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Looking back on the NA LCS playoffs, what would you have done differently? What do you believe you did well despite the outcome?

Our biggest mistake in the playoffs was not doing lane swaps correctly.  TSM got advantages out of lane swaps every game which put us at big disadvantages right away.


Heading into the summer split, what is your preparation like?

We have been scrimming as much as we can to get used to playing with our new roster.


What are your overall thoughts on MSI? How strong did you believe TSM was going in and whatdo you think went most wrong for them? Were you surprised by any of the other teams?

MSI was an interesting tournament, I think TSM was a little overconfident going into it and their loss against fnatic was hard on them mentally which rolled over into the rest of their matches in the group stage. AHQ played surprisingly well. In the past, Southeast Asia hasn’t done that well with the exception of TPA at season 2 worlds.


With Hai recently stepping down, what is the team dynamic like? Is there a lot of adjustments in adapting to playing with incarnati0n or is it more of him molding to the team?

The team dynamic is similar but I’ve had to step into the shotcalling role since Hai left. New rosters don’t run smoothly over night so it will take some time for everyone to adjust to the new lineup but it seems to be going in the right direction so far.


What is the biggest difference between Hai and Incarnati0n in the mid lane, so far?

Hai was a really selfless player who put a lot of emphasis on vision, roaming, and helping out everyone else on the team. Incarnati0n plays more of a carry style.


Hai was renowned for his shotcalling. Will you be assuming this role or will it be passed on to incarnati0n? What is the team doing to make sure communication stays on the same level or better with the loss of Hai?

I’ll be taking over the shot calling for the team. It was always a combined effort before with hai, where I covered most of the macro oriented shot calling while he did the micro stuff such as pulling the trigger for a fight or going for high risk plays. Those are things that I’m working on and hoping to have ironed out as soon as possible. I hope that the communication is good with the new roster. I think that our success as a team previously came not only from Hai’s shotcalling, but our ability as a team to listen to his calls without hesitation or resistance. We all had a lot a trust in Hai’s leadership so we followed him blindly and I hope the team will put the same level of trust in my calls.


Do you believe the current roster is a contender for worlds? What do you wish to improve on most individually? As a team?

Worlds is an entire split away and I haven’t even begun thinking about it. I think that everyone on the team is skilled individually but winning competitive matches goes way deeper than just mechanics. I’ll be happy with whatever result we get as long as we give it a perfect effort


How do you expect the newer teams, TDK and NME, to perform? Who do you see in the top 3 positions at the end of the split?

I haven’t played against TDK or NME in LCS yet so there’s no way to tell. They both looked good in the challenger series so only time will tell


How are you feeling on the current meta and state of the game overall? What changes, if any, would you like to see?

I think that Cinderhulk is interesting for the game because it changed up the champion pools but it has led to some weird stuff that I’m not a big fan of. I don’t like top laners running Smite or the fact that Warrior junglers get out scaled so hard by the % hp on Cinderhulk… I also really dislike any meta where Nunu is a top pick.


Describe your playstyle. Do you believe there is a “superior” way of jungling, or is there a way to make any style work within a team?

I don’t know if the way I play falls under a specific style. Limiting yourself to one style seems like a mistake so I try to be aggressive when I can and cautious when I need to be. I suppose you could say that my style is safer and more farm oriented than other junglers. I do not like going for high risk plays when I don’t have to and I care about vision control.


What changes do you expect to see with patch 5.10? What are your thoughts on 5.10?

I expect the top junglers to be nerfed, the patch is probably going to feel bad for a while but then I’ll get used to the nerfs.


What’s your current favorite champion and why?

My all time favorite champions to play are Elise and Zac. I originally started playing each of them because I enjoyed their play styles and I found a way to fit them into my competitive champion pool which yielded pretty good results until they were inevitably nerfed.


Thoughts on Zac? Will we see him return at any point this season?

I liked Zac when Cinderhulk first came out but since then I’ve liked him less and less. I think there are a few problems with Zac. First of all, if you play him in a traditional jungle style of ganking and warding for your lanes while buying Sightstone and Locket, you’ll be way too squishy for team fights and drop dead as soon as you jump in. The only way to be strong enough for team fights on Zac is to play selfishly which doesn’t put much pressure on the enemy team. Secondly, Zac’s E is almost impossible to hit given how much mobility and how many knock ups champions have nowadays. Lastly, Zac doesn’t do very much damage with a tank build and he’s easy to kite.



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Tim Kimbirk is a content creator and interviewer for SoloMid. You can find him in the depths of solo queue, or on twitter talking about eSports.


Rift Pulse Final 21 05

Rift pulse is back with another weekly update of the most recent events in LoL esports. With the EU and LCS less than a week away, and both the LPL and LCK already in action, rosters are finally taking shape across every region.


North America


  • Brandon “Saintvicious” DeMarco stepped down from Gravity, joining Team Coast as their Head Coach.
  • Team 8 acquires Zach “Nien” Malhas and Chad “History Teacher” Smeltz, as starting AD Carry and Head Coach respectively.
  • Min-su “Move” Kang joins Gravity Gaming, taking over the starting Jungle position.
  • Johnny “Altec” Ru finds a new home in the LCS, this time as the starting AD carry position for Gravity Gaming.
  • Ainslie “Maplestreet” Wyllie will sub for Misfits in the NACS as Jebus has run into visa issues.
  • TDK adds Jin-Hyun “Emperor” Kim  and  Geon-Woo “Ninja” Noh to their starting roster.
  • Team Winterfox unveiled their new roster, with former Gambit Gaming AD Carry Kristoffer “P1noy” Albao Lund Pedersen taking over as Starting AD Carry.





  • InnerFlame joins Gamers2, assuming the role of Team Manager.
  • Team ROCCAT has announced Etienne “Steve” Michels as their new top laner, also adding EXORKK as a substitute AD Carry.





  • OMG has revealed their roster for the 2015 LPL Summer Split, with Hu “Xiyang” Bin moving to the top lane.





























Scene Updates



images via lolesports, Riot Games


XiaoWeiXiao Interview Banner

Looking back at playoffs, what would you change about the series against TL? What went wrong in your eyes?  

We shouldn’t have picked Yasuo at all – our communication during picks and bans wasn’t good.


Youre known to play Yasuo despite him seemingly falling out of the meta. What is your reason behind continuing to play him?

Yasuo is good pick against ranged AP champions and they picked a lot of poke champions.


What changes, if any, would you make to the champion to make him stronger in the current meta and where do you think he fits in now?  

His lane phase is very weak – they should buff his HP.


How do you feel about your performance in both the playoffs and spring split?

Not bad.


What are you looking to change most individually?

I want to make my champion pool stronger.


Do you feel this team is stronger than LMQ?

Our Jungle and top are better than LMQ. Teamfights are worse than LMQ.


How is the Dynamic within TiP compared to LMQ?

LMQ is easier to communicate with but TiP is more exciting for me with all the players being from different regions.


What is the team environment like in game, especially with language barriers? What steps are you taking to overcome language barriers and is the team focusing on communicating in English?

Our biggest problem is language but we are trying to study some simple words to communicate easier.


How are you preparing for the next split? Are you confident you can make it to the World Championship?

We are going to fix our language problem as soon as possible and I think we can make it to worlds.


What are your thoughts on Incarnati0n joining Cloud 9 and do you believe the team will be even stronger? Where do you think Incarnati0n stacks up among the other mid laners in NA?

I have no idea because I haven’t seen him play. I can’t say anything right now. Let’s see how he performs in the LCS.


How do you expect the new teams, NME and TDK, to perform? Who do you imagine will be in the last place spot at the end of the split?

We have not played against them yet. No clue about last place.


Who do you predict will be top 3 at the end of the split? Who will go to the World Championship?



What is your opinion on the Mid-Season Invitational as a whole? Did anything stand out, and were the results what you expected? How would you rank the regions, in order? Were you proud that a Chinese team was able to finally take down a Korean team in an international event?

I was surprised about AHQ/FNC, they look so strong. I was shocked when they both beat TSM. I would rank the regions at MSI in this order:

EDG, SKT, TSM, Fnatic, AHQ, Besiktas.

I’m really proud that EDG beat SKT. ClearLove finally made his dream come true.


Are there any champions you wish you could bring into the meta that arent played?



What are your thoughts on the recent Zed changes and how do you believe it will affect his gameplay? Is he still just as strong? Would you make changes to Zed?

I don’t think it will affect his gameplay too much. I think he is still strong in some team comps. I would make him more tanky.


How would you describe your playstyle and do you believe it has changed since joining the LCS?

I think my CS is always good and I do the most damage in team fights. I play more aggressively in lane since joining the LCS and I am trying to roam more and help other lanes.


How are you feeling on the tank meta, and what changes, if any, would you like to see to the meta? 

The new Jungle Items make junglers too tanky, it’s so difficult to kill them in team fights. I would like to see more mid and AD picks where people just all-in in a team fight.


Expectations heading into week 1?

There will be many dark horses coming out in week 1.



Thank you to our sponsor Azubu, Riot Games, and especially to our fans who support me. I will do better this season.

Tim Kimbirk is a content creator and interviewer for SoloMid. You can find him in the depths of solo queue, or on twitter talking about eSports.




How are you spending the time between MSI and the Summer Split? Do you get any downtime? 

I get a week off, but I feel like don’t deserve it, so I am constantly playing as much as I possibly can to prepare my mental tolerance to do better in competitive play.


Heading into MSI what was your perspective on the Meta of the event? Do you feel you prepared correctly in terms of picks/bans and what to play?

Yes, we just played very badly. I feel like the only thing we could pick up would be Rumble top and Urgot bot. something we’ve tried before.


Expectations were high heading into the event. What were your personal expectations? What factors played most into the teams lackluster performance? Do you think it’s an issue with preparation? How much of a factor was “tilting” and can you expand on tilt in competitive play?

I think it was 60% Tilt and 40% everything else. When we got first blooded we lost almost all of our positive mindset and hopes of winning.


It seems as if you should have lane swapped against in your game against Fnatic and kept the 1v1 against AHQ. What were the reasons for playing these the way you did and what could you have done better?

In the 2v1 I could have not died. In the 1v1 I could have called for Santorin to protect me from dives. I played like this because I feel like I didn’t play enough solo queue before the event, and didn’t work hard enough on the important factors of communication.


Fnatic, 6 top bans. How did this affect you and did you expect it at all? Were there other champions you could have played and simply didn’t?

I played Gnar a huge amount of times so it didn’t really affect me. What did affect is me not being on a specific tank champion and doing well. But it didn’t really matter because my play this tournament regardless of champion was pretty bad.


Instead of asking “what went wrong”, what went right? Despite the obvious errors in game, was there anything you felt the team managed to do correctly in the face of losing?

Nothing went right for us.


The popular opinion is that you were simply left on an island to fend for yourself in most of the games. You have stated this simply isn’t the case. Can you elaborate a bit on how those situations (being dived/camped) could have gone differently? Is it as cut and dry as you not getting the help, or is there a communication issue?

It’s all about the communication and if I don’t ask for it, then I deserve to be dove for not asking from them to be there instead of saying “I’m going to get dove here.”


Moving forward, what is your immediate next step and what do you think you need to work on most individually? As a team?

Communication, positive mindset, and for me being comfortable playing league while communicating against godly players.


In terms of overall strength, is NA as far behind as it seems? While it is quite far off, how do you believe each region will stack up at worlds? Do you believe TSM can win worlds?

It is the same as fans think. For us winning worlds, this is the best lineup we’ve ever had so if we had a chance of winning worlds before it is at its highest percentage now.


How much do out of game activities affect in game performance and what have you been doing outside of the game?

Playing too much CS:GO and GTA 5 kept my mind off of the terrors of solo queue. Which was a mistake because I need to feel that pain to be used to playing on stage comfortably.


You’ve played professionally for over 4 years, and have been to every world championship. Have you considered retirement? In your mind, when are you “done”?

I’ve considered retirement since last year before we beat c9 for the summer split. I felt like I couldn’t do anything to carry, then when we played there my performance was surprisingly really good. I feel like I played better than I ever expected myself to play. My mindset changed for worlds and I dedicated myself to trying to do more for my team. I don’t want to be a burden and if there is a better top laner then me available I would gladly give up my spot if it increases TSM’s chances of winning worlds.


How do you deal with criticism? Has there ever been a point where it’s gotten to you to the point that it affects your in game performance?

In my rookie years yeah it did a bit. Nowadays it doesn’t it’s just motivation for me to do better to prove people wrong. But it does apply some pressure to my game which could hurt my play, still not sure myself.


Looking at the summer split, who holds the top 3 slots at the end of the season? Who will attend worlds?

TSM, and whoever else they don’t matter.


Any thoughts on the newest additions to the LCS, TDK and NME? Do you expect them to perform well?

I’m looking forward to see how well Seraph plays. When he first joined I felt like he didn’t deserve to be in the LCS, but as time goes on it is inspirational to see players climb back in through their own resolve and team.


Do you watch the EU LCS? What teams in EU are the strongest in your opinion and is there anyone you want to play against specifically?

I’ve always wanted to play against SK but we never got the chance. They seemed to be in a slump for playoffs because of team synergy I’m guessing. FNATIC is obviously the strongest.


What champions do you want to see return to competitive play? Are there any champions you wish you could play more often?

I play a really mean Olaf. I never got to show it at season 2 because I never thought he was as OP back then but my Olaf was world class at the time in my opinion at least.


What is your thought on the current top Meta and state of the game in general? What has been your favorite Meta to play in so far?

Top lane is never fun unless you’re carrying the game.


Who is the hardest top laner to play against in the NA LCS?

Impact and Quas.


What is your current favorite champion in general?

Jax and Singed.


Tim Kimbirk is a content creator and interviewer for SoloMid. You can find him in the depths of solo queue, or on twitter talking about eSports.


As the 2015 LCS Summer Split approaches, Team SoloMid has renewed its player contracts through dates ranging from 2016 to 2018.

Formerly ending in Q4 2015, Team SoloMid shows faith with these extensions to their LoL squad, adding up to 3 years onto each player’s tenure.

Current TSM Roster with updated Contract dates:



[Click to Enlarge]


Photo Via Cloth5/Riot Games/NoL


Interview with Jankos Banner



What was your mindset heading into the relegation series against Copenhagen Wolves? Were you confident you would come out ahead?

After we dropped to relegations I was devastated. My goal was to make playoffs and in the end I had to fight for my job. Though after a week of hard practice, I didn’t really feel bad anymore. I didn’t feel fear playing against those people anymore, I just wanted to prove to everyone that we as a team can still stay in the LCS and play well. I was really confident going into those series.


You didn’t die once the entire series. How do you feel about your own performance? Do you feel this match showcased the difference between Challenger and LCS Caliber teams?

Every game I play on stage I don’t really care about my stats, it’s about my play. I think I played better than most matches in the regular split, but there was still room to improve. It’s really hard for a challenger team to beat an experienced team in the LCS, the game knowledge and experience in playing on stage is huge advantage.


Do you feel your playstyle in these games was different than during the LCS? It seemed as if the early game played a bigger difference than usual, what changed?

I guess I wasn’t really that scared and I knew I can and need to outplay those people. I didn’t really care who was I up against, it was me or them so I had to do my best.


How are you enjoying the current meta and do you feel your champion pool fits in?

I don’t really like the tank meta, it’s pretty boring but oh well, I have to play them. There are still a couple of interesting champs that you can make plays with, like Gragas or Rek’Sai so I’m fine with those.


As a Jungler, do you prefer playing standard or in a lane swap scenario?

Usually I prefer standard scenario because I can impact the game harder. In lane swaps the jungler usually has to dive and do other stuff for their team, where in standard lanes it’s up to you what you want to do.


Heading into the summer split, what is your preparation like?

I guess we changed coach and our mindset in the game. It’s really hard to talk a lot about it but I feel like our scrims are more efficient and we don’t really do useless stuff that we did before. Our picks and bans phase is different as well, overall you should see much improvement in the summer split :)


How are you feeling on the current meta and state of the game overall? What changes, if any, would you like to see? 

I never think of things like that, I just play whatever is necessary and I will do my best to do what I have to do. The meta shifts a little bit every week or two so you get used to it step by step, unless the season changes hit, which is like once per year, but then you still have a lot of time to prepare. I don’t really care about what could change, I will try to adapt anyway.


What’s your current favorite champion and why?

I guess it is lee sin like it always has been. It’s just that you can do so much on this champion and it’s a pure skill champ as well. One of the best champs for solo queue too. Unfortunately the tank meta made him a little bit weaker in competitive play.


What are your overall thoughts on MSI? Did you expect Fnatic to perform as well as they did?

Overall I didn’t really watch a lot of MSI matches but I expected Fnatic to beat TSM, that’s for sure. We played scrims against them before MSI and we felt like they are pretty strong, also Huni is a god so how can you lose? Obviously Korea almost won, Europe wasn’t able to stop them, but this time china did.


Are there any champions you wish were played competitively that aren’t, or some that you just wish to see played more?

I wish champions like Lee Sin, Elise, and Evelynn would come back to the meta, even Jarvan was fun. There are not that many champions that I consider fun though so I guess I will just wait and see what comes next.


Does the team hang out outside of the game? What do you do in your downtime?

To be fair, I dont think we do a lot of stuff. We don’t really hang out much. We are just here to play and even in our downtime we are basically playing solo queue only. We really want to be the best and we are trying our hardest to achieve this goal, It didn’t work last split though :/


What are your expectations heading into the summer split and do you believe you can make Worlds? 

For now I’m going to say that there are no expectations. I’m not going to say something that I would regret in the future. Last split I was cocky and I thought we are going to be top 3 for sure, this split I’m not making the same mistake again, we’ll see.


In the short term, what are you looking to improve most individually? As a team?

Individually I think I should play more aggressively and just try to outplay people instead of overthinking like I was. As a team we probably should be more aggressive and play to our champs as much to the limit as we possibly can in the LCS.


Who do you expect to hold the top 3 slots at the end of the split? Do you believe EU is a contender for the World Championship title?

I think Fnatic will stay in top 3 for sure, but in my opinion h2k and unicorns might struggle, we’ll see though. Both teams showed how good they can play, don’t know which two teams could replace them. About the championship title, obviously we are still there so yes, EU has a chance :D


What are your thoughts on Origen? Have you had the chance to play against them and where do you expect them to end up?

Origen is kind of a strange team. They have these experienced players and then there’s Niels. I would even say that he is their best player. They are hard to play against in scrims, but I wouldn’t consider them being top 3 in EU atm. They will put on a good show, that’s for sure.


What is your opinion on auto relegation? Would you make any changes to the current structure of the LCS?

I think auto relegation kind of sucks for the last place team because they should have a chance to at least fight for the spot with the amateur team that replaces them as it was before. On the other hand though, it’s uber hard to beat a LCS team when you are just an amateur without time to practice, so I understand and respect Riots decision to have it this way.



I’m going to give a shoutout to ROCCAT for supporting and still believing in us, to my girlfriend Dominika whom is cheering for me even when shit happens and to my family/friends ☺



stupidly busy

Yikes! Had a Soraka who had noble intentions but when the team wouldn’t listen she just started pinging the whole map and pinged on top of me until we lost.

As Batman once said,

“You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

Author: Ketherly twitter

Edit: I still need to update my banner, I always forget!


You had a long journey into the LCS. How do you keep yourself motivated? Were there ever times you doubted yourself or wanted to give up?

I kept myself motivated just by sheer will power and all of my fans saying I could do it. Any time I fell short in a challenger series, I thought I wasn’t “good enough”, but every time I started to question that, I spammed solo queue to try and improve. I was actually about to quit before expansion but then Enemy’s manager Angel contacted me to see if I was interested in playing in a gaming house. I believed that my run with Enemy would be my last effort.


What was your preparation like heading into the final? Was there anything you wanted to try but didn’t get the chance?

As much as I’d like to say we prepared by scrimming, watching replays, and playing a lot of solo queue, only one of these things really happened. Leading up to the matches, there was a player that had a lot going on and a lot of scrims mis-scheduled, so we only had I think ½ of a scrim block leading up to it. If we looked a little bit unprepared with the meta, it’s because we were haha. If anything, we prepared by talking a lot about what could happen, then what we would do in response, and that was good enough for this final since we actually read what was going to happen and adjusted accordingly in the series. This was the only time we ‘slipped’ throughout the challenger series; I’m confident that we’ll work really hard to do well in the LCS


Who are you most looking forward to playing against in the LCS and why?

Sneaky and Lemon, I think sneaky is the best ADC in NA. No other reason but I’m sure people will look into this haha.


What are your expectations heading into the LCS? Goals?

Expectations are anywhere between 4th and 7th, goals is making it to worlds.


What is the strength of the top challenger teams compared to current LCS teams of any caliber. What do you think needs to happen to continue improving the challenger scene further? How strong are the EU and NA challenger scenes comparatively?


I mean, top challenger teams are still just “amateur teams” which reflects mindset of most people in this scene. On some given days, most of the top challenger teams can beat lower end LCS teams, and vice versa. If the challenger scene becomes more rewarding, then it will continue to grow. As it is; a lot of people hold back on competitive because they don’t think it’s worth it, so if there’s more incentive then more people will try harder. No idea how strong each are since spectating can only go so far :}


What are some of the biggest struggles of the run up to LCS, working through challenger, and playing competitively full-time?

There’s no real security and a lot of the time, people in the challenger teams don’t take it as seriously and a team can disband just like that. On top of that, all it takes in the qualification matches is one mess up in a bo1, and you’re out for the whole season, so it’s not very appealing to go full time with. Granted, challenger has gotten a bit better about it since Riot is realizing that the challenger scene is the future of the LCS, so they NEED to make sure it’s growing.


How would you rank yourself compared to the other AD Carries in the LCS? How does your bot lane stack up to other bot lanes?

Middle of the pack. Hard to say, we’ll see once LCS starts.


What is the team environment like? How is communication handled in game?

Everyone is really calm and collected, if anyone gets worked up about anything it’s me haha. It never carries over though, and we all get along really well. In game communications are controlled by myself, Innox, and Trashy. It’s really dependent on what kind of champions we’re playing and how we’re influencing the game with those picks; we don’t have a set shotcaller. Bodydrop calls timers and feeds similar information while Flaresz actually sometimes calls targets in team fights which helps a lot.


What is your practice like leading up to the LCS?

We’re on vacation at the moment, but we’re looking to start scrimming really soon. Once those start up, we’ll be viewing replays. We’re playing a lot of solo queue so we aren’t completely rusty.


Looking at MSI, who do you expect to win? What are NA’s chances at the event after the disappointing Day 1 and are there any matchups you’re excited for specifically? Who do you expect to see in the final/semifinal?

SKT, I just think Korea is always going to be ahead because of their infrastructure. TSM is being exploited in the early game; hopefully they can fix that. expecting AHQ, Fnatic, SKT, and EDG in the semis. SKT vs EDG Finals


Who stands out to you the most at the event?

Bang. Amazing ADC, love his Kalista play


With the confirmation of c9 Incarnati0n, how well do you expect him to perform?

Once again, hard to say :} solo queue success doesn’t always mean they’ll perform in competitive, but I do think picking him up is a step in the right direction for C9.


Looking at 5.8, what do you expect to change before the summer split?

Tank meta will be gone hopefully, as for expecting … I have no clue, We’ll see. I like to take everything as it comes and don’t really like to make any predictions.


On current AD variety, can you really play anything? Is there still a “holy trinity” of ADC’s and if so who? What is your current champion to play competitively and why?

I’ve always been able to adjust to any picks that are popular, so I do believe I can play anything needed. I’ve been playing this game for 5 years and have been at the top of the ladder for like the last 3-4 years spamming the “meta” picks as they change. Sivir, Kalista, and Urgot fit into most comps that are popular atm, while Jinx, Kog, and Lucian are do-able in some regard. I love Kalista, my favorite champion at the moment.


How are you enjoying the current meta and how do you feel your playstyle is defined? Are there any changes you would make to the AD role, whether it be items or champions or otherwise?


I don’t like the meta, but it’s not the worst haha. My playstyle is defined by what my team needs, and that’s all. Whenever I’m able to play a hyper carry, I have the most fun I can possibly have in a competitive game. I’d like the build path to change [away from IE, Zeal], but I’m not aware of what Riot could do to change that. Champion picks are fine, it will change in the next month or so I’m sure.



Shoutout to my family, Enemy and our management, Forge, Battle Buddies, the people who ask me a ton of questions on my, my twitter followers, MY FRIENDS WHO ACTUALLY BELIEVED IN ME (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), all the cute girls/boys out there, and all my fans in general. I couldn’t have done this without your support and I can’t thank you enough. Love you all and I’ll do my best to make you all proud.

Tim Kimbirk is a content creator and interviewer for SoloMid. You can find him in the depths of solo queue, or on twitter talking about eSports.

Mohammed “Jebus” Tohki has started his journey to North America and is set to join upcoming Challenger team Misfits as their AD Carry. Jebus played for Gamers2 in the EU Challenger Series Playoffs, narrowly missing the Promotion Tournament with a 4th place finish and is considered one of the top prospects of his position in the Challenger scene.

Chris Badawi, the owner of Misfit’s, confirmed the move in an official statement to DailyDot.

Jebus is an immense talent, to be sure.  But the true appeal of him to Misfits is his stellar reputation as a team player with an absolutely ridiculously kick-ass and positive attitude. He’s the kind of guy you want speaking at your wedding (or funeral for that matter.) A kind, hard-working, good-natured friend who, for his part, has had trouble finding the perfect environment and support structure in EU—a misfit to the core, there is really only one logical place for him to be.  We are all just waiting for the visa gods (visa Jebus?) to do their thing and I can’t tell you how excited every one of us is to have him join our band of misfits.
Go Misfits!

Gamers2 CEO Carlos "Ocelote” Rodriguez sent a tweet shortly after the announcement was made, indicating that Jebus was still contracted to Gamers2.

I reached out to Chris Badawi on the matter, who had this to say:

I reached out to Ocelote and never heard back.  I know Jebus isn’t and hasn’t been getting paid – and a contract for services without payment is essentially slavery – it is unenforceable in every jurisdiction in the world.  I’m a former lawyer and not easily intimidated by flaccid, limp and unsubstantiated contractual claims/threats.  If a contract is legitimate and its terms honored in good faith by the controlling party I will respect it absolutely – this is unfortunately not the case here. Players deserve better.  They deserve to be better treated, respected and valued – unfortunately many owners/management in this scene simply won’t and don’t.  Jebus has a heart of gold and a truly good and decent soul.  If any one deserves better than the scene currently has to offer, it’s him.

This isn't the first time Ocelote has been involved with issues with non-payment. In September, it was reported that Nick “LastShadow” De Cesare had difficulty receiving payment for coaching services.

Tim Kimbirk is a content creator and interviewer for SoloMid. You can find him in the depths of solo queue, or on twitter talking about eSports.


Let’s talk about playoffs. How did you expect to perform and are you happy with your performance? What would you do better or change if you could?

I am happy with my performance – it was my first split in the LCS and reaching the finals was an incredible experience. I am a very young player and still have a lot to learn, and so does the team. I hope we can stop taking fights when we are terribly behind or playing a scaling comp in the future.


What was your prep like heading into playoffs? Did you expect to make the finals?

Well we took one game after another. The SK bo5 was probably the most exciting one. In the 5th game there was nearly no come back in sight. I didn’t give up and we somehow managed to steal nashor which led us back into the game. I feel we tried our best in every series and I am surely not disappointed with the 2nd place finish.


Is there anything you wanted to play but didn’t get to?
I would have loved to play Cassiopeia but I think it was banned in nearly every game.


Looking at the next split, how similar to the current standings do you expect things to be? Who will be top 3?
That is a tough question. There will be a lot of roster swaps leading up to the summer split which means anything can happen. My guess would be H2K and Fnatic but I am unsure about the third.


Who is the strongest mid laner to play against in EU? Who is the strongest mid you’ve ever laned against?
I think I had the most trouble versus Froggen in the last split. He doesn’t make many mistakes in lane and this makes it insanely hard to get ahead. The strongest mid laner I have faced was probably Bjergsen who has an incredibly good laning phase.


If you had to play another role competitively, what would it be?
AP supports! Champions like Zyra who can backup their adc with a lot of damage and crowd control.


What is your favorite mid/jungle champion combo? Who is your favorite mid champion right now and why?
My favorite mid lane champion is Cassiopeia. She is one of the best scaling champions and in the current meta she can destroy tanks in seconds. Even though she is best for her scaling into the late game she has still a good laning phase and can bully most champions.

My favorite combination is top lane and mid lane actually. I love the Yorick+Cassiopeia combination but that requires your top laner being able to play it.


Looking at MSI, who do you feel is the strongest team heading in? Which team(s) from that event would you like to play against most and why?
I think every one of these teams has its strengths and weaknesses and it just depends on the opponent being able to take advantage of those weaknesses. I would love to play against SKT or again vs. TSM. Both teams have amazing mid laners and I am sure I can still learn a lot from playing against them.


Any thoughts on patch 5.8? Do you expect things to change a lot before the start of the summer split? What types of things do you expect to see week 1?
I don’t think there will be many changes. In 5.8 bard is going to be a top tier support and I can imagine Jinx might lose some popularity. Mundo might come back into the meta as well with the new changes to his Q.


What are your thoughts on Origen? How strong are they relative to the other LCS teams and where do you expect them to end up?
Its hard to judge by only playing them in scrims. A lot of teams are playing different in the LCS than in scrims but I can imagine they will end up in the middle of the LCS.


There are rumors that Incarnati0n is heading to cloud 9. What are your thoughts on this? How strong do you believe Incarnati0n is and where would you rate him?
Well Incarnation is an insanely good solo queue player. The question is whether he can transfer it into the LCS because that is obviously different. I will definitely be keeping an eye on that.

Tim Kimbirk is a content creator and interviewer for SoloMid. You can find him getting caught out in the depths of solo queue, or on twitter talking about eSports.