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All PBE updates from Patch 5.5 cycle:


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Ypherion New PortraitHi all,

Let’s talk about the 2015 season jungle. Up front: we knew the preseason changes were going to make things significantly tougher, but it’s clear we’ve misstepped along the way in both communication and design. Not only have we not done a great job of sharing our thoughts (present and future), but our subsequent changes to the jungle from patch 5.1 to 5.4 have been nerfs to jungle diversity rather than continuing to deliver on our preseason goals.

First, let’s see how we got here. From the beginning we knew that “strategic diversity” would basically become a meme for the 2015 season, but it’s still something we strongly believe in. A lot of players might associate champion diversity with strategic diversity, but it’s more about one feeding into the other. The former is only about what champions get played – even if they’re doing the same thing – while the latter emphasizes champions who can enable a variety of other strategies on a team (objective control, wombo, lane pressure, etc). With Jarvan IV, Vi, and Lee Sin all fulfilling identical roles (with priority given to whoever’s strongest), we know we’re not there.

In line with the above thought, our goal with 2015 was to support a rock-paper-scissors game of jungle styles: ganking, farming, and counter jungling. What we ended up discovering, however, was that counter jungling wasn’t actually a proper response on par with ganking and farming, so jungling went back to who could gank or farm the best (or both).

It’s clear that we’ll need to reconfigure what available playstyles there are for junglers out there, but for now our big focus is getting jungler diversity up before attempting to tackle the larger problem of strategic jungler playstyles (versus champion playstyles like playing Amumu vs. Vi).

So what do we want to do, and how can we get there? High-level we’re still pursuing strategic diversity in the jungle (and, well, all of League of Legends), but we also realize we need to get champion diversity up to support it. Finally, while we intentionally made clearing camps harder and riskier to better differentiate jungler strengths, this has also made the jungle position less satisfying and fun for junglers, so we’re investigating other ways to improve this.

Short-term, here are some tactics:

First, we’re going to be pushing our experimental jungler tank item to the PBE with this patch. We’ve actually been working on it for a little while behind the scenes, but – as we mentioned earlier – haven’t done a great job of communicating that. TL;DR: Juggernaut is being reworked into Cinderhulk, a new Sunfire-esque item build that gives both tankiness and extra clear speeds to the junglers in need.

In terms of auxiliary changes to help get tank junglers get their satisfaction back, we’re going to be looking at a bunch of tank junglers this patch to see if we can give any small buffs in the early game, along with buffs to Gromp’s Poison Armor Smite reward and some early monster damage nerfs. This does mean we’ll need to look at specific dominant champions who are standing (or pouncing) well above the pack, but we’ll have to tread a fine line of balance here. The goal is to get junglers feeling satisfied and empowered to play the position, but we need to be wary of a world where they’re doing so at the cost of everyone else.

Finally, what’s in store for the future? We still believe in creating a compelling set of unique jungle actions beyond just ganking and farming, but haven’t firmly locked down additional paths to support. We have a few ideas we’re really excited about, but we’re definitely looking at making Poacher’s Knife and Skirmisher’s Sabre more robust and exciting items for the future. We’re also going to be examining the feeling of the jungler “potion tax” where junglers always need to be chugging away to stay healthy.

On the communications front, we failed to recognize the stacking pain we’ve been causing junglers through the patches, and that’s something we want to improve. We need to get better at engaging in a healthy dialogue with players while also highlighting our short and long-term goals for the future, and we will.

Wrapping it all up: if it wasn’t clear from our multiple revisions throughout the years, the jungle is a tough position to get right. The jungle needs to test multiple capabilities while also providing the space for a jungler to have impact on the game through different actions, even though right now it’s more focused on high-damage and ganking prowess (which sounds familiar, we know). That said, we’ve never been more confident in our long-term goals – as ambitious as they are – but we know it’s not fair for junglers to languish while we work toward that vision.

We’re definitely committed to opening up the jungle without just giving out power haphazardly, but we’re also hoping that by keeping these communication channels open you’ll help us guide the jungle to a more compelling, diverse, and healthy position in League. We really appreciate your feedback, and we’re excited to continue sharing more of our plans in the future.

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Any planned changes to Poachers Knife

Riot Axes New PortraitI agree that one of the reasons Poacher’s Knife fails because it doesn’t do anything if your opponents take appropriate steps to stop your counterjungling. We’re working on an update to that item (no details yet). One of the goals is definitely ensuring that it’s a valuable item even if you don’t get a chance to steal camps, and ideally there’ll be some fringe cases where it’s the ideal jungle item for you even if you don’t plan to invade.

I would like it to include at least a soft push towards counterjungling on that item, but certainly not the current version where you get nothing if you don’t counterjungle.

As far as trying to make junglers into just one role, that is absolutely contrary to our goals. I realize that that’s how the current jungle feels, but that’s one of the big reasons we feel compelled to act – it’s a problem to be fixed.

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Players just dont find counterjungling to be viable

Riot Axes New PortraitYou’re right. If we want counterjungling to be a thing, we have to make it a thing.

The design of Poacher’s Knife assumed that we had made counterjungling broadly desirable. The move speed and such were intended as a useful tool for someone who already planned to do that. The bonus gold was intended to help players understand what to do with the item, NOT to be the primary benefit for counterjungling.

Clearly, that’s not what happened.

We do see counterjungling on live, but it is sporadic and opportunistic – junglers whose plan is mostly to gank lanes happen to see the enemy jungler ganking bot, so they take a camp and get out.

In the short term, we’re going to be embracing that kind of counterjungling and supporting it with an item that might help you do it a little more but isn’t aimed at hardcore, dedicated counterjungle; it might cause you to reprioritize actions a bit, but you’re still doing basically what junglers do. You called out vision, so I’ll just say – vision is a GREAT tool here in some form.

In the longer term, we’d like to land in a place where dedicated counterjungling is a valuable action to take regardless of what item you choose, and then make sure Poacher’s Knife is a strong tool to help you achieve it. You already want to steal that camp if you can get away with it; Poacher’s Knife helps you do that.

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Would you guys consider making the jungle easier to clear

Ypherion New PortraitWe need to be careful here, but you’ll see some, relatively light, changes in this direction in the next patch or two.

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The recent nerfs harmed your long term goals with the jungle

Fearless New PortraitSo, I personally didn’t communicate the reasoning for a lot of the jungle changes recently in a way that made them look like anything but some pretty harsh nerfs. I understand how painful some of these changes are, and more importantly, how they created a feeling that we weren’t responding to the pain with anything more than further nerfs.

Many of those changes were foundational for the changes we’re going for in 5.5. As an example, giving tanks this sort of power increase and the ability to freely swap between Rangers and Stalkers meant that they quickly power cleared their way to their often mega powered level 6, and then doubled down with lock down power without a trade-off. That change also creates a lot more space for each of the jungle items to have more definition, knowing that each item represents a real choice, not a swap option each time we base.

We really wanted to talk about the changes we were setting up, but there’s a tremendous danger if Cinderhulk hadn’t been successful, for example, and the main reason that we’re sharing our plans for the future now. There is still a risk that things change very quickly for us, but better to deal with that as we have to.

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The jungle might become bette but right now its not fun

Pwyff Final PortraitWe get where you’re coming from on this, hence why we’re going with these changes sooner than later. There’s certainly a world of ideological design versus player pain and immediate value, and we’re always trying to find the balance between the two.

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New Jungle Enchantment Cinderhulk and changes to Gromps Smite Buff

A new enchantment was added to the PBE recently for testing. It’s aimed squarely at low-damage tank junglers who need it to clear camps faster.


Cinderhulk (New Enchantment)
  • Grants 350 Health and 25% Bonus Health
  • Total cost is 2200 Gold, Recipe cost – 350 Gold (if applied to Stalker’s Blade or Ranger’s Trailblazer the recipe cost is currently 150 Gold, but it’s not intended)
  • UNIQUE Passive – Immolate: While in combat, deals 15 (+1 per champion level) magic damage a second to nearby enemies. This increases up to 100% based on time in combat.

Cinderhulk Enchantment


Fearless New PortraitHey all,

We have some big changes for jungle tanks on the PBE today. As you might have seen from our highlight post on the jungle, we’re looking to solve some of gaps between tanks and the rest of the pack with a new tanky enchant as well as making Gromp explicitly reward tanks over other junglers.

First, what was wrong with Juggernaut? First, it wasn’t explicitly improving clear speeds for tanks in comparison to other junglers. Others get to build incremental increases in damage with their components, but tanks just got… tankier without much else. Juggernaut also failed to feel like the foundation of a tanky build, as much as it was simply a decent chunk of stats that could make anyone more durable.

Enter Cinderhulk.

This new enchant builds out of a new component, Bami’s Cinder, which grants +300 HP and a mini Sunfire aura (now the Immolate aura). This gives tanks a boost both in their durability and their ability to get through camps. Once upgraded to Cinderhulk, the enchant gives champions a version of Immolate that ramps up with time-in-combat, rewarding those who are happy to get into the middle of a fight and stay there. The base health on Cinder Hulk is lower than Juggernaut (350 down from 500), but in the place of base stats, Cinderhulk now grants +25% bonus health. This means jungle tanks get more for their gold as they build tanky.

Along a similar line, we wanted Gromp’s Smite buff to do more for tanks that can need the bump in clear power, while not making it a universally powerful clear tool. Gromp’s poison armor now scales up with the bonus health of the owner, allowing tanks to opt into extra clear speed when they need it.

These items are aimed at 5.5, so we’re looking to get lots of coverage for bug fixes and polish to make sure we can see these hit live as smoothly as possible. We can’t wait to test these out with you all!

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So youre buffing tanks in the early game because they cant get to buying the new item

Pwyff Final PortraitThis is our challenge as well – what conclusion we did come to was that Cinderhulk leads to a stronger “endgame fantasy” (aw yiss season 2014), but you have to want to get to that world to start feeling satisfied. Rengar might not have the greatest lv1 clear but you know he’ll “turn on” at some point, so you know the tradeoffs. Right now tanks just don’t feel as satisfying in the early levels so they can’t see the future.

Some psychological thing about not being able to synthesize the proper mental frame of mind to appreciate something in the future because you assume you’ll be in the same state as now. That was a confusing sentence, sorry.

Anyway tldr would be we’re looking to make early clears a little more satisfying so players on these tanky junglers can feel like they want to get to the Cinderhulk and beyond. It’s partially perception design and partially power design. But we’re definitely trying not to ‘double down’ on these buffs.

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Have you considered adding an item that helps support focused junglers with vision

Riot Axes New PortraitIt’s something we’re considering. Not sure if we’ll end up shipping something like that or not, but the idea definitely has merit.

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Cinderhulks bonus health increase might benefit bruisers more than tanks

Fearless New PortraitTotally reasonable feedback, but there are some elements getting over looked here. The first would be build order. It’s pretty rare that a fighter goes jungle item into Randuins. Fighter’s generally are going to opt into damage items, and eventually grab some health. This means that Cinderhulk is less effective for most of the game for them.

Tanks, on the other hand, will often opt into builds that are very defensively oriented. The nature of defensive stats also mean that the effective health growth on tanks means that even with early frozen hearts, Cinderhulk is going to make tanks noticeably more tanky, while also giving them better access to their gold income.

This is still a bit simplistic, but there’s a reasonable case for Cinderhulk favoring Tanks, and if we find that the current tuning doesn’t make this true, we have the space to change that quickly as needed.

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Are Warrior based junglers or bruisers going to end up building this too

Fearless New PortraitWe are considering changes similar to this for other Enchants. Right now, Warrior and Magus are both pretty extreme power spikes, but don’t do much to amp up the rest of your build. There’s very likely some very cool opportunity space to make these items feel better and more like the item that makes all your other items better.

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Is anything similar to this planned for Magus or Devourer junglers

Fearless New PortraitIt’s possible, but they’ll get less effective health out of their builds, as they spend more gold on offensive stats. Having some space for them to opt into that trade off is ok. If it ends up being dominant, we’d likely reduce the base health the item gives, and look to increase the long term scaling.

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Wont the burn aura attract Baron Dragon aggro

Fearless New PortraitThe damage on Cinderhulk only turns on during combat, meaning that if you haven’t taken damage or attacked, the fire aura isn’t on. This is built specifically for the situations you list.

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So when can a jungler pick this item up to help them

Fearless New PortraitGromp can fill in some of the gaps, but Bami’s Cinder is the first item to build after the machete upgrade.

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More updates and tweaks coming to Gragas on the PBE

[ Note ] Gragas received buffs to his base mana pool and the maximum damage on his W to monsters. You can check out the buffs HERE.

Vesh Final PortraitWill probably add a couple more small ones like more ult CD reduction per rank and potentially a bit better scaling base stats. stay tuneddd

edit: to be clear by the way this is just a band-aid, not anything in place of actual gameplay/rework changes. those are still coming _^

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Why did you buff Nidalees Bushwhack damage on the PBE

[ Note ] On the PBE, Nidalee’s trap no longer deals a % current HP damage, but the base damage has been buffed and a 0.2 AP ratio has been added. You can view all her changes HERE.

Meddler Final PortraitWe’re testing a nerf to Nid’s traps specifically to target her jungle clear speed. She’s currently an extremely fast clearer which, given all the other tools she has, is a strength we don’t think she needs.

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Follow Up

So youre changing Bushwhack to slow her jungle clear speed

Meddler Final PortraitThat’s correct – we’re not trying to push her out of the jungle entirely with these changes, but we are looking to noticeably reduce her clear speed. Her W’s damage against monsters would be significantly lower under this version, given how much health they have, , even with the buffed base damage.

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Why are you buffing the AP Ratio on her Swipe Cougar E

Meddler Final PortraitNot sure about the buff to E, the designer working on these changes is out this afternoon so I don’t have full context.

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Why does Sonas ult have a scaling mana cost

Meddler Final PortraitCan’t think of a good reason off the top of the head, inclination is to standardize that to 100 like most other mana using champs with regular ults. I’ll bounce the idea off the balance team, see whether we want to throw that change into the next possible patch.

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FAQ on the updated player tooltips

[ Note ] You can now view the ‘recent playstyles’ of players on your friend list.

NinjaTabby Final PortraitHey guys! I am one of the devs that worked on this feature and want to answer some of your questions.

Where’s my updated tooltip?

We’re still in the process of rolling it out. We’ve enabled it in NA and LATAM regions so far. We are rolling out slowly so that we can keep an eye on any issues that may come up and isolate them without affecting other regions.

What do these icons mean?

As many of you noticed, these icons are consistent with Team Builder. The first icon represents the position you typically play the displayed champion in. The second icon represents the role you most commonly fill with that champion.

What even is “Recent Playstyle”?

Our goal with this is to help people looking at you get a quick idea of what you like to play. We look at your recent games, find the champion you play most often, and then the role and position you most often play with that champion. We have special handling for game types where you don’t have agency over you champion choices. This includes the random display for people who play a lot of ARAM, and exclusion of data from other game modes (such as Nemesis Draft).

We think there might still be improvements on what is shown here, so please keep the feedback coming!

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Clarity on Veigars E delay and possible buffs in future patches

[ Note ] Veigar received extensive changes in Patch 5.4. You can check them all HERE.

Meddler Final PortraitOur conclusion was that an instant stun, at that range, at that cooldown was blocking Veigar from being a healthy (and therefore able to be made powerful) champion. Adding a delay was the best way to preserve what we felt was the core of the skill (lock down an area, at a range that doesn’t require Veigar to be completely in the middle of the fight).

As a general update our initial take is that Veigar’s looking too weak after these changes. Options we’re looking at include having E stop dashes once the walls are up (people attempting to dash out get stopped and stunned), starting the delay at the start of Veigar’s cast time rather than at the end and reducing the delay on W. None of those are guaranteed changes yet of course, but that’s the sort of direction we’re thinking.

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Follow Up

When can we expect these buffs to be up on the PBE for testing

Meddler Final PortraitIt’s likely we’ll have at least some follow up changes in the next patch (5.5). It will take a little while for people to adapt to the changes to his kit though and for us to assess how that goes. Design changes for patch 5.5 are tentatively scheduled to lock mid next week and that means if bigger changes are appropriate they’ll be in 5.6 (or potentially later).

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Upcoming buff to Varus in Patch 5 5

Meddler Final PortraitThe niche we’ve got in mind for Varus is a combination of poke and moderate ranged initiation/counter initiation, primarily via his Q and R respectively. We’ve been feeling he’s a bit weak at those for a while and have been gradually buffing him as a result. That’s involved increased mana regen late last year to support poke and increased R width recently to improve his ult’s reliability. Additionally in the upcoming patch (5.5), we’ll be changing his Q cooldown to begin at start of channel, not when he fires the arrow off. That should give him access to more Q casts late game in particular, and make charged shots (as opposed to saving the Q to proc Blight) a bit more attractive.

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Kassadin will receive compensation buffs

Meddler Final PortraitWe’ll be buffing Kassadin. Not sure if any details have been worked out yet.

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DJ Sona Fan Art Collection

DJ Sona’s debut album has inspired a wave of awesome community creations. Check out this creative collection of Kinetic, Concussive, and Ethereal fan art to celebrate your favorite track! Don’t forget to click the artists’ names to see more of their work.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


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On the board forums,Ghostcrawler and Sotere discussed in length the current balance issues with League – mobility creep, an overtuned jungle and a lack of champion diversity. Over on Reddit, Lyte commented on the new Tribunal and what features will carry on from the old one. Lastly, we have a confirmation that Team Builder will be available for Ranked Games, a minor buff to Urgot coming soon, a discussion on champions with ‘bad identity’ and an awesome community spotlight showing Katarina’s daggers forged in real life.


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How do you want or expect this season to play out

Ghostcrawler New PortraitWe want more champ diversity. A lot of the preseason changes were made with the goal of having games play out differently. Overall we are happy with the changes made to towers, objectives and the jungle, but it hasn’t yet created the space for more champs. (I should add at least within one region – if you look world-wide, diversity is preety good, but that’s largely because different champs are getting played in different parts of the world.) We knew the changes would be disruptive, meaning it might take players a few patches to explore the best strategies to use in the new environment, but things are starting to settle in now and diversity isn’t where we want it to be.

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What do you mean by wanting strategic diversity

Ghostcrawler New PortraitStrategic diversity refers both to champs and to the game itself. If every game is won with a similar comp (even if the champs are different) or every games be becomes a 5 dragon stack, then the risk still exists that the third game you play feels exactly like the previous two. On the topic of champ diversity specifically, it’s not a reasonable expectation or a goal to have every champ played equally. Champs have different play styles and themes and that all factors in. But we can do better than we do today.

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How exactly do you plan on dealing with mobility creep

Ghostcrawler New PortraitMobility is fun and useful or we wouldnt’t keep adding it to kits. The problem is that too often it comes for free just to give a champ a little extra pizzazz. Roles that need a lot of mobility, like assassins, aren’t a huge problem, but roles that already bring a lot to the table, especially mages and ADCs, can be. Even with these it doesn’t need to be an ironclad rule that they can’t dash, but they do need to pay for it elsewhere in their power budget. For these champs, we are less likely to nerf their movement mechanic and more likely to reduce their damage, survivability or control to pay for the mechanic.

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Would you agree the jungle is currently overtuned

Sotere New PortraitWe are constantly following up on the state of the jungle. Turret shields also have changes on the docket for 5.05. Giving players time to figure out changes could be construed a number of ways. Should we not change the jungle, and leave Turret Shields exactly the way they are such that players innovate around those changes?

I frequently think about and ask others in the office: what would happen to the game if we (Riot) took our hands off the wheel for a year? Would it be a better or worse game? Undoubtedly, players would innovate and we’d see some very creative meta manifestations. Overall, though, I’m confident that we do more good than harm with our updates.

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Sotere New PortraitIt is fair criticism that we overly focus on the jungle and not on the champions. I would say (as someone who works more on the jungle/systems side) we believe that the jungle can be a place that caters more favorably to tanks and that is something we have not yet delivered on.

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How do you feel about people saying that towers are too weak

Sotere New PortraitI can understand why people feel this way: we have a lot of tools available in the game to destroy turrets quickly. Full tanks, which are pretty common, can also sit and tank a lot of turret shots. However, I’m fairly confident that turrets are just all around stronger than they were before the season swap. So much so that it might have deleterious effects on the game as a whole. This is actually the most troubling mismatch of perception to power for me in the game at the moment.

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How do you feel champion diversity relates to the LCS

Sotere New PortraitThe LCS (and pro play across the world) impacts player perception and thus play rate pretty dramatically. It is hard to imagine a world where pro play has little diversity but common play does. This makes it tricky, because pros have a lot of legitimate reasons to not add a ton of variety into their play. They often use picks to steal away high priority champions from the enemy team. Teams, imo, also get advantages by practicing with similar squads in repetition, so ‘surprise’ picks are less valuable.

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Are you OK with the same champions being played most of the time

Sotere New PortraitI definitely want to see more diversity. I think even if we get champion diversity to a state where it’s “okay” in our view, we’ll still see some repetition in picks. I think balance issues are the primary culprit, though there have been some cases where professional play stubbornly would not adopt certain champions and held onto others too long.

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Do you think mobility like that of Kalista and Yasuo is good for the game

Sotere New PortraitJust wanted to touch on one point here: while they are ‘free’ in the sense that they don’t cost a resource most of the time, they are much more conditional than Kassadin. He has freedom to move any direction he wants. Yasuo can only dash into enemy targets, Kalista needs something to hit to access most of her extra mobility. To that end, they’re probably more healthy.

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If Kalistas mobility becomes a problem would you nerf her free jump from Q

ISotere New Portrait probably wouldn’t be the one to give insight to CertainlyT for her future balancing. I don’t have particularly great insights into her play. That said, Pierce is one of the things I would be least excited to see changed.

When he was in ideation he got me into a conversation about her. He asked, (paraphrasing of course) “shadow isles evil-ish marksman, what weapon do they use?” I said spear. He said he’d already settled on that but was just making sure it made sense. Then he was like, “when you think of a spear thrower, what excites you about what they do?” My response was that I really liked in movies when the character launches the spear after throwing their whole body (jumping) into it. The extra momentum really sells the use of the weapon for me. I think Pierce sells that fantasy the most for me.

In her development she also would do more damage when moving forward with her passive, which I thought made a lot of thematic sense.

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I miss doing Tribunal work

Lyte Final PortraitEvery once in awhile, I see a thread like this and it’s a :( day.

Tribunal’s been down for 9 months, and we know that’s a long time. However, player behavior in League has been at record bests due to a few different systems that were implemented while Tribunal is being re-worked.

1) The new LeaverBuster has been out for 2 months now, and has pushed leavers/AFKs to a record low in the history of League. I’m hoping to share more data around this when we wrap up analyses.

2) The machine learning system has been extremely aggressive at combating racism, homophobia, sexism and death threats. Right now, these types of behaviors show up in approximately 2% of games globally. An interesting “test” is to think about your last few games, and think about the last time you actually saw someone use the “n” word, or c*nt, or similar obscene phrases.

3) There is a new intentional feeder detection system that has been banning out intentional feeders outright. We have a record low in number of players who are actually intentionally feeding (the old days of 0-20 and 5 Zeals are gone).

But, this is not an excuse for the Tribunal’s delay. It just turns out that re-working the Tribunal required re-working several foundational pieces of League, such as the Report System’s backend, how chat logs are generated on the platform, and how websites/front-ends are created across every server. When players think of “just” re-working the Tribunal, they don’t think about all these other pieces which are each complex systems.

In addition to the above, the new Tribunal will have the ability for players to review positive behaviors and reward players with in-game bonuses, and some algorithmic upgrades to improve efficiency of the system, accuracy in detecting troll voters, and improves overall system accuracy.

I’m happy to answer some questions for a bit tonight, but apologize for the delay in the system coming back.

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Being personally involved in cases feels rewarding

Lyte Final PortraitWe completely agree, there’s huge value in the ability for players to directly contribute to the community standards, whether it’s rewards or punishments.

Part of the re-work is actually re-working the Justice Review (the place players can visit to see their contributions to the community overall). What are some stats that players would like to see on the Justice Review?

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The Justice Rating made me feel bettering the community was worth it

Lyte Final PortraitThanks for the feedback. You’ll be happy to hear that we agree with a lot of it, and # of cases judged correctly, total number of cases, and toxic days prevented are staying.

In addition, we’re adding number of positive players you influenced (after all, it’s pretty awesome to know you made someone’s day!). We’re currently back and forth about what to do with the Justice Rating and Longest Streaks and whether we just need to change the definition of those things to motivate players to always make the best decision instead of what they think will increase these numbers.

The Tribunal’s tuning was always on the conservative side; toxic players might not agree and once in awhile you used to see these players complain on Reddit, but the system was always tuned such that we’d rather err on the cautious side and make sure no innocent players received a penalty instead of trying to target all known negative behaviors. Perhaps in the future we can allow top Tribunal voters (in terms of accuracy + engagement) be able to flag cases for our Player Support if the verdicts were wrong. We’ll see.

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Leaverbuster doesnt work leavers should be handled by the Tribunal

Lyte Final PortraitWe agree, there will always be some amount of emergency AFKs/Leavers.

However, before LeaverBuster, there were a lot of intentional leavers as well; surprisingly, a lot of players came from FPS/MMOs/etc where leaving really had no penalty, so they just Alt-F4’d or left in League thinking there were no penalties for MOBAs either.

We had to tackle that problem first, then it becomes a question of what should we do when there is the rare 4v5 match. We have some solutions in mind already, but want to see how LeaverBuster shakes out, and what the remaining issues are with leavers/AFKs.

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Upcoming minor buff to Urgot

Meddler Final PortraitWe’re going to try a small mana ratio on his shield in testing soon. That was something that showed some promise when tried briefly last time we were testing possible changes for Urgot. Didn’t proceed with it at the time due to a desire to focus on other things first and see what impact those had. The last set of changes certainly didn’t overbuff him though, so we’re going to look at it again.

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Do you think a champion can have a bad identity that can only be reworked

Meddler Final PortraitI’d argue it’s definitely possible to have a champion with a core identity that isn’t worth keeping. This will be a bit hyperbolic, but imagine a champion that was built around the core idea of ‘complete randomness’, expressed through things like a passive that reads ‘When attacking champions you have a 50% change to kill yourself per auto attack and a 50% chance to kill your target’. There’s a really distinct identity there, but it’s not one that’s going to result in good gameplay.

That’s a pretty extreme example though of course, and one that assumes something went really, really wrong during a champ’s development. Being more realistic, what we tend to see are problems with how an identity is executed on, more than problems with core identity. Old Soraka was a strong example of this. Soraka’s identity has always been as the healerest healer in LoL (even if she hasn’t necessarily always putting out the most actual healing). Her old, old kit however, that allowed her to spend mana to heal an ally and then top up her own mana for free, resulted in some lanes where nothing really happened. In some match ups Soraka’s lane couldn’t kill you, but damage dealt to her or her ADC didn’t stick, resulting in low action farm fests. Our conclusion there, eventually, was that ‘dedicated healer’ was a solid identity it was appropriate to include, but that it needed to be done in a way that didn’t nullify past action as strongly. As a result Soraka’s recent rework allowed her to put out significantly more healing per second, but at the expense of her own health, avoiding stagnant lanes. Same foundational concept, pretty different execution on it basically.

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 Why are Veigars changes locked for Patch 5 4

Meddler Final PortraitIn case it’s unclear the changes aren’t necessarily ‘permanent’ but they are what’s going into patch 5.4. Locked in this context means we’ve reached the patch deadline and can no longer make changes to content going out in it. We’re confident enough in this direction for Veigar that we think it’s appropriate to put the changes out, assess how he performs and then adjust as appropriate in following patches.

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Team Builder coming to Ranked Games

Lyte Final PortraitWe’re working on a Team Builder version of Ranked that is just selecting positions. That system in particular should help address problems like the one you noted.

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Follow Up

Can you explain how the system will work for Ranked

Lyte Final PortraitWe are locking down the final designs of Ranked Team Builder, so it’s still too early to talk about it!

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DJ Sona QA on February 24

DJ Sona’s tech crew steps out from behind the curtain for a question and answer session at 12:00 PSTon February 24. If you’re looking to go backstage with DJ Sona and the rest of the skins team, swing by with your questions!

If you missed DJ Sona’s opening set, get all the details on League’s premier disc jockey here.

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How to make Katarinas Daggers

Here’s some amazing blacksmith skills brought to the world of League:




If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



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Over at Inven, Lead Designer Solcrushed hosted an AMA regarding Poppy’s rework, the state of some champions and his opinion on boobs. On the board forums, Meddler commented on Irelia and Urgot’s upcoming gameplay updates and Riot’s progress at re-writing League’s code. To wrap up, a host of amazing cosplayers in Lunar Revel attire.


Recent News




Patch 5.4 drops this Tuesday! Here’s everything it’ll contain:




Solcrushed AMA Banner

Lead Designer Solcrushed recently held an AMA on the Korean site Inven. Redditor Calycae has translated all questions and answers HERE. Below you can find a breakdown of the translated AMA:


Solcrushed AMA [ Translated ]



Solcrushed New PortraitIntro

Hello Inven,

I am Riot Solcrushed and I work as a game designer at Riot

I was in the Live Design team and now I am working night and day ruining your favorite characters in the Champion Update team. My current project is Poppy.



Poppys Rework



Tell me a little about the Poppy rework

Solcrushed New PortraitWe are currently trying to transform Poppy into a tank instead of her current assassin role. We are trying to make her a feisty yordle who packs a big punch with her hammer and shield.




Do you really need to change Poppys entire skillset

Solcrushed New PortraitPoppy’s skillset makes her a champion that should NEVER get farmed. If Poppy becomes fotm after a VU we might even need to nerf her. A sion-level remake is planned for Poppy.




Which skill do you think represents Poppy the most

Solcrushed New PortraitPoppy’s E, a tiny yordle smashing a giant champion to the wall is what makes her attractive.





Will Poppys ult mechanism stay the same

Solcrushed New PortraitNope.






Champion Balance



Quinn under-performs as a marksman what do you think about that

Solcrushed New PortraitQuinn was designed to be a special ops champion so we are okay with her not being a good marksman, but we think that her commando side is lacking and requires buffs. Also when we remake ‘easy’ characters we try to maintain the difficulty.




What do you think of Tristana and Miss Fortunes current states

Solcrushed New PortraitI think we are going to wait a little before we make changes to Tristana. MF has a unique design and her winrate isn’t half bad so I don’t think she’s going to receive any changes soon.




Whats your opinion on Mordekaiser

Solcrushed New PortraitMorde is going to receive some buffs but a remake is going to take a while. We think that Morde needs a giant remake to fix his problems.





Will Gragas be buffed again

Solcrushed New PortraitI think he’s going to receive some more buffs





Are you pleased with Viktors remake

Solcrushed New PortraitI am disappointed that we didn’t get to change Viktor’s ult, if we had a little more time we would’ve made changes to it.





How is Ryzes rework coming along

Solcrushed New PortraitWe are trying to maintain Ryze’s core concepts. (Tanky spell spamming mid-range mage)





What does Riot think about Quinn

Solcrushed New PortraitWe originally designed her to be a guerilla style ranger. An ADC that is able to provide everything she needs by herself.





Dont you think Fiddle support was nerfed way too muc

Solcrushed New PortraitWe changed Fiddle’s Q and E because it’s design was flawed, it provided no counterplay to the opponents.





Any gameplay rework or visual update planned for Swain

Solcrushed New PortraitNone at the moment, but I want to make some changes to him






Any news about Gangplanks rework

Solcrushed New PortraitIt’s in its very early stages so we can’t really say anything about it.






Do you think Rivens autoattack cancels need to be removed

Solcrushed New PortraitI think Riven’s auto animation cancel gives players the sense that she takes skill to play so I think it’s okay.





What is the biggest factor for a champion to be buffed or nerfed

Solcrushed New PortraitThere are a lot of factors that lead to a champion’s buff/nerf, but usually it is when

  1. A champion has a ridiculously high/low winrate for no reason.
  2. When we realize that our champion design was flawed
  3. When it is dominating competitive games excessively



Garens E scales with crit chance cant you remove it and buff the damage

Solcrushed New PortraitThe crit component is an ancient mechanic, if Garen is going to receive changes I think that the crit component will receive changes first. Since it is hard for Garen to hit enemies in the back we want him to do enough damage to the champions in the frontline.



You said you were 90 done with Dariu’ rework what happened

Solcrushed New PortraitWe have encountered a big obstacle in middle of the remake so we have put a pause on the project for now.





Will Twisted Fate be reworked

Solcrushed New PortraitI don’t think TF is in need of a rework. The only skill that I think might need a change is his E.






General Balance




Aggressive junglers are currently dominating the meta any solutions

Solcrushed New PortraitThe Game Systems dept is looking into it right now, personally even if the jungle is reverted to the season 2 state I think aggressive junglers will still be dominant. It has been proven from the top tier teams that the early level engages are very crucial to the outcome of the game so I think that there needs to be change to the jungle’s fundamentals rather than some changes to the jungle’s difficulty levels.



Do you think tank champions are in a good place at the moment

Solcrushed New PortraitI think tank champions are underperforming because dive-oriented initiators outperform pure tanks atm.





Can you revert top lane into a bloody brawlzone like it was before

Solcrushed New PortraitThis is an issue even the developers have mixed opinions about. I personally think that Teleport’s effectiveness needs to be nerfed but some fundamental problems with top lane has been solved because of Teleport so I think that’s the reason the Game Systems team is being so cautious.




Is it true youre changing all champions to be more skillintensive

Solcrushed New PortraitI think that the changes are made because our playerbase’s difficulty capacity has increased over the years.





Why are you changing targeted skills to skillshots lately

Solcrushed New PortraitThere are some situations where we want skills to be reliable and easy to use so no






Why did you make Magic Pen a core stat and not a secondary tertiary one

Solcrushed New PortraitPenetration plays a major roll in the game’s overall pace and balance so it’s hard to make any changes to it atm, but if I were to make a new game I would probably make it an additional stat.









What do you think about the cost increase of the jungle items

Solcrushed New PortraitThe Game Systems team is currently looking to make some changes to the jungle so that weak champions can clear camps easier early game.





Will you change Essence Reaver

Solcrushed New PortraitEssence Reaver was designed to support crazy out-of-the-meta builds so I think it’s in a good state atm





Will there be a new Magic Resist item

Solcrushed New PortraitWe feel that we need to make a MR item that counters AP damage dealers, I suggested the idea to the game systems team and they had positive feelings about it.





Why was Sword of the Divine removed

Solcrushed New PortraitWe concluded that SOTD effects the game’s balance negatively so we removed the item.





Whats your opinion on the Elixirs

Solcrushed New PortraitWe wanted Elixirs to be a game-deciding item but it’s not used as much so we are a little disappointed.





Unrelated Other



Do you have any plans on changing the Summoner Spell system

Solcrushed New PortraitWe also feel that a new UI for the summons is neededed but there’s just way too many things on our priority list so it’s hard to say when it will be coming.





How did you get a job at Riot

Solcrushed New PortraitIt’s a funny story, I actually wanted to work in the Legal Affairs team but the design director approached me and asked if I wanted to work as a designer.





How many champion reworks are you currently working on

Solcrushed New Portraitfour






Do people look at your ingame rank when you apply for Riot Games

Solcrushed New PortraitIf you are working for the Play Testing team or the Live Balance team, yes.






Is Amumus music video teasing something new

Solcrushed New PortraitOne good thing about working at Riot is that we have a lot of freedom in performing ‘passion projects.’ Not all of our work has deep meanings behind them (…).





Who has the highest tier in the balance team

Solcrushed New PortraitThere were two season 4 challengers.





Boobs or tits

Solcrushed New PortraitBoobs.






Single Posts 22 Feb Banner



Here’s some official art by Aqua Moon: a concept for Underworld Wukong, spell icons for numerous champions and the different Ranked Leagues!

10-+CHARA_7+Underworld+Wukong+by+Aquatic+Moon (1) original



And here’s the latest episode of /ALL CHAT with host Melonie Mac:



Will you ever completely rewrite the code for LoL

Meddler Final PortraitSome of the code’s updated or rewritten entirely every patch. Which bits depend on where we think there’s the most value (what features should be added, where do we see the most problematic or common bugs, are there ways to make the game run more efficiently etc).

As far as attack speed goes the cap’s not there for code reasons, but gameplay and animation ones. On the gameplay side having a cap allows you to take a maximum into account for balance reasons (what’s the absolute max Xin Zhao can reduce his CDs by for example). Animation wise it then gives a range of possible attack speeds that attacks need to be made to look good and feel right for (do attacks remain distinct, feel natural, read clearly etc).

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Can we have an update on Urgots rework

Meddler Final PortraitLong term we’ve got a full rework planned for Urgot. That’s a long way off though, he’s both a big project and not first in the queue. Shorter term (starting next week) we’re going to explore some small, quick buffs for him. Hopefully find some stuff to help him out a bit in the meantime without reintroducing any of the problems that lead to him getting heavily nerfed in the first place.

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Whatre your plans for Irelias gameplay rework

[ Note ] You can find a post from IronStylus regarding Irelia’s visual update HERE.

Meddler Final PortraitWe don’t have anything concrete on the gameplay side at the moment. She’s got a lot of potential we’d like to develop at some point, missed opportunities on the telekinetic blade side in particular as Ironstylus has mentioned. She’s in a reasonable spot balance wise right now though, and does have some really cool moments (Q chaining especially IMO), so other champs are higher priority for gameplay work right now.

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Whats been the hardest item to code

Reinboom Final PortraitNot counting early items (There was a time when actives didn’t exist in alpha, after all. Technically the first active probably was the hardest? Or maybe the first item at all)

Zz’Rot Portal is the most complex.

Some of the new tech in Zz’Rot:

  • The health bar. The minorest of it all. We couldn’t put a timer bar on structures before the void gate.
  • Unit tagging (arbitrary designation of “types” on a unit and in an inherited fashion)… in order to make:
  • AI behavior filtering based on tags. This is how Voidspawn ignores Void creatures and Champions (including clones).
  • “Gameplay” Navigation cell tagging. We had behaviored nav cells before (pathable, wall, stops vision, grants vision, brush…) but we didn’t have arbitrary tagging before that was exposed to our gameplay system. Nor did we have it when we released Zz’Rot (and instead I did some janky math to get it to assign lanes kind of correctly). We made that tech for first intent of making it so Zz’Rot’s spawn direction is sensible.

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To wrap up this Sunday, here’s a collection of awesome cosplays for Lunar Revel!


The moon is about to set on this year’s Lunar Revel, which means it’s time to shine a lantern on the finest Lunar Revel, Blood Moon and Warring Kingdoms cosplay photos you guys submitted in response to our January call for entries. It was a joy to review all the submissions – incredible work as always!

If you like what you see, don’t forget to click on the cosplayers’ names beneath their photos and tell them how much you enjoy their work.


Jobofish (NA)



Maro Chan (NA)
Photographer: Wai Leong Go



Umaslady (EUW)



nvoysoldier Cosplay (EUW)



Mowky Cosplay (EUW)
Photographer: Ingo Stein



Core Cosplay (EUW)



JJ Cosplay (NA)



Yuan0621 (NA)



Ruvvet (NA)



Yaya Han (NA)



ElectricPuppy122 (NA)



Yumée (EUW)



Kiilys (EUW)



Giulietta Zawadzki (EUW)



Shiroki (EUW)



isbaerfussel (EUW)



Miyu Shizuki (EUW)



MissAce (EUW)



SetoDuCutu (EUW)



Odeus Cosplay (NA)



Yugi Doge (NA)



generalricochet (LAS)



okageo (NA)



Yep Cosplay-typus (EUW)



And remember, cosplay is always more fun when done with friends!


teru kuro namida (EUW) and his friends
Photographer: Sergio Riedel



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



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Meddler has confirmed that tank junglers like Zac, Nautilus and Nunu will be receiving buffs in the next few patches; no news yet on whether Rammus and Amumu will receive tweaks. DJ Sona will be discounted to 2450 RP on release, Veigar‘s PBE changes are locked for Patch 5.4, Azir will be receiving compensation for his recent nerfs, IronStylus talks Irelia’s future redesign, new champion has been confirmed to have no knock-up abilities and an opportunity to share a school story about  making friendships through games!

Table of Contents


Recent News




All PBE Updates for Patch 5.4 Cycle:


Tank Junglers Banner


 Can we have an update on tank junglers

Meddler Final PortraitWe’re aiming to buff a number of tanks in the jungle in patch 5.5 and/or patch 5.6 (5.3’s the current live patch, design work on 5.4’s just finished for context). To start with that’ll involve looking at tanks that are struggling a bit (definitely Zac, potentially Nautilus, Nunu etc).

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Wont buffing Rangers Trailblazer help tanks jungle easier

Riot Axes New PortraitSo, just for some context here, the item sustain has been tuned around jungle goals and not the other way around. That is, taking camps is supposed to cost some of your resources and the items aren’t supposed to be able to shortcut that too much.

We are definitely looking at the jungle items, with Skirmisher’s Sabre and Poacher’s Knife up for fairly significant changes, though maybe not on the same cadence that Meddler mentioned (those changes are targeted more at making sure the whole set ends up in a good place, not specifically at making particular junglers feel good).

We’re also looking at the enchantments – no details right now, but Juggernaut is on our hit list both in final item and build path, with the goal of making it actually work for jungle tanks. There are a few other things in progress right now, and we’ll see where they land.

Tl;dr: Trailblazer itself is unlikely to receive buffs, but we hear you on jungle tanks and we are working on it. We want those champs to feel good to play.

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What about Rammus and Amumu

Meddler Final PortraitRammus and Amumu will both be looked at to see what they need, though potentially as part of a second set (whether in the same patch cycle or a later one) depending on how long work on the first set takes.

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Single Posts


25 discount on DJ Sona for release

Veigars changes are locked for Patch 5 4

[ Note ] You can check all of Veigar’s changes for Patch 5.4 here.

Meddler Final PortraitThe Veigar changes for 5.4 are locked. Directionally we believe a delay on Veigar’s E is essential to making Veigar healthy (so that we can be happy if he’s strong and popular, rather than definitely having to nerf him if that happens). If that delay does prove to be too long we’ll reduce it, given it’s much harder to shut Veigar’s laning down given the extra range and shorter CD on his Q however that delay’s our best estimate on appropriate for the upcoming patch.

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Azir is currently at 38 winrate Will he be buffed soon

Meddler Final PortraitWe’re working on some Azir buffs at the moment, the recent nerfs hit him harder than intended. It’s very likely, though not guaranteed yet, that those changes will include adding at least some range back onto his W.

Odds are high those buffs will be in the 5.5 patch (5.4’s already locked so we can’t do the next patch, we would like to get these out as soon as feasible though).

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Lunar Revel festivities wind down

The sky lights up as one last round of fireworks explodes, celebrating the end of this year’s Lunar Revel. Legacy content (listed below) heads back into the vault when the festivities end so grab all your favorites by February 23!

  • Dragonblade Riven
  • Warring Kingdowms Tryndamere
  • Firecracker Ward
  • Firecracker Icon
  • Year of the Goat Icon


Next champion will not have a knock up

Meddler Final PortraitI would like to take you up on that bet for enormous amounts of money.

Or, to be even blunter about it – no, no knock up on the next champ. Probably none on the next couple of champs either, though that’s not completely certain yet.

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Whatre your ideas for Irelias upcoming redesign

IronStylus Final PortraitA lot of what she’ll be depends a whole hell of a lot on a gameplay overhaul. She’s currently viewed as a larger scope project, but if gameplay is able to ship something first, we might scale back the scope. I don’t think that they have a kit currently however. She’s technically in the “high-opportunity” bucket, but chances are she’d need a whole lot of support from all three disciplines.

Personally, I like to design around story and gameplay. I can work with her being an Ionian general wielding unobtainium soul-blades. That’s cool to build off of. However if we overhaul her narrative aspects, some things might change, but I don’t see her main reads as changing. She’s not going to turn into a magic wand user or anything.

The version I have currently sort of looks like a blend of some internal Ionian exploration we’ve worked on as well as some hints of Yasuo’s armor plates and Karma’s clothing style. I riffed off of Yasuo to give her a fuller set of armor that sort of follows the plating of his armored arm. Sort of like.. what would the military version of that look like, and how does it’s general sensibilities work as a whole costume?

Aside from that, that’s all I really have. It’ll be a good jumping off point for us when the discussion comes around though.

I’m really excited for her whenever we do decide to start pre-production on her!

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How have video games influenced your friendships in school

Riot Sherman505Over the last couple weeks, I have been working on this NACC recap article. It got me thinking a lot about the friendships I developed playing League in college.

College is a strange time in everyones life. It’s essentially a social reset where you’re left to build a whole new group of friends. During the weeks leading up to my first day of school, I started playing League with a friend’s friend. Since it was the summer, we played a few times a day and really got to know each other. It was about a week before school started that we realized we were going to be attending the same college and would live in the same dormitory.

I missed the official move in date and showed up a few days late after all the freshman orientation activities, so everyone sort of had a leg up on me. Once I met up with him I was introduced to everyone he had already been hanging out with. We all had a common interest in video games, and it wasn’t long until we all played League together for the first time (had to play in the communal laundry room for the best connection).

The people I met in that first week went on to be my roommates for the next four years. We played in some of the first college tournaments and eventually started a League of Legends club at our school. Even now that we have graduated, we still play League together as much as possible.

How has League (or other video games) influenced your friendships in school?

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


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Mordekaiser will be moving from a nuker into a fighter role with Patch 5.4. Also, Veigar‘s kit will be significantly reworked to introduce more counterplay and buff him up after the removal of DFG. Meddler discusses Kalista’s current state, the scaling on her auto-attack wind up and her damage against objectives with Rend, IronStylus comments on Demacians wearing skintight suits and how Taric’s rework is going. Lastly, some of Syndra’s recent nerfs may be rolled back, most prominently the width of her E stun and an explanation from Xypherous on why Ruby Sightstone is designed to be underwhelming.


Recent News





Mordekaiser Changes Banner



Changes to Mordekaiser in Patch 5 4

Chun Final PortraitHi guys, when we removed DFG in 5.2,we have said we will do some changes towards Mordekaiser . And now let’s talk about it with details.

Currently on live, Mordekaiser is mainly being played as a burst mage and functions debatably ‘well’ in that way. But since DFG is gone, Mordekaiser has run into trouble in the late game because one of his essential play-patterns (blow someone up for a ghost) no longer functions well there.

Right now, we’re looking at Mordekaiser and we think he definitely needs some help there. That said, the “burst mage” play-pattern doesn’t serve well enough both in this champion’s fantasy and the counterplay (or lack of) around it. So we’re aiming to make this big-full-metal guy a fighter/brawler which better fits his fantasy and is more aligned with his shield passive mechanics. We get there are people who liked the whole “Mordekaiser explodes people” play style, but we just can’t keep it balanced and healthy in the current state of the game. Our changes aren’t to shift his damage significantly, but we want him to be thinking about that shield while he’s in the middle of the fight.

High level, our first change is that now Mordekaiser’s shield gain is base on his maximum health instead of damage he deals. By doing this, Mordekaiser will be able to survive long enough to shine on the battle ground with his sustained damage/ghost if he chooses to be tanky. And for enemies, Mordekaiser is no longer a moving short range cannon, but slow metal tank who can be kited. Also Morde’s shield doesn’t decay while in combat (after 5 seconds it begins decaying).

Secondly, Mordekaiser’s burst damage will goes down a bit but, over time, his damage output will be the same or slightly increased. So he will not burst you down but still remain threatening over time.

Third, Mordekaiser’s shield now works the same as Nunu’s bloodboil (cast on an ally, Mordekaiser also gets the shield) and if they run toward each other, they’ll gain a mini speed boost. Think magnets.

Last, Mordekaiser’s ghost will be more intuitive and clear in target selection. So Mordekaiser and his ghost no longer grant whacky stats from each other, but straightforward and intuitive stats: Mordekaiser now will gain health/ap from his ghost’s bonus health and ability power, while Mordekaiser’s stats will help the ghost scale up (but the type of ghost he grabs (ie: Mage / Marksmen / Tank) will have an impact on their performance).

So TL:DR we want to make Mordekaiser more of a brawly-scrappy champion because his current successful play pattern of “explode someone, get a Ghost, roll over the game” is near impossible to tune without hurting some players. This gives us more space to help Mordekaiser succeed while not confusing others as to why a big suit of armor is super squishy and bursty.

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Can you give Mordekaisers ghosts the option to attack move

Chun Final PortraitI believe currently Pets already does what you said about “automatically attacking your current basic attack/single target skill target if they don’t currently have a target.”

But I’m afraid the idea of “make Pets able to attack-move” will provide a lot of hidden power(or unnecessary power) for all the “Pets”, it is important for player to understand how strong the “Pet” is, especially for those guys who play with/against. Unfortunately this Idea is against that.

Right now the minion AI have a problem that after you input any “move” commander they will just “hold” at destination instead of attacking afterwards. I believe this create a lot of frustration and it’s something I’m looking into.

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How drastic are these damage changes Will this affect laning wave clear

Chun Final PortraitThe damage changes will be small, our goal is to reduce his burst potential but remain the prolong threat.

I would say his laning will be approximately the same or slightly weaker and his wave clear will be approximately the same or slightly stronger (in lane).

But late game his wave clear will be weaker mainly because we are not expecting him to build full damage at that point.

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Will his health costs be decreased to compensate for his lowered damage

Chun Final PortraitShort answer, yes!

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Veigar in 5 4 Banner



SmashGizmo Final PortraitHey guys, SmashGizmo here to talk to you about some changes to the Tiny Master of Evil coming to PBE soon.

A vital part of Veigar’s identity has always been about catching people out and 100-0ing them in the blink of an eye, so when we were looking to remove DFG, Veigar was sitting at the top of the list of characters affected by the removal. When looking at a lot of these characters, we found that the full 100-0 combo wasn’t something we wanted to support and decided to re-focus them around other aspects of their kits (i.e. making Ahri more about her movement than the 1-shot combo). But for Veigar, this approach seemed off. He is the quintessential burst mage and we wanted to find a way to let him continue to function as such in a world without DFG. Enter the Q double-hit.


Baleful Strike Final IconBaleful Strike [ Q ]

  • Changed to a skill shot that stops on the second unit hit
  • Grants 1 AP for each unit killed
  • Range increased to 850 from 650
  • Cooldown changed to 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 from 8/7/6/5/4


By amping up the AP farming mini-game on his Q, we’re creating a new path for Veigar players to achieve their dream of pressing a single button and watching an enemy disappear. As it turns out though, this worked a bit too well, and pretty early in playtesting, we found that Veigar was reliably deleting people a bit too early in the game, so we had to make some small adjustments to his ult.


Primordial Burst Final IconPrimordial Burst [ R ]

  • AP Ratio reduced to 1.0 from 1.2 (Ratio on enemy’s AP unchanged)
  • Mana Cost flattened to 125 at all ranks from 125/175/225
  • Cooldown reduced to 120/100/80 from 130/110/90


While 0.2 is a sizeable hit to his Ult’s ratio, I want to stress that Veigar is getting quite a bit more AP from his Q in this version than on live and reassure any worried Veigar players out there that we’re still seeing those beefy 2K+ Primordial Bursts in the late game with this version.

From here, we should move on to talking about Event Horizon and how it fits into the picture. With the current version of Event Horizon, the optimal use is for the Veigar player to place his Event Horizon such that it immediately stuns his opponent. This leads to the ability feeling like a particularly awkward skill shot with almost no dodgability provided to the opponent once the Veigar player masters aiming it. When we took a step back and thought about what the ability was really trying to get at, we saw the ideal Event Horizon being more about trapping your opponent in a cage for Veigar to torment than simply about stunning a dude at 1025 range. In the interest of pushing towards this ideal, we’ve added a delay and warning particle to Event Horizon to encourage Veigar to use it more to trap opponents than to immediately stun them.


Event Horizon Final IconEvent Horizon [ E ]

  • Has a 0.75 second delay with a warning particle before the walls appear
  • Mana Cost decreased to 80/85/90/95/100 from 80/90/100/110/120
  • Cooldown reduced to 18/17/16/15/14 from 20/19/18/17/16
  • Range increased to 700 from 650


This definitely represents a shift in how Veigar uses this ability, but our belief is that this version of the spell is much healthier and leads to more fun interactions between Veigar and his hapless victims. Instead of blowing up a prone target, Veigar traps his prey in a chamber of horrors and shoots Baleful Strikes at them and drops Dark Matters where they have limited space to dodge. Speaking of Dark Matter, meteors are pretty cool and frankly, Veigar doesn’t get to drop quite enough of them on people’s heads.


Dark Matter Final IconDark Matter [ W ]

  • Mana Cost reduced to 70/75/80/85/90 from 70/80/90/100/110
  • Cooldown reduced to 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 from 10 at all ranks


And with that, we’ve hit the full set of Veigar changes that are about to hit a PBE near you.

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Kalista Nerfs Banner



How would you go about nerfing Kalista

Meddler Final PortraitWhat we’re currently looking is reducing the amount her attack wind ups get faster when she gets attack speed.

When champions get attack speed they both make more attacks per second and each individual attack takes less time to perform. In Kalista’s case that means she’s spending less time in her attack windup and so she gets to dash more often/doesn’t spend as much time preparing to dash. Attack speed’s making her more mobile than we think’s appropriate, so we’re going to adjust that.

As per usual we’ll then see what sort of spot she lands in after that change, assess whether other changes are appropriate too or not.

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Kalistas problem is that her Rend outscales Smite at any point in the game

Meddler Final PortraitWe’re confident that the amount of extra mobility Kalista gets from attack speed is a problem, so we’re addressing that, given how effective she can be against some melee champions especially. Regardless of what changes it might or might not be appropriate to make to her E we believe this change is a good one.

As far as her E and Smite go creating an ADC with really strong objective control if she can spend a decent chunk of time attacking a target was something we wanted to try out with Kalista. Various other ADCs are great for objective control too, they do it by helping you kill baron or dragon really fast though (think Vayne or Kog for example). We wanted to offer objective strength in a different way and Kalista’s certainly doing that. Whether she’s too effective in that role, in terms of forcing the enemy to deal with her rather than trying for a last minute steal, is a great question. It’s certainly possible her E might need to be capped against monsters, we’re not sure if that’s the appropriate call at this point though and would like to avoid homogenizing champions if there are healthy ways to avoid doing so.

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Demacian suits Banner



Why are most Demcian champions in skintight bodysuits

IronStylus Final PortraitYeah, we’ve done that a lot. So much so that as ChampUP goes and explores what we’ve done in the past we’re noticing the same trends. Some of these characters are/will-be up for updates so I’m definitely looking for alternatives. I mean, where it fits it fits.. (HAH! PUN!).. but sometimes the costume doesn’t warrant literally being the same skin tight material every time.

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts or seeing references as to what might be interesting solutions for these characters if we do eve depart from tight-onesies.

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I think agile champions like Fiora and Vayne should be in tight clothing

IronStylus Final PortraitAgreed. Agility = form-fitting. However it doesn’t necessarily mean a vinyl body suit. I think that’s the issue. Cool, they gotta be fast, form fitting is great, but even Trinity and Byonetta have some style in how they do that.

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Body suits are probably a bigger problem than skin tight clothes


A reference for Demacian attire by the thread’s author, A Superb Villain.

IronStylus Final PortraitYeah I agree that “skin-tight” isn’t as much of a problem as “body-suits”. You can have some really classy skin-tight stuff especially in high fashion, which I think strikes me as a fun place for Demacian casual-wear to be. I think that it’s definitely a place to bring sort of a very East Coast runway sorta vibe. That with treating it with the right motifs can give it a cool fantasy read with a slight modern spin.

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Single Posts Banner 13 02



 How is development on Taric going

IronStylus Final PortraitSlowly, from the art side at least. We’ve been working on a few thing that will come before Taric and are deep in production or have high-priority in pre-production for various reasons. Currently, and Scruffy can probably speak better to this, but his new kit looks like it’s shaping up nicely. For us on the art side, that’s huge. We can have much more narrow of a focus now that we know specific actions a champion will take and how we build the character around those actions.

Currently Narrative is helping us on high-priority stuff that’s in pre-production. They sort of occupy the same area that Concept does because they help formulate the very core of the character. We think that Taric will be a big discussion in the “near future”. Sorry that’s so ambiguous.

That said, we have about 30 concepts of Taric from various artists. This however was done in a bit of a vacuum, back when we were moving in a direction that we really hadn’t validated properly, a very much straight-forward dude in blue armor and gems. Since then, the casual discussions around him between art, gameplay and narrative aspects are aligning around something with a slightly different flavor than what we had originally anticipated, and that’s good. When the official ideation sessions strike up again I think we’ll have a good spring board. Narrative helps tremendously in those discussions because we want to understand what made Taric into Taric and what his current pillars of design are.

Likewise, having gameplay in place really helps as well because we’re not designing in a vacuum, we’re working towards the goals of fulfilling the needs of that gameplay.

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Syndra was overnerfed and some of those nerfs should be rolled back

Meddler Final PortraitAgreed, she was hit harder than intended in a way that’s left her E feeling like it sometimes misses when it’s expected to hit. We’re increasing the width on Syndra’s stun in 5.4 (and to a greater extent than it was increased in 5.2). It’s not going to be as wide as pre 5.1, which was unfairly wide, but should more consistently hit when it looks like it did.

After that change, which is both a feel and a power one, we’ll look at where her balance stands, see if it’s appropriate to do more.

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Ruby Sightstone should recharge wards over time not just on the fountain

Xypherous Final PortraitThere’s a (fairly unpopular, admittedly) reason why Ruby Sightstone is such an underwhelming upgrade.

We want you to get cooler items rather than feel like you have to dump yet ANOTHER 800 gold into vision on top of the 800 you already have sunk into it.

Linearly upgrading Ruby Sightstone to improve your vision capabilities strips out a lot of customization you could have on your own character for items that are unique or special for your role.

There’s an end-game slot inefficiency thing that needs to be solved absolutely that does come up (more often as game length goes up) but the main reason why Ruby is underwhelming is by intent – it absolutely sucks to be forced into delaying your build by having to purchase 3k of ‘required’ items to function in your role while you have a limited income stream to begin with.

(Highly efficient upgrades here makes it more likely that it’ll be main on another type of character – but that’s secondary to this particular discussion.)

We limit the total amount of gold you can invest into vision pretty heavily to force you into buying items that do things for your character and force the vision investment to be distributed more evenly across the team.

I get that some people want the option of heavily investing into vision – if this were possible without becoming mandatory, we would do so – but unfortunately – the optimal way to play when someone can invest all their income into vision is to force that character to invest all their income into vision – depriving most other possibilities in terms of purchases.

Essentially, if you ever feel like you have to upgrade Ruby Sightstone, that’s another mandatory expense that we’re basically forcing support players to pay over all the other items that would make their own character function better.

Still want to solve the end game slot capacity thing as that’ll come up more and more though. I get your frustration here in that it’s underwhelming – but it’s serving the primary intent of ‘it’s the last thing you buy so you don’t feel bad about having a sub <1k gold item in your inventory’ and not choking out all the other more fun choices you have.

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Follow Up

So why not change the item so it becomes a viable upgrade

Xypherous Final PortraitYou run into poaching from other classes – namely the Jungler in this case. You basically have to do something extremely hacking – but if the incentive is to then rush it to get the best possible gold income – you’ve basically recreated the same problem – forcing supports to complete it in the lieu of anything else.

Essentially – there’s is no incentive to purchase it because we don’t want you to even think about upgrading it at any point that is not the late late late late game when you’ve already purchased everything else you could possibly think of purchasing. Spend your money on things that make your character work.

(Poaching – Roughly used here as ‘They’ll take the item intended for someone else and use it better than the original.)

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Will we learn more of Diana and Leona s past

IronStylus Final PortraitHeh.. funny thing is I was talking to Ant about this today. (in a passing way, not committing anything, just brain-jamming)

I think it’s pretty agreed-upon that Targon in general is a ripe place for development. It’s one of our least defined areas and I feel that’s a benefit. We have some indication, a shell or a foundation. We have some good characters to build on, and even better, we have the opportunity to do really cool things with them in time!

I have high hopes :)

Like Ant said though, nothing is hammered out especially where delivery is concerned. That said, I’m excited about the possibilities the future holds. I’m also really excited about working with guys like Ant (who’ve helped us on the ChampUP side of things a lot recently) that are really talented and really just great to kick ideas around with.

When in place Gameplay, Narrative and Art can do some really amazing things. I hope we can indeed progress the story of these two ladies, and also build a world around them that feels solid and unique. A world that builds on what our characters are, but also corrects inconsistencies of the past. I think that’s key.

Team Diana did a lot of good stuff back in the day. Now it’s time to go back and flesh things out and make a good foundation for deep stories to be told.

Sun and Moon, the best tales are yet to be told.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



News 12 02 Banner



Spread the spirit of Valentine’s Day on the Rift with teammate-appreciation cards designed by Oskar Vega! Also, MeetYourMakers (MYM) will be fined and its manager, Sebastian Rotterdam, has been permanently removed from the LCS following the investigation of harassment. On the forums, we have a discussion on Zilean’s PBE changes, a fan idea for Imperial Shyvana and talk of Zz’Rot Portal.

You can find a TL;DR in the comments below.


Recent News




If you miss Dawngate, maybe a Waystone-appreciation post will cheer you up =)




League Valentines Banner

Jynx Final PortraitLet’s show appreciation for our teammates this Valentine’s Day with these heartfelt cards created in collaboration with community artist Oskar Vega.

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SUPPORT: We’ll never forget you



ADC: You make us look good!



TOP: Thanks for holding it down



JUNGLE: You give 5 star service



MID: You carry us




MYM Fine Banner

You can read the original investigation by the Daily Dot here.


Immediately prior to the start of the 2015 LCS season, we were informed that Marcin “Kori” Wolski had decided to leave MeetYourMakers (MYM). LCS officials accepted it was an emergency situation and the team was allowed to use a substitute for the upcoming games in Wolski’s absence. Subsequent facts have come to light which exhibit significant mismanagement and unprofessional behavior from a senior member of MYM’s management team. In this kind of complex case, full investigation of the facts takes time to complete, but after review we wanted to give insight into our internal investigation and next steps.

Although teams and players are ultimately responsible for navigating their own contractual relationships, we will do everything in our power to discourage and work against unacceptable environments involving our teams and players. We have zero tolerance for intimidation of players within an LCS organization.

On January 23, 2015 Wolski reached out to LCS officials stating that he had been threatened by MYM management. He also informed LCS officials that he had a recording of the conversation. We took this matter very seriously and continued our open investigation into the mistreatment of the player, although given legal concerns regarding the recording which was obtained without all parties’ knowledge, we did not request or use it to inform our ongoing investigation. The severity of the situation has since emerged through the recording being made public by Wolski, showing that he and his immediate family were threatened with legal action by MYM manager Sebastian Rotterdam.

Our investigation found fault on behalf of both player and management. Despite Wolski’s claims that payments had been withheld, we found the only missing payments stemmed from the Supa Hot Crew (SHC) organisation, of which Wolski was a player in the 2014 season. As we understand it, the failure to receive payments from SHC arose due to Wolski’s own failure to provide requested tax documentation, and this problem can be resolved once Wolski produces these documents. As a separate organization, MYM has provided us with documentation verifying that they have not withheld any payment from its players. As such, it appeared that by leaving the team ahead of the beginning of the spring split Wolski was breaking an active contract and commitment to MYM.

It is not our intention to create a precedent that discourages teams from discussing legal issues or informing players of their liabilities should they seek to disavow an existing contract, as in Wolski’s case. In fact, teams and players should have these conversations and negotiations independently and with full context and knowledge of the legal commitments and restrictions. What we also believe, however, is that teams have a moral commitment to treat players – who are often inexperienced and vulnerable – with dignity and respect. Rotterdam’s actions in conversation with Wolski when addressing this contract break were both unprofessional and unjustifiable.

As confirmed by the team earlier today, MYM, of its own accord, has taken action against Rotterdam and fired him from his position as team manager. Rotterdam will also be indefinitely suspended by Riot from competing within the LCS as a manager or any other team position.

An entire LCS organization shoulders the responsibility for the behavior of their team members and ensuring their players have a safe and professional environment. MYM will be held accountable for Rotterdam’s actions towards Wolski and for failing to protect their team members from his unacceptable and bullying behavior. As such, Riot will be issuing MYM with a fine of €5,000 for unprofessional behaviour.

We know this fine may not satisfy those hoping for a harsher punishment for MYM, but there’s some important context as to how we reached this amount. In deciding the severity of the fine we took several factors into account. Primarily, we considered the fact that Rotterdam’s actions – and MYM’s failure to protect players from them – created an unprofessional work environment for the team. We also took into account the fact that MYM acted decisively to remove Rotterdam from the organization once the full facts of his behavior had come to light. Lastly, although it in no way justifies threats or intimidation, we also considered when deciding on a punishment the fact that Wolski appeared to break a commitment to a team, which put not only his career but those of his teammates in jeopardy.

We’re aware that questions have been raised as to whether MYM should be stripped of their LCS slot. After concluding our investigation, we feel that MYM has taken significant steps to remove toxic influence from within their organization and is prepared to move forward in the best interests of their players and their competitive careers. We believe that forfeiting the slot would unnecessarily penalize players and interrupt their pro careers through no fault of their own. Even though MYM has acted swiftly to correct this issue, any further violations can and will put them on a path to suspension from the LCS.

We appreciate the strength of community sentiment against any influence that would threaten or otherwise challenge the safety and security of pro teams and players. For Riot, cases like this tread a difficult balance between relying on the contractual relationships negotiated between teams and players to appropriately guide their behavior, and using our influence to try and ensure a professional, and ethical environment for those parties operating within the LCS ecosystem. Where we feel strongly that unprofessionalism is putting player security at risk, we can and will use our influence to try to ensure that the LCS pro experience is a positive one.


10.2.10 Moral Turpitude

A Team Member may not engage in any activity which is deemed by the LCS to be immoral, disgraceful, or contrary to conventional standards of proper ethical behavior.


MYM has violated rule 10.2.10 of the LCS ruleset and will be subject to penalties.


MYM is:

  • Fined €5000

Sebastian Rotterdam is:

  • Banned indefinitely from competing within the LCS as a manager or any other team position

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Fan Idea Imperial Shyvana

Imperial Shyvana

Kindlejack Final Portrait

While I love how this piece of art is looking (I believe is is by a Chinese artist for a LOL.QQ skin design contest, but I couldn’t find their name) there are definitely some things to consider when judging whether it would be a good fit for LoL and specifically Shyvana.

To add to what you’ve already mentioned, from what I’ve read the Chinese Dragon is a masculine creatures, balanced by the feminine Phoenix. I can’t really see the two designs as being the same champion right now, while if you look at Shyvana’s models you can clearly see how she has beast-moded out of her human form into a menacing monster. Also while Gold/yellow is a colour we haven’t really used on Shyvana yet, the cool blue is very close to Championship Shyvana.

Thinking about the steam for spell effects is great, but how will Dragon’s Descent look without wings? Of course it can be done and I feel Riot Ve1vet is on the right track with a Lunar Revel theme, I just wanted to pose some more questions and encourage you all to really think like a designer >:D

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Jinx Single Banner 11 2


Jinx s Pow-Pow and Fishbones now called Minigun and Rocket Launcher


Gypsylord New PortraitSo the Q tooltip has always been like that. What is missing is that she used to have buff icons with the name of the gun she was currently using.

Since those are gone (we rolled them into the Q icons) you’re right that there is no longer a way to find the name of her guns after you’ve loaded into the game (The ability summary in champ select has always named them but you don’t really look at that all that often). I agree that Jinx is about more than “rocket launcher and minigun.” Wonder how big of a clarity hit it would be to add the names to the TT…

No promises but I’ll at least take a look and shop the idea around.

PS – did you know Jinx’s shock pistol also has a name? She goes by Zapper.

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Zilean 11 2 Banner

 You can check Zilean’s PBE changes for Patch 5.4 here.


Zilean 5 4 changes discussion and known bugs

20thCenturyFauxIt is time.

Ever since his passive went to local from global, Zilean has struggled to succeed on the rift. His kit was such that no new power could be added safely–his R often full heals, his Q does so much damage that it needs sharp mana-gating to prevent Zilean from winning lane automatically, buffing his passive or W would be a de facto Q buff, and his E already permanently slows or hastes things. By the nature of his spells, and specifically the Q’s targetting paradigm, it was impossible for us to responsibly add power to Zilean though he sorely needed it. Having all of his damage come from directly targetted effects leaves insufficient room for play from him or his opponent, and tends to result in a relatively flat outcome.

Through careful balancing of cosmic forces, Zilean has unraveled this riddle by pulling a single thread: converting his targetted Time Bomb into a lobbed sticky bomb. Time Bomb is now tossed to its destination, attaches to the first unit to come near it (prioritizing champions), and persists even if it hits the ground. By adding in a way for enemies to play against his Time Bomb, Zilean can safely channel more temporal power. Much more.

Attaching two Time Bombs to the same unit detonates the first early, just like on live–only now that detonation stuns enemies in the radius of the Time Bomb, making it the largest non-ultimate stun in the game. His Time Bombs have more range and cost less mana, though they do slightly less damage. By remaining active on the ground, Zilean can create large zones of control around the map, using them to block passages, scout brushes, or stack two bombs on the same place to instantly stun enemies who attempt to move through while dealing massive AE damage–brutally effective area denial. He can also put a pair of bombs on an allied champion to stun all enemies around them.

Time Warp is supercharged, recieving greatly reduced mana cost and cooldown. It has slightly reduced effectiveness at rank 1, and its cast range has been brought in line with most ADC autoattacks to keep it from negating the skill component of Q–he can use his Time Warp to guarantee a stun, but he has to put himself at risk to do it. Time warp also now scales in effectiveness by rank instead of in duration, eventually reaching 99% haste/slow at rank 5. This sharply improves the responsiveness and effectivenss of Time Warp lategame.

Next, Zilean’s Chronoshift has been decoupled from his Rewind, going to 120/90/60 from 180/180/180 but no longer being reduced by Rewind. This change is important for his new balancability–previously, we had no way to adjust Chronoshift’s cooldown lategame without changing it early game or altering Rewind at large. The change should be neutral-to-positive for Zileans until rank 5 Rewind and max CDR, at which point it’s a slight nerf. You still can’t killean the Zilean–the idea here is to take Chronoshift out of being twice-a-fight lategame now that it no longer has to be such a gigantic portion of his power budget.

Zilean’s autoattack timing has long been one of the worst in the game, but with his practice tossing bombs his throwing arm has gotten quite a workout–he should find last-hitting much easier now. He also had the same attack range as Ashe/Varus mainly by virtue of being one of our oldest champions (har har); that kind of power costs too much for how little it helps, so his range has been brought in line with most ADCs (550 from 600).

Lastly, power looks good. His particle effects and spell icons have been updated to reflect this. Zilean’s got swag.

Please post any Zilean bugs here!

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What s the search priority when you toss the bomb

20thCenturyFauxCurrently bombs stun for 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5, and the priority is: anything with a bomb > enemy champ > ally champ > enemy creep > ally creep

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Zzrot Portal Single Banner


Do you think ZzRot Portal right now is overpowered

Reinboom Final PortraitWell, I don’t plan on nerfing it.

The balance of Zz’Rot Portal and the perception of the balance of Zz’Rot Portal is tricky. I actually think the item could use some buffs (in the realms of AI fixes).

Zz’Rot Portal is an item of constrained opportunity (which I believe is a good thing, or at least worth the risk of it). The strategies it opens are very different and the opportunity for those strategies is very limited. (1)
There’s a strong risk of “What do I do now?” when playing against it because of that difference. (2)

Zz’Rot also represents very clearly the idea of “Win More”. I don’t think it’s actually any better at this than another heavy item investment, you’re getting substantial power over your opponent either way, just that Zz’Rot is very very visible (it creates a structure that you can see) and thus it’s easy to blame.

The other aspect of this is that the opportunities that normally constrain Zz’Rot are, of course, increased for a winning team.

First, I don’t think “Win More” is that big of a deal (in this case) and the perception may go away (or I may learn different and it might be a problem. Too early to tell).
Beyond that though, I would like to speak on the points I numbered for as far as balancing the item goes.

1: This is where I think a few polishing AI fixes could go a long way (as a buff!). Things such as “Rescan for a new direction to spawn after a turret goes down” or “When I place near top lane inhibitor, I expect it to go towards top lane inhibitor” (it’s lane detection is a little wonky) will make opportunities for it more clear.

2: This is where most of the nerfs (overall probably) came from last patch. There was a sentiment of not being able to address it for certain team comps. This type of sentiment actually squashes out fringe compositions, since there is a feeling of “We can’t run this comp because of this item restriction”. Sometimes this is good (Ignite’s existence provides a base line to pushing out sustain stacking comps) and sometimes this is bad.

After 5.2 though, I actually think Zz’Rot has a pretty healthy amount of 2 while needing more of 1. Basically, personally, I believe it might need a slight fix up buff.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



News 06 02 Banner


News 06/02


Recent News





Fanmade Creations


Here’s a fan-made idea for player profiles in the lobby. You can find the original thread here.




And here’s Debonair Caitlyn, drawn by Hylia (NA). You can find the original thread here.



Here’s Ohnips‘s idea for a Valentine Sona skin. If you like her work and want to support it, check out her envy store here.



And here’s Rin‘s Concussive Sona. You can visit her Yordle Shop here and get a keychain version of her artwork:

Patch 5 3 Talk Banner



Why arent there changes to Katarina Veigar and Mordekaiser in Patch 5 3

Meddler Final PortraitKat changes didn’t quite do what we’d hoped so they’ve been pulled for now. Might get revisited at some point, no definitive plans though.

Veigar and Morde changes are tentatively scheduled for 5.4 – they’ve proved to be tougher jobs than originally hoped.

[ Link to Post ]

Current plans for Mordekaiser

Meddler Final PortraitCurrent direction with Morde involves:

  • Making him tankier (let him survive in a fight longer, align with his thematics)
  • Shifting him to more of a sustained damage dealer, less of a burst character (better match with a tanky champ, play up the teamplay on both sides from someone being tagged by his ult, rather than just having someone vanish in a cloud of damage and a Ghost appear).

[ Link to Post ]

Will you change him into a fighter or will he still be able to nuke enemies

Meddler Final PortraitCurrent intent is that he’ll still build AP and be based around his spells, but will live longer/kill slower.

[ Link to Post ]


Will you buff Veigar to compensate for the removal of DFG

Meddler Final PortraitOdds are very high Veigar won’t just be straight buffed. His kit’s got some serious counterplay issues (undodgeable instant stun when used right, two point and click nukes) that we need to address. Bundled with counterplay improvements though should be some better tools for Veigar himself (e.g. less binary tools, so he’s got better options in tough lanes, lower mana costs, lower CDs, bit more range on some stuff etc – note these aren’t set in stone changes though, just possibilities).

With you on the megalomania feel, and we’ve got no desire to change that.

[ Link to Post ]


Follow Up

Meddler Final PortraitAs above Veigar’s got some counterplay problems. We want to make him healthier to play against, so it’s ok if he’s strong, rather than buffing him only to feel we immediately have to nerf him because of how he can be to play against.

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Why dont you make Veigars Q a skillshot or add a delay to his E

Meddler Final PortraitQ as skillshot’s one of the things we’re trying, not sure if it’s currently on the kit in testing or not.

Giving E a brief delay to play up the ‘where do I stand inside the cage?’ aspect, and then potentially increasing its range or lowering its CD’s also being investigated.

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Single Posts Banner 06 02



When can we expect to see Tristanas updated splash art

Has Lunar Revel been canceled for Patch 5 2\

KateyKhaos Final PortraitIt’s definitely not cancelled. :]

As stated in the 5.2 patch notes, the Lunar Revel skins will be coming out in patch 5.2.

[ Link to Post ]

You can find a preview of Firecracker Jinx here. She’ll be sold in the store for 1350 RP.

Firecracker Jinx Cycle Banner

Warring Kingdoms Kata will be available for 975 RP. Check here for a preview.


Warring Kingdoms Nidalee will also be sold for 975 RP and you can find a preview of her here.

Warring Nida Cycle Banner



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at

News 05 02 Banner


News 05/02


Recent News




Refer a Friend Banner 2



We started RAF to reward players for their part in growing League and we’ve updated the program to simultaneously remove incentives for abuse and better serve most League players. As we were working on the update, we found that the majority of League players refer between one and five friends.

The updated design now rewards you for bringing those friends into the game. With the new update, for every friend you refer who reaches level 10, you’ll earn 1000 IP. You can refer a total of five friends, and with three successful referrals, you’ll unlock the Grey Warwick skin. Recruit five friends and you’ll unlock Medieval Twitch.

There are no additional rewards to earn, and everyone who participated in Refer-a-Friend in the past have been transferred to the new program with the same number of referrals as before. For example, if you’ve already referred four friends, you’ll automatically earn 4000 IP and Grey Warwick. Please note, we’re also auto-redeeming unclaimed rewards for players who used previous versions of Refer-a-Friend, but this process could take a few days.

We’re excited to launch the update to the Refer-a-Friend program, head here to get started — good luck and have fun bringing your friends into League of Legends!

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Reports Banner


Allow us to see reports submitted against us

Lyte Final PortraitWhen the Tribunal is back, we’re including systems that will send players “Reform Cards” that will outline the games and chat logs that led to the punishment.

We believe that getting the whole picture of game stats, chat logs, reporters is valuable feedback to help change behaviors, and is better than just a report category or comment.

[ Link to Post ]

Why did you turn off the old Tribunal while working on the new

Lyte Final PortraitThe Tribunal was driven by numerous other systems such as the Report System, the Honor System, and others. Some of the issues with Tribunal were related to the underlying Report System, and we had to re-work some of those aspects first. So, in many cases it’s easier to re-work the foundation of a system without ensuring that it’s constantly still functionally working with the old Tribunal. We could have tried keeping everything up in parallel, but we would have needed more resources and time to bring out the new one.

Secondly, we wanted to test a few different systems and feedback loops such as the machine learning system driving escalated bans. We wanted to see the efficacy of such a system without the results having added noise from multiple other systems like the Tribunal interfering with punishments or reform. From these cleaner tests, we were able to figure out the effectiveness of these new systems and apply the lessons to the new Tribunal.

[ Link to Post ]

Will the system show us meaningless reports

Lyte Final PortraitWe wouldn’t show “false reports” anyways because the system has already labeled them false reports. Showing false reports does nothing except make players worried, even though the system has already discounted them and given them 0 value.

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Reporting without a Tribunal is just being abused right now

Lyte Final PortraitLet’s be honest, there’s very little abuse because the Report System has an entire featureset that filters false reports and gives them 0 value.

If you are getting chat restrictions, it’s probably because you are doing something verbally that warrants a light penalty. I’m happy to review your case if you disagree.

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What was Ahris originally intended role

Meddler Final PortraitNice post. Some additional context below on our thoughts on Ahri, both now and in the past.

  • The original intent with Ahri was to create a mage with strong (windowed) mobility and single target pick potential. That does result in a mage with assassin like elements, goal was to put her in a spot that was mage first, assassin second (in contrast with Le Blanc who’s more assassin overall).
  • The idea was that Ahri would have longer combat/kill times than assassins. Less bursting you down in a second from full if she caught you out of position, more having to make a multiple passes or poke you a bit first (hence the multiple dash ultimate and Q with decent poke potential).
  • While understanding original intent behind something’s extremely valuable we don’t feel initial vision’s something that’s sacred and shouldn’t be challenged. If a different approach seems more beneficial overall it’s worth looking at. That mentality lead us to make some changes to Ahri a year or two ago that pushed her into more of an assassin role (the charm damage amp primarily).
  • Our conclusion, after seeing those assassin changes play out, is that we were wrong there and that going back to a more extended combat pattern’s best for Ahri (particularly in terms of the playstyle her ult’s multi cast best matches).

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What happened to the Fighter rework you promised

Ghostcrawler New PortraitAh the fighter problem…. :(

Yeah, we’d agree with both of those comments. If assassins and mages typically bring burst, and fighters and ADCs bring sustained damage, then there needs to be something fighters can do better than ADCs, or they are just always going to be inferior. If you make the argument that the fighter has to do even more damage than an ADC to make up for the fact that they aren’t on target as much as a ranged champ, they tend to be really frustrating for both sides: they either die before they can close the gap, or they erase the other champ when they do. This, in a nutshell, is the fighter problem.

We are working on it. We think there is room for a class of champions that are as tanky as tanks, but with higher damage to make up for the engage or control of the tanks. Many fighters don’t deliver on this at the moment — they are squishier than tanks, with lower effective / realized damage than ADCs. In addition, there are several mages that play like fighters, and several fighters that play like assassins. Finally, on top of all of that work, we think fighters just need to bring more utility. It’s going to be hard for guys like Darius to find a comp if what they’re offering is bringing tons of damage when other champs potentially bring that as well as some kind of team benefit or buff.

It’s a lot of work, which is why it has taken us so long to fix the problem. We have built up a lot of “design debt” and it takes time to dig our way out of that. We’re not happy that it has taken this long, but we are happy that we feel like we have a pretty good understanding of the problem and how to fix it now.

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Riots concept of assassins lacks reactive counterplay and is not fun

Ghostcrawler New PortraitWe’ve been talking about the assassin role a lot lately, as you can probably imagine as part of the whole DFG discussion.

While counterplay is a League design value, assassins probably deliver on it less than some roles, and to some extent that’s okay. I say that because playing an assassin is often about getting the drop on someone and taking them out before they can respond. That lack of response can feel like lack of counterplay, but we’re okay with it as long as assassins still have some weaknesses. (The alternative is that we conclude we can’t really support an assassin play style at all, which we think would be unfortunate).

High mobility and burst damage are pretty important for assassins so they can accomplish what they are supposed to, but that means assassins have to give up something elsewhere, such as CC and of course tankiness.

We’re also talking a lot about which champions fit in the different roles. Some of the champs you guys mention in this thread play more like mages (lots of control) or fighters (more tankiness than the typical assassin). Historically as we developed champions, we were pretty fast and loose about which role a champ filled — often it had more to do with theme or even art as much as it did the function the champ filled on the map, especially in team fights. We’re now in the process of trying to be more explicit about what makes a champ an assassin vs a mage or whatever. This might mean reclassifying some of the more ambiguous characters, or at least understanding when they’re breaking rules that they are in fact breaking rules and may have to pay for that somewhere else in their kit.

I mention this because it should provide some context for the kinds of changes you’re going to see us make, and also because it’s a chance for you guys to talk about what you perceive as the strengths, weaknesses and roles of the various champion types.

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Inquisitor Skins Renamed

Inquisitor Nautilus and Sivir renamed to Warden Nautilus and Warden Sivir

Galetta Final PortraitHey all,

Sorry this is happening so last minute (we’ve been swamped lately) but we’re changing the names of Inquisitor Nautilus and Inquisitor Sivir to Warden Nautilus and Warden Sivir. We want these skins to feel imposing/foreboding when you play them and we think these names capture that fantasy more strongly than the previous ones. Again, sorry this is so last minute. Appreciate all the feedback!

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 Sona 5 3 banner

DJ Sona will NOT be released with Patch 5 3

Galetta Final PortraitHey just to clarify DJ Sona will not be out in patch 5.3. She’s going to be on PBE for an extended period of time in order for her to get the proper amount of quality testing! She’s very very complicated. @u@

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KateyKhaos Final PortraitHey there!

Having Sona not release in Patch 5.3 wasn’t a mistake. :]

As Riot Galetta stated, DJ Sona is a pretty complicated skin. She’s got a lot of music, particles, form swapping and moving parts.

We wanted to release her to PBE a bit earlier than most skins because having more people playing her means a better chance at catching any glaring bugs before release. (We’ve also got a team testing her, but the more eyes the better!)

Our goal is to have DJ Sona in the best shape as possible when she hits live, rather than rushing her out the door with a bunch of unpleasant bugs to play with. :]

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Why wouldnt Normal  Games be part of our match history

[ Note ] This is part of a discussion regarding the update to match history on the PBE.

Mattenth New PortraitNormal games are still in Match History for you and your friends. We’re phasing them out from the general public to continue to encourage normal queues being a more relaxed, for fun atmosphere.

In football, it’d be the difference between a club match and a pickup game. In the club match, both stats and the game outcome are recorded and made publicly available. But with pickup games, while you’re still trying to win, it’s much more laid back.

One specific case we wanted to avoid is 3rd party websites and services that try to aggregate normal game stats and winrates over time. We don’t want players to feel pressured or insecure to try out new champions and playstyles in normal games because it might affect their macro stats and perception.

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Lore What Champs do you want to hear more about

Ant in Oz Final PortraitHi guys,

I wanted to jump in and ask which Champions (or regions, events, storylines, etc related to their backgrounds) you reaaaaally want to see / learn more about.

As Jaredan and others have mentioned in other threads, in addition to ongoing new Champ / ChamUp support we’re currently focused on developing things like world building, longer storylines, R+D, etc. Nevertheless, going back and developing the stories and backgrounds of the characters we all love – and fixing things that are just broken from a narrative point of view – is really important to us. The stories for many champs need some love, and we want you guys to have a voice in helping us determine where we need to focus our attention.

A couple caveats to set expectations:

This isn’t a promise to drop everything and focus on fleshing out your favorite champ’s background (at least not yet) straight away. Having said that, if there are some clear favorites among players around the world, then we’d like that to factor into our decision-making process.

Please don’t offer up specific story ideas – legally, we just can’t use them (the same reason I don’t read fan-fic – it’s a can of worms from a legal POV).

Also, I can’t promise exactly when or how we’ll be able to deliver on this stuff. Despite the best intentions, we’ve burned ourselves before by making overzealous promises, so we’d rather not go down that route.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


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News 03/02


Recent News




More Leaks for DJ Sona

Following the recently-shown audio clips for DJ Sona, a Chinese website has leaked several splash arts for all of Sona’s stances. You can also find a short clip on the site.


Riot have also released the full-length music pieces for DJ Sona. [ Concussive ] [ Ethereal ] [ Kinetic ]

To iterate, you can change between Sona’s music with /toggle in-game at any time, the songs are NOT bound to her different spells.

The music and Sona’s model automatically updates when you level up your ultimate. You change both her model and the music she plays by toggling her stances.











Patch Notes February 2 Banner

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Nidalee Final Portrait

When we changed Nidalee’s “Hunt” passive to apply to jungle monsters, we also made it so that hunted monsters would be rooted for 2 seconds when debuffed. This was to prevent those frustrating situations when Nidalee would spear a monster over a wall only to have it run out of Pounce range trying to get her. This was included with Nidalee’s 5.2 changes, we just forgot to document this one. Sorry!

[ QUIT RUNNING I’M TRYING TO HUNT ] Hunted’ monsters are also rooted for 2 seconds after being debuffed so that Nidalee can actually get in range to Pounce on them. This change was included in 5.2, we just forgot to document it. Sorry!

Mouse Inputs

[ BUGFIX ] Fixed an issue causing combinations of high mouse sensitivity and low FPS to result in delayed response when clicking repeatedly

Udyr Final Portrait

[  STILL NOT ZAC ] Fixed a visual bug that turned Primal Udyr into a stretchy blob after dying and respawning



Champion Updates Banner 4

This is a discussion following a recently-released dev blog, which you can find here.



Will Kassadin receive an update to his model and textures not just effects

IronStylus Final PortraitHere’s how I see things:

We have plans and opportunities.

The plans include a lot of the known big updates, the Visual & Gameplay Updates (VGU’s) which are planned out usually super far as they need a lot of planning for execution. The projects can take months to do (maybe a year). They’re heavily comprehensive. They’re often used for the worst offenders in our game, often characters that need complete gameplay, art and thematic rebuilding, sometimes one of those aspects, sometimes all. The Sions, Tarics, etc. We slot and fantasy slot these far in advance.

The opportunities include lower scope Model & Texture Updates (MTU’s) which aren’t planned quite as far out, and are usually jumped on when we see an open slot, or a new gameplay update has been cracked, or we have the ability to borrow art resources from another team. Also when they’re themeatically “safe”. Nasus was done in this way. The legendary skin enabled his VU. These MTU’s are usually built on what we have, existing rig, tweaked animations, etc. The reason being is that if we made them as high scope as full large-scope projects, you wouldn’t see them for a year or more. We simply can’t accomodate doing 8 Sions a year.

While yes, a lot of these champions could benefit from complete tear-downs, we have great opportunities that present themselves. In Kassadin’s situation, Tokkelossie, being a big Kassadin fan, had made a completely new model on his own time. So boom, we had a start. Additionally, we started working with an outsourcer that has proven really, REALLY effective in making quality models, and we’ve begun to leverage them on skins, especially existing skins for VU’s. The fast ramp-up can be attributed to having the existing new base model, some work the skins team had been doing, his VFX being in a good place, and a 3D external partner able to handle both reconcepting and remodelling the existing skins allowed us to jump on this.

Would it be nice to burn everything down and rebuilt it from scratch? Sure, if we can do that in an optimal time. We could knock down the house, re-pour the foundation, build a new frame, etc. But sometimes, because the opportunity to save time and resources is there, we build on top of a workable foundation with the frame intact.

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How long will we have to wait for Kassadin to be updated

IronStylus Final PortraitWeeks to months rather than months to years :P

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Will Kassadins update include a new voice-over

C3Sound New PortraitHey Siachi!

A lot of time goes into writing the backstory, bio, script, the in-game text, recording the VO, editing, processing, localizing, casting and recording in 15+ languages around the world…

If we were to do this with every champion we wanted, we wouldn’t be putting out a new update but once every so often. So while we take our larger projects through this longer pipeline, we cant take every project champion update chooses to touch through the process.

That said, we arent ruling out VO for future projects just yet. We are deliberating what can take the longer road for the upcoming year.



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IronStylus Final PortraitRight now, with the current outlook, Kassadin VO wouldn’t be in scope with what we’re planning. It’s of course a nice-to-have, but right now the bandwidth we have is mainly in the modelling department. Given the current constraints we feel what we’re planning will add value in a time frame that won’t leave players hanging for a year.

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Any progress on Evelynns update

IronStylus Final PortraitNo idea. This is a tough one and will need probably the same amount of pre-production time as Sion, if not more.

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Will Taric be updated this year

Repertoir New PortraitTaric is pretty far along in the gameplay design process already. He’s my other current project, along with Ryze.

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How is Poppys rework coming along

IronStylus Final PortraitShe’s currently in pre-production, I may or may not be personally working on her.. cuz.. ya know, armor.

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Are you considering updating ChoGath

IronStylus Final PortraitCho’gath is pretty massive in scope. Currently he’s someone we’d like to fantasy slot, but it’ll be entirely dependent on technical resources that are allocated to the team. Right now there’s not enough animation bandwidth to do what we’d really want to do. That said, we may try experimenting with him on the Battlecast rig which might allow us to speed up development, that’s not an immeidate priority right now but it’s one I’d personally like to see us take on sooner than later.

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What will be the scale of Ryzes update

IronStylus Final PortraitCurrently we’re looking at a full Visual & Gameplay Update.

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Phreak on Ahris PBE Nerfs Banner

You can find Ahri’s PBE changelist here.

Ahris recent PBE nerfs dont solve her core problems

Phreak New PortraitThis is all built around the assumption that “her core weakness is that she can be ganked pre-6″

I’m sorry, but that’s ludicrous. She used to be easier to gank pre-6, and now it’s a bit harder. Ok, so that changed a little bit. So what?

Here’s the thing: Ahri didn’t have a real weakness. If the only weakness you can point out is, “Well, for 6 minutes you could kill her, but for the other 35 she could do whatever she wanted” that’s stupid. That’s not good design, that’s not healthy, that’s not anything good. For what it’s worth, a lot of the reason LeBlanc is frustrating is because of this – She just sort of does whatever she wants all game and you just have to deal with it.

You also mentioned “ruining her build diversity.” It’s not mentioned anywhere outside the intro. So I’m really not sure where that point’s headed.

And Ahri already IS squishy. She’s one of the frailest champions in the game. Even Annie has an Armor/MR shield. Cassiopeia builds fairly tanky with (RoA/Seraph + Rylai’s). The point of the changes is to actually EXPOSE the squishiness. Her W puts her in Equilibrium Strike range. GOOD.

See, here’s the thing about Ahri now. She’s really mobile. She has medium-speed medium-range skillshots. She also has non-skillshots with very short range. You know what’s cool about that? She can skirt around medium range poking with skillshots. She can also use her high mobility to get into close range and put herself at actual risk to land her reliable damage. Sounds like an actual weakness! She’s in range of Equilibrium Strike if she wants to do more than poke. And then skillfully use her movement speed buffs and dashes (with long cooldowns after) in order to succeed.

Sounds a hell of a lot better than, “Well, now it’s after 6 minutes, her core weakness is gone.”

Also, increasing the mana cost of Q DOES affect her early game: If she can’t simply spam Q on cooldown for immense sustain and easy wave clear, she’s going to have less overall sustain and forced to walk into autoattack range to last hit more often.

Ultimately, it’s always tricky dealing with reworks, either small- or large-scale. I’d consider Ahri’s total changes now a small-scale rework. Ahri now:

  • Is much more mobile than before. She’s arguably the most mobile mage in the game who can’t dash over walls before level 6.
  • Has a medium-range poke pattern as well as a short-range all-in pattern that uses multiple rotations of spells (as opposed to Fizz just REQW’ing you, Ahri Q-R-E-W-R-Q-W-R-W) supported by a lot of mobility to keep her in the fight (as opposed to something like Jax who just tanks you until he gets multiple ulti hits)

Ahri no longer: * Hits you with her entire kit from out of your counter-attack range and then dashes away

And of course, any time a champion “no longer” does something, everyone who’s attached to it gets really scared, because a specific thing their champion used to do doesn’t exist any more. But really, Ahri shouldn’t be hitting you with non-skillshots while dodging everything you ever do. If she’s hitting you with non-skillshots, you should be able to hit her back. Ahri’s power is in getting to choose when those windows are. That’s always been the core power of Ahri: Her ability to choose those windows and if she chose wrong, say “Oh crap” and burn her other two Rs backwards.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



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News 30/01


NA Servers Banner 3



Ahab Final PortraitTL;DR: We’re actively partnering with ISPs across North America to build a dedicated highway for League traffic. So far we’ve built what we call the “north bridge”, which services connections in the northern US and Canada. Work is ongoing, and the goal is to create a unique network dedicated to transporting League traffic across the shortest, most stable route possible.

Hi everyone,

Riot Ahab here again with a mini-update on what’s happening with the new dedicated League network we’re building in NA. In case you missed the original announcement and Q&A we posted earlier in January, you can check it out here.

These updates will serve as a peek behind the curtain as we continue to build out this network across NA. We can’t share all the nitty-gritty details due to contractual complexities and security concerns, but we can provide a picture of what we’re doing as we go!

For this first update, let’s explore an overview of what we’ve already built up to this point: the first half of the network, which we’re calling the “north bridge.” Currently, this bridge is pathing League traffic for the northern US and Canada and is built out of a series of strategically-placed PoPs (points of presence) with direct connections between them.

What’s the “north bridge”, and what the hell is a PoP?

Think of it this way: if this direct network is a dedicated highway for League traffic between you and the servers, think of the PoPs as “on-ramps”; they get your data on the highway to the servers in the most direct route as physically possible.

These PoPs consist of two elements:

  • Physical hardware: servers and switches placed in key cities
  • Peering agreements: contractual agreements set up with ISPs to funnel traffic directly to the closest PoP

The first part (physical hardware) is pretty straightforward: buy some server space and make sure the on-ramp allows League traffic to hurry along onto the highway.

The bigger challenge, as is true with real highways, is making sure local traffic finds its way to the on-ramp–otherwise the highway does little good! This is where peering agreements come in: these partnership agreements mean ISPs now redirect League traffic off of their networks and toward the nearest PoP.

Once we’ve made a peering agreement with a local ISP (which for big ISPs, like any contractual arrangement with a big company typically takes a fair amount of lawyering back and forth), there’s often a decent amount of necessary fine-tuning with that ISP.

This is important because different ISP algorithms can send traffic bouncing around before it loops into one of our PoPs, much like poorly laid-out street signs could send you driving several towns over and back again before finally finding a PoP on-ramp. Which means on our end we have to track down inefficient pathing routes and work with the ISP to redirect that traffic to make sure it’s taking the most direct route to the closest PoP. It takes a little work, so bringing a PoP online and securing peering agreements doesn’t always mean that everything is working as it should from the get-go. Plus, ISPs change– things break, they merge with other ISPs, split up, new ones may come, and old ones may go, which makes peering and fine-tuning a constant, ongoing process.

With that in mind, here’s a look at the direct network as it exists today:


Red dots represent live PoPs we’ve set up so far. In those areas, we’ve installed hardware and are actively working through agreements with local ISPs. Grey dots indicate PoPs that are still in-progress. We’ll post additional updates as those grey dots come online.

This map doesn’t show the direct paths connecting the PoPs, but if you connect the red dots you can see that the north bridge is largely complete. We still have plenty of peering contracts to negotiate with ISPs in these markets so we can make sure local traffic is taking the best possible path to its local PoP, but we’re off to a good start. Typically, we first target the biggest ISPs in any given market because many major ISPs often provide traffic peering routes to smaller local ones (and you’ll find a list of ISPs that we’re currently partnering with at the bottom of this post). So if you’re on a smaller ISP, your connection could likely peer through the larger ISP companies we have agreements with and already be on this new network!

So what does all of this mean?

Connections running through this network should experience a more stable, consistent experience while playing League, since it’s taking the most direct route possible to the game servers. When Phase 3 of the NA Server Roadmap deploys, this network will provide as many players as possible a comparable ping when connecting to the more centralized server location. But we’ll speak more on that in the future!

Live nearby a red dot on the map above? Experienced any drastic fluctuations to your connection in the past few months? Let us know in the comments below. Knowing your local postal code as well as ISP helps us figure out how your data is being routed, but keep in mind if your ISP isn’t yet on the list of current partners below, there’s a chance your data might not be pathing through our network yet.

We’ll post our next NA Server Roadmap update with what we’re actively doing to deliver a consistent quality League connection as well as let you guys know once we’ve started bringing the southern bridge online.

Until then, thanks for reading! We’ll stick around for the next 4 hours to answer whatever questions we can.

-Riot Ahab

US & Canadian ISPs we’re currently partnering with and still tuning how things work:
(note: this list is constantly growing as conversations and contracts develop, but at the time we can only list those we’ve completed peering agreements with!)

  • Atlas Networks Corporation
  • Charter Communications
  • Clear Wireless
  • Cogent Communications
  • Comcast Cable Communications
  • Eltopia
  • Hurricane Electric
  • Interconnected Associates
  • LS Networks
  • NetRiver
  • NTT America
  • Pocketinet Communications
  • Rogers Cable Communications
  • Saskatchewan Telecommunications (SaskTel)
  • Shaw Communications
  • Syringa Networks
  • TekSavvy Solutions
  • TELUS Communications
  • TeraGo Networks
  • Threshold Communications
  • Vision Net
  • WiscNet
  • Worldlink

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Self Gifting Banner

It’s back! For a limited time, surprise yourself with a Mystery Skin!

Purchasing a Mystery Skin will unlock an unowned skin worth 520 RP or more (that could get you a discount of 84% off a skin)! As with the previous rounds of Mystery Skins, you can only unlock skins for champions you own.

Mystery Skins will be available in the Skins tab of the store for 490 RP and are limited to five per day. Grab your Mystery Skins from now until 23:59 on February 2!

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Dev Blog Reward Banner



TLDR: Our player behavior philosophies include punishment, reform and positive reinforcement. With rewards, we have to be careful to design systems that don’t simply incentivize positive behavior for a small duration, but provide reasons to stay positive all the time.

Hello again!

Last time, I mentioned that Drevarius would go into a deeper dive on punishment in this blog, but with the surprise Mystery Gift for positive behavior going out to 95% of players in 2014, we wanted to take the opportunity to jump ahead and explore our philosophies around rewards and positive reinforcement.

One of our core philosophies is that there’s no silver bullet to improving player behavior in online games, and you always need a mix including punishment, reform, and positive reinforcement.

End of Snowdown Mystery Gift

In 2014, we focused on the community and self-reflection. We ran a few experiments, including an exercise where players reflected on their last 10 games and we all came to the conclusion that the one negative experience that happens occasionally should not define our community. With Snowdown’s celebration of everyone coming together to be a part of the Legend of the Poro King, it was a great opportunity to deliver a positive behavior surprise.

One of the keys of positive reinforcement is the idea of “schedules,” or the expected frequency of a reinforcing event. Introducing surprise rewards unrelated to specific activities or durations is one of the most effective ways to encourage positive player behavior. The surprise element is crucial: imagine an achievement system where, if you are sportsmanlike for your next 10 games, you unlock a free skin. Players could simply behave for 10 games, unlock their gift and go back to playing the same way they were before (whether that’s positive, negative or neutral). So, instead, we’ll continue to surprise players once in awhile for their positive behavior. Because players aren’t sure what the next reward is (or when it is), players will strive to be sportsmanlike in a larger range of games to try to get all the surprises.

For positive players in the game, this won’t really affect them and they’ll just get surprises every so often for being awesome. For neutral players, this effort might convince some of them to put in that extra effort in a few more games to get the next surprise. For negatively behaved players, this effort might also encourage a few to change their ways although we expect the biggest impact to be with the neutral players.

Its All in the Surprise

In future roll-outs it’ll be possible for players to earn the next surprise so long as they’ve been positive since the last surprise was awarded. So, if you were chat restricted and missed a surprise, you could still be eligible if you were positive in the time range between that one and the next.

Also, keep in mind that not every surprise will be a mystery gift. Every surprise will differ in magnitude, and be tailored to different players. For example, the last surprise before the end of Snowdown gift was an IP Boost, mainly beneficial for newer players still building out their champion pools. Other surprises may include collectibles like unique summoner icons (which some players will remember we’ve tried before with the Santa Baron icon).

In the last blog in this series, we’ll be back to discuss punishment as a deterrent for negative behavior and our philosophy around it. Thanks as always, and we’ll see you in game!

– Lyte

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Patch 5 2 Jungle Items banner


Fearless New PortraitTLDR: We did a pretty poor job ensuring you guys got the full reasoning for why we were doing this, and I really dropped the ball here. I failed to ensure that our patch notes reflected the intent of these changes, nor did I give Pwyff and crew nearly enough info to make that possible for them. I’m here to give the full context and also talk about how these changes fit into our strategy around the jungle right now.

So, the 5.1 “Smite with Charges!” change does a lot of cool stuff for the strategic freedom of the jungler, but we also knew that it would hit some of the same issues the Conservation mechanic had from season 4. Mainly, when you’re not ‘wasting’ a resource with overflow, it creates very clear windows for the jungler to go do something else with a very low cost. In other words, a jungler waiting for Smite to come off cooldown can gank or go kill wards without feeling like they’re making a deliberate trade for it.

Combined with a few junglers that could grab a camp or two and then bring out very potent ganks, this meant that 5.1 created a situation where the optimal strategy for some of our most powerful gankers was to go back to their old habits of deciding lanes before laners had even hit level 2 (in some cases). Worst of all was that failing these ganks didn’t really set these junglers behind, because many other junglers didn’t have the ability to invade and punish them after the failed gank.

The adjustments were made to hit this specifically, so that guys like Jarvan and Lee Sin had a bit more of a risky start if they tried this, as would Shaco, Xin, and Panth, even if they’re not currently centered in the spotlight.

We are aware that this change hurts some of the junglers with weak clears, leaving them with less gold for pots to stay healthy during their second clear. We know this is really painful when blind monks and dunking princes are taking over games. We know have a lot of work ahead of us. We’ve been making changes and adjustments to the systems around the jungle at a really high frequency, and that’s largely complicated the work that could have been done on the individual items or the champs. We’ve already been having a lot of internal discussions about what we need to do as the dust settles on the systematic changes. The 5.2 changes happened because we know early gankers needed to be much higher risk, and the extremely cheap jungle items were a main contributor to their reliability.

We still need to carve out more space for our tank junglers, and we are still trying to give junglers more reason to invade and counter jungle. These actions are one of the core reactions necessary to keep gankers in check, and currently aren’t functioning at the levels necessary for healthier play. Can’t say it enough, we have lots of work ahead of us still, and we’re committed to making this better. 5.3 is already very tight for changes, so 5.4 is much more likely for the next round of changes.

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Pwyff Final PortraitTotes my bad on the context in the patch notes. Reading back on it, it definitely reads like we didn’t acknowledge the full problem. Something to learn for the future definitely.

As an aside, we talk a lot about making precise changes that directly target the problem – I think for this one we took a more broad approach that ended up ‘hurting’ a lot of junglers, even if it was more directly aimed at aggressive level 2 gankers (Lee / J4 / Shaco / Panth / Xin). We’re aware, we’re looking into it.

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Why dont you just nerf Lee Sin and Jarvan instead of jungle items

Fearless New PortraitWe knew the items enabled a pattern, a pattern that JarvSin ( Lee Vin?) were able to opt into, but it’s not just them. The items created too low of a threshold for success for a jungler’s first few minutes. The item adjustment needed to fix that issue with the system, and would need to even if those dudes weren’t generally strong.

Also as I posted, it’s been very hard to make changes to individual champions while we’re also making so many large systematic changes. Trying to get the systems of the game stable gives us a lot more space to hit the champs we need to it, and more excitingly, start bumping up the champs that we think we’ve pushed down with the system changes.

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Why do large systematic changes never change Lee Sin

Fearless New PortraitI’m honestly not even sure what you’re insinuating here.

The actual reason why Lee tends to due really well through many rounds of changes is because he’s incredibly flexible, very poorly stat bound (can do well with a huge range of builds), grants a lot of power that cannot be repressed through systematic changes. As stated above, he needs to be changed, and we know that many functions of the jungle changes won’t be realized without those changes.

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Ghostcrawler New PortraitHey guys,

I’ll throw out a few responses here.

On balance philosophy – we realize that our strategy for who we balance for isn’t well articulated. Do we balance for LCS or for Silver players? Or both? We’re trying to make sure we agree on what our actual goal is, because I think “We balance for everyone!” is a little too precious and unrealistic.

We’ll communicate our strategy when we’ve made sure we’re on the same page. Balance philosophy is a topic that greatly interests me. I don’t make the individual tuning changes personally (and you wouldn’t want me to) so I can’t provide as much context on specific patch notes, though I do help set the philosophy and direction for what kinds of changes we try to make.

Related, “win rate” gets used a lot as synonymous with balance, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. We need to communicate better about what game balance means to us, because there’s more to it than that. A lot of what you’re discussing in this thread is sort of “pre-balancing.” We’re making a change (that we have wanted to make for some time!) by removing DFG, and we know that change would have big ramifications if we didn’t adjust some champs to compensate. Those adjustments, while grounded in math, playtesting and player feedback, still often come down to educated guesses, because we don’t have the data from thousands of live games yet. A more accurate but painfully slow way to balance is to make one change, see how the live game reacts, then make another change in response to that. We think this would feel worse overall.

On design accountability — it totally exists. It’s part of my job to make sure it exists. Now, it’s not the kind of thing you’re likely to see a lot. We’re not going to publicly flog designers for making mistakes, though I can understand why that might be cathartic. On the other hand, designers (and anyone at Riot really) should be upfront and honest with you guys about when they think they’ve made a mistake.

On designers buffing champions that they like to play — this would be a big accountability issue. As someone pointed out, while we are all gamers here, this is also a place of business with a product (LoL) and customers (you guys). It’s royally unprofessional to try and tweak the game to benefit your own personal games. That’s a serious breach of trust (Rioter and players) that would come with serious consequences. We may make changes you don’t understand or don’t agree with, but it’s not because we’re trying to boost our own ELO.

On Lee and Thresh — they are champions we like, but more importantly, they also resonate with a lot of players. It’s not a popularity contest, but on the other hand, we believe a lot of why people play them is because they are fun to play, not just because they win a lot. Both champs have a lot of cool abilities, and arguably they both have so many that a) neither has a lot of weaknesses, and b) they compliment almost any comp you try to build. We’re trying to figure out ways to make them less awesome in every situation without stripping away what is fun about them. For example, last year or so we tried to tone down Lee’s mobility and ward hopping, but it felt terrible, and largely due to player feedback (intelligent, meaningful feedback, not whining and pitchforks) we reverted it.

As always, we appreciate the feedback. The more targeted and actionable it is, the more useful it is for us. I can go tell the balance team “Boards say you suck” and they would kind of look at me and say “Okay, what changes in how we adjust champions should we make?” and I would say “You just suck.” There’s not really a lot of direction for improvement there.


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Will there be changes to Mordekaiser in Patch 5 3

Meddler Final PortraitOne of the options we’re looking at at the moment is whether we should play up Morde’s tankier side a bit more. Huge guy in a full suit of armor with a passive that generates a shield suggest tough front line dude. The removal of DFG already shifts him away from bursting down a target almost instantly, our thinking is that offering him a more sustained presence might be a good approach as a result. That’s very much an idea being explored right now though, not yet a proven direction.

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What has been the most purchased skin so far

Hippalus Final PortraitAssassin Master Yi is still the most purchased skin overall due mostly to free RP. But the record for most skins purchased during release was set by a new skin in 2014. Any guesses? I’ll tell you if the most upvoted guess is right or not.

UPDATE: As of 11:45am PST, the most upvoted guesses are:

  • 1) The ultimate skin that wasn’t
  • 2) Project Yasuo
  • 3) Dragonslayer Pantheon

and the answer is……..

  • 1) Haha good one – maybe we’ll make up for it in 2015. Or maybe not.
  • 2) Yes! Congrats Reddit.
  • 3) Not the winner of this prize, but it WAS the most played 2014 skin in my personal quest for challenger (which sadly fizzled out somewhere in gold).

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