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On the forums, KateyKhaos explains why skins are sometimes delayed over the course of a patch cycle and why typing “GG EZ” after matches is frowned upon in League. Also, a few official announcements: Hexakill (6v6 mode) returns to Twisted Treeline, summer split LCS icons are now available for purchase and community events have been made easier to set up.


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How do you decide which skins to release

KateyKhaos Final PortraitHiya Blainezy!

While we don’t have 10+ skins ready to ship, we are working on a good chunk of skins at any given time. :] For example, Legendary or Ultimate skins are in the development process for much longer than a 750 RP skin. So, some skins are in the works for quite some time before they see PBE!

Deciding on which champ to give a skin to next and when depends on several factors which include when the last time a champion received a skin, or if a champion fits into a particular thematic. For example, if we made a Harrowing-themed Anivia skin (I don’t know, maybe she’s a bat!) as opposed to the Prehistoric Anivia skin, you wouldn’t see a skin for Anivia until October, despite it being a while since her last skin.

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Why do you wait to enable skins in the store after a patch

KateyKhaos Final PortraitIt depends. Sometimes, it’s because it’s tied to an event that we switch on at a particular date – Forsaken Jayce on May (the) 4th (be with you). ;D Other times, it’s just so each skin or set of skins get their own chance in the spotlight.

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Why do people get so angry when someone types GG EZ

KateyKhaos Final PortraitIt’s not that people are necessarily angry – it’s just unsportsmanlike behavior.

I’m sure you, like myself, have been on both the winning team and the losing team. Of course, it feels awesome to win, especially if it was a back and forth game, and it came down to one team fight. We’ve all been on the losing side of this, too, and hearing the enemy say, “GG ez” or, “rekt” feels really crappy.

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What about taunts laughs and dancing ingame

KateyKhaos Final PortraitI absolutely agree! In cases like these, I muting the player may be the best option.

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Muting a player doesnt stop his taunts or laughs

KateyKhaos Final PortraitIt doesn’t stop the animation, but it does stop the VO from playing.

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These are jokes and youre making ingame chat sterile

KateyKhaos Final PortraitI would disagree with this statement. I think unsportsmanlike behavior isn’t cool in IRL games, or in video games. Poking fun is one thing, and being a jerk is another. I’ve joked around with opponents before when they call out that I baited them into a fight. I’ll respond with something like “fish bait!” if I’m playing Nami, rather than saying something like, “git rekt noob”.

And while people are joking derpping around with each other in all chat… you still have done NOTHING to fix the pregame troll hostage situation that we are all dealing with.

I can’t comment much here, as this isn’t something my team handles. (I’m on the skins team.)

I’m sure you do not play this game… I fail to see how anyone that does play this game and works at Riot would not be more vocal about how much of a problem pregame trolls are.

I actually do play this game, and quite often! :]

I do encounter some negative behavior in my games (both on my Riot name, and on my account without Riot in the name). Honestly, I’ve been able to diffuse several situations by talking with the team and being flexible. Positivity and flexibility go a long way, especially in champ select. In any team game, I think communication is key.

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If Im falsely reported by 4 premades will I be banned

Lyte Final PortraitPlayer behavior systems are not just based on reports. Even if a premade of 4 reported you, if the reports are false, you won’t receive a penalty. All player behavior systems are backed by the Report System, which tries to validate every single report. If a report is false, the reporter loses “value” in his reports and the relevant player behavior system ignores the reports. If a report is accurate, the reporter gains “value” and his reports become more powerful. The current Reform System analyzes chat logs for negative behaviors, so it goes beyond just looking at false or accurate reports.

I don’t even remember a case where a player was punished because of false reports from a premade of 4.

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Hexakills heading back to the Twisted Treeline


After trying a few new modes out, the Featured Game Mode team’s turning back to an old favourite for their next incarnation: Twisted Treeline’s Hexakill mode! Alongside the usual compressed carnage that lots of champs on a smaller map brings, this version of the mode brings about bans.

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Community tournament support levels up


TLDR: We’re releasing an update to the Community Events pages today that makes community-run tournaments easier to create, easier to find and easier to run. Read on to learn more!

Whether you play League to satisfy your competitive cravings or to just relax and have some fun with friends, taking part in community-run tournaments makes League enjoyable in a whole new way. This latest site update makes make finding and getting together with like-minded League aficionados easier than ever.

The first thing you’ll probably notice, besides the shiny new graphics, is how easy it is to find the events you’re looking for. Use the filters to find the type of tournament that fits your style and location and click Register. There’s another step or two, but it’s pretty much is that easy.

Check out the updated site and sign up for a tournament or create some new events of your own today!

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Celebrate Summer Split with LCS team icons

Magus New PortraitSummer is here and it’s time to kick-off another exciting LCS split. Celebrate the start of Summer Split by grabbing your favorite team icon from North America and Europe for 250 RP each. Unlock an LCS team icon to cheer on and support your favorite team from the Rift.

Want to support the entire League or can’t pick a favorite team? Unlock all 10 of the NA LCS or EU LCS icons as a bundle for 2000 RP. These bundles and all LCS team icons will be available throughout Summer Split.

Elements recently redesigned their team logo and Enemy Esports requested some color adjustments so their team icons will be updated by Patch 5.11.

As with Spring Split, when you purchase a team icon, 20% of the price goes directly to the team and 80% supports esports (prizes, broadcast, events, etc.)

You won’t want to miss any of the epic LCS match-ups especially with spots at the 2015 World Championship on the line. Catch all the LCS Summer Split action starting on May 28 over on Lolesports.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



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A short teaser has been released across League Facebook walls, featuring shaking mana potions and… that’s the full extent, really. In other news, Lyte mentioned a position-based Team Builder Draft in the works; on the forums, we’ve confirmation that promo matches are being looked into and that inactivity warnings will be getting much more frequent. Also, the lore team came out of their dark and mysterious shelter to address how League’s narrative will be handled in the future.


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Note that this teaser is probably not alluding to Gangplank’s rework.

Here’s a screenshot of the full table, taken from a larger version of this video posted on other League Facebook walls:

Large Version Screen

Here are links to the walls in different languages:


What is Riot doing to control trolls in Champion Select

Lyte Final PortraitWe’ve been working on Team Builder Draft, which is position-based (so you don’t have to pick a champion first), that should solve many Champion Select problems.

We’re also focused on improving skill diversity and encouraging players to still master multiple positions while maintaining the drafting/counterpicking aspects of competitive League. We’ll talk more about Team Builder Draft’s design in the future.

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Changes to inactivity warnings Ranked decay

MirrossHey everyone,
We’re testing some changes to inactivity (decay) in the upper tiers of ranked play. Previously, you’d get a one-time notification as you approached the decay threshold, but now we’re dialing up the frequency of inactivity warnings to ensure the risk of decay stays front-of-mind. We just want to make sure players don’t simply forget to maintain the ranking they worked so hard for.


Players in danger of ranked decay will receive inactivity warnings every time they log in until becoming active again. Previously this notification occurred just once.

MASTER & CHALLENGER SOLO: Decay starts after 10 days of inactivity, with warnings during the final 3 days
MASTER & CHALLENGER TEAM: Decay starts after 28 days of inactivity, with warnings during the final 9 days
PLAT & DIAMOND SOLO AND TEAM: Decay starts after 28 days of inactivity, with warnings during the final 9 days

Let me know your thoughts!

-Riot Mirross

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Why are Ranked inactivity notifications becoming so frequent

Socrates New PortraitWhen we first launched inactivity notifications we thought, ‘We probably shouldn’t make these too spammy’.

Then we decayed and realized we should probably make these more spammy.

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Will you be changing promo matches in the future

Socrates New PortraitWe are looking at promos as something we want to improve. We’ll likely be testing some of the described behaviors on pbe in the coming weeks.

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A day in the life of a Rioter

Meddler Final PortraitSure, happy to help.

TurtleMan878 (NA)2 days ago

  1. What are the typical hours you work?

A normal day for me tends to be something along the lines of get in between 10:00 and 10:30, stop working around 8:00 to 8:30. Those sort of hours are pretty common, though some people prefer an early start/early finish approach.

TurtleMan878 (NA)2 days ago

  1. What are the tasks you preform each day? (doesn’t need to be super specific)

My average day looks something like this:

  • Quick synch up meeting for the day with the rest of the team, where everyone runs through what they’re working on, focusing mainly on where they could do with some help, what they’d like to test and quickly covered topics relevant to the team (e.g. upcoming events, changes to the tools we work with etc)
  • Playtest – full game of SR, with a focus on testing new champions and significant reworks, followed by people getting together to discuss feedback and next steps in small groups.
  • Lunch, often including spillover conversation from the playtest.
  • An afternoon that’s a mixture of meetings (e.g. with the artists working on new champions, with the balance team to figure out our next steps for a just released champ, with engineers working on new tech etc) and solo project work (putting new spells together to test, fixing bugs, hooking up new visual effects etc).
  • Another playtest and feedback session.
  • More discussion with other developers or solo work, depending on what’s of most value at the time.

TurtleMan878 (NA)2 days ago

  1. What skills are required to preform the job you do?

Goal oriented analysis and problem solving, an understanding of what creates satisfying gameplay (mechanics especially), the ability to communicate well with people from a range of different disciplines (verbal and written), at least some thematic/creative understanding, some degree of scripting skill, at least a moderately broad game background.

TurtleMan878 (NA)2 days ago

  1. How did you get in to the field?

I was previously working as a transportation engineer, focused particularly on computer simulations of what the transport system of a city 10-50 years in the future might look like. At the same time I was playing LoL, and spotted a forum post from Riot’s head of design, Zileas, looking for design applicants. Figured I’d throw in an application, since one of the things specified was a preference for people from analytical/engineering fields and game development was a subject I’d always been interested in.

TurtleMan878 (NA)2 days ago

  1. Advice for people getting into the field?

Analyze games, make games, figure out what you want to do, be realistic:

  • Don’t just play a couple of games/genres you know you like. Play broadly, and figure out why different types of games appeal to different people, why the elements in a game function as they do (whether you agree or disagree with the choice), what you’d do differently etc.
  • Start developing skills before you try to get into the industry. You’ll learn a lot from trying to makes games/components of games that’s extremely valuable both in growing your own skills and showing you ability in an interview. Whether that’s modding, indie development, creating content using the various game making software out there, pen and paper design or whatever doing stuff makes you better at it (and gives you projects to show others).
  • Figure out what sort of game development you’re interested in and focus a fair bit of your learning on that. Do you want to create concept art for new characters? Build levels for an FPS? Write the story of an RPG? Create animations for a fighting game? Do sound design for an RTS? There are a wide range of different skillsets needed, depending on what sort of career you’re after, so figuring out what appeals to you and what you’ve got the potential to be good at’s really valuable.
  • Be realistic and don’t expect immediate success. Game development’s a popular industry, some parts of it especially, so there’s often a lot of competition for entry level positions. There are ways of improving your odds though if you want to take them, such as being willing to move to locations with lots of employers, putting a lot of time into personal development via your own projects, starting in a field you’re not as interested in to get a foot in the door etc.

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Whats the strategy of the narrative team

Jaredan Final PortraitStrategy: keep creating enthralling Champions and accompanying stories along with various other products. At the same time we are investing in various ways to make cool things in different media (wasn’t Chronobreak spiffy?), while we level up the Narrative discipline to help make sure that happens. That leveling up includes partnerships with various other disciplines as well as a new organisational structure and hiring more talented people to learn from and grow with.

For story, as well as continuing to develop products with Champion, Champion Update, Events, and beyond, we are reassessing every single champion bio for clarity, quality of expression, and direction. This takes time, but we think we have a format that players will like. The first examples of it will be seen alongside some other products that I can’t quite give a timeline on yet.

We want to do it as we want to deliver on our promises to players, because it enriches the LoL experience, and we love to do it.

Sorry I can’t be more specific, but I hope it gives you an idea of where we are at.

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Follow Up

Jaredan Final PortraitWhat we’re currently working on for League of Legends: five or six champions currently in various stages of production (no ship date promises), some champions up for a revisit, all voice over, a few fun promos, a story embedded event, and a bunch of other stuff that makes me tingly in my happy place (my happy place is in Liverpool, England). Each of those things is through a team of marvelous Rioters from various disciplines, and each product has a large variety of specific things that have to be created for it (we do a lot more than just the bio for a champ, for example).

As you said, I’m not going into specifics in case things don’t go to plan or, most often, because I don’t want to spoil some severely awesome things for you, the players, and for the Rioters who are helping to create them.

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FanMade Champion Select Screen

Lastly, here’s a fantastic concept by Eduardo Cabrera. You can find him on Twitter @lolinflames.




Kindlejack Final PortraitNice! You don’t have to stick with the current layout though, I’m sure there’s a better option. Is there any way to show all the champions at once so there’s no need for a scroll bar? Or would that be too crazy. Is the technology there? I don’t know. Maybe when we all have oculus rifts you’ll be standing in a crowded room and have to push champions aside while frantically searching for the one you want to play. Or they’ll be floating heads surrounding you crying out ‘Pick me! Pick me! Or teeny mouse sized in a big fish tank and you pick out the one you want like goldfish. A dark abyss stands before you and you call out the champions name then play your flute-dagger like Green Ranger and it summons them from the void?

Looks really slick UI wise. I’d love to see alternate art of champions looking sad that shows up when they get banned >:P

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



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On Reddit, Scarizard is looking for input on how Patch Notes, Patch Rundowns, etc. are communicated to players. Moving to the forums, Meddler touched on Akali’s wonky balance state and gave context why Viktor and Rumble are currently disabled. We also have the first issue of the Live Gameplay’s Q&A session with 3 questions answered. Lastly, some lovely fan art of Star Guardian and a featured artist by the alias Lazuli.


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Rioters looking for feedback on design communication

Scarizard Final PortraitTL;DR – Looking for feedback on design COMMUNICATIONS – Patch Notes, Patch Rundowns, Q+A’s and Devblogs!

Hey y’all – for those of you that don’t know me, i’m a former Game Designer, currently Design Communications @ Riot Games. I’ve been working with /u/Pwyff and the Live Gameplay team since around October of 2014 on things like the Patch Notes, Rundowns, Devblogs, and most recently the Live Gameplay Q+A (Which just launched its first issue today! You can find the link on the boards here (!

The gist of this post is that we’re looking to be more iterative and experimental with the types of communication that you’ll see this year regarding Design (specifically Live Gameplay) – so i’m putting out feelers and looking for any feedback about what content you already like, what types of things you’d like to see, or how to improve any of the projects we’re currently doing!

This’ll be one piece of the feedback-puzzle that we consult when we’re looking for new things to explore, so i thought i’d extend a hand. I’ll stick around for a while to respond to and answer questions, so hit me!


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Let Rioters do their job on stream and answer questions

I was a huge fan of the MOBA Dawngate (Rest in peace), one of the things that company did really well is they had a day and time of the week where someone from the company would come on and basically do their job live on stream while fielding questions from the chat.

It would vary week to week who it was and what they did, but it was always awesome to watch them work and interact with the community. One week it was an artist showing off an upcoming champion, showing old artwork that didn’t make the cut for existing champs, etc. There was a guy who made 3D models of champions using a piece of software, that was fun to watch.

The next week it’d be the dev team talking about a recent patch, their plans for the future etc. Then there was a lore guy, etc. I realize the scope of what I’m talking about here is probably larger than what you’re looking for, but it was a fantastic experience and one I wish Riot would look into doing.

While All Chat is nice, it’s a scripted show, short, and I don’t feel any connection to it. If you stopped doing it next week, I probably wouldn’t miss it much at all. But I still miss those Waystone streams a year later and would love to watch some Rioters at work and be more intimate in a stream setting.

Again, I know this isn’t really what you’re looking for, so sorry for that, but I wanted to share.

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Scarizard Final PortraitThis is a really good idea – No promises, but i’ll make a point to have a conversation with Zwill about what his learnings were and what i could possibly apply for LGP.

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Follow Up

RiotZwill: I don’t want to step on Scarizards toes here:

Like /u/riotscarizard said, no promises at this point.

I’ve spent the last 3 months really learning how things work here and trying to define what the North American Player Relations team is all about. One area we’ve defined as something to focus on is more personal communications, which is something I’m particularly fond of :).

Scarizard and I have already had a chance to hang out (at a pretty nifty MTG Draft) and will certainly be syncing more in the future.

Also, I swear to Gromp, if I get spammed with Kpop emails I will find you /u/dresdenologist…and I will duo queue Brad with you non stop.

You have been warned.

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Whats the current state of Akali

Meddler Final PortraitI don’t have much to add at the moment, going to follow this thread with interest though. Akali’s a champ we’ve had trouble balancing over the years, so while we don’t currently have a rework for her underway, one’s certainly not out of the question at some point. Pretty interested in hearing people’s thoughts on her as a result.

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Why are Viktor and Rumble currently disabled

Meddler Final PortraitBingo. There are some bugs with the targeting type they use (vector targeting). We’ve got a fix being tested internally and on the PBE at the moment.

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Why doesnt anyone care about the awful community

Slumber Jack Final Portrait Part of the reason we call it ‘toxicity’ is because it spreads; one player starts saying bad things, another player gets agitated and contributes to the overall toxicity of the game. What we see time and time again is the players who see toxicity in more of their games often are being toxic in them as well.

I would ask the OP — and anyone else who feels they see toxic players in all of their games — to take a moment and consider that perhaps there’s something they can be doing differently to reduce the amount of toxicity in their games. In cases of verbal abuse, being quick to just mute someone who is verbally abusive fixes so many situations.

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Live Gameplay Q A Issue 1 Feat Feralpony SmashGizmo

Scarizard Final PortraitDon’t know what this thread is? Check out our introduction post for an explanation!

Greetings, summoners and welcome to the first issue of the LIVE GAMEPLAY Q+A!

We’ve collected thousands of questions from around the world and whittled ‘em on down until just a few were left, tossed ‘em in a bucket and went to task of providing you with answers (with some sweet context on the side).

BEFORE WE BEGIN – i’m going to call a couple of folks out (read: like 60%+) that submitted for just posting their opinions and then pretending like they were questions. We’re onto you.

Without further snark (FOR NOW), let’s jump right in!

Do you feel the game is best balanced towards the millions that play the game, or the small few that play on the professional level?

What a way to start. As one of our most commonly asked questions around the world, let’s dig in and start breaking it down. Deciding ‘who we balance for’ hasn’t been an easy task, but we quickly honed in on a few core values: competitive mindedness, mechanical aptitude, and strategic expertise. Mind you, these aren’t the only things that we think contribute to player skill (e.g. raw leadership and communication skills are important in any team game), but the above are ones we focus on when it comes to our broad-level balance. Players with these qualities are, on average, much more consistent as a baseline of what’s powerful in League. But what about pros? Certainly our professional community shatters these conditions (some more than others, as even professional players have their strengths and weaknesses), but we don’t necessarily believe that the Fakers and Bjergsens of the world should be the standard that every player is held to. If that’s the case, how can we represent this spectrum most effectively?

Let’s back up a step. Along the spiral path that is Mastery in League of Legends, you can divide it into two sections: foundational skills and optimization. To expand, foundational skills are the building blocks of strategy within League – knowing the why and how of objectives, understanding the nuances of proper itemization, manipulating the ever-important vision game, and executing against your team’s strategic composition are just a few examples. You can be stronger at some and weaker at others, but each is a crucial piece when it comes to putting together League’s sprawling strategic puzzle. By contrast, optimization is the fine-tuning and development of these skills – when to take an objective, what order to build your items, where to place or deny vision, the mechanical specifics of champion matchups, and so on. Optimization is necessary for players that have mastered the basics to gain subtle (but potent) edges against the opposition. Think of it like building muscle – foundational skills net you the strength, and optimization shows off your definition.

Where does that leave us? Foundational skills and degrees of optimization are different for every player (not to mention difficult to measure with a high degree of accuracy), so we lean on the MMR system to serve as our best proxy to represent a player’s individual skill. With that in mind, our philosophy leads us to balance towards players at the upper end of mastery, which we currently believe to be around platinum and above.

This doesn’t mean we devalue the feedback from players below platinum – only that we’re acknowledging that a high amount of variance occurs in those tiers. Many factors are at play – is Master Yi overpowered if you’re able to dominate a game with him? Alternatively, did the enemy team lack the understanding to focus-fire or apply crowd control? With a more strategic use of map movement, item builds and mechanical execution against Master Yi, more competitive players at a higher average skill help to paint a clearer picture of Master Yi’s power level, often revealing when the intended play against him is failing and needs us to intervene. Extreme outliers, be they pubstompers or pro-level pains will always be addressed, but more often than not our patch-to-patch changes are centered around this skill bracket.

Whew. For our next question, lets turn the spotlight onto some of Live Gameplay team’s finest to answer in their own words. First up, LGP’s Lead Designer and Actual Horse, FeralPony!

Have you ever done (or considered) performing small balance changes purely to affect player perception? For instance, giving a champion a small numbers buff to make players try them out, only to realise they were probably in a good place anyway.

FP: “Considered? Certainly. Times we’ve ever done it intentionally? None that I can think of. There’s a lot of power in doing changes like this, but the risk typically doesn’t outweigh the reward. You’d effectively be trying to leverage the placebo effect, but that risks burning player trust long-term, which is something we value immensely. For instance, we’d never want players sifting through our patch notes, wondering if we actually thought a certain buff or nerf would affect change or not.

There was one time when I was pretty new at Rito where I submitted a Vladimir nerf (removing the bonus speed from his pool) but forgot to actually submit the files into the patch. As a result, the patch notes went out and sentiment was that we had killed the champion. Vladimir’s play rate plummeted and his win rate decreased a bit, even though the changes never actually went out.

We had a similar instance when Riven was released where she was viewed as very weak. We hotfixed in some buffs and shortly after posting it to the forums, her play rate spiked and feedback was very positive. Players happily reported how great the buffs felt, even though the hotfix hadn’t actually gone live yet.”

Last up, Game Designer and Legendary Olaf enthusiast SmashGizmo takes us out.

I’ve noticed that almost no champion is commonly built as a true hybrid at this point – is there a balance issue with hybridization, or is this unintentional?

SG: “There isn’t really a direct balance reason why hybridization doesn’t work, but we’ve historically had a difficult time making it a legitimate option as the natural synergies in specialized AD or AP builds are really hard to compete with. With specialized multipliers like Void Staff, Last Whisper, Rabadon’s Deathcap and Infinity Edge, it’s just pretty much impossible to get a character to commit to a ‘hybrid build’ beyond a Trinity Force or Hextech Gunblade (which they build for early power-spike reasons). Multiplicative scaling is almost always better at that point in a build path.

I think the only way to really make hybrid builds work is to add a new keystone item or two for hybridization that somehow drives players to balance their AD/AP purchases, but that’s no small undertaking and it’s unclear what the benefits of that itemization path would be. While characters like Ezreal have a distinct feel when built heavy AD or AP, it’s possible that a combination of both makes them feel like worse mages or worse marksmen when it comes to damage rather than anything truly unique.”

Thanks for all your questions! Our next collection period begins on May 25th and ends on June 1st. Submit your questions to and we’ll see you for the next one!

-Live Gameplay

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Why have you answered only 3 questions

Scarizard Final PortraitOur goal is 3-5, but between the collection of the questions from each region, actually sifting through all of them by hand, cat-wrangling the designers to have Real Conversations about our thoughts and feelings (inbetween all the actual designing these guys do), then the writing of it, it gets to be a pretty hefty task for something we’ve only just started.

As the process improves i’m looking for us to get better and faster about pumping these out, but your feedback is noted!

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Follow Up

Scarizard Final PortraitSeeing as there were 1060~ questions just from North America alone (with about 800+ uniques) within a time-span of only a week of collection, answering every question from every region isn’t really feasible. For future issues we’ll work on pushing more of them out, but 3-5 is around what our current expectations are, every few weeks.

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So these live gameplay QAs are more aimed toward highlevel questions

Scarizard Final PortraitIt’s not a hard rule that all champion-styled questions are out (we have a couple in our bucket), but very pointed questions like ‘Why did you nerf X/Y’ usually are passed up for questions like ‘What are the issues with balancing champions with X or Y mechanic?’ The more durable knowledge an answer can provide, the higher we tend to value it internally. Things like ‘Who do you balance for’, for instance was the most popular non-champion related question across all regions, so we thought i’d be a meaty topic to dive into for #1

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Fan Artist Feature Lazuli

Jynx Final PortraitHey Summoners! A lot of you have suggested master-doodler Lazuli for the Fan Artist Feature, so this week we’re excited to share her adorable comics showing champions in a hilarious new light. Follow her on Tumblr and Facebook to see more of her work!

If you know someone that you’d like to recommend for a future Fan Artist Feature, please let us know here.

How did you get started creating League of Legends fan art?

Right before I started making League art, I was actually in a huge slump. I used to make fancomics and fanart before for other games, but after a while, I lost interest in them. I was itching to draw, but I just didn’t know what. At the same time, a friend of mine had been trying for 2 years to get me to play League. Since I was out of inspiration and tired of my friend bugging me all the time, I finally gave it a go, and the silly things that went on in-game inspired me to draw again!

What’s been your favorite piece to create, and why?

Ooh, that’s a tough one. Each piece I draw was fun in its own way! I never make a piece if it’s not at least 50% fun. Probably my Oasis of the Dawn comic, just because my overall favorite thing to convey in my art is lame jokes.

I would say my DJ Sona gifs were also my favorite piece, but animation is a LOT of work! I almost didn’t do it, because it was pretty much 51% work and only 49% fun. But I suppose it’s rewarding to see how your animation looks in the end, even if it’s just a small gif like that.

Do you have a dream project you’d like to work on?

Yes! I would really love to make my own physical comic of the League champs just going about their life outside the rift! That’s my biggest dream project I got going on right now. I would also like to one day make a huge poster with ALL of the champs, but that can prove quite difficult when there’s new champs coming out about every other month!

Who’s your inspiration? Do you have any favorite League fan artists?

Actually, most of my inspiration falls on artists who draw things other than League. However, if I were to name a specific League fan artist, my inspiration when first starting out was Tumblr artist totemhead. They used to make comics of Draven and Darius and Ezreal and Talon that I really enjoyed! I was also inspired by their chibi artstyle.

Other than that, my main inspirations are Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe, andMadeline Rupert, a comic artist I followed on DeviantArt since my adolescent days, who has now blossomed into a comic artist for Regular Show.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the community?

I know that in the League community (and in life in general) you can get a lot of salt. People telling you what you can or can’t do, what’s the “meta” way to do things, how you’re wrong for doing or seeing things differently. I’d like to tell you all to never listen to people like that and to always be welcoming to fresh, new ideas! This goes for your playstyle, for starting artists out there, and for people who are trying to figure out a way to get to their dreams. If you have goals, work daily to try to accomplish them, and you’ll see results! It may take a week or maybe even a couple of years, but you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel eventually.

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Star Guardian Lux fan art

Jynx Final PortraitWith Star Guardian Lux now fighting evil on the rift, it’s time to share some of the magical community creations inspired by her release! Check out the gallery below, and click on the artists’ names to see more of their work.







Glory Lamothe

















Yuukiq Cosplay

Please share more of your Star Guardian creations and favorites in the comments below!

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



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Karma’s changelist for Patch 5.10 has received a reworked Mantra’d W. On the forums, Meddler has weighed in on Zed’s 5.9 nerf. Also, Gypsylord has summed up the PBE feedback on Ekko thus far and has listed a few number tweaks to his kit. Lastly, and incidentally, the shop no longer freezes after purchasing an item as of Patch 5.9.


Recent News





Karma Banner Single


Here’s the updated Karma changelist. Note that these changes are compared to live, meaning that Karma’s rework from this PBE update will be replaced:


Buff IconGathering Fire Final IconGathering Fire [ Passive ] 

  • Spell hits now reduce Karma’s cooldowns by 2/2.5/3 seconds (at levels 1/7/13), increased from 2 seconds at all levels
  • Auto attacks against champions reduce Karma’s cooldowns by 50% of that value – 1/1.25/1.5 seconds respectively


Rework BoxRenewal Final IconRenewal [ Mantra + W ]

  • No longer deals bonus damage
  • Now roots the target for an additional 0.75/1/1.25/1.5 seconds (values for levels 1/6/11/16)


Buff IconInspire Final IconInspire [ E ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 10 seconds at all ranks to 10/9/8/7/6
  • Mana Cost decreased from 60/70/80/90/100 to 60/65/70/75/80
  • Shield value decreased from 80/120/160/200/240 to 80/110/140/170/200


Rework BoxDefiance Final IconDefiance [ Mantra + E ]

  • Damage portion removed
  • Now shields the target for an additional 30/90/150/210 (+ 0.3 AP) (stacks with Inspire’s shield)
  • Allies around Karma’s target are shielded for 50% of the target’s shield, changed from 30/70/110/150 (+0.3 AP)



Shopkeeper Banner Single


Shop freeze bug was fixed with Patch 5 9

Reinboom Final Portrait;_; Yay.

There was a few fixes for 5.9 that “guessed” at trying to fix this. I’ve actually been looking at this problem on and off in bursts since season 3 and we didn’t have a strong lead until a few weeks ago. The most major issue being… we never had a machine that would consistently get the issue. We had data that showed it occurred but in house repros was… non-common.

If you get freezing again pleeeease be outspoken on it.

There’s been quite a few teams or individuals working hard on getting performance in place in other areas of the game as well. I noticed some comments about “5.9 seems to be more smooth overall”. If that’s true, it’s totally on some of awesome engineers (that I don’t know the summoner name of unfortunately) doing awesome performance work.

[ Link to Post ]



Was the fix intentional or did it happen by chance

Reinboom Final PortraitNope, pure coincidence. We would’ve liked to fixed it at any time before.

Or a more elaborate story of “why now and what was it?”:

We were adding tech to lock and unlock items based on any condition we generally desire. We did “targeted” features such as this before (see required level), but never something completely generalized. Since tech like that has performance concerns since it would require “refreshing” the requirement cache of each item (the same as any inventory change), I tried to put in a couple performance pay downs in to those changes.

One of those pay downs made my own machine use it SLIGHTLY faster… but the machine of a different Rioter suddenly get the freezing and get it REALLY badly. More so, it had the same pattern that players reported (gets worse with game time, happens on opening the shop and purchasing, selectively really bad with undo).

Since this was in a paydown with a bunch of performance related changes (as well as new tech), there wasn’t a definitive origin point. Worse, there wasn’t a repro on my machine (as the dev doing the work) so I could only verify changes by kind of guess work and passing it over. More exactly, I would “binary search” additions (removing a large portion of the changes and then passing a new build over to his machine) in order to try to hone down the scope.

Eventually we isolated it to one small area and some code interacting with that area. There are two different possible ways of readding and redrawing items to the display with the library we were using. We were doing the recommended method (which had trivial performance gains on most machines). The other method… worked fine on most machines, but was horrendous for when the machine caused the freezing case. Worse, one of the paydowns was misswritten and would cause that specific type of add/remove to occur a variable “large” number of times more (from 2x to 10x more often – basically, I forgot to clear the “cache is dirty” flag). This wouldn’t have a massive effect on most machines, but it made it superbly obvious when the problem occurred.

This tends to happen with software engineering work. The common meme here is “spaghetti code” but that term speaks to unpredictable control flow (e.g. using try-catch for intentionally branching logic). The League game code’s control flow is actually rather nice to navigate (basically… not spaghetti), especially as of late (the engineering team has done a TON to make it really nice to work in), but issues like this can still occur. In this case, a bad misunderstanding with an external library. Or in a lot of our other cases older scripting practices badly interacting with newer technology.

[ Link to Post ]

Zed Banner


For reference, here’s the Zed nerf in Patch 5.9:


Zed Final Portrait


Death Mark Final IconDeath Mark [ R ]

  • Now has a 1 second window before Zed can re-cast the spell


Why did you nerf Zeds ultimate

Meddler Final PortraitThe nerf to Zed’s ult’s there because we believe other players need to be given at least a brief period in which to respond. That’s a principle driven change, rather than a power driven one, so changing base stats doesn’t address the same issue.

If, as a separate problem, Zed’s shrugging off damage too quickly in lane we certainly could nerf his health regen. There is the risk with that approach on a character that builds lifesteal early of creating a more snowbally pattern of success/failure however, something assassins are already prone to. Would want to dig into what the laning problem was, when in the lane it occurred, against who etc before picking a specific solution.

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Ekko Banner


Summary of PBE Feedback on Ekko

Gypsylord New PortraitHey everyone,

Thanks for the feedback so far. Taking it all in and delivering things that come up often to the relevant contributors.

Bug Fix

Thought I’d first let you in on a major bug we’re trying to clear up. Currently the after-image on his ult is not working as intended. Whether or not you can see it on the enemy team is kind of up to random chance at the moment, sometimes it’s visible, sometimes it isn’t, sometimes it looks correct, and sometimes it looks like an exact copy of Ekko!

Intended functionality for enemy team vision of the clone is as follows: If you can see Ekko, you can see the clone. The clone disappears if you can’t see Ekko. The clone looks like a team-colored version of the one Ekko sees, not a fully textured copy of him. We’re working to get it there so bear with us.

W delay

Second, a note on the W’s 3-second delay. Frankly, it’s very much intended. It’s a predictive skill that you should be thinking about using BEFORE you fight, not something you should be using to react to the Vi who just jumped on your face out of nowhere. This feeds in to the goal of giving Ekko numerous things to feel “smart” about. Is it skillful to split second spell-shield a Vi ult right as she hits you? Sure. It’s SMART to predict that Vi’s going to ult you in 3 seconds and detonate a giant shield and stun on her face right when she’s about to get her punch on. It may feel unreliable at times but my hope is that these failures make the success case feel all that much sweeter.

Why AP?

So Ekko to me thematically does not feel all that out of place in the AP space as he’s a kid who isn’t really all the physically strong but instead is leveraging the hextech powers of his Zero-Drive to move through and influence the timeline as well as damage opponents.

Mechanically AP scaling is important on Ekko because it helps us regulate his maximum damage potential (no crazy AD basic attacks to worry about) which in turn allows us to give him crazier stuff in terms of mobility and CC. The power of Ekko’s slows, hastes, stuns, and movement is only okay because the amount of benefit he gets out of standing there wacking an opponent affected by them is capped by his spells and AP ratios. Also helps to regulate things like tower pushing and vamp, which tend to get pretty crazy on chars like Zed and Talon. They kill you, heal up off the wave, take your tower, and then gank bot. For as powerful as Leblanc is at least she doesn’t wreck your towers or remove all the damage you did to her before she died (and yes Ekko’s R does that but it’s on a CD). Are AD assassins bad to make? No, not necessarily, they just gain access to a whole new set of powerful things that I felt should not be as strong on Ekko..


Putting in a few nerfs for Ekko that should be out sometime tomorrow. After watching a number of PBE games we feel that Ekko tends to get pretty trainy (runs you down and beats you to do death with basics) especially when ahead. Additionally, his tower taking is pretty crazy. To combat this we’re reducing the bases and scaling on his basic attack and hitting the AP ratio on the W passive. Hopefully this should make it a bit harder for Ekko to snowball and make him a bit less oppressive when doing so.


  • Reduced base attack speed to .644 from .658
  • Reduced AS/lvl to 3% from 3.5%
  • Reduced AD/lvl to 3 from 3.5


  • On-hit AP ratio reduced to 1% missing health per 45 AP from 1% per 35

Thanks again for all the feedback, will keep reading it and responding when I can.

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Leona Diana Banner Single



Why are there no unique death quotes

Riot Eno Final PortraitIt’s something that we’ve steadily been doing more and more of in the past couple years. There are SOOOOOOO many more interactions between Champs that we’d love to have in there today. However, the reality is, going back and recording a handful of lines for older Champs is logistically tougher than waiting for something like a Champ relaunch/update, or some kind of lore event like Shurima where a meatier script gets fleshed out.

I think as we’ve seen, Champ updates have gotten pretty epic lately, and I see no reason why we’d not continue to inject more of these kinds of interactions moving forward. =)

[ Link to Post ]


Champions dont have special dialogue when killed by specific Champions

Riot Eno Final PortraitAhhhhh, gotcha’, I think I read your post too quickly.

I’ll definitely pass this along; I’m all for more of this kinda’ stuff! =)

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Kayle Banner 2


Increase of drophacks on EUW May 2015

Riot tmx New Portrait We have seen a resurgence of drophacks recently across all League of Legends servers worldwide. A drophack essentially results in a small subset of players facing the “Attempting to reconnect” message while playing their games, with a possibility of the game never finishing or disappearing from one’s match history entirely.

Detecting and preventing cheating is an ongoing challenge, and we’re constantly improving our technologies to this effect. We have multiple projects in the works that should improve the experience, but we still need some time before deploying them to Live. We can’t guarantee an end to all drophacks, as we all know this will forever remain an arms race, however we strongly believe that this will impede those with malicious intent.

Simultaneously, we kicked off suspension proceedings against all accounts involved in drophacking, past or present. Similar to last year’s ban waves, we won’t be showing any mercy and all corroborated accounts will be permanently banned. No warnings or two-week suspensions, just pure and simple account closure. The ban waves have already started, and we expect to get a vast majority of the accounts processed by the end of this week. It will take some time to complete, but the delay remains in line with our general approach: we have to be 100% certain that a given account is guilty. We are confident in our ability to detect offenders, and aim to decisively punish offenders.

We don’t expect the ban waves to immediately reduce this trend however. The decision to perpetrate drophacks has more to do with personal attitude, one’s ethical standards and personal respect for rules and other players. We want League of Legends to be competitive, but we want a fair rivalry and a positive challenge. We believe that players attempting to drophack have forfeited their right to play our game and be a part of this community.

Examining the data, we don’t even see any great rewards coming from such behaviour. Guilty players only see temporary personal benefits: a few additional LP points saved that they would have lost otherwise; maybe a promotion, but is it really worth it when you’re jeopardising your entire future with League? The temporary and minor reward doesn’t make up for the extent to which drophacking hurts the experience of fellow players.

In Europe we’ve already rolled out a number of “reinforced” permanent bans (ie: legal prohibition of accessing any of our services under penalty of prosecution) against extremely negative players, and if we notice the same people repeatedly displaying extreme toxicity or antisocial behaviour, we will expand this group further. We hope to deploy the fix soon, and thank you for your patience while we’ve taken measures to address this issue. We would’ve liked to have posted this message earlier, but wanted to make sure that you would know how seriously we take this problem, and hope the actions mentioned above ensure the best possible League experience for the community going forward.

Thanks for taking the time to read this update, and we hope you’ll feel an improvement to the experience very soon.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



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Following yesterday’s news of imbound Karma changes, ricklessabandon has shared a tentative changelist for her that’ll be up for testing on the PBE soon. Also, we’ve some context for the sneaky Zed nerf that’ll be in Patch 5.9 and a confirmation that Urgot is still slated for a rework, despite his recent surge in popularity. Lastly, to keep the Star Wars movie hype train rolling, check out Forsaken Fiora and Chosen Fiora.


Recent News





Karma Banner Single


Here’s a text version of the changes:


Gathering Fire [ Passive ] 

  • Spell hits now reduce Karma’s cooldowns by 2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds (at levels 1/6/11/16), increased from 2 seconds at all levels
  • Auto attacks against champions reduce Karma’s cooldowns by 50% of that value – 1/1.25/1.5/1.75 seconds respectively


Focused Resolve [ W ]

  • Karma can now also leash jungle monsters


Renewal [ Mantra + W ]

  • No longer heals Karma or deals bonus damage
  • Now applies a debuff to the target that increases all damage dealt to the target by 10% (excluding true damage). Karma and all allies damaging her target heal for 20% of the damage dealt
  • Reworked – both healing and bonus damage removed.


Inspire [ E ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 10 seconds at all ranks to 10/9/8/7/6
  • Mana Cost decreased from 60/70/80/90/100 to 60/65/70/75/80
  • Shield value decreased from 80/120/160/200/240 to 80/110/140/170/200


Defiance [ Mantra + E ]

  • Damage portion removed
  • Now shields the target for an additional 30/90/150/210 (+ 0.3 AP) (stacks with Inspire’s shield)
  • Allies around Karma’s target are shielded for 50% of the target’s shield, changed from 30/70/110/150 (+0.3 AP)



Zed Banner



Context for Zeds Patch 5 9 Change

For reference, here’s the upcoming change to Zed:


Zed Final Portrait


Nerf TriangleDeath Mark Final IconDeath Mark [ R ]

  • Now has a 1 second window before Zed can re-cast the spell to return to Death Mark’s shadow


Meddler Final PortraitWe have been testing a Zed nerf, where there’s a one second delay before he’s able to reactivate his ult. Goal there’s to add a slightly longer response window to Zed’s all in. Not sure off the top of the head if that’s in 5.09 or being tested further in 5.10 (think it’s 5.09 and going live soon, not 100% sure though). If that change results in a healthier play pattern for Zed, but leaves him too weak, that would also give us the opportunity to put a bit of power into something else instead.

[ Link to Post ]



How could a 1 second delay leave him weak

Meddler Final PortraitReally proficient Zeds currently get their burst combo off on a target extremely quickly (0.25-0.5 seconds at a very rough guess), so this is adding a noticeable amount of extra time in which Zed can attacked by his victim or their nearby allies. His damage shouldn’t be affected, so he’ll still get the kill if he was going to previously, but he’ll be at greater risk of dying for it, so will either have to pick his engages more selectively or be willing to trade himself for the target sometimes.

How much of a power change that results in is open to debate of course, I’d certainly expect to see some drop in his performance though, especially as people adapt to the change.

[ Link to Post ]



RiotVelocity: Hey all, just wanted to weigh in with some perspective on why we’re making this specific change to Zed.

There has been a lot of great discussion in this thread, and I think a lot of great points were made. I’m not here to discount anything any of you had said, merely just to provide additional context for any seeking it.

The main purpose behind this proposed change to Zed is that traditionally he’s been a character that is very frustrating to have to play around as an enemy. Give a Zed any amount of snowball within a game and he can take that an effectively and efficiently assassinate a member of your team in under a second while putting himself in a very low risk position at the same time due to the ult being immediately reactivateable. (I’m pretty sure I spelled that word wrong.)

We’re looking to add some counterplay onto an otherwise very frustrating (in some cases) character, while leaving his core identity intact.

[ Link to Post ]



Urgot Banner Single



Now that Urgots becoming popular is a rework still necessary

DanielzKlein Final PortraitThe rework is needed much more now that this awful to play against champion is so popular.

We do not rework champions because they are weak or unpopular. We rework champions because they are bad for the game. Sometimes that leads to them being unpopular, and sometimes we nerf champions that are bad for the game and popular to alleviate the pain until we can rework them, but make no mistake on why we rework.

Urgot has an invisible passive that means he just wins trades without having to do anything special. The enemy gets no play around it, they are just weaker when they fight Urgot. The combination of his base kit means that if you ever fail to dodge his aoe skill shot, he not only gets to do guaranteed damage to you until you leave his range, he also gets to slow you with this guaranteed damage so you cannot leave his range.

There is unfortunately no eta yet on the rework, but Vesh is making a very cool kit. He already made one awful to play against champion much more interesting with his Soraka rework, so I have high hopes.

[ Link to Post ]



Forsaken Fiora Skin Concept

This is the fan art you’ve been looking for – Forsaken Fiora by Summoner Hylia:


resize (5)

“They dare not strike back.”

Hey everyone! I painted a quick Forsaken skin concept for Fiora that I wanted to share!

It’s been a few years since Fiora’s last skin, and given the relative lack of variety in terms of her visuals and particles on her current skins, I think she’d be a perfect fit for the Forsaken/Chosen skin line! Fiora’s base skills inherently have little particle effects outside of the shining effect on Riposte and Blade Waltz, so to remedy that and add a little more to her abilities, I think this would make for a great 1350 tier skin! It’d be her first skin with a recall animation, and In my head it features new particles, new SFX on her AA and abilities, a corrupted filter on her VO, and maybe a new haste or AA animation when she activates burst of speed. I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think!

Edit: here’s a quick example of what her VO might sound like. I’m not great with Audacity and don’t know many effects, so it’s a little underwhelming, but I figured I’d throw something together!

[ Link to Post ]


To complement the Star Wars exposé, here’s Chosen Fiora by obywatelsowa:




If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



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Ricklessabandon has shared plans for Karma changes in the Patch 5.10 PBE cycle that will emphasize her support strengths. On the forums, Champion Designer Meddler has outlined Riot’s view of post-rework Ryze and the team’s intention to hold out on changes until players have had time to practise with his new kit. Lastly, the Mid-Season Invitational brings us two discounted bundles and mystery gifting with the added change of legendary and team skins to drop.

Table of Contents


Recent News





Karma Banner Single



Ekko Banner



Was that Urgot in the teaser video for Ekko

Meddler Final PortraitThat’s not Urgot in the Ekko video, but instead someone else that’s been modified with some similar looking tech.

[ Link to Post ]



Will the music from the video be available for download at some point

UtoraYeah, the music will be available on our soundcloud soon – as well as the upcoming Ekko login which is equally amazing.

[ Link to Post ]



Champion Mastery Banner



Can we please see our grades for Champion Mastery in the match history

Socrates New PortraitWe wanted to take a pretty safe approach with how we did grades in the initial release (opt in to see, only viewable at game end, only viewable to yourself, etc) since we wanted to get a feel for reactions to the feature. Given all the interest its likely we will be exploring ways of making the performance grades a deeper and more persistent experience.

How else would you like to see these used?

[ Link to Post ]


Why isnt the level 5 Taunt emote visible to the enemy team

Riot_Mirross: We were on the fence on this, and whether to show it to the enemy team, and could change it in future.

The reasons against were dubious upside (another BM tool) and some (solvable) issues around using it to confuse team fights or hide objectives, but the upside of being able to show off your progress at the right time is certainly cool.

[ Link to Post ]



Ryze Banner


Is the new Ryze weak or simply underplayed

Meddler Final Portrait Probably both is our assessment. We’re talking about possible buffs for 5.10 at the moment.

[ Link to Post ]

What aspect of Ryze do you plan on tweaking

Meddler Final PortraitWe’re planning on looking at his laning first. Whether that’s where changes end up getting made or not will depend on the conclusions reached though of course.

[ Link to Post ]

Dont buff Ryze yet wait for players to adjust to his rework

Meddler Final PortraitWe’re on the same page regarding major reworks, in that they introduce enough change that there’s going to be a readjustment period and that means a champion’s performance is going to drop for a while. For that reason we didn’t look at making any Ryze changes in 5.9 – we wanted to give things a bit of time to settle down. Now that we’ve got a couple of weeks of play to assess however it’s a good time to see where Ryze is up to and then make changes as appropriate.

It is possible that he’s in a good spot already, and that’s something the folks working on him will be considering. Looking at how he’s performed so far however, and how that change in performance over time compares to other champions that have started off performing poorly but become really effective when mastered, I suspect we’ll make the call to put power into him sometime soon. As with any buff it’s conceivable that’ll take a balanced character and make them too strong, that needs to be weighed against the risk of leaving a champion significantly underpowered however, which is also a real cost to the game (particularly players of Ryze and other players on their team).

[ Link to Post ]



Midseason banner


Magus New PortraitDid you watch the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational? Did you catch that Fnatic got a Baron steal against SKT on May 8th? This action triggered a Mystery Gift opportunity that now doubles your chance to unlock esports team (Fnatic, TPA, SKT, or SSW*), championship, and legendary skins until May 15.

If you’ve wanted to unlock that esports skin, it’s time to try out Mystery Gifting before this opportunity is gone. Don’t forget to send your thanks to Fnatic for unlocking this esports special on Mystery Gifting at the Mid-Season Invitational.

*SSW skins do not become part of this Mystery Gifting opportunity until they are unlocked on May 14.

[ Link to Post ]

Mid Season Sale Banner

Magus New Portrait2015 Mid-Season Invitational Winners’ Bundles

We’re celebrating the conclusion and champions of the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) with limited-time bundles and a celebration sale until May 15th:

2015 MSI Winners – 50% off at 2099 RP (3545 RP if you need the champions)

Edward Gaming, the champions of Mid-Season Invitational, used these champions to defeat some of the world’s top talent. Maybe, it’ll work out just as well for you in solo queue and your adventures on the Rift.

Skins included:

  • Goalkeeper Maokai
  • Safecracker Evelynn
  • Ghost Bride Morgana
  • Warden Sivir
  • Infernal Alistar

Champions included:

2015 MSI Faction Battle – 50% off at 2587 RP (4446 RP if you need the champions)

This might not be the lineup that won the Mid-Season Invitational, but they represented Noxus and defeated Demacia to win our MSI Showmatch of Casters vs Pros.

Skins included:

  • Blackthorn Morgana
  • Warmonger Sion
  • Crimson Elite Talon
  • Wicked LeBlanc
  • Tyrant Swain

Champions included:

To celebrate the epic victory at the MSI Faction Battle, we’ll also have 20% off all champions fromNoxus. Show your Noxian pride today!


Braum Banner


To celebrate Braum’s birthday, check out these awesome community creations featuring the Heart of the Freljord himself! Click on the artists’ names to see more of their work.









Raphael Massarani



Tora Hoppe





If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


Star Guardian Syndra Banner



Tech Designer ReinaSweet has shared plans to update Abyssal Scepter for bruisers in the next PBE cycle. On the forums, Lyte has answered some questions regarding the Instant Feedback System released in beta yesterday on the PBE.  Also, Meddler gave context to the recent changes to Riven on the PBE. Lastly, artist Hylia has sketched up an amazing companion for Lux – Star Guardian Syndra.


Table of Contents


Recent News

Master Arcanist Ziggs Banner




Upcoming changes to Abyssal Scepter

Kayle Banner 2

 For reference, yesterday’s PBE update included an announcement for an Instant Feedback System that’ll be entering beta.


Lyte Final PortraitHey everyone,

We’ve just started a test of the Instant Feedback System on the PBE.

During this first test, player reports help the system recognize and punish instances of verbal harassment like homophobia, racism, sexism, excessive abuse and death threats immediately. We’re starting with these exceptionally negative expressions because we already know the community emphatically rejects this kind of behavior.

If a player receives enough valid reports to trigger the system, within 15 minutes, the system will examine the case and determine whether the reported player behaved in a manner that should be punished. If confirmed, we email the player with the relevant chat logs and info about the appropriate punishment he or she will receive.

This is the first step in a plan for a new cohesive player behavior experience in League of Legends, and we’ll be talking more about this vision this month including how players can engage with the systems and contribute to making the community a better place.

[ Link to Post ]


Lyte Final PortraitAs an additional note, we’ll also be talking a bit more about the new voting experience where players can log into a website, review chat logs and vote on whether the behaviors are negative, neutral or positive.

I’ll be around the next few hours in case there are questions.

[ Link to Post ]



Why are you intent on taking control away from the player for punishment

Lyte Final PortraitActually, it’s the reverse.

We’re going to give players even more ability to directly influence these systems through their reports, honors, and voting in the future. All of the “automatic” systems are 100% informed by player data, and not by our own guidelines or rulesets.

However, we finished Reform Cards awhile ago and just felt that there would be value in launching that feature first, even if the other features are not ready yet.

[ Link to Post ]



How many reports are required to trigger the system

Lyte Final PortraitIt depends on the nature of the behaviors. If it’s a death threat (an extreme example), 1 report might be enough to validate the behavior and the system will immediately deliver the punishment.

[ Link to Post ]



Riven Banner

For reference, Riven received minor nerfs in a recent PBE patch.


Nerf TriangleGeneral

  • Movement speed decreased from 345 to 340


Nerf TriangleWind Slash Final IconWind Slash [ R ]

  • Missile speed decreased from 2200 to 1600



Why are you lowering the missile speed on Riven

Meddler Final PortraitWe’re testing a reduction to Riven’s ult’s travel speed to give her opponents a bit more time to react to it at longer range. The idea is that it should be more realistic to get off a clutch flash, heal or shield to save yourself or someone else if Riven’s not directly on top of you when she uses Windslash.

Windslash speed certainly isn’t one of Riven’s core strengths and that’s the reason we’re hitting it. It’s an opportunity to cut a bit of power off a champion we think’s a bit strong without having to nerf her in a way that affects the things she’s meant to be good at.

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Riot prefers to emphasize weaknesses over nerfing strengths

Meddler Final PortraitYup, if we can find a way to make strengths stronger and weaknesses more pronounced that’s generally the direction we prefer to go. Goal there is to try and make (or keep) champions distinct from each other so that they impact other players in different ways, require different skills to master, allow you to pull off unique stuff etc. We will sometimes have to hit a champion’s strengths if they’re fundamentally problematic, it’s not our first choice of approach though.

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lissandra banner



Are you still working on Lissandras new passive

Meddler Final PortraitNo current plans/nothing in progress right now. Did some experimentation a while back with a shield passive based off CCing enemies, wasn’t able to hit on a version that generated sufficient decisions and satisfaction without putting a lot more power into it than could be afforded without nerfing her significantly elsewhere though. Might take another crack at passive explorations at some point, would be inclined to explore other variants on mana or mana regen effects next. See whether pushing the ‘Lissandra has different interactions with mana costs and casting’ aspect can be accentuated more.

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To wrap up the Friday, here’s some fantastic fan art of Star Guardian Syndra by Summoner Hylia. You can find the original thread HERE.

resize (3)

Here’s Star Guardian Syndra with the visor off:
resize (4)


Immense power is fun!!! You should try it sometime!!! ☆ ☆ (✿◠‿◠) ☆

Hey everyone! Star Guardian Lux is amazing and inspiring, and I wanted to try my hand at designing a Star Guardian or two! KateyKhaos tweeted me about the idea of Syndra getting one, so here’s my Syndra concept! I wanted her to be reminiscent of Sailor Mercury and the Mercury goggles, so I made her headdress into a sci-fi magical girl scouting visor of sorts. It turned out a little similar to the DJ Sona headset which I’m not too happy with, but I figured I’d toss it up on the boards regardless! I hope you guys like it!

I really hope this gets turned into a skin line! It’s such a cute and fun idea and so many champions have particles that would suit it well. Imagine a bunch of cute blue stars nuking you to death in mid lane! What other champions you guys think would make a good Star Guardian?

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Celebrate Children’s Day with a collection of amazingly cute fan art of Ahri, Shyvana, Kat, Quinn, Jarvan and Voli! Also, Meddler has shared some of the rework team’s plans for Gangplank and the rationale behind his W and E having cast times. Lastly, check out Lyte’s Q&A session regarding the new Tribunal and its features.

 Table of Contents


Recent News





Gangplank Banner


Has Riot ever addressed the issue of Gangplank

Meddler Final PortraitAt a general level we believe cast times that stop a champion’s movement are important because they give other players a chance to react to your actions. Removing them usually feels great for the player of a champion, but it does result in some cost to the game as a whole. Skills that give movement speed boosts as the core of their power however can be good candidates for being instant cast, given that’s an over time effect that therefore does leave opportunities for other players to engage.

In Gangplank’s case we’ll be replacing his E entirely with a spell that’s got more choices for the GP player. If we were keeping it though I’d imagine we’d take the cast time off. The W by contrast is a spell we feel should have a cast time, given it’s both a solid heal and a CC cleanse, so assuming it stays on the kit (which looks likely) it’ll continue to have a 0.25s cast time.

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Will you make Gangplanks Q a skillshot

Scruffy Final PortraitParrley not becoming a skillshot. You can stay :)

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Here’s a summary of Lyte’s recent AMA on Reddit regarding the new Tribunal. Many thanks to Redditor JSchiff for the thread!


On a thread today, Lyte started answering people’s questions about the new tribunal, so I decided to put some of the Q&A’s into one post. The original post can be found here. Note that I have not included every Q&A, just the ones I found to be the most interesting/important.


Q: What are the new Tribunal features?

A: We’ve decided to launch features as they finish, so the first feature we are bringing back are Reform Cards. So, players that are getting the “escalated bans” for homophobia, racism, sexism, death threats and excessive harassment will automatically receive their chat logs with every ban. This system will fire out the punishments and feedback immediately after games, which we believe will greatly improve reform rates for negative players. Players will also always have an e-mail with their chat logs so you should never see players wondering why they were banned on Reddit or the boards again. We’re going to then expand the system to include all chat restrictions and ranked restrictions. I’m writing a post this weekend with the team to post sometime in May that will explain the the order of the features and what the new Tribunal’s long-term vision is.


Q: Are there any plans or intentions to implement a system similar to Dota2 that gives you an alert when action has been taken against a player that was reported? It’s hard to really tell if anything is being done to these players when we don’t have any way of hearing about it.

A: Yes, we want to give players feedback on their reports.


Q: Does the automated naughty word system check custom games? I’d rather it didn’t.

A: No, custom games have no player behavior systems at all. They are opt-in experiences after all.


Q: Will OCE get Tribunal at the same time?

A: OCE will get most of the features within a short time period, but it may not be exactly the same time as NA/EU. It depends how the beta-tests for each server goes.


Q: So, from the sounds of it, it seems like you guys have almost everything ironed out for bringing Tribunal back. Can you confirm that is the case, and if so, will we see Tribunal back by the end of this year?

A: The first feature will be in May, not the entire roadmap. Don’t scare the team :P


Q: Will the tribunal still be the automated system we have currently? Or are players eventually going to be working with it again?

A: We’ll be bringing back the player voting on negative and positive behaviors in one of the future incremental releases. The first release will be just Reform Cards.


Q: Will this be for all servers?

A: Yes, part of our vision for this project is to finally bring all servers into one cohesive player behavior experience. This is part of the reason this project is so complicated, a lot of servers were out-of-date when it came to player behavior systems.


Q: Will you get a notification when someone you reported gets banned? I know many feel powerless when reporting because they just keep bumping into toxic players even though they report every single one (and many has probably done the same). I for one would love it if you get a notification when someone you reported got punished.

A: Yes, one of our features is to give players feedback on their reports and when a report successfully punishes or reforms a player and makes League a better place.


Q: You’re telling me this took a year to make? What do you guys do at work…

A: We worked on Suggested Players, LeaverBuster, Party Rewards, Positive Mystery Gifts, and Team Builder Draft too. Sometimes you have to take some time off, run a few experiments and do a few tests before continuing with such a complex experiment like the Tribunal. We’re bringing in a lot of world-class scientists and doing things like machine learning and building sentiment analysis models… it’s not as straight forward as you may think. Research of this kind in the academics could take 2-3 years to finally publish.


Q: What do you think of Smites Goodwill system? Since that was a hot topic the other day would be nice to have your input. Or maybe where is our honor system going in the future? What is wrong with it currently?

A: It’s a neat take on player behavior, but League has a lot of similar features.

For example, if you look at all the customized punishments available in League, they are:

  • chat restrictions
  • ranked restrictions
  • low priority queue
  • game bans

If you look at the customized rewards available in League, they are:

  • party rewards (bonus IP)
  • champion mastery (group bonus to champ mastery)
  • positive surprises throughout the year (player behavior icons, mystery gifts, bonus IP)

So if you are verbally toxic or leave games, you can lose the ability to play Ranked until you play a few normal games (just like the Goodwill system). If you play with friends (and are positive), you’ll benefit from the Party Rewards (bonus IP) and Champ Mastery bonuses (bonus Champ XP) and be eligible for positive surprises throughout the year.

We just have to do a better job tying everything together, which is what we want to do with the new Tribunal–it’s the system that will rule them all and bring all the penalties and rewards together into one cohesive experience.


Q: Will there still be a judgement system like before?

A: Yes; however, our first few features will be things like Reform Cards that players can benefit from right now instead of waiting for the entire system to finish development.


Q: So, talking about the new feautres. You (Or someone else) said that you were looking to give feedback on behavior asap. Got any estimated times for that stuff? (Kinda like a day after a game, a few hours?) And any plans on giving feedback about reporting people? Given that your reports get weighted based on accuracy, any plans on giving a warning if you are very trigger happy?

A: Our goal right is now is under 1 hour after the behavior happens. Right now in testing, we’re seeing average feedback loops of ~5-15 minutes after the game ends. We’d love to give players feedback on their reporting behaviors. First, we’d like to give players feedback when their reports have contributed to the community and either punished or reformed a player.


Q: Are there going to be rewards associated with the new tribunal? if so, what kind of rewards do you have in plan/are sure that will happen?

A: Yup. We should spend more time acknowledging players that do awesome things, and we’re not going to wait until the Tribunal’s return to do so. There will be little things here and there we’ll do for you guys. Specific rewards I can’t talk about a lot yet, but I do know they can be tricky; no one reward will actually feel like a reward to every player (not everyone cares about IP boosts or mystery skins, for example). We’ll talk more about it when we’re ready.


Q: When are the reformation cards you posted a while ago about coming out?

A: We’d like to start beta-testing on NA/EU in May, with all Riot Regions following shortly after. We’re working with Garena and Tencent to get beta-testing of Reform Cards rolling in their servers too.


Q: Reform cards? Any other kind of feedback coming?

A: Yeah — ways in which a player might receive feedback other than reform cards in their email are being looked at. Also in addition to the punishments they might receive. :P


Q: If someone has a bad record for troll reporting/etc. but reforms and reports more accurately, does the system give value back to their reports? I know reports can lose value, but nobody has ever talked about reports gaining credibility back.

A: Yes, it is possible to improve your report values no matter what your history was.


Q: So if players wait until post-game to spew racism and homophobia, and I report them, I’m only making ALL of my reports pointless?

A: Nope, if they are spewing racism in post-game chat and you report them, you are fine. Reports are for behaviors in any phase of the game. We can detect them.


Q: How do you monitor banning intentional feeders/trolls?

A: We’ve begun testing a system capable of identifying gameplay toxicity like intentional feeders/trolls. In North America, for example, hundreds of intentional feeders are insta-banned after 2 games. We’re slowly going to ramp up the system until it can detect more nuanced intentional feeding but right now, you rarely see intentional feeding like the old days with 5 Zeals and 0-20 scores.

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Lastly, RiotKorea have posted this adorable collection of fan art to celebrate Children’s Day. You can find the original thread here.

4d93579e3e572b46675a1073 03d88bf510c525207f769b94 8812e94748e75780173e9134 d24a2bf8ef4a05b917669651 689dbc3f6ff54ce317fe9536 656224b4ed5f18e60641009d cb18826e94d7edb2a7829fe5



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Here are a few recent topics on the forums with a generous sprucing of fanart.



Are AD Carry mains ever happy with the meta

Ghostcrawler New PortraitThis is a healthy discussion, and I can try to help it along a little by providing some context about how we think about the meta.

(As a meta comment, “meta” is one of those words that gets used to describe so many different things that it has started to lose some of its meaning.)

First, we’re okay with having a 1+1+2+J configuration. Things like duo jungle or three champs in one lane may happen from time to time, but we’re not going to go out of our way to support them. For the most part, the way players allocate number of champs per lane works, and we don’t feel the need to monkey with it.

Second, we are trying to keep the concept of position (top, middle, bottom, jungle) separate from role (fighter, mage, assassin, tank, etc.). We care a lot less which roles are played in which positions as long as the game is healthy overall (more on this below). The characteristics of some roles is going to make them better at some positions (e.g. most junglers are melee) and we’re okay with that. Likewise, there are some individual champs that we don’t want to see frequently in particular positions, because the results tends to be less fun for everyone. The word “Support” is particularly confusing here, because it refers both to a role (“utility mages” like Janna and Sona) as well as the (traditionally bottom) position of jumping into a lane with another champ without actively farming minions. A support role like Sona can play the support position, but so can a mage or a tank.

Third, every role (and ultimately every champion, though we’re not there yet) has to exist in the game somewhere. This is the big corollary to my second point. If there are mages in the top lane and mages in the mid lane, that’s fine. If that means fighters have nowhere to exist, that’s not fine. Ideally (and I mean in the sense of a compass direction, not the state of the game today) you’d sometimes see mages and sometimes see fighters top. To use the current topic, jungle tanks didn’t feel viable, so we made some changes, and now they are plenty viable and I realize some of you feel they are too viable. In crazy world, maybe there is somewhere for marksmen to live besides bottom and maybe you don’t even need a marskman every game. But let’s not get too crazy yet. We used to design new champs as “Gnar is going to be a top lane fighter.” Now we would say “Gnar is a fighter” and leave it up to experimentation and evolution to determine where he fits best, so long as (1) he has some position in which he can be played and (2) isn’t oppressive when he does.

Fourth, we are trying as a team to be a little more hands off and provide players more room to experiment, and this applies to the state of the meta as well. Now, I’ll admit it’s difficult sometimes for us to make the determination of when it is time to step in. This year, we wanted to give y’all a chance to adapt to the preseason changes, but our opinion now is that we waited a little too long to react. We are pretty happy overall with the state of the game post patch 5.5 and 5.6, but maybe things would have felt even better if we had made those changes in 5.4, while 5.2 likely still would have been too soon. Make sense? Likewise, we know there is some concern that tanks are too dominant right now, but we want to wait a few patches to see if that’s a persistent problem or not. The meta will shift on its own, and has, even without Riot involvement. Sometimes it needs a nudge and sometimes the shift is towards something that is likely unhealthy in the long run, and when that happens it’s our responsibility to take action.

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When is Patch 5 8 coming

Meddler Final PortraitNot this week, 5.7 -> 5.8’s going to be longer than the usual 2 week cycle.

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When will the Champion Mastery system be released

Meddler Final PortraitIt’s still being worked out – it’s not ready for a proper release just yet.

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Why is Jinx being nerfed on the PBE

Here is the change being discussed:


Super Mega Death Rocket Final IconSuper Mega Death Rocket [ R ]

  • Minimum damage (from point-blank range) decreased from 125/175/225 [ + 0.5 bonus AD ]  to 25/35/45 [ + 0.1 bonus AD ]


Gypsylord New PortraitOkay got response typed up again.

So as Jinx’s designer I asked to head up the nerfs coming out for her this patch. Let’s talk about them and Jinxy in general.

First full info on the nerfs:

The min damage on the R is being cut. The max damage is staying the same. Additionally, the execute damage is not being touched. SMD rocket will ALWAYS deal 25/30/35% of the target’s missing health regardless of range.

Below are the rough damage estimates based on ranges Jinxs should be familiar with:


  • R damage @ Point blank: 125/175/225(+.5) >>> 25/35/45 (+.1)
  • R damage @ Minigun range: 175/245/315 (+.7) >>> 110/155/200(+.45)
  • R damage @ Level 9 Rocket range: 185/260/335 (+.75) >>> 135/190/245(+.55)
  • R damage @ Shock Pistol range (max): unchanged – 250/350/450(+1.0)

TLDR summary of the below wall of text:

We like Jinx being strong for a variety of reasons but she may be TOO strong at the moment. Jinx’s snowballing and hyper-carry potential is intended to be strong and we like it where it is so this change is targeted at amping up her main weakness (gets wrekt if jumped on). IF THIS CHANGE GOES TOO FAR WE’LL FOLLOW UP ON IT. THE GOAL HERE IS A SLIGHT TONING DOWN OF JINX’S POWER.

Generally we like Jinx being a strong champ in League of Legends. Even when winning she has a lot of inbuilt counterplay which makes losing to her feel a lot less demoralizing. Thanks to her general immobility combined with the delayed and conditional nature of her spells players tend to come out of games against Jinx with gameplans on how they’re going to beat her next time.

Going off of this, it is likely that Jinx “at balance” sits at above a 50% winrate. This partially stems from the nature of her power profile. Jinx is highly snowbally, especially in AoE focused teamfights, and is one of the best characters in the game at taking objectives after killing off the enemy team. This is going to contribute to a higher number of wins in solo queue where the “group and push” strategy is so prevalent (Jinx loves grouping and pushing!). People group, teamfights happen, Jinx AoE’s things, and 1 kill tends to lead to 1-4 more + towers and dragons.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning Jinx’s dedicated player base. If you run into a Jinx player on live that person is going to have 31 games on her on average, That’s up there with other “I main dis guy forever” champs like Yasuo, Lee Sin, and Riven. For comparison, Graves has a similar play rate to Jinx (they’re neck and neck for most picked ADC), and yet the average Graves player only has 16 games on him. This isn’t meant to be a knock on Graves but more a highlight on the fact that many of the Jinx’s you run into out there have played her A LOT and as such you’d expect a higher win rate out of her due to player experience.

So I’ve gone over why we’re okay with Jinx being strong so in that case why are we nerfing her? Well the thing is there’s strong and then there’s I AM THE GOD OF SOLO QUEUE strong. Jinx is trending towards the latter and has only been getting better each patch. She’s got one of the highest winrates in the game at 55% across all elos and that combined with her insane playrate is cause for alarm. We felt some light tuning would be appropriate to level the playing field vs. other ADC’s so we looked across her kit and asked ourselves “is there anything Jinx is doing right now that maybe she shouldn’t be?”

So as her designer I’ve always felt that Jinx is defined by the following strength and weakness

A) Jinx is a snowball: If you let Jinx get ahead and can’t figure out how to get to her SHE WILL TAKE EVERYTHING YOU LOVE AND BURN IT TO THE GROUND.
B) Jinx has a hard time with people who invade her personal space. If you manage to jump on her when she’s unprepared you should be rewarded accordingly.

The strength is supported by things like Get Excited (the speed passive), the always-on AS/range+AoE steroids on Switcheroo (the Q), and Jinx’s reach in general which progresses from 525 range – to 700 – to 1500 – to global. This power combination ensures that if Jinx has enough gold and manages to get a foothold of safety/advantage in a fight she WILL GET TO YOU, BLOW YOU UP, AND THEN TAKE YOUR TOWERS. This is good, it’s character defining and it’s what we’d like her to excel at.

The weakness is supported by the ramp up on minigun, the cast/arm times on all her spells/ and the damage w/distance mechanic on the R. If you manage to close with an unprepared Jinx she’s going to have a hard time dealing with you. Her spells leave her vulnerable, her AS needs to ramp for full DPS, chompers take a while to arm, and ideally she can’t just Graves ult you for a burst of power unless you’re incredibly low on health.

^^^^^that last thing is where we found a possible problem. Jinx was winning a number of engagements off the sheer burst power of her ultimate, even at pointblank range. This to me is out of line with her strength/weakness profile.

In summary:

Jinx is a hyper carry who can kill every single member of your team from extreme ranges if left alone but if you jump on her she should be at a severe disadvantage. Nerfing the pointblank ultimate makes the weakness more true and allows us to preserve her strengths in light of extreme power in solo queue.

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Follow Up

Do you think this change will affect her playstyle

Gypsylord New PortraitSo yeah I’ve tested the changes and I’m pretty confident that this will not massively affect Jinx’s playstyle. You’re mainly going to feel it against people in melee range of you (and that’s the point) but in the average lane duel at 525 + range it should still be a potent execute. In the early game you’re likely going to need one more basic attack than before to secure those closer range kills.

I’m also willing to admit that we’re not omniscient and this change may affect her in ways we didn’t anticipate. We’ll follow up on it if that’s the case.

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Will we ever have new Champions with Taunt

Meddler Final PortraitI expect we’ll make more Taunt using champions at some point. It’s a type of effect with some pretty specific gameplay, so as with other specialized CCs we’ll probably only ever use it occasionally, in part to ensure those champions with it remain distinctive.

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Lastly, here’s some fan art to wrap up the post.


Epidemic Singed

Artist: scodo



These next ones don’t have linked sources. If you guys know who the artists are, let me know and I’ll add them to the post.


Arcade Zyra



Ghost Bride Zyra



Mecha Rengar




If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



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Following Ryze’s recent rework on the PBE, Q&A analyst Repertoir jumped on the forums to explain the rationale behind his new kit. Also, Scruffy posted a list of all champions currently being worked on and answered questions regarding the announced reworks to Gangplank and Warwick.

 Red Post Topics


Recent News






Ryze Rework QA Banner



Why does the CDR of his passive scale with the CD on Overload Q

Repertoir New PortraitIt’s not so much that his passive becomes less effective as it just stays equally powerful throughout the game regardless of CDR levels. This contrasts with his Live passive which scales incredibly well with CDR.

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Follow Up

Does this mean that his passive will become less effective later in the game

Repertoir New PortraitTry not to think of it as the passive becoming less effective with CDR, and try to think of it this way…

During your passive regardless of your current CDR value:
Q’s cooldown gets reduced by 100% when it gets reduced by other spellcasts
W’s cooldown gets reduced by ~20% when it gets reduced by other spellcasts
E’s cooldown gets reduced by ~50% when it gets reduced by other spellcasts
R’s cooldown gets reduced by ~5/7/10% (based on spell rank, since its cooldown goes down with rank) when it gets reduced by other spellcasts

If the amount the cooldowns got reduced was unaffected by CDR, W’s base cooldown would have to be something like 25 seconds so that W’s weren’t overlapping, Q’s cooldown would have to be closer to 6 seconds, etc.

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So Ryzes Q will never go on cooldown during his passive

Repertoir New PortraitIt means that while he is supercharged from his passive, casting a spell will basically reset his Q, so you can perfectly Q every other spell.

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Follow Up

Does this mean that casting a spell will reduce the CD of every other spell

Repertoir New PortraitCorrect. It’s like the old passive, but an amped up version.

Q reduces W/E/R
W reduces Q/E/R
E reduces Q/W/R
R reduces Q/W/E

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Youre removing a lot of the consistency the old Ryze had

Repertoir New PortraitOne thing we’ve done already to accompany Ryze’s reduced reliability and reliance on charging his passive is to reduce the cost of his Q and increased his Mana Regen per level. These changes should actually be a net buff to Ryze overall, so if it seems like they just make him worse, we will have to adjust upward. With a long duration on his passive stacks (12 seconds currently), he can roam to mid from top, or bot from mid, spamming a few Qs along the way, and have his passive ready to go when he gets there. Until very recently, these stacks were infinite duration (Annie/Malz style), and he would just sit on them forever and people could never approach him. I still want him to be able to threaten opponents by sitting on high stacks for awhile, just not forever.

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Why does the new Ryze get so much Cooldown Reduction from his ult

Repertoir New PortraitIt will only negatively impact his itemization insofar as Frozen Heart will be a little less attractive and other AP items will be a little more attractive. He’s also had some AP ratios boosted to further make AP items a bit more attractive.

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Follow Up

Repertoir New PortraitRyze’s old passive worked extremely favorably with CDR (flat 1 second off cooldowns on cast), but the new one doesn’t to the same extent (because the reduction scales with Overload’s cooldown). Because of this, the CDR is now built in and you can choose a different item in the place of Frozen Heart without feeling like you’re missing a core item, or you can just go over the cap a bit and build the FH.

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Is the 30 CDR bonus meant to make Frozen Heart less optimal on Ryze

Repertoir New PortraitWe are trying to make Frozen Heart somewhat less attractive, yes. We like Tear+RoA as core items on Ryze, but with having a third core item in Frozen Heart, he really had very little build flexibility whatsoever. This gives him a bit more build flexibility to build things like Zhonya’s, Abyssal, Luden’s Echo, GA, etc. without just spamming the same three items for his first ~9k gold.

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Would maxing E over Q be an effective strategy

Repertoir New PortraitMaxing E is probably a bit of a gamble because of the 60/70/80/90/100 Mana cost on it, as well as the fact that Q’s base damage and Mana ratio both increase with rank in it. That said, if the opponent wants to stand in the middle of the minions and eat multi-hit E’s, it’s probably an effective strategy.

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Are the lowered base stats meant to make Ryze squishy without the shield

Repertoir New PortraitYep, he’s intended to be a bit tankier with passive up, and a bit squishier without it up. If he gets on you during his passive, prepare to feel bullied. If not, try to push him around.

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Why was the cooldown on Rune Prison

Repertoir New PortraitW cooldown was a change made so that he could keep the spell with his new passive. Earlier this week in playtests, Ryze could hit you with Rune Prison while you were already in Rune Prison if his passive was up.

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Will Ryze also receive a visual update

Repertoir New PortraitWe hope to hit model and animations at a later time, but due to some unforeseen issues, we couldn’t yet do them, and we didn’t want to hold the VFX/SFX/Gameplay until whenever that might be.

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Champion Update Schedule

Scruffy Final PortraitThings that we are currently working on:

-Ryze (duh)
-Ashe (small scope)
-Yorick (just started, so a ways off)

This doesn’t mean 100% expect to see these in the next year, sometimes things get modified or put on hold. Not every one of these projects is like Sion in size and scope as well, the update is meant to fit the needs of the champ. Also, don’t have a lot of details to share on the specifics of these, but info will come in time.

Hope that answers your question.

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Whats the scope of Gangplanks rework

Scruffy Final PortraitIt’s somewhere between Ryze and Sion I’d say. There are some iconic abilities that we wanted to preserve on GP’s kit so it’s not quite as big of a change as Sion. Not much concrete info to give out right now but look forward to it, it’s gonna be really fun.

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Its okay to have simple champions in the game

Scruffy Final PortraitI totally agree. Some of the best designs are the simplest. A lot of rich decision making and very complex play can come from something as simple as Singed Q. I hope that rather than try to add more mechanics we can improve our designs in the future by getting more value from less (“elegance” in a nutshell).

This will be especially key on some of our historically simple mechanic champions (Taric for example). We are making it a goal to add more depth and interest to his play without over complicating the kit or increasing the mechanical floor.

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Sions rework was the best rework in a while

Scruffy Final PortraitI’m really glad you’re enjoying the new Sion as much as we are. We definitely hope to try and build on the learnings from what we did with him for future large champion updates (see poppy, urgot, taric, yorick etc).

The goal is to take the core of what was really resonant and good about the old champion and try to enhance and deliver on it rather than discard. This often doesn’t mean that you keep the exact abilities and art details, but everything we make for the updated champion should feed back into that core theme. A coherent and consistent champion leads to the most fun and compelling character.

All of the feedback we get from the community (positive and negative) helps us improve and find inspiration for how to keep elevating LoL to be a more fun and competitive experience.

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Recent changes to Quick Cast with Range Indicators

RickVanPrim[Quick visibility thing – we’re posting this in English first but getting it localized for all regions as soon as possible.]

Hey folks,

Due to internal miscommunication, two important changes to Quick Cast shipped in patch 5.7 but never made it into the patch notes.

So what did we change and why?

The first change is a bug and affects normal and quick cast with range indicators only. Using the right mouse click to cancel abilities should cancel on mouse down, not mouse up (as in releasing the button), as you may have noticed. This has made cancelling abilities using the right mouse click difficult and unresponsive.

The second change was intentional for quick cast when used with range indicators. In order to make chucking out a quick series of abilities more responsive and predictable (think Brand, Annie, or Ryze unleashing their combos), we changed this behavior to fire the first ability held down when the second ability is pressed. Basically we assumed that if you pressed a button, you were committed to using that ability (a la quick cast) and if you decided to press another button, that was because you were trying to cast something else.

What we didn’t account for was that some players were using quick cast with range indicators in a different way, where they would hold down each button to get the range of the ability before releasing it to pull off a combo. In other words, they were basically ‘queueing’ up abilities by holding down buttons – releasing a button was their version of “quick cast.”

That said, from a lot of discussion it’s clear we’ve introduced tons of disruption without much context for players who used it to test ranges. Sorry!

So here’s what we’re going to do.

We are fixing the right mouse cancel bug and re-implementing the old quick cast with range indicator behavior. In other words, abilities will continue to fire on button release, rather than on button press.

In the meantime, we’re going to be re-examining the problem space for players who want to better understand their champion’s ranges while maintaining the responsiveness of true quick cast (that is, on button press). Any future solutions here will not disrupt existing play and most likely live on their own as an option.

One last thing, to alleviate some of the existing pain of using quick cast with range indicators, we’ll be adding individual ability and item binds for this input type in an upcoming patch.

Thanks for your patience and feedback here! We’ll be trying to get this in as soon as possible (it could potentially take as long as patch 5.8 due to the scope and stability of the changes, sorry!).

I will be around throughout the day to answer questions or try to give more context into what has changed. I hope this helps clarify things.

— James

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Can we have an update on Warwicks rework

Scruffy Final PortraitWarwick is not currently getting worked on. Zenonthestoic had some good ideas in the work he did about a year ago and we will definitely pick it back up some day but he’s not currently in flight.

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DanielZKlein is making a new champion




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