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Continuing their foray into eSports, Coca-Cola has announced that they will be renewing their partnership with Riot Games for 2015. Launching in 2014 with Coke Zero, the company will also be moving it’s eSports division to it’s flagship brand – Coca Cola.

New Year, New Look, Next Level

Building upon last year’s success, Coca-Cola is set to continue its partnership with Riot Games, creator of the game League of Legends (LoL). For 2015 the goal is to take the partnership to the next level, increasing the amount of opportunities fans will have to experience the partnership at live events and through social media. “This year fans can expect more of everything – more cinema viewings, more social engagement and more opportunities to indulge their passion for eSports through Coca-Cola,” says Matt Wolf, head of global gaming at Coca-Cola and veteran gamer.
2015 kick offs at the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) at Florida State University in Tallahassee May 7-10. “We’ll be on the ground to activate and celebrate the sport, building what we started in 2014,” says Wolf.

But fans don’t have to travel to Tallahassee to get in on the live action. Thanks to Coke’s partners at Cinemark Cinemas, fans can watch the show live through premium streaming at various movie theaters across North America. This year Coke and Riot Games will expand the number of theaters participating in both North America and Europe allowing even more gamers to come together with other fans in their own communities to experience the MSI in the most fun and engaging way. Cinema expansion will continue throughout the year for the LoL Worlds and All-Stars tournaments as well.

“2014 was an awesome year for our partnership with Coca-Cola,” said Dustin Beck, VP of eSports, Riot Games. “We’re looking forward to celebrating another great year of eSports with events like our upcoming Mid-Season Invitational, and of course our World Championships in Europe to reach more fans than ever.”

Coke and Riot Games will also turn up the volume on the social front in 2015. It’s no secret that gamers are digital natives, playing and living in the social sphere. That’s why Wolf says this year he wants to have even more fun with fans on the eSports social channels. “Our social channels allow us talk to our fans in the most authentic way about our partnership and engage them in the programs and promotions that we are creating to help shine a positive light on the sport and the players.”

Red is the New Black for Coke eSports

After launching under Coke Zero in 2014, this year Coke eSports moves to the company’s flagship brand—Coca-Cola in markets such as North America and Europe who will also be supporting LCS throughout the year in addition to the live events. The change in brands goes beyond a logo swap. The move allows Coke eSports to expand partnerships around the globe and adds an element of consumer choice.

Powering Connections

The partnership between Coke and Riot was established in 2014 as a way for Coca-Cola to build a strong connection with the ever-increasing global gaming community.

“The landscape of gaming is a very exciting one for any large brand,” says Wolf. “But ultimately what’s most important is how we continue to build a relationship with the fans and the players in a meaningful way and in a way that brings value to the sport and to our brands.”

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Worlds Venues Banner

This year’s Worlds will tour Paris, London, Brussels and, lastly – Berlin.


We’ve been counting the days until we could share final details of our stops on the path to the final. The venues are locked in and we’re hyped to confirm our full line-up of host cities for this season’s grand finale!

This fall, we’re bringing Worlds through Paris, London, and Brussels for group, quarters and semifinals before landing in Berlin where the two remaining teams will battle it out at the World Championship Final.

We’ll be starting our journey with Group Stage games spread over two weeks in Paris at Le Dock Pullman. Along with the qualifying teams, next we’ll jump on the Eurostar to London for Quarterfinals, where we’ll be making our return to Wembley Arena, home of our 2014 LCS event. Once the top four teams emerge, we’ll head over to Brussels for the Semifinals at the Brussels Expo before hosting the Final clash for the cup in the home city of the EU LCS, Berlin, at the Mercedes-Benz Arena (currently the O2 World – Berlin).

Choosing locations for the 2015 World Championship was a complex and time-intensive process. We began our search in earnest over a year ago, looking for venues and cities that gave us enough flexibility to customize live esports experiences for fans in the seats, as well as creating entertaining backdrops for players watching along at home. In the case of Paris and London, we’re thrilled to return to the major metropolitan cities that helped us blow the roof off 2014’s All-Star Game and LCS. We’re also looking forward to bringing high-level international play to Brussels for the first time, and reaching a new group of fans with live esports action within easy access of fans throughout Western Europe.

Berlin has been an amazing home for the 2015 EU LCS, and we’ve chosen a World Finals location that celebrates this unique city and its esports fan community. We’re looking forward to welcoming fans from throughout EU and beyond to this final show, and can’t wait to unveil a finale to the 2015 Season that celebrates the dedication and skill of pros and teams throughout the year.

We know we won’t have hit every city that fans were hoping we’d include in our journey. We count ourselves incredibly lucky that so many fans throughout Europe were passionate about us visiting their city – and we look forward to bringing live action to more fans with our EU Spring Finals in Madrid and another Summer Finals event to cap off the LCS season.

Here’s the full list of dates and venues. We’ll be announcing ticket information within the next few weeks, so keep an eye on Lolesports for information on how to be a part of Worlds live later this year!

Group Stages: October 1-4 and October 8-11 – Le Dock Pullman, Paris

Quarterfinals: October 15-18 – SSE Arena Wembley, London

Semifinals: October 24-25 – Brussels Expo, Brussels

Finals:October 31 – Mercedes-Benz Arena (currently O2 World – Berlin)
Halloween costume optional.

See you in Europe!

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Left to Right: SoAZ, Niels, xPeke, Mithy, Amazing


Origen, the team founded by former Fnatic mid laner Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez, has qualified for the 2015 EULCS Summer Split. They will be taking the spot of MeetYourMakers, who have been automatically relegated due to finishing in 10th place. This marks the return of three-time EULCS Champions xPeke and SoAZ, who have not been in the LCS since leaving Fnatic after the 2014 Season.


Challenger Series Playoffs Recap

After strong finishes throughout both of the Challenger Series this past split, Origen, along with three other Challenger teams played a playoff series in order to decide who would enter the LCS, who would play for a spot, and who would be sent home empty-handed.

The teams at the playoffs were:

  • Origen
  • Copenhagen Wolves Academy
  • Reason Gaming
  • Gamers2

After beating Reason Gaming by a score of 2-1, Origen moved on to the finals where they faced Copenhagen Wolves Academy, who had taken down Gamers2 2-0. Against CWA, Origen managed a strong 3-0 victory, immediately qualifying them for the 2015 EULCS Summer Split.  Gamers2 lost to Reason Gaming in the third place decider 2-1, so Reason Gaming, along with Copenhagen Wolves academy will be playing either Team ROCCAT or Giants Gaming for a spot in the LCS.



#1 Origen

In case you’re not caught up with the Challenger scene, Origen’s roster is:


ID Name Role
France sOAZ Paul Boyer Top
Germany Amazing Maurice Stückenschneider Jungle
Spain xPeke Enrique Cedeño Martínez Mid
Denmark Niels Jesper Svenningsen AD
Spain mithy Alfonso Aguirre Rodriguez Support
Denmark Casadar Mikkel Lund-Madsen Sub/Top

Meanwhile, their coaching staff consists of:


ID Name Role
United Kingdom Veteran Michael Archer Analyst
USA Hermit Analyst


#2 Copenhagen Wolves Academy (Sister team to Copenhagen Wolves)


ID Name Role
Netherlands Morsu Bram Knol Top
Netherlands Kirei Thomas Yuen Jungle
Netherlands CozQ Sofyan Rechchad Mid
Netherlands Vizility Jeffrey de Vries AD
Netherlands Hybrid Glenn Doornenbal Support

NOTE: If CWA make it into the LCS, the Copenhagen Wolves organization will be required to transfer the team to another organization, due to the “1 team per organization” rule.


#3 Reason Gaming


ID Name Role
Poland Kubon Jakub Turewicz Top
Poland Xayoo Marcin Majkut Jungle
Poland TakeFun Rafał Górniak Mid
Poland Celaver Paweł Koprianiuk AD
Poland Libik Marek Kręgiel Support


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In anticipation of the upcoming Wild Card tournament, Japanese representative DetonatioN FocusMe will be heading to California to bootcamp with other Logitech Sponsored teams at the Logitech Headquarters in Silicon Valley, where they will be staying. The team hopes to gain valuable practice in order to secure their spot at the 2015 World Championship.

Various sources from Twitter and support player Kazu’s have been collected in a reddit post by shirokaisen, also shared below.

Similar to previous teams’ Asia bootcamps in the past, the Japanese team DetonatioN FocusMe – coming off their 3-0 over rivals RabbitFive in the LJL Season 1 Final – will be leaving tonight for California to train leading up to the International Wild Card Invitational.

They’ll be staying at Logitech HQ in Silicon Valley, where they’ll be practicing until the 17th before heading off to Turkey to compete. Their scrim partners will primarily be the other Logitech-sponsored teams in the country – TSM and Cloud 9. Analyst and support player KazuXD hopes that the pressure of playoff season will let them get some excellent scrims in.

Going on the trip are:

  • Top: Keisuke “Bonzin” Oda
  • Jungle: Yuta “Astarore” Hiratsuka
  • Mid: Kyohei “Ceros” Yoshida
  • Support/Analyst: Kazuta “KazuXD” Suzuki
  • Manager: Nobuyuki “LGraN” Umezaki

AD Carry and LJL S1 MVP Yuta “Yutapon” Sugiura will not be attending, choosing to continue attending classes in college right up until the IWCI date. He’ll be playing from home and adjusting his schedule to match America’s. Kazu says this won’t be a problem.

During this time they won’t be streaming at all, and none of their practice matches will be broadcast.

Hopefully this doesn’t end up like CLG’s Korean bootcamp.

EDIT: According to DetonatioN’s official twitter, the TSM scrims are still being worked out and aren’t for sure yet. C9 is happening though.

Sources: Kazu’s and several Japanese players on Twitter.

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Following the rumored departure of Rekkles come more potential roster changes for Elements in the off-season.

It has been reported that both Ilyas “Shook” Hartsema and Mike “Wickd” Petersen are exploring other options, dissatisfied with the current state and future of the team.  Sitting just out of relegation, the team is a shadow of it’s former self, having been the number one team in Europe just last split. Since it’s acquisition of former Fnatic AD Carry Rekkles, the team has taken an unexpected dive in the standings, crashing to seventh place in the 2015 Spring Split.

From the article:

Both players, along with Larsson, have grown increasingly disillusioned with the team and don’t feel that the current roster can match their expectations. He added that the team will rebuild around the remaining two players in the organization, Henrik “Froggen” Hansen and Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels.

While not confirmed, if the three players did leave the Elements team, recently acquired substitutes Erik “Tabzz” Van Helvert and Marcel “Dexter” Feldkamp would be the most likely replacements for the starting roster.

Author’s Note: This information has not been officially confirmed, and as such is considered a rumor. We will update this article as more information becomes available.




At the start of the season, a brand change and some early roster swaps left Elements looking poised to take the number one seed in Europe. After a more than rocky season, the team narrowly clinched 7th place in the standings, just avoiding relegation. Changes seemed necessary for the struggling squad, and it seems they have come.

The DailyDot has reported that Rekkles will be leaving Elements due to being unhappy with the team environment. There is no official confirmation from either side, though Elements owner Jacob “Maelk” Toft-Andersen had this to say on the matter:

“I can neither confirm nor deny [the move].” We are currently evaluating our options and making sure not to leave any stone unturned.”

Joining Elements as a sub in March, Tabzz looks to take over the starting AD carry position, reclaiming his spot on the original Alliance roster.

Author’s Note: This information has not been officially confirmed, and as such is considered a rumor. We will update this article as more information becomes available.


2015 URFitational Grand Finals.png


Held on April 1st, 2015, two teams of old-school LoL pros took to the rift to duke it out in an Ultra Rapid-Fire match. Ye Olde League Organization took on Society of Worth Accessing Gentlemen in a match originally meant to be played on the NURF Gamemode, which would have featured:

  • +100% mana and energy cost on all abilities
  • +200% cooldown inflation on abilities, items and summoner spells
  • +225 movement speed reduction
  • +200% delay between basic attacks
  • Critical strikes deal 50% of base AD
  • Units critically strike on 150% of attacks

Unfortunately, due to a technical difficulty, URF mode was used instead. In less than 20 minutes and in devastating fashion, YOLO managed to take down SWAG.


An Announcement From Rivington

Riot’s own Rivington Bisland III delivered a statement regarding the event, which was the following:

When speaking of the Bisland family history, it’s impossible not to mention strategery. Yes, strategery. Not only was it my first word, but strategery was invented by my grandfather and forefather of some of the most innovative gameplay ever seen on the Rift, Rivington Bisland I.

My grandpappy, known as “Riv One” by those in the URFitational scene, performed the inaugural URFitational cast with Nicolas Flamel Allen in 1943. He spent more than 30 years as a regular behind the URFitational casting desk producing premium, award-winning coverage of our annual soirée. Due to the elite and exclusive nature of the event, tournament footage and distribution is only available to members of the Universal Rivington Federation.

As newly-elected President of the aforementioned Federation, and as direct descendant of the URFitational legacy, I felt the exclusive nature of the URFitational wasn’t the way to bring this proud, historical tournament into the future. Therefore, for the first time ever, I’m proud that I’ll be able to share this annual tradition outside the Federation and directly with all of you.


An Event to Remember

The URFitational featured the use of ringers, some substitutes and some quality acting from the Riot crew. Highlights include Brian “TheOddOne” Wyllie losing his spot to brother Anslie “frommaplestreet” Wyllie after heading to the restroom, along with everyone finding out the true power of AD Malzahar.

Just one of the gifs that this event has created


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Following their tradition of player reform, Riot has released their 2015 Mid-Year review of the players currently under suspension.




  • In accordance with our long-term suspension policy, we have reviewed Incarnati0n, DarkwinJax, Flaxxish, Shizoli, and the members of former Cloud9 Tempest.
  • DarkwinJax failed his review due to ongoing toxicity and is having his suspension extended by 4 splits.
  • Incarnati0n has displayed genuine reform over a prolonged period of time and passed his review, making him eligible for professional play starting May 11, 2015. Incarnati0n’s past permabanned accounts will remain banned.
  • Flaxxish and Shizoli have made some progress, but still fall short of LCS standards of conduct.
  • All of the former C9T members passed their review and will be eligible for competitive play starting May 11, 2015.



Last year, we revised our approach to bans and permabans to focus on the goal of reform, not just punishment. You can read more about the long-term suspension policy here. In accordance with that policy, we have reviewed all of the currently suspended players who are eligible for a review.

We only suspend players for serious offenses, and we look for clear signs that a player has taken their reform seriously in determining whether their suspension should be lifted. As we mentioned in November:

“Each review is holistic and takes into account both in and out of game behavior. Penalized players need to show through their ongoing actions that they have made a genuine and long-term change in their behavior.”

Below are the results of the 2015 Mid-Year Suspension Reviews. The players who have met or exceeded the normal standards of good behavior and will be eligible for competitive play this summer are:

  • Nicolaj “Incarnati0n” Jensen
  • Former Cloud 9 Tempest players and staff:
    • Colin “Solo” Earnest
    • Anthony “Hard” Barkhovtsev
    • David “Yusui” Bloomquist
    • Benjamin “LOD” deMunck
    • Ritchie “Fade” Ngo
    • Tim “Timokiro” Cho
    • Danan “Kaniggit” Flander

The following players have failed this review:

  • Manu “Shizoli” Bansal (eligible for review in advance of the 2016 Spring Split)
  • Olof “Flaxxish” Medin (eligible for review in advance of the 2016 Spring Split)
  • Khaled “DarkwinJax” Abusagr (suspension extended an additional 4 splits for ongoing extreme toxicity)



Past Rulings


Review Summary

Since his last review, Jensen has continued to demonstrate behavior in game that is well above the normal standards of good behavior across all of his accounts since at least January 2014. Additionally, according to our monitoring tools, he has not been implicated in any DDOS or Drophacking-related exploits since Q2 2013. There have been no serious offenses or violations of the letter or spirit of the Summoner Code since his account-sharing related offense in Q1 2014.



Jensen is eligible to play in Riot-affiliated League of Legends tournaments including but not limited to the LCS and CS starting on May 11, 2015. To clarify: Jensen will not be eligible to play in any 2015 Spring competition, including Promotion/Relegation tournaments. Jensen’s past permabanned accounts will remain banned, as will any content he lost as a result of his original offenses. Reform is meant to earn players second chances, not undo all of the consequences of their past actions.


Additional Context

Jensen is the first formerly permabanned player ever to be admitted back into professional play. His original offenses were very serious in nature, as were the punishments levied. Jensen has been ineligible to play competitively for 5 splits across 3 seasons of professional play.

He needed to meet a high standard of in and out of game conduct, exceeding the standards set for a typical LCS player or someone with a fixed suspension. In evaluating his case, great care was taken to ensure that all of his accounts were audited, that there was no evidence of account sharing or exploits, and that, in our qualitative judgement, Jensen had made a serious effort to exceed normal standards of good behavior, even when it was difficult to do so. In this most recent review, in addition to a review of old and secondary accounts through November, all games on his most recent primary account for which there was a shadow of a doubt regarding Jensen’s behavior were individually analyzed.

When evaluating whether a person who committed serious transgressions in the past is a different person today, we use a combination of quantitative data about their in-game behavior and our own judgment in determining whether the player in question has truly changed his ways. All the data supports the conclusion that Jensen has legitimately reformed and has earned a second chance. If he decides to enter the LCS or CS, we will hold him to the same high standards we hold all professional players to and will continue to monitor his in-game behavior.



Past Rulings


Review Summary

Abusagr continues to display unacceptably negative behavior without any significant progress toward reform. His most active account has been reported in 47% of his games in the last 90 days and 50% in the last 60. He’s received a total of 1830 reports in 590 games. 70% of which were for offensive language, verbal abuse or negative attitude. An audit of chat logs from games he has been reported in reveals consistently offensive, hostile, and homophobic rhetoric. His behavior is statistically not as problematic as it has been in the past, but is still far from acceptable and moreover, any statistical improvements he has made are incidental, not the result of a commitment to reform.


Given Abusagr’s absolute lack of commitment to reform even given an opportunity to do so, his ban has been reclassified to indefinite with an additional Minimum Suspension Term of 4 additional splits. He will be eligible for review prior to Summer 2017. If at that point he still has yet to exceed the normal standards of good behavior, an indefinite suspension with no review will be considered.


Past Rulings


Review Summary

Flaxxish has made some efforts toward reducing the frequency of his negative interactions with other players. However, when he does exhibit negative behavior, it is to a degree that is not acceptable for a professional player – including threatening to AFK and verbal abuse. He has been reported in 35.8% of his games over the last 90 days. Flaxxish has made some progress, but does not yet meet normal standards of good behavior.

Flaxxish remains ineligible for competitive play and will be reviewed again in advance of 2016 Spring Split.


Past Rulings


Review Summary

Shizoli still frequently demonstrates hostility and toxic behavior toward his teammates in solo queue, having been reported in 15% of games played over the last 30 days. His account was recently ranked restricted due to toxicity. In light of his continuous abusive treatment of his fellow players Shizoli received a ranked restriction in early March. His conduct falls well short of the standards a professional player is held to.

Shizoli remains ineligible for competitive play and will be reviewed again in advance of 2016 Spring Split.


*Even though the former C9T players and staff were not suspended for in-game behavior, they are still subject to a case review in advance of the LCS Trade Start Date of April 28 due to their fact that their suspension was roughly 1 split in duration. We include all suspensions of 1 split or more in our review to ensure that players who expect to be eligible to play after their fixed suspension period can explore their signing options well in advance.


Past Rulings



  • Colin “Solo” Earnest
  • Anthony “Hard” Barkhovtsev
  • David “Yusui” Bloomquist
  • Benjamin “LOD” deMunck
  • Ritchie “Fade” Ngo
  • Tim “Timokiro” Cho
  • Danan “Kaniggit” Flander


Review Summary

None of the former C9T players or staff had behavioral issues at the time of their suspension and they all continue to exhibit conduct in line with the normal standards of good behavior.


All of the former C9T members listed will be eligible to play in Riot-affiliated League of Legends tournaments including but not limited to the LCS and CS starting on May 11, 2015. To clarify: These members will not be eligible to play in any 2015 Spring competition worldwide, including Promotion/Relegation tournaments.

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No stranger to roster changes, Team Roccat is rumored to have parted ways with head coach  Titus “Ducky” Hafner, and is currently hosting tryouts for their AD Carry position.

A poor split performance and differences of opinion leave Roccat in the search for a new coach heading into Summer Promotion. While the removal of Ducky is the only change thus far, sources say they have been considering the high ranking Challenger AD Carry “EXORKK” as a replacement to current AD Carry Woolite.

EXORKK has been recently seen duo-queuing with Roccat Support Vander.  “ChewedUp” Rodriguez, a U.K. player with limited competitive experience, is also potentially on trial for the AD Carry position.

Woolite and Ducky both came to Roccat from the Copenhagen wolves under an air of praise, with Woolite winning the LCS Rookie of the Year award in 2014.

*It is important to note that this information was reported from an outside source, and has not yet been confirmed. NoL has reached out to Team Roccat for comment, and will update with their response accordingly.

Rift Pulse Banner March 3

Welcome back to Rift Pulse, a weekly roundup of all things LoL eSports. As the LCS draws to a close, the race for playoff contention is closer than ever.


North America


  • Team Coast acquires challenger team F5, immediately making swaps between the main Coast roster and the Challenger team.
  • TSM Darkness has been dropped from the Solomid organization after they were caught leaking scrims and for their poor performance in the NACS.
  • Winterfox moves Altec back to the starting AD carry position, with Gleeb returning as support.









  • Elements adds Dexter and Tabzz as substitutes, signaling even more potential roster changes.









  • Former SC2 Pro Firebathero joins Team WE as a coach.
















Oceanic Pro League






GPL Standings



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