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Not a lot of news today, but there is an awesome new cinematic you ought to watch. Also, if you’re a fan of Cassiopeia, you’ll be happy to know she’s getting her promised updates in the next patch.


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Follow Kalista’s journey to punish treachery in Riot’s new cinematic, “The Pledge“:



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Stashu Final Portraitnote: copying this here because the Cassio thread got lost

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been afk for so long! I’ve been waiting to get some PBE feedback. I’m finally able to make that happen now that 4.20 launched, so let’s get to it =D


I think we had some amazing conversations in that last thread thread. We’re keeping the changes to a medium scope for this patch, but I think we’ve gone a long way in the right direction. I know there are still many concerns, but let’s let this shake out on live for a bit and see where she ends up, then revisit the conversation.

Our thinking for this current changelist is:

  • Bring back poison as a core part of Cassiopeia’s damage profile
  • Curb the overly exaggerated hyper carry curve so that she can function early game
    • A few different things are happening here, like adding straight damage to her early game with the Twin Fang debuff, increasing Twin Fang’s ratio early game, and increasing Q’s movement speed boost early game. We’re also bringing down her late game a touch with some of these changes, but her DPS should still be off the charts.

Looking further into the future, hopes are to turn Aspect of the Serpent bonuses into more exciting, lateral-power points instead of super direct boosts to power which make it feel as if Cassiopeia can’t be strong until 30 minutes into the game. There was some pretty serious brainstorming towards this end, and it was a huge help for thinking about where we could take the passive, and that was super awesome.

However, for now, here’s what you can expect for 4.21:


Aspect of the Serpent Final IconAspect of the Serpent [ Passive ]

    • No longer stacks on poisoned unit kill or on Twin Fang casts on enemy champions.
    • Now, stacks once every 6 seconds (10 times per minute) and for every second that an enemy champion is poisoned.
      • Stack breakpoints adjusted to 100 / 250 / 500. Overall, these are hit sooner than the old 75/200/400 based on the new mechanics, but are definitely still up for discussion.

Noxious Blast Final IconNoxious Blast [ Q ]

    • Delay changed to actually function as intended (previously hitting between 0.25 and 0.5s). Now has a 0.4s delay.
      • With the reliability changes, it was a bit too reliable, so we set the delay at 0.4.
    • Movement speed buff changed to a flat 20% (from 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30%).

Twin Fang Final IconTwin Fang [ E ]

    • Mana cost changed to 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75 (from 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90)
    • Now adds a debuff on the target which amplifies further poison damage by 25% for 5 seconds, stacks up to 2 times (50%).
    • Ratio changed to 0.55 (from 0.4/0.45/0.5/0.55/0.6)
      • Since we’re adding damage elsewhere on the kit (mostly through this debuff), we decided to take a bit out of Twin Fang’s late game.


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Check out Kalista in-game here:



Ant in Oz Final PortraitHey guys,

We are still running into some tech issues with putting up our new Champ stories where we want them to live going forward – on the website’s champ info pages. However, we didn’t want this to mean Kalista’s story didn’t go out with her launch… so, we are putting her story up here on Boards for now. We hope you like it!



The sword-wife stood amid the burnt out ruin of her home. Everything and everyone that mattered to her was gone, and she was filled with fathomless grief… and hate. Hate was now all that compelled her.

She saw again the smile on his face as he gave the order. He was meant to be their protector, but he’d spat upon his vows. Hers was not the only family shattered by the oath-breaker.

The desire to go after him was strong. She wanted nothing more than to plant her sword in his chest and watch the life drain from his eyes… but she knew she would never be able to get close enough to him. He was guarded day and night, and she was but one warrior. She would never be able to fight her way through his battalion alone. Such a death would serve no purpose.

She took a shuddering breath, knowing there was no coming back.

A crude effigy of a man, formed of sticks and twine, lay upon a fire-blackened dresser. Its body was wrapped in a scrap of cloth torn from the cloak of the betrayer. She’d pried it from her husband’s dead grasp. Alongside it was a hammer and three rusted nails.

She gathered everything up and moved to the threshold. The door itself was gone, smashed to splinters in the attack. Beyond, lit by moonlight, lay the empty, darkened fields.

Reaching up, the sword-wife pressed the stick-effigy to the hardwood lintel.

“I invoke thee, Lady of Vengeance,” she said, her voice low, trembling with the depth of her fury. “From beyond the veil, hear my plea. Come forth. Let justice be done.”

She readied her hammer and the first of the nails.

“I name my betrayer once,” she said, and spoke his name aloud. As she did so, she placed the tip of the first nail to the chest of the stick-figure. With a single strike, she hammered it in deep, pinning it to the hardwood door frame.

The sword-wife shivered. The room had become markedly colder. Or had she imagined it?

“I name him twice,” she said, and she did so, hammering the second nail alongside the first.

Her gaze dropped, and she jolted in shock. A dark figure stood out in the moonlit field, a hundred yards in the distance. It was utterly motionless. Breathing quicker, the sword-wife returned her attention to the unfinished task.

“I name him thrice,” she said, speaking again the name of the murderer of her husband and children, before hammering home the final nail.

An ancient spirit of vengeance stood before her, filling the doorway, and the sword-wife staggered back, gasping involuntarily.

The otherworldly being was clad in archaic armor, her flesh translucent and glowing with spectral un-light. Black Mist coiled around her like a living shroud.

With a squeal of tortured metal, the spectral figure drew forth the blackened spear protruding from her breastplate — the ancient weapon that had ended her life.

She threw it to the ground before the sword-wife. No words were spoken; there was no need. The sword-wife knew what was being offered to her — vengeance — and knew its terrible cost: her soul.

The spirit watched on, her face impassive and her eyes burning with an unrelenting cold fury, as the sword-wife picked up the treacherous weapon.

“I pledge myself to vengeance,” said the sword-wife, her voice quivering. She reversed the spear, aiming the tip inward, towards her heart. “I pledge it with my blood. I pledge it with my soul.”

She paused. Her husband would have pleaded for her to turn away from this path. He would have begged her not to condemn her soul with this course of action. A moment of doubt gnawed at her. The undying specter watched on.

The sword-wife’s eyes narrowed as she thought of her husband lying dead, cut down by swords and axes. She thought again of her children, sprawled upon the ground, and her resolve hardened like a cold stone in her heart. Her grip tightened upon the spear.

“Help me,” she implored, her decision made. “Please, help me kill him.”

She rammed the spear into her chest, driving it in deep.

The sword-wife’s eyes widened and she dropped to her knees. She tried to speak, but only blood bubbled from her lips.

The ghostly apparition watched her die, her expression impassive.

As the last of the lifeblood ran from her body, the shade of the sword-wife climbed to her feet. She looked down at her insubstantial hands in wonder, then at her own corpse lying dead-eyed in a growing pool of blood upon the floor. The shade’s expression hardened, and a ghostly sword appeared in her hand.

An ethereal tether, little more than a wisp of light, linked the newly formed shade to the avenging spirit she had summoned. Through their bond, the sword-wife saw her differently, glimpsing the noble warrior she had been in life: tall and proud, her armor gleaming. Her posture was confident, yet without arrogance; a born leader, a born soldier. This was a commander that the sword-wife would have willingly bled for.

Behind the spirit’s anger, she sensed her empathy — recognition of their shared pain of betrayal.

“Your cause is our cause,” said Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance. Her voice was grave cold. “We walk the path of vengeance as one, now.”

The sword-wife nodded.

With that, the avenging spirit and the shade of the sword-wife stepped into the darkness and were gone.

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Why cant you leave the spawn platform early on SR

Reinboom Final PortraitThere are some computers that have different problems problems that are most pronounced at the start of the game.
There’s up to a few second window for most players for just initially seeing the platform.
For some, there’s a couple second delay the first time they open the item shop or the first time they purchase.

Players also need time to change into their customized recommended items, to make sure their keybindings were reset correctly (especially if they’re playing in a PC Cafe), and many other small things that can just cut into the first few moments.

We don’t really consider these first 15 seconds in the realms of skill so much as prep.

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Why isnt the new item Zzrot Portal in the game yet

Reinboom Final PortraitIt’s art intensive. It’s still being worked on and explored. :)

To give a more fulfilling update:

The item required two character models added to the game. One for the gate, and one for the spawn. There’s quite a bit of work that goes into things like this to make sure it’s cohesive, it makes sense in the gameplay world, it reads well, and so on.

There’s also some more gameplay impact that needs to be worked out.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



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Server downtime is scheduled tomorrow for NA (note, this is due to server migration, NOT Patch 4.20). IronStylus discussed several possible Visual and Texture updates, including Akali, LeBlanc, Miss Fortune, Kassadin and Irelia. Lead Champion Designer Meddler gave context for the upcoming nerfs to Sona, Rammus and Gnar (which you can find here), a discussion on the state of the Death Recap, no Masteries/Runes changes this Season and a request for more sexy female characters in League. Yes, really.

TL;DR in featured comments below.


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New Summoners Rift available for Normal Blind

The update to Summoner’s Rift is live in Normal, Custom, Team Builder, and bot modes! Once these modes test well, we’ll be enabling the update on Ranked queues at a later time. Thanks for participating in the updated Summoner’s Rift rollout!

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NA Server Downtime

We’re bringing NA offline tomorrow (November 19) starting at 12:01am PST. For about 12 hours, you won’t be able to log into the client or play League on the NA server. We’ll start disabling ranked queues at 22:30pm on Nov 18, and we’ll update the service status page once League is back online.

NA Migration 

As a final heads up, we’re bringing NA offline for scheduled downtime tomorrow (November 19) starting at 12:01am PST. For about 12 hours, you won’t be able to log into the client or play League on the NA server. We’ll update this page once the downtime is over and League is back online.

During downtime, there are a few other features you won’t be able to access: referring a friend, signing up for a new account, changing your password, updating your email address, or modifying your account.

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Is Akali up for a Visual or Texture update

IronStylus Final PortraitShe’s got spaghetti syndrome right now. Super noodly geometry and some weird rigging/animation issues. I’d love to give her a model and VFX a pass. She’s not considered a priority right now, and I’m not sure if game design has plans for her. So, personally preference, I’d love to give her some love, but we’ve got worse offenders and more clear opportunities currently in the pipe. I think she’d probably get a nice new skin before any heavy visual base changes.

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What about Kassadin

IronStylus Final PortraitI think we have opportunities to do an MTU on him. He sorta just floats so I’m not sure how much animation support we’d need. His particles got a nice pass not too long ago so I could see us plugging in a new model, nothing however is marked on the schedule for such an implementation. He has a fair amount of skins too so we’d have to load that work up also.

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Isnt LeBlancs model also outdated

IronStylus Final PortraitEh. She’s not the worst offender. She got a lot better with the texture re balance, but as with most old stuff, with her I’m more concerned with theme. What the hell is she and why does she wear strings of jelly?

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Can you fix Irelias hair

IronStylus Final PortraitOh I have. I’ve got a concept sitting all nice and warm on my hard drive. I’ve had a pretty good reaction from it, though as has been said, she’s in need of a kit re-tune. If we’re going to do something with her I’d really like to make her blades REALLY mean something than just being a floating skateboard that she thwacks you with. So any VU will be dictated by kit changes which are currently not on the schedule.

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Will Miss Fortunes model be updated

IronStylus Final PortraitShe’ll get an update. We have a few assets hanging around but recently didn’t really have the ability to scope her in properly. Now with slightly more model related work, things like Renekton and Maokai, we might be able to prioritize her a bit more easily. I’d say “sooner than later” but I’m not sure specifically “sooner” will be. That being said, some of the work has already been done. She needs to be slotted and put into the pipeline proper at some point.

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Why are Gnar, Rammus and Sona being nerfed

Meddler Final PortraitGnar – main focus of the changes is to reduce his lane bully potential a bit (we feel he’s just too dominant in many match ups), while leaving his late game power intact.

Sona – looking to lower her sustain a bit overall, particularly in cases where a lot of damage has been traded on both sides and Sona/her allies recovery’s a bit faster than we think’s appropriate

Rammus – Reducing early ganking/dueling power a bit basically. This one especially we’ll want to monitor closely, keep an eye on how Rammus does once the new jungle changes roll out.

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Follow Up

Can you explain why Sona needs nerfs in the first place

Meddler Final PortraitOur feeling is that Sona’s currently pretty under the radar power wise and is actually really strong at the moment. That’s not indicative of the rework failing though. Reworks are done to fix fundamental problems with how a champion plays (e.g. lack of counterplay or insufficient distinguishing features from other champions of the the same role). Power by contrast’s adjustable with simpler numbers changes, and isn’t inherently linked with how healthy for the game a champion is (it’s possible to have a really unhealthy champion that has well balanced numbers or a very healthy champion with unbalanced numbers).

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Why are there no healpersecond abilities

Meddler Final PortraitHeals over time are sometimes the right option if :
- You want heals that can’t really be used for clutch saves and are intended primarily as long term sustain tools (e.g. health pots)
- You want heals that are really powerful where you want some telegraph to give the enemy a chance to burst the target down (Mundo ult)
- You’re working on a game with long combat times where healing’s a minigame of its own with a number of tools to juggle (e.g. MMO boss fights). LoL’s combat times aren’t a good fit with HoTs for that reason.

Other wise however immediate heals offer a lot of benefits, since they lead to skilled clutch plays, are easier to read for all players (clarity benefits of applying the effect all at once) and therefore have higher satisfaction versus power (easier to read = feels better).

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Will there be changes to Masteries Runes this Season
Meddler Final Portrait

We’re not making any changes to runes or masteries this pre season – focusing on other stuff instead this time.

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Follow Up

Will Masteries get some attention afterwards

Meddler Final PortraitYeah, I expect we’ll look at them again at some point, there’s definite room for improvement there in terms of how both runes and masteries are handled (lack of genuine, interesting choices in various places in particular).

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Will Death Recap be improved

DanielzKlein Final PortraitHi!

First, couldn’t agree more. There isn’t a more frustrating system in the game from the perspective of a designer than death recap. Not only is it really buggy and really hard to develop for (some actual bugs you guys see were introduced when trying to fix death recap bugs), it’s also a massively wasted opportunity. Where the time you’re dead would be great to instruct you how to do better next time, we’re currently not doing any such thing.

However, the idea that “Riot should redo it for Season 5″, which I’ve read a bunch of times before on reddit’s front page, is pretty misguided, so let’s look at why that is!

A new pre-season is a massive undertaking each year, requiring designers, sound engineer, vfx artists, modellers, concept artists, animators, engineers etc. It often stretches the resources of these departments thin. Thus saying “you should also do this other thing which will require the same resources at the same time” is the opposite of what we should do. We should totally attack death recap, but it cannot be while we’re working on pre-season. Not only would we make engineers really sad, we’d also risk having season 5 slip, which is not really acceptable.

TL;DR: Yeah, we should redo death recap, absolutely. We should do it when we have time though, not at a time when we’re stretched thin already.

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Follow Up

If it wont be fixed can it just be reverted to its old state

DanielzKlein Final PortraitIt’s not just about the code. The whole interface is bad and should feel bad. Someone mentioned Dawngate as a game that did it better, and I totally agree. League deserves to have a great death recap that actually helps you understand what killed you. (Ideally? Kill-cams à la CoD that replay the last seconds of your life in slow motion. That’s like, super blue sky thinking and unlikely to happen any time soon or ever, but yeah, that’s where my head’s at)

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Can we get more visually appealing female Champions

IronStylus Final PortraitI’ll say this much, and this is painting with a broad brush since I’m not on the Champion team proper..

There would be a “sexy” lady if the champion in development called for such a sexy lady. The team isn’t just going to conjure up something which has the specs of a curvaceous and busty woman arbitrarily. In the past, yeah, I guess sort of a given because hey, thems video games. But I think we’ve adjusted philosophies to say “What sort of character do we want to make? And what core aspects of look, theme and design will portray that character best?” We also look for opportunities of things we don’t yet have in the game, finding “opportunity space”, which I think is great, because it forces us to look outside of the tropes we’ve leaned on in the past.

The biproduct of this shift is that there probably aren’t going to be as many arbitrarilly scantilly clad women simply because those aren’t really pillars you design characters on top of. That’s just taste, and taste is subjective and isn’t a foundation you can build off of when you want a diverse character roster.

I can say that on ChampUP there’ll be those opportunities in places like Eve or already existing “sexy” champions, unless that particular flavor of sex appeal simply flies in the face of the character we’re trying to bolster. Ironically, you’ll probably find more “sexy” ladies being updated and outputted by the ChampUP pipeline than the Champion pipeline.

As has been said, we have a lot of “sexy” females already. It’s probably time we focused on getting them up to spec versus making a slew of new ones.

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How would you develop a Dancer Champion

Meddler Final PortraitIf we were to develop a dancer champion it would assumedly be because we felt such a champion would allow us to:

  1. Offer new gameplay of various forms (new skills to master playing as said champion, the ability to do new things in the game others can’t and an impact on how teams think about strategic play).
  2. Tell a story and present a personality we hadn’t already included in the game
  3. Offer a distinct visual appearance, silhouette especially
  4. Do all of the above better than other concepts we were considering at the same time (e.g. if looking for a new assassin we’d want to be confident that the dancer idea in question was better than other assassin ideas on the table). Dancer is an idea we’ve talked about occasionally, so far though we haven’t hit on a version we felt was stronger than other options we’ve been looking at.

To dig into part 1 above, since gameplay’s what you’ve mentioned in your post:

Dancer as an archetype’s generally about physical control – agility, discipline, movement, grace and/or power, etc.

Assassin or light fighter are the roles I’d consider most likely to be a good fit as a result, since those attributes align well with the expected actions and fantasies of those roles.

Could potentially make an argument for support as well, Sona’s existence as an ‘inspires allies with music’ champion occupies a lot of the space there though.

Could also go with something a bit unexpected and go for a mage instead (ritual based caster, with long cast times, with dance acting as a channel for magical power)

Regardless of which choice of role you opted for I’d be inclined to start by looking at some form of combo caster (whether melee or ranged), with ability chaining representing dance flow, and different effects based off whether abilities were used as a setup or finisher. Very easy to get into over complicated design with that sort of approach though, so would want to either have some fallback options or be willing to kill the concept if it wasn’t showing promise.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



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Ryze will be receiving a rework, LeaverBuster will punish leavers harder and will be especially severe in ranked games, the new Summoner’s Rift caught some critique regarding its dull color pallette, more on rewarding positive players and the BotRK exploit has been solved.


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Ryze Gameplay update in the works

Scruffy Final PortraitWe’re in the early stages of working on some gameplay changes that will both:

-Increase his counterplay

-Increase his skillcap and allow him to win or fail more based on skill

-Emphasize the cool things that make Ryze unique (rapid fire spells, mana babyyyyy)

That said, we still want him to feel like Ryze and we want these changes to directly appeal to current Ryze players.

No dates yet for when we can release this, but we are committed to improving Ryze.

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Ryze bullies top laners and scales harder than them

Scruffy Final PortraitThis is good analysis, and I think we agree on all of these problems. The tricky part is that if you just remove stuff from a champ it will become unviable all together, so we are working out ways to keep Ryze’s strengths without these negative impacts on the other players.

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What are your ideas about changing Ryze

Scruffy Final PortraitRiotRepertoir is working on the changes in detail. He will have a bunch of details to share once we get a more solid direction.

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Ryze lacks counterplay and his kit is too simple to use

Scruffy Final PortraitFor us, the fact that Ryze players don’t get to feel like they are making optimal use of a nuanced kit is also as bad as the counterplay issues. The goal is that for all champions (someday) whenever you lose a fight or a game, you could say to yourself “oh if I had just done that one thing better” instead of feeling like you pressed all of your buttons and that’s it.

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Introducing the new LeaverBuster

Lyte Final PortraitTL;DR We’re rolling out a new LeaverBuster system to help reduce the frequency of AFKS and leavers that is also significantly more severe in ranked games.

LeaverBuster is our system for detecting players who frequently leave games or AFK. In the past, we’ve generally erred on the side of caution, and for that reason, many of you have given us the feedback that LeaverBuster hasn’t always seemed effective and some players seemed to just switch to a smurf to dodge the leaving penalties.

With this new update, we’ve implemented a significantly more strict design while providing a clear feedback loop. Our goals are to better educate players that AFKing or leaving a game is not acceptable in League, and punish leavers faster and more severely.

The first time a player leaves a game, they’ll see a pop-up explaining that leaving is not okay and then have to manually agree to not leave future games. If they continue to ruin other players’ experiences, they’ll enter lower-priority matchmaking for a number of games. While in low priority queue, players will experience queue times that are 5, 10, even 20 minutes longer than a player who hasn’t left games.

Players will know how many games they have in lower-priority, and if they join a premade group, that group will be notified they are playing with a chronic AFK/leaver and they’ll face the same lower-priority time penalty.

While we hope it doesn’t ever happen, but if a player fails to stop AFKing or leaving while in lower-priority matchmaking, continued offenses will result in permanent bans.

I’m happy to answer any questions about the system, as it is now live on the PBE.

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Will this affect people who DC due to Internet issues

Lyte Final PortraitUnfortunately, players with internet connections DCing are still ruining the entire match for 4-9 other players in the game.

Think about your own experiences with a leaver and being forced to play 4v5: do you feel better or is the game enjoyable because you know the player left due to a DC?

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Follow Up

Lyte Final PortraitIf you reconnect to the game and finish the game, it shouldn’t affect you. However, if it takes you 20 minutes to reconnect to the game and you basically were “AFK,” then you’ll still receive a penalty.

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How will this system work more aggressively in Ranked

Lyte Final PortraitBasically, leaving in Ranked is considered “more severe” by the system and leaving even once in Ranked can result in penalties.

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New Rift Feedback



The new map looks rather dull

Tiki New PortraitHey all,

Appreciate the feedback and wanted to add a little bit of context on the feel of the map compared to current Summoner’s Rift.

Through player labs and surveys one of things that surfaced early on was the relative feel of the map compared to the current one. Feedback was largely on issues of darkness, but also the colors (dull/muted) to a degree. However another thing that came up really strongly was how important the gameplay of the map was. Consistently we heard from players all over the world that gameplay was the most important thing for them.

With all that in mind, we worked hard to try and find a balance between pushing the limits of clarity (to improve gameplay) AND matching the feel of the current Summoner’s Rift. Ultimately I think we got to a place that we were ready to release in beta and release out to the players to give us their feelings on what we created.

Personally I think there are still a lot of things we can improve, some of that definitely related to how far we can push some of the colors and effects to better match the feel of the current map. Any and all of your feedback is welcome and appreciated as we work to make this better for you all. Please keep it coming :)

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Why not increase saturation

RiotForScience New PortraitThere is a lot of feedback on this point and I am listening. This has been my response on a couple other threads and I wanted to repost it here.

Increasing saturation makes the map look better by itself, but the map should not be the focal point of the game, the champions and their abilities should be. The map was created to be a backdrop for champions and VFX. We tried to make it beautiful without intruding on the play experience.

I really appreciate the comments posted here and I absolutely acknowledge that increasing saturation/contrast on a piece of artwork will make it feel more vibrant, but in the context of a game the art is not their for it’s own sake, it is a tool for gameplay. What League needs is a map that allows teamfights to be more readable. While I think there is room for improvement in the map (And we will continue to develop on it) I do think that the approach we have taken serves the entire League experience in a very successful way.

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Catch the original discussion on rewards for positive players here.



Update on rewards for positive players

Lyte Final PortraitI’m happy to answer questions about this initiative.

Some brief ones I know people are interested about: 1) Players that have not received a tangible punishment are eligible for these promotions. This means you have not received a chat restriction, ranked restriction, game ban, or permanent ban.

2) This is just the first step in a series of promotions. There should be at least 1 more before the end of 2014.

3) Because these promotions are giving out rewards on a massive scale, rewards will be sent over a window of time initially until we figure out how to make it more efficient. For example, in 2014, 95% of players will get all the positive behavior rewards.

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Rewards affecting behavior, Honor System and Future Goals

Lyte Final PortraitPositive reinforcement doesn’t work on the entire playerbase; there’s a significant number of “neutral” players that will show positive behaviors or improved behaviors because of the rewards.

Honor was always a foundation system, we have plans to expand on it further, especially in 2015 after we launch some of the current systems we’re working on. In fact, later this week players will see a brand new LeaverBuster system that will aggressively tackle AFKs/leavers in the game, with harsh penalties for leaving/afking in Ranked.

We’re hoping to do at least 1 more incentive for positive players this year, and are focusing on the new Tribunal, Honor, Team Builder, and more in 2015.

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Valuable rewards and consequences of reporting

Lyte Final Portrait1) This is just a first gesture, and not every reward is going to mean something to all players. The next reward we give might mean more to you, but less to a brand new player.

2) If trolls/toxic players want to threaten you or ask for reports without fear of any consequences, let them. Report them, mute them and move on. You’ve seen lots of players complain about their bans online–we’re pretty aggressive with that stuff now compared to 3-4 years ago.

Not every reward has to be SUPER EPIC VALUABLE to every player to mean something. Every player responds differently to different rewards, and different things matter to different people. We’ll explore a wide range of stuff over time.

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Will players in Co-op vs AI receive rewards

Lyte Final PortraitCo-op vs AI players are definitely eligible for prizes.

However, EUW will have their own Rioters running this exercise, so I’m only pulling NA chat logs for now.

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What is Riots take on Global Ults

Meddler Final PortraitWe don’t currently have any plans to remove any of the global ults in the game and in fact have a couple more in testing that are showing a lot of promise right now (at least one of which I expect you’ll see in game at some point).

When global ults have been problematic in the past (Panth/TF years ago for example) it’s been because they’ve been free targeted movement abilities. Shen’s ult by contrast shifts him to an ally’s location, not any spot of his choosing, and that restriction avoids a lot of problems (forcing uneven fights at positioning of your choosing without risk of interuption, telegraph moving to get in range etc). GP’s ult is free targeted, but doesn’t move him, so doesn’t create the same problem cases.

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How do you catalog a Champions strengths and cons

Meddler Final PortraitInternally we work with a combination of documented strengths/weaknesses, both in terms of intention and observed, that are kept in a shared file on a per champion basis, and a bunch of discussion/consensus building. Generally we’re focused on the conceptual level (e.g. Braum should be strong against ranged threats and work well with auto attacking allies, weaker against divers etc).

That’s all very much a perpetual work in progress, not a rigid locked down set of laws though of course. As new information comes in, from player discovery, changes to game systems/meta etc it’s often necessary to revisit existing assumptions and then sometimes adjust the approach you’d been taking.

Fall back patterns are something we generally want to offer to champions. Being behind should put you at a significant disadvantage, but shouldn’t effectively remove you from the game. There are some champions where that’s not really the case and that’s something that’s occasionally worth tolerating if it lets you do enough other valuable things with the character (game design’s a series of trade offs basically).

Adding counterplay’s all about giving other players ways to interact with a skill, champion or whatever. Some of the most common approaches we’ll look at include range limits or changing abilities to skillshots (positional counterplay), requiring buildup or expenditure to use abilities (resource costs, whether mana, buff building, ammo etc), substantial CDs (windows of strength and vulnerability), dependency on other elements like extra enemies/other allied champs etc.

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BotRK exploit fixed, permabans for exploiters

Exploit uses modified files

Meddler Final PortraitThe exploit in question requires file modifications, it’s not just people taking advantage of a bug.

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On the forums, Phreak addressed the viability of immobile carries like Ashe, Miss Fortune and Varus. A currently popular exploit involving Blade of the Ruined King’s active is being investigated by Riot; note that exploiters are being perma-banned. Lastly, rumors of Middle-eastern servers, a thread to post performance issues with the new map, and an explanation from Morello on the delay of Cassiopeia’s PBE changes.


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All PBE Updates from Patch 4.20 Cycle:

[ 12/11 ] Changes to Fiora and Kalista

[ 12/11 ] Ward Skin Gifting, Preseason Icons, Nerfs to Amumu, Kha’Zix, Lee Sin and Warwick, Stat Buffs to Ryze and Jayce

[ 07/11 ] Maokai Visual Update (Unavailable), Updated Graves Splash Art, New Maokai Spell Icons, Mana Regen Nerfs for Supports

[ 07/11 ] Nerfs to Gnar, Katarina and Rammus, Buffs to Sona, Texture Rebalances for Riven and Jax, Preseason Tweaks, New Summoner Icons

[ 05/11 ] Kalista, Battlecast Alpha Skarner (Legendary), Battlecast Kog’Maw, Pickpocket Twitch, Captain Volibear, Safecracker Evelynn, Constable Trundle, Balance Changes, Texture Rebalances and More



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Miss Fortune Varus and Ashe need buffs

Phreak New PortraitJust wanting to chime in as a player:

I think it’s very easy to say, “Look at these weaknesses. This champion is horrible.” IMO every champion should have easily-identified weaknesses. Otherwise, why wouldn’t you pick the champion? It’d be a no-brainer. For example, I can take any of the top played champions from the recent World Championship and make a case for them being terrible.

Zilean: This is a mid-lane mage with no lategame. Only has one damage skill. And if we’re in “league of late-game AD Carries” why would I want to pick this champion? If I revive an ADC with Chronoshift, he just dies right again anyway. IDK what the point of this champion is. I’d much rather play something like Jayce who does more damage, scales harder, gives an AoE speed boost instead of single target, and actually has self-peel, unlike Zilean.

Alistar top: Wow, a “tank” champion whose only tank stats come from my ultimate? What if our opponents try to fight us more than every 2 minutes? This champion’s useless. I have to go into melee range to CC, but then I just die right after. And I have to build damage as a top laner. How else can I threaten the back line? Such a useless champion design. I’d rather just be Maokai who has a really short ultimate cooldown, more damaging abilities, and way better healing during a fight and in lane.

Lee Sin: Wow, absolutely no late game. With how much champions like Thresh and Janna are being played, there’s just no way I can land Q-Q-Ward-W-R without my opponent Flashing, simply dashing away (Lucian, Tristana, etc.), or the support just peeling me off. Add the fact that I have to go Lizard Elder, yet still don’t actually deal that much damage, means I can’t be a tank either. How is this champion supposed to team fight?

And the list goes on. Janna has a weak laning phase and no sustain. Twitch has no escapes. Tristana has no mid-game. Lucian’s ultimate is easily blocked by tanks.

What it comes down to is that every champion has STRENGTHS, too. There were two different periods in League competitive history where Miss Fortune was a top 3 AD Carry. One was right after her release where here base stats and laning power were so strong, you just wanted to crush lane. She had all the same weaknesses: No self-peel, no in-combat mobility… And yet she had this other strength of lane dominance that made her not only worth playing, but the premiere pick. The second was in early Season Three I believe when Miss Fortune+Amumu was the comp to beat. Area of Effect team fighting. That’s another strength of hers. And we saw at the World Championship people went back to champions like Rumble. We know teamfighting is still really important. But no one decided to try MF/Amumu for whatever reason, so she’s “weak.”

Also keep in mind that every champion has synergies and anti-synergies. We live in one of two worlds:
1. Champion select, item builds, counter-picks, etc. are entirely irrelevant.
2. Teammate and opponent champions are important and have a direct impact on champions’ success.

I think it’s pretty likely we live in World #2. This means that Miss Fortune’s (for example) power is in fact tied to the types of teammates and enemies she goes up against. There have been multiple times in the past where her environment made her sought-after (early laning was important, people really wanted team fight power). And it’s really easy to bring that back: Just choose to play for team fights, dragons, etc. And with League of Legends being a team game, it’s not too hard to say, “Hey, let’s play Miss Fortune+Amumu.” That’s a world where she thrives.

The final thought I want to share in on the metagame. By definition the metagame is what everyone ELSE is playing. You don’t have to pick Lee Sin, Lucian, and Kha’Zix just because everyone else is. The weird thing is, while competitive players pick their own small champion pools and play within their defined metagame, there are twice as many champions out there that are actually MORE successful in the game that WE are all playing. And other players don’t have to define what we play.

 Even within the current metagame (omg how could you be immobile? Kha’Zix will kill you!) Ashe is one of the top 3 most successful AD Carries right now in high MMR. No, she doesn’t deal as much damage as Tristana. No she’s not as safe as Tristana. But she stuns someone from 1500 range away. You can literally never be out of position against her or you give up a free kill and a turret. Tristana can’t do that. And again, I’m talking about Diamond-level players here. Ashe excels (more than Lucian, more than Tristana, more than Twitch, more than Kog’Maw) with and against elite players.

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So Ashe shouldnt be picked by nonDiamond players

Phreak New PortraitNot what I’m saying at all. I’m just pointing to a specific stat that exemplifies how powerful she is. I feel like it’s easy to strawman and be like “Well yeah newbs will get caught, but that won’t fly in top tier.” However, I’m pointing out that even in the top 1% or something, a CC-oriented AD Carry with no escapes is still exceptionally powerful. Ashe is very strong in all skill tiers last I checked.

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Rewards for positive play

Lyte Final PortraitAs the 2014 season comes to an end, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate players who have demonstrated positive behavior. As a first step, players who haven’t been chat restricted or had their account suspended in the 2014 season will receive a 5-win IP boost this Friday, November 14th. Due to the number of players receiving this reward, we’ll be granting the bonuses over the next week. Keep an eye out for a shiny new boost icon next to your IP balance.

We’ve recently been focused on addressing extreme cases of verbal toxicity, and will soon be testing additional systems that address gameplay toxicity like leavers, AFKs, and intentional feeders. However, it’s important to keep in mind that players engaging in these behaviors really are not welcome in our community. Fewer than 1% of players have been escalated to a 14-day ban or permanent ban or even received a chat restriction.

As we mentioned previously, we’ve been testing some new chat ban systems and wanted to give you guys an update on our progress:

As of 11/13/2014, 95% of active players in 2014 have never received a punishment of any kind. The vast majority of you have not received chat restrictions, ranked restrictions, game bans or permanent bans this year!

So let’s spend some time highlighting the awesome behaviors in our community. If you’re a positive player in League, and are OK sharing some of your recent chat logs with the rest of the community, please post a reply here!

If you do, make sure you’ve verified your email account, because you may see another bonus head your way in the near future.

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Will the honor system ever come in use

Lyte Final PortraitYes. The current Honor was always a foundation, and we have plans to build on top of it. But, right now we’re focused on finishing the new Tribunal, LeaverBuster, and Team Builder.

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Is the 4win IP boost all well get

Lyte Final PortraitRead the post carefully, this is just the first gesture. 2 months left in the year :p

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[ Explanation ] A recent exploit was reported on Reddit; players would spam BotRK’s active without cooldown, instantly killing champions.



Exploit discovered announcement for NA players

Wulalowe: We are aware of an item exploit that some summoners are using. We are actively detecting and banning players abusing the exploit as well as working on a long term solution to this issue. Thank you for your patience while we work on this.

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About the current exploit reported

Dromaius New PortraitHi everyone,

We are aware of the exploit that some players have been using to instantly eliminate champions. We are actively working on the matter to have it resolved as soon as possible. In addition, all players found guilty of using this method will receive an appropriate sanction for using it.

There has been a fair amount of threads opened for that issue, and we will not be able to reply to each of them; we hope this post will help you see that we are working on it.

Note that as always, naming and shaming on the forums is not allowed. 

Edit: No need to contact Player Support anymore as we have enough information about this and will not require individual reports. Thanks everyone!

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Why is it witchhunting  to post proof on the forums

Pendragon New PortraitWe’re aware of the issue and actively working on a solution. Anyone who uses the exploit will certainly be punished appropriately.

Generally in that situation – additional reports do nothing to increase our awareness or improve our ability or desire to address it as quickly as possible, so at this point more than anything you’re just raising awareness to more folks who might want to try it.

The other thing to note that “proof” in the sense of calling out an individual is certainly witch-hunting. We have technological means to identify and verify people who are doing this.

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Performance Issues on the updated Summoners Rift

AEON New PortraitHey all,

We’re hearing some reports about players hitting performance-related issues on the updated Summoner’s Rift, and we’re actively investigating all possible causes.

While we look under the hood for potential optimizations on our end, there’s also a possibility that the updated Rift just doesn’t play nice with certain setups. For those with performance issues, we’d appreciate if you could:

  • Update your drivers
  • Adjust your environmental settings (try turning some down, as the scales got recalibrated! Your ‘medium’ settings on the old SR might actually be closer to a ‘low’ on the updated Summoner’s Rift - even with the same performance)
  • Disable HUD animations
  • Disable VSync

If none of the above work, you can help us out by posting a description of the issue in this thread along with a DxDiag:

  • Click the START button on the bottom left corner (default) or press the Windows Key.
  • Type dxdiag in the search box and press ENTER.
  • Click “Save All Information…” on the bottom right of the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
  • Attach the file here.

We’re seeing a lot of machines run the same or better on the new Summoner’s Rift, but that’s exactly what these staged rollouts are for – tracking down the unforeseen performance considerations and figuring them out.

We’ll continue to provide updates via this thread on our efforts and thanks for your patience.

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Follow Up

ManWolf New PortraitThanks for all the dxdiags guys. That’s going to help us solve the problem much faster.

In the meantime, we think it may be an audio issue. I know it sucks, but if you guys disable sound you might see better performance. This isn’t permanent and we’re looking into a fix as I type this, but give it a shot in the interim. Thanks again. We’re on it!

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Delay with Cassiopeia changes on PBE

Morello Final PortraitYo guys,

Sorry, but we’ve had some nasty snafu’s with our PBE push. This is some process and technical stuff that’s preventing us from getting the latest Casseopia changes into the PBE – it’s pretty normal development, but it’ll take a bit to get that out (like about a week or so) due to how PBE and live branching works.

Stash is still iterating based on this and has new things on the kit, but we’re going to have to sorta shotgun them out on his next available PBE push. And since this is a new process to him, he didn’t know this when he talked to you guys.

When we can, we’ll show you the stuff you’ve talked about on PBE. Until then, sit tight, and thanks for being cool about it!

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Possible Middle-eastern servers

Riot_nicolo: We will re-boot our analysis for Middle East guys.

I don’t want to be dismissive because we will indeed do another territory analysis for this region, but I also need to manage your exceptions: we may not go with local servers there

To be transparent, the biggest challenge for the Middle East region is to find a server spot that improve latency for the whole region and to make sure there are enough CCU (concurrent players) at a given time to ensure reasonable matchmaking.

For example, if we put servers in Egypt, players in Saudi Arabia may have a worse ping because of Internet infrastructure: most connections from Saudi would through europe first before going back to Egypt. And vice versa. There are potential solutions for this so don’t lose hope but what we are saying this is not just a simple geographical equation. The Internet infrastructure is not that simple.

And if ping is only improved to a subset of the player base, it might take forever to find a match in matchmaking and then start a vicious cycle: players try the server, see it takes forever to find a match, which is then not super balanced, and thus go to the more populated server.

Then of course there are other challenges. We are still working on a few other data centers that we need to finish (NA east coast players, we haven’t forgotten you) and should we solve Middle East server location, we’d still need to work on a lot of other stuff (localization, transfer, etc…)

Hope that offers some perspective. I understand the frustration, I now live in a place where I also don’t have great ping. I promise we will look at it again. But can’t promise a solution yet.

Cheers and thanks for your continued support guys!

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On forums, ricklessabandon gave context for the recent PBE nerfs to Katarina. IronStylus answered some questions about the anticipated visual updates for Lux, Taric, Poppy and Swain. Lastly, Stashu continued the discussion on Cassiopeia’s passive and the problems with balancing it.


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[ Note ] The following PBE changes are being discussed here. You can find the full update here.

Katarina Final Portrait

Death Lotus New IconDeath Lotus [ R ]

  • Cooldown increased from 60/52.5/45 seconds to 90/60/45
  • Base damage decreased from 400/575/750 to 350/550/750


Whats with the Katarina nerfs

Ricklessabandon New Portraiti wanted to pop into this thread to briefly talk about the katarina changes. i work on the live gameplay team and i’m owning her changes, so if you have any follow-up questions after this just let me know~

addressing the topic at hand, katarina’s nerfs have nothing to do with maps or game modes other than classic 5v5 on summoner’s rift—i cannot stress enough that we’d never use fgm data to influence balance changes—her changes have to do with her rise in power due to environmental changes (i.e., shifts in the meta) and some very relevant changes in the upcoming preseason patch. regarding the former, marksmen tend to spike in power earlier than they did earlier this season, which has both encouraged earlier team fighting (and champions that ‘turn on’ early for those fights) as well as roaming bot to get your duo going earlier. regarding the latter, changes to base stats and what we anticipate will be an increased focus on roaming and early team fighting/skirmishing (likely on the bottom half of the map) will be particularly relevant.

katarina loves all of this, and has been working hard toward ‘perma-ban’ status in various regions and divisions. given all the data we have, as well as some conservative predictions of how the preseason changes will affect the game, we’ve decided to implement the nerfs that should be testing on the pbe right now.

again, if you have any follow-up questions feel free to ask!

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Is Katarina being nerfed because of Hexakill

L4T3NCY New PortraitJust to clarify, FGMs have zero impact on champion balance changes, and we wouldn’t want them to. This is one of the advantages of FGMs being temporary. If there are balance changes coming to Katarina, it was for different reasons. I’m sure the guys on that team will speak to their direction of thinking at some point.

Also, as mentioned in the original post, Katarina didn’t actually do that well in Hexakill: TT. ^_-

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Compensation for Kata nerfs and state of Fizz

Ricklessabandon New Portraitthe katarina changes won’t come with any ‘compensation’ alongside them. it’d be nice to find time to do more work on her at some point in the future though.

re: fizz, we’re not entirely sure how the preseason changes will affect him at the end of the day—there are some things that indirectly buff him as well as nerf him—ultimately we don’t have conclusive data suggesting we take preemptive actions for him. a lot of champions are in the same boat, to be honest. kat was one of the exceptions in which we felt we had several signs pointing to making a change in the 4.20 patch.

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IronStylus stopped by the forums to comment on a lot of often-requested visual updates.


Poppy Banner


Themes for Poppys upcoming rework


She’s got to be that champ that you dread trading melee with when you go in to CS because she’s a beefy lady with a big-ass blacksmiths hammer and HER CONVICTIONS WILL NOT FALTER . Whatever you dish out she will be able to take. To draw a parallel she should come off concept wise as the lady-yordle equivalent of Garen, minus the patriotism and military position.

I feel you there.

You can swap around Home-Gurls skills as much as balance dictates but the whole theme of being a pint-sized diplomat

This is where you lose me.


I realize that’s a current thing. But what does that mean and how does it translate into any meaningful theme for Poppy at a high level?

Things I get the feels for when I thin of Poppy:

  • Big power, small package. Whether she’s the runt of the litter, the outcast, whatever, she’s tiny and packs a punch. Contrast, love that shit.
  • Conviction and loyalty. Maybe she’s part of the home guard, maybe she’s her own little one-yordle army. Either way, she has her allegiance and it’s like an oath that binds her.
  • Serious. Unlike a lot of yordles, Poppy is probably the least goofy or silly. Maybe she’s even stoic. Either way she’s not a big-brain like Heimer, nor is she a crazed bomber like Ziggs. She’s got grit and isn’t down with the nonsense.

Big character reference for me, though not in terms of actual scale :P – 

Let me know if I’m off the mark with that.

Diplomat though..

Yes, I realize that it’s something in the current iteration of her story. But what does that mean at a high level? A diplomat is a career, it isn’t an identifying characteristic of a person’s core. You could be an honest, peace loving diplomat. You could be a sneaky, covert ops “diplomat”. You could have good, bad or neutral agendas. Either way, this is the least compelling term that currently shows up in the lexicon. I would argue that it’s completely arbitrary, and is only compelling on an extremely granular level. Not something I’d build a character off of.

That said, I’m open to ideas. I’m more interested what players feel viscerally when they play or want to play Poppy. What makes her compelling at her core? What makes her speak to the pint-sized terror in all of us? What makes us root for the underdog? What allows us to feel what drives her?

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Poppys new voice-over

IronStylus Final PortraitWarning: 100% chance of her VO changing. This is a complete Visual & Gameplay Update. Just sayin’.

I think dedicated, hard working, and loyal are all apt descriptors. I’m in agreement, about yordle emphasis but, hey, currently she’s a potato. So I can guarantee she’s gunna get “yordlified”.

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Is a new voice actor planned

IronStylus Final PortraitCurrently we don’t even have lines. She’s still in pre-production and kit ideation. We’re mostly dealing with foundational pillars of her character at the moment. But as we’ve talked internally, I think the serious tone, and yes, I think “gruff” is a good term, will most likely be something we pursue.

I mean.. unless we make Lollipoppy into the base..

Then only the heart of darkness itself would serve as VO.

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Whatll you be changing about her model

IronStylus Final PortraitBy yordlify I mean give her proper anatomy to make it evident she comes from said race of yordles.

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Taric Banner


Wheres Tarics Visual Update

IronStylus Final PortraitWorking on it. Collected a shit-ton of info from the community.

He’s really complex. You have no idea how many different opinions on him exist since there’s literally nothing tangible for people to latch onto in his base form and it all becomes what psychological manifestations individuals project upon him. That’s an interesting place to be.

We’re still in early ideation for him but have probably two decent directions. I’ve taken a lot of notes from the community and continue to have some really in-depth discussions with people internally. My hope is to get a concept locked down in the early months of 2015, but we’ll see.

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I assume youll focus on the serious knight theme of Taric

IronStylus Final PortraitYou’re not far from the truth. It’s been an interesting discussion. Though “serious” probably isn’t a term I’d use in terms of our goals for him. I think “noble” or “genuine” is more on target. But yeah. Personally I’d like to stay away from flamboyancy. I would like to walk the fine line between beauty and over-the-top.

That’s my personal feels at least. We’ll see how it pans out.

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What visual changes does Lux need

IronStylus Final PortraitI would argue her animations are actually ok, though could use some love. Usable though. If anything we might be able to do a Renekton-level MTU on her if we put our heads to it. That said I want her to fit into Demacia heavily. Right now the whole skin-tight body suit with boob-plate isn’t doing it for the team, and we have the opportunity to make her something that still sweet, charming, really lovely, but smarten up the design a bit. Make her feel like she’s garbed up in Demacian fashion for the nobility-level, light-hearted battle mage that she is.

I have some iterations lying around that we might put into pre-production. She’s in a bucket of champions which we consider “high value”, in that they might not need huge overhauls and the rigs are mostly healthy.

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Isnt Luxs apparel already Demacia

IronStylus Final PortraitNot screams Demacia as in military garb, but something evocative of Demacian motifs, worked into something that’s elegant and classy but has a bit of flared armor-like elements. In this case, I am NOT for adding armor in terms of bulk, and I wouldn’t want to see just like.. girl-Garen or something weird like that. I squint my eyes and to me Lux reads as a super-positive color guard teenager. That’s gotta stay I feel.

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Will Lux get a new skin soon

IronStylus Final PortraitThing is I honestly don’t have much to say on the matter. My guess is that she’d get a skin sooner than later, but I’m not sure what sort of tier that skin would be at. I was just exiting the Skins team as that was going on and I’ve become much less in sync with their plans.

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Will Swain get a visual update

IronStylus Final PortraitHe’s not up for a total VU for a long time, most likely. Personally, and you can ask The Bravo Ray about this (biggest Swain fan NA), he wanted that skin to almost be a replacement for the base, which I think it achieves. That said, Swain needs a re-imagining. We’ve been toying with some stuff, (mainly The Bravo Ray has been.. because.. Swain..) but nothing official has been put into pre-production.


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Why cant you just remove cassiopeais

[ Note ] For the original discussion on Cassiopeia’s balance direction, check here. You can find its continuation here.

STASHU New PortraitOf course we could remove the passive. I haven’t answered those questions so directly, but I’ve been explaining why the passive is there in the first place, and why I don’t think its working as intended. This thread has been particularly fruitful because many people are contributing their ideas of how to make the passive actually contribute add to the champion what it was to supposed to and overall just be more exciting.

If even after all this ideation and experimentation the passive still proves to be a dud, we would can it. It’s true some people really don’t like it, but I think that’s exacerbated by a general distaste for the rework, how ive been poorly engaged with the community, and Cassiopeia’s overall weak state. So im trying to solve all those problems first and isolate the passive as the only variable, while simultaneously trying to improve it.

But yes, while we have high hopes yet, we won’t keep something in the game thats universally hated.

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Follow Up

Can you make her poison damage tick more often

STASHU New PortraitYeah the micro dot thing might actually work for her. I was experimenting on Darius a while back and tried that on him and really liked it. I think I’ll have to test that out.

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Will there be any preseason changes to Fiddlesticks

Ricklessabandon New Portraithe’s on our radar for sure, but we don’t currently have anything planned for fiddlesticks in the 4.20 patch.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



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Up on Reddit, Rioters discussed Champions who are scheduled for updates and some who are trickier and won’t be updated soon. Stashu shared progress on Cassiopeia and the balance direction the team is taking with her. Lastly, following yesterday’s discussion on the removal of Graves’s cigar, RiotSilver hopped on the forums to clarify why the change had been made.

TL;DR in featured comments below.


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All PBE Updates from Patch 4.20 Cycle:

[ 05/11 ] Kalista, Battlecast Alpha Skarner (Legendary), Battlecast Kog’Maw, Pickpocket Twitch, Captain Volibear, Safecracker Evelynn, Constable Trundle, Balance Changes, Texture Rebalances and More

[ 07/11 ] Nerfs to Gnar, Katarina and Rammus, Buffs to Sona, Texture Rebalances for Riven and Jax, Preseason Tweaks, New Summoner Icons

[ 07/11 ] Maokai Visual Update (Unavailable), Updated Graves Splash Art, New Maokai Spell Icons, Mana Regen Nerfs for Supports



Champion VUs Banner

This is an ongoing discussion of the recent dev blog detailing Champion Updates.



Will Evelynn receive a visual update

Ququroon Final PortraitOf course. There’s no way we’d be satisfied with what’s currently in game.

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Are you still planning on updating Warwick

Ququroon Final PortraitSo Warwick is a different issue. We know he has a lot of jank right now, and believe me we want that gone. However, Warwick is a matter of gameplay. I spoke to some of the designers about this, and this is how I understand it.

You may have seen a Warwick kit posted in the past from our favorite ZenonTheStoic, and that was good! However, we still had a few things we’re looking to solve on it. Warwick is interesting for a few reasons, because we’d want to maintain his low skill floor, while increasing the ways that he can meaningfully outplay his opponent. Currently he can mostly only outplay his opponent by either passing the lifesteal check or through his itemization.

We want to solve his gameplay problems in a meaningful way, and since that’s on the horizon, we don’t want to do new art assets, then have to turn around and do them again. We could do a completely different champion with work like that. We have some concepts ready and roaring for Warwick, but these things take time on all sides.

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Zenonthestoic Final PortraitYup, that’s pretty much it. When I made my changes early this year, Champ Up was a fledgling team without a clear understanding of what the scope for champion updates can be. My WW changes definitely addressed some of the problems, but crucially they didn’t answer the “why should I pick this guy over other similar champions” question.


I’m currently gearing up on whatever my next champion is going to be (the first step is figuring that out ;P). I REALLY love WW though, and I want to see a rework. I’m cautiously optimistic that some of my kit can be used; for instance I think my take on WW R was a straight up upgrade in terms of clarity, gameplay, epic moments etc. I don’t know that I’ll have the time to work on WW myself (as much as I would love to)–my primary commitment is as a champion designer who designs new champions from scratch. However rest assured that if Champion Updates starts work on Warwick I’ll contribute as much as I can.

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Why isn’t Taric on the list for updates

Ququroon Final PortraitTaric is a troublesome one, like Evelynn. Trust me, there is no shortage of ideas on him, but it’s about wading through and figuring out just who our Gem Knight should be, and how to make him the best he can be.

IronStylus has been having some chats with players over on the Boards about him, so don’t think we’ve forgotten Taric, or Taric players.

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These update packages are missing improved animations

Ququroon Final PortraitWe did formerly do exclusively complete packages, but we also did less in the past. It’s a balancing act of quality vs quantity. This gives us a world where Maokai is updated though, rather than not any time soon.

We have a lot of things to get through. A looooot. We do plan accordingly on the champion though. Whereas Maokai needed less animation love, someone like Blitzcrank would need much more.

I hope you can understand. >u<

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Champions that are updated now might be neglected later

Ququroon Final PortraitAnimation isn’t neglected, but I can agree with your fear that things that receive partial updates won’t have it updated until later on. With some exceptions, we generally try to hit the worst offenders, then move on to another offender.

I’ll use Singed as an example here. Singed needs updates on his VFX, Animation and VO (though this one works a little differently). His model WAS his worst offender, and that’s no longer the case. He is now a much better character by bumping up his bottom line, but that doesn’t change the fact that he needs updates elsewhere. However, I can point to several characters that are much more offensive than Singed is on those areas. This doesn’t change the fact that Singed needs the work, it just means that we have to change our focus onto those that do.

The current pace means that we’ll keep pushing up our worst offenders, be that offense on a specific area of art, thematics or gameplay. As that bottom line increases, the ones that we hit as a partial will become the new bottom line in that area, and will be hit with it. We absolutely love shipping complete packages (really! It gives a much bigger and better impression, which leads to players enjoying all the work more as a whole), but we also want to get through everything. As we move on, we’ll continue to explore ways to address the backlog in different ways, including hitting partial work.

Also, we’ll totally hit TF’s icons at some point. They’re currently used as an example of bad icons in the game. (Though I’d want to keep that ult icon in somewhere)

(Also, because I touched on it. VO works a bit differently, because while it can be a bandwidth issue, it also requires much more exploration and diving into the character. This can cause it to take much more time, especially on characters with more beloved VO.)

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Riot Xiphiase: Just wanted to jump in and add that at the heart of this is just a complicated resource allocation problem. I’m seeing a lot of “no x champion? and what about y champion?” We hear you guys and know there’s a lot of stuff to modernize. We’re reminded of that every day when we play ourselves.

The problem is that there are only so many Rioters able to work on these updates and we don’t have 30 hours in a day. We want to ensure that we’re tackling pressing issues and to the extent we can maybe address a few offenders immediately at the expense of a different larger, more comprehensive update is a tricky balance we have to manage.

At the end of the day, just because we didn’t call out a specific champion doesn’t mean we aren’t aware that they may need a little bit of love (or even a lot of love). There’s a lot to get to but we’re doing our best!

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More on Cass Banner

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STASHU New PortraitHey ya’ll. A little update:

Here’s what I’m happy with: Moving Q ms to a static number, though I think it might be a bit strong, having that kiting ability early on feels really good. Also, 0.4s delay seems to be just as dodgeable/hittable as we’re looking for, so that’s good too. Poison amp on E is testing well, and the mana restore being back feels pretty as well. I think I overtuned her mana numbers a bit, so I’ll probably be buffing those (reducing them).

Now, about the less pleasing stuff: I’ve heard you all loud and clear about how 1) it feels like a shackle until it’s finally lifted, and 2) stats are boring. So, been going a little deeper on that stuff. Today, I spent quite a bit of time experimenting with sexier rewards for the passive breakpoints. I’ve tried a number of things, like adding the mana refund passive into an Aspect of the Serpent breakpoint, moving the MS boost from Q into an early passive breakpoint (more specifically, Cassiopeia gains 25% ms for 3 seconds after poisoning an enemy champion), moving the poison amp on E in there, other crazier stuff like cast time shortening, subsequent E’s cost less mana (kind of liked that one), E extends poison duration, etc.

A lot of them expressed some problems that I expected individually, but I figured it’d be worth trying anyway. Generally, the “move mechanic from one part of kit into passive” method worked the best, since adding new sexy mechanics to the kit really just overloads the kit with mechanics, and that just feels bad. Unfortunately, not having access to core mechanics– mechanics that inform your combat pattern– until the x’th minute creates even more of the feeling that “this passive is a shackle, I just want my base power at the start of the game.” I think the healing on Twin Fang is a good example of a mechanic which is not core, is sufficiently attractive, and changes decision making in minor yet appreciable ways. Ultimately, the heal there is very stat-like (spell vamp), but it comes across in an interesting way. I didn’t really understand why this mechanic really seemed to fit in the passive, especially compared to the other breakpoints, but now I think I’ve got a good hold on it, which should help with brainstorming future changes.

ALSO As a general observation, all of the late game focused stuff we’ve done for the kit, though powerful, doesn’t really allow Cassiopeia to take over a game as much as we originally expected (kit limitations, as many people have brought up, like no dash/blink and unreliable CC really diminish the effectiveness of damage-oriented late game strengths more than we expected them to). Of course, she’s still pretty damn good come late game, but a little bit less so than originally projected. Accordingly, there’s even more room to bolster that early game. We still don’t want the Only-Q-All-Day-And-Win Cassiopeia lane bully back, but there’s plenty of room here to find a good place for her, especially with some of the changes we’ve made since the original update. Basically, Cassiopeia should feel comparable in strength to other mid laners, with her high, consistent, single target DPS as how she expresses her power in the late game (just like other mids have their own unique way of expressing power in the late game– Ziggs can clear waves, Syndra can 1-shot a guy, etc.).

Alright, that’s all for now.

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You skewed Cassiopeias power too much towards lategame

STASHU New PortraitYeah thats what I was alluding to. We skewed her power curve way too much, which really just made her incredibly hard to succeed on early game. It’s not that we hate lane bullies, just unhealthy ones (which many of them turn out to be >.>). The real problem is when your opponent is a lane bully who can play from safety or when theres little you can do in response to their actions. Lulu top lane was a pretty good example of this, as she out ranged most of her opponents while damaging them and she could flat out stop their aggression.

When Cassiopeias Q did so much damage from a safe range and had virtually no cost to it, not even putting her at appreciable risk. There were other ways of solving her as a lane bully, but we decided to go for a directional change. Looking back, we went a little too ham, and were looking to amend that now

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Who would be your best example of a healthy lane-bully

STASHU New PortraitDraven comes to mind. In order to bully, he has to put himself in your combat range (for bot lane), he telegraphs where he is going to stand (spinning axes) thus opening himself up to counter attack, and often relies on a heavily telegraphed skill-shot as a finisher. He out damages many of his opponents, but also gives them options against himself.

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Single Posts 08 11



Why Gravess cigar was removed from his splash art

[ Note ] Graves’s cigar was removed in a recent PBE update.


Riot Silver: Hey all,

I can give a bit of context on why the cigar was removed. Essentially, there was a significant risk of censorship or age rating problems in various regions based on the depiction of tobacco usage. This kind of thing is pretty strictly enforced in parts of the world, and in this case it became clear that we needed to remove the cigar in his splash. The relevant laws sometimes apply differently depending on content type, which is why something that might work in peripheral content like a cinematic may not work in content like splashes that are tied specifically to the core game.

I can also speak a bit as to why we wouldn’t create multiple splashes in response to this kind of issue. One of our goals moving forward with splash art, compared to how things have been done in the past, is to create content for all regions. In the past we’ve created modified or entirely different splashes based on the needs or appeal of certain regions, but this is something we’ve been working to change moving forward. Where possible, we want to stay away from sharding the game unnecessarily for different regions. It may seem like a small thing in this case, but we believe that being consistent with this artistic approach best allows for a common community and common stories for players to experience and share with each other.


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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



New Rift QA Banner

The Q&A on the updated Summoner’s Rift has now concluded, here are all questions answered and sorted:


Summoner’s Rift Q&A:


Here are all Rioters who took part in the Q&A:

  • Aeon - Associate Producer Manager
  • Jooballin - Associate Game Engineer
  • JxE - Technical Artist
  • ManWolfAxeBoss - Q&A Analyst
  • Nekomaru - Quality Assurance Analyst
  • RGBDeathPolygons - Senior Software Engineer
  • RiotDesertRose - Senior Environment Artist
  • Tiki - User Researcher
  • Tokkelossie - Character Artist



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How long has SRU been in development

Jooballin New PortraitWe’ve been working on updating Summoner’s Rift for the last few years. We’ve gone through a lot of iterations, some of which didn’t make it out to players and there have been a few iterations that have made it out to all y’all. The updated Summoner’s Rift in its current fashion has been in full production for a little over a year.

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What prompted the idea for the updated map

Jooballin New PortraitWe have many reasons to update Summoner’s Rift and the main reason is, like everything we do for LoL, to improve our players’ overall experience by continuous evolution. Our main focuses are increasing gameplay clarity and readability, visual fidelity, and thematic cohesion.

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Whats the biggest thing you learned from the old map

ManWolf New PortraitThat is a super tough question. There are so many things we wanted to preserve and build upon from the old map. Ultimately, next to game-play, the biggest lesson from the original map was how well it balanced a sense of danger with light-heated fun and whimsy.

Personally, I really wanted to make sure we kept some of the odd little things you found when really looking around the map. For instance, we added something special in the North base shop as a nod to the old days…

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Were there any funny features you had to scrap

Tiki New PortraitVultures! Vultures sound scary and like something you wouldn’t mind beating up over and over but we ran into some issues, one of them pretty big:


When the vultures flew around, our camera angle makes it pretty tough to target them effectively. We’d click one area, think we were targeting them, but not actually hit them which lead to some pretty poor gameplay :(

Ultimately R.I.P vultures and we went back to the drawing board!

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SR Gameplay Banner



Will the update have any effect on the gameplay at all

Tiki New PortraitOne of our main goals in designing and developing the map was to maintain the same gameplay as much as possible. Basically if you’re used to the feel of Summoner’s Rift now, it should feel about the same when the update hits with a couple of exceptions that we hope are improvements:

Clarity improvements. Ideally things should look more clear in a number of ways:

  1. Stuff stands out against the background better. This should help you more easily see your champ both in and out of teamfights
  2. When particles hit is more clear: Should help with last hitting and knowing when you’re gonna get hit.
  3. Animations are more clear for our minion attacks: Should also help with last hitting
  4. Nav Mesh is more accurate: Helps you know there path ends and wall begins. Should reduce annoying fail flashes :)

Baron & Dragon get waaaaaaaay more epic
These guys have an important place on the map, and a visual update alone wasn’t enough to make them feel as epic and important as they are. So we made some gameplay changes to support more epic in-game encounters and go along with their new look. We’re honestly still looking at both of these creatures closely and changes could still happen to make sure they’re working well for visuals and gameplay.

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How were the camera angle and pathing improved

Nekomaru New PortraitWe actually did a bit of trickery with the camera on the updated Summoner’s Rift to make skill-shots appear more accurate and help players on red side. The camera has been zoomed out while decreasing the field-of-view on the back-end, which has the result of showing the same amount of playable space while reducing the fish-eye effect around the edges of the screen. This reduces the curvature of visual effects (Nidalee spears!) that are near the edges so that you don’t run into the situation where you get hit by something that looks like it missed as often.

The camera angle has also been raised slightly, as the current camera angle shows more above your champion than below them when playing with a locked camera. The new camera angle evens it out so that you see about the same above and below, which should help players on red side while in lane.

As for the pathing, one of our major art goals was to make sure that the visuals of the environment match what you can and cannot walk through as accurately as possible. All of the trees, rocks, and other things blocking your movement have been created with that in mind.

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If I click a wall will I walk to the wall or try to walk around it

ManWolf New PortraitWe made some slight improvements to champion pathing, but it functions identically to live.

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Has the

ManWolf New PortraitThere’s a sizeable difference in win rates between Blue and Red, and we’ve largely narrowed it down to the camera angle–specifically because our game camera displays more game space on the top half than it does on the bottom half. The camera angle change alleviates this slightly; though we cannot FIX this issue unless the camera were completely top-down.

In addition, we pulled out the camera away from the ground plane, while decreasing the field of view simultaneously. This has the effect of showing roughly the same amount of game space, but decreases the amount of fish-eye distortion at the edges. In our game, this distortion effect causes skill shots and skill indicators to appear inaccurate. Here’s a great site that demonstrates the fish-eye effect in game cameras:

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Has jungle monster interaction been fixed

ManWolf New Portrait Leash mechanics are nearly the same as live, but some slight tweaks have been made.

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Will the shopkeepers get new VO lines

Nekomaru New PortraitVO for the shopkeepers is still something we hope to have in the future.

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ManWolf New PortraitThey will not be in for launch but it’s something we’re exploring for a possible future patch.

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Will you show where minions spawn from

ManWolf New PortraitWe’re not going to have anything in for launch, but it’s something we’re considering doing in the future.

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Will stylistically outdated Champions be updated

Tiki New PortraitYup! Lots of new visual & texture updates for champs have happened and will keep happening to make sure everything plays nice together :)

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SR Art Clarity Banner



Why do turrets look the same for each side

ManWolf New PortraitPart of it was clarity (making sure there is no confusion about what a turret is and does) and part of it was art (cohesive shapes and structures for each team)

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Considering you call the respawn points you considered adding real fountain elements to them

ManWolf New PortraitGreat question. We considered many angles while designing the bases. The big challenge with designing around the name used in NA is that we have many regions to consider. For instance, in China the inhibitors are called “crystals.” Therefore we decided to focus on creating thematically cohesive structures. That way we create something that really feels like a place in Runeterra.

That said, the north base kinda looks like a fountain. ;)

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Why are the jungle camps mirrored on both sides

Nekomaru New PortraitIt basically comes down to clarity. For a player who doesn’t know what the wolves do, having two different camps, say wolves and dingoes, would raise the question as to whether these monsters have different combat or provide different rewards. Having wolves on each side makes it easy for newer players to recognize that these camps serve the same purpose.

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What was the inspiration for the wildlife on the map

Nekomaru New PortraitWe started with the idea of Summoner’s Rift as a magical forest habitat. From there, the goal was to create jungle creatures that fit in and live in that environment while still fitting into the League of Legends world and remaining familiar to people who have been playing on the current Summoner’s Rift for years.

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Shouldnt the river be flowing through the lanes

ManWolf New PortraitWe agree and this was a difficult challenge to tackle given the balance the map needed to maintain. We decided to build fountains into the islands near the center of mid lane to act as a source. With a bit of imaginative thinking we see the river as “flowing” towards the edges of the map and exiting out a cave you can see outside of bot lane. We imagine there is a similar cave in the North. To keep it simple and clear we imagine the water to have descended into an underground aqueduct. It was a tough call but we wanted to prioritize game-play over art.

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SR Technical Banner



Will older machines be able to run the updated map
Jooballin New PortraitWe’ve done a lot of testing on this, and most low spec computers should run faster on the update to Summoner’s Rift. Every computer is different, so, while this can’t actually be guaranteed, we feel comfortable saying most people will have better frame rate performance now.

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RGBDeathPolygons New PortraitWill SR’s graphics be more demanding? In some ways yes, and in other ways no. You should see similar or better framerates to the current SR. We are going to be releasing a devblog in the near future that gives more information about this topic :).

When testing the update to SR, we haven’t reproduced these issues in our compatibility lab. However, there are a lot of factors that are out of our control, and there are millions of possible hardware combinations, so it’s always possible that we missed something.

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Is the map easily editable

Jooballin New PortraitWhile we have definitely taken this into consideration when building the update to Summoner’s Rift, I can’t provide an answer to any specific holiday or other skins that are upcoming.

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Are there brush changes on the updated map

Nekomaru New PortraitWhile we were working on the updated map, we noticed that the brush in top and bottom lane was actually slightly closer to the red side turrets than the blue side ones. That’s been addressed in the update, but bush placement in general is the same as the current map.

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Will the UI be 4k screen compatible

RGBDeathPolygons New PortraitCurrently, the UI does not handle extremely large display resolutions. We recognize that 4K displays are slowly becoming more common, so we may add support for them at some point.

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Will the new brush affect Rengar’s leaping range

ManWolf New PortraitAside from some minor improvements to layout, brush is identical to live.

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Will spawn animations for Baron

Jooballin New PortraitThe spawn animation will happen every time the creature actually spawns into the rift. To clarify, if the Dragon has been alive for a couple of minutes and you walk over to him, you won’t see the spawn animation play. However, if you are near the pit (or you have vision because you were a great teammate and placed a ward there) as the Dragon spawns in, you will see the animation play out. This is the case for every time the creatures spawn in.

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How big will the patch with the updated map be

Riot JxE Final PortraitWe’ve been patching out parts of the update for a while now, so you don’t have to worry about massive patch hitting you all at once.

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How will this update affect ranked games

Jooballin New PortraitThe update to Summoner’s Rift will be rolling out to the Team Builder queue first. We will eventually roll out to all queues, including ranked. At this point, all ranked games will be played on the new Summoner’s Rift, and the old one will be retired.

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SR Funny Extra Banner



Whats your favourite detail of the new map

Tiki New PortraitReally really love some of the small animations in the environment. Things like wind over the grass and trees go a long way to making the place feel like a living place to me :)

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Jooballin New PortraitI love the East jungle. It’s got this great eerie and magical feeling on which the artists really knocked it out of the park. I also love the Dragon encounter, especially when he spawns in. He really looks menacing.

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Will Chris Hansen be incorporated into the map somehow

Jooballin New PortraitPlease have a seat. So, what are you doing here?

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How many trees are on the new Rift

Nekomaru New PortraitDepends on if there’s a Maokai in the game.

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How do the champions arrive on Summoner’s Rift



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



News 07 11 Banner



Stashu shared a new changelist for Cassiopeia with updates to her passive, Q and E, with most notably her Twin Fangs increasing the poison damage targets take. Also, Lyte took on Reddit to discuss excessive chat restrictions and what causes them, as well as sharing how Leaver Buster will catch AFK-ers in the future and how the Tribunal aims to reward positive players.


Recent News





All PBE Updates from Patch 4.20 Cycle:

[ 07/11 ] Nerfs to Gnar, Katarina and Rammus, Buffs to Sona, Texture Rebalances for Riven and Jax, Preseason Tweaks, New Summoner Icons

[ 05/11 ] Kalista, Battlecast Alpha Skarner (Legendary), Battlecast Kog’Maw, Pickpocket Twitch, Captain Volibear, Safecracker Evelynn, Constable Trundle, Balance Changes, Texture Rebalances and More



Cass Changelist Banner



STASHU New PortraitHey guys, there’s been a lot of great discussion in My Thread and Canastus’s Thread . Keyword here being discussion — more than ever before, all of us felt that the others were listening, and I was really happy about that. Sadly, I didn’t sticky my own thread originally -.-, but luckily Canastus’s thread has been hot enough to stay on the front page. But yeah, I’ll be stickying this one >.>

Anyway! Over the course of this update, I’ve learned a ton, and I’d like to talk briefly about all of that and how it will inform me moving forward.

  • First and foremost, communication surrounding Cassiopeia’s update was just poor all around. It was late, rather weak, and felt pretty closed. Naturally, it’s unrealistic for me to respond to every post or to take everyone’s advice, but when I come across as just ignoring community feedback or completely misunderstanding general consensus, I’m clearly doing something wrong. I think we finally started to get to a good state of communication in the latter half of Canastus’s thread, and I’ll be sure to try to maintain this as we move forward. Thanks to everyone who’s stuck around through the communication nightmare and helped us get to this point.

  • In working towards out goals, we marginalized a lot of core Cassiopeia players’ favorites things about the champion. The problems we wanted to solve were/still are real problems, but the solutions we ultimately settled on had really heavy costs. The recent changes have been aimed at getting back a lot of the core Cassiopeia feeling while finding alternate solutions to the stated problems or refining/sharpening the ones we went with. We’re confident that we’re making big strides here, but there’s still a lot of room to improve to this end, and that’s really how I want to focus future discussions.

And that’s the main stuff. With that in mind, let’s look at the full list of PBE changes, with some updates that’ll hit soon:


Aspect of the Serpent New IconAspect of the Serpent [ Passive ]

  • No longer stacks on poisoned unit kill or on Twin Fang casts on enemy champions.
  • Now, stacks once every 6 seconds (10 times per minute) and for every second that an enemy champion is poisoned.
    • Stack breakpoints adjusted to 100 / 250 / 500. Overall, these are hit sooner than the old 75/200/400 based on the new mechanics, but are definitely still up for discussion.


Noxious Blast New IconNoxious Blast [ Q ]

  • Delay changed to actually function as intended (previously hitting between 0.25 and 0.5s).
  • Now that the delay is actually reliable, 0.35s wastoo reliable (undodgeable). Slightly increasing this to 0.4.
  • Movement speed buff changed to a flat 25% (from 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30%).
  • Noxious blast damage to 70 / 105 / 140 / 175 / 210 (from 75 / 115 / 155 / 195 / 235).
  • Mana cost changed to 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 (from 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 ).
    • The above mana/damage changes are to account for the spell just being much better overall, thanks to reliability increases and increased damage from E. We want the buffs to outweigh these slight nerfs for an overall boost in Q bower, but not as severely as they were.


Miasma New IconMiasma [ E ]

  • No change.


Twin Fang New IconTwin Fang [ E ]

  • Mana cost changed to 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75 (from 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90)Earlier, we removed the mana refund mechanic. This proved to be a poor decision, so we’re gonna put that back :)
    • Costs were just a bit high mid game before, but probably a little bit low for a 1 point spell. Will be monitoring this.
  • Now adds a debuff on the target which amplifies further poison damage by 25% for 5 seconds, stacks up to 2 times (50%).
  • Question: About the current CD, 0.5 s reset on cast might too low, as it makes Cass’s kite pattern very choppy. I’d love to hear what people would think about skimming off CD power here to smooth this out, and loading it into the DoT amp aspect, or something else. Thanks!


Petrifying Gaze New IconPetrifying Gaze [ R ]

  • No change.


All of this is super Beta, but I think we’re getting a lot of good traction on some of these changes. So yeah, let’s keep the discussion going. Thanks all!

[The pbe changes won't all be in tomorrow, but you can expect them within a few days. Sorry! Also, signing off for a bit, be back tomorrow]

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Her passive requires players to jump through too manyhoops just for bonuses that replace the nerfs to her kit

STASHU New PortraitBut but but the new passive change takes so many of the hoops away D:

Though, I do hear you (and everybody else who says this). I like what the CDR does for Q, W, and R, but obviously it doesn’t do much for E, except make the miss case less punishing (which is valuable, somewhat). We’re definitely still ideating on what could be more cool, and there have been some fun ideas floating around these threads. At the least, though, the CDR is functioning as we want it to.

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The damage nerf is just another example of you tacking on

a mechanic and then gutting a base stat to justify it

STASHU New PortraitYeah I see your point. This is definitely not the intent, if your worries prove to be the case, we’ll act accordingly. That said, from what I’ve seen of these changes, they really have just buffed the effectiveness of Q. Still preliminary data, and if that’s not the case, we’ll figure it out, but theory crafting all the ways in which this change will impact her DPS will only get us so far. If possible, try it out and let me know what you think :D

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Player Behavior Lyte Banner

The discussion spurred on Reddit after a player complained he’d received an extra 700 chat restrictions after he’d completed 500 chat restricted games.



I got even more chat restrictions after I’d finished my chat restricted games

Lyte Final PortraitUsually there’s a couple scenarios when a player goes through a chat restriction:

1) If the chat restrictions increase afterwards, it means the player was verbally abusive or toxic during their chat restrictions.

2) If the chat restrictions decrease afterwards, it means the player was on the path to reform, but hadn’t shown enough consistency for us to completely remove the restriction.

3) If the chat restrictions stop, it means the player showed enough neutral or positive behaviors that all penalties are removed.

Right now, it’s also possible to receive 500+ chat restrictions, which is basically the system’s way of saying “We don’t think you are on a path to reform and have received numerous chances,” and this is effectively a permanent chat restriction. This is a temporary solution until the Tribunal returns, and chat restrictions again just become a penalty type in the Tribunal.

There’s also a known issue where sometimes a player gets a chat restriction for gameplay toxicity, when they should have gotten a ban. This is rare but can happen, and is also fixed when the Tribunal returns.

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Why is it even possible to receive 500+ Chat Restricions

Lyte Final PortraitFor about 75% of players, they get 1 chat restriction and never get a 2nd.

For those with 500+ chat restrictions, it’s just a temporary band-aid until the new Tribunal system comes out. Players who have 500+ chat restrictions most likely aren’t interested in reform, so “capping” their potential toxicity is better game bans which force them to make new accounts and have unfiltered toxicity against new players.

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Do you expect the Tribunal to be back next Season

Lyte Final PortraitYes, there’s now a few teams working on player behavior related features instead of one. It took some time spinning up new teams and new Rioters, but we’re rolling now.

In fact, we have a new LeaverBuster system that aggressively identifies leavers/afks and is significantly more strict on leaving/afking in Ranked that we’ll talk about soon. I know some team members were looking for some PBE volunteers for testing out the new system, so PBE players should keep their eyes peeled.

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What changes can we expect for the Tribunal

Lyte Final PortraitOverall, the system is much more efficient than before. Each vote gives us more “value,” and we can determine a verdict on cases with fewer votes.

One of the big features I’m super excited about is the ability for players to review positive cases as well. Players who show positive behaviors will have cases built in the Tribunal and if the community believes they are positive, they’ll get a little prize.

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Follow Up

Can you elaborate on these “prizes” for positive players

Lyte Final PortraitTL DR: We’re going to try a mix of different rewards and punishments in the upcoming year. It’ll be important to get feedback from players about what rewards they care about the most, and why they care about it.

Incoming rant about “positive reinforcement” :)

The interesting thing about prizes and “positive reinforcement” is that it’s often misunderstood by people.

For example, I’ll often hear “why are we focused on punishment? Let’s just do positive reinforcement instead!” This is a flawed argument because the overall approach to player behavior in games isn’t about punishment OR reward. It’s both.

There are many, many types of players in League. Most players are neutral to positive, and a few players are toxic. However, every type of player is motivated by different things. Some players love skins. Some player love rank (social status). Some players love competition. Some players love teamwork. Different players have different motivations, and respond to different punishments and rewards.

There are some players out there that are toxic and ONLY care about competition. So, if we gave out skins to behave, these players wouldn’t care and Ranked behaviors might be exactly the same. However, the same players love social status, so if we remove their ability to earn loading borders and social status-bumping icons they now care and change their behaviors.

To truly improve player behavior across League of Legends, we need to incorporate a mix of approaches. We need rewards and positive reinforcement here and there to nudge neutral players to strive to be more positive, and to give positive players recognition for their contributions. But, we also need punishment for players unwilling to change, or who don’t care about “rewards.”

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Why arent players without received punishments rewardedwith skins like Judgement Kayle anymore

Lyte Final PortraitThere’s no excuse, we have some plans that you’ll hear about later in the year.

We’ve always believed that “good” players in League should get some recognition for their contributions to the community.

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Have you guys thought about limiting the numbers of bansplayers get per week

Lyte Final PortraitI think you meant limiting reports per week/month?

Some other games do this, but it puts players in a really awkward spot where they have to juggle reports. For example, “That was an awful experience… but do I use my report now? What if a player in the next game does something terrible too?” Now the player has no reports and no methods to combat the situation which is a terrible experience and makes players feel helpless.

What we’ve done instead is implement really sophisticated systems to “validate” reports. So, if a player is reporting frivolously, their reports simply lose “value” over time. Many of the players who troll report simply have their reports ignored by all behavioral systems. This solves the problem of troll reporting without removing the ability for the average player to combat toxicity.

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How does the new Leaver Buster system account for DCs

Lyte Final PortraitUnfortunately, a DC still means a poor experience for 4 to 9 other players in the game. So, although a DC might not be intentional, the system will still penalize you.

Fortunately, the system won’t be handing out game bans for DCs anymore and there is a different penalty.

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Follow Up

So if Im playing for fun and get DC

Lyte Final PortraitThe problem is, you “just trying to have fun” while having DC/game crashing issues means in nearly every game, you are forcing a 4v5 on 9 other players.

We should try everything we can to fix your problem, or else you will end up with penalties on your account. It’s not fair to you because it’s not your fault, but not doing anything to your account is not fair to the 9 other players being forced to play a 4v5.

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What if my client crashes Will I still get penalized

Lyte Final PortraitThe new LeaverBuster system has some lenience built in. So, if there’s truly an emergency, leaving once in awhile is not going to result in a harsh penalty.

However, DCs do still result in a miserable experience for 4-9 other players in the game. If a player has a bug/crash problem, they should fix it before queuing up for more games; otherwise, they will still get a penalty.

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Can troll reports extend the chat restriction period

Lyte Final PortraitFrivolous reports have actually never impacted chat restrictions. Frivolous reports have no “value” in the system.

If you are continuously getting chat restrictions, someone at Riot has reviewed the account at some point, or multiple systems have verified the restriction.

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How will toxic behavior be handled by the new Tribunal

Lyte Final PortraitThe key to penalties is understanding that different players respond to different things. We need to find out what “matters” to a player to truly do something to stop the behavior.

So, Ranked Restrictions is super interesting because a lot of Ranked players want to play Ranked and earn rewards. If they lose that ability when they are toxic, they’ll opt to stop being toxic to keep doing what they love.

Refusal to cooperate with teammates is a tough one because it’s so subjective. If a player doesn’t listen to you or agree with you, is that a refusal to cooperate? For subjective behaviors like these we need to develop more advanced methods to improve our accuracy identifying the behaviors. We’re actually testing a system right now that tries to identify intentional leavers… and it’s catching quite a few players every week.

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Any other player behavior-related features coming soon

Lyte Final PortraitWe’re wrapping up some polish with the new Suggested Players feature and what we call Team Builder Normals.

Our focus right now is on stuff like Tribunal, LeaverBuster, Honor, and exploring what a Ranked Team Builder could be.

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Will the Tribunal cover reports made in its absence

Lyte Final PortraitThere are 2 systems in the background running while Tribunal is down, so every report is processed and punishments are handed out. This is why you generally see massive waves of game bans and chat restrictions go out on a daily basis.

Players who claim “shit won’t happen” are just bluffing to try to get players to stop reporting.

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Single Posts

For the full discussion on updates to MMR Boosting policies, check below:




Can you make it clear what owning an account means

Rhojin New PortraitWhat I mean by account owner is the person who originally created the account. Sorry if I caused any confusion.

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If were playing a 5v5 Ranked gamesomeone else play without being considered a

Rhojin New PortraitThis would be something that we consider to be MMR Boosting. While they are just logging on to finish a game because a team member disconnected, they are still a third party playing on an account that they did not create.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



MMR Boosting Banner

This thread details what Riot is doing to hunt down boosters and what is considered boosting:



Rhojin New PortraitHey Everyone,

As the 2014 Season ends I’d like to pop in and give a little rundown on MMR Boosting, what we’re doing to catch those participating in the act and answer any questions you may have concerning MMR Boosting. As we have said in past threads, at Riot we believe MMR Boosting ruins the spirit of competitive play and devalues the effort many players have invested in our game. Over the last year we’ve made numerous improvements to our detection methods to where we are now able to more aggressively pursue and punish players who’ve participated in MMR Boosting during the 2014 Season.

First off I would like to go over some of the more frequently asked questions and reports we have seen in tickets throughout the 2014 Season:

Duo Queuing

We do not consider duo queuing with another player to be MMR Boosting. We have always allowed friends to play games together and will continue to do so. Though in order to keep the game play a little more balanced we recently added limitations placed on duo queuing based on the difference of ranking between the queue members.

Spam Bots

Over the past few months we have received numerous reports about players receiving messages in chat rooms and through PMs advertising cheap MMR Boosts. We are well aware of these bots and are working on a solution to prevent them from spamming in the future. Please avoid these scams, as many players have had their accounts stolen when attempting to use the services advertised in the bot’s messaging.

How do I report people I suspect to be involved in MMR Boosting?

If you suspect a player is involved in MMR Boosting, filing a report through a support ticket is the best way to bring them to our attention. When making these reports please make sure to include any evidence that confirms your suspicions. Please keep in mind that reporting a player puts them in a queue for investigation. The results are not always immediate and we will be unable to comment on any decision made.

I will be keeping an eye on this thread throughout the day to answer any questions you may have regarding MMR Boosting. If you need to report anyone, please send in a support ticket rather than posting the information in the thread.

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What if you punish an innocent player for being boosted

Rhojin New PortraitWe have ways to determine if an account has been boosted. When we investigate an account for possible involvement in MMR Boosting there are multiple factors that we cover, that way when an investigation concludes we can be sure we are only punishing those who are guilty.

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Is duo-queuing with

Rhojin New PortraitIf the account was legitimately placed in a division then we will allow it to be used in a duo queue. Though if the account was manipulated into being placed in a lower division (intentional losing placement games) then the account owner is going to have a bad time. I see people claim they have diamond mains in silver from time to time in my own ranked games, most of the time this is just a form of trash talking.

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What do you need as evidence

Rhojin New PortraitIn game or lobby screenshots are our favorite as we have further information about the reported player to go on. Anything third party is a little harder to use since a post or message can be sent since they could have been made by a third party trying to act as if they were the player.

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Under which category should I report MMR boosters

Rhojin New PortraitYou can submit any boosting reports in the General Category under Game and Features.

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Why can't we do it from the client

Rhojin New PortraitThe client report feature in the post game screen is set up specifically for in game behavior reports. This feature was designed to collect reports for the Tribunal, there is no way for players to investigate and determine if an account was boosted. These are special cases that need to be reported directly to us.

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Does location impact your ability to find boosters

Rhojin New PortraitGeography does not hinder our investigation process. We have multiple factors that are investigated when a report is brought to our attention. Our investigation is set up to factor in that there are players who play from different locations (A Friend’s House, PC Cafe, College,etc) this is taken into account when identifying someone who has had their account boosted.

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Can you find a player who plays and boosts on different regions

Rhojin New PortraitBoosting from a different region does not prevent us from finding them or issuing punishments.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


Preseason 2015 Q&A

November 5th, 2014


Preseason QA Banner

I’ll be expanding this article continuously as more questions are answered. Don’t forget to leave any question you may have here!



Ypherion New PortraitWe’ve been sharing a lot of thoughts and goals around Preseason 2015 over the past week (you can find the Dev Blogs here)

For the next few hours we’ll be around to answer questions you have. We’re going to leave some time for questions to be put into this thread and get voted up or down, so we’ll start answering around 2pm PST.

Looking forward to it!
- Ypherion (and the Game Systems team)

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Any changes to the ranking system for next season

Draggles New PortraitWhen tackling large changes like preseason, do you guys have an inkling as to which champions are going to be in the meta or FOTMs, or is this generally something that gets discovered over a period of time? Like, you don’t have to reveal who, but do you have a suspicion that say, Skarner will be really strong with the new changes?

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Do you expect diversity in viable junglers

LtRandolph New PortraitWe certainly hope to see more diversity in the roster of junglers that are seen as competitively viable. That being said, it’s a more dangerous place than it used to be, so there is certainly a risk of some of the more tenuous junglers having a harder time.

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Follow Up

Riot Axes New Portrait I expect more diversity in terms of which jungle strengths matter – so Nunu and maybe Shyvana/Mundo get to be better because counterjungling matters more, Xin Zhao and Udyr get to be better because dueling matters more, for example. The ideal here would be a rich metagame where you see that your opponent really wants to, say, invade you a lot, and you feel like you have options to deal with that which are specific to the game you’re in, even if you’re playing the same jungler as always.

As for newly viable junglers, that’d have to be a case by case thing. We’d default to allowing it, but we’d keep an eye on the effect the jungler is actually having on the game. An example here would be Pantheon, who emerged as a strong jungler who was super oppressive, but once we got his kit in line with the new role, it actually worked out pretty well and is something we’re ok with going forward.

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Is the new Baron buff intended for split-pushing

LtRandolph New PortraitOne of the frequent discussions I’ve heard and been a part of is how a team that is strong in one particular strategy can get a temporary source of a different strength to finish off the game. The baron buff in a broad sense is shifting to be more focused on sieging, whether that be split pushing or together. This is intentional, since taking Baron is typically a sign of strong teamfighting.

That being said, the health and mana regen on previous Baron buffs were very strong for sieging; we just wanted to make the strength much more focused and obvious.

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Why are Quinn’s PBE changes going on and off

Sotere New Portrait Unintended technical issues exposed changes that weren’t quite ready for PBE. 

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the vision from the crab buff make Dragon

Sotere New PortraitPossibly! It is always a very big risk to do an objective when there is any level of vision owned by the enemy team in the area. We are looking at tuning the vision reward of the crab, especially as we continue to receive feedback that the vision stalls out fights around those objectives.

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The Towers feels squishy

Sotere New PortraitIt’s not just you, and we’re looking into that! There’re definitely a lot of mechanics that make minions stronger against turrets but that doesn’t explain general turret squishiness.

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Any plans to add enchantments for roles other than junglers

LtRandolph New PortraitThe designers, RiotAxes in particular, have been excitedly asking for an actual enchantment system to make what you’re talking about much more doable. The current setup is actually quite horrifying, and has led to a lot of wasted time and bugs. To be clear, the solution is very clever, it’s just messy.

Currently there are 6 items called Berserker’s Greaves, 6 called Sorcerer’s Shoes, etc. One for unenchanted, and one for each enchantment.

I really hope I have time to make a fancy shmancy enchantment system to end this abomination.

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Follow Up

Why hasn’t this been fixed

LtRandolph New PortraitAs a one-off system it was decided that making 25 extra items to implement boot enchantments was more efficient than engineering and debugging a new system. The decision looks different if we decide that we need to make 150 extra items to implement 10 different enchantable categories.

There’s always tradeoffs, and always a bunch of different ways to do things. There’s always some beautiful solution that makes all the engineers jump up and down with glee over its elegance. There’s always 10 other things we want to fix at the same time that we might want to make that beautiful solution.

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Will there be new Masteries or changes to Runes

FeralPony Final PortraitWe will not be making any largescale changes to Rune or Masteries this pre-season. These are both systems we’d like to approach at a later date though because we agree there is a lot of room for improvement there.

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Do you think niche items will continue to be problematic

Riot Axes New PortraitI think there’s a balance point where the stats are good enough that when you really need the effect they provide, the item is worth it and if you don’t need the effect, the item is not worth it.

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How do you plan to avoid dominant strategies

Riot Axes New PortraitIt really comes down to what actions you would take to counter the other team, and making sure there are appropriate responses to their strategy (and responses to responses, and…)

If you build a strong teamfight and my team’s only real response is to also build a strong teamfight, then that’s just a dominant strategy where both teams will have to just do that. If you build a crazy wave clear team and make pushing towers impossible, and pushing towers is the only real way to achieve victory, that’s again a dominant strategy and teams just have to do that (we saw this earlier this year with Ziggs/Xerath/Zilean).

But consider what happens when there’s an objective on the map that can be leveraged to break a stalemate – let’s say Dragon’s stacking buff has this effect (it might, it might not, but suppose it does). Your wave clear is still potentially a very valuable thing to have in buying time for your team to scale later into the game, but if the other team is getting close to maxing out their Dragon buff, your team is eventually going to have to come out of your base and take some risks, and you’ll need to have a different kind of strength besides just wave clear to contest that Dragon.

So, in that case, if stall becomes too powerful, one of our responses could be to make Dragon respawn slightly faster or make Dragon buffs a bit more powerful, thus providing some options to the other team to deal with your extremely powerful stall tactic. And both of these strategies could coexist if, say, there’s a good payoff to stalling for a while even if you can’t stall forever, such as allowing late game champions like Kog’Maw or Jax on your team to get their items.

This is just one example of the kind of thing we’re trying to build for preseason, of course.

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What strategies do you think will be used to end games

Sotere New PortraitThe strategy that has become more prevalent has been complete dragon control into team fight power with the Aspect of the Dragon buff. Historically, teams have not owned Dragon to the extent that it was clearly the contributing factor to game ending.

Teams that took five dragons would win, but it would just be another advantage displayed through their gold and inventory. It definitely feels like something more to work towards, now.

Outside of that, I’m excited to see how people engage in splitpushing and seeing if it feels healthier.

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Is a 5-stack Dragon more valuable to kill than Baron

Ypherion New PortraitAspect of the Dragon (tier 5 buff) is indeed stronger than Baron. This is on purpose because 5 Dragons is a full game investment, whereas Baron could have been a coin-flip Smite war.

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Will you be able to solo an inhibitor turret with one minion wave

Ypherion New PortraitRight now tower durability is still being tuned (they seem a bit too squishy) so hard to say for sure. My guess is that a fed AD split pusher could probably still take them if uncontested. However contesting the tower should be more palatable as a defending duelist.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at