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During our AMA, we gave a few details about the 2015 Mid-Series Invitational (MSI) including mid-series substitutions, competitive patch, and coaches being allowed on stage during the Pick/Ban phase. Here’s the rundown on some of the important policies from the 2015 MSI ruleset:


This requirement is designed to reflect the Interregional Movement Policy that exists in several of the major regions. Since not all of the potential participating regions have adopted the Interregional Movement Policy, we won’t be imposing the policy on a region that hasn’t implemented it this season so players must meet the eligibility requirements of their regional League to participate at MSI.


Previously, the event prize for our mid-season event (All-Star) was winner takes all. For MSI, we decided to transition to a prize pool to better support participants and reward top performers along with their regular season earnings.

The 2015 MSI Champion will receive a prize of $100,000 USD, the 2nd place team will receive $50,000 USD, and 3rd/4th teams will receive $25,000 USD.


All teams are required to bring one substitute. We’re requiring a substitute in the case of an emergency situation in which a player is unable to play. In that case, competitive play will be able to continue without a forfeit.

Regions with multiple substitutes on team rosters will only be allowed to bring one to MSI. This policy is designed to be a middle ground solution for the participating regions where substitutes are used for a backup plan and regions where substitutes can be used as a strategic advantage during mid-series.


As a potential competitive edge, teams can substitute in a new player prior to the start of the next game of a series so long as they notify the head referee right after the most recent game has ended and no later than five minutes after the explosion of the nexus.


With the progression of competitive play and many regions officially recognizing coaches, coaches will be mandatory and need to be designated before MSI. Regions that don’t have coaches will be allowed to designate their team managers as coaches.


We manage the process of player equipment and peripherals to ensure competitive integrity of the devices used on stage during tournaments. Peripherals will be sent to MSI officials in advance for approval, and MSI officials will maintain possession of the peripherals throughout the event. Unapproved equipment or equipment that is suspected of providing an unfair competitive advantage will not be permitted for use, and players will be required to use the event-provided equipment instead.

During MSI, there will be an opportunity for players to break in equipment under supervision of MSI officials.


All players and coaches will be required to wear closed-toe shoes. All player outerwear will need to be matching. If a player wishes to wear a jacket then they must match other team members that are also wearing jackets. Colors of pants need to be significantly similar and any athletic style pants will need to be pre-approved by MSI officials.

Coaches will need to be wearing appropriate and professional attire such as business casual. Appropriate attire does not include athletic wear, sneakers, team branded apparel (like jerseys), etc.


The group stage will have every team play each other in a Best of 1 round-robin phase. Side selection will be randomized and some teams will have three games on blue side, others will have only two. No team will play more than three times on a single side.


The 2015 Mid-Season Invitational will be played on the 5.7 patch. Changes to the competitive patch will be at the discretion of MSI officials.


We’ve seen the impact of a strong Pick/Ban phase in competitive League of Legends and the success of coaches being part of the strategic phase in many of the participating regions. Therefore, coaches will be allowed on-stage and will be able to communicate with players during the Pick/Ban phase. The coach will exit the stage after five seconds in the Trading phase.


For the fairness of all competing teams, players are not allowed to communicate in any fashion with each other during a game pause. For the avoidance of doubt, players may communicate to the MSI referee, but only when directed in order to identify and remedy the cause for the stoppage. If a pause extends long enough, referees may allow teams to talk before the game is unpaused to discuss the game conditions.


While this post doesn’t address every section in the 2015 MSI ruleset, we hope this additional context helped explain how some of these policies will impact the upcoming Mid-Season Invitational. We’ve been working closely with all the regional leagues in advance of MSI to give them time to understand and comply with the ruleset.

If you’d like to review the official language in the ruleset, the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational rules are available here.


Champion Skin Sale April 27 banner

The following Champions and Skins will be 50% off until April 27th:

Azir Final Portrait

Kog'Maw Final Portrait

Nasus Final Portrait

Guerilla Tristana – 487 RP



Runeborn Xerath – 375 RP



Vindicator Vayne – 260 RP




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Here are a few recent topics on the forums with a generous sprucing of fanart.



Are AD Carry mains ever happy with the meta

Ghostcrawler New PortraitThis is a healthy discussion, and I can try to help it along a little by providing some context about how we think about the meta.

(As a meta comment, “meta” is one of those words that gets used to describe so many different things that it has started to lose some of its meaning.)

First, we’re okay with having a 1+1+2+J configuration. Things like duo jungle or three champs in one lane may happen from time to time, but we’re not going to go out of our way to support them. For the most part, the way players allocate number of champs per lane works, and we don’t feel the need to monkey with it.

Second, we are trying to keep the concept of position (top, middle, bottom, jungle) separate from role (fighter, mage, assassin, tank, etc.). We care a lot less which roles are played in which positions as long as the game is healthy overall (more on this below). The characteristics of some roles is going to make them better at some positions (e.g. most junglers are melee) and we’re okay with that. Likewise, there are some individual champs that we don’t want to see frequently in particular positions, because the results tends to be less fun for everyone. The word “Support” is particularly confusing here, because it refers both to a role (“utility mages” like Janna and Sona) as well as the (traditionally bottom) position of jumping into a lane with another champ without actively farming minions. A support role like Sona can play the support position, but so can a mage or a tank.

Third, every role (and ultimately every champion, though we’re not there yet) has to exist in the game somewhere. This is the big corollary to my second point. If there are mages in the top lane and mages in the mid lane, that’s fine. If that means fighters have nowhere to exist, that’s not fine. Ideally (and I mean in the sense of a compass direction, not the state of the game today) you’d sometimes see mages and sometimes see fighters top. To use the current topic, jungle tanks didn’t feel viable, so we made some changes, and now they are plenty viable and I realize some of you feel they are too viable. In crazy world, maybe there is somewhere for marksmen to live besides bottom and maybe you don’t even need a marskman every game. But let’s not get too crazy yet. We used to design new champs as “Gnar is going to be a top lane fighter.” Now we would say “Gnar is a fighter” and leave it up to experimentation and evolution to determine where he fits best, so long as (1) he has some position in which he can be played and (2) isn’t oppressive when he does.

Fourth, we are trying as a team to be a little more hands off and provide players more room to experiment, and this applies to the state of the meta as well. Now, I’ll admit it’s difficult sometimes for us to make the determination of when it is time to step in. This year, we wanted to give y’all a chance to adapt to the preseason changes, but our opinion now is that we waited a little too long to react. We are pretty happy overall with the state of the game post patch 5.5 and 5.6, but maybe things would have felt even better if we had made those changes in 5.4, while 5.2 likely still would have been too soon. Make sense? Likewise, we know there is some concern that tanks are too dominant right now, but we want to wait a few patches to see if that’s a persistent problem or not. The meta will shift on its own, and has, even without Riot involvement. Sometimes it needs a nudge and sometimes the shift is towards something that is likely unhealthy in the long run, and when that happens it’s our responsibility to take action.

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When is Patch 5 8 coming

Meddler Final PortraitNot this week, 5.7 -> 5.8’s going to be longer than the usual 2 week cycle.

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When will the Champion Mastery system be released

Meddler Final PortraitIt’s still being worked out – it’s not ready for a proper release just yet.

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Why is Jinx being nerfed on the PBE

Here is the change being discussed:


Super Mega Death Rocket Final IconSuper Mega Death Rocket [ R ]

  • Minimum damage (from point-blank range) decreased from 125/175/225 [ + 0.5 bonus AD ]  to 25/35/45 [ + 0.1 bonus AD ]


Gypsylord New PortraitOkay got response typed up again.

So as Jinx’s designer I asked to head up the nerfs coming out for her this patch. Let’s talk about them and Jinxy in general.

First full info on the nerfs:

The min damage on the R is being cut. The max damage is staying the same. Additionally, the execute damage is not being touched. SMD rocket will ALWAYS deal 25/30/35% of the target’s missing health regardless of range.

Below are the rough damage estimates based on ranges Jinxs should be familiar with:


  • R damage @ Point blank: 125/175/225(+.5) >>> 25/35/45 (+.1)
  • R damage @ Minigun range: 175/245/315 (+.7) >>> 110/155/200(+.45)
  • R damage @ Level 9 Rocket range: 185/260/335 (+.75) >>> 135/190/245(+.55)
  • R damage @ Shock Pistol range (max): unchanged – 250/350/450(+1.0)

TLDR summary of the below wall of text:

We like Jinx being strong for a variety of reasons but she may be TOO strong at the moment. Jinx’s snowballing and hyper-carry potential is intended to be strong and we like it where it is so this change is targeted at amping up her main weakness (gets wrekt if jumped on). IF THIS CHANGE GOES TOO FAR WE’LL FOLLOW UP ON IT. THE GOAL HERE IS A SLIGHT TONING DOWN OF JINX’S POWER.

Generally we like Jinx being a strong champ in League of Legends. Even when winning she has a lot of inbuilt counterplay which makes losing to her feel a lot less demoralizing. Thanks to her general immobility combined with the delayed and conditional nature of her spells players tend to come out of games against Jinx with gameplans on how they’re going to beat her next time.

Going off of this, it is likely that Jinx “at balance” sits at above a 50% winrate. This partially stems from the nature of her power profile. Jinx is highly snowbally, especially in AoE focused teamfights, and is one of the best characters in the game at taking objectives after killing off the enemy team. This is going to contribute to a higher number of wins in solo queue where the “group and push” strategy is so prevalent (Jinx loves grouping and pushing!). People group, teamfights happen, Jinx AoE’s things, and 1 kill tends to lead to 1-4 more + towers and dragons.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning Jinx’s dedicated player base. If you run into a Jinx player on live that person is going to have 31 games on her on average, That’s up there with other “I main dis guy forever” champs like Yasuo, Lee Sin, and Riven. For comparison, Graves has a similar play rate to Jinx (they’re neck and neck for most picked ADC), and yet the average Graves player only has 16 games on him. This isn’t meant to be a knock on Graves but more a highlight on the fact that many of the Jinx’s you run into out there have played her A LOT and as such you’d expect a higher win rate out of her due to player experience.

So I’ve gone over why we’re okay with Jinx being strong so in that case why are we nerfing her? Well the thing is there’s strong and then there’s I AM THE GOD OF SOLO QUEUE strong. Jinx is trending towards the latter and has only been getting better each patch. She’s got one of the highest winrates in the game at 55% across all elos and that combined with her insane playrate is cause for alarm. We felt some light tuning would be appropriate to level the playing field vs. other ADC’s so we looked across her kit and asked ourselves “is there anything Jinx is doing right now that maybe she shouldn’t be?”

So as her designer I’ve always felt that Jinx is defined by the following strength and weakness

A) Jinx is a snowball: If you let Jinx get ahead and can’t figure out how to get to her SHE WILL TAKE EVERYTHING YOU LOVE AND BURN IT TO THE GROUND.
B) Jinx has a hard time with people who invade her personal space. If you manage to jump on her when she’s unprepared you should be rewarded accordingly.

The strength is supported by things like Get Excited (the speed passive), the always-on AS/range+AoE steroids on Switcheroo (the Q), and Jinx’s reach in general which progresses from 525 range – to 700 – to 1500 – to global. This power combination ensures that if Jinx has enough gold and manages to get a foothold of safety/advantage in a fight she WILL GET TO YOU, BLOW YOU UP, AND THEN TAKE YOUR TOWERS. This is good, it’s character defining and it’s what we’d like her to excel at.

The weakness is supported by the ramp up on minigun, the cast/arm times on all her spells/ and the damage w/distance mechanic on the R. If you manage to close with an unprepared Jinx she’s going to have a hard time dealing with you. Her spells leave her vulnerable, her AS needs to ramp for full DPS, chompers take a while to arm, and ideally she can’t just Graves ult you for a burst of power unless you’re incredibly low on health.

^^^^^that last thing is where we found a possible problem. Jinx was winning a number of engagements off the sheer burst power of her ultimate, even at pointblank range. This to me is out of line with her strength/weakness profile.

In summary:

Jinx is a hyper carry who can kill every single member of your team from extreme ranges if left alone but if you jump on her she should be at a severe disadvantage. Nerfing the pointblank ultimate makes the weakness more true and allows us to preserve her strengths in light of extreme power in solo queue.

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Follow Up

Do you think this change will affect her playstyle

Gypsylord New PortraitSo yeah I’ve tested the changes and I’m pretty confident that this will not massively affect Jinx’s playstyle. You’re mainly going to feel it against people in melee range of you (and that’s the point) but in the average lane duel at 525 + range it should still be a potent execute. In the early game you’re likely going to need one more basic attack than before to secure those closer range kills.

I’m also willing to admit that we’re not omniscient and this change may affect her in ways we didn’t anticipate. We’ll follow up on it if that’s the case.

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Will we ever have new Champions with Taunt

Meddler Final PortraitI expect we’ll make more Taunt using champions at some point. It’s a type of effect with some pretty specific gameplay, so as with other specialized CCs we’ll probably only ever use it occasionally, in part to ensure those champions with it remain distinctive.

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Lastly, here’s some fan art to wrap up the post.


Epidemic Singed

Artist: scodo



These next ones don’t have linked sources. If you guys know who the artists are, let me know and I’ll add them to the post.


Arcade Zyra



Ghost Bride Zyra



Mecha Rengar




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Cosplayer Challenges Banner


Yuka New PortraitCosplayers, start your sewing machines!

You spooked us with your Harrowing costumes, and you helped us ring in the New Year with your ornate Lunar Revel cosplays. We have exciting plans for 2015, and even more cosplay round-ups to come, so we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at what’s coming up in case you want to start preparing early!

May Roundup Fights and Friendship

Challenge: Take a photo of two cosplayers portraying any pair of champions in a candid pose where they are fighting each other, or are having fun together. All champions and official skins will be accepted.

July Roundup Pool Party

Challenge: Take a dynamic, splash-art inspired photo where it looks like everyone’s just been caught in the middle of having an awesome pool party. Or put together the largest pool-party group you can with as many cosplayers as possible! Make sure to get everybody’s summoner name who takes part! We encourage you to design your own original pool-party skins for your favourite champion!

September World Championships

Challenge: Submit photos of your Worlds and esports-inspired skins, including (but not limited to): the Championship skins (Riven, Thresh, Shyvana), Victorious skins (Jarvan, Janna, Elise, Morgana), esports skins (Fnatic, TPA, SKT1) and the Challenger Ahri skin. You can also create an original design based on your favourite champion and esports team. Unicorns of Love Hecarim, anyone?


December Winter Wonderland

Challenge: Submit photos of your winter holiday-inspired skins; whether they are official Christmas/winter skins or original designs. Extra points for those who create interesting themed backgrounds!

We’ll publish an announcement post closer to the time to clarify any specific rules for the round-ups and to give you submission links. In the meantime, however, rules aren’t likely to change from the previous round-ups (with the exception of which champions/skins we’re looking for) so you can reference rules 3-8 here.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


Arclight Vayne Store Banner

Ascend to the title of ‘moderate feeder’ with Arclight Vayne:


Arclight Vayne strikes down the unworthy


A pair of golden wings speed her through the air as she slings bolts of light from a heavenly crossbow, smiting the fools who question her supremacy. True warriors dream of testing their skills against her divine power.

The lucky ones wake up before they do.


Humble your foes with Arclight Vayne, available now in the League of Legends store for 975 RP.


Here’s a complete preview of the skin:



Arclight Vayne New Model 1

Arclight Vayne New Model 2

Arclight Vayne New Recall

For her recall, Arclight Vayne leaps into the air and ascends on her wings.


Here’s a picture of the flower-y effect above targets when Arclight Vayne crits.


Arclight Vayne New Passive

Night Hunter [ Passive ]


Arclight Vayne New Q

Arclight Vayne New Q 2

Tumble [ Q ]


Arclight Vayne New W 1

Arclight Vayne New W 2

Silver Bolts [ W ]


Arclight Vayne New E 1

Arclight Vayne New E 3

Arclight Vayne New E 2

Condemn [ E ]


Arclight Vayne New R 1

Arclight Vayne New R 2

 Final Hour [ R ]


Arclight Vayne R 3

Tumble in stealth [ R + Q ]



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The following Champions will be free-to-play until April 28th:

Blitzcrank Final Portrait

Brand Final Portrait

Caitlyn Final Portrait

Heimerdinger Final Portrait

Maokai Final Portrait

Miss Fortune Final Portrait

Nautilus Final Portrait

Rumble Final Portrait

Warwick Final Portrait

Zyra Final Portrait



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Champion Skin Sale April 24 Banner

The following Champions and Skins will be 50% off until April 24th:


Kassadin Final Portrait

Kennen Final Portrait

Zyra Final Portrait


Commando Garen – 260 RP



Full Machine Viktor – 487 RP



Volcanic Wukong – 487 RP




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Continuing their foray into eSports, Coca-Cola has announced that they will be renewing their partnership with Riot Games for 2015. Launching in 2014 with Coke Zero, the company will also be moving it’s eSports division to it’s flagship brand – Coca Cola.

New Year, New Look, Next Level

Building upon last year’s success, Coca-Cola is set to continue its partnership with Riot Games, creator of the game League of Legends (LoL). For 2015 the goal is to take the partnership to the next level, increasing the amount of opportunities fans will have to experience the partnership at live events and through social media. “This year fans can expect more of everything – more cinema viewings, more social engagement and more opportunities to indulge their passion for eSports through Coca-Cola,” says Matt Wolf, head of global gaming at Coca-Cola and veteran gamer.
2015 kick offs at the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) at Florida State University in Tallahassee May 7-10. “We’ll be on the ground to activate and celebrate the sport, building what we started in 2014,” says Wolf.

But fans don’t have to travel to Tallahassee to get in on the live action. Thanks to Coke’s partners at Cinemark Cinemas, fans can watch the show live through premium streaming at various movie theaters across North America. This year Coke and Riot Games will expand the number of theaters participating in both North America and Europe allowing even more gamers to come together with other fans in their own communities to experience the MSI in the most fun and engaging way. Cinema expansion will continue throughout the year for the LoL Worlds and All-Stars tournaments as well.

“2014 was an awesome year for our partnership with Coca-Cola,” said Dustin Beck, VP of eSports, Riot Games. “We’re looking forward to celebrating another great year of eSports with events like our upcoming Mid-Season Invitational, and of course our World Championships in Europe to reach more fans than ever.”

Coke and Riot Games will also turn up the volume on the social front in 2015. It’s no secret that gamers are digital natives, playing and living in the social sphere. That’s why Wolf says this year he wants to have even more fun with fans on the eSports social channels. “Our social channels allow us talk to our fans in the most authentic way about our partnership and engage them in the programs and promotions that we are creating to help shine a positive light on the sport and the players.”

Red is the New Black for Coke eSports

After launching under Coke Zero in 2014, this year Coke eSports moves to the company’s flagship brand—Coca-Cola in markets such as North America and Europe who will also be supporting LCS throughout the year in addition to the live events. The change in brands goes beyond a logo swap. The move allows Coke eSports to expand partnerships around the globe and adds an element of consumer choice.

Powering Connections

The partnership between Coke and Riot was established in 2014 as a way for Coca-Cola to build a strong connection with the ever-increasing global gaming community.

“The landscape of gaming is a very exciting one for any large brand,” says Wolf. “But ultimately what’s most important is how we continue to build a relationship with the fans and the players in a meaningful way and in a way that brings value to the sport and to our brands.”

Check out all the latest Coke eSports news and updates on Twitter: @CokeEsports


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The NA Server Roadmap has been updated with new ISPs and steps for the South Bridge connections. Also, we’ve news rega regarding Riot’s sand dragon – he hasn’t been scrapped, but he’s also long ways away from being released. On Reddit, Champion designer DanielZKlein shed some light on the new champions development process and how many champions are currently being worked on. Lastly, a new Riot office will soon open in Chile.

Table of Contents


Recent News

Debonair Galio Banner

URF Mode Gone Banner



Riot Games opening office in Santiago

Riot’s launching an office in Santiago, and we’re on the hunt for new Rioters to help us bring League of Legends to LATAM players. With teams in Esports, Community, Publishing, Player Support, and Events to start, we’ll continue to grow Riot Santiago as we boost player experiences in LATAM South. How’re we gonna make this happen? We’re glad you asked.

  • Step one: Set up a new office in Santiago with all the support needed for Rioters to work at their best.
  • Step two: Continue to monitor and improve live issues to ensure LATAM players are hitting Summoner’s Rift without a hitch.
  • Step three: Set up local support teams, while making sure League of Legends is running healthier than a Thoroughbred with a really great healthcare plan.
  • Step four: Open a broadcast studio to help build out the pro and amateur esports scenes.
  • Step five: Take a breather and soak up Santiago’s collection of landmarks, regional wines, ski resorts, festivals, and tasty local eats.

To check out our job openings at Riot Santiago, click this handy link.

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NA Servers South Bridge Banner



NA Server Roadmap South Bridge update

Ahab Final PortraitEDIT: Thanks everyone! The team and I are signing off for tonight but we’ll check back in over the next couple days to answer remaining outstanding questions. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more updates from the NA Roadmap team!

Hey everyone! Riot Ahab here with another update on the NA Server Roadmap.


Last time, we chatted about what goes into creating a “quality connection”; and how factors beyond ping, such as routing paths and packet loss, can seriously impact the connection between your machine and the League game servers. We also recapped the multi-phase approach we’re implementing here on the NA Server Roadmap team to address those factors.

This time, we want to give you an update on the progress we’re making building out the South Bridge – a series of point of presence (PoP) hardware locations snaking across the southern US that will serve as “on-ramps” to our dedicated network.

Here’s what we showed you last time, with the “North Bridge” serving the northern US & Canada largely complete. After some hardware shipping delays, we’ve now installed hardware in the first South Bridge PoPs. Earlier this week we pushed the Ashburn and Atlanta PoPs online, bringing a majority of the eastern seaboard onto the network.

So, what does this mean for me, Rito?

As a general note, players in these regions likely won’t feel much of a difference in their ping since it’s an ongoing process to work with local ISP offices to route their League data to the closest PoP. Even then, we’re seeing at best a 10% reduction in ping in the most positive cases.

What players near these PoPs WILL experience is less packet loss and a more stable connection, since their data isn’t hopping across every internet exchange between them and the game servers, instead now following a direct path along our dedicated network.

Ok, that sounds neat, what’s the catch?

Bringing a PoP online doesn’t work perfectly for everyone at the get-go. It’s the start of an ongoing process as we work with partnered ISPs to make sure they’re efficiently handing off your data to our network. Lots of this is handled by algorithms, which can sometimes go a little wonky when we introduce new PoPs.

If you discover your connection actually gets markedly worse, don’t panic! Inform both your ISP customer support as well as Between the two of us, we should be able to figure out what’s happening to your data and get things running smoothly.

As a helpful reminder, it’s always a good idea to double check your own connection at home before investigating issues with your ISP. For some players, seemingly innocent things like router location or playing on wifi can have big ping implications. More connection troubleshooting info can be found on the Riot support site.

How about the rest of the network?

We’re already at work setting up hardware in the remaining PoPs (Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles) along the South Bridge of the network. Dallas and Denver should be online within the next month and LA within about two, but we’ll keep you posted if we hit any hiccups.

The other big news to report is an update to the list of partnered ISPs. What this means is these ISP partners are actively working with our team to funnel your League traffic to the closest PoP onramp to our direct network. Don’t fret if you don’t yet see your ISP on this list, as odds are we’re already in active talks with them! At this point, we’ve now implemented, are working to implement, or are negotiating peering agreements with the 20 largest ISPs in NA.

We’ve got the team (myself, Riot WizardOTL, ADillonMostDirty and RiotZwill) hanging around in this thread for the next couple hours, so let us know if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to answer!

Partnered ISPs (new additions in bold):

Atlas Networks Corporation
Bell Canada
Charter Communications
Clear Wireless
Cogent Communications
Comcast Cable Communications
CTS Communications Corp
Frontier Communications
Google Fiber
Hurricane Electric
Interconnected Associates
LS Networks
NTT America
Pavlov Media
Pocketinet Communications
Rogers Cable Communications
Saskatchewan Telecommunications (SaskTel)
Shaw Communications
Syringa Networks
TDS Telecom
TekSavvy Solutions
TELUS Communications
TeraGo Networks
Threshold Communications
Time Warner Cable
Videotron Ltee
Vision Net

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Will you partner with ATT UVerse

Ahab Final Portrait[ 1 ] We haven’t forgotten! Still working on getting all 20 of the biggest ISPs figured out, some just take a little longer.

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[ 2 ] Lots of ISPs (AT&T included) have been super helpful and open to conversations. Some just take longer than others to hammer out an agreement is all!

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Any info on Cablevision

WizardOTL Final BannerWe have an agreement to peer with them in NYC. Just setting it up now.

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Is the Time Warner Cable partnership done I see no difference in my ping

DARTAGNAN Final Portrait[ 1 ] Depending on your connection and your route, you may not see that much change to your ping at all. However, with these ‘highways’, your connection should be much more stable and have less packet loss!

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Ahab Final Portrait[ 2 ] And to build on this point, simply because you see your ISP on the list and don’t see an impact on your connection doesn’t mean we’re done. There’s a lot of additional work to do once we sign the agreements that involves working with ISPs to help route local traffic to local PoPs. Otherwise your traffic could hop around inefficiently before hitting the stable network.

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Was the hardware delivery delayed last month because of a natural disaster

Ahab Final PortraitYep, there was some shipping problems that delayed the rollout of this update (bringing the start of the South Bridge online). It’s tough because we’re aiming to keep to regular updates, but sometimes scheduling, contractual hiccups or typhoons keep us from having useful and informative news to share. Thanks for being patient and sticking with us!

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How long until we get another update on the new server location

Ahab Final PortraitNo date yet on when we’ll reveal details around Phase 3 of the NA Server Roadmap (a centralized server move). A lot of it depends on finalizing agreements and making sure hardware is moving where it’s supposed to.

Rest assured, when we’re cleared and ready to share details we’ll make sure everyone is well informed!

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How will this affect players from EU

Ahab Final PortraitThe work the NA Roadmap team is doing with NA ISPs wouldn’t impact your local traffic (where a lot of packet loss and inefficient pathing hops happen), but once your traffic crosses the Atlantic and gets to NA, you’d be on this dedicated network outlined above. Which would make that travel back and forth more efficient, but likely wouldn’t make your connection markedly faster (but possibly more stable).

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When are you guys going to be peered at QIX in Montreal

WizardOTL Final BannerWe thought we would get connected last week. Unfortunately, they are experiencing some problems with the fiber connectivity. We should be able to get connected within two weeks.

If for some reason this increases ping, we will bring down the session. I hope that helps.

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Isnt there already a Riot server in Los Angeles

DARTAGNAN Final PortraitWe are preparing the eventual Phase 3, where the servers will be moved to a more centralized location. Once that happens, we will want to make sure that the LA area has a PoP as well that will connect them as efficiently as possible to the new server home! And of course, we want to have as stable connections as possible until then!

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Are you working on a kit for Ao Shin

DanielzKlein Final PortraitWe don’t have a kit. We had a number of kits we were trying back in the day, but none of them worked out. This is completely normal for a champion (both Azir and Lucian had a number of kits previous to me starting work on them that didn’t work out; my first kits for them also got scrapped, including Lucian’s infamous homing missile ult and Azir’s “just summon 7 fully controllable soldiers” ult). Game design is a highly iterative process. The only mistake we made with Ao Shin was that we talked about him way too early in that process, when we weren’t yet sure how close to done we were.

As for Azir, the additional time we would have needed on him was toward the end, when you polish and fix bugs. That’s very different.

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Was Ao Shin scrapped

Meddler Final PortraitTLDR: Ao Shin someday, won’t be soon.

Slightly longer version: We spent a bunch of time working on Ao Shin but ultimately concluded he wasn’t hitting the mark so put him on hold for a while in order to figure some things out. We still think his concept’s really cool, as is some of the stuff we were trying with him, so do intend to make him someday. Don’t expect to see him anytime soon though, we’d rather be slow, but do a better job of delivering on his potential, than quick.

That’s a process some other champs have also gone through (Lee Sin, Elise and Azir for example), where it took a few different takes to hit on what we felt was the right one (Lee Sin originally as Blind Monk way back pre launch, Elise originally as Priscilla the Spider Queen, Azir originally as Seth the sand mage), ultimately yielding better champs in the long run we feel.

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Do you have an estimated release date for Ao Shin

DanielzKlein Final PortraitWe have absolutely no idea. Definitely not any time soon. I would not put money on it being this year.

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Can you give us any clues as to how far your champ is in development

DanielzKlein Final PortraitI can tell you that I have a champion in development. That’s all I’m going to say ;)

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Is it likely that his name wont be Ao Shin with his release

Meddler Final PortraitHis name’s certainly something we’d want to talk about, assess whether ‘Ao Shin’ is still a good fit for the final version of him we get to. Can’t offer you any thoughts on likelihood of that though at the moment, it’s not something we’ve looked at yet.

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You said you tried to make a sand mage one month before Azir came out

DanielzKlein Final PortraitThat was a coincidence. Look, guys, we announced a cool concept too early. We’re not even sure he’s going to be called Ao Shin at this point–maybe that isn’t the best name for the concept? We got a bunch of people ideating on what to do with the champion, but there’s no kit, no uptodate concept art, nothing at the moment. Curb your enthusiasm: there’s a really good chance you won’t see this champ this year.

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What happened to Warwicks rework

DanielzKlein Final PortraitIt got shelved when I moved on to Azir! I had a kit that was decent, but at the same time we had spun up a Reworks team that has since brought you stuff like the Sion rework, and we decided that that was the level of rework Warwick needed to be truly successful. Since I had fitted the WW rework between two other projects (Xerath rework and Azir) I didn’t have the time (nor was I on the right team) to fully redesign him from the ground up.

I moved on to Azir, and the reworks team did their own list of prioritizations, in terms of which champion needs a rework most. Sion obviously topped that list, and while we haven’t had a rework quite as massive as Sion since, I think stuff like Soraka, Tristana, and Viktor have shown that we’ve leveled up what we consider a rework these days. Warwick will still get a full rework, and we may or may not use any of the stuff I was working on (with a tendency toward probably starting over from scratch), but other champions such as Poppy and Ryze are higher on the priority list.t.

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Are you currently only working on Ao Shin and Warwick

DanielzKlein Final PortraitNo one is working on WW. I’m not working on Ao Shin. There’s a whole team full of super talented dudes that work on reworks (Sion, Soraka, Tristana, Viktor, Ryze coming soon etc), but I’m on Champion team, a team that makes entirely new champions. Back when I worked on the WW rework, the Champion Update team did not yet exist.

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So whatre you working on right now

DanielzKlein Final PortraitI can tell you that I have a champion in development. That’s all I’m going to say ;)

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How many new champions are currently in development

DanielzKlein Final PortraitWe’ve got 6 new champs underway at the moment. Those range from close to finished to just some initial ideas on paper that may or may not work out.

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Is 6 the limit on how many ideas you guys can work on at a given time

DanielzKlein Final PortraitYeah, a lot of different ideas get tried out and most of them then get discarded during the first couple of months of development.

As an example, let’s say we decided we wanted to make a new support. We’d then go and do a bunch of brainstorming on possible support kits, themes, personalities, visual appearances etc. If something showed particular promise (e.g. a cool playstyle or backstory) we’d then look at which of the other ideas we’d been looking at might pair well with it.

Maybe we’ve got an idea for a roaming support for example, and someone has an idea for a vaguely pied piper travelling musician spirit, worth looking at whether we can combine those two if so. Over a few weeks we’ll then pull together a bunch of different possible support options and then we’ll narrow down from there to just the one we think’s best.

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How long did you work on Bard

DanielzKlein Final PortraitWe started initial exploration on Bard late 2013. Kit didn’t work out at the time though, so we put him on hold for a bit. Restarted him, with the same art, but different kit and story directions, early-mid 2014 on average (design started work a bit earlier, art was mostly done so they didn’t need to do as much until later etc).

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What causes champions to spend years in development

DanielzKlein Final PortraitIf we like the core idea of a champion, but can’t quite get them right in game, we’ll often put them aside and give them another try months or years later. See if, after a bit of time focused on other things or with a different group of people trying different stuff, we can hit on something we feel works.

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