killing a few of our darlings, we had two solid ideas that we really liked: Big Mouth and Horror Tank. They each had unique hooks: Big Mouth used its mouth as a central tool, while Horror Tank was more of a vision denial and darkness terror. ZenonTheStoic, being a hairy German metal fan, was a big fan of the latter, funnily enough. We started toying around with ideas as to what these guys could look like, when Gem came up with this charming young chap:

image (25)Initially this sketch wasn’t necessarily tied to any particular champion, but as Zenon toyed around with vision denial mechanics, and we tinkered with Big Mouth as a fish character, the two ideas kinda slowly formed into one. Plenty of fish species have pretty cavernous mouths, and more importantly, the look tapped into a pretty well-known devourer archetype in games (think Kirby, Yoshi, or Pac-Man) which hadn’t yet appeared in League. Also, by creating a large-mouthed champion who literally ate other characters, we had super strong clarity between the character’s visuals and their gameplay… aaaand we could totally nickname the guy “Fish Tank”. It was perfect.

The Devil’s in the Details

image (26)Now that we had a basic look and theme for the champion, we started toying around with details. Initially we tried to incorporate some horror ideas into his appearance. We tried making Fish Tank a deep sea angler-type fish who’d attract his prey with a light, but it didn’t really have the combination of grim and whimsical we were looking for. We wanted to add depth by injecting personality and intelligence into the character.

We imagined his mouth could be more than a source of physical danger – it could also express charismatic speech to lure enemies into harm’s way. This outward charm would be something he used to mask his darker, true intent: devouring his prey! A new piece of art helped to sell this duality of charisma and menace:

This outward charm would be something he used to mask his darker, true intent: devouring his prey!


You Are What You Wear

image (28)

image (29)To complement this persona, we began to look at his clothing. Gem’s very first sketch of Fish Tank had him wearing a fez (which led to another nickname: Fez Tank), something we really liked just for its sheer panache. See, Fish Tank didn’t just have a big mouth – he was a big mouth, a devious storyteller who wore clothes to try and make him seem a little more human, and a little less threatening to potential prey.

We tried giving him armor, but it didn’t feel right – Fish Tank was a smooth-talker, not a fighter, and he’d spin his stories to gain the trust of his audience. Then we switched to a coat, or coats, to be more precise. He was much too large to wear regular clothes, so stitched two coats together to appear more relatable. Aside from giving Fish Tank yet another nickname – Twocoats – it highlighted the balance between whimsical and grim that we really wanted to find.


Fish Tank didn’t just have a big mouth – he was a big mouth…

image (30)

Narrative notes

by WAAARGHbobo

image (31)Whenever we create a new champion, the narrative writer starts by looking at the “opportunity space” we want to fill. In this case we knew we wanted a non-CC tank that would be visually tanky without hitting any of the thematics we’d seen depicted before. Our early ideation process involves researching myths and looking for jungian truths about the archetypes before we start writing lots of “story sketches” – short stories (typically 2 to 12 pages) that depict the champion’s character in Runeterra. These aren’t canonical pieces, but instead conceptual reference stories meant to illustrate the personality of the champ and show thematics that we could express in their gameplay and art. They’re written in tandem with work the concept artist and game designer carry out and, in the same way the concept art and early game kit inspires the team, the story sketch is intended to get ideas bouncing between everyone working on the champion.

I began to play with the the idea that his maw could represent more than just a simple physical hunger – his huge mouth could represent any unnatural coveting or unhealthy desire.


image (32)We went a long way in developing some other ideas before ole’ Tahm won our hearts and became our focus, but once we started on him we quickly realized he was going to be defined by his giant mouth. So my question became how to build a personality around that in an interesting way.

I began to play with the the idea that his maw could represent more than just a simple physical hunger – his huge mouth could represent any unnatural coveting or unhealthy desire. Around this time, his hat became a very polarizing element: some people hated the thing, while others loved it. Either way, the common feeling was that it was unexpected – it challenged them. I suspected this disunity was a fertile ground which would define his character, so, sitting down to write what would be the last story sketch, I knew it was the topic I needed to tackle. Why did I think the hat was right? I felt the answer would be related to my strong desire to make Tahm’s hunger be for something more than just food.

image (33)What’s the personality of a monster who wears a hat? Why does he wear one? Feeling my way through layers of irony, I began to see a creature that was whimsical, quite vain, very arrogant, and a bully. He was also, perhaps, a little insecure, but should ultimately still be terrifying. He mixed elements of crossroads devils, Japanese kappas, and leviathans. The best version of Tahm needed to balance the whimsy of his hat against a scary undercurrent (which the artist would later visually represent using his snaggle-toothed mouth). This combination would let us have a character who could occasionally be humorous without the risk of seeming derpy.

After a lot of hard work, the team had a very clear idea of what he would look like, the core mechanic of the kit, and what his personality was. Tahm would be a loquacious, two-faced, charming slime ball and we loved him for it. We hope you’ll enjoy this unrepentant villain as much as we do.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


25 06 PBE Banner


PBE 25/06


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.



Item Changes


Archangels Staff Final IconArchangel’s Staff [ Dominion-only change ]

  • Item cost increased from 2690 Gold to 3000
  • Ability Power increased from 60 to 80

[ Note ] Same changes apply to Seraph’s Embrace on Dominion.


Seraphs Embrace Final Icon Seraph’s Embrace

  • Ability Power increased from 60 to 80


Spirit Visage Final IconSpirit Visage

  • UNIQUE Passive now increases all healing by 20%, including outside heals from other Champions (Soraka heal, for example)


Wooglet Witchcap Final IconWooglet’s Witchcap [ 3v3 only ]

  • Item cost decreased from 3490 Gold to 3460




If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at