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PBE Round-up: Patch 5.2

January 24th, 2015


PBE Roundup Patch 5 2 Banner

Patch 5.2 will hit live on January 27th, assuming there are no delays. Here are its contents:

[ !!! ] Deathfire’s Grasp will be removed in Patch 5.2. Click here to pay respects.

Store Content

Champion Updates

New Game Mode


Visual Updates




Arclight Vel’Koz will be available for 1350 RP in the store after Patch 5.2 hits live.


Arclight Vel’Koz Skin Preview





Arbiter Velkoz Model 1

Arbiter Velkoz Model 2

Arbiter Velkoz Recall

Arbiter Velkoz Recall 2

For his recall, Arclight Vel’Koz pulls out his eye and light pours out of him.


Arbiter Velkoz Basic Attack

Basic Attack


Arbiter Velkoz Q 1

Arbiter Velkoz Q 2

Arbiter Velkoz Q 3

Plasma Fission [ Q ]


Arbiter Velkoz W 1

Arbiter Velkoz W 2

Arbiter Velkoz W 3

Void Rift [ W ]


Arbiter Velkoz E 1

Arbiter Velkoz E 2

Tectonic Disruption [ E ]


Arbiter Velkoz R 1

Arbiter Velkoz R 2

Lifeform Disintegration Ray [ R ]



Firecracker Jinx

Firecracker Jinx will be available for 1350 RP in the store after Patch 5.2 hits live.


Firecracker Jinx Skin Preview





Firecracker Jinx Model 1

Firecracker Jinx Model 2


Firecracker Jinx Updated

Firecracker Jinx Recall

For her recall, Firecracker Jinx… fires firecracks.


Jinx Skin Q 1

Jinx Skin Q 2

Jinx Skin Q 2 Explosion

Switcheroo! [ Q ]


Jinx Skin W 1

Jinx Skin W 2

Zap! [ W ]


Jinx Skin E 1

Jinx Skin E 2

Flame Chompers! [ E ]


Jinx Skin R 1

Jinx Skin R 2

Jinx Skin R 3

Super Mega Death Rocket! [ R ]



Warring Kingdoms Katarina

Warring Kingdoms Kata will be available in store for 975 RP.


Warring Kingdoms Katarina Skin Preview





Warring Kingdoms Kata Updated

Kata Skin Recall

For her recall, Warring Kingdoms Kata throws one of her knives high in the air, catches it and spins it around between her fingers.


Kata Skin Q 1

Kata Skin Q 2

Bouncing Blades [ Q ]


Kata Skin W 1

Kata Skin W 2

Sinister Steel [ W ]


Kata Skin E 3

Kata Skin E 1

Kata Skin E 2

Shunpo [ E ]


Kata Skin R 1

Death Lotus [ R ]



Warring Kingdoms Nidalee

Warring Kingdoms Nidalee will be available in store for 975 RP.


Warring Kingdoms Nidalee Skin Preview





Nida Skin Model 1

Warring Kingdoms Nida Updated

Nida Skin Model 3

Nida Skin Recall

For her recall, Warring Kingdoms Nidalee spins her spear over her head and then rotates it clockwise along the ground.


In her kitty form, Nidalee chases around a ball of light and leaps after it before recalling.

Nida Skin Q 1

Nida Skin Q 3

Nida Skin Q 2

Javelin Toss [ Human Q ]


Nida Skin Cougar Q

Takedown Hunted

Takedown [ Cougar Q ]


Nida Skin W 2

Nida Skin W 1

Nida Skin W 3

Bushwhack [ Human W ]


Nida Skin Cougar W 1

Pounce [ Cougar W ]


Nida Skin E 1

Primal Surge [ Human E ]


Nida SKin Cougar E

Swipe [ Cougar E ]



Sweetheart Annie

Sweetheart Annie will be available in store for 750 RP after Patch 5.2 hits live.


Sweetheart Annie Preview





Sweetheart Annie Model 1

Sweetheart Annie Model 2

Sweetheart Annie Model 3

Sweetheart Annie Model 4



Firecracker Ward Skin

The Firecracker Ward Skin will be available in store for 640 RP.


Firecracker Ward Skin 1


Firecracker wards have a neat smoke animation when they’re placed.

Firecracker Ward Skin 2

Firecracker Ward Skin 3



New Summoner Icons


Two new Lunar Revel Summoner icons will be available in the store:

profileIcon770 profileIcon771


You can earn this icon during the Ocean Week event.


No news on how to get this one (yet!).



Tristana Champion Update

Tristana and all her skins have been visually updated:


Classic Tristana

Classic Tristana Model 1

Classic Tristana Model 2

Tristana Classic Recall

For her recall, Tristana does a somersault into the air and lands on her cannon.


Tristana Death Animation

Saddest death animation this side of Bandle City.


Classic Tristana Q

Rapid Fire [ Q ]


Rocket Jump 1

Rocket Jump 3

Rocket Jump 2

Rocket Jump [ W ]


Explosive Shot 1

Explosive Shot 2

Explosive Shot 3

Explosive Shot [ E ]


Buster Shot 1

Buster Shot 2

Buster Shot [ R ]


Riot Girl Tristana

Riot Girl Tristana Model


 Earnest Elf Tristana

Earnest Elf Tristana Model


Firefighter Tristana

Firefighter Tristana



Firefighter Trist is a legendary skin so all her spells got new effects! Check them out below:

Trist Skin Q 1

Trist Skin W 1

Trist Skin W 2

Trist Skin E 1

Trist Skin E 2

Trist Skin E 3

Trist Skin E 4

Trist Skin R 1

Trist Skin R 2

Trist Skin Death Animation


Guerrilla Tristana

Guerrilla Tristana Model


Bucaneer Tristana

Bucaneer Tristana Model


Rocket Girl Tristana

Rocket Girl Trist Model

Rocket Girl Trist Model 2




Tristana Final Portrait

  • Base AD increased from 52.5 to 54.5
  • Attack Speed-per-level decreased from 2.5% to 1.5%
  • Base Health decreased from 634 to 624
  • Base Armor decreased from 27 to 25


Rocket Jump Final IconRocket Jump [ W ]

  • Damage decreased from 70/115/160/205/250 (+ 0.8 AP) to 80/105/130/155/180 (+ 0.7 AP)
  • Rocket Jump deals 25% bonus damage per stack of explosive shot (new mechanic), caps at +100% damage at 4 stacks


Explosive Shot Final IconExplosive Shot [ E ]

Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 mana || Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12 seconds || Range: 550

New Active (replaces old): Places a charge on target enemy or tower that explodes after 4 seconds, dealing 60/70/80/90/100 (+ 0.5 Total AD) (+0.5 AP) physical damage to nearby enemies. Tristana’s basic attacks against the target increase the charge’s damage by 25%, stacking up to 4 times. If Tristana hits her target 4 times, the charge is detonated automatically



Buster Shot Final IconBuster Shot [ R ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 100/85/70 seconds to 60 seconds at all ranks
  • AP Ratio decreased from 1.5 to 1.0


Trist has a brand new voice to complement her visual and gameplay update! Here are all her lines, courtesy of SkinSpotlights:




“Greatness comes in all shapes and sizes, as proven by this diminutive, cannon-wielding yordle. In a world fraught with turmoil, Tristana refuses to back down from any challenge. She represents the pinnacle of martial proficiency, unwavering courage, and boundless optimism. For Trist and her gun, Boomer, every mission is a chance to prove that heroes do exist.”



Nemesis Draft

A brand new featured game mode will be up on the PBE; the basic rules are you get to pick champions for the enemy rather than for yourself.


L4T3NCY Final PortraitHi everyone!

Our first Featured Game Mode for the year, “Nemesis Draft”, is on its way to the PBE. This time around, you’ll be choosing the champions for the enemy team, then making the champs you’ve been given work in battle on the Summoner’s Rift. Let the ‘creative’ comps begin. :)

Some notes:
– Nemesis Draft is a 5v5 featured game mode played on Summoner’s Rift.
– Nemesis Draft allows each player to choose 1 champion for the enemy team for a total of 5 per team.
– Each team will still get 3 bans. Do you bans champs do DON’T want to play, or leave them up to give to the other team? It’s up to you. :)
– Available champions for you to give the other team are allowed from the collective pool of champs on your allied team.
– There is a free trading period after all champs have been locked in, allowing you to organise amongst your team who would be best playing which champs. Even if you don’t own a champion, you’ll still be able to trade and play anyone you’re given.

Known issues:

Play flow artwork is still a placeholder.

Nemesis Draft will be live on the PBE soon™. We’ve paid special attention to the champion select phase this time, to make the picking & trading phases as clear as possible, so feedback on that flow will be welcome. Also “Thanks!” again to you PBE guys that always help us catch things early. Even if we can’t respond to every bug or report individually, we do read EVERYTHING and fix as much as possible.

SO.. we’re excited to see how scheming & creative you guys are. Are we about to uncover some diamonds in the rough? Will it be, “Give them all melee champs!” or “Give them all AD so we can just build armour!”. And then the inevitable, “Ok guys. We’ve got 4 junglers and a support.. but so do they! Let’s do this.” I can’t wait. :)

See you on the Rift. ^_^

[ Link to Post ]


Here’s a short overview. You  ban champions for your team; the goal is to eliminate possible “bad picks” the enemy could make for you. Then you choose the enemy’s champion and vice versa.

Nemesis 1


You can trade champions after selection is done, akin to ARAM.

Nemesis 2

That’s all, really. The goal here seems to be to get players playing champions they wouldn’t otherwise pick.



Champion Changes



Ahri Final Portrait

 [ Context ] Deathfire Grasp, a core item on Ahri, is being removed in Patch 5.2.


Orb of Deception Final IconOrb of Deception [ Q ]

  • Ahri gains a massive movement speed buff while the Orb is travelling


PBE Ahri MS Buff

MS buff seems pretty significant and static across level-ups; at level 1, it raises Ahri’s MS from 330 to 545 and then decays over the duration of the orb’s travel.


Fox Fire Final IconFox Fire [ W ]

  • Base damage increased from 40/65/90/115/140 to 50/80/110/140/170


Charm Final IconCharm [ E ]

  • Damage increased from 60/90/120/150/180 (+ 0.35 AP) to 60/90/120/150/200 (+ 0.5 AP)
  • No longer amplifies Ahri’s damage against Charmed targets by 20% for 6 seconds



Akali Final Portrait


Crescent Slash Final IconCrescent Slash [ E ]

  • No longer procs Mark of the Assassin


Shadow Dance Final IconShadow Dance [ R ]

  • Range decreased from 800 to 700



Annie Final Portrait


Molten Shield Final IconMolten Shield [ E ]

  • Armor and Magic resistance granted by the shield reduced from 20/30/40/50/60 to 10/20/30/40/50


Summon Tibbers Final IconSummon: Tibbers [ R ]

  • If Annie casts Molten Shield while Tibbers is active he will receive the shield and a short decaying speed boost



Azir Final Portrait


Azir Q New IconConquering Sands [ Q ]

  • Range increased from 800 to 875




Cassiopeia Final Portrait


Noxious Blast Final IconNoxious Blast [ Q ]

Mana cost increased from 40/45/50/55/60 to 40/50/60/70/80


Twin Fang Final IconTwin Fang [ E ]

Mana cost increased from 35/45/55/65/75 to 50/60/70/80/90




Fizz Final Portrait


Urchin Strike Final Icon Urchin Strike [ Q ]

  • Magic damage decreased from 10/40/70/100/130 ( +0.6 AP) to 10/25/40/55/70 ( +0.3 AP)


Seastone Trident Final IconSeastone Trident [ W ]

  • Base damage on passive decreased from 30/40/50/60/70 ( +0.35 AP) plus 4/5/6/7/8% of target’s Missing Health magic damage over 3 seconds to 20 ( +0.45 AP) magic damage over 3 seconds (to clarify, % damage is removed)
  • Damage on active changed from 10/15/20/25/30 ( +0.25 AP) to 10/20/30/40/50 (+ 4/5/6/7/8% of target’s missing HP)

To sum up, the % damage went from the passive to the active, couple of number tweaks as well.


Seastone Trident Updated


Chum the Waters Final IconChum the Waters [ R ]

  • Now amplifies Fizz’s damage against the target hit by Chum the Waters by 20% for 6 seconds


Chum the Waters Updated


Fizz now has a trident symbol to indicate he’ll deal amplified damage.

Fizz Amp Buff 1

Fizz Amp Buff 2



Nidalee Final Portrait


Prowl Final IconProwl [ Passive ]

  • Nidalee can now hunt monsters as well as champions
  • When Nidalee procs the Hunted mark on a monster, it becomes rooted for a short duration




Reksai Final Portrait


Queens Wrath Prey Seeker Final IconQueen’s Wrath [ Unburrowed Q ]

  • Base damage decreased from 15/30/45/60/75 to 15/25/35/45/55


Burrow Unburrow Final IconUn-Burrow [ Burrowed W ]

  • Base damage decreased from 60/110/160/210/260 to 40/80/120/160/200
  • Enemies can now be hit by Unburrow’s knock-up and damage once every 10/9/8/7/6 seconds, decreased from once every 10 seconds at all ranks



Riven Final Portrait


Broken Wings Final IconBroken Wings [ Q ]

  • No changes, the auto-cancel of Broken Wings’ animation has been removed =)




Zed Final Portrait

  • Attack Speed-per-level decreased from 3.1% to 2.1%
  • Base Attack Speed decreased from 0.658 to 0.644



Item Changes


Hunter’s Machete Upgrades

  • Cost increased from 750 Gold to 850 Gold (recipe cost up from 350 Gold to 450)

Includes Poacher’s Knife, Skirmisher’s Sabre, Stalker’s Blade and Ranger’s Trailblazer.


 Devourer Enchantment Final IconDevourer Enchantment

  • Recipe cost decreased from 600 Gold to 500


Juggernaut Enchantment Final IconJuggernaut Enchantment

  • Recipe cost decreased from 250 Gold to 150


Magus Enchantment Final Icon   Magus Enchantment

  • Recipe cost decreased from 680 Gold to 580


Warrior Enchantment Final IconWarrior Enchantment

  • Recipe cost decreased from 163 Gold to 63


Aether Wisp Final IconAether  Wisp

  • Cost decreased from 950 Gold to 850 (note; cost of items that build out of Aether Wisp is unchanged)


Aether Wisp Updated


Hextech Gunblade Final IconHextech Gunblade

  • AD decreased from 45 to 40
  • AP increased from 65 to 80
  • Lifesteal decreased from 12% to 10%


Giants Belt Final IconGiant’s Belt

  • Now builds out of a Ruby Crystal (400 Gold)
  • Added recipe cost of 600 Gold, total cost unchanged


Zzrot Portal Final IconZz’Rot Portal

  • Now grants the first and every fourth Voidspawn 100% of the user’s Armor and MR as bonus magic damage, changed from every third;
  • Voidspawns now have 50 base health, up from 40, 115 Armor, up from 60, and 20 Magic Resist, down from 40





Dragon Final IconDragon

  • Base damage decreased from 230 to 120
  • Attack range increased from 350 to 500



Visual Update to Tower Shield

The shield provided by the second outer turrets has been visually updated.


Updated Shield PBE


The Bloodthirster also has a similar shield now.

Bloodthirster Shield Update



Updated Platform Walls


The Summoner platforms on both side now have similar relics to those found on the base gates. Of course, after 15 seconds they disappear.

Platform Update Blue Side

Red Side Updated Gate 2



Texture Rebalances

Dr Mundo, Irelia, Jarvan IV, Swain, Vayne, Nunu and Yorick have received texture updates.


Classic Dr. Mundo

Classic Mundo Model 1

Classic Mundo Model 2


Executioner Mundo

Executioner Mundo Model


Corporate Mundo

Corporate Mundo Model


Mundo Mundo

Mundo Mundo Model


Classic Irelia

Irelia Model 1

Irelia Model 2


Nightblade Irelia

Nightblade Irelia Model


Aviator Irelia

Aviator Irelia Model


Infiltrator Irelia

Infiltrator Irelia Model


Frostbutt Irelia

Frostbutt Irelia Model


Classic Jarvan IV

Classic Jarvan Model 1

Classic jarvan Model 2


Commando Jarvan IV

Commando Jarvan IV Model


Dragonslayer Jarvan IV

Dragonslayer Jarvan Model


Darkforge Jarvan IV 

Darkforge Jarvan Model


Classic Nunu

Nunu Classic 1

Classic Nunu 2


Workshop Nunu

Workshop Nunu


Grungy Nunu

Grungy Nunu


Nunu Bot

Nunu Bot


Demolisher Nunu

Demolisher Nunu


Classic Swain

Classic Swain Model

Classic Swain 2

Classic Swain 3


Northern Front Swain

Bilgewater Swain 1

Bilgewater Swain 2

Bilgewater Swain 3


Bilgewater Swain

Bilgewater Swain 4

Bilgewater Swain 5


Classic Vayne

New Vayne Classic 1

Vayne Classic 2


Vindicator Vayne

Vindicator Vayne


Aristocrat Vayne

Aristocrat Vayne


Dragonslayer Vayne

Dragonslayer Vayne


Heartseeker Vayne

Heartseeker Vayne


Classic Yorick

Classic Yorick 1

Classic Yorick 2


Undertaker Yorick

Undertaker Yorick 1


Pentakill Yorick

Pentakill Yorick 1



New Friend Discovery Feature

If you have a Facebook account and friends there who play League, this new feature will give you an easy way to find each other in-game.




MattEnth: Hey everyone,

In an upcoming patch, we’re introducing a new series of features that’ll help you find and add your IRL friends in League. We’re designing a hub for these features that’ll grow over time. The first of these helps you add fellow League players from your Facebook friends list. Many of you are on Facebook, and already use it to find friends in gaming networks. To us, it makes sense to start there.

When the new hub goes up, you’ll have the option of finding friends in League through Facebook. To clarify, you must choose to activate and use this feature. If you do, you’ll start seeing friend suggestions near the bottom of your League friends list. From there, you can add your friend or dismiss the recommendation.

You’ll only see suggested friends under all of these conditions:

  1. Both you and the suggested friend have activated and approved the Facebook connection
  2. You aren’t yet friends in League
  3. You are friends on Facebook
  4. Neither you nor the suggested friend have ignored the recommendation

When you add a suggested Facebook friend to your LoL friends list, you’ll still see them by their summoner name. In this implementation, their Facebook name will be prepopulated in their friends list note so you remember who’s who. You can still change the note afterward if you like.

We recognize that this isn’t a feature for every player. A key design tenet for the feature is that nothing changes for players who choose not to use it. We want this feature to be easy to ignore, while still valuable for those who want to beef up their friends list. We also want to make it easy to opt out of the feature at any time and for any reason.

Another key design tenet is privacy. We’ve taken extra steps to ensure that your Facebook info will never be shared with players if you haven’t explicitly activated the feature. If you do authorize and activate the feature, only your Facebook friends will ever see you as a suggested friend. Your Facebook info won’t be shared with strangers, won’t interact with your Facebook feed and will never post to your Facebook Timeline for you.

This feature is going to be on the PBE for a while so that we can gather feedback and iterate. We’re not quite finished yet, but we wanted to make sure to get the word out early. I’ll be around in the thread with Limely, a designer on the feature, to answer any questions!


[ Link to Post ]


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



Champion Skin Sale January 23 to 26 Banner

The following Champions and Skins will be 50% off until January 26th:



Caitlyn Final Portrait

Tryndamere Final Portrait

Zac Final Portrait


Abyssal Nautilus – 487 RP



Junkyard Trundle – 375 RP



Sheriff Caitlyn – 260 RP




If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


Due to the departure of Joe Miller and Leigh “Deman” Smith, Riot Games was in need of new casters for the 2015 EULCS Season. As such, today they’ve announced their new casting lineup for the 2015 EULCS Season in an announcement at LoLeSports:


As we kick off a new season of the EU LCS, Trevor “Quickshot” Henry and Martin “Deficio” Lynge will be heading up the caster team hosting 2015’s live broadcast from our studio in Berlin. Moving into leading roles within the team, Quickshot and Deficio will be helping to guide viewers through a brand new season of LCS action — including guest spots along with Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere on the new League show, PTL.

In addition to this core duo, new face Devin “PiraTechnics” Younge will be joining the EU LCS caster lineup. Formerly of the LPLen team that brought the Chinese LoL pro stream to Western fans, PiraTechnics will be making his debut during the first week of the season.

This season, we’re also adding an analyst desk in EU to offer post-game in-depth analysis with expert commentators. Hosted by Sjokz, the desk will feature guest commentators and analysts to break down the day’s action, including Worlds analyst and pro Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels for week one. In the future, more guests and pros will be rotating to pick up the conversation live in studio, so look out for more announcements in the coming weeks.

Over at the EU Challenger Series, Richard “Pulse” Kam and James “Stress” O’Leary will be helming the caster desk. A familiar duo to viewers of the LCS Expansion Tournament, Pulse and Stress will oversee the games as Challenger teams fight for a spot in the EU LCS.

We hope to add to our EU LCS lineup in the next few months, but are excited to be kicking off the action from our new studio space with this collection of talented casters. With new and reshuffled teams battling seasoned veterans and a brand new EU LCS studio home, we’re looking forward to a 2015 season full of fierce competition in Europe!

Deman and Joe Miller have chosen to stay in Cologne, where they will be working for ESL on other events.

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Worlds 2015 Banner

This season’s Worlds will be held in Europe! Here’s the official announcement:




After sharing a memorable 2014 Championship with truly incredible esports fans in Taipei, Singapore, and Korea, we’re looking forward to 2015’s final showdown more than ever. Today, before the LCS season kickoff, we’re excited to announce that the 2015 World Championship will be coming to Europe this October.

We can’t wait to head to Europe and bring the best League of Legends pro teams from around the world to fans across multiple cities and countries. Europe has been a home for LoL esports since the very first steps in our journey. It’s the setting for the EU LCS, the host for many memorable esports tournaments and events, (including our inaugural World Championship in 2011, IEM, Dreamhack, and last year’s All Star tournament) and the home of some of the most talented players to dominate the game. It feels great to bring the 2015 Championship back to players and fans who have played such a big part in our story.


Continuing a pattern we began last year, Worlds 2015 will be a multi-city, multi-country event — with our Group Stage, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Final showdown held in different cities within Europe. Our goal is to bring live esports action to a broad base of fans across Europe and to provide an exciting and diverse backdrop for fans watching at home. Last year’s multi-city journey to Worlds was a fast-paced and exhilarating ride – we learned a ton about the kind of experience we want to offer to competing pros, fans in the stadiums, and viewers at home. We’re ready for an action-packed month in Europe.

It’s still too early to share exact details — we’re currently confirming venues, timing, format, and more — and we’ll be sharing those details in the next few months. In the meantime, tune in to cheer on your favorite LCS teams this week as they take their first steps towards Worlds 2015.

For players in Europe and beyond, we can’t wait for you to join us on this journey. See you at Worlds!

[ Link to Post ]



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


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Seven months ago, it was mentioned that a new Patcher & Landing Page would be rolled out as the foundation for future updates to the game client in an effort to overhaul both the visual appearance and the underlying technology of the current client.




Today, Koen Hendrix aka Riot Boompje confirmed on twitter that CrossPvP has been purchased by Riot and that they are indeed working on a new client.

For those not familiar, CrossPvP was a client project started by Boompje several years ago with the intention to serve as an alternative to Riot’s client, aimed at being both technically better and to allow cross-platform compatibility.

As seen below, the only information so far was provided via Boompje himself in the form of several reddit comments from this thread.








less resources



A new client has been one of the most talked about topics in the community and it’s nice to see Riot shed some more light on it’s progress. There is currently no estimation of when the new client will be launched.


News 20 01 Banner



Game Systems analyst ricklessabandon shared a list of tentative changes to Katarina on Twitter. Also, Lead Champion Designer Meddler held a Q&A together with Xypherous, talking about the balance of certain mid mages, the state of Gangplank’s rework and how crit damage on ADC items can be tuned. That plus a sweet conceptual kit for Nautilus.


Recent News




Single Posts 20 01 Banner



Tentative changes to Katarina coming soon to the PBE


I’ve formatted the changes below:


Katarina Final Portrait

  • Base Attack Speed decreased from 0.658 to 0.625
  • Attack Speed-per-level decreased from 2.74% to 2%
  • Sped up Katarina’s auto-attack animation by 46%


Bouncing Blades Final IconBouncing Blades [ Q ]

  • Damage on initial hit decreased from 60/85/110/135/160 ( +0.45 AP) to 60/70/80/90/100 ( +0.3 AP)
  • Mark damage increased from 15/30/45/60/75 ( +0.15 AP) to 20/55/90/125/160 ( +0.4 AP)


Sinister Steel Final IconSinister Steel [ W ]

  • Damage changed from 40/75/110/145/180 ( +0.25 AP) (+ 0.6 Bonus AD) to 60/75/90/105/120% of Total AD ( + 0.25 AP)


Shunpo Final IconShunpo [ E ]

  • Damage removed (live value is 60/85/110/135/160 ( +0.4 AP)
  • Damage reduction increased from 15% at all ranks to 10/15/20/25/30%
  • (Also fixed a bug which caused Shunpo’s damage reduction duration to be 1 second instead of 1.5 seconds)
  • Cooldown increased from 12/10.5/9/7.5/6 seconds to 15 seconds at all ranks

NEW: Now refunds 80% of Shunpo’s cooldown after blinking to champions Katarina hasn’t Shunpo’d to in the last 9 seconds

  • Cooldown refund will trigger on both enemy champions and allied champions
  • The 9-second lockout is removed if Katarina gets a reset via her Passive

NEW: Now resets Katarina’s basic attack timer



Too many people dodge in Nemesis Draft

[ Note ] Nemesis Draft is a new Featured mode that was released in a recent PBE update.

L4T3NCY Final PortraitWe sure can. :) There are actually already some changes in place to discourage dodgers, but they aren’t testable on the PBE environment, which is why I didn’t detail them above. As many people have brought up dodging in Nemesis Draft though, let’s get into them right now.


1) Dramatically increased dodge penalties of up to 2 hours for recurring dodges. We can also change these numbers on the fly once live, and we’ll be keeping an eye on them. As many players here have pointed out, Nemesis Draft is an opt-in experience, so there should be no surprises in champ select.

2) In the spirit of rewarding good behaviour, we also have a special reward icon planned for players who don’t leave or dodge any games of Nemesis Draft throughout the mode’s run. There will be a low minimum game requirement, but the goal is to give players who loved Nemesis Draft a badge of honour to display afterwards. This reward will be delivered after the game mode has ended.

For anyone curious on the detection of AFKs, leaving, etc, this recent LeaverBuster FAQ has all the details.

[ Link to Post ]



Concept Art for Bloodmoon Elise



Champion Design QA Banner



QA on Champion Design

Meddler Final PortraitHey all!

Anyone want to talk about LoL, game design, how we make champions etc? Going to be around for a couple of hours and looking forward to chatting with some of you folks.


To give you a quick bit of background I’ve been at Riot for about three years now. I’ve previously worked on Ziggs, Varus, Syndra, Lissandra, Elise and Gnar. A lot of my time these days is spent looking at the year ahead, working with other Rioters to figure out what sort of champions we want to make, what our goals are etc.

Edit: Xypherous, from the Systems Team that handles stuff like the Preseason changes, is also going to drop by to chat. If you’ve got questions about that sort of stuff should definitely throw them in too! He also worked on Nautilus, Lulu, Orianna, Fizz and Renekton before that as well, so if you’ve got questions about them he’s the guy to hit up.

Edit 2: Thanks for the chat all, I need to head off and grab food. Will drop back later tonight though and add in a few more replies.

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What change coming into this season is your favorite

Meddler Final PortraitI really like how dragon’s now an objective that matters throughout the game, that teams plan around and fight over, rather than something that, late game, someone just does on the way past at times.

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Are there Champions you feel shouldnt had been released

Meddler Final PortraitThere aren’t any champions I don’t think should be in the game at all, I think they’ve all got a solid core to them. In some cases though that’s not very well executed on though. Urgot and Yorick for example have cool underlying ideas (undead cyborg war machine and gravedigger with pet ghouls) that aren’t well realized.

Oh, yeah, then there’s Teemo. Teemo should burn.

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Was the idea behind designing Fizzs troll pole E

Xypherous Final PortraitI’m totally responsible for Fizz’s ‘E’ – and the intent was to make a frustrating skill that conveyed that aspect of Fizz’s personality. I think my goal was something like ‘Let’s aim for something that feels like Shaco in terms of trickery/frustration without going too far.’ In retrospect – it’s probably worked too well in a lot of regards with that.

The idea for Fizz’s ‘E’ was primarily to allow him to evade opposing damage without actually being durable – so that every now and then his opponents can choke Fizz and obliterate him and feel good about that.

Fizz was really meant to be a character that felt slippery enough so that you experience a moment of catharsis when you finally catch the jerk and annihilate him.

As to lane functionality, it was meant much more for the ‘lower the poke he takes’ rather than the ‘instantly annihilate you with Q’ that it’s become. In hindsight, I wish there was way more incentive to stay on the pole rather than instantly double-tap to move faster.

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Follow Up

Do youve plans to tweak his E along the lines youve described

Xypherous Final PortraitI don’t work on live balance directly these days, but the incentives to staying on the pole (and perhaps less damage on the double jump part of it) are generally good directions I think. I’d also love to trim Mana costs from his other abilities and shove it even more into the ‘E’ to punish spamming it recklessly like you’ve pointed out.

However, again, don’t work on balancing directly. There’s a bunch of super smart live designers whose job it is to make sure things look okay from a competitive angle.

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Will you change Annie to compensate for the removal of DFG in Patch 52

Meddler Final PortraitWhat we’re currently looking at (note this is experimental, so could well change tomorrow) is slightly lower resistances on Molten Shield, with Tibbers also getting the resistance bonuses as well plus a brief movement speed boost. One of the big goals there, in addition to balance changes, is to make casting Molten Shield a bit more interesting and add a bit of extra depth to how you micro Tibbers.

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What do you think of AD carry itemization currently

Xypherous Final PortraitFor the short term, there’s a wide range of ADC itemization paths depending on the ADC. However, there is little variation on the items that an individual ADC buys.

There isn’t a whole lot of range on a specific ADC for the items they can buy – but at least they’re buying different things (I see 3 or 4 main builds that vary across type – and then there’s Hurricane on Kalista – so there’s variance across ADCs but not in an ADC.)

That’s in an okay spot for now – but in an ideal world lots of things would be different in terms of reactive purchases and such but I think the other classes’ itemization deserve a touch up before we delve back into ADCs.

For an example of more long term stuff – critical strike is eventually going to have to be looked at to prevent AA based carries from forever being the norm, for example – but that exploration will take a while.

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Where do you see crit damage as a mechanic in the future

Xypherous Final Portrait(Warning – the following comment is entirely Pie in the Sky and not going to happen in the near future.)

I’d kind of like to envision a world where every ADC has a special ‘Crit Damage’ skill like:

Vayne – Silver Bolts (Every 3 hits, deal X + Y% of the target’s maximum Health as true damage. Every critical strike does Z% of the target’s maximum Health)


Varus – Blighted Quiver (Critical Strikes automatically apply full Blight stacks to the target).

That way, every carry would look at crit a little differently – based on their pattern and what they think they could accomplish etc.

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What are your thoughts on Essence Reaver at the moment

Xypherous Final PortraitWe could fork Essence Reaver off Brutalizer – and the item would be immensely more popular and bought more – you’re absolutely right on that.

Unfortunately, making Essence Reaver’s build path and build up good is something that would most likely send a certain class of AD assassins (whose gates are early/mid-game Mana) into somewhat crazy levels. Pantheon/Talon, etc – would get the lion’s share of benefit until ER was nerfed to be suitable for them.

Ultimately, ER will always kind of be bad until Assassin’s have their own itemization and have their inherent power reduced.

The weird part about items is always that we can always make an item good or powerful – but making that item good and powerful on the people we want it on and not cause side effects elsewhere is the tricky bit.

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How has female champion design in League evolved over the years

Meddler Final PortraitSomething we’ve been aiming for is to get a greater variety of appearances/tones for champions of both genders. There were a couple of years there where many of our female champions especially ended up looking pretty similar and we’ve been making an effort to try and avoid that. That’s not to say we won’t continue to make attractive champions, male and female, where appropriate for their character, but that we also want a wide range that includes champs like Kalista and Rek’Sai as well.

I can’t speak with personal experience about the intent around the game’s initial release, that was well before my time at Riot. Certainly there seems to be a lot of support internally for the greater variety we’ve been exploring recently though.

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Why did you design Varus with no escapes other than his ultimate

Meddler Final PortraitThe intent with Varus was to make a champion with strong poke, a lot of utility by ADC standards and reasonable auto attack damage, in exchange for low burst and mobility. Fitting into the gap between Ashe at one end of the immobile spectrum (heaps of utility, lowest ADC damage) and Kog’maw at the other end (heaps of damage and poke).

Been thinking recently we might want to strengthen his poke a bit (possibly by tying his passive into more than just his auto attacks). Haven’t had a chance to bounce any thoughts about that off the live balance team yet though, see what their current thinking is.

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How did Nautiluss development go Any scrapped abilities

Xypherous Final PortraitA ton of moves were scrapped in the making of him – he started out as being very light in CC because he had the hook but… yeah.

Off the top of my head, here’s the things I remember trying:

A punch which knocked back anyone but the primary target (Xin Zhao’s current ult).

Passive X-Ray eyes that could see through walls in a cone.
Cage of Pain, which brought up a giant circular shock/slow ‘fence’ – like a super big wall of pain.
Bullrush, where you got MS and flung anyone you moved through (multiple times, charging bull kind of deal)
Throw – where you impaled someone on the anchor and then flung them and the anchor to a point of your choice
‘Enrage’ when a nearby ally got attacked (yeah…)

I tend to cycle through skills a lot – I’m sure there was more that I can’t remember. I just remember a long phase of Nautilus being ‘A bull who sets up cages that he then chases people in.’

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Follow Up

Meddler Final Portrait“Bullrush, where you got MS and flung anyone you moved through (multiple times, charging bull kind of deal)”

Man, that was a memorable playtest. I recall one team fight near dragon, where Naut ulted and ran back and forth, juggling 3-4 of us in the air for about 5 seconds until we all died. I still wake up screaming occasionally…

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How did you decide Syndra would need her Q for all other spells

Meddler Final PortraitTook a little while to hit upon the Q as the foundation of the kit, though then felt obvious in retrospect since her original concept art featured her spheres so prominently. Once the basic idea of ‘Q generates objects, other spells manipulate them’ came together things were relatively smooth.

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How did you guys come up with the idea of her incredibly bursty ult

Meddler Final PortraitThe intent with her ult was to give her a reliable tool (given her other abilities were all skillshots) and allow her to punish someone caught out of position or diving into her team (theory being that as a non mobile mage she’d have limited target selection). Ended up being a bit more of a ‘burst down a key target after stunning them’ ability than originally intended. It’s counterplay’s a bit lower than I’d like in that regard, though having said that champs do often need tools like that if they’re to compete with other highly mobile options.

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How separate are the Systems team and Balance team

Xypherous Final PortraitThey’re two different teams. We both have a strong focus on the state of the live game but systems tends to take a longer view on game flow and game health while Balance tends to look at the immediate things affecting champions.

For example, systems might think about whether or not we want more or less snowballing in the game and adjust things like jungle gold or laner experience to accommodate while Live might look at a specific champion and whether or not he should be changed in the upcoming patch because he’s too snowbally.

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What kind of qualifications resume do you look for in the field

Meddler Final PortraitSome of the most useful skills:

  • Analytical abiliity
  • Communication skills (both written and verbal)
  • Demonstrated ability to drive on/own projects
  • Understanding of both LoL and other competitive multiplayer games

That stuff can be hard to demonstrate on a Resume sometimes, past work/study, pet projects, gaming background, written design tests etc come together to give a fairly good initial read on applicants though.

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Any news on a Gangplank rework

Meddler Final PortraitBit early to say much alas. We had a crack at a GP rework last year that had some interesting stuff in it, but didn’t quite hit the mark so didn’t get shipped (or talked about after a while, our bad, we should have mentioned it was a project that had been put on hold). We’re going to give him another look this year, wouldn’t expect anything for a while though, a number of other reworks will come out beforehand that are further along already.

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Free Champion Rotation January 27 Banner

The following Champions will be free-to-play until January 27th:



Ashe Final Portrait

Azir Final Portrait

Fiddlesticks Final Portrait

Gnar Final Portrait

Lissandra Final Portrait

Morgana Final Portrait

Shaco Final Portrait

Singed Final Portrait

Sona Final Portrait

Twitch Final Portrait



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Champion Skin Sale January 23 Banner

The following Champions and Skins will be 50% off until January 23rd:


Brand Final Portrait Janna Final Portrait Sejuani Final Portrait

Aristocrat Vayne – 260 RP


Gladiator Draven -487 RP


Steel Legion Garen – 675 RP




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Recent News





Free NA Oceania Transfer Window

CptStupendous: Happy Friday Oceania!!

We’re going to open the free transfer window from North America to Oceania for 2 weeks! The free window will open on January 23, 2015 and run through February 8, 2015. After that time it will go back to the regular price of 2,600 RP.

To transfer your account:

Log into your North American account
Click on the store icon up the top
Unlock the Transfer to Oceania when it is free from January 23 through February 8
You can find out more information about the transfer process here:

Paid for a transfer from NA to OCE within the last 2 weeks? Then you can get it refunded by contacting player support!

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NA Live Events



NA Live Events in 2015

RiotPDB New PortraitHey guys,

I’m RiotPDB, and I head up the NA team at Riot. I’d like to provide some insight into our goals and plans when it comes to live community and esports events in NA during 2015.

This past year, we attended more live events in North America than ever before. From Boston to Seattle to Toronto to Atlanta, we had a great time exploring new places and ways to interact with the community in person. We’re still learning and have lots of new things we want to tackle, which means further changes to our event strategy in 2015. Broadly, this year we’re going to shift our focus away from some of the bigger cons and instead experiment with new event formats and, more importantly, new locations.

One of the first changes you’ll see is that we’re toning down our presence at PAX East. We’ve had an amazing time there over the past few years, but this year we’re scaling our presence down to speaker panels and the Cospitality Lounge for all the hardworking cosplayers. Similarly, there’ll also be a shift on the esports side as we won’t be hosting the NA LCS 2015 summer playoffs at PAX Prime in Seattle. PAX has been an awesome host for the finals the past two seasons, but this year we’re exploring ways to bring that experience to even more players across NA.

So what’s the upside? Well, you can expect at least five live League events across the US and Canada in 2015, and likely more. The specifics will vary between dedicated esports events and broader NA community events built around things like collegiate play or specific League topics (content creation, cosplay, etc), but the goals will be the same – to give players an ideal setting for sharing their passion for League with each other.

When it comes to esports, this year we’re planning to bring LCS to more esports fans across North America. This means more stops and events outside of the West Coast and more opportunities for esports fans across the region to join us for live events. Additionally, refocusing away from existing conventions like PAX gives us the chance to create a tailored experience for League players and esports fans, with venue setups specifically optimized for the live esports experience rather than the space and logistical restrictions that come along with being part of an existing con. Check out today’s announcement about our Mid-Season Invitational and All-Star 2015 for a sneak peek at just a few of the events we’ll be sharing more details on soon.

As the NA event scene continues to evolve, we want to make sure we’re hosting amazing live events for League in different locations (all across the US and Canada) and for all types of players. While that means you might not always see us at the same events every year, it also means we can explore new venues and opportunities. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we finalize our plans and give you plenty of advance notice for events, so keep an eye out for announcements on Boards and

As always, we’d love your continued feedback as we provide further updates. Whether you’re most interested in meeting pros, chatting with content creators, seeing cosplay, or watching matches (or all of the above!), make sure to let us know and help us put together kickass League events in 2015.

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Will Riot have a booth at PAX East this year

Aklaen Final PortraitHey, TheSleepingOne. I can say for sure I’ll still be attending PAX East so we shall definitely meet again and there are also going to be a lot of cool Rioters at the panels and helping at the Cospitality Lounge, so don’t feel like you can’t come say hi and talk to them.

As last year we focused on attending a lot of anime/ gaming conventions, this year we switched the focus on different types of formats that will also allow us more flexibility on the location. It doesn’t mean we won’t be back there in the future and it definitely doesn’t mean we’re not going to have events outside of esports, on the contrary, as RedBeard said we’re looking more into developing esports events that have a lot of different elements to them including the community aspect, on top of the community events we’re planning for 2015.

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Follow Up

Why announce you wont be there after peopleve bought tickets

Aklaen Final PortraitI totally understand your point of view and get that this isn’t ideal for you and other League players who have already bought tickets. That’s why we put together this announcement as soon as we knew our presence at PAX East would be smaller this year. Sadly, as you point out tickets already went on sale, but we wanted to at least provide this heads up so you’d know what to expect. Ultimately, this is a trade off that’ll let us explore awesome new event possibilities that hopefully you can all enjoy throughout the year. While our presence at PAX East will be different and definitely smaller, we’re still really excited about interacting with the community through panels, and I personally hope to see you there.

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Scrapped Abilities


Scrapped abilities on champions

Xelnath New PortraitLux’s shield used to give her allies stealth/invisibility until they attacked.

Azir’s passive (Tower resurrection) used to be his ultimate, except it shot lasers like Viktor E.

Ryze used to deal magic damage on his basic attacks.

Xerath’s ult mode used to have no cooldown and each shot cost 20 mana on a 0.33 sec cooldown.

Yorick used to have an ultimate where a line of creeping hands reached out and rooted everyone in his path. (Zyra E)

Lucian used to have two independent auto attack timers.

Rengar’s rework used to allow you to get an acceleration gate effect by running through bushes during your ult.

Xelnath New Portrait

Elise used to not be able to jump to her target in spider form, but could instead create webs that would ensnare enemies who ran under her.

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Gypsylord New Portrait Thresh R used to be a targeted buff that turned an ally into an avatar of undeath and gave them 60% CDR (stacked with other CDR)

Vi R used to be 3 spells. She’d suppress you and then choose to WW R you, Malphite R you, or throw you across the map.

Jinx R used to be “Circle of Cats.” She’d shoot a missile across the map that she could detonate to spawn a donut of magical smoke that would turn enemies into cats ala Lulu polymorph

Jinx R used to “Carpet Bomb.” She’d shoot out a global missile that would drop hundreds of Ziggs Q’s randomly around it as it flew.

Jinx R used to be “Bring Down the Hammer.” She’d designate a location on the map and 4 seconds later a giant lazer beam would come out of the sky and annihilate anyone standing in the area.

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Vesh Final PortraitSoraka had AoE Mikael’s, a Penance look-alike channel heal, her silence zone used to pacify (no attacking in zone – one iteration it actually polymorphed you into celestial lulu cupcakes).

Trist didn’t have anything to crazy.

The other champion I’m working on updating though… oh man he’s had some craaazy stuff.

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Maokai Disabled Single Post



Maokai disabled due to invulnerability bug


Follow Up

Why was Maokai disabled immediately but Nidalee still hasnt been disabled

[ Context ] There have been several complaints on Reddit about Nidalee disappearing after exiting a brush.

Repertoir New PortraitHey guys,

Here’s the deal on Nidalee. With the 5.1 patch, we put in a change that we had hoped might be causing the visually glitchy movement with Nidalee. Due to the nature of the bug being difficult to reproduce (despite some people apparently seeing it every game?), we did not document the change because we aren’t completely confident that it’s a fix.

If anyone can provide a video and any other information regarding how to reproduce the bug on the 5.1 (so since this morning), it may be useful in helping us get it fixed.

Equally useful to get us an idea as to whether it’s still happening may be if you were experiencing the bug before the patch and now aren’t, or you weren’t experiencing it and now are, or if you were seeing it beforehand and still are since the patch.

Thanks in advance for anyone who happens to get a video of it happening on Live servers since this morning.

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LeaverBuster  Single Post


Delayed LeaverBuster Penalties

Tantram Final PortraitHey all,

There were some firewall and networking issues recently and we decided to turn LeaverBuster off to ensure that players were not mistakenly sent to low priority queue. When the server issues were fixed, we turned LeaverBuster back on, but the penalties weren’t firing. As a result of this, we’re seeing that some players who left/AFK’d in games after the firewall and networking issues resolved did not receive their penalty until this week.

Sorry about the confusion! All low priority queue penalties should be granted immediately after leaving/AFK games now, instead of after a delay.

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Follow Up

Why arent players pardoned for AFKing before the downtime

Tantram Final PortraitPeople will serve the penalty for punishments they earned. We turned off enforcement in order to prevent people suffering from a known bug from being punished. We did this to help players. So yes, if a player earned a punishment, they do have to work it off.

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Poro Crafts Banner

There was a recent competition to draw a themed poro for the holidays; here are the winners!



As requested in our call for contest entries, you buried us in an avalanche of fabulous poro artwork and handcrafts based around the Arcade, Mafia, Bloodmoon or Justicar champion themes. Each of the following winning artists will receive a prize pack containing 1,000 RP, plus the Snowdown 2014 Malzahar, Sejuani and Orianna skins. Enjoy!

Monoproof (EUW)



PapaOursXp (EUW)

PapaOursXp (EUW)



Veganya (EUW)

Veganya (EUW)



Triliem (EUW)

Triliem (EUW)



Sir Arghast (EUW)

Sir Arghast (EUW)



Nilorea (EUNE)

Nilorea (EUNE)



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