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Here are a few recent topics on the forums with a generous sprucing of fanart.



Are AD Carry mains ever happy with the meta

Ghostcrawler New PortraitThis is a healthy discussion, and I can try to help it along a little by providing some context about how we think about the meta.

(As a meta comment, “meta” is one of those words that gets used to describe so many different things that it has started to lose some of its meaning.)

First, we’re okay with having a 1+1+2+J configuration. Things like duo jungle or three champs in one lane may happen from time to time, but we’re not going to go out of our way to support them. For the most part, the way players allocate number of champs per lane works, and we don’t feel the need to monkey with it.

Second, we are trying to keep the concept of position (top, middle, bottom, jungle) separate from role (fighter, mage, assassin, tank, etc.). We care a lot less which roles are played in which positions as long as the game is healthy overall (more on this below). The characteristics of some roles is going to make them better at some positions (e.g. most junglers are melee) and we’re okay with that. Likewise, there are some individual champs that we don’t want to see frequently in particular positions, because the results tends to be less fun for everyone. The word “Support” is particularly confusing here, because it refers both to a role (“utility mages” like Janna and Sona) as well as the (traditionally bottom) position of jumping into a lane with another champ without actively farming minions. A support role like Sona can play the support position, but so can a mage or a tank.

Third, every role (and ultimately every champion, though we’re not there yet) has to exist in the game somewhere. This is the big corollary to my second point. If there are mages in the top lane and mages in the mid lane, that’s fine. If that means fighters have nowhere to exist, that’s not fine. Ideally (and I mean in the sense of a compass direction, not the state of the game today) you’d sometimes see mages and sometimes see fighters top. To use the current topic, jungle tanks didn’t feel viable, so we made some changes, and now they are plenty viable and I realize some of you feel they are too viable. In crazy world, maybe there is somewhere for marksmen to live besides bottom and maybe you don’t even need a marskman every game. But let’s not get too crazy yet. We used to design new champs as “Gnar is going to be a top lane fighter.” Now we would say “Gnar is a fighter” and leave it up to experimentation and evolution to determine where he fits best, so long as (1) he has some position in which he can be played and (2) isn’t oppressive when he does.

Fourth, we are trying as a team to be a little more hands off and provide players more room to experiment, and this applies to the state of the meta as well. Now, I’ll admit it’s difficult sometimes for us to make the determination of when it is time to step in. This year, we wanted to give y’all a chance to adapt to the preseason changes, but our opinion now is that we waited a little too long to react. We are pretty happy overall with the state of the game post patch 5.5 and 5.6, but maybe things would have felt even better if we had made those changes in 5.4, while 5.2 likely still would have been too soon. Make sense? Likewise, we know there is some concern that tanks are too dominant right now, but we want to wait a few patches to see if that’s a persistent problem or not. The meta will shift on its own, and has, even without Riot involvement. Sometimes it needs a nudge and sometimes the shift is towards something that is likely unhealthy in the long run, and when that happens it’s our responsibility to take action.

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When is Patch 5 8 coming

Meddler Final PortraitNot this week, 5.7 -> 5.8’s going to be longer than the usual 2 week cycle.

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When will the Champion Mastery system be released

Meddler Final PortraitIt’s still being worked out – it’s not ready for a proper release just yet.

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Why is Jinx being nerfed on the PBE

Here is the change being discussed:


Super Mega Death Rocket Final IconSuper Mega Death Rocket [ R ]

  • Minimum damage (from point-blank range) decreased from 125/175/225 [ + 0.5 bonus AD ]  to 25/35/45 [ + 0.1 bonus AD ]


Gypsylord New PortraitOkay got response typed up again.

So as Jinx’s designer I asked to head up the nerfs coming out for her this patch. Let’s talk about them and Jinxy in general.

First full info on the nerfs:

The min damage on the R is being cut. The max damage is staying the same. Additionally, the execute damage is not being touched. SMD rocket will ALWAYS deal 25/30/35% of the target’s missing health regardless of range.

Below are the rough damage estimates based on ranges Jinxs should be familiar with:


  • R damage @ Point blank: 125/175/225(+.5) >>> 25/35/45 (+.1)
  • R damage @ Minigun range: 175/245/315 (+.7) >>> 110/155/200(+.45)
  • R damage @ Level 9 Rocket range: 185/260/335 (+.75) >>> 135/190/245(+.55)
  • R damage @ Shock Pistol range (max): unchanged – 250/350/450(+1.0)

TLDR summary of the below wall of text:

We like Jinx being strong for a variety of reasons but she may be TOO strong at the moment. Jinx’s snowballing and hyper-carry potential is intended to be strong and we like it where it is so this change is targeted at amping up her main weakness (gets wrekt if jumped on). IF THIS CHANGE GOES TOO FAR WE’LL FOLLOW UP ON IT. THE GOAL HERE IS A SLIGHT TONING DOWN OF JINX’S POWER.

Generally we like Jinx being a strong champ in League of Legends. Even when winning she has a lot of inbuilt counterplay which makes losing to her feel a lot less demoralizing. Thanks to her general immobility combined with the delayed and conditional nature of her spells players tend to come out of games against Jinx with gameplans on how they’re going to beat her next time.

Going off of this, it is likely that Jinx “at balance” sits at above a 50% winrate. This partially stems from the nature of her power profile. Jinx is highly snowbally, especially in AoE focused teamfights, and is one of the best characters in the game at taking objectives after killing off the enemy team. This is going to contribute to a higher number of wins in solo queue where the “group and push” strategy is so prevalent (Jinx loves grouping and pushing!). People group, teamfights happen, Jinx AoE’s things, and 1 kill tends to lead to 1-4 more + towers and dragons.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning Jinx’s dedicated player base. If you run into a Jinx player on live that person is going to have 31 games on her on average, That’s up there with other “I main dis guy forever” champs like Yasuo, Lee Sin, and Riven. For comparison, Graves has a similar play rate to Jinx (they’re neck and neck for most picked ADC), and yet the average Graves player only has 16 games on him. This isn’t meant to be a knock on Graves but more a highlight on the fact that many of the Jinx’s you run into out there have played her A LOT and as such you’d expect a higher win rate out of her due to player experience.

So I’ve gone over why we’re okay with Jinx being strong so in that case why are we nerfing her? Well the thing is there’s strong and then there’s I AM THE GOD OF SOLO QUEUE strong. Jinx is trending towards the latter and has only been getting better each patch. She’s got one of the highest winrates in the game at 55% across all elos and that combined with her insane playrate is cause for alarm. We felt some light tuning would be appropriate to level the playing field vs. other ADC’s so we looked across her kit and asked ourselves “is there anything Jinx is doing right now that maybe she shouldn’t be?”

So as her designer I’ve always felt that Jinx is defined by the following strength and weakness

A) Jinx is a snowball: If you let Jinx get ahead and can’t figure out how to get to her SHE WILL TAKE EVERYTHING YOU LOVE AND BURN IT TO THE GROUND.
B) Jinx has a hard time with people who invade her personal space. If you manage to jump on her when she’s unprepared you should be rewarded accordingly.

The strength is supported by things like Get Excited (the speed passive), the always-on AS/range+AoE steroids on Switcheroo (the Q), and Jinx’s reach in general which progresses from 525 range – to 700 – to 1500 – to global. This power combination ensures that if Jinx has enough gold and manages to get a foothold of safety/advantage in a fight she WILL GET TO YOU, BLOW YOU UP, AND THEN TAKE YOUR TOWERS. This is good, it’s character defining and it’s what we’d like her to excel at.

The weakness is supported by the ramp up on minigun, the cast/arm times on all her spells/ and the damage w/distance mechanic on the R. If you manage to close with an unprepared Jinx she’s going to have a hard time dealing with you. Her spells leave her vulnerable, her AS needs to ramp for full DPS, chompers take a while to arm, and ideally she can’t just Graves ult you for a burst of power unless you’re incredibly low on health.

^^^^^that last thing is where we found a possible problem. Jinx was winning a number of engagements off the sheer burst power of her ultimate, even at pointblank range. This to me is out of line with her strength/weakness profile.

In summary:

Jinx is a hyper carry who can kill every single member of your team from extreme ranges if left alone but if you jump on her she should be at a severe disadvantage. Nerfing the pointblank ultimate makes the weakness more true and allows us to preserve her strengths in light of extreme power in solo queue.

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Follow Up

Do you think this change will affect her playstyle

Gypsylord New PortraitSo yeah I’ve tested the changes and I’m pretty confident that this will not massively affect Jinx’s playstyle. You’re mainly going to feel it against people in melee range of you (and that’s the point) but in the average lane duel at 525 + range it should still be a potent execute. In the early game you’re likely going to need one more basic attack than before to secure those closer range kills.

I’m also willing to admit that we’re not omniscient and this change may affect her in ways we didn’t anticipate. We’ll follow up on it if that’s the case.

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Will we ever have new Champions with Taunt

Meddler Final PortraitI expect we’ll make more Taunt using champions at some point. It’s a type of effect with some pretty specific gameplay, so as with other specialized CCs we’ll probably only ever use it occasionally, in part to ensure those champions with it remain distinctive.

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Lastly, here’s some fan art to wrap up the post.


Epidemic Singed

Artist: scodo



These next ones don’t have linked sources. If you guys know who the artists are, let me know and I’ll add them to the post.


Arcade Zyra



Ghost Bride Zyra



Mecha Rengar




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Following Ryze’s recent rework on the PBE, Q&A analyst Repertoir jumped on the forums to explain the rationale behind his new kit. Also, Scruffy posted a list of all champions currently being worked on and answered questions regarding the announced reworks to Gangplank and Warwick.

 Red Post Topics


Recent News






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Why does the CDR of his passive scale with the CD on Overload Q

Repertoir New PortraitIt’s not so much that his passive becomes less effective as it just stays equally powerful throughout the game regardless of CDR levels. This contrasts with his Live passive which scales incredibly well with CDR.

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Follow Up

Does this mean that his passive will become less effective later in the game

Repertoir New PortraitTry not to think of it as the passive becoming less effective with CDR, and try to think of it this way…

During your passive regardless of your current CDR value:
Q’s cooldown gets reduced by 100% when it gets reduced by other spellcasts
W’s cooldown gets reduced by ~20% when it gets reduced by other spellcasts
E’s cooldown gets reduced by ~50% when it gets reduced by other spellcasts
R’s cooldown gets reduced by ~5/7/10% (based on spell rank, since its cooldown goes down with rank) when it gets reduced by other spellcasts

If the amount the cooldowns got reduced was unaffected by CDR, W’s base cooldown would have to be something like 25 seconds so that W’s weren’t overlapping, Q’s cooldown would have to be closer to 6 seconds, etc.

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So Ryzes Q will never go on cooldown during his passive

Repertoir New PortraitIt means that while he is supercharged from his passive, casting a spell will basically reset his Q, so you can perfectly Q every other spell.

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Follow Up

Does this mean that casting a spell will reduce the CD of every other spell

Repertoir New PortraitCorrect. It’s like the old passive, but an amped up version.

Q reduces W/E/R
W reduces Q/E/R
E reduces Q/W/R
R reduces Q/W/E

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Youre removing a lot of the consistency the old Ryze had

Repertoir New PortraitOne thing we’ve done already to accompany Ryze’s reduced reliability and reliance on charging his passive is to reduce the cost of his Q and increased his Mana Regen per level. These changes should actually be a net buff to Ryze overall, so if it seems like they just make him worse, we will have to adjust upward. With a long duration on his passive stacks (12 seconds currently), he can roam to mid from top, or bot from mid, spamming a few Qs along the way, and have his passive ready to go when he gets there. Until very recently, these stacks were infinite duration (Annie/Malz style), and he would just sit on them forever and people could never approach him. I still want him to be able to threaten opponents by sitting on high stacks for awhile, just not forever.

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Why does the new Ryze get so much Cooldown Reduction from his ult

Repertoir New PortraitIt will only negatively impact his itemization insofar as Frozen Heart will be a little less attractive and other AP items will be a little more attractive. He’s also had some AP ratios boosted to further make AP items a bit more attractive.

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Follow Up

Repertoir New PortraitRyze’s old passive worked extremely favorably with CDR (flat 1 second off cooldowns on cast), but the new one doesn’t to the same extent (because the reduction scales with Overload’s cooldown). Because of this, the CDR is now built in and you can choose a different item in the place of Frozen Heart without feeling like you’re missing a core item, or you can just go over the cap a bit and build the FH.

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Is the 30 CDR bonus meant to make Frozen Heart less optimal on Ryze

Repertoir New PortraitWe are trying to make Frozen Heart somewhat less attractive, yes. We like Tear+RoA as core items on Ryze, but with having a third core item in Frozen Heart, he really had very little build flexibility whatsoever. This gives him a bit more build flexibility to build things like Zhonya’s, Abyssal, Luden’s Echo, GA, etc. without just spamming the same three items for his first ~9k gold.

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Would maxing E over Q be an effective strategy

Repertoir New PortraitMaxing E is probably a bit of a gamble because of the 60/70/80/90/100 Mana cost on it, as well as the fact that Q’s base damage and Mana ratio both increase with rank in it. That said, if the opponent wants to stand in the middle of the minions and eat multi-hit E’s, it’s probably an effective strategy.

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Are the lowered base stats meant to make Ryze squishy without the shield

Repertoir New PortraitYep, he’s intended to be a bit tankier with passive up, and a bit squishier without it up. If he gets on you during his passive, prepare to feel bullied. If not, try to push him around.

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Why was the cooldown on Rune Prison

Repertoir New PortraitW cooldown was a change made so that he could keep the spell with his new passive. Earlier this week in playtests, Ryze could hit you with Rune Prison while you were already in Rune Prison if his passive was up.

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Will Ryze also receive a visual update

Repertoir New PortraitWe hope to hit model and animations at a later time, but due to some unforeseen issues, we couldn’t yet do them, and we didn’t want to hold the VFX/SFX/Gameplay until whenever that might be.

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Champion Update Schedule

Scruffy Final PortraitThings that we are currently working on:

-Ryze (duh)
-Ashe (small scope)
-Yorick (just started, so a ways off)

This doesn’t mean 100% expect to see these in the next year, sometimes things get modified or put on hold. Not every one of these projects is like Sion in size and scope as well, the update is meant to fit the needs of the champ. Also, don’t have a lot of details to share on the specifics of these, but info will come in time.

Hope that answers your question.

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Whats the scope of Gangplanks rework

Scruffy Final PortraitIt’s somewhere between Ryze and Sion I’d say. There are some iconic abilities that we wanted to preserve on GP’s kit so it’s not quite as big of a change as Sion. Not much concrete info to give out right now but look forward to it, it’s gonna be really fun.

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Its okay to have simple champions in the game

Scruffy Final PortraitI totally agree. Some of the best designs are the simplest. A lot of rich decision making and very complex play can come from something as simple as Singed Q. I hope that rather than try to add more mechanics we can improve our designs in the future by getting more value from less (“elegance” in a nutshell).

This will be especially key on some of our historically simple mechanic champions (Taric for example). We are making it a goal to add more depth and interest to his play without over complicating the kit or increasing the mechanical floor.

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Sions rework was the best rework in a while

Scruffy Final PortraitI’m really glad you’re enjoying the new Sion as much as we are. We definitely hope to try and build on the learnings from what we did with him for future large champion updates (see poppy, urgot, taric, yorick etc).

The goal is to take the core of what was really resonant and good about the old champion and try to enhance and deliver on it rather than discard. This often doesn’t mean that you keep the exact abilities and art details, but everything we make for the updated champion should feed back into that core theme. A coherent and consistent champion leads to the most fun and compelling character.

All of the feedback we get from the community (positive and negative) helps us improve and find inspiration for how to keep elevating LoL to be a more fun and competitive experience.

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Recent changes to Quick Cast with Range Indicators

RickVanPrim[Quick visibility thing – we’re posting this in English first but getting it localized for all regions as soon as possible.]

Hey folks,

Due to internal miscommunication, two important changes to Quick Cast shipped in patch 5.7 but never made it into the patch notes.

So what did we change and why?

The first change is a bug and affects normal and quick cast with range indicators only. Using the right mouse click to cancel abilities should cancel on mouse down, not mouse up (as in releasing the button), as you may have noticed. This has made cancelling abilities using the right mouse click difficult and unresponsive.

The second change was intentional for quick cast when used with range indicators. In order to make chucking out a quick series of abilities more responsive and predictable (think Brand, Annie, or Ryze unleashing their combos), we changed this behavior to fire the first ability held down when the second ability is pressed. Basically we assumed that if you pressed a button, you were committed to using that ability (a la quick cast) and if you decided to press another button, that was because you were trying to cast something else.

What we didn’t account for was that some players were using quick cast with range indicators in a different way, where they would hold down each button to get the range of the ability before releasing it to pull off a combo. In other words, they were basically ‘queueing’ up abilities by holding down buttons – releasing a button was their version of “quick cast.”

That said, from a lot of discussion it’s clear we’ve introduced tons of disruption without much context for players who used it to test ranges. Sorry!

So here’s what we’re going to do.

We are fixing the right mouse cancel bug and re-implementing the old quick cast with range indicator behavior. In other words, abilities will continue to fire on button release, rather than on button press.

In the meantime, we’re going to be re-examining the problem space for players who want to better understand their champion’s ranges while maintaining the responsiveness of true quick cast (that is, on button press). Any future solutions here will not disrupt existing play and most likely live on their own as an option.

One last thing, to alleviate some of the existing pain of using quick cast with range indicators, we’ll be adding individual ability and item binds for this input type in an upcoming patch.

Thanks for your patience and feedback here! We’ll be trying to get this in as soon as possible (it could potentially take as long as patch 5.8 due to the scope and stability of the changes, sorry!).

I will be around throughout the day to answer questions or try to give more context into what has changed. I hope this helps clarify things.

— James

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Can we have an update on Warwicks rework

Scruffy Final PortraitWarwick is not currently getting worked on. Zenonthestoic had some good ideas in the work he did about a year ago and we will definitely pick it back up some day but he’s not currently in flight.

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DanielZKlein is making a new champion




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Chroma Packs Banner

A new feature is headed to a PBE near you – new color schemes for existing skins:


Introducing chroma packs!

Riot Roadmap ] You’ve asked for more colors, and now League’s getting more colorful. Chroma packs roll out with this PBE update as our exploration into further expressions of your style and personality in League of Legends.

resize (1)


Where champion skins offer alternate fantasies from a champion’s base thematic, chromas serve up a way to further personalize specific champs or skins. As a re-imagining of the original champion or skin’s look, chromas allow you to make a champion or skin your own.

resize (2)


A chroma pack includes three chromas that modify either a champion’s base or one of their skins. Each of these initial packs will be 590 RP, and if you need the champion or skin, they’ll be included in the bundle price you see in the store. Once you’ve unlocked a chroma pack in the bundles tab of the store, the chromas appear during champion select under the skins tab linked to the base champion or skin.

We’re testing one champion base chroma pack (Lucian) and one skin chroma pack (Dragonfist Lee Sin) to start, and we’re listening for your feedback. If you still have questions, check out the chroma pack FAQ here! Let us know what you think of the new chromas on PBE, and we’ll see you on the battlefield wearing a slick new suit!

-Riot Roadmap

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Frequently asked questions about chromas packs

Chroma packs are brand new, and there’s no way we could know your questions ahead of time, but that didn’t stop us from answering a few of the ones that came up around the office. Learn more about League’s newest way to share your excitement for your favorite champs and skins below.


Why can’t I earn chromas or buy them with IP?

All options are still open in the future, including earning additional chromas through champion mastery, but we’re sticking with RP-only at launch, in line with our historical approach to cosmetic content.


Why do I have to buy three chromas in a pack instead of just one at a time?

Historically, our lowest tier of skins were priced at 390 RP. Over the years, we’ve improved skins to the point that the “recolor” tier no longer reflects the polish and quality of our newer offerings.

But despite the improvement in visuals and the deeper expression chroma packs allow (linking color choices to a theme that re-imagines the original scheme), a single chroma would slot into our pricing at that 390 RP level. If we offered them individually, three would run 1170 RP.

Instead, we’ve chosen to package three of them in a pack for 590 RP, which we feel offers higher value while not skimping on quality or consistency.
Do you feel you’d be happy with the purchase if you could pick up a single chroma for 390 RP? Let us know, and leave us your other feedback on chroma packs, too.


Why are some chroma packs more expensive than others?

All chroma packs are actually the same price at launch: 590 RP. When you go to buy a chroma pack, though, the bundle tech actually recognizes whether or not you have the champion or skin and includes them in the price if you don’t. It’s meant to be a convenience, so that you don’t have go to two different parts of the store if you’re just trying to browse for chromas.

TLDR: Price includes champion or skin if you don’t own it.


Can I buy chroma packs in champion select?

No. Unlike skins, you’ll have to unlock chroma packs in the store. They’re sold as sets of three chromas, so they can’t be picked up during champion select.


How can I refund a chroma pack?

As with all of our bundled products, chroma packs can’t be refunded. However, we are reconsidering the restrictions on refunding bundles as a result of chroma packs. For the foreseeable future, however, they’ll be all sales final.


Why not Zac (or [insert your favorite champion here])?

Zac is a tricky one, because he seems like such an obvious candidate for some slick-looking chromas. The short answer is that we aren’t ruling out a chroma pack for Zac, or any other champion or skin. We’re testing chroma packs first, to gauge interest and engagement. This answer continued in the next one.


How do we choose future chroma packs?

Any champion or skin could get a chroma pack, and our criteria going forward will be guided by popularity, interest, and suitability but not mandated by any one of those things.

We strive to deliver quality products you can enjoy. We finally hit a quality bar that felt good internally and seems like a solid value, so we’re putting them out there for everyone to tell us what they think.


Why are you making these as opposed to new skins?

It’s not either/or. We get to do both. Obviously we can’t just spoil a bunch of new skins here in an FAQ, but they’re still coming, and we plan on offering more, not fewer.


Why should I ever buy a skin again?

Well, we’d say the best answer is probably “because you think it’s awesome,” but it’s up to you, really. It’s worth pointing out that you have to own the original skin before you can pick up a chroma for it.

A slightly longer answer is that skins provide an opportunity to experience a champion in a way that’s different from normal (Rumble and Super Galaxy Rumble, Blitzcrank and We Swear There’s a Difference Blitzcrank). We continue to look for new ways for you to engage with your favorite champions. Skins are usually about alternate fantasies, where chromas are, at least at launch, working with a lot more than fifty shades of grey. Chromas are about expressing your style and personality, or to color-coordinate your team or rep your favorite sportsball unit or whatever you want them to be. We’re experimenting here, so it’s up to you to show us how you feel about chromas and how you’ll use them.


Will particles be recolored as well?

We’re looking into this with some champions and skins as it makes sense. Particle recolors add an intensive, additional layer to the project and they often differentiate between what we’re trying to do with chroma packs and what we do with skins (especially in the murky realm of 750 RP skins and slick-looking chromas). However, if we just always leave particles as they are, we could miss out on tons of chroma packs that without particle changes wouldn’t hit our quality high-bar.


Will they always be the same price?

If you’re actually asking, “will chromas ever go on sale,” the answer is still up in the air. If you mean, “are some chromas going to be more expensive?” Then, well, the answer is still as cloudy as a mountaintop in the Freljord.

The community has been asking for recolors for a long while, but despite testing and experimenting with a few internal ideas, we couldn’t find a way to build them that satisfied our high standards. The current price reflects the work we put into crafting them.

Yeah, it’s possible to do a quick and dirty overlay, or shift a slider left in an editing program, but we think you would call us on that bullshit real quick, and as players ourselves, we wouldn’t be satisfied with such a hacky solution.


How did you pick the champion and skins for these first-run packs?

Artistic complexity, potential QA issues, champion and skin popularity and a veritable cornucopia of other factors went into what we considered a good candidate for chromas. Also, the community wanted Blucian.


Will any existing skins be reclassified as chromas?

It’s obvious some of our previous skins share some of the characteristics of what we’re launching with chromas. Jokes about Nightmare Cho’gath and Rusty Blitzcrank aside, there’s something pretty cool about having vintage Deadly Kennen, Toxic Dr. Mundo and the like and we want to be careful about reclassifying them. For now, they’ll still be considered a separate tier of skins, but we’re interested to hear what you think.


How can I see all the chromas currently available?

The magic of hexspheres. Or if you don’t have one of those, you can find chroma packs in the Bundles tab of the store.


Why don’t chromas have new or recolored splashes?

Chroma packs are ways for you to deepen your experience with some of your favorite champions and skins, not change the core identity of that champ or skin.


Can I gift chroma packs? What about mystery gifts?

Not at launch, but worth exploring in the future.


There are other games where the community makes cheap recolors, why not have League fans and players do the same?

We don’t have plans to set this up right now, but we are looking for you to tell us what chroma packs you’d like to see.

For content creators with the skills to hurtle the quality bar for products like chroma packs, you can show us in contests like the Polycount art showdown, and take a shot at joining us here in the office–or working remote, that’s totally a thing, too–adding your unique flavor to League in the future.”



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


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Here’s a small collection of recent posts from Meddler on the topic of Shaco and Gangplank’s reworks, why Sejuani was nerfed in Patch 5.6, an in-office photo that shows a slide titled ‘New Ultra Rapid Fire Mode’ and a few other tidbits.



Someone on the forums took a photo of Ghostcrawler showing a slide for a new U.R.F mode.

The thread has been removed, but here’s the photo:

original (1)


The text reads as follows:




Why was Sejuani nerfed in Patch 56 when you also nerfed Cinderhulk

Meddler Final PortraitWe felt Sej was clearly too strong in 5.5, relative to other tank junglers in particular, and chose to remove some power from her as a result. We kept the 5.6 nerfs to her relatively minor since the state of the game’s still adapting to Cinderhulk’s introduction and she hasn’t been a consistent, long running problem (though was definitely strong pre 5.5). Having had a bit more time now to assess Cinderhulk we also feel it’s a little bit too strong. We’re glad to see tanks being successful with it, but feel it’s a bit too strong compared to other options. Current thinking is to drop it from 350 to 300 HP as a result.

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What happened to the Gangplank rework

Meddler Final PortraitStill planned and the gameplay changes are showing promise. Won’t be for quite a while though, there’ll be a number of other reworks first.

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Follow Up

What sort of pacing can we expect for these reworks One every month

Meddler Final PortraitAt any point in time we’ll have multiple reworks underway. Some of those will be really large scale like Poppy (Sion level of work/change). Most will be smaller, ranging in size from fairly small adjustments like Viktor to moderate sized ones like Heimer.

For this year that means you’ll almost certainly see multiple other gameplay reworks before Poppy this year. Expectation is that she’ll be the next really big one though.

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Is Shacos rework still being worked on

Meddler Final PortraitThe Shaco rework we talked about a little a while back got shelved. It had some interesting ideas in it, but after testing we weren’t confident it was the right solution in terms of fixing problems while maintaining Shaco’s identity. Possible we’ll give it another shot at some point, no immediate plans to though.

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Follow Up

How do you prioritize reworks

Meddler Final PortraitSome reworks are need driven (Sion for example). We also try out some opportunistic reworks in testing, if we’ve got strong ideas for ways to make a champion better despite them not being one of our highest priorities. The Shaco rework was an example of that, with a bunch of stuff that sounded hopeful on paper. When tested in game though, we weren’t as happy as we needed to be to ship changes. Some of Shaco’s issues were addressed, there was a fair bit of ‘this doesn’t feel like Shaco anymore’ feedback as well, plus some of the new spells didn’t hit the mark satisfaction wise.

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Why dont you add damage to Bards ultimate

Meddler Final PortraitWe’d like to keep Bard’s ult damage free, since putting a damaging effect on it leads to some conflicting uses and muddies it’s purpose (keep dudes out of a fight, whether allies safe or enemies unable to contribute).

We definitely agree Bard needs some buffs though. We held off from doing substantially changes in patch 5.6 since by the time the patch changes locked Bard had only been out for 6 days. That’s not enough time to see how people adapt to and learn a new champ, and we’ve sometimes buffed champs unnecessarily in the past when we’ve reacted too quickly, so we decided to give it a bit more time.

At this point we’re confident he does need some more significant buffs though, and have a better idea of where to test out more power. You should see some buffs on the PBE in the next couple of days at a guess, with a focus on base stats, amount of mana restored per chime and faster Meep respawn. We’re also planning to test a little tweaking to Chime spawn locations, though that’s more speculative and might be more of a feel change than a power one, not sure yet.

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What exactly does Xeraths lore mean

Cidem1324Hey SkrillRKnight,

I’m not part of the Narrative team, though I can give you my interpretation of Xerath’s short story.

Short Stories: Xerath—Unbound:

You may also be able to find a lot of your answers in the link below. =)

Azir and Xerath Story Discussion:

1. After reading Xeraths lore, I’m wondering, is he a real bad guy?

It depends on who’s perspective you’re looking from. From Xerath’s perspective, he was punishing an injustice against a man who had promised him freedom, but who had never given it to him. Xerath wanted the power to free himself from being a slave, and was also tearing down a decadent society built on the backs of slaves. Perhaps he believed that he needed to destroy Shurima in order rebuild it up again, and that he would be the one to do it. Things didn’t turn out as planned, but perhaps you could understand where he was coming from.

2. So he plotted for the Ascension to go right, but also go wrong for Azir, or himself?

He plotted for the Ascension ritual to go wrong for Azir, but right for himself. He wanted the power to free himself and to destroy Shurima, possibly rebuilding it to where he would be the new emperor.

Though due to his tampering, he corrupted the Ascension ritual. That’s why the being that he turned into was a more unrefined form of magic, compared to animal-characteristic beings like Nasus, Renekton, and Azir.

3. At the end, Azir frees him. Here is where I get confused. Does Xerath feel guilty?

Xerath may have had regret at the time, but he had already set the gears in motion for Azir and Shurima’s destruction. He believed there was no turning back from what he has done, and followed his plan to its completion.

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A new Riot Support channel has launched. Here are the five videos posted so far, covering various technical processes:


Lastly, here’s a wallpaper of Lux made by Deviant artist beanbean1988:




If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


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Table of Contents


All PBE updates from Patch 5.5 cycle:


S5 Jungle Banner


Ypherion New PortraitHi all,

Let’s talk about the 2015 season jungle. Up front: we knew the preseason changes were going to make things significantly tougher, but it’s clear we’ve misstepped along the way in both communication and design. Not only have we not done a great job of sharing our thoughts (present and future), but our subsequent changes to the jungle from patch 5.1 to 5.4 have been nerfs to jungle diversity rather than continuing to deliver on our preseason goals.

First, let’s see how we got here. From the beginning we knew that “strategic diversity” would basically become a meme for the 2015 season, but it’s still something we strongly believe in. A lot of players might associate champion diversity with strategic diversity, but it’s more about one feeding into the other. The former is only about what champions get played – even if they’re doing the same thing – while the latter emphasizes champions who can enable a variety of other strategies on a team (objective control, wombo, lane pressure, etc). With Jarvan IV, Vi, and Lee Sin all fulfilling identical roles (with priority given to whoever’s strongest), we know we’re not there.

In line with the above thought, our goal with 2015 was to support a rock-paper-scissors game of jungle styles: ganking, farming, and counter jungling. What we ended up discovering, however, was that counter jungling wasn’t actually a proper response on par with ganking and farming, so jungling went back to who could gank or farm the best (or both).

It’s clear that we’ll need to reconfigure what available playstyles there are for junglers out there, but for now our big focus is getting jungler diversity up before attempting to tackle the larger problem of strategic jungler playstyles (versus champion playstyles like playing Amumu vs. Vi).

So what do we want to do, and how can we get there? High-level we’re still pursuing strategic diversity in the jungle (and, well, all of League of Legends), but we also realize we need to get champion diversity up to support it. Finally, while we intentionally made clearing camps harder and riskier to better differentiate jungler strengths, this has also made the jungle position less satisfying and fun for junglers, so we’re investigating other ways to improve this.

Short-term, here are some tactics:

First, we’re going to be pushing our experimental jungler tank item to the PBE with this patch. We’ve actually been working on it for a little while behind the scenes, but – as we mentioned earlier – haven’t done a great job of communicating that. TL;DR: Juggernaut is being reworked into Cinderhulk, a new Sunfire-esque item build that gives both tankiness and extra clear speeds to the junglers in need.

In terms of auxiliary changes to help get tank junglers get their satisfaction back, we’re going to be looking at a bunch of tank junglers this patch to see if we can give any small buffs in the early game, along with buffs to Gromp’s Poison Armor Smite reward and some early monster damage nerfs. This does mean we’ll need to look at specific dominant champions who are standing (or pouncing) well above the pack, but we’ll have to tread a fine line of balance here. The goal is to get junglers feeling satisfied and empowered to play the position, but we need to be wary of a world where they’re doing so at the cost of everyone else.

Finally, what’s in store for the future? We still believe in creating a compelling set of unique jungle actions beyond just ganking and farming, but haven’t firmly locked down additional paths to support. We have a few ideas we’re really excited about, but we’re definitely looking at making Poacher’s Knife and Skirmisher’s Sabre more robust and exciting items for the future. We’re also going to be examining the feeling of the jungler “potion tax” where junglers always need to be chugging away to stay healthy.

On the communications front, we failed to recognize the stacking pain we’ve been causing junglers through the patches, and that’s something we want to improve. We need to get better at engaging in a healthy dialogue with players while also highlighting our short and long-term goals for the future, and we will.

Wrapping it all up: if it wasn’t clear from our multiple revisions throughout the years, the jungle is a tough position to get right. The jungle needs to test multiple capabilities while also providing the space for a jungler to have impact on the game through different actions, even though right now it’s more focused on high-damage and ganking prowess (which sounds familiar, we know). That said, we’ve never been more confident in our long-term goals – as ambitious as they are – but we know it’s not fair for junglers to languish while we work toward that vision.

We’re definitely committed to opening up the jungle without just giving out power haphazardly, but we’re also hoping that by keeping these communication channels open you’ll help us guide the jungle to a more compelling, diverse, and healthy position in League. We really appreciate your feedback, and we’re excited to continue sharing more of our plans in the future.

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Any planned changes to Poachers Knife

Riot Axes New PortraitI agree that one of the reasons Poacher’s Knife fails because it doesn’t do anything if your opponents take appropriate steps to stop your counterjungling. We’re working on an update to that item (no details yet). One of the goals is definitely ensuring that it’s a valuable item even if you don’t get a chance to steal camps, and ideally there’ll be some fringe cases where it’s the ideal jungle item for you even if you don’t plan to invade.

I would like it to include at least a soft push towards counterjungling on that item, but certainly not the current version where you get nothing if you don’t counterjungle.

As far as trying to make junglers into just one role, that is absolutely contrary to our goals. I realize that that’s how the current jungle feels, but that’s one of the big reasons we feel compelled to act – it’s a problem to be fixed.

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Players just dont find counterjungling to be viable

Riot Axes New PortraitYou’re right. If we want counterjungling to be a thing, we have to make it a thing.

The design of Poacher’s Knife assumed that we had made counterjungling broadly desirable. The move speed and such were intended as a useful tool for someone who already planned to do that. The bonus gold was intended to help players understand what to do with the item, NOT to be the primary benefit for counterjungling.

Clearly, that’s not what happened.

We do see counterjungling on live, but it is sporadic and opportunistic – junglers whose plan is mostly to gank lanes happen to see the enemy jungler ganking bot, so they take a camp and get out.

In the short term, we’re going to be embracing that kind of counterjungling and supporting it with an item that might help you do it a little more but isn’t aimed at hardcore, dedicated counterjungle; it might cause you to reprioritize actions a bit, but you’re still doing basically what junglers do. You called out vision, so I’ll just say – vision is a GREAT tool here in some form.

In the longer term, we’d like to land in a place where dedicated counterjungling is a valuable action to take regardless of what item you choose, and then make sure Poacher’s Knife is a strong tool to help you achieve it. You already want to steal that camp if you can get away with it; Poacher’s Knife helps you do that.

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Would you guys consider making the jungle easier to clear

Ypherion New PortraitWe need to be careful here, but you’ll see some, relatively light, changes in this direction in the next patch or two.

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The recent nerfs harmed your long term goals with the jungle

Fearless New PortraitSo, I personally didn’t communicate the reasoning for a lot of the jungle changes recently in a way that made them look like anything but some pretty harsh nerfs. I understand how painful some of these changes are, and more importantly, how they created a feeling that we weren’t responding to the pain with anything more than further nerfs.

Many of those changes were foundational for the changes we’re going for in 5.5. As an example, giving tanks this sort of power increase and the ability to freely swap between Rangers and Stalkers meant that they quickly power cleared their way to their often mega powered level 6, and then doubled down with lock down power without a trade-off. That change also creates a lot more space for each of the jungle items to have more definition, knowing that each item represents a real choice, not a swap option each time we base.

We really wanted to talk about the changes we were setting up, but there’s a tremendous danger if Cinderhulk hadn’t been successful, for example, and the main reason that we’re sharing our plans for the future now. There is still a risk that things change very quickly for us, but better to deal with that as we have to.

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The jungle might become bette but right now its not fun

Pwyff Final PortraitWe get where you’re coming from on this, hence why we’re going with these changes sooner than later. There’s certainly a world of ideological design versus player pain and immediate value, and we’re always trying to find the balance between the two.

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New Jungle Enchantment Cinderhulk and changes to Gromps Smite Buff

A new enchantment was added to the PBE recently for testing. It’s aimed squarely at low-damage tank junglers who need it to clear camps faster.


Cinderhulk (New Enchantment)
  • Grants 350 Health and 25% Bonus Health
  • Total cost is 2200 Gold, Recipe cost – 350 Gold (if applied to Stalker’s Blade or Ranger’s Trailblazer the recipe cost is currently 150 Gold, but it’s not intended)
  • UNIQUE Passive – Immolate: While in combat, deals 15 (+1 per champion level) magic damage a second to nearby enemies. This increases up to 100% based on time in combat.

Cinderhulk Enchantment


Fearless New PortraitHey all,

We have some big changes for jungle tanks on the PBE today. As you might have seen from our highlight post on the jungle, we’re looking to solve some of gaps between tanks and the rest of the pack with a new tanky enchant as well as making Gromp explicitly reward tanks over other junglers.

First, what was wrong with Juggernaut? First, it wasn’t explicitly improving clear speeds for tanks in comparison to other junglers. Others get to build incremental increases in damage with their components, but tanks just got… tankier without much else. Juggernaut also failed to feel like the foundation of a tanky build, as much as it was simply a decent chunk of stats that could make anyone more durable.

Enter Cinderhulk.

This new enchant builds out of a new component, Bami’s Cinder, which grants +300 HP and a mini Sunfire aura (now the Immolate aura). This gives tanks a boost both in their durability and their ability to get through camps. Once upgraded to Cinderhulk, the enchant gives champions a version of Immolate that ramps up with time-in-combat, rewarding those who are happy to get into the middle of a fight and stay there. The base health on Cinder Hulk is lower than Juggernaut (350 down from 500), but in the place of base stats, Cinderhulk now grants +25% bonus health. This means jungle tanks get more for their gold as they build tanky.

Along a similar line, we wanted Gromp’s Smite buff to do more for tanks that can need the bump in clear power, while not making it a universally powerful clear tool. Gromp’s poison armor now scales up with the bonus health of the owner, allowing tanks to opt into extra clear speed when they need it.

These items are aimed at 5.5, so we’re looking to get lots of coverage for bug fixes and polish to make sure we can see these hit live as smoothly as possible. We can’t wait to test these out with you all!

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So youre buffing tanks in the early game because they cant get to buying the new item

Pwyff Final PortraitThis is our challenge as well – what conclusion we did come to was that Cinderhulk leads to a stronger “endgame fantasy” (aw yiss season 2014), but you have to want to get to that world to start feeling satisfied. Rengar might not have the greatest lv1 clear but you know he’ll “turn on” at some point, so you know the tradeoffs. Right now tanks just don’t feel as satisfying in the early levels so they can’t see the future.

Some psychological thing about not being able to synthesize the proper mental frame of mind to appreciate something in the future because you assume you’ll be in the same state as now. That was a confusing sentence, sorry.

Anyway tldr would be we’re looking to make early clears a little more satisfying so players on these tanky junglers can feel like they want to get to the Cinderhulk and beyond. It’s partially perception design and partially power design. But we’re definitely trying not to ‘double down’ on these buffs.

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Have you considered adding an item that helps support focused junglers with vision

Riot Axes New PortraitIt’s something we’re considering. Not sure if we’ll end up shipping something like that or not, but the idea definitely has merit.

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Cinderhulks bonus health increase might benefit bruisers more than tanks

Fearless New PortraitTotally reasonable feedback, but there are some elements getting over looked here. The first would be build order. It’s pretty rare that a fighter goes jungle item into Randuins. Fighter’s generally are going to opt into damage items, and eventually grab some health. This means that Cinderhulk is less effective for most of the game for them.

Tanks, on the other hand, will often opt into builds that are very defensively oriented. The nature of defensive stats also mean that the effective health growth on tanks means that even with early frozen hearts, Cinderhulk is going to make tanks noticeably more tanky, while also giving them better access to their gold income.

This is still a bit simplistic, but there’s a reasonable case for Cinderhulk favoring Tanks, and if we find that the current tuning doesn’t make this true, we have the space to change that quickly as needed.

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Are Warrior based junglers or bruisers going to end up building this too

Fearless New PortraitWe are considering changes similar to this for other Enchants. Right now, Warrior and Magus are both pretty extreme power spikes, but don’t do much to amp up the rest of your build. There’s very likely some very cool opportunity space to make these items feel better and more like the item that makes all your other items better.

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Is anything similar to this planned for Magus or Devourer junglers

Fearless New PortraitIt’s possible, but they’ll get less effective health out of their builds, as they spend more gold on offensive stats. Having some space for them to opt into that trade off is ok. If it ends up being dominant, we’d likely reduce the base health the item gives, and look to increase the long term scaling.

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Wont the burn aura attract Baron Dragon aggro

Fearless New PortraitThe damage on Cinderhulk only turns on during combat, meaning that if you haven’t taken damage or attacked, the fire aura isn’t on. This is built specifically for the situations you list.

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So when can a jungler pick this item up to help them

Fearless New PortraitGromp can fill in some of the gaps, but Bami’s Cinder is the first item to build after the machete upgrade.

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Single Posts March 1 Banner


More updates and tweaks coming to Gragas on the PBE

[ Note ] Gragas received buffs to his base mana pool and the maximum damage on his W to monsters. You can check out the buffs HERE.

Vesh Final PortraitWill probably add a couple more small ones like more ult CD reduction per rank and potentially a bit better scaling base stats. stay tuneddd

edit: to be clear by the way this is just a band-aid, not anything in place of actual gameplay/rework changes. those are still coming _^

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Why did you buff Nidalees Bushwhack damage on the PBE

[ Note ] On the PBE, Nidalee’s trap no longer deals a % current HP damage, but the base damage has been buffed and a 0.2 AP ratio has been added. You can view all her changes HERE.

Meddler Final PortraitWe’re testing a nerf to Nid’s traps specifically to target her jungle clear speed. She’s currently an extremely fast clearer which, given all the other tools she has, is a strength we don’t think she needs.

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Follow Up

So youre changing Bushwhack to slow her jungle clear speed

Meddler Final PortraitThat’s correct – we’re not trying to push her out of the jungle entirely with these changes, but we are looking to noticeably reduce her clear speed. Her W’s damage against monsters would be significantly lower under this version, given how much health they have, , even with the buffed base damage.

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Why are you buffing the AP Ratio on her Swipe Cougar E

Meddler Final PortraitNot sure about the buff to E, the designer working on these changes is out this afternoon so I don’t have full context.

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Why does Sonas ult have a scaling mana cost

Meddler Final PortraitCan’t think of a good reason off the top of the head, inclination is to standardize that to 100 like most other mana using champs with regular ults. I’ll bounce the idea off the balance team, see whether we want to throw that change into the next possible patch.

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FAQ on the updated player tooltips

[ Note ] You can now view the ‘recent playstyles’ of players on your friend list.

NinjaTabby Final PortraitHey guys! I am one of the devs that worked on this feature and want to answer some of your questions.

Where’s my updated tooltip?

We’re still in the process of rolling it out. We’ve enabled it in NA and LATAM regions so far. We are rolling out slowly so that we can keep an eye on any issues that may come up and isolate them without affecting other regions.

What do these icons mean?

As many of you noticed, these icons are consistent with Team Builder. The first icon represents the position you typically play the displayed champion in. The second icon represents the role you most commonly fill with that champion.

What even is “Recent Playstyle”?

Our goal with this is to help people looking at you get a quick idea of what you like to play. We look at your recent games, find the champion you play most often, and then the role and position you most often play with that champion. We have special handling for game types where you don’t have agency over you champion choices. This includes the random display for people who play a lot of ARAM, and exclusion of data from other game modes (such as Nemesis Draft).

We think there might still be improvements on what is shown here, so please keep the feedback coming!

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Clarity on Veigars E delay and possible buffs in future patches

[ Note ] Veigar received extensive changes in Patch 5.4. You can check them all HERE.

Meddler Final PortraitOur conclusion was that an instant stun, at that range, at that cooldown was blocking Veigar from being a healthy (and therefore able to be made powerful) champion. Adding a delay was the best way to preserve what we felt was the core of the skill (lock down an area, at a range that doesn’t require Veigar to be completely in the middle of the fight).

As a general update our initial take is that Veigar’s looking too weak after these changes. Options we’re looking at include having E stop dashes once the walls are up (people attempting to dash out get stopped and stunned), starting the delay at the start of Veigar’s cast time rather than at the end and reducing the delay on W. None of those are guaranteed changes yet of course, but that’s the sort of direction we’re thinking.

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Follow Up

When can we expect these buffs to be up on the PBE for testing

Meddler Final PortraitIt’s likely we’ll have at least some follow up changes in the next patch (5.5). It will take a little while for people to adapt to the changes to his kit though and for us to assess how that goes. Design changes for patch 5.5 are tentatively scheduled to lock mid next week and that means if bigger changes are appropriate they’ll be in 5.6 (or potentially later).

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Upcoming buff to Varus in Patch 5 5

Meddler Final PortraitThe niche we’ve got in mind for Varus is a combination of poke and moderate ranged initiation/counter initiation, primarily via his Q and R respectively. We’ve been feeling he’s a bit weak at those for a while and have been gradually buffing him as a result. That’s involved increased mana regen late last year to support poke and increased R width recently to improve his ult’s reliability. Additionally in the upcoming patch (5.5), we’ll be changing his Q cooldown to begin at start of channel, not when he fires the arrow off. That should give him access to more Q casts late game in particular, and make charged shots (as opposed to saving the Q to proc Blight) a bit more attractive.

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Kassadin will receive compensation buffs

Meddler Final PortraitWe’ll be buffing Kassadin. Not sure if any details have been worked out yet.

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DJ Sona Fan Art Collection

DJ Sona’s debut album has inspired a wave of awesome community creations. Check out this creative collection of Kinetic, Concussive, and Ethereal fan art to celebrate your favorite track! Don’t forget to click the artists’ names to see more of their work.

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大 貓





If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


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On the board forums,Ghostcrawler and Sotere discussed in length the current balance issues with League – mobility creep, an overtuned jungle and a lack of champion diversity. Over on Reddit, Lyte commented on the new Tribunal and what features will carry on from the old one. Lastly, we have a confirmation that Team Builder will be available for Ranked Games, a minor buff to Urgot coming soon, a discussion on champions with ‘bad identity’ and an awesome community spotlight showing Katarina’s daggers forged in real life.


Recent News





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How do you want or expect this season to play out

Ghostcrawler New PortraitWe want more champ diversity. A lot of the preseason changes were made with the goal of having games play out differently. Overall we are happy with the changes made to towers, objectives and the jungle, but it hasn’t yet created the space for more champs. (I should add at least within one region – if you look world-wide, diversity is preety good, but that’s largely because different champs are getting played in different parts of the world.) We knew the changes would be disruptive, meaning it might take players a few patches to explore the best strategies to use in the new environment, but things are starting to settle in now and diversity isn’t where we want it to be.

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What do you mean by wanting strategic diversity

Ghostcrawler New PortraitStrategic diversity refers both to champs and to the game itself. If every game is won with a similar comp (even if the champs are different) or every games be becomes a 5 dragon stack, then the risk still exists that the third game you play feels exactly like the previous two. On the topic of champ diversity specifically, it’s not a reasonable expectation or a goal to have every champ played equally. Champs have different play styles and themes and that all factors in. But we can do better than we do today.

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How exactly do you plan on dealing with mobility creep

Ghostcrawler New PortraitMobility is fun and useful or we wouldnt’t keep adding it to kits. The problem is that too often it comes for free just to give a champ a little extra pizzazz. Roles that need a lot of mobility, like assassins, aren’t a huge problem, but roles that already bring a lot to the table, especially mages and ADCs, can be. Even with these it doesn’t need to be an ironclad rule that they can’t dash, but they do need to pay for it elsewhere in their power budget. For these champs, we are less likely to nerf their movement mechanic and more likely to reduce their damage, survivability or control to pay for the mechanic.

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Would you agree the jungle is currently overtuned

Sotere New PortraitWe are constantly following up on the state of the jungle. Turret shields also have changes on the docket for 5.05. Giving players time to figure out changes could be construed a number of ways. Should we not change the jungle, and leave Turret Shields exactly the way they are such that players innovate around those changes?

I frequently think about and ask others in the office: what would happen to the game if we (Riot) took our hands off the wheel for a year? Would it be a better or worse game? Undoubtedly, players would innovate and we’d see some very creative meta manifestations. Overall, though, I’m confident that we do more good than harm with our updates.

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Sotere New PortraitIt is fair criticism that we overly focus on the jungle and not on the champions. I would say (as someone who works more on the jungle/systems side) we believe that the jungle can be a place that caters more favorably to tanks and that is something we have not yet delivered on.

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How do you feel about people saying that towers are too weak

Sotere New PortraitI can understand why people feel this way: we have a lot of tools available in the game to destroy turrets quickly. Full tanks, which are pretty common, can also sit and tank a lot of turret shots. However, I’m fairly confident that turrets are just all around stronger than they were before the season swap. So much so that it might have deleterious effects on the game as a whole. This is actually the most troubling mismatch of perception to power for me in the game at the moment.

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How do you feel champion diversity relates to the LCS

Sotere New PortraitThe LCS (and pro play across the world) impacts player perception and thus play rate pretty dramatically. It is hard to imagine a world where pro play has little diversity but common play does. This makes it tricky, because pros have a lot of legitimate reasons to not add a ton of variety into their play. They often use picks to steal away high priority champions from the enemy team. Teams, imo, also get advantages by practicing with similar squads in repetition, so ‘surprise’ picks are less valuable.

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Are you OK with the same champions being played most of the time

Sotere New PortraitI definitely want to see more diversity. I think even if we get champion diversity to a state where it’s “okay” in our view, we’ll still see some repetition in picks. I think balance issues are the primary culprit, though there have been some cases where professional play stubbornly would not adopt certain champions and held onto others too long.

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Do you think mobility like that of Kalista and Yasuo is good for the game

Sotere New PortraitJust wanted to touch on one point here: while they are ‘free’ in the sense that they don’t cost a resource most of the time, they are much more conditional than Kassadin. He has freedom to move any direction he wants. Yasuo can only dash into enemy targets, Kalista needs something to hit to access most of her extra mobility. To that end, they’re probably more healthy.

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If Kalistas mobility becomes a problem would you nerf her free jump from Q

ISotere New Portrait probably wouldn’t be the one to give insight to CertainlyT for her future balancing. I don’t have particularly great insights into her play. That said, Pierce is one of the things I would be least excited to see changed.

When he was in ideation he got me into a conversation about her. He asked, (paraphrasing of course) “shadow isles evil-ish marksman, what weapon do they use?” I said spear. He said he’d already settled on that but was just making sure it made sense. Then he was like, “when you think of a spear thrower, what excites you about what they do?” My response was that I really liked in movies when the character launches the spear after throwing their whole body (jumping) into it. The extra momentum really sells the use of the weapon for me. I think Pierce sells that fantasy the most for me.

In her development she also would do more damage when moving forward with her passive, which I thought made a lot of thematic sense.

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New Tribunal Banner 2

I miss doing Tribunal work

Lyte Final PortraitEvery once in awhile, I see a thread like this and it’s a :( day.

Tribunal’s been down for 9 months, and we know that’s a long time. However, player behavior in League has been at record bests due to a few different systems that were implemented while Tribunal is being re-worked.

1) The new LeaverBuster has been out for 2 months now, and has pushed leavers/AFKs to a record low in the history of League. I’m hoping to share more data around this when we wrap up analyses.

2) The machine learning system has been extremely aggressive at combating racism, homophobia, sexism and death threats. Right now, these types of behaviors show up in approximately 2% of games globally. An interesting “test” is to think about your last few games, and think about the last time you actually saw someone use the “n” word, or c*nt, or similar obscene phrases.

3) There is a new intentional feeder detection system that has been banning out intentional feeders outright. We have a record low in number of players who are actually intentionally feeding (the old days of 0-20 and 5 Zeals are gone).

But, this is not an excuse for the Tribunal’s delay. It just turns out that re-working the Tribunal required re-working several foundational pieces of League, such as the Report System’s backend, how chat logs are generated on the platform, and how websites/front-ends are created across every server. When players think of “just” re-working the Tribunal, they don’t think about all these other pieces which are each complex systems.

In addition to the above, the new Tribunal will have the ability for players to review positive behaviors and reward players with in-game bonuses, and some algorithmic upgrades to improve efficiency of the system, accuracy in detecting troll voters, and improves overall system accuracy.

I’m happy to answer some questions for a bit tonight, but apologize for the delay in the system coming back.

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Being personally involved in cases feels rewarding

Lyte Final PortraitWe completely agree, there’s huge value in the ability for players to directly contribute to the community standards, whether it’s rewards or punishments.

Part of the re-work is actually re-working the Justice Review (the place players can visit to see their contributions to the community overall). What are some stats that players would like to see on the Justice Review?

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The Justice Rating made me feel bettering the community was worth it

Lyte Final PortraitThanks for the feedback. You’ll be happy to hear that we agree with a lot of it, and # of cases judged correctly, total number of cases, and toxic days prevented are staying.

In addition, we’re adding number of positive players you influenced (after all, it’s pretty awesome to know you made someone’s day!). We’re currently back and forth about what to do with the Justice Rating and Longest Streaks and whether we just need to change the definition of those things to motivate players to always make the best decision instead of what they think will increase these numbers.

The Tribunal’s tuning was always on the conservative side; toxic players might not agree and once in awhile you used to see these players complain on Reddit, but the system was always tuned such that we’d rather err on the cautious side and make sure no innocent players received a penalty instead of trying to target all known negative behaviors. Perhaps in the future we can allow top Tribunal voters (in terms of accuracy + engagement) be able to flag cases for our Player Support if the verdicts were wrong. We’ll see.

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Leaverbuster doesnt work leavers should be handled by the Tribunal

Lyte Final PortraitWe agree, there will always be some amount of emergency AFKs/Leavers.

However, before LeaverBuster, there were a lot of intentional leavers as well; surprisingly, a lot of players came from FPS/MMOs/etc where leaving really had no penalty, so they just Alt-F4’d or left in League thinking there were no penalties for MOBAs either.

We had to tackle that problem first, then it becomes a question of what should we do when there is the rare 4v5 match. We have some solutions in mind already, but want to see how LeaverBuster shakes out, and what the remaining issues are with leavers/AFKs.

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Single Posts February 23 Banner



Upcoming minor buff to Urgot

Meddler Final PortraitWe’re going to try a small mana ratio on his shield in testing soon. That was something that showed some promise when tried briefly last time we were testing possible changes for Urgot. Didn’t proceed with it at the time due to a desire to focus on other things first and see what impact those had. The last set of changes certainly didn’t overbuff him though, so we’re going to look at it again.

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Do you think a champion can have a bad identity that can only be reworked

Meddler Final PortraitI’d argue it’s definitely possible to have a champion with a core identity that isn’t worth keeping. This will be a bit hyperbolic, but imagine a champion that was built around the core idea of ‘complete randomness’, expressed through things like a passive that reads ‘When attacking champions you have a 50% change to kill yourself per auto attack and a 50% chance to kill your target’. There’s a really distinct identity there, but it’s not one that’s going to result in good gameplay.

That’s a pretty extreme example though of course, and one that assumes something went really, really wrong during a champ’s development. Being more realistic, what we tend to see are problems with how an identity is executed on, more than problems with core identity. Old Soraka was a strong example of this. Soraka’s identity has always been as the healerest healer in LoL (even if she hasn’t necessarily always putting out the most actual healing). Her old, old kit however, that allowed her to spend mana to heal an ally and then top up her own mana for free, resulted in some lanes where nothing really happened. In some match ups Soraka’s lane couldn’t kill you, but damage dealt to her or her ADC didn’t stick, resulting in low action farm fests. Our conclusion there, eventually, was that ‘dedicated healer’ was a solid identity it was appropriate to include, but that it needed to be done in a way that didn’t nullify past action as strongly. As a result Soraka’s recent rework allowed her to put out significantly more healing per second, but at the expense of her own health, avoiding stagnant lanes. Same foundational concept, pretty different execution on it basically.

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 Why are Veigars changes locked for Patch 5 4

Meddler Final PortraitIn case it’s unclear the changes aren’t necessarily ‘permanent’ but they are what’s going into patch 5.4. Locked in this context means we’ve reached the patch deadline and can no longer make changes to content going out in it. We’re confident enough in this direction for Veigar that we think it’s appropriate to put the changes out, assess how he performs and then adjust as appropriate in following patches.

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Team Builder coming to Ranked Games

Lyte Final PortraitWe’re working on a Team Builder version of Ranked that is just selecting positions. That system in particular should help address problems like the one you noted.

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Follow Up

Can you explain how the system will work for Ranked

Lyte Final PortraitWe are locking down the final designs of Ranked Team Builder, so it’s still too early to talk about it!

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DJ Sona QA on February 24

DJ Sona’s tech crew steps out from behind the curtain for a question and answer session at 12:00 PSTon February 24. If you’re looking to go backstage with DJ Sona and the rest of the skins team, swing by with your questions!

If you missed DJ Sona’s opening set, get all the details on League’s premier disc jockey here.

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How to make Katarinas Daggers

Here’s some amazing blacksmith skills brought to the world of League:




If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



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Over at Inven, Lead Designer Solcrushed hosted an AMA regarding Poppy’s rework, the state of some champions and his opinion on boobs. On the board forums, Meddler commented on Irelia and Urgot’s upcoming gameplay updates and Riot’s progress at re-writing League’s code. To wrap up, a host of amazing cosplayers in Lunar Revel attire.


Recent News




Patch 5.4 drops this Tuesday! Here’s everything it’ll contain:




Solcrushed AMA Banner

Lead Designer Solcrushed recently held an AMA on the Korean site Inven. Redditor Calycae has translated all questions and answers HERE. Below you can find a breakdown of the translated AMA:


Solcrushed AMA [ Translated ]



Solcrushed New PortraitIntro

Hello Inven,

I am Riot Solcrushed and I work as a game designer at Riot

I was in the Live Design team and now I am working night and day ruining your favorite characters in the Champion Update team. My current project is Poppy.



Poppys Rework



Tell me a little about the Poppy rework

Solcrushed New PortraitWe are currently trying to transform Poppy into a tank instead of her current assassin role. We are trying to make her a feisty yordle who packs a big punch with her hammer and shield.




Do you really need to change Poppys entire skillset

Solcrushed New PortraitPoppy’s skillset makes her a champion that should NEVER get farmed. If Poppy becomes fotm after a VU we might even need to nerf her. A sion-level remake is planned for Poppy.




Which skill do you think represents Poppy the most

Solcrushed New PortraitPoppy’s E, a tiny yordle smashing a giant champion to the wall is what makes her attractive.





Will Poppys ult mechanism stay the same

Solcrushed New PortraitNope.






Champion Balance



Quinn under-performs as a marksman what do you think about that

Solcrushed New PortraitQuinn was designed to be a special ops champion so we are okay with her not being a good marksman, but we think that her commando side is lacking and requires buffs. Also when we remake ‘easy’ characters we try to maintain the difficulty.




What do you think of Tristana and Miss Fortunes current states

Solcrushed New PortraitI think we are going to wait a little before we make changes to Tristana. MF has a unique design and her winrate isn’t half bad so I don’t think she’s going to receive any changes soon.




Whats your opinion on Mordekaiser

Solcrushed New PortraitMorde is going to receive some buffs but a remake is going to take a while. We think that Morde needs a giant remake to fix his problems.





Will Gragas be buffed again

Solcrushed New PortraitI think he’s going to receive some more buffs





Are you pleased with Viktors remake

Solcrushed New PortraitI am disappointed that we didn’t get to change Viktor’s ult, if we had a little more time we would’ve made changes to it.





How is Ryzes rework coming along

Solcrushed New PortraitWe are trying to maintain Ryze’s core concepts. (Tanky spell spamming mid-range mage)





What does Riot think about Quinn

Solcrushed New PortraitWe originally designed her to be a guerilla style ranger. An ADC that is able to provide everything she needs by herself.





Dont you think Fiddle support was nerfed way too muc

Solcrushed New PortraitWe changed Fiddle’s Q and E because it’s design was flawed, it provided no counterplay to the opponents.





Any gameplay rework or visual update planned for Swain

Solcrushed New PortraitNone at the moment, but I want to make some changes to him






Any news about Gangplanks rework

Solcrushed New PortraitIt’s in its very early stages so we can’t really say anything about it.






Do you think Rivens autoattack cancels need to be removed

Solcrushed New PortraitI think Riven’s auto animation cancel gives players the sense that she takes skill to play so I think it’s okay.





What is the biggest factor for a champion to be buffed or nerfed

Solcrushed New PortraitThere are a lot of factors that lead to a champion’s buff/nerf, but usually it is when

  1. A champion has a ridiculously high/low winrate for no reason.
  2. When we realize that our champion design was flawed
  3. When it is dominating competitive games excessively



Garens E scales with crit chance cant you remove it and buff the damage

Solcrushed New PortraitThe crit component is an ancient mechanic, if Garen is going to receive changes I think that the crit component will receive changes first. Since it is hard for Garen to hit enemies in the back we want him to do enough damage to the champions in the frontline.



You said you were 90 done with Dariu’ rework what happened

Solcrushed New PortraitWe have encountered a big obstacle in middle of the remake so we have put a pause on the project for now.





Will Twisted Fate be reworked

Solcrushed New PortraitI don’t think TF is in need of a rework. The only skill that I think might need a change is his E.






General Balance




Aggressive junglers are currently dominating the meta any solutions

Solcrushed New PortraitThe Game Systems dept is looking into it right now, personally even if the jungle is reverted to the season 2 state I think aggressive junglers will still be dominant. It has been proven from the top tier teams that the early level engages are very crucial to the outcome of the game so I think that there needs to be change to the jungle’s fundamentals rather than some changes to the jungle’s difficulty levels.



Do you think tank champions are in a good place at the moment

Solcrushed New PortraitI think tank champions are underperforming because dive-oriented initiators outperform pure tanks atm.





Can you revert top lane into a bloody brawlzone like it was before

Solcrushed New PortraitThis is an issue even the developers have mixed opinions about. I personally think that Teleport’s effectiveness needs to be nerfed but some fundamental problems with top lane has been solved because of Teleport so I think that’s the reason the Game Systems team is being so cautious.




Is it true youre changing all champions to be more skillintensive

Solcrushed New PortraitI think that the changes are made because our playerbase’s difficulty capacity has increased over the years.





Why are you changing targeted skills to skillshots lately

Solcrushed New PortraitThere are some situations where we want skills to be reliable and easy to use so no






Why did you make Magic Pen a core stat and not a secondary tertiary one

Solcrushed New PortraitPenetration plays a major roll in the game’s overall pace and balance so it’s hard to make any changes to it atm, but if I were to make a new game I would probably make it an additional stat.









What do you think about the cost increase of the jungle items

Solcrushed New PortraitThe Game Systems team is currently looking to make some changes to the jungle so that weak champions can clear camps easier early game.





Will you change Essence Reaver

Solcrushed New PortraitEssence Reaver was designed to support crazy out-of-the-meta builds so I think it’s in a good state atm





Will there be a new Magic Resist item

Solcrushed New PortraitWe feel that we need to make a MR item that counters AP damage dealers, I suggested the idea to the game systems team and they had positive feelings about it.





Why was Sword of the Divine removed

Solcrushed New PortraitWe concluded that SOTD effects the game’s balance negatively so we removed the item.





Whats your opinion on the Elixirs

Solcrushed New PortraitWe wanted Elixirs to be a game-deciding item but it’s not used as much so we are a little disappointed.





Unrelated Other



Do you have any plans on changing the Summoner Spell system

Solcrushed New PortraitWe also feel that a new UI for the summons is neededed but there’s just way too many things on our priority list so it’s hard to say when it will be coming.





How did you get a job at Riot

Solcrushed New PortraitIt’s a funny story, I actually wanted to work in the Legal Affairs team but the design director approached me and asked if I wanted to work as a designer.





How many champion reworks are you currently working on

Solcrushed New Portraitfour






Do people look at your ingame rank when you apply for Riot Games

Solcrushed New PortraitIf you are working for the Play Testing team or the Live Balance team, yes.






Is Amumus music video teasing something new

Solcrushed New PortraitOne good thing about working at Riot is that we have a lot of freedom in performing ‘passion projects.’ Not all of our work has deep meanings behind them (…).





Who has the highest tier in the balance team

Solcrushed New PortraitThere were two season 4 challengers.





Boobs or tits

Solcrushed New PortraitBoobs.






Single Posts 22 Feb Banner



Here’s some official art by Aqua Moon: a concept for Underworld Wukong, spell icons for numerous champions and the different Ranked Leagues!

10-+CHARA_7+Underworld+Wukong+by+Aquatic+Moon (1) original



And here’s the latest episode of /ALL CHAT with host Melonie Mac:



Will you ever completely rewrite the code for LoL

Meddler Final PortraitSome of the code’s updated or rewritten entirely every patch. Which bits depend on where we think there’s the most value (what features should be added, where do we see the most problematic or common bugs, are there ways to make the game run more efficiently etc).

As far as attack speed goes the cap’s not there for code reasons, but gameplay and animation ones. On the gameplay side having a cap allows you to take a maximum into account for balance reasons (what’s the absolute max Xin Zhao can reduce his CDs by for example). Animation wise it then gives a range of possible attack speeds that attacks need to be made to look good and feel right for (do attacks remain distinct, feel natural, read clearly etc).

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Can we have an update on Urgots rework

Meddler Final PortraitLong term we’ve got a full rework planned for Urgot. That’s a long way off though, he’s both a big project and not first in the queue. Shorter term (starting next week) we’re going to explore some small, quick buffs for him. Hopefully find some stuff to help him out a bit in the meantime without reintroducing any of the problems that lead to him getting heavily nerfed in the first place.

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Whatre your plans for Irelias gameplay rework

[ Note ] You can find a post from IronStylus regarding Irelia’s visual update HERE.

Meddler Final PortraitWe don’t have anything concrete on the gameplay side at the moment. She’s got a lot of potential we’d like to develop at some point, missed opportunities on the telekinetic blade side in particular as Ironstylus has mentioned. She’s in a reasonable spot balance wise right now though, and does have some really cool moments (Q chaining especially IMO), so other champs are higher priority for gameplay work right now.

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Whats been the hardest item to code

Reinboom Final PortraitNot counting early items (There was a time when actives didn’t exist in alpha, after all. Technically the first active probably was the hardest? Or maybe the first item at all)

Zz’Rot Portal is the most complex.

Some of the new tech in Zz’Rot:

  • The health bar. The minorest of it all. We couldn’t put a timer bar on structures before the void gate.
  • Unit tagging (arbitrary designation of “types” on a unit and in an inherited fashion)… in order to make:
  • AI behavior filtering based on tags. This is how Voidspawn ignores Void creatures and Champions (including clones).
  • “Gameplay” Navigation cell tagging. We had behaviored nav cells before (pathable, wall, stops vision, grants vision, brush…) but we didn’t have arbitrary tagging before that was exposed to our gameplay system. Nor did we have it when we released Zz’Rot (and instead I did some janky math to get it to assign lanes kind of correctly). We made that tech for first intent of making it so Zz’Rot’s spawn direction is sensible.

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To wrap up this Sunday, here’s a collection of awesome cosplays for Lunar Revel!


The moon is about to set on this year’s Lunar Revel, which means it’s time to shine a lantern on the finest Lunar Revel, Blood Moon and Warring Kingdoms cosplay photos you guys submitted in response to our January call for entries. It was a joy to review all the submissions – incredible work as always!

If you like what you see, don’t forget to click on the cosplayers’ names beneath their photos and tell them how much you enjoy their work.


Jobofish (NA)



Maro Chan (NA)
Photographer: Wai Leong Go



Umaslady (EUW)



nvoysoldier Cosplay (EUW)



Mowky Cosplay (EUW)
Photographer: Ingo Stein



Core Cosplay (EUW)



JJ Cosplay (NA)



Yuan0621 (NA)



Ruvvet (NA)



Yaya Han (NA)



ElectricPuppy122 (NA)



Yumée (EUW)



Kiilys (EUW)



Giulietta Zawadzki (EUW)



Shiroki (EUW)



isbaerfussel (EUW)



Miyu Shizuki (EUW)



MissAce (EUW)



SetoDuCutu (EUW)



Odeus Cosplay (NA)



Yugi Doge (NA)



generalricochet (LAS)



okageo (NA)



Yep Cosplay-typus (EUW)



And remember, cosplay is always more fun when done with friends!


teru kuro namida (EUW) and his friends
Photographer: Sergio Riedel



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



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Meddler has confirmed that tank junglers like Zac, Nautilus and Nunu will be receiving buffs in the next few patches; no news yet on whether Rammus and Amumu will receive tweaks. DJ Sona will be discounted to 2450 RP on release, Veigar‘s PBE changes are locked for Patch 5.4, Azir will be receiving compensation for his recent nerfs, IronStylus talks Irelia’s future redesign, new champion has been confirmed to have no knock-up abilities and an opportunity to share a school story about  making friendships through games!

Table of Contents


Recent News




All PBE Updates for Patch 5.4 Cycle:


Tank Junglers Banner


 Can we have an update on tank junglers

Meddler Final PortraitWe’re aiming to buff a number of tanks in the jungle in patch 5.5 and/or patch 5.6 (5.3’s the current live patch, design work on 5.4’s just finished for context). To start with that’ll involve looking at tanks that are struggling a bit (definitely Zac, potentially Nautilus, Nunu etc).

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Wont buffing Rangers Trailblazer help tanks jungle easier

Riot Axes New PortraitSo, just for some context here, the item sustain has been tuned around jungle goals and not the other way around. That is, taking camps is supposed to cost some of your resources and the items aren’t supposed to be able to shortcut that too much.

We are definitely looking at the jungle items, with Skirmisher’s Sabre and Poacher’s Knife up for fairly significant changes, though maybe not on the same cadence that Meddler mentioned (those changes are targeted more at making sure the whole set ends up in a good place, not specifically at making particular junglers feel good).

We’re also looking at the enchantments – no details right now, but Juggernaut is on our hit list both in final item and build path, with the goal of making it actually work for jungle tanks. There are a few other things in progress right now, and we’ll see where they land.

Tl;dr: Trailblazer itself is unlikely to receive buffs, but we hear you on jungle tanks and we are working on it. We want those champs to feel good to play.

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What about Rammus and Amumu

Meddler Final PortraitRammus and Amumu will both be looked at to see what they need, though potentially as part of a second set (whether in the same patch cycle or a later one) depending on how long work on the first set takes.

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Single Posts


25 discount on DJ Sona for release

Veigars changes are locked for Patch 5 4

[ Note ] You can check all of Veigar’s changes for Patch 5.4 here.

Meddler Final PortraitThe Veigar changes for 5.4 are locked. Directionally we believe a delay on Veigar’s E is essential to making Veigar healthy (so that we can be happy if he’s strong and popular, rather than definitely having to nerf him if that happens). If that delay does prove to be too long we’ll reduce it, given it’s much harder to shut Veigar’s laning down given the extra range and shorter CD on his Q however that delay’s our best estimate on appropriate for the upcoming patch.

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Azir is currently at 38 winrate Will he be buffed soon

Meddler Final PortraitWe’re working on some Azir buffs at the moment, the recent nerfs hit him harder than intended. It’s very likely, though not guaranteed yet, that those changes will include adding at least some range back onto his W.

Odds are high those buffs will be in the 5.5 patch (5.4’s already locked so we can’t do the next patch, we would like to get these out as soon as feasible though).

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Lunar Revel festivities wind down

The sky lights up as one last round of fireworks explodes, celebrating the end of this year’s Lunar Revel. Legacy content (listed below) heads back into the vault when the festivities end so grab all your favorites by February 23!

  • Dragonblade Riven
  • Warring Kingdowms Tryndamere
  • Firecracker Ward
  • Firecracker Icon
  • Year of the Goat Icon


Next champion will not have a knock up

Meddler Final PortraitI would like to take you up on that bet for enormous amounts of money.

Or, to be even blunter about it – no, no knock up on the next champ. Probably none on the next couple of champs either, though that’s not completely certain yet.

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Whatre your ideas for Irelias upcoming redesign

IronStylus Final PortraitA lot of what she’ll be depends a whole hell of a lot on a gameplay overhaul. She’s currently viewed as a larger scope project, but if gameplay is able to ship something first, we might scale back the scope. I don’t think that they have a kit currently however. She’s technically in the “high-opportunity” bucket, but chances are she’d need a whole lot of support from all three disciplines.

Personally, I like to design around story and gameplay. I can work with her being an Ionian general wielding unobtainium soul-blades. That’s cool to build off of. However if we overhaul her narrative aspects, some things might change, but I don’t see her main reads as changing. She’s not going to turn into a magic wand user or anything.

The version I have currently sort of looks like a blend of some internal Ionian exploration we’ve worked on as well as some hints of Yasuo’s armor plates and Karma’s clothing style. I riffed off of Yasuo to give her a fuller set of armor that sort of follows the plating of his armored arm. Sort of like.. what would the military version of that look like, and how does it’s general sensibilities work as a whole costume?

Aside from that, that’s all I really have. It’ll be a good jumping off point for us when the discussion comes around though.

I’m really excited for her whenever we do decide to start pre-production on her!

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How have video games influenced your friendships in school

Riot Sherman505Over the last couple weeks, I have been working on this NACC recap article. It got me thinking a lot about the friendships I developed playing League in college.

College is a strange time in everyones life. It’s essentially a social reset where you’re left to build a whole new group of friends. During the weeks leading up to my first day of school, I started playing League with a friend’s friend. Since it was the summer, we played a few times a day and really got to know each other. It was about a week before school started that we realized we were going to be attending the same college and would live in the same dormitory.

I missed the official move in date and showed up a few days late after all the freshman orientation activities, so everyone sort of had a leg up on me. Once I met up with him I was introduced to everyone he had already been hanging out with. We all had a common interest in video games, and it wasn’t long until we all played League together for the first time (had to play in the communal laundry room for the best connection).

The people I met in that first week went on to be my roommates for the next four years. We played in some of the first college tournaments and eventually started a League of Legends club at our school. Even now that we have graduated, we still play League together as much as possible.

How has League (or other video games) influenced your friendships in school?

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


News 13 02 Banner



Mordekaiser will be moving from a nuker into a fighter role with Patch 5.4. Also, Veigar‘s kit will be significantly reworked to introduce more counterplay and buff him up after the removal of DFG. Meddler discusses Kalista’s current state, the scaling on her auto-attack wind up and her damage against objectives with Rend, IronStylus comments on Demacians wearing skintight suits and how Taric’s rework is going. Lastly, some of Syndra’s recent nerfs may be rolled back, most prominently the width of her E stun and an explanation from Xypherous on why Ruby Sightstone is designed to be underwhelming.


Recent News





Mordekaiser Changes Banner



Changes to Mordekaiser in Patch 5 4

Chun Final PortraitHi guys, when we removed DFG in 5.2,we have said we will do some changes towards Mordekaiser . And now let’s talk about it with details.

Currently on live, Mordekaiser is mainly being played as a burst mage and functions debatably ‘well’ in that way. But since DFG is gone, Mordekaiser has run into trouble in the late game because one of his essential play-patterns (blow someone up for a ghost) no longer functions well there.

Right now, we’re looking at Mordekaiser and we think he definitely needs some help there. That said, the “burst mage” play-pattern doesn’t serve well enough both in this champion’s fantasy and the counterplay (or lack of) around it. So we’re aiming to make this big-full-metal guy a fighter/brawler which better fits his fantasy and is more aligned with his shield passive mechanics. We get there are people who liked the whole “Mordekaiser explodes people” play style, but we just can’t keep it balanced and healthy in the current state of the game. Our changes aren’t to shift his damage significantly, but we want him to be thinking about that shield while he’s in the middle of the fight.

High level, our first change is that now Mordekaiser’s shield gain is base on his maximum health instead of damage he deals. By doing this, Mordekaiser will be able to survive long enough to shine on the battle ground with his sustained damage/ghost if he chooses to be tanky. And for enemies, Mordekaiser is no longer a moving short range cannon, but slow metal tank who can be kited. Also Morde’s shield doesn’t decay while in combat (after 5 seconds it begins decaying).

Secondly, Mordekaiser’s burst damage will goes down a bit but, over time, his damage output will be the same or slightly increased. So he will not burst you down but still remain threatening over time.

Third, Mordekaiser’s shield now works the same as Nunu’s bloodboil (cast on an ally, Mordekaiser also gets the shield) and if they run toward each other, they’ll gain a mini speed boost. Think magnets.

Last, Mordekaiser’s ghost will be more intuitive and clear in target selection. So Mordekaiser and his ghost no longer grant whacky stats from each other, but straightforward and intuitive stats: Mordekaiser now will gain health/ap from his ghost’s bonus health and ability power, while Mordekaiser’s stats will help the ghost scale up (but the type of ghost he grabs (ie: Mage / Marksmen / Tank) will have an impact on their performance).

So TL:DR we want to make Mordekaiser more of a brawly-scrappy champion because his current successful play pattern of “explode someone, get a Ghost, roll over the game” is near impossible to tune without hurting some players. This gives us more space to help Mordekaiser succeed while not confusing others as to why a big suit of armor is super squishy and bursty.

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Can you give Mordekaisers ghosts the option to attack move

Chun Final PortraitI believe currently Pets already does what you said about “automatically attacking your current basic attack/single target skill target if they don’t currently have a target.”

But I’m afraid the idea of “make Pets able to attack-move” will provide a lot of hidden power(or unnecessary power) for all the “Pets”, it is important for player to understand how strong the “Pet” is, especially for those guys who play with/against. Unfortunately this Idea is against that.

Right now the minion AI have a problem that after you input any “move” commander they will just “hold” at destination instead of attacking afterwards. I believe this create a lot of frustration and it’s something I’m looking into.

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How drastic are these damage changes Will this affect laning wave clear

Chun Final PortraitThe damage changes will be small, our goal is to reduce his burst potential but remain the prolong threat.

I would say his laning will be approximately the same or slightly weaker and his wave clear will be approximately the same or slightly stronger (in lane).

But late game his wave clear will be weaker mainly because we are not expecting him to build full damage at that point.

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Will his health costs be decreased to compensate for his lowered damage

Chun Final PortraitShort answer, yes!

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Veigar in 5 4 Banner



SmashGizmo Final PortraitHey guys, SmashGizmo here to talk to you about some changes to the Tiny Master of Evil coming to PBE soon.

A vital part of Veigar’s identity has always been about catching people out and 100-0ing them in the blink of an eye, so when we were looking to remove DFG, Veigar was sitting at the top of the list of characters affected by the removal. When looking at a lot of these characters, we found that the full 100-0 combo wasn’t something we wanted to support and decided to re-focus them around other aspects of their kits (i.e. making Ahri more about her movement than the 1-shot combo). But for Veigar, this approach seemed off. He is the quintessential burst mage and we wanted to find a way to let him continue to function as such in a world without DFG. Enter the Q double-hit.


Baleful Strike Final IconBaleful Strike [ Q ]

  • Changed to a skill shot that stops on the second unit hit
  • Grants 1 AP for each unit killed
  • Range increased to 850 from 650
  • Cooldown changed to 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 from 8/7/6/5/4


By amping up the AP farming mini-game on his Q, we’re creating a new path for Veigar players to achieve their dream of pressing a single button and watching an enemy disappear. As it turns out though, this worked a bit too well, and pretty early in playtesting, we found that Veigar was reliably deleting people a bit too early in the game, so we had to make some small adjustments to his ult.


Primordial Burst Final IconPrimordial Burst [ R ]

  • AP Ratio reduced to 1.0 from 1.2 (Ratio on enemy’s AP unchanged)
  • Mana Cost flattened to 125 at all ranks from 125/175/225
  • Cooldown reduced to 120/100/80 from 130/110/90


While 0.2 is a sizeable hit to his Ult’s ratio, I want to stress that Veigar is getting quite a bit more AP from his Q in this version than on live and reassure any worried Veigar players out there that we’re still seeing those beefy 2K+ Primordial Bursts in the late game with this version.

From here, we should move on to talking about Event Horizon and how it fits into the picture. With the current version of Event Horizon, the optimal use is for the Veigar player to place his Event Horizon such that it immediately stuns his opponent. This leads to the ability feeling like a particularly awkward skill shot with almost no dodgability provided to the opponent once the Veigar player masters aiming it. When we took a step back and thought about what the ability was really trying to get at, we saw the ideal Event Horizon being more about trapping your opponent in a cage for Veigar to torment than simply about stunning a dude at 1025 range. In the interest of pushing towards this ideal, we’ve added a delay and warning particle to Event Horizon to encourage Veigar to use it more to trap opponents than to immediately stun them.


Event Horizon Final IconEvent Horizon [ E ]

  • Has a 0.75 second delay with a warning particle before the walls appear
  • Mana Cost decreased to 80/85/90/95/100 from 80/90/100/110/120
  • Cooldown reduced to 18/17/16/15/14 from 20/19/18/17/16
  • Range increased to 700 from 650


This definitely represents a shift in how Veigar uses this ability, but our belief is that this version of the spell is much healthier and leads to more fun interactions between Veigar and his hapless victims. Instead of blowing up a prone target, Veigar traps his prey in a chamber of horrors and shoots Baleful Strikes at them and drops Dark Matters where they have limited space to dodge. Speaking of Dark Matter, meteors are pretty cool and frankly, Veigar doesn’t get to drop quite enough of them on people’s heads.


Dark Matter Final IconDark Matter [ W ]

  • Mana Cost reduced to 70/75/80/85/90 from 70/80/90/100/110
  • Cooldown reduced to 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 from 10 at all ranks


And with that, we’ve hit the full set of Veigar changes that are about to hit a PBE near you.

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Kalista Nerfs Banner



How would you go about nerfing Kalista

Meddler Final PortraitWhat we’re currently looking is reducing the amount her attack wind ups get faster when she gets attack speed.

When champions get attack speed they both make more attacks per second and each individual attack takes less time to perform. In Kalista’s case that means she’s spending less time in her attack windup and so she gets to dash more often/doesn’t spend as much time preparing to dash. Attack speed’s making her more mobile than we think’s appropriate, so we’re going to adjust that.

As per usual we’ll then see what sort of spot she lands in after that change, assess whether other changes are appropriate too or not.

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Kalistas problem is that her Rend outscales Smite at any point in the game

Meddler Final PortraitWe’re confident that the amount of extra mobility Kalista gets from attack speed is a problem, so we’re addressing that, given how effective she can be against some melee champions especially. Regardless of what changes it might or might not be appropriate to make to her E we believe this change is a good one.

As far as her E and Smite go creating an ADC with really strong objective control if she can spend a decent chunk of time attacking a target was something we wanted to try out with Kalista. Various other ADCs are great for objective control too, they do it by helping you kill baron or dragon really fast though (think Vayne or Kog for example). We wanted to offer objective strength in a different way and Kalista’s certainly doing that. Whether she’s too effective in that role, in terms of forcing the enemy to deal with her rather than trying for a last minute steal, is a great question. It’s certainly possible her E might need to be capped against monsters, we’re not sure if that’s the appropriate call at this point though and would like to avoid homogenizing champions if there are healthy ways to avoid doing so.

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Demacian suits Banner



Why are most Demcian champions in skintight bodysuits

IronStylus Final PortraitYeah, we’ve done that a lot. So much so that as ChampUP goes and explores what we’ve done in the past we’re noticing the same trends. Some of these characters are/will-be up for updates so I’m definitely looking for alternatives. I mean, where it fits it fits.. (HAH! PUN!).. but sometimes the costume doesn’t warrant literally being the same skin tight material every time.

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts or seeing references as to what might be interesting solutions for these characters if we do eve depart from tight-onesies.

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I think agile champions like Fiora and Vayne should be in tight clothing

IronStylus Final PortraitAgreed. Agility = form-fitting. However it doesn’t necessarily mean a vinyl body suit. I think that’s the issue. Cool, they gotta be fast, form fitting is great, but even Trinity and Byonetta have some style in how they do that.

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Body suits are probably a bigger problem than skin tight clothes


A reference for Demacian attire by the thread’s author, A Superb Villain.

IronStylus Final PortraitYeah I agree that “skin-tight” isn’t as much of a problem as “body-suits”. You can have some really classy skin-tight stuff especially in high fashion, which I think strikes me as a fun place for Demacian casual-wear to be. I think that it’s definitely a place to bring sort of a very East Coast runway sorta vibe. That with treating it with the right motifs can give it a cool fantasy read with a slight modern spin.

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Single Posts Banner 13 02



 How is development on Taric going

IronStylus Final PortraitSlowly, from the art side at least. We’ve been working on a few thing that will come before Taric and are deep in production or have high-priority in pre-production for various reasons. Currently, and Scruffy can probably speak better to this, but his new kit looks like it’s shaping up nicely. For us on the art side, that’s huge. We can have much more narrow of a focus now that we know specific actions a champion will take and how we build the character around those actions.

Currently Narrative is helping us on high-priority stuff that’s in pre-production. They sort of occupy the same area that Concept does because they help formulate the very core of the character. We think that Taric will be a big discussion in the “near future”. Sorry that’s so ambiguous.

That said, we have about 30 concepts of Taric from various artists. This however was done in a bit of a vacuum, back when we were moving in a direction that we really hadn’t validated properly, a very much straight-forward dude in blue armor and gems. Since then, the casual discussions around him between art, gameplay and narrative aspects are aligning around something with a slightly different flavor than what we had originally anticipated, and that’s good. When the official ideation sessions strike up again I think we’ll have a good spring board. Narrative helps tremendously in those discussions because we want to understand what made Taric into Taric and what his current pillars of design are.

Likewise, having gameplay in place really helps as well because we’re not designing in a vacuum, we’re working towards the goals of fulfilling the needs of that gameplay.

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Syndra was overnerfed and some of those nerfs should be rolled back

Meddler Final PortraitAgreed, she was hit harder than intended in a way that’s left her E feeling like it sometimes misses when it’s expected to hit. We’re increasing the width on Syndra’s stun in 5.4 (and to a greater extent than it was increased in 5.2). It’s not going to be as wide as pre 5.1, which was unfairly wide, but should more consistently hit when it looks like it did.

After that change, which is both a feel and a power one, we’ll look at where her balance stands, see if it’s appropriate to do more.

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Ruby Sightstone should recharge wards over time not just on the fountain

Xypherous Final PortraitThere’s a (fairly unpopular, admittedly) reason why Ruby Sightstone is such an underwhelming upgrade.

We want you to get cooler items rather than feel like you have to dump yet ANOTHER 800 gold into vision on top of the 800 you already have sunk into it.

Linearly upgrading Ruby Sightstone to improve your vision capabilities strips out a lot of customization you could have on your own character for items that are unique or special for your role.

There’s an end-game slot inefficiency thing that needs to be solved absolutely that does come up (more often as game length goes up) but the main reason why Ruby is underwhelming is by intent – it absolutely sucks to be forced into delaying your build by having to purchase 3k of ‘required’ items to function in your role while you have a limited income stream to begin with.

(Highly efficient upgrades here makes it more likely that it’ll be main on another type of character – but that’s secondary to this particular discussion.)

We limit the total amount of gold you can invest into vision pretty heavily to force you into buying items that do things for your character and force the vision investment to be distributed more evenly across the team.

I get that some people want the option of heavily investing into vision – if this were possible without becoming mandatory, we would do so – but unfortunately – the optimal way to play when someone can invest all their income into vision is to force that character to invest all their income into vision – depriving most other possibilities in terms of purchases.

Essentially, if you ever feel like you have to upgrade Ruby Sightstone, that’s another mandatory expense that we’re basically forcing support players to pay over all the other items that would make their own character function better.

Still want to solve the end game slot capacity thing as that’ll come up more and more though. I get your frustration here in that it’s underwhelming – but it’s serving the primary intent of ‘it’s the last thing you buy so you don’t feel bad about having a sub <1k gold item in your inventory’ and not choking out all the other more fun choices you have.

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Follow Up

So why not change the item so it becomes a viable upgrade

Xypherous Final PortraitYou run into poaching from other classes – namely the Jungler in this case. You basically have to do something extremely hacking – but if the incentive is to then rush it to get the best possible gold income – you’ve basically recreated the same problem – forcing supports to complete it in the lieu of anything else.

Essentially – there’s is no incentive to purchase it because we don’t want you to even think about upgrading it at any point that is not the late late late late game when you’ve already purchased everything else you could possibly think of purchasing. Spend your money on things that make your character work.

(Poaching – Roughly used here as ‘They’ll take the item intended for someone else and use it better than the original.)

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Will we learn more of Diana and Leona s past

IronStylus Final PortraitHeh.. funny thing is I was talking to Ant about this today. (in a passing way, not committing anything, just brain-jamming)

I think it’s pretty agreed-upon that Targon in general is a ripe place for development. It’s one of our least defined areas and I feel that’s a benefit. We have some indication, a shell or a foundation. We have some good characters to build on, and even better, we have the opportunity to do really cool things with them in time!

I have high hopes :)

Like Ant said though, nothing is hammered out especially where delivery is concerned. That said, I’m excited about the possibilities the future holds. I’m also really excited about working with guys like Ant (who’ve helped us on the ChampUP side of things a lot recently) that are really talented and really just great to kick ideas around with.

When in place Gameplay, Narrative and Art can do some really amazing things. I hope we can indeed progress the story of these two ladies, and also build a world around them that feels solid and unique. A world that builds on what our characters are, but also corrects inconsistencies of the past. I think that’s key.

Team Diana did a lot of good stuff back in the day. Now it’s time to go back and flesh things out and make a good foundation for deep stories to be told.

Sun and Moon, the best tales are yet to be told.

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News 12 02 Banner



Spread the spirit of Valentine’s Day on the Rift with teammate-appreciation cards designed by Oskar Vega! Also, MeetYourMakers (MYM) will be fined and its manager, Sebastian Rotterdam, has been permanently removed from the LCS following the investigation of harassment. On the forums, we have a discussion on Zilean’s PBE changes, a fan idea for Imperial Shyvana and talk of Zz’Rot Portal.

You can find a TL;DR in the comments below.


Recent News




If you miss Dawngate, maybe a Waystone-appreciation post will cheer you up =)




League Valentines Banner

Jynx Final PortraitLet’s show appreciation for our teammates this Valentine’s Day with these heartfelt cards created in collaboration with community artist Oskar Vega.

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SUPPORT: We’ll never forget you



ADC: You make us look good!



TOP: Thanks for holding it down



JUNGLE: You give 5 star service



MID: You carry us




MYM Fine Banner

You can read the original investigation by the Daily Dot here.


Immediately prior to the start of the 2015 LCS season, we were informed that Marcin “Kori” Wolski had decided to leave MeetYourMakers (MYM). LCS officials accepted it was an emergency situation and the team was allowed to use a substitute for the upcoming games in Wolski’s absence. Subsequent facts have come to light which exhibit significant mismanagement and unprofessional behavior from a senior member of MYM’s management team. In this kind of complex case, full investigation of the facts takes time to complete, but after review we wanted to give insight into our internal investigation and next steps.

Although teams and players are ultimately responsible for navigating their own contractual relationships, we will do everything in our power to discourage and work against unacceptable environments involving our teams and players. We have zero tolerance for intimidation of players within an LCS organization.

On January 23, 2015 Wolski reached out to LCS officials stating that he had been threatened by MYM management. He also informed LCS officials that he had a recording of the conversation. We took this matter very seriously and continued our open investigation into the mistreatment of the player, although given legal concerns regarding the recording which was obtained without all parties’ knowledge, we did not request or use it to inform our ongoing investigation. The severity of the situation has since emerged through the recording being made public by Wolski, showing that he and his immediate family were threatened with legal action by MYM manager Sebastian Rotterdam.

Our investigation found fault on behalf of both player and management. Despite Wolski’s claims that payments had been withheld, we found the only missing payments stemmed from the Supa Hot Crew (SHC) organisation, of which Wolski was a player in the 2014 season. As we understand it, the failure to receive payments from SHC arose due to Wolski’s own failure to provide requested tax documentation, and this problem can be resolved once Wolski produces these documents. As a separate organization, MYM has provided us with documentation verifying that they have not withheld any payment from its players. As such, it appeared that by leaving the team ahead of the beginning of the spring split Wolski was breaking an active contract and commitment to MYM.

It is not our intention to create a precedent that discourages teams from discussing legal issues or informing players of their liabilities should they seek to disavow an existing contract, as in Wolski’s case. In fact, teams and players should have these conversations and negotiations independently and with full context and knowledge of the legal commitments and restrictions. What we also believe, however, is that teams have a moral commitment to treat players – who are often inexperienced and vulnerable – with dignity and respect. Rotterdam’s actions in conversation with Wolski when addressing this contract break were both unprofessional and unjustifiable.

As confirmed by the team earlier today, MYM, of its own accord, has taken action against Rotterdam and fired him from his position as team manager. Rotterdam will also be indefinitely suspended by Riot from competing within the LCS as a manager or any other team position.

An entire LCS organization shoulders the responsibility for the behavior of their team members and ensuring their players have a safe and professional environment. MYM will be held accountable for Rotterdam’s actions towards Wolski and for failing to protect their team members from his unacceptable and bullying behavior. As such, Riot will be issuing MYM with a fine of €5,000 for unprofessional behaviour.

We know this fine may not satisfy those hoping for a harsher punishment for MYM, but there’s some important context as to how we reached this amount. In deciding the severity of the fine we took several factors into account. Primarily, we considered the fact that Rotterdam’s actions – and MYM’s failure to protect players from them – created an unprofessional work environment for the team. We also took into account the fact that MYM acted decisively to remove Rotterdam from the organization once the full facts of his behavior had come to light. Lastly, although it in no way justifies threats or intimidation, we also considered when deciding on a punishment the fact that Wolski appeared to break a commitment to a team, which put not only his career but those of his teammates in jeopardy.

We’re aware that questions have been raised as to whether MYM should be stripped of their LCS slot. After concluding our investigation, we feel that MYM has taken significant steps to remove toxic influence from within their organization and is prepared to move forward in the best interests of their players and their competitive careers. We believe that forfeiting the slot would unnecessarily penalize players and interrupt their pro careers through no fault of their own. Even though MYM has acted swiftly to correct this issue, any further violations can and will put them on a path to suspension from the LCS.

We appreciate the strength of community sentiment against any influence that would threaten or otherwise challenge the safety and security of pro teams and players. For Riot, cases like this tread a difficult balance between relying on the contractual relationships negotiated between teams and players to appropriately guide their behavior, and using our influence to try and ensure a professional, and ethical environment for those parties operating within the LCS ecosystem. Where we feel strongly that unprofessionalism is putting player security at risk, we can and will use our influence to try to ensure that the LCS pro experience is a positive one.


10.2.10 Moral Turpitude

A Team Member may not engage in any activity which is deemed by the LCS to be immoral, disgraceful, or contrary to conventional standards of proper ethical behavior.


MYM has violated rule 10.2.10 of the LCS ruleset and will be subject to penalties.


MYM is:

  • Fined €5000

Sebastian Rotterdam is:

  • Banned indefinitely from competing within the LCS as a manager or any other team position

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Fan Idea Imperial Shyvana

Imperial Shyvana

Kindlejack Final Portrait

While I love how this piece of art is looking (I believe is is by a Chinese artist for a LOL.QQ skin design contest, but I couldn’t find their name) there are definitely some things to consider when judging whether it would be a good fit for LoL and specifically Shyvana.

To add to what you’ve already mentioned, from what I’ve read the Chinese Dragon is a masculine creatures, balanced by the feminine Phoenix. I can’t really see the two designs as being the same champion right now, while if you look at Shyvana’s models you can clearly see how she has beast-moded out of her human form into a menacing monster. Also while Gold/yellow is a colour we haven’t really used on Shyvana yet, the cool blue is very close to Championship Shyvana.

Thinking about the steam for spell effects is great, but how will Dragon’s Descent look without wings? Of course it can be done and I feel Riot Ve1vet is on the right track with a Lunar Revel theme, I just wanted to pose some more questions and encourage you all to really think like a designer >:D

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Jinx Single Banner 11 2


Jinx s Pow-Pow and Fishbones now called Minigun and Rocket Launcher


Gypsylord New PortraitSo the Q tooltip has always been like that. What is missing is that she used to have buff icons with the name of the gun she was currently using.

Since those are gone (we rolled them into the Q icons) you’re right that there is no longer a way to find the name of her guns after you’ve loaded into the game (The ability summary in champ select has always named them but you don’t really look at that all that often). I agree that Jinx is about more than “rocket launcher and minigun.” Wonder how big of a clarity hit it would be to add the names to the TT…

No promises but I’ll at least take a look and shop the idea around.

PS – did you know Jinx’s shock pistol also has a name? She goes by Zapper.

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Zilean 11 2 Banner

 You can check Zilean’s PBE changes for Patch 5.4 here.


Zilean 5 4 changes discussion and known bugs

20thCenturyFauxIt is time.

Ever since his passive went to local from global, Zilean has struggled to succeed on the rift. His kit was such that no new power could be added safely–his R often full heals, his Q does so much damage that it needs sharp mana-gating to prevent Zilean from winning lane automatically, buffing his passive or W would be a de facto Q buff, and his E already permanently slows or hastes things. By the nature of his spells, and specifically the Q’s targetting paradigm, it was impossible for us to responsibly add power to Zilean though he sorely needed it. Having all of his damage come from directly targetted effects leaves insufficient room for play from him or his opponent, and tends to result in a relatively flat outcome.

Through careful balancing of cosmic forces, Zilean has unraveled this riddle by pulling a single thread: converting his targetted Time Bomb into a lobbed sticky bomb. Time Bomb is now tossed to its destination, attaches to the first unit to come near it (prioritizing champions), and persists even if it hits the ground. By adding in a way for enemies to play against his Time Bomb, Zilean can safely channel more temporal power. Much more.

Attaching two Time Bombs to the same unit detonates the first early, just like on live–only now that detonation stuns enemies in the radius of the Time Bomb, making it the largest non-ultimate stun in the game. His Time Bombs have more range and cost less mana, though they do slightly less damage. By remaining active on the ground, Zilean can create large zones of control around the map, using them to block passages, scout brushes, or stack two bombs on the same place to instantly stun enemies who attempt to move through while dealing massive AE damage–brutally effective area denial. He can also put a pair of bombs on an allied champion to stun all enemies around them.

Time Warp is supercharged, recieving greatly reduced mana cost and cooldown. It has slightly reduced effectiveness at rank 1, and its cast range has been brought in line with most ADC autoattacks to keep it from negating the skill component of Q–he can use his Time Warp to guarantee a stun, but he has to put himself at risk to do it. Time warp also now scales in effectiveness by rank instead of in duration, eventually reaching 99% haste/slow at rank 5. This sharply improves the responsiveness and effectivenss of Time Warp lategame.

Next, Zilean’s Chronoshift has been decoupled from his Rewind, going to 120/90/60 from 180/180/180 but no longer being reduced by Rewind. This change is important for his new balancability–previously, we had no way to adjust Chronoshift’s cooldown lategame without changing it early game or altering Rewind at large. The change should be neutral-to-positive for Zileans until rank 5 Rewind and max CDR, at which point it’s a slight nerf. You still can’t killean the Zilean–the idea here is to take Chronoshift out of being twice-a-fight lategame now that it no longer has to be such a gigantic portion of his power budget.

Zilean’s autoattack timing has long been one of the worst in the game, but with his practice tossing bombs his throwing arm has gotten quite a workout–he should find last-hitting much easier now. He also had the same attack range as Ashe/Varus mainly by virtue of being one of our oldest champions (har har); that kind of power costs too much for how little it helps, so his range has been brought in line with most ADCs (550 from 600).

Lastly, power looks good. His particle effects and spell icons have been updated to reflect this. Zilean’s got swag.

Please post any Zilean bugs here!

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What s the search priority when you toss the bomb

20thCenturyFauxCurrently bombs stun for 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5, and the priority is: anything with a bomb > enemy champ > ally champ > enemy creep > ally creep

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Zzrot Portal Single Banner


Do you think ZzRot Portal right now is overpowered

Reinboom Final PortraitWell, I don’t plan on nerfing it.

The balance of Zz’Rot Portal and the perception of the balance of Zz’Rot Portal is tricky. I actually think the item could use some buffs (in the realms of AI fixes).

Zz’Rot Portal is an item of constrained opportunity (which I believe is a good thing, or at least worth the risk of it). The strategies it opens are very different and the opportunity for those strategies is very limited. (1)
There’s a strong risk of “What do I do now?” when playing against it because of that difference. (2)

Zz’Rot also represents very clearly the idea of “Win More”. I don’t think it’s actually any better at this than another heavy item investment, you’re getting substantial power over your opponent either way, just that Zz’Rot is very very visible (it creates a structure that you can see) and thus it’s easy to blame.

The other aspect of this is that the opportunities that normally constrain Zz’Rot are, of course, increased for a winning team.

First, I don’t think “Win More” is that big of a deal (in this case) and the perception may go away (or I may learn different and it might be a problem. Too early to tell).
Beyond that though, I would like to speak on the points I numbered for as far as balancing the item goes.

1: This is where I think a few polishing AI fixes could go a long way (as a buff!). Things such as “Rescan for a new direction to spawn after a turret goes down” or “When I place near top lane inhibitor, I expect it to go towards top lane inhibitor” (it’s lane detection is a little wonky) will make opportunities for it more clear.

2: This is where most of the nerfs (overall probably) came from last patch. There was a sentiment of not being able to address it for certain team comps. This type of sentiment actually squashes out fringe compositions, since there is a feeling of “We can’t run this comp because of this item restriction”. Sometimes this is good (Ignite’s existence provides a base line to pushing out sustain stacking comps) and sometimes this is bad.

After 5.2 though, I actually think Zz’Rot has a pretty healthy amount of 2 while needing more of 1. Basically, personally, I believe it might need a slight fix up buff.

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