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June Sales Schedule

May 19th, 2016



Check out all the champs and skins on sale this June! Like previous sales schedules, we’re not posting the exact dates for each champ and skin, but they’ll all be on sale sometime next month.

Just a heads up – since we’re publishing these in advance, we won’t offer partial refunds on champs and skins purchased before they go on sale.


Champion Sale Price Skin Sale Price
Ahri 440 Abyssal Nautilus 487
Azir 487 Archduke Nasus 375
Braum 487 Battlecast Vel’Koz 675
Corki 395 Blood Moon Zilean 487
Diana 487 Boneclaw Shyvana 260
Elise 487 Cryocore Brand 487
Evelynn 292 Dark Valkyrie Diana 487
Galio 440 Debonair Vi 375
Gangplank 395 Desperada Cassiopeia 260
Janna 292 Freljord Rammus 260
Jarvan IV 440 Guardian of the Sands Xerath 675
Kog’Maw 440 King of Clubs Mordekaiser 375
Lee Sin 440 Muay Thai Lee Sin 487
Leona 440 Nemesis Jax 487
Lucian 487 Order of the Banana Soraka 375
Morgana 292 Order of the Lotus Irelia 375
Nami 487 Panda Teemo 487
Nautilus 440 Pentakill Yorick 487
Pantheon 395 Pharaoh Nidalee 260
Quinn 487 Queen of Diamonds Syndra 375
Riven 440 River Spirit Nami 487
Shaco 395 Rocket Girl Tristana 487
Shen 395 Sandstorm Ekko 487
Tahm Kench 487 Shadow Prince Malzahar 260
Trundle 440 Special Forces Gangplank 487
Tryndamere 292 Spectral Fiddlesticks 260
Twisted Fate 292 Star Guardian Lux 675
Viktor 440 Steel Legion Garen 675
Wukong 440 Surfer Singed 487
Zed 487 Totemic Maokai 260
Zilean 292 Urfrider Corki 487
Zyra 487 Valkyrie Leona 260


Early Sales

Skin Price Sale Price
Beast Hunter Tryndamere 750 520
Blood Moon Yasuo 975 750
Gragas Caskbreaker 750 520
Heartseeker Orianna 1350 975
Snow Day Bard 1350 975
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New Skins in Store Banner

Three Dark Souls skins are now available in store, along with new summoner icons and a bundle:


As he lay on his bed…


As he lay on his bed, the first phantom appeared, a beaked doctor with syringe poised to poison him in the night.

As he lay on his sickbed, the second phantom appeared, a monstrous shadow with claws stretched to drag him to the grave.

As he lay on his deathbed, the third phantom appeared, a blood-stained angel with sword raised to deliver justice on his wretched soul.


Flood the Rift with misery as Black Scourge Singed, Cursed Revenant Nocturne, and Iron Inquisitor Kayle, now haunting the League store for 750 RP each.

Forewarn your victims of their grim fate with these icons:

  • Omen of the Cursed Revenant – 250 RP
  • Omen of the Iron Inquisitor – 250 RP
  • Omen of the Black Scourge – 250 RP
  • Omen of the Damned – 250 RP or 1500 IP until May 10 at 16:59 AEST

Unholy Trinity Set – 4294 RP

Possess the Unholy Trinity Set and get the champions for 25% off and Omen of the Damned for 1 RP. Available until May 10 at 16:59 AEST.

  • Cursed Revenant Nocturne
  • Iron Inquisitor Kayle
  • Black Scourge Singed
  • Nocturne
  • Kayle
  • Singed
  • Omen of the Cursed Revenant
  • Omen of the Iron Inquisitor
  • Omen of the Black Scourge
  • Omen of the Damned


image (6)


Here are the icons in question:

profileIcon1150 (1) profileIcon1149 (1) profileIcon1151 (1) profileIcon1152 (1)


Below you can find complete previews of the skins:




Black Scourge Singed will be available in store for 750 RP.


Kayle_Splash_8 Singed_8


MODEL Banner

Black Scourge Singed 1 Black Scourge Singed 2




Cursed Revenant Nocturne will be available in store for 750 RP.


Kayle_Splash_8 Nocturne_6


MODEL Banner

Cursed Revenant Nocturne 1 Cursed Revenant Nocturne 2




Iron Inquisitor will be available in store for 750 RP.


Kayle_Splash_8 Kayle_8


MODEL Banner

Inquisitor Kayle 1 Inquisitor Kayle 2



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


Champion Reveal Taliyah Banner

[ Link to Official Post ]


It’s tough being different, and Taliyah’s earth-shattering powers have always set her apart from the crowd. She’s a control mage who weaves the ground beneath her into a deadly weapon; when she sets her sights on a destination, the world itself shifts to get her there.





image (1)Rock Surfing [ Passive ]

When out of combat, Taliyah builds movement speed whenever traveling near walls.



image (2)Threaded Volley [ Q ]

Passive: Taliyah gains increased movement speed when traversing worked ground.

Active: Taliyah rips up the ground around her, firing a volley of five stone shards in a target direction while moving freely. Casting Threaded Volley converts the area into worked ground for a few minutes. Additional Threaded Volley casts over worked ground will yield just one rock projectile.



image (3)Seismic Shove [ W ]

Taliyah marks a target location. After a brief delay, the ground erupts, knocking up and damaging all enemies caught in the blast zone. Taliyah can recast Seismic Shove before it erupts to throw the victims in any targeted direction—even over walls.



Unraveled Earth [ E ]

Taliyah scatters boulders onto the ground before her. Opponents who dash through the fractured earth take damage from an explosion. After a few seconds, any remaining rocks in the field erupt, dealing a second wave of damage.



image (6)Weaver’s Wall [ R ]

Taliyah briefly channels before summoning a massive wall of spiraling rock that tears through the Rift in a target direction. Taliyah can reactivate Weaver’s Wall while channeling to ride atop the wall as it emerges. Taking damage or inputting a move command in any direction will cut her ride short.



image (5)



Taliyah is all about control—she dictates when and where she fights by setting up a gauntlet of traps for her lane opponent to navigate. To win trades, she can close off a section of a lane with Unraveled Earth and knock her opponent into the trap with a well-placed Seismic Shove. With her opponent exposed, a quick Threaded Volley will melt their health.

“Taliyah’s passive lets her bust out her rock-board and surf over to a side lane with tremor-inducing speed.”


Spamming Taliyah’s abilities in lane will slowly diminish her dueling power, however, since ground which has been worked by Threaded Volley won’t produce enough missiles to effectively stave off fast-approaching attackers. Experienced Taliyah players will work around this by carefully working strips of ground in a trail leading to their tower. She can use the exhausted pathways as an escape route when thirsty enemy junglers come barreling into her lane.

If she’s winning trades and dodging ganks, Taliyah excels at pushing waves into towers with her area of effect attacks. Once she’s pushed her wave, her passive lets her bust out her rock-board and surf over to a friendly lane with tremor-inducing speed. She’ll cruise alongside the map’s walls, constantly gaining movement speed before blasting into a buddy’s lane. Building an item like Luden’s Echo gives Shurima’s greatest (and only) surfer the means to dart around even faster, making her roams especially deadly.





If you thought Taliyah’s ganks were cataclysmic because of her passive, just wait til she hits level six. Weaver’s Walllets her roam to other lanes with ease, and the wall she rides in on can block off escape routes for the poor soul(s) she chooses to gank.

“If you thought Taliyah’s ganks were cataclysmic because of her passive, just wait til she hits level six.”


Clever Taliyah players will use her ult to instantly apply pressure to far-flung objectives on the map. The enemy team’s taking Dragon? Excellent: just cruise over there and fill up the pit withUnraveled Earth, then blast the enemy jungler out of the fight using Seismic Shove. They’re fighting Baron but taking lots of damage? Sweet: simply line up your ult to wall off the Baron pit with them in it, sealing the squishies in the oven to prepare a delicious feast for your teammates.

Taliyah’s strongest items allow her even greater control over her opponents’ movement. When she dings a fleeing enemy with Threaded Volleywhile wielding Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, the item’s slow effect will make it that much easier for her to land her signature knockup-into-Unraveled Earth combo. Items that boost her low in-combat movement speed help the Stoneweaver quickly maneuver herself into the best spot to control any battle.


image (4)




“Taliyah can steal an enemy blue buff after a fight, then Weaver’s Wall to double-time it all the way to the enemy team’s Brambleback for the double-buff.”


In teamfights, Taliyah’s area of effect abilities give her masterful power over her enemies’ positioning. She might use Seismic Shove to hurl incoming juggernauts away from the fight, then slow the enemy team’s exposed backline with carefully-planted Unraveled Earth. Taliyah’s damage-less ult means that she won’t bring major burst power to fights, but she can unearth herWeaver’s Wall to split their team in half, giving Taliyah and her team the chance to gang up on exposed opponents before moving onto those left behind.

Once a teamfight has ended, Taliyah is able to press her advantage with speed and grace. Her passive lets her rapidly cruise alongside jungle walls, catching up to escaping enemies or making her way to a far-flung tower. Once late-game hits and she drops a third point into her ultimate, its range increases enormously—she can steal an enemy blue buff after a fight, then Weaver’s Wall to double-time it all the way to the enemy’s Brambleback camp for the double-buff.




Works well with Banner

image (7)Lucian – the Purifier

Enemy frontliners will find themselves eating a relentless volley of rocks and bullets when running down Taliyah and Lucian. Plus, if the Purifier ever finds himself caught out, the Stoneweaver can ult to summon a rock wall near his location. Lucian’s Relentless Pursuit lets him easily dash over the wall to safety.

image (8)Lee Sin – the Blind Monk

Lee Sin’s powerful ganks combined with Taliyah’s deadly roams make the mid-game very scary for their opponents, but they jive especially well in teamfights. When Lee uses Dragon’s Rage to punt enemy laners into Taliyah’s Unraveled Earth, the kicks and stones will probably break their bones.

image (9)Poppy – Keeper of the Hammer

Taliyah ganks are extra devastating when the Keeper of the Hammer uses herHeroic Charge to pin enemies to the Stoneweaver’s wall. In teamfights, Poppy can unleash her hammer to deport opponents to the far side of the wall, splitting teams even further.




image (10)Zed – the Master of Shadows

Taliyah is safe from nimble opponents so long as she’s got earth between her and them, but she struggles against baddies who can dodge her rock barrage and slip past her defenses. She’ll want to stay well out of the Master of Shadows’ ult range, or she’ll find herself marked for death.

image (11)Malphite – Shard of the Monolith

The Stoneweaver works best at the edges of teamfights, but Malphite has a way of bringing the battle straight to his targets. The Shard of Monolith’s hard CC and engage are anathema to Taliyah—It’s hard to weave stone when a living boulder knocks you ten feet into the air.

image (12)LeBlanc – the Deceiver

If Taliyah can’t catch a champ with her Seismic Shove, her damage output suffers. Enter LeBlanc, who’s got enough tricks up her sleeve to keep Taliyah grounded. And also dead.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at

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Following the short story from last week, we have a short teaser for Taliyah, the newest champion who will most likely be revealed tomorrow.

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PBE Roundup 6 9 Banner

Patch 6.9 will hit live in the early hours of May 4th (Wednesday), assuming there are no delays. Here are all its contents:








Black Scourge Singed will be available in store for 750 RP.


Kayle_Splash_8 Singed_8


MODEL Banner

Black Scourge Singed 1 Black Scourge Singed 2




Cursed Revenant Nocturne will be available in store for 750 RP.


Kayle_Splash_8 Nocturne_6


MODEL Banner

Cursed Revenant Nocturne 1 Cursed Revenant Nocturne 2




Iron Inquisitor will be available in store for 750 RP.


Kayle_Splash_8 Kayle_8


MODEL Banner

Inquisitor Kayle 1 Inquisitor Kayle 2



New Summoner Icons

Four new summoner icons will be available for purchase; they’ll either require 250 RP or a blood sacrifice:


profileIcon1150 (1) profileIcon1149 (1) profileIcon1151 (1) profileIcon1152 (1)





Meddler Final PortraitHi all,

Most of the mid-season stuff should be on the PBE within the next day or two. As usual it should be pretty easy to identify most of the changes, there are a few things I wanted to call out though since they may not be as easy to spot as the more standard stuff like champion adjustments. Some of this stuff will also be discussed in more detail over the next few days by the developers working specifically on it too.

  • Jungling XP’s getting adjusted. In particular Machete now gives more XP, including the catch up XP if you’re lower level than the monsters themselves. That’s a change targeted primarily at how safe and effective buddy jungling is in organized play.
  • Tower damage will now ramp up quicker against champions and will maintain it’s ramped state when swapping between multiple champions. Agro juggling during a dive should still be a good play some of the time, but riskier at low levels in particular.
  • Death timers will be getting reduced somewhat, probably between the 20-30 minute marks primarily. This is a follow up to the 6.7 changes that targeted 30 minute+ death timers, similarly aimed at reducing how punishing one fight can be and keeping a bit less gray screen time.
  • Boot enchants are getting removed. After making Homeguard a universal effect post 20 minutes we wanted to see how the boot enchant system played out. One of the main consequences has been Alacrity on a lot of champions, which as lead to noticeably higher average movement speeds. That throws off balance on a number of things, skillshots and ground targeted AOEs in particular, so we’d like to get average speeds back to a more appropriate spot. Removing boot enchants, now that the most impactful and significant is always provided, was one of the best ways we identified to do that.
  • Baron buff duration’s going up a bit, in part to draw clear distinctions between it and the Elder Dragon buff (Elder dragon’s around half the length, and on a longer respawn timer than normal dragons, so there shouldn’t be too many cases of each team taking one of the two and then the game stalling until both are gone).

[ Link to Post ]


Grievous Wounds [ Debuff ]

  • Will now reduce all healing by 40%, not just self-healing.



Champion Changes


Anivia Final Portrait


  • Missile speed of basic attacks increased from 1400 to 1500.


Flash Frost [ Q ]Change BoxAnivia_Q

  • Damage on both pass-through and explosion decreased from 60/90/120/150/180 [+0.5 AP] to 60/85/110/135/160 [+0.4 AP].
  • Ranks in Glacial Storm [ R ] now increase Flash Frost’s slow strength from 20% to 20/30/40%.
  • Stun duration increased from 1 second at all ranks to 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5.

(Note) The stun circle effect can now be seen by enemies too.


Quality of Life Box FinalAnivia_EFrostbite [ E ]

  • Missile speed increased from 1200 to 1600.
  • Looks like the cast center now originates from the end of Anivia’s model, not her center.


Buff BoxAnivia_RGlacial Storm [ R ]

  • Slow strength increased from 20% to 20/30/40%, but no longer slows Attack Speed of enemies in the AoE;
  • AoE now increases from 150 range to 400 over 3 seconds. At 400 range, the field slows for 70/80/90% and applies the “Chill” debuff for 2 seconds, up from 1;
  • Cast range increased from 625 to 685;
  • Now has a short cast animation.



Anivia’s also received new spell icons in today’s patch. From left to right: Passive, Q, W, E and R:

Anivia_P Anivia_Q Anivia_W Anivia_E Anivia_R



Annie Final Portrait


Quality of Life Box FinalPyromaniaPyromania [ Passive ]

  • Now uses Jhin’s ammunition UI below Annie’s health bar to display the stacks toward a stun.


Quality of Life Box FinalIncinerateIncinerate [ W ]

  • Cast range increased from 560 to 600;
  • The damage and stun now only register after the cast animation completes, not when the spell is cast.


Buff BoxMolten_ShieldMolten Shield [ E ]

  • No longer grants 10/20/30/40/50 Armor and Magic resist while the shield lasts; instead, it grants 16/22/28/34/40% damage reduction;
  • Duration of shield increased from 3 seconds at all ranks to 5.
  • Casting Molten Shield no longer gives Tibbers 300 movespeed (decaying over 0.75 seconds).


Change Boxannie-summon-tibbersSummon: Tibbers [ R ]

Damage decreased from 175/300/425 [+0.8 AP] to 150/275/400 [+0.65 AP];

Damage of Tibbers aura decreased from 20/30/40 [+0.2 AP] to 10/15/20 [+0.1 AP];

Auto-attack range of Tibbers increased from 125 to 150;

Damage on Tibbers’ auto attacks changed from 80/105/130 to 50/75/100 [+0.15 AP];

Tibbers now regenerates 10% of his maximum Health-per-second after he’s been out of combat for 5 seconds;

Additionally, Tibbers will heal for 50% of his missing Health if Annie dies; he’ll also automatically aggro on the Champion that killed Annie if he’s within 1200 range;

Alt+Click on Annie will now make Tibbers follow Annie.

New effect: Tibbers Enrages when summoned; Annie stuns a Champion with Pyromania; and when Annie dies;

Enrages: Tibbers gains 275% Attack Speed and 100% Movement Speed, with the AS buff decaying as Tibbers attacks and the movespeed decaying over-time. Both numbers decay completely after 3 seconds. While Enraged, Tibbers ghosts through units.



Brand Final Portrait


New Item Boxbrand_abilities_p-debuffBlaze [ Passive ]

DoT decreased from 8% of Maximum HP over 4 seconds to 2%;

The Blaze DoT now stacks 3 times (meaning you have to hit 3 spells while the DoT is ticking). At three stacks, Blaze detonates after a 2-second-delay, dealing 12 [+0.5 per level, caps at level 9] [+0.015 AP] % of Maximum HP (damage is calculated separately for each target in the AoE). Enemy champions can’t get Blaze stacks for 4 seconds after they’ve been damaged by a detonation.



Nerf Boxbrand_abilities_qSear [ Q ]

  • Damage decreased from 80/120/160/200/240 [+0.65 AP] to 80/110/140/170/200 [+0.55 AP];
  • Stun duration decreased from 2 seconds at all ranks to 1.5.


Buff Boxbrand_abilities_wPillar Of Flame [ W ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 70/80/90/100/110 to 60/70/80/90/100;
  • Cooldown decreased from 10 seconds at all ranks to 10/9.5/9/8.5/8.


Change Boxbrand_abilities_eConflagration [ E ]

  • Damage decreased from 70/105/140/175/210 [+0.55 AP] to 70/90/110/130/150 [+0.35 AP];
  • Cooldown decreased from 12/11/10/9/8 seconds to 10/9/8/7/6.


Change Boxbrand_abilities_rPyroclasm [ R ]

  • Damage decreased from 150/250/350 [+0.5 AP] to 100/200/300 [+0.25 AP];
  • New Passive – Blaze: If the target is ablaze, Pyroclasm will briefly slow the target by 30/45/60%.

(Note) The updated Pyroclasm will always prioritize Champions over minions, and will further prioritize Champions with Blaze stacks.


Brand’s also received new spell icons. From left to right: Passive, Q, W, E and R:

brand_abilities_p-debuff brand_abilities_q brand_abilities_w brand_abilities_e brand_abilities_r



Cassiopeia Final Portrait


  • Base Health increased from 506 to 525;
  • Base Mana increased from 370 to 375;
  • Base Movement Speed decreased from 335 to 328;
  • Attack Damage changed from 52.3 [+3.2 per level] to 53 [+3 per level];
  • Armor changed from 22 [+4 per level] to 25 [+3.5 per level];
  • Base Health regen increased from 1.08 per second to 1.2;
  • Base Mana Regen decreased from 1.7 per second [+0.15 per level] to 1.6 [+0.16 per level].


Serpentine Grace [ Passive ] (Reworked)

Cassiopeia gains 4 flat Movement Speed per level. Also, she cannot purchase Boot items.


Change BoxNoxious_BlastNoxious Blast [ Q ]

  • Damage increased from 75/115/155/195/235 [+0.45 AP] to 75/120/165/210/255 [+0.7 AP];
  • Cooldown decreased from 4 seconds at all ranks to 3.5;
  • Mana cost increased from 40/50/60/70/80 to 60/65/70/75/80;
  • Movement Speed buff changed from 20% at all ranks for 3 seconds to 20/22.5/25/27.5/30% for 2 seconds.


Change BoxMiasma (1)Miasma [ W ] (Partially Reworked)

  • Cassiopeia will now throw several AoE clouds in an arc in front of her. Miasma will leave the clouds at either the max cast range (800) or in front of any walls it hits;
  • Damage increased from 10/15/20/25/30 [+0.1 AP] to 20/35/50/65/80 [+0.15 AP];
  • Slow strength changed from 25/30/35/40/45% to 35% at all ranks;
  • Additionally, enemies who stay in the clouds will be debuffed with Debilitating Poison, which prevents them from using any displacement spells, including Flash.
  • Cooldown increased from 14/13/12/11/10 seconds to 22/20/18/16/14;
  • Mana cost increased to 70 at all ranks from 40/50/60/70/80.
  • AoE duration increased from 4 seconds to 5.


Change BoxTwin_FangTwin Fang [ E ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 5 seconds at all ranks to 0.9;
  • Mana cost changed from 50/60/70/80/90 to 60/65/70/75/80;
  • If Twin Fang kills its target, Cassiopeia is refunded the entire mana cost;
  • Damage decreased from 55/80/105/130/155 [+0.55 AP] to 52 [+4 per Champion level] [+0.1 AP];
  • If the target is poisoned, Twin Fang will deal an additional 10/40/70/100/130 [+0.35 AP] and heal Cassiopeia for 5/10/15/20/25 [+0.1 AP].


Nerf BoxPetrifying_GazePetrifying Gaze [ R ]

  • Slow strength decreased from 60% at all ranks to 40%.




Fiddlesticks Final Portrait


New Item BoxDreadDread [ Passive ] (Reworked)

If Fiddlesticks stands still or channels for 1.5 seconds, he’ll gain 25/30/35/40% bonus Movement Speed (values for levels 1/6/11/16) for 1.5 seconds after he starts moving. Hard CC resets the timer for Dread to activate, but soft CC doesn’t.


Nerf BoxTerrifyTerrify [ Q ]

  • Cast range decreased from 576 to 525.



Change BoxDrainDrain [ W ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 10/9/8/7/6 seconds to 4/3.75/3.5/3.25/3, but the CD starts when Drain’s channel ends, rather than when it’s cast.


Buff BoxDark_WindDark Wind [ E ]

  • Maximum number of bounces increased from 5 to 7.



Quality of Life Box FinalCrowstormCrowstorm [ R ]

  • If cast outside its maximum range, Crowstorm will be cast at its maximum range in that direction (meaning Fiddle won’t move until he’s in range for your command anymore);
  • Additionally, Crowstorm will leave an “on my way” ping where it’s cast.


Fiddlesticks also received new spell icons. From left to right: Passive, Q, W, E and R:

Dread Terrify Drain Dark_Wind Crowstorm



Illaoi Final Portrait


Change BoxTest of Spirit Final IconTest of Spirit [ E ]

  • Duration of Vessel debuff decreased from 60 seconds to 12;
  • Vessels now cause Tentacles to spawn every 5 seconds (scaling down with Illaoi’s level), down from 10;
  • Vessels can no longer remove the spell by killing Tentacles.



Kennen Final Portrait


Buff BoxKennen_MarkOfStormMark of the Storm [ Passive ]

  • Duration of repeated stuns debuff decreased from 7 seconds at all levels to 6.



Buff BoxKennen_ThunderingShurikenThundering Shuriken [ Q ]

  • Energy cost decreased from 65/60/55/50/45 to 60/55/50/45/40.



Change BoxKennen_ElectricalSurgeElectrical Surge [ W ]

  • Cast range on active decreased from 800 to 750.
  • Energy cost decreased from 45 at all ranks to 40.


Change BoxKennen_SlicingMaelstromSlicing Maelstrom [ R ]

  • Duration of AoE decreased from 3/4/5 seconds to 3 at all ranks;
  • Damage on subsequent hits increased from 50% to 75% of the original damage;
  • Now does damage to all champions in the AoE simultaneously every 0.5 seconds, decreased from hitting nearby random Champions every 0.25 seconds.


Kennen also received new spell icons. From left-to-right: Passive, Q, W, E and R.

Kennen_MarkOfStorm Kennen_ThunderingShuriken Kennen_ElectricalSurge Kennen_LightningRush Kennen_SlicingMaelstrom



Kindred Final Portrait


Nerf BoxDance of Arrows Final IconDance of Arrows [ Q ]

  • Static cooldown of [ Q ] if cast within Wolf’s [ W ] zone increased from 2 seconds at all ranks to 4/3.5/3/2.5/2.


Change BoxWolfs Frenzy Final IconWolf’s Frenzy [ W ]

  • Passive now gains less stacks for moving, but will now additionally gain stacks for auto-attacking;
  • Duration of Wolf’s zone increased from 8 seconds at all ranks to 8.5.
  • Wolf’s basic attacks now deal 50% increased damage to jungle monsters.



Malzahar Final Portrait


New Item Boxmalzahar_abilities_pPassive [ Void Shift ] (Reworked)

Malzahar enters Void Shift when he hasn’t taken direct damage for 24 seconds [-1 per level]. During Void Shift, Malzahar gains 90% damage reduction and crowd control immunity, which breaks 1 second after taking direct damage or when it blocks one instance of crowd control.



Change Boxmalzahar_abilities_qCall of the Void [ Q ]

  • Damage decreased from 80/135/190/245/300 [+0.8 AP] to 70/115/160/205/250 [+0.6 AP];
  • Cooldown decreased from 9 seconds at all ranks to 6;
  • Mana cost decreased from 80/85/90/95/100 to 60 at all ranks;
  • Silence duration decreased from 1.4/1.8/2.2/2.6/3 seconds to 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2.


New Item Boxmalzahar_abilities_wVoid Swarm [ W ] (Reworked)

Cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16 seconds at all ranks || Mana cost: 60 at all ranks

Summon a Voidling lasting 12 seconds to fight nearby enemies.

The first time a Voidling attacks a champion, large monster, or epic monster, or assists in killing a unit, Malzahar spawns a new Voidling with the same remaining duration. When 3 or more Voidlings are active, they all gain 50% bonus Attack Speed. Additionally, Voidlings will gain increased health with Champion level.

Voidling Details:

  • Attacks deal [0.3/0.325/0.35/0.375/0.4 Total AD] physical damage + 10/15/20/25/30 [+0.1 AP] magic damage;
  • Deals triple damage to lane minions below 25% Health;
  • Will not spawn from a Voidling with less than 4 seconds left;
  • Prefers to attack targets with Nether Grasp or Malefic Visions and has 100% increased Movement Speed when seeking these targets;
  • Otherwise attacks the enemy nearest it.


Change Boxmalzahar_abilities_eMalefic Visions [ E ]

  • Damage decreased from 80/140/200/260/320 [+0.8 AP] to 80/115/150/185/220 [+0.7 AP];
  • Mana cost decreased from 80/115/150/185/220 to 60/70/80/90/100;
  • No longer restores flat mana on-kill; instead, kills restore 2% of Malzahar’s maximum mana;
  • If Malzahar hits a target affected by his Space AIDS [ E ], the duration of the DoT will refresh.



Change Boxmalzahar_abilities_rNether Grasp [ R ]

  • No longer deals 50/80/110 [+0.26 AP] per half second;
  • Now spawns Malzahar’s old Null Zone [ W ] in the center of the suppressed target, dealing 6 [+0.15 AP] % of Maximum Health as magic damage for 5 seconds.


Malzahar’s also received new spell icons. From left to right: Passive, Q, W, E and R:

malzahar_abilities_p malzahar_abilities_q malzahar_abilities_w malzahar_abilities_e malzahar_abilities_r


Malzahar’s base splash was also updated:

malzahar Malzahar_0




Nidalee Final Champion Portrait


Nerf BoxTakedownTakedown [ Q ]

  • Execute bonus damage changed from 1.5% bonus damage per 1% missing HP to 1/1.25/1.5/1.75%.



Rengar Final Portrait


Quality of Life Box FinalUnseen_PredatorUnseen Predator / Ferocity [ Passive ]

  • Passive leap strike now procs Statikk Shiv and all other on-hit items.



Quality of Life Box FinalSavagerySavagery [ Q ]

  • Fixed a bug where Savagery was nullifying the damage from dead man’s plate and Spellblade (Sheen).


Quality of Life Box FinalBola_StrikeBola Strike [ E ]

  • Cast no longer maintains cast location, but maintains directional when moved during cast time. (Cast location was obtained at the start of cast, if Rengar jumps over or moves drastically around this point (commonly Flash & Unseen Predator), his bola can go in seemingly random direction. This change should prevent a lot of the “bola going in random direction” since it maintains the direction of cast, and will move accordingly with Rengar.)
  • Fixed a bug where Bola cast time on live is most commonly at 0.25 seconds, so Bola cast time now consistently 0.25. We can reevaluate in later patches if this is still an issue.
  • Fixed a bug where entering empowered mode while casting Bola would cast Empowered Bola to be on cooldown, or immediately kick Rengar out of ferocity mode.


Quality of Life Box FinalThrill_of_the_HuntThrill of the Hunt [ R ]

  • Fixed an inconsistency where exiting Thrill of the Hunt with an ability might result in 4 Ferocity gain instead of 5.



Swain Final Portrait


Buff BoxCarrion_RenewalCarrion Renewal [ Passive ]

  • Base mana restored per kill increased from 9 to 12.



Change BoxDecrepifyDecrepify [ Q ]

  • No longer single-target; instead, Swain will put Beatrice down in the center of an AoE that lasts 4 seconds. The crow will attack targets inside the circle, prioritizing targets affected by Torment. It will retarget on its own after a kill and will drop aggro on targets that exit the circle;
  • Now deals double damage to minions;
  • Cooldown increased from 8 at all ranks to 14/13/12/11/10;
  • Mana cost decreased from 60/70/80/90/100 to 60/65/70/75/80.


Buff BoxNevermove Final IconNevermove [ W ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 80/90/100/110/120 to 80/85/90/95/100.



Buff BoxTormentTorment [ E ]

  • Damage changed from 75/115/155/195/235 [+0.8 AP] to 50/80/110/140/170 [+1.0 AP];
  • Damage amplification increased from 8/11/14/17/20% to 20% at all ranks.


Change BoxRavenous_FlockRavenous Flock [ R ]

  • Maximum number of targets increased from 3 to 5;
  • Heal effectiveness from minions decreased from 25% to 15%;
  • Cooldown increased from 8 seconds at all ranks to 10;
  • Mana cost increase-per-second decreased from 5/6/7 seconds to 5 at all ranks.



Soraka Final Portrait


Nerf BoxStarcallStarcall [ Q ]

  • Slow decreased from 30/35/40/45/50% to 30% at all ranks;
  • Movement Speed strength of Rejuvenation buff decreased from 15% to 10%.



Syndra Final Portrait


Change BoxTranscendentTranscendent [ Passive ]

  • At level 9, Dark Spheres [ Q ] no longer deals 15% bonus damage against Champions; instead, it increases the lifespan of spheres from 6 seconds to 8;
  • At level 9, no longer increases the slow duration on Force of Will [ W ] by 2 seconds; instead, Syndra will automatically grab two additional spheres near the targetted sphere (or buff monster).


Buff BoxDark_SphereDark Sphere [ Q ] 

  • AP ratio increased from 0.6 AP to 0.75.



Buff BoxScatter_the_WeakScatter The Weak [ E ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 18/16.5/15/13.5/12 seconds to 16/15/14/13/12.




Taric Final Portrait


  • Mana changed from 250 [+75 per level] to 300 [+60 per level].


Nerf BoxBastionBastion [ W ]

  • Cast range decreased from 1100 to 800;
  • Tether range decreased from 1600 to 1300.


Nerf BoxDazzle (1)Dazzle [ E ]

  • Hitbox of stun decreased from 650/150 (length/width) to 610/140.




Teemo Final Champion Portrait


Buff BoxBlinding_DartBlinding Dart [ Q ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 70/80/90/100/110 to 70/75/80/85/90.



Buff BoxNoxious Trap Final IconNoxious Trap [ R ]

  • Recharge cooldown decreased from 34/28/22 seconds to 30/25/20;
  • Mana cost decreased from 75/100/125 to 75 at all ranks.



Veigar Final Portrait


Phenomenal Evil Power [ Passive ] (Reworked)

Veigar is the greatest Evil to ever strike at the heart of Runeterra – and he’s only getting bigger! Striking an enemy Champion with a spell grants Veigar stacks of Phenomenal Evil, giving him 1 Ability Power. Takedowns grant an additional 3 stacks.

(Note) The passive’s tooltip shows how much AP you’ve earned with each spell and with takedowns.


Buff BoxBaleful_StrikeBaleful Strike [ Q ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 60/65/70/75/80 to 40/45/50/55/60;
  • Killing a unit with this also grants Veigar a stack of Phenomenal Evil. Large minions and large monsters grant two.


Buff BoxDark_MatterDark Matter [ W ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 70/75/80/85/90 to 60/65/70/75/80.



Buff BoxEvent_HorizonEvent Horizon [ E ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 80/85/90/95/100 to 70/75/80/85/90.



Change BoxPrimordial_BurstPrimordial Burst [ R ]

  • Damage changed from 250/375/500 [+1.0 AP] [+0.8 of target’s AP] to 175/275/375 [0.75] – 350/550/750 [1.5 AP], based on the target’s missing Health.
  • Mana cost decreased from 125 at all ranks to 100;



VelKoz Final Portrait


Buff BoxOrganic DeconstructionOrganic Deconstruction [ Passive ]

  • Base damage decreased from 35 to 25;
  • Now has an added 0.4 AP ratio.


Buff BoxPlasma Fission Final IconPlasma Fission [ Q ]

  • The angle indicator will no longer be visible for enemies;
  • Now refunds 20/22.5/25/27.5/30 mana for every unit Plasma Fission kills.


Nerf Box64px-Void_RiftVoid Rift [ W ]

  • AP ratio on initial rift decreased from 0.25 to 0.15;
  • AP ratio on rift opening decreased from 0.375 to 0.25.


Nerf BoxTectonic DisruptionTectonic Disruption [ E ]

  • AP ratio decreased from 0.5 to 0.3.



Buff BoxLife Form Disintegration RayLife Form Disintegration Ray [ R ]

  • No longer stacks Organic Deconstruction;
  • Damage increased from 500/700/900 [+0.6 AP] to 500/725/950 [+1.0 AP];
  • Cooldown decreased from 130/110/90 seconds to 120/100/80;
  • New Passive – if Vel’Koz procs Organic Deconstruction with his other spells, he will Research them for 7 seconds. Life Form Disintegration Ray deals true damage against Researched targets. Vel’Koz’s basic spells and auto-attacks refresh the duration of the Research debuff.



Viktor Final Portrait


Buff BoxSiphon_PowerSiphon Power [ Q ]

  • Damage increased from 40/60/80/100/120 [+0.2 AP] to 60/85/110/135/160 [+0.4 AP];
  • Shield value changed from 30/50/70/90/110 [+0.2 AP] to 0.15 AP [+0.08 of Maximum Mana];
  • Bonus on-hit magic damage changed from 20-210 (scales with level) to  20/40/60/80/100 (Q ranks);
  • Cooldown decreased from 10/8.5/7/5.5/4 seconds to  8/7/6/5/4.


Nerf BoxDeath_RayDeath Ray [ E ]

  • AP ratio decreased from 0.7 to 0.5;
  • Missle speed of laser increased from 780 to 1050;
  • Explosion damage on Augmented laser decreased from 70/110/150/190/230 [+0.7 AP] to 40/70/100/130/160 [+0.6 AP];
  • Delay on explosion increased from 0.6 seconds to 1;
  • Explosion now deals full damage to targets damaged by Death Ray [60% on live].


Buff BoxViktor_R1Chaos Storm [ R ]

  • Initial damage decreased from 150/250/350 [+0.55 AP] to 100/175/250 [+0.5 AP];
  • Storm now deals 150/250/350 [+0.6 AP] magic damage every 2 seconds, increased from 15/30/45 [+0.1 AP] damage every 0.5 seconds;
  • Storm duration decreased from 7 seconds at all ranks to 6.5.



Vladimir Final Portrait


  • Base Health changed from 543 [+85 per level] to 550 [+84 per level];
  • Armor changed from 22 [+3.5 per level] to 23 [+3.3 per level];
  • Attack Damage increased from 48 to 52;


Change Boxvladamir_abilities_pCrimson Pact [ Passive ]

  • Bonus AP increased from 0.025 of Bonus Health to 0.04;
  • Bonus HP decreased from 1.4 AP to 1.0.


Change Boxvladamir_abilities_qTransfusion [ Q ]

  • Damage decreased from 90/125/160/195/230 [+0.6 AP] to 80/100/120/140/160 [+0.45 AP];
  • Heal decreased from 15/25/35/45/55 [+0.25 AP] to 20/25/30/35/40 [+0.15 AP];
  • Cooldown changed from 10/8.5/7/5.5/4 seconds to 9/8/7/6/5;
  • After casting Tranfusion Twice, Vladimir gains Crimson Rush for a few seconds, with the timer beginning when Tranfusion comes off cooldown.;
  • Crimson Rush: For the next 2.5 seconds, Vladimir gains bonus Movement Speed and Tranfusion deals double damage and heals for a bonus 40 [+15 per Champion level] + 5 [+0.025 AP] % of his Missing Health. The bonus heal value is halved against lane minions, but not monsters.


New Item Boxvladamir_abilities_eTides of Blood [ E ] (Reworked)

Cost: 10% of Maximum Health || Cooldown: 9/8/7/6/5 seconds || Cast Range: 600

Vladimir charges up a reservoir of blood, paying up to 10% of his Maximum Health over 1 second to increase Tides of Blood’s damage by the same amount.

On release or after 1.5 seconds, Vladimir unleashes a nova of blood, dealing between 30/40/50/60/70 [+0.025 Max HP] [+0.35 AP] and 60/80/100/150/140 (+0.1 Max HP) [+0.7 AP] magic damage to enemies hit.

When fully charged, Tides of Blood slows Vladimir while he holds it, but will briefly slow targets by 40/45/50/55/60% when he releases it.



Buff Boxvladamir_abilities_rHemoplague [ R ]

  • Duration of debuff (and time for the spell to deal damage) decreased from 5 seconds at all ranks to 4;
  • Damage amplification decreased from 12% at all ranks to 10%;
  • Additionally, Hemoplague will heal Vladimir for 75/125/175 [+0.35 AP] for each enemy champion it damages.


Vlad’s also received new spell icons. From left to right: Passive, Q, W, E and R:

vladamir_abilities_p vladamir_abilities_q vladamir_abilities_w-m vladamir_abilities_e vladamir_abilities_r



Xerath Final Portrait


Shocking Orb [ E ]Change BoxShocking_Orb

  • Stun duration changed from 0.75 – 1.75 seconds to 0.5 – 2.



Buff BoxRite_of_the_ArcaneRite of the Arcane [ R ]

  • Number of missiles increased from 3 at all ranks to 3/4/5;
  • Base damage changed from 190/245/300 to 200/230/260.



Zac Final Portrait


  • Base Movement Speed increased from 335 to 340.


Buff BoxCell_DivisionCell Division [ Passive ]

  • Blobs now take less time to converge to the center, decreasing with level.
  • Lvl 1 – 8 seconds;
  • Lvl 6 – 7 seconds;
  • Lvl 10 – 6 seconds;
  • Lvl 13 – 5 seconds;
  • Lvl 17 – 4 seconds.



Ziggs Final Portrait


Buff BoxSatchel_ChargeSatchel Charge [ W ]

  • Can now instantly destroy towers below 25% HP.



Change BoxMega Inferno Bomb Final IconMega Inferno Bomb [ R ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 120 seconds at all ranks to 120/105/90;
  • Minions are no longer dealt double damage by the spell.



Zyra Final Portrait


  • Base Health increased from 479 to 499;
  • Movement Speed increased from 325 to 340.


New Item Boxzyra_abilities_passiveGarden of Thorns [ Passive ] (Reworked)

Seeds spawn around Zyra periodically, becoming faster with level and lasting 45 seconds (with a maximum number of 8 seeds planted at any time). If an enemy Champion steps on a seed, the seed dies. If Zyra casts Deadly Spines or Grasping Roots near seeds, she grows plants which last 5-7.5 seconds (scaling up with Champion level). Extra plants striking the same target deal 50% damage.

  • Plant damage decreased from 23 [+6.5 per level] [+0.2 AP] to 24 [+5 per level] [+0.15 AP];
  • Plant health decreased from 3 to 2.

(Note) Zyra will not attempt to place two seeds close to each other. Also, plant AI has received an overhaul.



Change Boxzyra_abilities_qDeadly Spines [ Q ]

  • Skillshot changed from a circular AoE to a thick line;
  • Damage decreased from 70/105/140/175/210 [+0.65 AP] to 60/90/120/150/180 [+0.55 AP];
  • Mana cost decreased 75/80/85/90/95 to 60 at all ranks.



Nerf Boxzyra_abilities_wRampant Growth [ W ]

  • Passive no longer gives Zyra 2/4/6/8/10% Cooldown Reduction. Instead, it increases the maximum health of her plants by 10/20/30/40/50%;
  • Seeds still grant vision in a small area and spot enemy champions who step on them for 2 seconds.


Buff Boxzyra_abilities_rStranglethorns [ R ]

  • No longer increases the Attack Speed of plants in the AoE by 50%; instead, it increases their damage by 150%.


Zyra’s also received new spell icons. From left to right: Passive, Q, W, E and R:

zyra_abilities_passive zyra_abilities_q zyra_abilities_w zyra_abilities_e zyra_abilities_r



Item Changes


Frozen Heart and Guinsoo’s Rageblade have both received updated item icons:

3110_Frozen_Heart 3124_Guinsoos_Rageblade


Nerf BoxAbyssal Scepter Final IconAbyssal Scepter

  • Recipe Change: Fiendish Codex + Negatron Cloak + Amplifying Tome + 695 Gold = 2750 Total Gold;
  • Ability Power decreased from 70 to 60;
  • Magic Resist increased from 50 to 60;
  • Now grants 10% Cooldown Reduction;
  • Passive aura MR shred changed from 20 to 10-25 (scales with level);
  • Passive aura no longer reduces the MR of minions.


Change BoxAthenes Unholy Grail Final IconAthene’s Unholy Grail

  • Recipe Change: Chalice + Fiendish Codex + 300 Gold = 2100 Total Gold;
  • Total Cost decreased from 2700 Gold to 2100;
  • Ability Power decreased from 60 to 40;
  • Bonus Mana Regeneration decreased from 100% of Base regen to 75%;
  • Mana Passive: Mana Passives on Kill or Assist have been removed.
  • New Passive: Gain 15% of premitigation damage dealt to champions as Blood charges, up to 100 to 270 (based on level). Healing or shielding another ally consumes Blood charges to heal that ally.


Change BoxBanshees Veil Final IconBanshee’s Veil

  • Recipe Changed: Spectre’s Cowl + Negatron Cloak + 530 Gold;
  • Total Cost decreased from 2900 Gold to 2450;
  • Health decreased from 500 to 300.


Change BoxCatalyst Final IconCatalyst of Aeons

  • Valor’s Reward passive removed (no longer restores 150 HP/200 Mana on level-up);
  • New Passive – Eternity: 15% of damage taken from champion is gained as Mana. 15% of Mana spent is gained as Health. (Healing limited to 25 per spell cast or 25 per second for toggled spells.)*


Change BoxChalice_of_HarmonyChalice of Harmony

  • Passive remade: Increases your Health Regeneration by 100% if your Health % is lower than your Mana %. Increases your Mana Regeneration by 100% if your Mana % is lower than your Health %;

(Note) Mikael’s Crucible and Athene’s Unholy Grail gain this passive instead of Mana Font.


New Item BoxDevourer Final IconEnchantment: Bloodrazor (replaces Devourer)

  • Grants 40% Attack Speed;
  • UNIQUE Passive: Basic attacks deal 3% of the target’s maximum Health in bonus physical damage (max 75 vs monsters and minions) on hit.


Change BoxGuardian Angel Final IconGuardian Angel

  • Recipe cost decreased from 1180 Gold to 880 (total cost down from 2700 to 2400);
  • Magic Resist decreased from 60 to 45.


Change Box3124_Guinsoos_RagebladeGuinsoo’s Rageblade

  • Recipe changed: Blasting Wand (850) + Pickaxe (875) + Recurve Bow (1000) + 875 Recipe Cost = 3600 Gold total;
  • Attack Damage increased from 30 to 35;
  • Abiliy Power increased from 40 to 50;
  • New Passive: Basic attacks deal an additional 15 magic damage on-hit;
  • Maximum stacks are now 6, decreased from 8 (bonuses per stack are unchanged);
  • Guinsoo’s Rage (buff at max stacks) no longer deals on-hit magic damage in an AoE; instead, it causes every other basic attack to trigger on-hit effects twice (aka Devourer’s passive).


New Item Boxglp (1)Hextech GLP-800

  • Recipe: Catalyst of Aeons + Hextech Revolver + 750 Gold = 3000 Total Gold;
  • Grants 300 Health, 80 Ability Power and 400 Mana;
  • Passive – Shared with Catalyst of Aeons;
  • Active – Ice Bolts: Throw an arc of five piercing icy bolts that explode to deal 100 – 200(+20% of your Ability Power) as magic damage. Enemies hit are slowed by 60% decaying over 0.5 seconds. (30 second cooldown, shared with other Hextech Items).


Buff BoxHextech Gunblade Final IconHextech Gunblade

  • Damage on active changed from 150 [+0.4 AP] to 300 [+0.3 AP];
  • Active now instantaneously shoots a lightning bolt with zero travel time, immediately slowing the target for 2 seconds;
  • Active now shares a cooldown with other Hextech Items.


Change Boxhextech revolverHextech Revolver

  • Combine Cost decreased from 340 to 240 (total cost down from 1200 Gold to 1100).
  • Spell Vamp removed;
  • New Passive – Magic Bolt: Your basic attacks deal 75 – 150 magic damage on hit. (30 second cooldown, shared with other Hextech items);


New Item Boxprotobelt (1)Hextech Protobelt-01

  • Recipe: Hextech Revolver + Kindlegem + 750 Gold = 2500 Total Gold;
  • Grants 300 Health, 80 Ability Power and 10% Cooldown Reduction;
  • Active – Fire Bolt: Dash 300 units in a direction (at 1200 speed) and then unleash a nova of fireballs that deal 100 – 250 (+25% of your Ability Power) magic damage to enemies hit. Enemies hit by more than one fireball take 15% damage from additional balls. (30 second cooldown, shared with other Hextech items). This Dash cannot go over walls.


New Item Boxlost_chapterLost Chapter [ New Item ]

  • Recipe: Sapphire Crystal + Amplifying Tome + 115 Gold = 900 Total Gold;
  • Grants 25 Ability Power and 250 Mana;
  • Unique Passive: Upon levelling up, restores 20% of your maximum mana over 3 seconds.


Nerf BoxMercurial_ScimitarMercurial Scimitar

  • Quicksilver active now removes CC effects only, not all debuffs (so spells like Zed’s ult or Trundle’s ult can’t be QSS-ed anymore).


Change BoxMorellonomicon Final IconMorellonomicon

  • Recipe Change: Lost Chapter + Fiendish Codex + 500 Gold = 2300 Total Gold
  • Mana Regeneration removed (+100% Base Regen on live);


Nerf BoxQuicksilver_SashQuicksilver Sash

  • Quicksilver active now removes CC effects only, not all debuffs.



Buff BoxRighteous Glory Final IconRighteous Glory

  • Recipe cost decreased from 750 Gold to 650 (total cost down from 2600 Gold to 2500).



Change BoxRod of Ages Final IconRod of Ages

  • Recipe Change: Catalyst of Aeons + Needlessly Large Rod + 50 Gold;
  • Total Cost decreased from 3000 Gold to 2500;
  • Ability Power decreased from 80 to 60;
  • Mana decreased from 400 to 300;
  • Mana-per-stack decreased from 40 to 10.


Nerf BoxSpectres Cowl Final IconSpectre’s Cowl

  • Total Cost increased from 1100 Gold to 1200;
  • Health increased from 200 to 250;
  • Magic Resist decreased from 35 to 30.


Change BoxSpirit Visage Final IconSpirit Visage

  • Combine Cost decreased from 900 to 800 (total cost unchanged because of Spectre Cowl’s cost increase;
  • Magic Resist decreased from 70 to 50;
  • Bonus Health Regen increased from 150% of Base regen to 200%;
  • Passive heal buff increased from 20% to 25%.


Nerf BoxSunfire Cape Final IconSunfire Cape

  • Recipe cost increased from 800 Gold to 1000 (total cost up from 2700 Gold to 2900).



Buff BoxTear of the GoddessTear of the Goddess

  • Mana Regeneration removed (+25% Base Regen on live);
  • New (Additional) Passive – Awe: Refunds 25% of Mana spent.


Buff BoxThe Black Cleaver Final IconThe Black Cleaver

  • Attack Damage decreased from 55 to 50;
  • Recipe cost decreased from 1150 Gold to 750 (total cost down from 3500 Gold to 3100).


Removed BoxWill of the Ancients Final IconWill of the Ancients

  • Removed from the game.



Change BoxZhonyas Hourglass Final IconZhonya’s Hourglass

  • Recipe Change: Seeker’s Armguard + Fiendish Codex + 800 Gold = 2900 Total Gold;
  • Total Cost decreased from 3500 Gold to 3000;
  • Ability Power decreased from 100 to 70;
  • Now grants 10% Cooldown Reduction;
  • Cooldown on Statis active increased from 90 seconds to 120.





Riot Gmang Final PortraitHey everybody,

Hopefully you’ve had the chance to check out our Dragon and Mage changes for mid-season. We’ve got a bunch of other objective changes to Summoner’s Rift going in the patch, and I wanted to share those + context with ya’ll and take your questions and feedback!

Everything is subject to tuning and future iteration, of course.

Rift Herald

We’re pushing to make Rift Herald a more unique and meaningful objective for those looking to dominate the top half of the map. This new Rift Herald should be a more contestable objective with a clearer purpose: long-term selfish power for one team member – especially a lone-wolf or split push character.

  • Rift Herald now spawns at 6 minutes and never respawns
  • Rift Herald’s stats significantly increased (should be much harder to solo)
  • Doom’s Eve removed and replaced with a unique Superbuff:
    • Lasts 20 minutes and persists through death
    • While alone, you gain some damage reduced vs. champions and build Corruption stacks
    • At 100 stacks, your next attack discharges all Corruption to deal bonus magic damage (works on almost anything, including minions and towers; damage is reduced for ranged attacks)
    • Corruption stack rate and discharge damage scale with champion level

Hopefully this excites top laners, junglers, and some mids. We’re keeping an eye on it to ensure it’s powerful, but also contestable and not too game-ending.

Red and Blue Buffs

Late-game, Red and Blue buff have been somewhat ignorable these days. We’re buffing and compressing their power in the mid-late game to make them more appreciable objectives to leverage or steal, especially in games that are in a standstill and need things to fight over and create power windows.

  • Red Buff
    • Burn now applies a damage tick immediately on apply or reapply (stronger attack-speed scaling); damage-per-tick reduced to compensate
    • Health regen now scales steeply with champ level but turns off when in combat with champions or epic monsters (currently triples at level 6 and again at level 11!)
  • Blue Buff
    • AP per level replaced with +15% total Ability Power (like Rabadon’s Deathcap effect)
    • Mana regen based on max Mana doubled (flat regen unchanged)
  • Buff Durations
    • Red and Blue will last the same duration on your first clear, but all Red and Blue buffs after that will have a 90-second duration instead of 120

When you’re looking to make a play in mid-late game, buff camps should be juicier targets now, especially if you can steal them from the enemy’s side of the map!

Camp Respawn Timers

In order to facilitate more coordinated and contested objective play at all skill levels, we’re making a some UI changes. This also has the benefit of reducing timekeeping and chat-typing work.

  • When a camp that has a timer (Red, Blue, Dragon, Baron, Rift Herald) has less than 60 seconds to spawn, its timer is revealed to both teams (regardless of their vision of the camp), and an “about to spawn” icon appears in the minimap (will replace regular camp icon if you still haven’t seen the cleared camp)
  • The respawn icon starts dull at 60 seconds to spawn and becomes bright at 20 seconds

We generally like seeing more fights around objectives, and promoting objective awareness like this can help a lot. After getting used to the new UI, rallying your team around a Dragon spawn or even a buff steal can often be done with a simple ping instead of having to type things out in chat.


Turrets have several changes in store. Overall, we want them to be more defendable places to stand your ground, reduce their takedown reward compared to other objectives, clean up some of their mechanics, and rebudget their defenses so things other than marksmen basic attacks can contribute more to turret takedowns.

  • Turret Damage Ramp
    • Inner and Outer turrets more quickly ramp up their damage when attacking champions, and they maintain full damage when switching targets.
    • Inner and Outer turrets only take 4 shots to ramp up to full damage (instead of 5).
  • Turret Takedown Rewards
    • Outer turret total gold reward reduced, though local gold reward is increased (local gold 220 -> 300, global gold 125 -> 100)
    • Inner turret gold rewards reduced (local gold 250 -> 175, global gold 150 -> 125) and XP reward removed
    • Inhibitor turret local gold reward increased (0 -> 50)
  • AP Damage Conversion
    • When your attacks trigger AP damage conversion (occurs when attacking a turret while your AP is more than double your bonus AD), the converted damage is now magic instead of physical
  • Turret Stats
    • Base Armor/MR increased (from 0 to 40), Base Health decreased (from 4000 to 3300)
    • Turrets are now subject to penetration (generally tankier than Live unless you have about 20 penetration or have a true damage proc; overall a small nerf to marksmen damage, but a buff to some mages and assassins)
    • Reinforced Armor converted from 200 Armor/MR to 66.67% damage reduction

Overall, diving and taking turrets should be less of a freebie than what we’ve seen recently.

Let’s hear your thoughts!

[ Link to Post ]




Four new dragons will replace the existing stack system. They appear in a random order until the 35th minute, when the Elder dragon lands (after the last dragon has been killed, he won’t replace it like Baron replaces the Herald).


These smaller dragons provide stacking buffs, capping at 3 stacks:


elemental-dragon-wind-thumbAir Dragon

  • This unit gains 15/30/45 bonus flat Movement Speed when out of combat. This bonus is increased to 22.5/45/67.5 if the unit has the Elder Dragon buff.


elemental-dragon-earth-thumbEarth Dragon

  • This unit deals 10/20/30% bonus true damage to Dragon, Baron and Towers. This bonus is increased to 15/30/45% if the unit has the Elder Dragon buff.


elemental-dragon-fire-thumbFire Dragon

  • This unit has 8/16/24% bonus AP and AD. This bonus is increased to 12/24/36% if the unit has the Elder Dragon buff.


elemental-dragon-water-thumbWater Dragon

  • Every 18/12/6 seconds, this unit restores 10% of their missing Health and Mana. This bonus is increased to 15% of missing HP and mana if the unit has the Elder Dragon buff.


Dragon 4 Dragon 3 Dragon 2 Dragon 1



New Splash Arts

Trundle’s received updated splash arts on all his skins:


Traditional Trundle

Trundle_Splash_3 Trundle_3


Lil’ Slugger Trundle

Trundle_Splash_1 Trundle_1


Junkyard Trundle

Trundle_Splash_2 Trundle_2


Glacial Olaf has received an updated splash:

Olaf_Splash_2 Olaf_2


U.F.O Corki has also received a new splash:

Corki_Splash_1 Corki_1


Lastly, PAX Sivir has also received a new splash:

Sivir_Splash_5 Sivir_5


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at

Short Story The Bird and the Branch Final banner

Explore Taliyah’s journey as she crosses paths with Yasuo:




“That power of yours was meant to destroy. You don’t want to use it? Fine. Let it sink you like a stone.”Those were the last words Taliyah heard from the Noxian captain before she slipped beneath the salty water, words that haunted her still. Four days had passed since that landing on the beach where she had made her escape. At first she ran, and then, when she could no longer hear the breaking bones of the Ionian farmers and Noxian soldiers, she walked. She followed the high skirts of the mountains, not daring to look back at the carnage she’d left behind. The snow had started to fall two days ago. Or maybe it was three; she couldn’t remember. This morning, as she passed an empty shrine, a cheerless air had begun to move through the valley. Now the wind grew stronger and broke through the clouds to reveal a sky clear and blue, a color so pure it felt like she was drowning again. She knew that sky. As a young child, she saw it blanket the sands. But this wasn’t Shurima. The wind here was not welcoming.Taliyah hugged herself, trying to remember the warmth of home. Her coat kept out the snow, but still the cold air crept in. The invisible loneliness snaked around her, sinking deep in her bones. The memory of being so far from those she loved now dropped her to her knees.

She shoved her hands deep in her pockets, her shaking fingertips tumbling a few well-worn stones for warmth.

“I am hungry. That is all this is,” Taliyah said to no one and everyone. “A hare. A little bird. Great Weaver, I would even take a mouse if it showed itself.”

As if on command, a small crunching of powdered snow sounded several strides away from her. The culprit, a gray handful of fur no bigger than her two fists, popped its head from a burrow.

“Thank you,” she whispered through chattering teeth. “Thank you. Thank you.”

The animal looked at Taliyah inquisitively as she took one of the smooth stones from her pocket and slipped it into the leather pouch of her sling. She wasn’t used to throwing from a kneeling position, but if the Great Weaver had given her this offering, she wasn’t going to waste it.

The little animal continued to watch as she wound the sling once, seating the small rock. The cold gripped Taliyah’s body and gave her arm a jerky feel. When she had enough speed, she unleashed the stone and, unfortunately, a harsh sneeze.

The stone skipped along the snow, narrowly missing her would-be meal. Taliyah rocked back, the heavy weight of frustration erupting in a guttural growl that echoed in the silence around her. She took a few deep, clearing breaths, the cold burning her throat.

“Assuming you are anything like sand rabbits, if there’s one of you, there are a dozen more close by,” she said to the patch where the animal had been, her defiant optimism returning.

Her gaze lifted from the burrow to more movement farther down in the valley. She followed her winding tracks through the snow. Beyond them, through the sparse pines, she saw a man in the shrine, and her breath caught. His wild, dark hair tangled in the wind as he sat, head bowed to his chest. He was either sleeping or meditating. She breathed a sigh of relief. No Noxian she knew would be caught doing either. She remembered the shrine’s rough surface from earlier, as her hands had run along its carved edges.

Taliyah was shaken from her reverie by a sharp crack. Then a rumble started to build. She steadied herself for the rolling earthquake that didn’t arrive. The rumbling grew into a steady, terrible grinding of compacted snow on stone. Taliyah turned to face the mountain and saw a wall of white coming for her.

She scrambled to her feet, but there was nowhere to go. She looked down at the rock peeking through the dirty ice and thought of the little animal safe in its burrow. She desperately focused, pulling on the rough edges of the visible rock. A row of thick columns sprang from the ground. The stone blockade reached far over her head just as the crushing white avalanche slammed into it with a heavy whumpf.

The snow rushed up the newly made slope and spilled like a glittering wave into the valley below. Taliyah watched as the deadly blanket filled the little glen, covering the temple.

As quickly as it had begun, the avalanche was over. Even the lonely wind stilled. The new, muffled silence weighed heavily on her. The man with the wild, dark hair was gone, entombed somewhere beneath all that ice and rock. She was safe from the snowslide, but her stomach lurched with a sickening realization: She hadn’t just brought harm to an unsuspecting innocent; she had buried him alive.

“Great Weaver,” Taliyah said to no one and everyone, “what have I done?”


Taliyah picked her way quickly down the snow-covered hillside, skidding in places and plunging thigh-deep in others. She hadn’t run from a Noxian invasion fleet to then accidentally kill the first Ionian she saw.

“And knowing my luck, he was probably a holy man,” she said.

The pines in the valley had been reduced to spindly bushes half their original size. Only the tip of the shrine broke the snow’s surface. A string of tattered prayer flags had twisted themselves into knots, marking what used to be the far end of the glen. Taliyah scanned the area, looking for any trace of the man she had committed to the ice. When she’d last seen him, he had been under the temple’s eave. Perhaps it had sheltered him.

As she made her way to the temple, closer to the trees and away from the sweep of the avalanche, she saw two fingers that had broken through the surface.

She half trudged, half ran to the pale fingertips. “Please don’t be dead. Please don’t be dead. Please…”

Taliyah dropped carefully to her knees and started to scoop away the icy powder. She uncovered fingers as strong as steel. She reached in and gripped the man’s wrist, her own clenching hands barely obeying. Her teeth chattered, shaking her body and drowning out any pulse of life she might have felt in the man.

“If you’re not dead already,” she said to the man beneath the snow, “then you’ve got to help me.”

She looked around. There was no one else. She was all he had.

Taliyah let go of his fingers and backed away a few paces. She laid her numb palms to the surface of the snow and tried to remember what the floor of the little valley had looked like before the avalanche. Loose stones, gravel. The memory swam, then coalesced in her mind. It was dark, a coarse charcoal gray with flecks of white, like Uncle Adnan’s beard.

Taliyah held tightly to the vision and pulled up from deep below the snowpack. The crust of ice erupted in front of her, quickly followed by a towering ribbon of granite balancing a lone figure. The suddenly flexible stone wavered at its peak, as if looking to her for guidance. Unsure of any safe landing, Taliyah pushed them both toward the spindly pines, hoping their boughs might break his fall.

The granite ribbon fell short, collapsing into the snow with a heavy puff, but the evergreen arms caught the man before casually dropping him to the surface.

“If you were alive, please don’t be dead now,” Taliyah said as she hurried toward him. The sunlight faltered above her. Dark clouds were moving into the valley. More snow would soon be upon them. Beyond the trees, she saw an opening to a small cave.

Taliyah blew warm breath into her hands and willed them to stop shaking. She bent close to the man, reaching out to touch his shoulder. He let out a pained grunt. Before Taliyah could pull back, there was a quick breeze and a metallic flash. The sharp, cold edge of the man’s blade pressed at her throat.

“Not yet time to die,” he said in a broken whisper. He coughed, and his eyes rolled back in his head. The sword dipped to the snow, but the man did not release the weapon.

The first snowflake flitted past Taliyah’s chapped face. “From the look of it, you’re pretty hard to kill,” she said. “But if we’re caught in this storm, we just might find out if that’s true.”

The man’s breathing was shallow, but at least he was still alive. Taliyah reached under the man’s arm and dragged him toward the small cave.

The lonely wind had returned.



Taliyah bent to pick up a rounded stone the size and color of a small hank of raw wool. She shivered and looked back into the cave; the ragged man was still propped against the wall, his eyes closed. She pushed the bit of dried meat she had found in the man’s pack around in her mouth, hoping he wouldn’t begrudge sharing if he lived.

She stepped back into the warmth of the cave. The slabs of rock she had stacked still glowed with a wavering heat. She knelt. Taliyah hadn’t been sure her trick of warming the stones in her pocket would work with something larger. The young Shuriman closed her eyes and focused on the stack of rocks. She remembered the blistering sun on the sands. The way the heat sank deep in the earth long into the night. She relaxed and loosened her coat as the dry warmth settled around her, then set to work on the stone in her hands. She turned it, wrapping and pushing it with her thoughts until it was hollowed like a bowl. Satisfied, she returned to the cave opening with her newly formed dish.

A male voice groaned behind her, “Like a sparrow gathering crumbs.”

“Even sparrows get thirsty,” she replied, scooping up a bowlful of clean snow. The cold wind whispered around her. Taliyah set the round stone onto the stack of hot rocks in front of her.

“You gather stones by hand? That seems tedious for someone who can weave rock.”

A heat rose to Taliyah’s cheeks that had nothing to do with the little stone hearth.

“You’re not angry, are you? I mean about the snow and the—”

The man laughed and then clutched his side with a groan. “Your actions tell me all I need to know.” His gritted teeth still held the edge of a smile. “You could have left me to die.”

“It was my mistake that put you in danger. I wasn’t going to leave you buried in the snow.”

“My thanks. Although I could have done without the tumble through the trees.”

Taliyah grimaced and then opened her mouth. The man held out a hand to stop her. “Do not apologize.”

He strained and pulled himself upright, taking a closer look at Taliyah and the ornament in her hair.

“A Shuriman sparrow.” He closed his eyes and relaxed into the heat of the stone hearth. “You are a long way from home, little bird. What brings you to a remote cave in Ionia?”


The man raised a dark eyebrow but kept his eyes closed.

“They said I would bring people together in Noxus. That my power would strengthen her walls. But they only wanted me to destroy.” Her voice grew thick with disgust. “They told me they would teach me—”

“They have, but only half the lesson,” he said without emotion.

“They wanted me to bury a village. To murder people in their homes.” Taliyah let out an impatient snort. “And I escaped only to bring a mountain down on you.”

The man lifted his sword and looked down the length of the blade. A small breeze wiped it clean of dust. “Destruction. Creation. Neither is wholly good or bad. You cannot have one without the other. What matters is intent, the ‘why’ of choosing your path. That is the only real choice we have.”

Taliyah stood up, irritated at the lecture. “My path is away from this place. Away from everyone, until I learn to control what’s inside of me. I don’t trust myself not to hurt my people.”

“A bird’s trust is not in the branch beneath her.”

Taliyah had stopped listening. She was already at the mouth of the cave, wrapping her coat tightly around her. The wind whistled in her ears.

“I’m going to try and find us something to eat. Hopefully, I won’t bring the rest of the mountain down on you.”

The man settled against the warm stone at his back, speaking softly to no one and everyone. “Are you sure it is the mountain you seek to conquer, Little Sparrow?”



A bird pecked at a thin pine nearby. Taliyah kicked at the snow, accidentally shoving a clump of it into the top of her boot. She pulled at the cuff roughly, annoyed at the man’s words and at the melting ice slipping past her ankle.

“The why of the path? I left my people, my family, to protect them from me.”

She stopped. An unnatural hush had settled. Any small game that had been nearby had long since disappeared at the sound of her stomping feet. Not sensing any danger from the girl, the little bird had kept to its branch and twittered at her angry rants. Now even the birdsong was silenced.

Taliyah stood cautiously. In her anger, she had wandered farther than she had intended from the cave. She was drawn more to the stone than the wood, and had absently followed an exposed ridge until she found herself looking down from a rocky cliff. She didn’t think the man would follow her, yet she sensed something watching her.

“More lectures?” she asked indignantly.

There was a bone-vibrating exhalation in response.

She slipped one hand into her coat, and the other reached for her sling. Three stones tumbled in her pocket. She clutched at one just as loose gravel betrayed the movement of her stalker behind her.

Taliyah turned to face the presence at her back. There, padding carefully around sharp crags, was a great Ionian snow lion.

Even standing on four stout legs, it towered over her. The beast was easily twice as long as she was tall, its thick neck covered in a short mane of tawny white. The lion watched the girl. It dropped two freshly slain hares from its jaws and licked a drizzle of red from a canine bigger than her forearm.

Just a moment ago the high view from the cliff where she stood had been thrilling. Now it left her trapped. If she ran, she would be chased down in an instant. Taliyah swallowed, trying to push down the panic that was rising in her throat. She fit a stone into her sling and began to spin it.

“Get out of here,” she said. Her words came out with none of the terror she felt inside.

The lion took a step closer. The girl released the stone from her sling. It hit the great beast near the mane, the fur taking the brunt of the impact. The animal growled its displeasure, and Taliyah could not separate the heavy resonance from her own heart as it tried to beat its way out of her chest.

She fit another stone to the sling.

“Go on!” she shouted, feigning more courage. “I said get out of here!”

Taliyah let the next stone fly.

The predator’s hungry snarl grew louder. The bird in the thin pine, sensing no good could come from this encounter, leapt from the branch and took off on a current of air.

Alone, Taliyah reached into her pocket for her last stone. Her hands shook from the cold and the fear coursing through her. The rock slipped from her fingers and hit the ground, rolling away. She looked up. The lion’s head bobbed between muscled shoulders as it took another step toward her. The throwing stone was just out of reach.

You gather stones by hand? The man’s words echoed in her mind. Maybe there was another way. Taliyah reached out to the stone with her will. The small rock shuddered, but there was also a quiver in the ground beneath her.

The bough beside her still trembled from where the bird had taken flight. A bird’s trust is not in the branch. The choice was clear: She could either stand frozen in her doubt, letting the beast come for her, or lean into her power and take the leap.

Taliyah, a girl born in a desert land far beyond the shores of snow-capped Ionia, held on to the image of the bird and the empty branch that bounced. In that moment, she forgot the imminent death before her. The loneliness that haunted her fell away and was replaced by her last dance on the sands. She felt her mother, her father, Babajan—the whole tribe encircling her. Her whispered promise to return to them when she finally gained mastery over her gifts.

She met the gaze of the beast. “I’ve given up too much to let you stop me.”

The stone began to warp beneath her in a graceful crescent. She held on to the warmth of that last embrace and leapt.

A rumbling built beneath her, louder than the growl of the beast. The lion tried to back away, but it was already too late. The ground split beneath its thick paws into a sluice of swirling gravel, the weight of the creature pulling it farther down the crumbling cliff.

For a brief moment, Taliyah floated above the flurry of dissolving earth. The rock beneath her continued to splinter into a thousand tiny pieces, no longer solid enough to control. She knew she couldn’t hold on to the destruction forever. The girl started to fall. Before she could say goodbye to the coarse world fracturing around her, a strong wind lifted her up. Fingers like steel grasped the collar of her coat.

“I didn’t realize you were serious about bringing down the mountain, Little Sparrow.” With a grunt, the man pulled Taliyah up onto the newly created ledge. “I now understand why much of your desert is flat.”

A laugh bubbled up from within her. She was actually relieved to hear his patronizing voice. Taliyah looked over the side of the cliff and stood up. She dusted herself off, picked up the lion’s discarded hares, and walked back toward the little cave with a new skip in her step.



Taliyah bit her bottom lip. She looked around the inn, excitedly bouncing in her seat. The evening was late and the wooden tables sparsely populated. It had been so long since she had been around people. She looked to her grim companion, who had insisted on the darkened corner booth. The man who now served as her teacher didn’t count. The scowl he had worn since agreeing to a meal at the remote inn offered little in the way of camaraderie.

When it was clear that he was as much a stranger here as anyone else, he relaxed a bit and settled into the shadows, his back firmly to the wall and a drink in hand. Now that he was no longer distracted, his concentration and watchful eye returned to her.

“You must focus,” he said. “You cannot hesitate.”

Taliyah studied the leaves swirling at the bottom of her cup. The lesson today had been a difficult one. It had not gone well. In the end, they had both been covered in dust and shattered rock.

“Danger comes when your attention is divided,” he said.

“I could hurt someone,” she said, eyeing the new rip in the mantle wound around the man’s neck. Her own clothes had not fared well either. She looked down at her new overcoat and traveling skirt. The innkeeper’s wife had taken pity on her and offered what she had on hand, castoffs left by some previous patron. The long sleeves in the Ionian style would take some getting used to, but the rich fabric was sturdy and well woven. She had kept her simple tunic, faded from so much wear, determined not to give up what last bit of home she still had left.

“Nothing was broken that cannot be mended. Control comes through practice. You are capable of much more. Remember, you have improved.”

“But… what if I fail?” she asked.

The man’s gaze drifted as he watched the far door to the inn push open. A pair of merchants came in, stamping off the dusty road. The innkeeper motioned to the open tables near Taliyah and the man. The first moved toward them while the second waited for his drink.

“Everyone fails,” Taliyah’s companion said. A small edge of frustration passed over the man’s face, marring his otherwise restrained demeanor. “Failure is just a moment in time. You must keep moving, and it too will pass.”

One of the merchants took a seat at a nearby table and watched Taliyah, his eyes drifting from the pale lavender of her tunic to the glimmer of gold and stone in her hair.

“Is that Shuriman, girl?”

Taliyah did her best to ignore the merchant. He caught the protective glare of her companion and laughed it off.

“Would have been rare once,” the merchant said.

The girl stared at her hands.

“It’s a bit more common now that your people’s lost city has risen.”

Taliyah looked up. “What?”

“Word has it the rivers flow backward too.” The merchant waved a hand in the air, poking fun at the mysteries of a far-off people he considered simple. “All because your bird-god has returned from the grave.”

“Whatever he is don’t make any difference. It all threatens trade.” The second merchant joined the first. “They say he aims to collect his people. Misses his slaves and all that.”

“Good thing you’re here and not there, girl,” the first merchant added.

The second merchant looked up from his ale, suddenly noticing Taliyah’s companion. “You look familiar,” he said. “I’ve seen your face before.”

The door to the inn opened again. A group of guards entered, eyeing the room carefully. The one in the middle, clearly a captain of some sort, noticed the girl and her companion. Taliyah could feel a quiet panic rise in the room as the few guests stood and made their way quickly to the exits. Even the merchants got up and left.

The captain waded through the empty stools toward them. He stopped a blade’s length from the table where they sat.

“Murderer,” he said.



“So this is where you’ve been hiding,” the captain said. “Savor that drink. It’ll be your last.”

Taliyah was on her feet just as she heard the whisper of steel drawn next to her. She looked over to see her teacher staring down the roomful of guards.

“This man, Yasuo”—the captain spat the word—“is guilty of assassinating a village Elder. His crime warrants the punishment of death. To be carried out on sight.”

One of the guards leveled a loaded crossbow. Another nocked an arrow to a longbow nearly as tall as the girl.

“Kill me?” Yasuo said. “You can try.”

“Wait,” Taliyah cried out. But before the word had finished on her lips, she heard the trigger snap and the reverberating hum of the longbow’s release. In the heartbeats that followed, a whirling gust picked up inside the inn. It spiraled out from the man beside her, blowing abandoned glasses and wooden dinner trenches off of tables. It reached the arrows, breaking them midflight. The pieces fell to the ground with a hollow clatter.

More guards swarmed in, their swords already pulled from their sheaths. Taliyah laid down a field of sharp stone, pulling up each rock through the floor in a violent explosion to keep the men at bay.

Yasuo slipped through the crowd of soldiers trapped in the room. They brandished their weapons, foolishly trying to parry the sword that stormed around them, its metal arcing like lightning. It was too late. Yasuo’s blade flashed in and out of the men, trailing lethal ribbons of red in a whirlwind behind him. When all those who had come for the man had finally fallen, Yasuo paused, his breathing heavy and fierce. His gaze locked with the girl’s, and he prepared to speak.

Taliyah held out her hand in warning. There, at his back, rose the captain with crazed eyes and a broken smile. He wielded his sword with both hands to keep a grip on the blood-slick pommel.

“Get away from him!” Taliyah pulled at the cobbled floor of the inn, the flat stones erupting, lifting the captain off his feet.

As the captain’s body was knocked up, Yasuo was there to meet it, the cold blade cutting through the captain’s chest in three quick strikes. The body fell to the floor and was still.

More shouting was coming from outside. “We must leave. Now,” Yasuo said. He looked at the girl. “You can do this. Do not hesitate.”

Taliyah nodded. The ground rumbled, shaking the walls until the thatched roof began to vibrate. The girl tried to contain the power she felt growing from beneath the floor of the inn. A vision passed in her mind. Her mother, hemming a raw edge of cloth, singing to herself, her even stitches running away from her hand, her fingers a blur of motion.

The rock beneath the inn burst in great, rounded arcs. Stone columns threaded themselves in and out of the ground like a wave. Taliyah felt the earth rise, carrying her out into the dark night, the wild wind that was Yasuo following close behind.



Yasuo looked back at the distant inn. The round stitches of stone had sewn the path shut and blocked off any oncoming approach. It had bought them time, but dawn would be coming soon. And with it, more men for them. For him.

“They knew you.” Taliyah’s voice was quiet. “Yasuo.” She held on to the last word.

“We need to keep moving.”

“They wanted you dead.”

Yasuo let out a breath. “There are a lot of people who want me dead,” he said. “And now some will want you dead as well. If it matters, they named a crime I did not commit.”

“I know.”

Yasuo was not the name he had given on their journey, but it did not matter. She had not asked about his past in the time they’d traveled together. In truth she had not asked anything of him except to be taught. She watched her mentor now, it seemed her trust was almost painful to him. Perhaps more than if she had thought him guilty. He turned and began walking away from her.

“Where are you going? Shurima is to the west.” Confusion rose in her voice.

Yasuo did not turn back to face her. “My place is not in Shurima. And neither is yours. Not yet.” His words were cool and measured, as if he were steeling himself against a coming storm.

“You heard the merchants. The lost city has risen.”

“Tales to scare the tradesmen and drive up the price of Shuriman linen,” he said.

“And if a living god walks the sands? You don’t know what that means. He will reclaim what he has lost. The people who once served him, the tribes…” Taliyah’s voice strained with the emotion of the evening, her words boiling over. She had journeyed so far to protect them and now she was a world away when they needed her. She reached out, a hand’s breadth from pulling on his arm, anything to make him listen, to make him see.

“He will enslave my family.” Her words echoed off the rock around them. “I must protect them. Don’t you understand that?”

A gust of wind picked up, stirring pebbles on the ground and whipping Yasuo’s black hair about his face.

“Protect,” he said, his voice barely a whisper. “Does your Great Weaver not watch over them?” The words now came through gritted teeth. The man, her teacher, turned toward his lone student, anger flashing in his dark, haunted eyes, the raw emotion startling her. “Your training is unfinished. You risk your life returning to them.”

She stood her ground and faced him.

“They are worth my life.”

The wind swirled around them, but the girl was immovable. Yasuo gave a long sigh and looked back to the east. A hint of light had begun to break the blue-black night. The last of the turbulent gusts calmed.

“You could come with me,” she offered.

The hard lines of the man’s jaw relaxed. “I have heard the desert mead is quite good,” he said. A soft breeze tugged at the girl’s hair. And then the moment was gone, replaced again by a memory of pain. “But I am not finished in Ionia.”

Taliyah studied him carefully and then reached inside her tunic, breaking a long loose thread. She offered the length of handspun wool to him. He looked at it suspiciously.

“It’s a tradition of thanks among my people,” Taliyah explained. “To give a piece of yourself is to be remembered.”

The man took the thread gingerly and tied back his wild hair with it. He weighed his next words carefully.

“Follow this to the next river valley and that river to the sea,” he said, gesturing toward a lightly worn deer path. “There is a lone fisherwoman there. Tell her you wish to see the Freljord. Give her this.”

The man withdrew a dried maple seed from a leather pouch at his belt and pressed it into her hand.

“In the Frozen North there are a people that resist Noxian rule. With them you might find passage back to your sands.”

“What is in this… Freljord?” she said, testing the word in her mouth.

“Ice,” he said. “And stone,” he added with a wink.

It was her turn to smile.

“You will move quickly with the mountains beneath you. Use your power. Creation. Destruction. Embrace it. All of it. Your wings have carried you far,” he said. “They may even carry you home.”

Taliyah stared at the path leading down into the river valley. She hoped her tribe was safe. Perhaps the danger she imagined was just that. If they saw her now, what would they think? Would they recognize her? Babajan said that no matter what color the thread, no matter how thick or thin the draft was as it was taken up on the spindle, a part of the wool always remained what it had been when it started. Taliyah remembered, and took comfort in that.

“I trust that you will weave the right balance. Safe journey, Little Sparrow.”

Taliyah turned to face her companion, but he was already gone. The only sign he had been there were a few blades of grass that rustled in the new morning air.

“I’m sure the Great Weaver has a plan for you, too,” she said.

Taliyah tucked the maple seed carefully into her coat and started down the path into the valley, the stone beneath her boots rising eagerly to greet her.


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When we announced the 2016 Season changes, we talked about plans to launch an alpha test for the League client update. Today we’re opening alpha sign-ups for players interested in helping out. We’re in the process of building this bad boy right now, so expect the alpha to be a bit of a bumpy ride. If you think you can handle it, head here to learn more and sign up.



image (3)

Players deserve a better client, so we’re building one. The alpha is a chance for players to help us make the client as good as it should be. It’ll be released in stages, piece by piece, until it reaches beta and replaces the legacy client. Since we want to ensure stability on our live game servers, each major update will launch first on the PBE before we push it to the global alpha (which is connected to the live servers that everyone plays on). We’re thinking of the PBE as our first line of defense for the client alpha—although we won’t be collecting feedback here, it lets us catch catastrophic bugs early so we can focus on getting the feedback that really matters from our alpha testers.

This alpha is an experiment for us; we haven’t opened up our development process to players like this since the very earliest days of the League beta.



We’ll be pushing out releases roughly every four weeks or so, with the very first release hitting about a month from now. That will include ARAM and the blind pick Summoner’s Rift queue only. Later, we’ll add other redesigned client features like the profile section. Ranked, draft queues, and custom matches will appear near the end of the alpha (release order may vary).


We’ll keep an updated timeline on the website that will let you know where we’re focusing and what’s coming up next.


If you join the alpha, you’re becoming part of our construction crew, so we’ll need you to actively participate in the process. As releases hit the PBE, we’ll share plenty of messaging about the latest stuff we’re pushing out. When the updates hit the alpha, we’ll ask you to focus your feedback on the area where we’re focusing our development (aka the current focus area). Your engagement with us is vital to the success of the alpha—as we charge forward with subsequent releases, we’ll regularly release devblogs and changelogs to highlight the things we’re learning and changing based on your feedback. This is a call-and-response show, not a solo performance.



The alpha isn’t secret, so feel free to share screenshots or videos of the client with anyone. Take the alpha to a nice restaurant where people will see you together. Bring the alpha to your family reunion so you can introduce it to your parents.

Not everyone who applies to the alpha will make it in. We’ll start out slow, limiting acceptance to level 30 players with no history of negative in-game behavior. We’re accepting PC and Mac players from all regions, but the initial alpha release will likely exclude players with super low-spec machines (it won’t be optimized at first, and we don’t want people to have a bad time). Once this replaces the legacy client, it’ll work on any computer that can currently run League.

Thanks, and we look forward to having you join us! We’ll be hanging out in the comments for a bit to answer any questions you have.



We need brave players from different regions to take on the alpha. We’re searching for level 30 players who often queue up with friends. We’ll also need some Mac-based testers to make sure we know our Lions from our Leopards.






In the alpha, we need your feedback and frank discussion around the current focus area. This is a collaborative process, so trolls and otherwise toxic players will have their alpha access revoked.



You outnumber us by quite a bit, so not every bug report or board post will immediately translate to changes, features, or fixes.



While you’re exploring the updated client, we’ll occasionally hit you with surveys about your experience with the alpha. You’ll want to focus your feedback and bug hunting on recently updated parts of the client, and you can always find out what those are in the latest updates page.



Bugs face a swifter squashing when the testing community sends us reports. Raise the alarm on a bug through the appropriate buttons on the client’s home screen and friends list. If the alpha client crashes, please report it over on the alpha boards.



There’s no embargo on the work-in-progress client or your experiences with it. Feel free to stream, share screenshots, and openly discuss the alpha with non-testers.




Press the button below and we’ll run your application through the alpharator!

Because we want a smooth, sustainable testing experience, we don’t expect to admit every player who applies. Hardware and software stability will guide how many players end up entering the alpha.

If approved, you’ll see a notification in the current client and find a message in the verified email inbox attached to your League account. For now, check out these guidelines on how to be a stellar tester!



Brave players that meet the requirements can learn more and sign up over here.



If you’re accepted into the alpha, we’ll send you a notification in the existing client and an email through your verified email address.



Acceptance notifications will be sent out in waves as it’s important to maintain test stability—we’ll get more players in as soon as we can.



We want players from all over the world. Alpha access is limited to level 30 players (at least to start) with no history of negative in-game behavior. All gaming rigs are welcome, although since the client won’t be perfectly optimized at the alpha’s start, players with lower-spec machines won’t be prioritized early on. We’ll work to get more machines in as we optimize the client.



Yes. When you’re in the alpha client, you’re connected to the same live server you normally play with friends on. That means you’ll still be able to play and chat with friends who aren’t in the alpha.



We’re still building the updated client, and some features aren’t yet ready for primetime. We’re involving you early in the process so the team can iterate with your feedback in mind. We’re also going with a “current focus area” approach so you have dedicated time to share your thoughts on specific features and functions before we introduce the next area to test. All features from the existing client will be available by the time the updated client is ready for open beta.



When a focus area hits the alpha, we’ll blog about the release and talk about why we made certain decisions. We’ll ask you to center your testing and feedback on the current focus area, then we’ll share changelogs and blogs that let you know how you helped.



There are a couple different ways you can do this from the alpha homepage in the client:

Fill out surveys that occasionally appear in the alpha client
Add and discuss feedback on the alpha boards.



We’ve got a couple of ways to send us your reports:

  • The “report bugs” button on the lower section of the alpha homepage in the client
  • The bug icon that’s always at the bottom of the friends list
  • The alpha bug board for when you need to submit a screenshot with your bug report



We’ll never stop looking at feedback, but the team will be most focused on the current focus area.



Please do! Check out the latest updates and discuss your thoughts on the alpha boards.



An exact date is hard to pin down. We’ll go to beta when we’ve implemented all its features and can ensure that it’s a totally stable build.



Yep. Once version 1.0 is ready to enter open beta, the legacy client (with all its baggage) will be replaced.



Not immediately. The team’s committed to resolving pain points and bugs players have with the legacy client. For now, we’re focused on quality-of-life improvements.



Nope! The updated client is being built from the ground up in a flexible tech framework based on HTML5. This allows for a more effective process for Riot’s teams when it comes to developing, shipping, and supporting features.



The alpha version of the client might be a little rough, but by the start of the open beta it should be more memory efficient than the legacy client. You won’t need to upgrade your PC or Mac when the update launches to live.



Negatory. This alpha is focused on updating the client. As such, there won’t be any changes to gameplay.



You sure can. There’s no embargo on any part of the alpha, so you’re welcome to talk about it, share screenshots of it, or stream while using it.



Most definitely. When you’re in the alpha client, you’re connected to the same live server you normally play and chat with friends on. Not all game modes are currently available, but for those that are, you can queue up with friends who are using the existing client.



We’ve set up a support page that you can check out here.


Have a question about what’s going on that’s not answered here? Join the discussion on boards.

If you’ve hit a technical snag, head over to Player Support for a fix.

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Dev Blog Classes and Subclasses Banner

Here’s the official division of champions, according to the rolls they fill on a team:


Statikk New PortraitHey all,

As League’s evolved, so have a lot of our design philosophies, principles, and methodologies. Over this year we’ll touch on a few of those changes, but today we wanted to address our more modern (you might say functional) view of ‘Champion Classes’ and how they exist in League of Legends.

This is going to be a pretty academic discussion as some of it is still work-in-progress, but with the mid-season update on the horizon we thought it’d be a good time to start the conversation. Let’s get started!

James “Statikk” Bach


Classes and Subclasses

To start, classes are groups of champions with similar playstyles. In the past (and still true today), application of these classes was heavily influenced by the fantasy and thematics of the individual champion rather than their actual function in the game (hi Blitzcrank). These days, however, as League’s matured we realized that classes need to be more defined by their actual effect within the game rather than artistic direction or choice of weapon.

So we sat down and sorted all 130 champions into their individual classes.

And saw we needed more labels.

Some classes, like Mages and Fighters, have become too bloated and they encompass such a wide variety of different champions that they’re no longer as useful. For example, both Darius and Vi are Fighters, but they differ vastly in mobility, durability, damage output, and their general role in team fights. Rather than just using a generic tag to describe both, we introduced ‘subclasses’ – divisive breakdowns of the parent class – to help us clarify differences, sift out big groups, and label the deeper nuances that set champions apart. Additionally, you’ve seen some of this work bear out in our early approaches for subclasses like Juggernauts or Marksmen (although they’ve been hard to break down, as we’ll talk about below).

Overall the class / subclass structure is designed to:

  1. Shape healthy, clear strengths and weaknesses across champion subclasses
    • Love or hate the Juggernauts, whenever you see one in game it’s clear they’re tanky and deal a ton of damage when they get close to you. That said, they’re also vulnerable to being kited around and out-ranged during their slow approaches. This doesn’t mean we want to get to a world of hard-counters, but your strategic champion picks should havesome unique impact beyond just being another body on the map.
  2. Within the individual subclasses, enhance the strategic depth of the game by giving impact to champion choice beyond just personal preference
    • This has largely been what our big ‘roster’ updates are targeting. Understanding when it’s a good time to choose between Xin Zhao’s murderous strengths vs. Vi’s lockdown is a significant part of learning and mastering the game. We want to ensure each champion has a reason to be brought to the table, even within the same subclass.
  3. Create a shared vocabulary!
    • For example, if a Juggernaut feels significantly more mobile than his or her counterparts (whether due to his kit, an item, etc.), the conversation can start from there – “Juggernauts shouldn’t have mobility, why is this one allowed to have that?” – rather than individually hashing out the strengths of a class on a case-by-case basis.

Here’s an overview of how the classes break down into subclasses. You’ll notice some of the classes themselves have been changed – our hope is to roll these out to the in-game client and beyond once we get settled on these titles. It’s also worth noting: the class / subclass structure is more of a set of guidelines than rigid rules.

Class Subclass
Tanks Vanguards, Wardens
Fighters Juggernauts, Divers
Slayers Assassins, Skirmishers
Mages Burst Mages, Battle Mages, Artillery Mages
Controllers Enchanters, Disruptors
Marksmen Marksmen

Two things to note: first, classes and subclasses are completely distinct from lanes and positions. Not all Mages go mid, and Enchanters don’t always have to play the support position in bottom lane (though each subclass will naturally gravitate toward a specific position). Second, we don’t have a subclass for marksmen because they all tend to functionally do the same thing (deal a lot of sustained damage). There are some key differences between marksmen, like range, mobility, and combat patterns, but we have yet to draw a clear line for design purposes.

Does every champion have to fit perfectly into one of these subclasses?

Nope. While it might make it easier for us to balance with tightly controlled groups, if we start shoving all champions into specific boxes, we lose out on a lot of our most iconic and beloved outliers. Additionally, as long as those champions maintain a healthy balance of clear strengths and real weaknesses, there’s no need to force the issue. In fact, if we limit ourselves to staying in pre-existing boundaries, we hamper League’s ability to grow and evolve, which isn’t something we ever want.

If you agree with the above, by the way, you just validated the existence of Singed (sorry!).

We see a lot of outliers break down into one of two categories:

  1. Hybrids – champions who skirt the edges between two subclasses. For example:
    • Varus is a Marksman and Artillery Mage hybrid
    • Kayle is a Marksman and Enchanter hybrid
    • Trundle is a Warden and Juggernaut hybrid
  2. Distinct Playstyles – champions who have completely unique approaches to the game. For example:
    • Fiddlesticks – hides on the edge of combat, waiting for the perfect moment to jump into a team fight.
    • Singed – recklessly split-pushes to apply pressure on a lane, forces multiple enemies to respond, and subsequently trolls them as they struggle to chase him down.

What happens if my favorite champion is categorized under a class / subclass I don’t agree with?

First, it’s important to distinguish between a champion’s current ‘most effective’ play style and their ideal one. There are a lot of champions whose thematic and/or gameplay mechanics are better suited for a specific subclass, but over the course of time drifted into a different one. For example, Evelynn’s stealthy gameplay and nimble aesthetics lend themselves to her being an Assassin, even though her most effective item builds and playstyle might be more representative of a Diver. In these cases, future changes might be aimed at better aligning such champions with their intended playstyle.

But don’t worry, this doesn’t just automatically mean we’re going to overhaul your champion. Most champions also don’t fit perfectly into any specific Subclass – We’ll repeat: the class / subclass structure is more a set of guidelines than rigid rules. Sharing our vocabulary here just means we can have better conversations about the state of the game at any given time. If your champion is in a Subclass you don’t agree with, let’s have that discussion.

So what’s this actually look like?



Tanks excel in shrugging off incoming damage and focus on disrupting their enemies more than being significant damage threats themselves.


We like to refer to Vanguards as “offensive tanks.” Vanguards lead the charge for their team and are specialists at getting action started. Their explosive team fight initiation seeks to catch enemies out of position while allowing allies to follow-up to devastating effect.


If Vanguards are “offensive tanks,” then Wardens are surely “defensive tanks.” Wardens stand steadfast, seeking to hold the line by persistently locking down any oncomers who try to pass them. Wardens keep their allies out of harm’s way and allow them to safely deal with enemies caught in the fray.



Fighters are durable and damage-focused melee champions that look to be in the thick of combat.


Juggernauts are melee titans who relentlessly march down the opposition and devastate those foolish enough to get within their grasp. They are the only subclass who excel at both dealing and taking significant amounts of damage, but in turn they have a tough time closing in on targets due to their low range and extremely limited mobility.


Divers are the more mobile portion of the Fighter class. Divers excel at singling out high-priority targets to blitz toward, immediately forcing those targets (and their teammates) to deal with the diver’s presence. Divers are not as durable as the tanks or juggernauts of the world, but Divers can take their fair share of punishment while bringing enough damage to be a real kill threat if left unchecked.



Slayers are fragile but agile damage-focused melee champions that look to swiftly take down their targets.


Assassins specialize in infiltrating enemy lines with their unrivaled mobility to quickly dispatch high-priority targets. Due to their mostly melee nature, Assassins must put them themselves into dangerous positions in order to execute their targets. Luckily, they often have defensive tricks up their sleeves that, if used cleverly, allow them to effectively avoid incoming damage.


Unlike Assassins, Skirmishers aim to shred through any nearby enemy that approaches. Because Skirmishers lack high-end burst damage or reliable ways of closing in on high-priority targets, they are instead armed with situationally powerful defensive tools to survive in the fray, along with extreme sustained damage to cut down even the most durable targets.



Mages are offensive casters that seek to cripple and burn down the opposition through their potent spells.

Burst Mages

Burst Mages aim to single out vulnerable targets by locking them down and following up with a devastating barrage of damage from range. Burst Mages struggle heavily against beefier targets who can shrug off their initial spike of damage.

Battle Mages

Battle Mages get into the middle of the fray, seeking to wreak havoc upon the entire enemy team with their overwhelming sustained area damage. Due to their relatively short (but not melee) combat ranges and the need to burn down their opponents over time, Battle Mages have significant defensive capabilities that range from sustaining endlessly to literally defying death for a short period of time.

Artillery Mages

Artillery Mages are the masters of range, and they leverage that advantage to whittle down their opponents over time from great distances. In turn, Artillery Mages are severely punished when enemies finally succeed in closing in on them, due to their extreme fragility and limited mobility.



Controllers are defensive casters that oversee the battlefield by protecting and opening up opportunities for their allies.


Enchanters focus on amplifying their allies’ effectiveness by directly augmenting them and defending them from incoming threats. Enchanters themselves are often quite fragile and bring relatively low damage to the table, meaning they really only shine when grouped together with others.


We initially called this subclass ‘control mages’ but realized that could be expanded to the entire group (that and ‘Utility Mage’ wasn’t a very good Class name). Disruptors specialize in locking down opponents or, in some cases, entire battlefields by creating intense zones of threat that only foolish enemies would dare wade through. Although not as reliant on their friends as Enchanters, the fragile and immobile Disruptors greatly benefit from allied presence – both to deter incoming danger and to help capitalize on targets they’ve locked down.



Marksmen excel at dealing reliable sustained damage at range (usually through basic attacks) while constantly skirting the edge of danger. Although Marksmen have the ability to stay relatively safe by kiting their foes, they are very fragile and are extremely reliant on powerful item purchases to become true damage threats.

Marksmen are such an already distinct set of champions that they are not currently divided into subclasses. Even though there are some potential ways to split the Marksmen (ex: mobile vs. immobile, spell-based vs. basic attack focused), all of the Marksmen ultimately serve a very similar role for their team. In the future, we may explore breaking down the class further.

>Where does my favorite champion fit under?

It’s important to note that, just like the game itself, our understanding of the Classes, Subclasses, and each champion is constantly evolving and changing over time. Nothing is set in stone. Our view of where each champion currently is and even what Classes and Subclasses currently exist will probably change over time. We think that’s exciting.

This is probably a lot to take in, but we’re really excited to start sharing this with you guys.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at

May Sales Schedule

April 18th, 2016


May Schedule Skins and Champs Banner

Here are all the skins and champions that will go on sale next month (no particular dates):


May sales schedule

Wizardcrab New Portrait Check out all the champs and skins on sale this May! Like previous sales schedules, we’re not posting the exact dates for each champ and skin, but they’ll all be on sale sometime next month.

Just a heads up – since we’re publishing these in advance, we won’t offer partial refunds on champs and skins purchased before they go on sale.


Regularly Scheduled Sales:

Champion Sale Price Skin Sale Price
Aatrox 487 Acolyte Lee Sin 375
Anivia 395 Arclight Vayne 487
Bard 487 Blood Knight Hecarim 487
Blitzcrank 395 Blood Moon Akali 487
Cassiopeia 440 Bloodfury Renekton 487
Cho’Gath 292 Chosen Master Yi 260
Darius 440 Commando Xin Zhao 260
Dr. Mundo 292 Debonair Galio 375
Ekko 487 Definitely Not Udyr 487
Fiddlesticks 292 Demolisher Nunu 487
Fiora 440 Firefang Warwick 487
Fizz 440 Forsaken Jayce 675
Graves 440 Foxfire Ahri 487
Jax 292 French Maid Nidalee 260
Jayce 487 General Wukong 375
Kalista 487 Goalkeeper Maokai 375
Kassadin 395 Gothic Orianna 260
Katarina 395 Guardian of the Sands Skarner 487
Kha’Zix 487 Harbinger Kassadin 487
Lulu 440 Heartseeker Ashe 487
Lux 395 Heartseeker Varus 675
Malphite 292 Hextech Singed 260
Orianna 440 Junkyard Trundle 375
Rek’Sai 487 Karate Kennen 260
Renekton 440 Master Arcanist Ziggs 675
Rengar 487 Musketeer Twisted Fate 375
Rumble 440 Panda Annie 487
Shyvana 395 Renegade Talon 260
Skarner 440 Risen Fiddlesticks 675
Teemo 292 Shockblade Zed 487
Thresh 487 Siren Cassiopeia 260
Vayne 440 Surgeon Shen 487
Vel’Koz 487 Surprise Party Amumu 675
Vi 487 Tango Evelynn 260
Yasuo 487 Urf the Nami-tee 375
Yorick 440 Wildfire Zyra 487

Early Sales

Skin Price Sale Price
Braum Lionheart 750 520
Dragon Trainer Tristana 1820 1350
Gravelord Azir 1350 975
Varus Swiftbolt 750 520

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at

Dev Blog Dynamic Queue Sandbox Banner

Here’s some official transparency on recent problem-topics:


Hey everyone,

New001, ScuttleChris, and Banksy – product leads on League – here to loop you in on what’s next for League of Legends.

tl;dr: Riot Pls is an ongoing effort to talk about the future of League of Legends and share lessons we’re learning along the way. You can read the first one here.

The vision

Over the last 6+ years, we’ve been guided by a few core philosophies — for example, we believe League at its best is an incredibly competitive experience, and one that is all the more powerful when played with people you trust. We also believe that our mission is to support League in being the best it can be, whether it’s maintaining the never ending path to mastery, offering more avenues of expression, or connecting players to one another through a shared love of the game.

We still believe these things and wanted to share how our vision – our long, long-term goal for League – has evolved.

We want League of Legends to become a global sport that lasts for generations. We’re not just talking about the LCS (or LCK, or CBLoL, or NACS, or…); we’re talking about League as a way of life – a competitive hobby, pastime, or activity that stays with you through the years. Imagine growing up with League the same way others have grown up with basketball, baseball, or soccer; shooting free-throws at the park, playing pickup games at the gym, forming new friendships in recreational leagues, being a die-hard fan of your favorite pro team, all the way to taking the international stage at the World Finals (if that’s the path you choose). Ultimately this is our goal: to foster a love for the sport of League by offering competitive, fulfilling experiences at all levels of play. We’re not quite there today, but we think we can get there with your help.

This vision doesn’t demand we drop everything else we’re working on. It just provides us with an overarching ideal we can push toward. We want League to grow into a true team sport and, at times, progress has been painful. As we stack-rank our development priorities, we’ve had to be honest with ourselves in making hard decisions about things we aren’t prioritizing. It’s part of why we retired Dominion, and it’s part of our initial goals for dynamic queue (and why we fumbled in the transition over from solo/duo queue). With these challenges in mind, however, we still believe this is the vision, and we’d love to hear your ideas on how we can accomplish it.

As we get more comfortable talking about work on the fly, Riot Pls will move away from being about the features we’ve shipped (or won’t ship) and more on the lessons we’ve learned in pursuit of this vision. For now, we have a few things to cover:

Sandbox aka Training mode

We were wrong to completely shut down the possibility of sandbox mode. Full stop. Our initial argument – that training mode makes for an even higher barrier to entry – makes some behavioral assumptions that many rightly called us out on. Your passionate feedback and sound reasoning, along with a lot of internal conversations around this vision of League as a global sport have made it clear that our concerns only have the potential to become reality if we’re not doing our job. Providing competitive experiences at all levels of play also means we should be providing the right training tools at all levels of play.

That said, being open to the idea doesn’t mean it immediately becomes our top priority. The internal team that would develop this feature is focused on a different project for the foreseeable future, so while we’re saying we want to do it and, one day, we will, that’s the extent of this commitment. Your feedback has always been a powerful presence in conversations around how we achieve our goals, so while we can’t even promise SoonTM here, we didn’t want to leave the issue canceled. When we begin tangible, focused work on sandbox mode, we’ll update you.

(Quick caveat: when we say sandbox mode, we’re specifically referring to a training mode where players can practice core skills – not a sandbox ‘modify your game in any way’ mode.)

Dynamic queue

We don’t expect you to rent out a gaming house with four friends just so you can stay in Plat, but we do want to support a queue that levels up in competition like any other team sport: through leadership, cooperation, and, yes, raw skill. All athletes possess these attributes in different measures, but they understand and value them intrinsically. Prior to the launch of dynamic queue, we felt like we had a competitive ladder that over-indexed on the raw skill and individualism parts instead of naturally promoting all-around great teamplay.

When the competitive team made its recent update, a lot of players took away the conclusion of “no solo queue” — that we were hiding from a hard conversation by being purposefully vague. In reality, we’re not making a call on solo queue because there are some critical issues we need to fix in dynamic queue to understand what’s actually missing. Promising solo queue in our original announcement was premature – a knee-jerk reaction to a situation we were still figuring out – and our silence on the matter (outside of some miscommunications) only made things more suspicious.

Here’s the rundown: We know that for some players, dynamic queue undermines individual recognition of skill, and that’s not something we can solve with iterative improvements. It’s a philosophical difference. But, we know a lot of things that can be solved with iterative improvements, and our current top three priorities are improving the solo player experience against premades, lowering queue times, and smoothing out role selection weight. In an ideal (and optimistic) world, getting these numbers right would make a second queue unnecessary, but it’s not something we’re dismissing as of yet. Right now we’re prioritizing the stability and health of a single queue – two would split the ranked player base and have a significant impact on wait times – and this is not a decision we’re taking lightly.

When it comes to a philosophical stance, however, we do want to be clear: we believe that dynamic queue is closer to representing a healthy, competitive landscape in League of Legends than solo/duo queue. We’re not saying this to present a binary ‘one or the other’ situation — it’s a belief in the same way we know we’re under-serving those who want a way to measure (and communicate) theirindividual performance. This will be an ongoing conversation as we finish stabilizing dynamic queue and develop a deeper understanding of what we should be prioritizing next.

Onward through 2016

When we launched League back in 2009, we were just focused on making the game we wanted to play… and then making sure the damn thing stayed online and worked correctly. We’ve spent most of our time since then trying to keep up with the game as it grows — we’ve told the story dozens of times. Honestly speaking, we’ll never get beyond tech debt (or design debt, or art debt, or systems debt, etc.) because we never want to stop evolving and trying to improve. But we’ve made a lot of progress over the last few years (even with occasional stumbles), and 2016 is finally the year where we can build off our remodeled foundations to take real, meaningful steps forward.

Whether it’s alpha testing an updated client, improving our backend stuff, delivering clubs and the mobile app, or working hard on our mid-season update, we’ll always stay hungry in evolving League as a global sport that lasts for generations. We hope you’ll stay with us on that course.

We’ll see you before Q3 with our next wall of text.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at

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