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Game Over Skin Teaser Banner

A new skin teaser has popped up on Riot’s official site.


The first part contains a circled exclamation mark that occasionally fires lightning bolts (note, the file is called chest.png)

Teaser Arcade 1


Afterwards, a “Game Over” blob appears and later prompts you to start over (aka repeat the animations).

Teaser Arcade 3

Teaser Arcade 2



Listed Changes to Fighter Items Banner

Following the recent announcement that Fighter items and several Fighters will be getting reworks, Meddler has shown the first batch of changes to hit the PBE:


Extra resources:


Whats the scope of the Fighter item changes Are you only tweaking costs

We’re talking changes a little bit bigger than that, but not by too much. Few examples:


Change BoxBanshees Veil Final IconBanshee’s Veil

  • Price decreased from 2750 Gold to 2700
  • Magic resist increased from 55 to 60
  • Now builds out of a Crystalline Bracer [600 Gold]  instead of a Ruby Crystal [ 400 Gold ] / Combine cost increased by 150 Gold


Nerf BoxFrozen Heart Final IconFrozen Heart

  • Price increased from 2450 Gold to 2600
  • Armor decreased from 100 to 90



Nerf BoxThornmail Final Icon Thornmail

  • Price increased from 2100 Gold to 2300
  • UNIQUE Passive now reflects 15% of damage + 25% of the user’s bonus Armor, changed from 30% of damage


Meddler Final PortraitRewards using Thornmail with other armor effects, allows the damage reflect to still be significant against enemies dealing much of their damage through on hit effects instead of raw auto attack damage (e.g. Vayne). Significantly weaker as a sole Armor item however. This is about as big as this set of changes gets by the way, most of the others are just stat adjustments, not functionality changes.

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Follow Up Banner

Meddler Final PortraitOne update since there seems to be a bit of confusion: Thornmail’s not being changed to reflect on hit damage. It’s damage calculation is being changed to be less based off the enemies AD, with damage instead also coming from the target’s Armor, reducing the different in damage reflected for full AD builds versus on hit builds.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


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Upcoming Reworks Banner

Riot’s current Champion Update schedule features Darius, Garen, Skarner and Mordekaiser. Below is a discussion on what each of these smaller-scale gameplay updates will focus on:



Did these updates pop up in the rework schedule because theyre smallscale

Meddler Final PortraitYup, Poppy’s a full relaunch (Sion level of changes in terms of gameplay, visuals, audio etc). The four champs added to the update list today by contrast are all smaller projects with a gameplay focus.

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When will the reworks for Darius Garen Skarner be up on the PBE

Meddler Final PortraitOur aim is to release the Garen, Darius, Skarner and Morde reworks in the same patch, along with some changes to fighter and defensive itemization. As usual that’s not 100% guaranteed, it’s certainly what we’re trying for though.

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Meddler Final PortraitOdds are pretty high this stuff will be in 5.16.

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What do you mean by fighter and defensive itemization

Meddler Final PortraitA new item or two, plus some small (mainly) adjustments to defensive items (in general Armor items are getting slight nerfs, MR items slight buffs).

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Why are so many reworks being released at the same time

Meddler Final PortraitDeliberate choice to pair these reworks with the item changes.

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Mordekaiser Single Banner


Whats the scope of Mordes rework Will he get a Visual Update too

Meddler Final PortraitMorde’s a moderate sized update (bigger than Garen, Skarner or Darius). His skills are still pretty similar, but all have at least some degree of adjustment, with a push in more of a bruiser direction. We’re not going to be giving him CC or mobility though, we feel lack of those, in exchange for some otherwise pretty inappropriate stuff (that ult especially), is a key part of Morde’s identity.

We’re with you that Morde could do with a visual update. There are other characters we feel need the work more though on the art side, so he’s a way down the priority list (Poppy’s the primary art intensive project on the Champion Update team right now). We’re going for a mainly gameplay update as a result, since we’ve got kit changes ready to go (with some limited visual effects changes to support them as needed).

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Do you still plan on making Mordekaiser more bruiseroriented

Meddler Final PortraitTankier, more sustained damage/close range damage, less burst combo.

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Darius Single Banner


Will Darius rework be up on the PBE next week

Repertoir New PortraitThey should all go to PBE at the same time barring unexpected complications with one of them.

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Will you fix Darius E to not pull enemies who dash out of range

Meddler Final PortraitWe will be changing Darius’s E so that it checks for targets to pull at end of cast, not start (so no more flash away but still get pulled).

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Skarner Update banner


What will be the scope of Skarners rework

Meddler Final PortraitSomewhat bigger than Garen, though not dramatically so. One of the biggest things we want to do in his case is give him a clearer niche when his ult’s on CD.

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What aspects of Skarners kit do you plan on changing

Scruffy Final PortraitThe general way you play him will feel very similar (though with some pretty major QoL improvements in the new passive area). The changes are gonna be more focused on giving him a more unique contribution to his team/playstyle. Effectively expect that most of his current skills will remain in tact.

Next week will answer all of the questions when he’s on PBE for testing.

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Will Skarner become more unique after the update

Scruffy Final PortraitThis is actually the major goal of the upcoming changes. Giving him some totally new things to bring to his team/the game.

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Will Skarner get an updated lore and a new Champion Spotlight

Scruffy Final PortraitFor expanded lore, yes at some point. I don’t know the exact dates though (not on the narrative team sry).

Don’t think there’s a new champ spotlight in the works right now but I know they would like to redo the one’s for reworked champs when they have the time.

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Will Skarner still be able to carry games if hes ahead

Scruffy Final PortraitYea these type of immobile bruisers (morde, skar, darius, garen) should reach pretty carry status with the amount of tankiness and damage they need to make up for their lack of mobility or CC tools.

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Tarics rework should have higher priority than Skarners update

Repertoir New PortraitTaric needs a whole lot of work on the visual side as well as gameplay. Skarner could get a lot of gains on mostly the gameplay side. As a result, Skarner was able to be completed first. This isn’t really a matter of Skarner instead of Taric. They’re drawing from two different resource pools. You certainly won’t be playing Taric in the next months, but he’s actually coming along really well and I’m super excited for him.

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Garen Update Banner


Goals for Garens rework

Meddler Final PortraitWe’ll be talking about Garen in detail soonish, few initial comments in the meantime though:

  • Garen’s probably the lowest scope project on that list, with the addition of a new mechanic to his kit and some noticeable power curve tuning as key elements for him. Somewhat larger gameplay changes than MF, significantly smaller than GP.
  • Changes to Garen are very much being developed with the item changes in mind.
  • Very with you on the value of distinct benefits for bringing a particular champion to a team. We’ve got something else in mind for Garen though that doesn’t overlap with other objective controllers (ult on monsters would give a very Cho/Nunu sort of feel).

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Will Garen be a reliable tank or will players be expected to build for damage

Meddler Final PortraitOur approach with the primary tags on each character is generally to reflect what a champion is trying to do in a fight, rather than how they build. Garen’s there primarily for damage for example. He does bring a little bit of CC, and he’s happy to soak up some damage where he can, but his ideal goal is to spin on someone then ult them for a kill. Tanks by contrast, even if they’ve got similar builds, tend to be much more focused on setting up the enemy team for others to kill and/or protecting their own team. Lot of disruption basically, most often through CC.

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Postrework Garen will still have his silence because it can be avoided

Meddler Final PortraitThat’s pretty accurate as to our thinking on silences (can be a good fit on champs where there are things you can do to avoid the silence, generally not appropriate on characters who have the tools to silence you with really high reliability). Garen’s keeping his silence as a result, for while it’s click to hit it’s also a melee ability and he doesn’t have a dash/jump/blink.

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Will Garen still be new player friendly

Repertoir New PortraitGaren should remain a good option for beginners after his changes (possibly better in some ways). I wouldn’t worry too much about his level of difficulty skyrocketing in his update.

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Offtopic What about Yorick Hes a fighter in need of a rework

Meddler Final PortraitWe believe Yorick needs a full scale relaunch, not just a small to moderate gameplay update. He’s behind Poppy, and likely Taric in the queue for one though. Also possible we might opt for Urgot before him, depends on how the early exploratory work on each of them comes along.

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Poppys Rework Banner


Why doesnt Poppys rework have priority over the other fighter updates

Meddler Final PortraitThe bulk of the work that needs to be done on Poppy at this point is art/sound/VO. These other reworks by contrast are gameplay updates with the minimal amount of other work needed to support kit changes. Delaying these won’t help Poppy get out any sooner as a result, these are updates that are being done in parallel with full relaunches, not instead of.

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Is Poppys rework still in development

Scruffy Final PortraitThe poppy project is bigger than these 4 and it’s being worked on by a different part of the champ update team. These won’t slow her down.

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Whats next for the lore team

Jaredan Final PortraitWe’ve got a lot left to do, I’ve stated that on numerous occasions, and Burning Tides wasn’t ever meant to be the panacea for all the issues we are striving to tackle. What I hope it does is give an idea of the quality bar we are trying to lay down.

We have a lot of things to do, including rewrites and expansions of old bios and current character introductions, but we feel like we are on the right path, particularly as the response to the kind of template for the new introductions has been received so positively. We still have layout stuff to sort out, but the style of content seems to be resonating and we think it’s a good start.

But that’s all we consider it to be. We want to get many more stories to you, combined with a stronger basis and understanding of our Champions and the world they inhabit. Burning Tides has just made us more determined to do that.

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Do you think disabling Gangplank has been received positively

Jaredan Final PortraitIt’s been controversial, we knew it would be and we knew we were taking a risk (and by we, I mean Events team, the Narrative folks involved, and Riot) but we’ve actually received a lot of praise for doing so. That doesn’t mean I think everyone has been happy, and for players who feel badly treated, hopefully we can make things right, as mentioned by the official response.

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General EU Improvements July 2015

MicroBr3W Final PortraitHey awesome people!

TL;DR: There have been connectivity (including drophack) issues in EU for the last few months. We have recently implemented some improvements, and we have some additional improvements in progress.

More details…

Over the last several months, connectivity to EU game servers has not been stable for some players. This includes disconnects, “drophacks”, unable to reconnect, and ghost games. (see our previous post on drophacks here:
Rioters from both EU and NA offices have been working closely together to identify specific issues and design solutions to protect your connections to LoL game servers.

Because much of what we have implemented involves security measures, we won’t go too deep into specifics. The Bad Guys™ read these boards as well, and we don’t want to give them any hints on how to be more annoying.

Here are some of the improvements we’ve rolled out, some globally and some specific to EU:

  • Tighter restrictions on network traffic able to reach Riot infrastructure. This is where, unfortunately, we must be vague. Just know that these restrictions provide more protection against drophacks and the random disconnects you might have experienced previously.
  • Server-side code optimizations have resulted in lower average load of game server processes. Not only is this just a good thing to do for energy conservation efforts, it also provides more capacity headroom to absorb malicious burdens, such as denial-of-service attacks.
  • Improved infrastructure monitoring. A common thread here at Riot is “If you don’t know about it, you can’t fix it”. In this case, we have improved our visibility into server, network, and inter-connectivity metrics. This, in turn, allows us to dig deeper and find issues affecting smaller groups of players.

But we are driving forward with more improvements:

  • Riot Direct. The exercise of building out a network across a multi-country continent is an exciting challenge. The team has been working hard negotiating locations and facilities, configuring equipment, and establishing ISP connectivity. We’re getting close to lighting up those links for LoL players, carrying all of that important network traffic across an infrastructure specifically designed for resiliency and low-latency.
  • Continued investment in security technologies. Riot teams of client, server, security, and infrastructure engineers have been busy writing up roadmaps and testing hardware/software for security improvements. Capital investments are prepared for further distribution of our security protections.

So there is a brief summary of some things Riot has been working on to improve the EU play experience of LoL. We have seen definite improvements in connectivity with the implemented measures, and we are driving to further improve with the upcoming changes. We are very committed to providing an awesome gaming experience. Thank you for playing LoL and sharing our passion for this great community of players!

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


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QA with Morello Banner

Morello has taken a small break from his R&D project to answer community questions regarding champion concepts and where Riot is heading next.


Pick 5 Champions that you feel are out of date and in need of changes

Morello Final PortraitI’ll pick 3 :)

  1. Poppy: Poppy’s kit is abusable, has poor gameplay interaction and has low output on anything useful other than “don’t die, kill things.”
  2. Yorick: Similarly, Yorick’s impact on a game is damaging in a bad way, and he fails to accurately meet the Necromancer fantasy in a way I think we could bring to life (heh)
  3. Irelia: Sorry to say, but true. She’s the poster child for “outstat u” and I think League could do better at providing gameplay along with power whenever possible.

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What is the future of Game design and what is Riot Games role in that

Morello Final PortraitGood question.

Game Design wise, we’ve never done an awesome job of laying out a cohesive vision for the game and I think that’s a necessary but big challenge for us. I think that’ll be the next mountain to climb. We’re a culture born out of reactive firefighting, and need to learn to burn the candle at both ends.

Myself, I think the biggest milestone I’m personally happy with is 2012’s champion roster. While we didn’t solve everything, I think we did a lot to make champions feel thematically and gameplay-wise more different when compared to the 2011 roster, where there was a big trend of normalization. I’m also happy from helping grow the team from something small into something bigger, but that’s internal to Riot :)

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Does Riot actually plan on making any other games

Morello Final PortraitI hope so. That’s what I’m supposed to be working on every day right now :)

Apologies for being vague (need to be), but I can provide some color on what we’re interested in:

  • Genres we like to call “gamer’s games” overall – stuff you can really sink your teeth into.
  • For IP, I think doing only one or the other would be short-sighted. We’re working a lot to bolster League’s IP, so there’s opportunities there to make that come to life in different ways. Likewise, if that’s ALL we did, it might be too limiting for some concepts. Whatever it is should fit the game in question.

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Follow Up Banner

Will this RD project affect League of Legends directly

Morello Final PortraitNot the one I’m working on, though it’s possible that we’d use an R&D process to solve some of the meatier or more isolated problems if we really need to reinvent the wheel on something.

Overall, R&D is a space where we want to have a lot of opportunity to go big or go home. “Fail fast” is a term we use to make sure we’re chasing things that are actually resonant and that actually matter, so I suppose that could be applied to a lot of things where a big discovery phase is needed.

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What exactly does RD mean at Riot

Morello Final PortraitR&D, for us, is a way of exploring things that are other products or games we should figure out the fit for.

In these efforts, we get a thesis for something together and try to work to understand if that’s something we should invest to quickly. This can be met with a lot of ambiguity, failure and reboots as we take bold, risky brush strokes at problems to gain information, which is why it’s important to be pretty tight-lipped about it.

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What are your thoughts on Riots interaction with the community

Morello Final PortraitFrankly? Personally? I think we’re too careful.

This is all well-intended (wanting to do the right thing in the right way), but in my mind, overthinking it can lead to unintended results. I’d rather have a quick scrap and hug it out afterwards than avoid the scrap. This is the way I think we avoid “big company entity” and “big playerbase” and gets us into “people and humans”. Without that, it’s hard to build trust or good relationships.

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Morello Final PortraitOne thing I’ll add is that I can say this at all without fear of reprisal is an example of Riot’s beating heart and soul, though. That’s the ever-present optimism for this that I have.

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Follow Up Banner

What do you think an individual player Rioter could do to improve this

Morello Final PortraitGood question.

For players, I think asking for clarity and trying to contain rage is more inviting to the conversation, which makes people feel safer to post overall. The reason I tend to be so cavalier with it is the experience with the community and feeling “safe” to post. It’s earnestly hard to be motivated to get yelled at a lot :)

For Rioters, I think boldness and an understanding that the world won’t end if you say something a bit off-color is important. I’ve send some incredibly stupid shit in my time, and I haven’t been smote by a meteor.

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How much do you think the game will have changed in say three years

Morello Final PortraitIt’s hard to say from afar, but there’s always the line to toe of “evolution” vs “this isn’t League anymore.”

Personally, I think the game does a good job in being really deep on optimization and mastery, but I’ve always wanted to see more variety too. Maybe that’s naive at this point, but more possible ways to play would be one of the things I think would benefit LoL lots.

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Do you think Riot have improved on their champion design

Morello Final PortraitGetting better (Tahm Kench I particularly like), but I think we can go further with abilities that can be very powerful or fail spectacularly, like Bard’s ult.

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Follow Up Banner

Morello Final PortraitI think more of the quality where things are less “clearly optimal” on some abilities and let players do janky or more creative things with those abilities.

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Do you still want the Drain Tank Fantasy to exist in League eg Aatrox

Morello Final PortraitI can’t talk in the detail necessary for this these days of what’s possible (since I’m not working on LoL these days), but I can answer the more philosophical question of Drain Tank.

I still believe Drain Tank can work, but I think it can’t be auto-attack based. AAs are sort of an automatic DPS meter you can fill when in your attack range, and have a lot of their own tuning.

Someone like Fiddlesticks might be a better model, if you made it so more champs could interact with his W and disrupt it. Then you get some back-and-forth between how he uses the skill, if you can disrupt it and costs/benefits to that. An AA-based drain tank will just stat check you and be a spreadsheet problem – something I think neither myself nor the LoL team is particularly find of since it removes a lot of the interesting decisions around it.

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What is your opinion on the new HUD

Morello Final PortraitI generally like the way it gets in the way less, but I’m still having to get used to where the info is. I’d have to see when my eyes settle in to it.

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Have you considered adding a champion that copy enemy ally spells

Morello Final PortraitWe’ve tried this before, but one major challenge that we have is no animations are “shared” other than some basic attacks (and even those have different timings). Imagine if you stole Garen’s Spin to Win and we tried to make LeBlanc do that with no animation, or had to make exponential animations to support that. We’d have to stop making all other content. :)

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Do you think Dominion will get an overhaul at some point

Morello Final PortraitI highly doubt it. This is a complex subject (I’ve talked about it in the past) but while we’ve learned a lot from Dominion, I think it’s hard to validate doing significant work on it.

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New Items for Immobile Fighters Banner

On the topic of heavy fighters in the meta, Meddler confirmed that new items to help immobile champions will be released in Patch 5.16 or 5.17.



Fighters are hard to balance because they share many Ranged ADC items

Meddler Final Portrait We’re on the same page when it comes to fighters and ADC item overlap, which makes it difficult to offer effects that are an appropriate fit for one class, but not the other. Removing ranged crit’s not the solution we’re trying out however, we feel that does add some important value to the ADC role. What we’re looking into instead for fighters are items that:


  • Are a combination of offensive/defensive effects and therefore generally of noticeably lower appeal to ADCs who want to go full offense (e.g. the revised Black Cleaver which has a significant part of its budget spent on health, something fighters are fine with, but ADCs often aren’t).
  • Offer additional rewards when combined with other defensive/partially defensive items (Atma’s Impaler back in the day was an example of this sort of effect. It did have some other issues and so we felt we had to remove it, we believe there may be some variants on the concept that work better however).
  • Help melee champions engage in a fight, or stick to targets better once in a fight, in ways that aren’t as consistently useful or accessible on ranged champions (Randuin’s and Phage are good examples of this category) .

We’re currently working on some items using the above approaches, which are intended in part to be good fits on heavy, immobile fighters like Garen, Darius, Udyr etc. More details to follow sometime pretty soon (patch 5.16 or 5.17 at a guess, so potentially hitting PBE 1-3 weeks from now, depending on how the rest of the work goes).

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Will the new items help out AP fighters

Meddler Final PortraitThis is AD focused work, we feel AP itemization’s in a generally good spot for now after the 5.13 changes.

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Will there be any changes to Essence Reaver

Meddler Final PortraitEssence Reaver we’ll look at when we work on ADC itemization.

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Do you characterize immobile fighters as those without blinks dashes

Meddler Final PortraitYeah, that’s the sort of distinction we’ve got in mind here, with heavy fighters being those without dashes/jumps/blinks. Fighters that have to fight, or at least walk past, the enemy front line, rather than diving onto their preferred targets.

Also very much a soft distinction, rather than a black/white mobile/immobile thing, particularly in cases where a champion’s strongest back line access is a longer CD ult (e.g. Shyvana).

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Follow Up Banner

Meddler Final PortraitLack of burst mobility’s what we’re looking at here, as opposed to sustained or strategic mobility.

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Will we see these new items in the Patch 5 15 PBE cycle

Meddler Final PortraitWe’ve got a lot of stuff being worked on for 5.16 or possibly 5.17. As a result 5.15 will be a somewhat smaller patch than usual.

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Possible tweaks to Zyras passive Banner

Zyra might be getting some love in future patches in the form of afterlife:



What if Zyra could revive like Anivia if her passive killed a champion

Meddler Final PortraitThat’s a really cool suggestion, and a change that would fit well with Zyra’s playstyle and backstory. We’ll do a bit of experimentation with that sort of approach, see if we can get a version that plays well in game without being excessively strong. Can’t guarantee we’ll end up shipping any changes, definitely worth investigating though.

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How often does Zyra get to kill someone with her passive

Meddler Final PortraitI don’t have any stats on average Zyra kills with passive per game, though must admit I’m curious now. Anecdotally I’m guessing somewhere around the one kill a game mark. That’s not going to offer that many respawn opportunities, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Occasional high moments can create some really memorable games and a low rate of occurrence means that not too much of a champion’s power budget needs to be spent on such an effect. High variance effects can be tough to balance at times, since a really good or lucky player can sometimes achieve extreme results we need to balance around. In this case though given the setup requires death and the reward would be lack of death that might not be too much of an issue however (again, can’t promise this’ll go anywhere yet of course).

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What purpose do death passives serve on a champions kit

Meddler Final PortraitWe feel death passives can be the right choice in a couple of circumstances.

  1. High risk patterns that result in death frequently/where the best way to play is to expect to die in an even team fight. Post death passives here give you some chance for contribution regardless of how quickly you die and synergize well with the sort of actions you should be taking anyway (middle of enemy team or front of your own team). Sion and Karthus are the best examples here, with both often doing it right if they end up dead near the enemy team. Zyra’s fits this category slightly, as a squishy, immobile mage with moderate cast ranges, whose contribution drops off significantly after she’s used her CDs/seeds.

  2. When we want to offer a champion more power when they’re having a poor game than a successful one. If a character’s too feast or famine, absolutely crushing some games and failing to contribute anything in others, then a post death passive can be a good fit, since it offers more power to the struggling games. Kog’Maw’s the best example of this, with the passive being non existent in games where he’s stomping and a pretty reliable true damage AOE in games where he’s having a lot of trouble. Zyra comes into this category pretty solidly. She’s got a lot of damage between her plants and spells and regularly tops damage charts when having a reasonable game. She’s pretty vulnerable though when her spells are on CD/against enemies with the right tools to avoid them, so if she’s not having a good game she can end up dying a lot.

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How about giving Zyra a temporary revive like what Sion has

Meddler Final PortraitYeah, there are a bunch of approaches that might fit here depending on the power that’s appropriate and the gameplay desired. Main ones that leap to mind that we’ll talk about internally being:

  • True respawn at point of kill, point of Zyra’s death or back at the fountain
  • Temporary respawn at point of kill
  • Substantially reduced death timer per champion killed by the passive

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Lyte has outlined why the Mute feature alone doesn’t solve toxicity and why League needs an automated report system.


Why do we need an automated system when we can just mute toxic players

Lyte Final PortraitWe consider the “Mute” feature to be a last resort. When a player has to use the “Mute” feature, the damage has already been done. Your experience is already worse, you are already less likely to play another game, and you already don’t enjoy League as much as before. The “Mute” feature is a last resort to prevent any further harassment or abuse. Just because a feature like this exists doesn’t mean it’s OK for players to spew hate speech or be racist or verbally abusive. The vast majority of players in League hate these types of behaviors, and we should respect these players and not tell toxic players it’s OK to be dicks just because a “Mute” feature exists.

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Are you worried about trolls getting others player in trouble over flaming

Lyte Final PortraitThe good news is, we’re adding some Intentional Feeder Detection features into the Instant Feedback System in the next patch or two… so don’t worry, players won’t be intentionally trolling or using gameplay toxicity to “escape” the system soon.

Although the Tribunal engine is “machine learning” based, it actually has a lot of human checks in place. No system is truly “automated,” and for a player to be permanent banned they actually have to go through checks from multiple systems. Cases are reviewed by human Player Support staff all the time, and we do random checks on accuracy all the time, especially for cases that are “right on the line.”

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How often do punished players use hate speech make racist remarks etc

Lyte Final PortraitGenerally, players that get a penalty show a large pattern of these behaviors. Unless your 3 chat logs are severe hate speech or something awful like that, you will most likely never see a penalty especially if you’ve had 100s of neutral or positive games.

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Is retaliating to a troll or flamer considered toxic behavior

Lyte Final PortraitRetaliation isn’t OK. It just makes it a worse experience for the 8 other players. If there was a player that initiated, they are most likely punished as well.

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Darius Rework how to swap background music banner


Is the Darius rework coming within the next 3 patches

Meddler Final PortraitIt’s very likely it will.

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Will Gangplank be nerfed

Meddler Final PortraitNo changes in 5.15 at the very least. Right now there are a lot of people playing GP who’ve never played him before and even those that have are having to learn some new stuff given the kit changes. That’s making it a bit hard to get a gauge on what his long term power’s like, initial reaction though is that it’s in roughly the right ballpark.

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How to swap between Bilgewater music and updated SRU music

Stephiroth Final PortraitAhoy, Summoners!

We have temporarily added the ability to toggle between Updated Summoner’s Rift music and Bilgewater music on SRU.

This option has temporarily replaced the ability to enable “Classic” music.

Summoner’s Rift Games will currently default to using “Updated” music, however you can switch it to Bilgewater music by navigating to the Sound section in the Options menu, and selecting the Theme Music as “Bilgewater”.

  • You may have some difficulty enabling the Bilgewater Theme to due a current bug with the HUD. To enable it easily, you will need to open the drop down, hover over it with your cursor, and use the Mouse Wheel (middle button/scroll button) to scroll down and select the Bilgewater option.

There are some bugs you may notice with the music currently. Notably:

  • When switching from Bilgewater Music to Updated Music, the Updated Music may play over itself twice. This bug actually existed with the Classic music option too, but we did not uncover it until recently due to the low frequency of players switching between music. We are investigating a fix for that to be deployed in 5.15 :) This won’t occur with the Bilgewater track, only with the Updated track.
  • You may notice the Victory/Defeat music is still Bilgewater music, even though you have set your option to Updated music. This should only occur at the End of Game Victory/Defeat banner.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to comment!

EDIT: Just as a note, you will only experience the toggle in Matchmade games on Summoner’s Rift. The Bilgewater music is not activated for Custom SR games, or games on any other Maps (besides Butcher’s Bridge).

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Will Windows 10 and League of Legends be Friends

DARTAGNAN Final Portrait Hey all,

The answer is yes! We have been been extensively testing Windows 10 here at Riot, and we will be fully supporting Windows 10. If you haven’t heard already, you will be able to freely upgrade to Windows 10 as long as you have Windows 7 or 8.1 (8 users need to update to 8.1) already installed. If you do decide to upgrade, here is what you need to know:

  • Make sure to check whether your computer meets the requirements for Windows 10
  • If you do update, Windows 10 should download all the necessary updates or latest drivers for your hardware automatically. If you do have problems afterwards, you may need to contact your computer manufacturer (Dell, HP, etc) or your hardware manufacturer (MSI, Gigabyte, Nvidia, AMD, etc) to manually download the latest updates or drivers. Since it was just released, some manufacturers may not have updated drivers/updates ready

NOTE: Older hardware not directly supported by its own manufacturers anymore may not have new drivers for Windows 10.

  • Make sure to play a Custom Game first after updating to make sure everything works normally! You don’t want to be in a Ranked Game if suddenly your mouse stops working

  • If you encounter any problems with League of Legends immediately after upgrading to Windows 10, make sure to run a repair first, to see if it resolves any problems. If not, try completing a full and clean re-installation as well.

  • If all else fails, make sure to submit a ticket! This way we can easily track any compatibility issues that may occur with Windows 10. Make sure to include the following in your ticket as well:

Lastly, if you are experiencing any issues, make a post with the following information filled out:

Operating System: Windows 10
Graphics Card:

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


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Discussion on New Poppy Banner

Meddler talks about the likelihood of Poppy being a dedicated tank post-rework.


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Poppy hasnt been nerfed because shes not a consistent pick ban in pro play

Meddler Final PortraitThat’s it in a nutshell. Poppy getting picked occasionally doesn’t worry us. Poppy as regularly played though, pick/ban especially, would be a problem. Because of that we’ve got a Poppy rework in progress, with one of the aims of that project being to make it so if Poppy’s strong enough to get regular play that’s fine, rather than something we feel compelled to deal with.

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Do you think Poppy should be changed from a burst champion to a tank

Meddler Final PortraitI do feel tank is a good fit for Poppy. She’s a determined, honorable, warrior who wants to be right in the middle of the fight. Her signature gameplay traits are a hammer smash, charging someone into a wall and being extremely hard to kill, all of which can fit well with the tank class (think more Sion as a tank, than Braum as a tank).

Certainly, she’s also got a lot of kill potential at present. Extremely hard to kill or CC, really burst champion with some mobility’s not a good combo though, and it’s only held in check at present since Poppy’s early game is atrocious and she’s kept a bit weak in general. Of the two sides of her we could focus on the tank/fighter side seems like a much better fit to me than the assassin/burst side.

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Will you keep Lolipoppys original splash art after the rework

Meddler Final PortraitI haven’t dared ask what the plans for that are nightmarish creation are yet.

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Isnt it boring for paladins to always be in the middle of fights and not do damage

Meddler Final PortraitI’m with you that honorable and middle of the fight aren’t the same thing. I’d describe both Ashe and Lee Sin as honorable in terms of personality for example, yet neither wants to be right in the midst of everything (Ashe wants to keep her distance, Lee Sin usually wants to be killing or ulting a prime target so spends more time around the edges waiting for his moment). In Poppy’s case though I feel both honorable and middle of the fight do apply.

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Shens Q and W to be reworked Banner

Meddler iterates on  the recently-mentioned Shen rework and mentions his Q and W spells will likely be completely changed.


Extra resources


Why are TF and Pantheons ults not canceled by damage like Tahm and Reksais

Meddler Final Portrait Consistency’s something we explicitly wanted to avoid in these cases. The goal with Rek’Sai and Tahm Kench’s ults was to offer teleports that were used in different ways to avoid overlapping too much on what makes TF and Panth distinctive. Rek’Sai has no range limit on her teleport, but can’t use it to disenage easily, while TF’s much more slippery, but has a significantly shorter range and a noticeably higher CD.

Consistency’s something we do value in cases where it makes things easier to understand at a glance (e.g. the commonly used ‘you’ve stunned’ purple VFX above stunned champions’ heads). It’s not something we want to pursue whenever possible though. We want different champions to bring different tools to the game, testing different skills and creating different decisions. Additionally, sometimes a solution in one case isn’t appropriate for another (e.g. Lucian’s a spell cast heavy ADC whose mana costs become much less significant over the course of the game. Kog’Maw’s another spell cast heavy ADC, his mana costs need to remain really meaningful however).

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I find Shens Q having the same range as Yasuos Q to be very unthematic

Meddler Final PortraitMatching thematics with gameplay is something we put a lot of effort into, there are times though where we need to prioritize balance over lighter thematic expectations. Having a thrown weapon have the same range as a long spear stab or sword thrust is that sort of case (by contrast if Caitlyn, as a sniper, had a really low attack range that’d be a pretty significant disconnect).

As far as Shen goes we think he’s in a pretty effective spot right now and don’t currently have any plans to add more power to him. It’s also very likely his Q will be replaced or very heavily modified in his gameplay update (we’d like to give him a more interesting combat pattern for laning/1v1s and changing the Q will be a significant part of that).

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Do you think Swain is in a good spot right now

Meddler Final PortraitOverall yes. We’ve always been a bit suspicious that Swain might actually be too strong and potentially pretty oppressive if the right meta came along. So far though that remains just a theory. Swain doesn’t see regular professional play, but his balance is in a good spot otherwise. No current plans for him as a result.

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Will there be any changes to Shens lack of splitpushing or his Feint W

Meddler Final PortraitIt’s very likely we’ll keep Shen as a low waveclear champion, his inability to push quickly’s a really important safety valve on his ultimate.

Feint we’ll almost certainly replace outright. Odds are fairly high some form of other defensive ability will replace it, Shen needs some inherent survivability.

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Changelog for New Hud Banner

Changes to the new HUD will be hitting the PBE next week.


HUD changes for next PBE build

Chager Final PortraitWe’ve received a lot of good feedback and have made some adjustments to the HUD to test out before the next release:

  • Cooldown timers now take the entire skill square (no longer circular)
  • We’ve made the CD timers go from full to empty to better show cooldown time (vs. fill up)
  • Off cooldown flash has been changed in color (gold) and reduced in animation length
  • Multiple sounds have been removed or softened (skill up, scoreboard open close, player stat window open close)
  • Some fonts have changed
    — Please note we’ve just implemented a new font system and are going through and tuning all the places fonts are displayed. There’s still a lot of polish left to do but we wanted to get it out and tested on PBE as we iterate
  • Changed crit and attack range in the character stats page (crit now displays in bottom left of base window and attack range in bottom left of extended stat window)

Things we’re looking to get out early next week:

  • Adjusting color of OOM and CD to have differentiated colors
  • Ongoing font work (both color/shadow and size/typography)
  • More space between ally portraits and minimap (and making portraits bigger)
  • Level up animation color differentiation and animation shortening


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Colorblind Mode is in a terrible state

Rayven New PortraitHi, we hear you! We are working on a TON of readability improvements for the next patch including:

  • Clearer, larger fonts
  • Text colors and styling (as well as darker bgs for contrast)
  • Full square ability cooldowns with a more readable color
  • Pulled way back on animation length and noise
  • A lot less blue
  • More negative space between elements
  • Larger team frames and meters
  • More readable stats
  • More readable spell pips

All that said, our internal colorblind testers (red/green) found the new minimap to be more readable than the old one due to the toned down bg. Are you having trouble tracking info on it?

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Can you not make pots fully gray when they cant be used

Rayven New PortraitWe might pull back on the fully grey pots. They’re grey in the old HUD as well, but not completely.

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Will we be able to move around item slots in the shop menu

Rayven New PortraitWe want this as well. Weren’t able to do it as part of this feature though :(

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The new minimap is weird and attracts my eyes when I dont want to look at it

Rayven New PortraitIt was jarring for us at first too, but in the end we felt things read better with the dim bg. Your feedback is noted though. LMK if you get used to it over time.

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The scoreboard is currently hard to navigate

Rayven New PortraitYeah we want to improve the scoreboard this patch. What else are you having trouble seeing other than MIA?

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The Champion stat icons for Attack Range and Crit Chance should be swapped

Rayven New PortraitThanks Throstus, we are swapping AR for crit and I’ll move that icon over :)

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The cooldown and outofmana animations look to similar to each other

Rayven New PortraitWe are doing a big differentiation pass on cd and oom. The funny thing is, they were both blue in the old HUD as well. Need to find the right balance though.

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Why was the scoreboard global kills towers moved to the bottom right

Rayven New PortraitThe concept was to get frequently checked strategic info in one glance rather than darting your eyes around the screen. I think we could have chunked info better for sure to cut down on the “clutter.”

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The shop menu takes too much space Can we be given the option to resize it

Rayven New PortraitYou can scale the Shop down by grabbing and dragging the bottom right corner – I agree it’s too big. I scale mine all the way down.

We are working on most of the contrast issues you mentioned.

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HP as True damage mechanic Banner

Fiora’s new ultimate has caused some balance concerns among the community regarding the lack of counterplay in spells that deal %HP true damage.


Extra resources


I hope HP true damage doesnt become an overused mechanic in new kits

Meddler Final PortraitIt’s a mechanic we only intend to only use very occasionally (hence the 4 year gap between Vayne’s release with it and Fiora’s rework gaining it). It’s something we’ve explored on a few different prototypes post Vayne release, this is the first time though where we’ve concluded it was an appropriate fit. % max hp physical/magic damage or flat true damage are almost always the more appropriate tool for abilities that need to be limited against squishy targets/strengthened against tankier targets.

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Whatre your thoughts on Vaynes current state

Meddler Final PortraitWe’re pretty happy with Vayne’s current state. She’s a reasonable pick, especially if you build a team that supports her well. She’s got clear weaknesses though, and doesn’t offer things almost all other ADCs do. When you pick Vayne you’re choosing to give up various tools in exchange for her strengths.

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Ranked decay coming back on July 27th

Riot Mirross Final PortraitHey folks,

Last week, we temporarily disabled ranked queues and ranked decay so players wouldn’t lose LP while ranked was down. Ranked decay will be re-enabled return on July 27 at 12:00PM PDT in all regions.

The time that’s passed will still count against your inactivity period when decay is re-enabled, so if you’ve taken a break, make sure to play a game before July 27 if you want to avoid the LP penalty. If you’ve been playing consistently, this won’t affect you at all.

Ranked decay refresher:

Bronze, Silver & Gold:

There’s no decay in solo or team queues for these tiers.

Platinum & Diamond:

Solo and team queues:

After 28 days of inactivity in a particular ranked queue, you’ll be hidden from the standings in your league. You’ll also lose LP depending on your current tier. Every seven days thereafter, you’ll lose LP until you play a match in that queue particular.

Master & Challenger:

Solo queue:

Decay sets in after 10 days of inactivity to ensure competition continues at the highest echelons of League.

Team queue:

Decay occurs after 28 days to account for the difficulties of managing five (or more) player schedules.

Find out more about ranked decay.

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Bilgewater Wallpapers Banner

Riot’s LAN site has posted all sorts of digital Bilgewater-themed goodies:




Young.TF.Graves_Splash_1920x1080 Pre.GP_Splash_1920x1080 TF.v.Graves_1920x1080 SlaughterDocksSkins_Splash_1920x1080 MF_Splash_1920x1080 GP_StandingAlone_1920x1080


Summoner Icons

Graves.Icon.320x320 TF.Zoom.Young.320x320 Graves.Zoom.Young.320x320 Bilgewater.Crest.320x320 TF.Icon.320x320





Artsed.Carnicero.1920x1080 (1)



portada1 portada2 portada3



graves missfortune fizz Gangplank thresh twistedfate nami rata graves gp twistedF ms


Bilgewater Events and Tournaments Banner

You can find a Bilgewater tournament to participate in and compete for rewards HERE.


TLDR: Bilgewater-themed live events are happening all around the world. Join the party and experience Bilgewater in a whole new way–and yes, there may be loot to plunder.

Special Bilgewater Boarding Parties are being planned and we need you on board. Be a part of history as you meet with other players and bring Bilgewater to life. Crew members who are victorious in combat (we mean tournaments) will be rewarded with Bilgewater prizing. If you’re part of one of the in-person Bilgewater Boarding Parties, there may be exclusive swag you can’t get anywhere else.

Be part of League of Legends history and bring Bilgewater to real life!


Community-Run Events

These are special Bilgewater Boarding Parties organized and run by members of your local community. These events will take place between July 30th and August 9th at in-person locations around the world and online.

To register for a community-run Boarding Party head to the Community Events page, find an event near you (or online) and click the “Register” button. Be sure to read the event details for info on how to join in the fun. New events will be added as they are approved. Be sure to check back often to get the most updated list.



In-person tournamentsMeet other League of Legends fans for a face-to-face tournament held in a real-world location near you. Competition takes place on the Butcher’s Bridge ARAM map or the Black Market Brawlers game-mode.


Online tournamentsCan’t make it to an in-person Boarding Party? Then make your adventure virtual by joining an online tournament. These events take place on the Butcher’s Bridge ARAM map or the Black Market Brawlers game-mode.


In-person play sessionsIf competition isn’t your thing, look for a Bilgewater Play Session, a non-competitive opportunity to play on the new on the Butcher’s Bridge ARAM map and Black Market Brawlers game-mode.

Approved community-run tournaments are eligible for special Bilgewater digital prizing based on event type and size. Prizing will be awarded to the top teams in the tournament. Check out each event’s “Prizing” section for more information. Players must be registered for the event on the Community Events page to be eligible for prizing.


bwbp_chestA limited number of in-person Bilgewater Boarding Parties will be receiving a shipment of exclusive Bilgewater swag (which means ‘free stuff’) that isn’t available anywhere else. As always, supplies are limited, and not every attendee or Boarding Party is guaranteed loot.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


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Game designers Scruffy, Stashu and Meddler explain the reasons for giving Fiora a % HP true damage passive and a teamwide heal for winning duels.


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Why does Fiora’s ult deal of Max HP true damage

Scruffy Final PortraitThis is actually something that we found was necessary for her to be able to compete with the tanky fighters in the top lane or team fights.

Being a squishy melee carry that cant just blow up the enemy adc like Zed or other assassins is tough. Letting her skirt around the edges of the fight and deal hit and run damage to the enemy fighters/tanks is an essential part of her viability.

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Follow Up Banner

Stashu Final PortraitWe believe that though %HP true damage can cause frustration, there is a time and place for that mechanic, and there are two primary reasons why we decided to go with it in this case:

First, we want Fiora to win and loses fights by skill, not stats. Accordingly, no one can mitigate her passive damage, but anyone can avoid it entirely through skillful play. When Fiora loses, it’s because her opponent outplayed her through clever footwork and proper use of their CC’s or re-positioning abilities.

Second, the Grand Duelist takes on all opponents, and %HP true damage allows her to threaten bulkier ones without having an unfair advantage against the more fragile. If it dealt %HP physical damage instead, the number would have to be much larger to scratch through a tank’s armor, and that same number would mean instant death to unarmored opponents.

Though it may seem like the opposite, the mechanic actually protects many targets from the more dangerous alternatives — and though there are no macro countermeasures (like building armor), there is theoretically rich micro counterplay (don’t let her hit it). So while this still may cause some frustration, I hope this at least explains why it’s on the kit!

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What if youre playing a Champion without mobility like Garen

Scruffy Final PortraitYeah, it’s not equally rich across all champions. Fortunately, champions without high mobility spells or immobilizing cc’s often have the damage to beat Fiora if she tries to straight up fight them, Garen included. If Fiora is spending time moving between Vitals while fighting Garen in melee range, I expect that his basic combo should be sufficiently punishing to her.

This is not a catch-all answer, but most champions have some action they can take against Fiora, whether through dodging, stunning, or dumping damage when she exposes herself to risk. She will have particularly favorable matchups against certain champions, but that’s a part of champion-to-champion interaction in League. Of course, it becomes a problem when Fiora has VERY binary matchups, and to your point, this is something we’ll be on the lookout for.

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Follow Up Banner

Stashu Final PortraitBasically: When Garen recognizes that Fiora is going to come in for an open Vital, he can ready his Q/E to punish her.

Fiora’s Q range and passive haste might be strong enough such that they invalidate this play, but that’s not the intention, and we can tune these things down to compensate.

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Do the weak spots rotate with the Champion or do they remain static

Scruffy Final PortraitThe passive stays locked in the direction no matter what. If the enemy turns or changes facing, it won’t affect the passive.

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The heal on Fioras ultimate makes no sense thematically

Stashu Final PortraitHey there! I just entered a similar discussion in another thread, so I’m going to paste it here.

Original [Durzaka’s] comment:


“Someone on Reddit actually explained it in a way that made some sense to me.

It is the idea of applause/victory reward at the end of a duel that you have won.”

And my thoughts on the matter:

“Yeah, this is the thematic tie-in that we were going for. Fiora’s duel, or ‘Grand Challenge,’ is a game defining moment for everyone, not just the combatants. Fiora’s team should care about whether or not she’s successful and be able to join in the celebration if she is.

Gameplay wise, adding reasons for Fiora’s team to care about her in important. Selfish champions can lead to degenerate teamplay experiences, whether they are winning or losing. Accordingly, by adding some team utility to her personal challenges, we can make Fiora a strong 1-on-1 duelist while keeping her team invested in her success. Heal might feel weird here, and I totally get that, but it was the most fitting tool in our box.”

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Its the idea of applause victory reward at the end of a duel youve won

Stashu Final PortraitYeah, this is the thematic tie-in that we were going for. Fiora’s duel, or ‘Grand Challenge,’ is a game defining moment for everyone, not just the combatants. Fiora’s team should care about whether or not she’s successful and be able to join in the celebration if she is.

Gameplay wise, adding reasons for Fiora’s team to care about her in important. Selfish champions can lead to degenerate teamplay experiences, whether they are winning or losing. Accordingly, by adding some team utility to her personal challenges, we can make Fiora a strong 1-on-1 duelist while keeping her team invested in her success. Heal might feel weird here, and I totally get that, but it was the most fitting tool in our box.

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Wont players just use the ult for the quick execute and teamwide heal

Scruffy Final PortraitThis is something that we worried about at first too, but there is a tradeoff. If you use R only for the heal you are missing out on a ton of damage from the 4 free procs. Burning an ult cooldown for an easier heal and no damage seems like it won’t become the primary use case.

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Why does Fiora get an AoE heal for hitting all the enemys Vitals

Scruffy Final PortraitIt actually fits quite well with the rest of the ult, I’ll explain. In testing we tried a BUNCH of different reward types (damage buffs, speed, cooldowns etc) for her winning the duel, and we found that there were a few reasons why this one stuck as the most useful and fitting.

-By the time she gets to that hard earned 4th proc, she is usually desperately in need of some heals (being a squishy melee carry)
-The “fight reset” elements of it give her this great “one down, who’s next?” feeling
-Too much immediate reward makes her into a snowball champ like katarina, so the reward is given over time instead of burst
-The team benefits from it so that when fiora calls out her challenge, everyone cares about her success. They might help by CCing the target or keeping her alive so she can win

I hope that helps explain some of the reasoning for how we ended up with this current victory reward. Play it and see if it feels right to you too.

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Do the 4 weak spots from Fioras ultimate rotate with her target

Meddler Final PortraitThey’re not based off the facing of the target (e.g. if a Vital point spawns and it’s pointing towards the top of the screen then it’ll continue to point towards the top of the screen regardless of where/how the champion it’s attached to moves).

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I feel the short reaction time on Fioras new W will make playing her a chore

Stashu Final PortraitI definitely share this worry, to some degree. [I believe] we tuned the block duration to be long enough so that Fiora doesn’t always need to twitch-block, but can often use the ability in advance, predicting her opponent’s move. We really wanted to create some cerebral play as well as some mechanical play.

In fact, in many cases cerebral play is required. For example, when Warwick is coming to gank Fiora, Fiora can’t re-actively block his R, but she can try to mind game him by casting the block right before she expects him to ult. It gets even deeper in other scenarios, such as when Jax is using his E — the Jax needs to guess when Fiora’s going to block, and Fiora needs to predict when Jax is going to stun.

Lastly, many champion’s key CCs have telegraphs, which should curb this ‘super-twitch-reactive’ element. Blocking Cho Gath’s Q for example, is much less stressful than blocking Irelia’s E. The hope is that these various uses will allow most Fiora players to succeed with ‘Riposte’ even without incredible reflexes. We’ll see how that pans out!

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AD Item Diversity Banner

Following the recent AP item revamp in Patch 5.14, the balance team might apply the formula to AD items.


Why did you overhaul AP items and not AD items

Meddler Final PortraitAP items being in a better spot already was actually one of the key reasons we chose to work on them first. One of the things we wanted to do with the first set of items we overhauled like this was to try and prove some theories we could then apply to future item work. Starting with a set of items that were in a better spot and where we had a better understanding of what did and didn’t work was valuable as a result. If these AP changes pan out as hoped (we’re still mid assessment at the moment) we’ll then look at what we can do with the other categories of itemization.

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Are there any changes planned for Essence Reaver

Meddler Final PortraitWhen we get to AD items we’ll definitely do some work on Essence Reaver (adjust it to make it a better choice or replace it with something more useful, not sure which yet).

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Shen’s update will likely be on the scope of Gangplank’s rework.


Extra Resources



Whats the scope of Shens rework

Meddler Final PortraitIn terms of gameplay changes, probably around Gangplank level (substantial modifications to about half his kit, some skills very similar however).

In terms of visual changes, still figuring that out. Some visual effects changes to support spells certainly, and potentially a model update, won’t be a full overhaul on the level of Gangplank or Tristana though.

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Will you be making changes to his splash art or ultimate

Meddler Final PortraitOdds are very high Stand United will remain his ult (might make some minor adjustments, but no fundamental changes).

As far as the splash goes I’m no splash artist, but I’d expect the biggest thing driving whether or not we opt for a new splash will be what sort of changes we do or don’t make to his model. We’ve been talking recently about whether we should make Shen look a bit tankier, so his gameplay and theme/appearance line up a bit better. If we decided to do that and made noticeable model changes we might then go for new splash art to match. Discussion’s still really early on what those possible changes might look like, could be small (bit of extra armor in the form of forearm guards or something similar) to much larger (more substantial amounts of armor while still matching his theme, significant adjustments to his physical build etc).

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Cassiopeia’s rework failed to capture the poison mage theme the team was going with and has been temporarily delayed.


Why is Stashu working on Fiora before finishing his Cassiopeia rework

Meddler Final PortraitStashu’s not working on Cassiopeia at present. If we do make adjustments to Cass in the short to medium term they’re much more likely to be done by the Live Balance team than the Champion Update team (so would mainly involve power shifts, rather than significant changes to how her skills function).

That’s the case because a number of months ago we took a look at the current state of Cass and concluded that it was more important to have the Champion Update team focus on other characters. That’s not to say we think she’s in a perfect spot. In particular, we realize there’s some very valid frustration that she doesn’t deliver as well as she could on the thematic expectations a number of her players have (poison mage). We do think there are other champions that need work done on them more however, so are focused on those at present, with Fiora being the most recent example. I realize that’s likely pretty frustrating to hear if you’re a Cass player that doesn’t like her new kit, and my apologies for that.

In terms of making that priority call that was a decision Stashu contributed some thoughts to, but didn’t make himself. Riot does have a culture that supports individual developers pitching work they think’s valuable/arguing for what they believe in, but it’s not a ‘work on whatever you want regardless of team priorities’ culture. Stashu’s stance was that he was eager to do Cass followup work or take on Fiora, whichever we thought was more valuable. The conclusion Champion Update and Game Design leadership came to was that Fiora was the better call in this case, since she was a character with a lot of room for improvement/cool stuff and had some notable issues. We also believed Fiora had the potential to be a pretty successful gameplay rework, based off some early exploratory designs Guinsoo had been doing before he’d had to shift focus onto other stuff.

That decision to shift focus from Cass to other champs is something those of us making the call on what work to prioritize should have mentioned months ago, apologies for that lack of communication. If anyone’s got any queries about how we make those sort of priority calls I’m more than happy to have a go at answering them here. I probably won’t be able to answer specifics about Cass’ current state of balance or what guided detailed decisions on her rework however (will give it a shot if I can offer an at least somewhat informed answer, there’s a bunch of details there I wasn’t involved with/aren’t up to date on).

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Taric Skins and Death Recap Bugfixing


Will Taric get a new skin soon

KateyKhaos Final PortraitHiya!

It’s definitely been awhile since Taric’s last skin.

He currently has a VU in progress, which means he won’t be seeing a new skin until the VU is complete. The reasoning behind this is, we would rather hold off and give him an awesome skin once he’s shiny and updated, rather than giving him a skin with his current look and then changing it drastically. It’d be a really crappy feeling if you purchased the skin that would be on old Taric, and then you hated the updated skin because it lost the piece you really enjoyed about it.

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What about the Death Recap did you fix in Patch 5 14

Meddler Final PortraitPatch 5.12 and before: Death Recap’s not very functional. We identify that the biggest issue is that the right data isn’t getting passed to Death Recap to display.

Patch 5.13: We fix some stuff so death Recap now generally gets the correct data. That then reveals that Death Recap’s not sorting that data properly. That issue was there previously, but it wasn’t possible to distinguish that from data simply being absent, so we’d missed it.

Patch 5.14: We address the bug where death recap’s prioritizing small amounts of damage instead of large. Hopefully that puts it in a much better spot, if not it will assumedly reveal other problems we can fix.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


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Darius Gameplay Update Soon Banner

Darius will be receiving a minor gameplay update and potentially some unique new mechanics.


Can we have an update on Darius

Scruffy Final PortraitWe’ve actually come back around to the work that started 2 years ago and will have something to show very soon. Statikk picked up the darius project after he finished working on Gangplank, and it turns out we can make a lot of improvements for him without too many dramatic changes.

When it’s all done, he should have a more healthy + satisfying + some new unique stuff in his kit.

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I hope the ult stays the same

Scruffy Final PortraitAgreed, its pretty damn cool to just chop your enemies in half.

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Will he be getting a shield and a dash

Scruffy Final PortraitNo dash or shield sry.

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Update on Morde Rework Soon Banner

Mordekaiser is still slated for a rework and the team is currently debating on how to solve his mobility issues.


Any plans to make Mordekaiser viable

Meddler Final PortraitWe’re testing some really experimental changes for him at the moment that involve making it much more dangerous to be directly next to him. We have talked a lot about whether Morde should have some CC or more mobility. We concluded however that his lack of those tools was pretty definitional to his playstyle and an opportunity to potentially give him some effects we wouldn’t be able to do on a more mobile champion (in the same way that Nasus for example’s only allowed to have his stacking Q because he has trouble getting onto the targets he really wants).

Time wise within a month or two we should either be ready to talk about those changes in detail or be ready to say they didn’t work out and we’ve scrapped them. Worth noting that if we do them they’ll be very gameplay driven, so would only include visual changes as needed to support ability modifications. We would love to give Morde a visual upgrade in general, but have other champs that are before him in line for full overhauls.

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Can you tell us more about what Mordes identity will be post rework

Meddler Final PortraitWhat we’re currently testing is a more bruiser ish version of Morde, that builds somewhat tankier and doesn’t have as much front loaded damage. In playtests so far he’s still been able to put out quite a lot of damage in a short time frame, but he’s had to ramp up to it a bit first.

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Will you be making changes to his ultimate

Meddler Final PortraitMorde’s Ult will likely remain very similar to its current form.

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When you last made changes to Morde you said hed be more of a bruiser

Meddler Final PortraitWe did have a go at a similar approach when we were removing DFG. At that time however we only had a very brief period (one patch’s worth of development) to investigate and test changes. That wasn’t enough time to fix the issues we saw come up, or even investigate a decent range of approaches. We weren’t confident in the results of that work as a result, so ended up pulling almost all of it. This time we’re putting a solid amount of time aside for both experimentation and testing, so feel it’s worth taking another swing at that direction.

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How will the new Morde deal with being kited

Scruffy Final PortraitBeing an immobile melee with no CC does mean that you do get kited by champs like ashe or kallista. There’s two ways that we’ve thought about how Morde will be able to handle those types of champs/situations:

  1. More baseline defense – Morde right now relies almost entirely on dealing damage to stay tanky, which makes him even more dead when he cant get to target. We’re trying to bring up his reliable/baseline tankiness so that he can function better when he’s not winning already.
  2. Ally CC – This may sound like a bit of a cheesy answer but we really want Morde to be that much of a thread that allies and enemies will dread getting caught in CC when he’s nearby. If Nami lands that bubble, it’s go time for Morde.

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Do you mean Morde will have to rely on others to deal with mobility

Scruffy Final PortraitIt’s more like if I was talking about Janna (who has a lot of CC and very little damage) I would say that she is very good with ally damage. On the food chain of League of Legends, Morde will not bring the CC himself, but he does bring the damage. That will naturally pair well with allies that bring CC.

The end result wont be any farther on the “need my team to carry me” scale than amumu, janna, jinx etc.

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Are you thinking of making Morde somewhat more like Darius

Scruffy Final PortraitCloser to that sort of space yeah. We’ve got some ideas on how to reduce the ‘what do I do if I’m melee against this guy’ problem, we’ll see how they work out though.

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Will Morde receive a visual update with his gameplay changes

Scruffy Final PortraitThis time around he wont be getting the full shabang (like sion or GP) but he will be getting some small visual love to represent some of the new gameplay that he’s getting. Overall it’ll be mostly upgraded spell VFX.

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How about removing promo series for divisions weve already reached

Riot Mirross Final PortraitThese ideas are good. We’re looking at making some changes like this at the end of this season. We’d like to reduce ambiguity around when demotion shortly after you’re promoted, as well as the pain points when you’re climbing back to a division you’ve already reached.

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Have you considered giving us a free win in promo series we’ve failed before

Riot Mirross Final PortraitYes. We decided not to make any mid-season changes, but this is something we’re planning to do.

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Wont these changes make it easier to climb and harder to fall back down

Riot Mirross Final PortraitActually changes like this aren’t going to increase the number of people in any tier overall. It’s a zero-sum game.

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Mastery Emotes Visible to Enemis Banner

Mastery Emotes will soon be visible to enemies, although they’ll still have an internal cooldown and will be affected by muting.


Werent Mastery Emotes supposed to be visible to enemies 3 patches ago

Riot Mirross Final PortraitWe’re are going to change this soon (not next patch, that’s already locked, probably one after) – it was mistakenly in a patch note, which caused the confusion.

We’re going to slightly increase the cooldown and make it respect muting before we make that change though.

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Socrates New PortraitHey dudes. The patch note for this went out early. Our bad.

When we tested this on pbe it could get a little spammy when abused. We decided to increase the cool down before going live with it. It will be appearing in one of the coming patch cycles.

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How about rewarding us with 500 1000 IP for achieving level 5 Mastery

Socrates New PortraitWe agree the rewards are probably too light atm for these achievements. We think we can do better than ip. Can’t share too much on this yet but it is something we are looking at.

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Team Builder Draft Vote Kick in Champion Select Banner

Lyte expands on the upcoming Team Builder Draft mode and answers community questions for why a vote feature to kick/leave Champion Select is still absent.


Team Builder is underrated

Lyte Final PortraitWe’ll be the first to admit that Team Builder “Classic” solves a lot of problems, but also has a few major issues that we’ve solved in the new Team Builder Draft experience. For context, Team Builder “Classic,” reduced reports by about 26%, increased honors by about 18%, and reduced negative/toxic chat by about 36% in wins, and 23% in losses. It also reduced leavers/AFKs by about 8-10%, I don’t remember that one off top of my head.

One of our primary goals in Team Builder Draft is to retain some of the benefits above in the design of the system, but invest heavily in solving the queue time issues and improving the matchmaking quality. We’ve also invested in the actual UI work so that it’s much faster to setup your team, play with friends and get into the game.

So far in testing where we bring players into Riot HQ to test Team Builder Draft, we’ve seen the vast majority of players prefer the experience over every other queue experience. So for now, we’re not going to encourage players to funnel into Team Builder “Classic,” and we’re going to see if Team Builder Draft is popular enough that it becomes the dominant Champion Select experience.

Happy to answer questions about Team Builder Draft in this thread.

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Whatre your thoughts on a votekick leave system for Champion Select

Lyte Final PortraitWe played around with a few “Vote Kick” designs before, and the results were surprising. First, let’s assume the design is a simple: players in Champion Select can vote to kick a player, and you need 4 out of 5 votes to proceed.

Immediately, we saw the behaviors change in Champion Select. One, players began using the “Vote Kick” feature when they didn’t like a particular team comp, when they felt like the Captain didn’t ban the appropriate champions, when players played off-meta champions, and sometimes when they felt the opposing team comp was better than theirs. This dramatically increases the amount of time it takes to get through a Champion Select and into the game as many Champion Selects fail out and you have to start over, and then players will complain about it taking 15-20 minutes to actually get through a Champion Select and load into a match. Now to play one game, you need anywhere from 1 hour to 1.5 hours of free time, which was way too high of a time commitment. Secondly, some scenarios with Duo Queues became even more frustrating, because if a Duo Queue group was being negative in Champion Select you still had nothing you could do to resolve it, and the situations felt even worse than before.

Some additional designs would be to give every player only 1 “Vote Kick” per day, but just giving 1 vote to every player increased failed Champion Selects by ~20%, which means that you’re now going through multiple Champion Selects just to get into a game. We also reduced the penalty for queue dodging before, which would make it “less painful” for players to queue dodge if they absolutely had to, but this increased failed Champion Selects by about ~30%, and again players started complaining about failed Champion Selects and taking too long to get into a game.

We think that Team Builder Draft will ultimately solve Champion Select issues better than most other features or systems, so we decided to work on that system first because it also solves a bunch of other problem spaces such as better retention and onboarding for low level players and giving players more control over their Champion Select experience. If Team Builder Draft does not improve Champion Select enough, we have some ideas ready to go such as allowing players to report when someone doesn’t play the position they specified, or allowing players to give us a reason (and specify a player) if they choose to queue dodge.

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Can we have an ETA on Team Builder Draft

Lyte Final PortraitIt’s a major change to the pre-game flow, and a brand new Champion Select, so we want to avoid this big of a disruption in the 2015 Season. We didn’t start too long ago, while we were researching and learning from lessons in Team Builder Classic we were working on a slew of features like Party Rewards (for events like the Pool Party), Suggested Players, LeaverBuster, the machine learning Tribunal and Instant Feedback System and the new Intentional Feeder detection that’s going out in the next patch or two.

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How will Riot encourage players to use the Team Builder

Lyte Final PortraitIf the live beta test goes well (and is similar to our lab tests where we bring players into Riot HQ to try out Team Builder Draft), it might be an option to replace some queues which will funnel players into the new experience. However, in the system itself we’ve introduced the “Fill” position which helps reduce queue times, and we’re requiring players select 2 positions (instead of 1) which also reduces queue times. If we have to, we’re also going to incentivize the high demand positions so you get a small bonus for playing them. We think these 3 things combined should solve the queue time issues nicely.

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Will there be the option to queue for every role in Team Builder

Lyte Final PortraitYou can queue up as “Fill,” which basically covers all positions. It’s a new position we’re introducing with Team Builder Draft.

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Context for Yorick Rework Delay Banner

Yorick’s rework is still a long ways off… you can bury your hopes again.


Why isnt Yorick a top priority for the rework

Scruffy Final PortraitI feel you on this, and agree that he is in dire need of an update. That said, we want to take the time to do him right and he is in early stages of gameplay design, concepting, and lore work.

Don’t expect him to come out before Poppy/Taric (both are much farther along), but do know that we are working on him and we are not gonna put it down until we finish. Yorick can be soooo much more than he is and I hope that you will like the results when he’s finally rebuilt from the ground up.

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Scruffy Final PortraitAfter Xelnath stopped working on yorick we didn’t end up picking it back up until very recently (march ish if I remember correctly, ah you linked it too). We definitely used some of his work as a starting point and have continued iterating from there.

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Details on Poppys Visual Update Banner

Poppy’s visual update won’t so much cater to seasoned Poppy players as it will draw in newcomers to the Champion.


What can you tell us about Poppys upcoming visual update

IronStylus Final PortraitWell, so good news and bad news:

Good news: Poppy will get a visual update. She’s in the same camp as Sion, Taric, Urgot, etc which will recieve complete overhauls which will not only increase fidelity and introduce a newer and cleaner design, but also will aid in clarify and mechanical expression. We did a lot exploration on Poppy and are happy with what we’ve got. She’s currently in the art production pipeline as her kit has been locked for some time. Now it’s a matter of time and the technical work of getting that new character to live in game.

“Bad” news: Poppy is shipping with a complete kit overhaul which will retain the spirit of Poppy, and utilize some signature abilities, but will probably vary pretty significantly than current Poppy. Think of the same way which we wanted to retain the “feeling” of Sion while keeping virtually nothing of his existing kit. I’e played her, and she’s really, really fun. I think players old and new will find a home with her. I think that’s what’s going to bring her into a place where she’ll be loved by passionate players but also new players alike.

So shipping the visual update probably isn’t going to turn people onto existing, present-day Poppy as much as it will excite people to try what is fundamentally a brand new character which takes what we love about Poppy, amplifies it, and makes her more cohesive. Our goal on ChampUP is to excite enthusiasts, to get at what the real and visceral emotional attachments that bind them to a character and hone them, making that feeling more clear, maybe even stronger. Often that means pretty substantial change, for multiple reasons. Unique identity, clear role and play pattern, character/kit/art cohesion, among other things. A sub-goal is to bring that character up so at the very least new players are aware of the character and can approach it comfortably. To bring that champion back into some rotation even if it’s with a smaller but dedicated slice of players.

The team is very excited about Poppy. I’m happy to have been part of her development and can’t wait for people to get a hold of this take on her. Though things change, the spirit is there I feel.

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Are there any upcoming champion changes that don’t involve VUs

IronStylus Final PortraitThere is a kit change in the works for Shen, with that comes our investigation as to how much visual changes (model, animation, VFX, etc) have to go towards facilitating the gameplay overhaul. We always ask the question about scope. How much scope does this need, and how much do we want it to have? We currently are exploring ideas for a new base design for Shen, but this for the moment remains an exploration. It might be beyond scope lets say to redesign his base. But, if we deem it a substantial opportunity, or something that really needs more art resources to make the new mechanics work, then we’ll scope the project up.

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Fanmade Skin Ideas Banner


Even if Riot pick up a fan idea for a skin they wont spoil the surprise

Kindlejack Final PortraitPretty much what I was going to say.

However I can give you more context on how we go about choosing what projects to work on. When we have a meeting to ideate on thematics and champions for skins we always bring up relevant fan concepts and take note of how much player support they have garnered. We never just say ‘This concept got 8k upvotes so let’s make it’ but if an idea is popular it will at least be considered in the spread or used as a starting point for a design. I would say skins team (with people like Whist, Galetta, Nurse Flan and KateyKhaos to name a few) keeps a close eye on fan concepts, not just on the boards but also on the Chinese/Korean/Garena sites. Riot Penguin also takes player requests on the weekends just for fun, but they are often pretty great ideas (Armoured Annie plz).

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Follow Up Banner

Is this your approach for fanmade champion concepts

Kindlejack Final PortraitNo, skins are additive in that we can create one knowing that there will be more in the future. Champions are absolute, once they launch then that’s it. The champion team spend a lot longer crafting a champion and it’s a collaborative effort between art, gameplay and narrative. I’m not on that team though so I can’t give you as much insight.

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Whatre your thoughts on the fan idea for a Firedancer Draven skin

Kindlejack Final PortraitI brought it up when we were working on Pool Party Draven. It was decided that Gladiator Draven already had fire particles and ‘Firedancer’ didn’t fit enough into the ‘Pool Party’ theme. I’ll bring it up again next time there is Draven ideation because I still think it’d be a great fit for him.

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Do limited time skins ever come back

KateyKhaos Final PortraitHiya!

We have both limited and legacy skins.

Legacy skins will periodically come back to the store. Examples of these are Kitty Kat Katarina, or Poro Rider Sejuani. Limited skins are removed once the event is over, and there is no guarantee they’ll return to the store/be made available again. These would include skins such as Rusty Blitzcrank, Championship Riven and Victorious skins (Jarvan, Janna, Elise, Morgana).

You can find the full list of both legacy and limited skins here.

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Hippalus mentioned that Championship Riven may return to the store

KateyKhaos Final PortraitYup! Hippalus did say there’s a possibility. :]

“Yes I think Championship Riven will come back someday. Most limited edition skins took four years to come back after release, and it’s been two years for Riven so far.”

As far as I know, the statement still stands.

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Are World Championship skins classified as Legacy or Limited

KateyKhaos Final PortraitSure! Championship Thresh and Shyvana are legacy, as well as the commemorative Championship team skins, such as SKT, SSW, etc.

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Will we be able to get skins like Silver Kayle or Black Alistar eventually

KateyKhaos Final PortraitHiya!

We deactivated the older skin codes to due 3rd party sites scamming players, claiming they could buy rare skins like PAX TF, when in fact, they were given fake codes, or codes that had already been used.

We informed players in advance that we were doing this, so if they had codes hanging around, they had the opportunity to redeem them before the codes were deactivated. you can check out more information about why we decided to deactivate the codes here.

I agree with Chat97 that there is some uniqueness to having a skin from beta, or even Victorious skins from previous seasons, and selling them now would leave bad sentiments to those who earned them during x event.

I understand the frustration that arises, especially if you’ve joined the game, and don’t have the opportunity to buy/use these skins, however, at this time, we do not have plans to make these rare skins (Silver Kayle, PAX skins, etc.) available for distribution/purchase.

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Fan Art Tristana by Meltedjujubees

You can check out more of Meltedjujubees‘s work HERE.




Fan Art - Riven by Songoanda

You can find the rest of Songoanda‘s work HERE.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


Red Posts 18 07 Banner


Summary Banner

Fiora will receive a minor art update prior to her gameplay rework; this brush-up will preserve & possibly accentuate the red stripe in her hair. Moving on, Meddler has provided some context on why Champions like Tahm Kench need passives strapped to their non-combat ultimates and also explained why Shen doesn’t have a similar mechanic. A suggestion on Reddit to have grades be visible on a player’s match history could possibly be implemented later down the road. Lastly, some insight on why skins are sometimes canceled during development, a bevvy of player-inspired custom games and a word from IronStylus on Leona’s armor design.


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Details on Fioras Art Update

Fiora will receive an art update prior to her gameplay rework; lesser in scope than Miss Fortune’s, which assumes no new particles / animations.


Extra resources


Will Fiora still have her red hair stripe after the update

Meddler Final PortraitLast I saw the folks working on Fiora were playing around with different ways of doing a streak, or streaks, of colour in Fiora’s hair. Can’t make any guarantees until stuff’s done of course, seemed to be thinking in a pretty similar space to her current look though.

In terms of overall art changes also worth clarifying Fiora won’t be a complete overhaul. New visual effects and animations where needed for kit changes for example, and some general polish work, but we’re talking moderate scope changes, rather than everything being redone.

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You should emphasize the red color streak

IronStylus Final PortraitOh it’s emphasized. The color had to be tweaked a little away from red just slightly to more pink since the red was almost the same value as her hair. Wanted to get it slightly more prominent.

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What will be the scope of Fiora’s visual update

Meddler Final PortraitBit larger than Singed/Kass/Maokai, definitely smaller than MF though (who, while she didn’t change thematically much, is close to a complete rebuild on the art side).

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Is there any estimated release date for Fioras update

IronStylus Final PortraitThink of large scope projects taking about 6-8 months maybe more, while low scope projects maybe 1-2. Low scope projects are usually worked on in concert with large scope projects, which release a little faster.

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Offtopic Will Fioras update delay Poppys rework

IronStylus Final PortraitNah. Poppy is in production currently. We have various scope projects running at the same time.

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What will be the scope of Poppys rework Sion or Gangplank

IronStylus Final PortraitSion.

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Follow Up Banner

Meddler Final PortraitStill a Yordle sized Yordle that smacks people much bigger than herself around. She’s quite a long way off though, you’ll end up seeing a range of other reworks first.

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Offtopic When can we expect Tarics rework to hit live

IronStylus Final PortraitThe hope.. I EMPHASIZE HOPE.. is before the end of the year. A lot of time has to go into making that much beauty. You can’t put a timeline on how long it takes for Taric to make himself look that good.

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Meddler elaborates on adding on-hit passives to Champions with non-combat ultimates.


Why does Tahm Kench have a passive on his ultimate

Meddler Final PortraitWe gave Tahm Kench bonus damage on his auto attacks because without it he lacked enough of an impact in fights. That’s an issue that champions with non combat abilities, such as Tahm’s ult, are at risk of.

The passive’s on his ult specifically so that he follows a similar power curve to other champions, with a significant power spike at level 6 in particular. Putting some, or all, of the on hit damage on his character passive instead resulted in a champion that bullied others hard in the really levels and/or got crushed once other champions hit 6. It’s not a good thematic fit for the active part of the ult, but in this case we felt the needs of gameplay needed to trump going for a stronger thematic fit.

As far as overload goes I’d agree we’ve had some champions in the past year with a bit much on their kits. I’d disagree that Tahm Kench is one of them though, the number of discrete effects he’s got going on is pretty trackable, doesn’t diffuse power/satisfaction too much and gives a fairly broad set of levers to adjust him if needed.

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Do you plan on adding passives to Twisted Fate and Shens ultimates

Meddler Final PortraitShen and TF have somewhat different solutions. Shen ult grants a substantial shield to give it in combat impact, rather than just into combat power. TF by contrast has extra power loaded into his W in particular (there’s a lot more power there than the average basic ability).

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Shens laning is balanced by his noncombat ultimate

Meddler Final PortraitYeah, with you there. Shen’s laning, and how some champions can respond to it and some just get clicked on a bunch, is something we’re looking to improve in a moderate sized Shen rework we’ve got underway. Details still being locked down, though it’s extremely likely that his E and R will be the same or very similar.

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Was Tahm Kench meant to be a support or a top laner

Meddler Final PortraitWe originally intended Tahm to be a tank, rather than a support. As his kit developed however we found that it was taking on some support like qualities. We concluded we liked those, so embraced them rather than trying to shift him back to the initial goal we had.

In terms of where Tahm plays on the other hand that’s something we hope’s flexible. We have had to adjust some supports that have solo laned and been really unhealthy there (e.g. Janna clearing entire waves mid with one spell from her own tower). We do think there’s a lot of value in the variety healthy supports, or supportish champs, offer in other positions than bot though (e.g. Nunu jungle or Morg mid).

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Nunu is more of a jungler being played as a support than vice versa

Meddler Final PortraitNunu’s definitely designed to be at home in the jungle, with you there. This sort of conversation can get a little bit murky though since ‘support’ is used to describe both a class (champion whose power amplifies others, has high base utility/low scaling, isn’t damage focused etc) and a position (non farming champion, most often found in a duo lane bot). The support class is most often played in the support position, there are some exceptions though, and Nunu’s one I’d call out as a support who generally works best in the jungle. We also see a larger range of champions in the support position than just those from the support class. Lot of mages are strong picks as non CSing duo laners (Annie, Zyra, Fiddlesticks etc), as are a number of tanks (Braum, Alistar etc) and occasionally champions from other classes (the odd Le Blanc or Yorick support for example).

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Why not give Bard an onhit passive on his ultimate

Meddler Final PortraitWe considered a passive effect for Bard’s ult, but concluded the active offered enough power when used appropriately that he still got a strong level 6 power spike. As far as total contribution to a fight goes one of the big reasons Bard has Meeps is to provide a some more ongoing presence late game.

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Was Tahm Kench given an onhit passive so her could jungle or lane top

Meddler Final PortraitYes, same logic for duo lane Tahm as well. The ratio’s moderately generous though in part to help out solo or jungle Tahm’s, who’ll have a bit more gold to spend on HP items if they wish.

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Player relations manager Zwill (from Dawngate!) has responded to a community request for tools to deal with trolls in Champ Select.


If Riot add a Team Builder for Ranked, there wont be supports queuing

Zwill Final PortraitInteresting question for you: Do you think that there’s a possibility that when presented with the option of a faster queue time, it would encourage more players to explore the support role in ranked?

As a support/jungle main myself, I’m honestly curious as it’s something that initially influenced my role selection when Team Builder first came out. As a result, I’m finding an extraordinary amount of pleasure in supporting the hell out of my team :).

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When will you give us the tools to deal with trolls in Champion Select

Zwill Final PortraitI do appreciate that you feel like I’m dodging the intent of the thread. My intent at posing the question was genuine curiosity and gauging opinion on that particular aspect of the conversation.

I don’t have a clear answer when it comes to when we plan on delivering solutions for this. I’m not the subject matter expert, nor on the development team responsible for this part of the player experience.

It’s already been stated (both in this thread and publicly from Lyte I believe) that we’re working on Ranked Teambuilder, which, IMHO would help with this issue.

FWIW, I agree that it’s frustrating. I’ve experienced the same myself, both before and since I became a Rioter. It’s never a good experience for anyone involved and the desire for the ability to take action is completely valid.

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Adding Grades to Match History

On Reddit, System designer Socrates discussed the possibility of making grades visible in a player’s match history.


Can we get our grades to show up on our match history

Socrates New PortraitWe want to make this happen at some point. Can’t give you guys a date yet but it’s something we’re looking at as part of the next iteration for champ mastery.

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Socrates New PortraitThis is a sensitive topic, but I’ll try to give you guys a satisfactory response.

When we see opportunities like this we can focus on it to deliver some short term value. The trade there is some longer term value gets bumped off or interrupted. For example, right now this team is focused on a larger feature related to champion mastery that we think you guys will be excited about, but something that takes longer to build.

It’s kind of like a strategy game. We could zerg rush and deliver a small feature. The cost is late game units.

Building games is really all about making these trades. We don’t always do it perfectly and you guys keep us honest.

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Will you add a grading system for ARAM

Socrates New PortraitThe complexity with this is the grading system for ARAM would have to be pretty different since the game mode is very different. We’re not building that atm, but that’s not to say we won’t ever do it.

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Will Championship Skins return to the store at some point

KateyKhaos Final PortraitHiya!

Thresh and Shyvana are temporarily available in the store during and after Finals since they’re legacy. Championship Riven is limited, and hasn’t been re-released since Season II when she came out. There is possibility that she may return in the future.

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Why is Leona wearing banana peels and not actual metal armor

IronStylus Final PortraitPerrrrrsssooonnnaallly if there’s one thing I’m proud of in her design it’s her “prom dress”. In no way is it practical, however I can’t think of too many character that have an element and strange as it. I honestly will take liberties when it comes to interesting visual landmarks and trump practicality when I think something interesting can be established.

That said if I remade her today I’d probably reexamine the boobplate and the high heels.

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Canceled Skins Banner


Why are some skins canceled during development

KateyKhaos Final PortraitHey Mabbo,

Since you’ve made a list, let’s talk about the points you’ve brought up!



Not enough good, solid ideas for the skin

You’re correct that we’ll sometimes come up with ideas we think are awesome, and once we begin exploring that thematic, we find that it isn’t as strong, or doesn’t fit with the champion we were working with.

If this is the case, we usually figure it out during the concept phase, which means a skin isn’t far along in production before we decide it won’t work out.

More prioritized skins that have to be made

There aren’t any skins that ‘have to be made’ per se. Sure, we keep a list of champions who haven’t had a skin in a while, but if another champion fits a thematic better, we wouldn’t not go forward with the idea because x champion is on the list.

For example, if we’re looking at creating Harrowing skins, and let’s say hypothetically Zed is next in line for a skin, but another champion fulfills the thematic for this year’s Harrowing, we won’t force Zed into the theme if he doesn’t work, and we’d let the other champion have a skin for the event. That said, we’d look for opportunities skins that would work well with Zed, perhaps on his own, rather than with a group of skins for an event.

How hard it will be to make those skins

We’ve certainly run into some challenges while creating skins, especially skins that require us to create new tech. DJ Sona was a huge exploration of new tech for us, which meant trial and error, and getting extra testing so she wouldn’t explode. :D

While sure, some champions are harder to make skins for than other (Annie versus Zyra), we’re totally game to make it work if there’s an awesome skin concept.

We’re willing to make it happen, regardless of difficulty, as long as it’s an awesome skin idea.

I’m assuming that it really depends on how much time and effort it will take to make these skins, and finding out how much they will cost

I touched on the first part of this above, but I’d like to clarify the price aspect of this.

When we create skins, we don’t think in terms of pricing on the development side; we think in terms of scope. What does that mean? When we have a new skin or skins that we’re working on, we think about what that thematic is, and what kinds of bells and whistles (audio, particles, etc) it would need to really fulfill the fantasy. For some skins, it’s a new model/texture (like Warden skins), and for some, we need new everything (DJ Sona), and for some, a little bit of in between works for them (Pool PArty Draven).

Think about it this way, Kat has so many skins, and if someone already has 2-3, there isnt much of a reason for them to buy another unless its way better than the last (which means more work)

Kat’s one of our older champions, and you’re right, she certainly has a solid backlog of skins. That said, if there’s an awesome legendary concept for her, it wouldn’t be a black mark on her record that she has a good chunk of skins already. That said, we wouldn’t want to use x amount of time creating 10 Kat skins because there are other champions who need skins too.

To go back to the OP –

I’m just wondering how common is it for your team to cancel or shelve skins?

Honestly, it’s not super common that we’d completely cancel a skin. We have shelved content in the past (and that’s usually what happens – we hold it for a more appropriate time, or we come back to it later to re-evaluate and improve the original concept). A good example of shelved skins are Guardian of the Sands Rammus/Skarner/Xerath. (This is why we don’t discuss skins that may have been cut/shelved – there’s always a chance we may want to revisit the idea in the future.)

What are the reasons for it and how far in the creation process do you decide to do it.

As I’d mentioned above, it’s usually in the concept phase, before a ton of work is done on it. That’s usually when we find where x, y, and z won’t work with the skin. If we find that something won’t work, we usually try to find work arounds, but there are cases where something won’t work, and because of that, the skin thematic becomes less cohesive or strong. That’s the other reason skins don’t work out – the thematic isn’t strong for the champion, or if it’s a new skin line, isn’t strong in itself.

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All Chat Player Created Games Spotlight Banner

Check out some community efforts to spice up Summoner’s Rift with new objectives:


Player Created Games Spotlight

Glyceroll Final PortraitRecently on /All Chat, Melonie, Josh, and James tried their hands at a few of the many popular player created games, like Protect the President, Dodgeball, and Ultimate Bravery.



From hunting down Teemo to protecting Soraka Bot, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular community games. Do you have any favorites or games we missed? Let us know in the comments!

Donger Dash!

Donger Dash is a death-defying race around Summoner’s Rift or Twisted Treeline made by Phantoml0rd. Two teams set out to do as many laps as possible without dying to turrets, fountains, or enemy champions. For more in depth rules, check out this handy image by ArteFactos.

Protect the Soraka

Similar to “Protect the President” played in /All Chat, except that Soraka Bot is the “president” and you must protect her! Soraka Bot knows what’s “best” for her team, and will charge heedlessly into five enemies, so you must defend her with your life…or kill her if she’s on the opposing team.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is a 5v2 game mode in which the hiders try their best to avoid both the seeker roaming around the map. The hiding champions only have 5 chances to not get caught, or else they are out of the game. For a detailed post about all the intricacies of Hide and Seek, check out this post by Faerlina Sin.


Brawl is essentially a team death match mode. The goal is to reduce the enemy’s total points down to 250 without recalling, capturing points, or leaving the inner circle of the map. Check out this post by Hitsux3 for more information.

Ultimate Bravery

Ultimate Bravery is the most well known of the community created games; it’s essentially a “chaos” version of Summoner’s Rift. Players are automatically assigned a champion, summoner spells, masteries, and a full item build and have to somehow manage to win the game. Check out their website here, or join the chat “Ultimate Bravery” in game.

Support Wars

Support Wars is very similar to Protect the Soraka but instead the president is an AD Carry bot for both teams. Bottom lane has to be the same on both teams, but that’s the only restriction. The goal for each team is to either kill the enemy AD Carry or take the bottom lane turret. Shoutout to StirFriedTeemo for this game mode!

Baron Pit Dodgeball

Dodgeball pits both teams against each other in a suspenseful game of baiting and juking. If you get hit with an ability, you’re out. There’s a fairly complex set of rules, involving champion selection and limits to the abilities you can grab, so check out D0ubD3aD’s post for the full list.

Find the Teemo

Similar to Hide and Seek, Find the Teemo pits both teams against each other to find and kill Teemo! Check out this post by JonOhTin for all the rules and variations of the game.

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Which one is your favourite mode

Arie Final PortraitFind the Teemo because he deserves every death he gets. :D

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Glyceroll Final PortraitProtect the Soraka! The game gets insane once everyone gets a couple items

Also, Soraka Bot has no chill

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


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Table of Contents


Recent News




Ghostcrawler on Riot communicating with players

Ghostcrawler New PortraitHey there,

Since you guys are talking about me by name, I figured I would jump in here.

First, there appears to be some misperception that players somehow chased me away from communicating. I want to clarify that it is in fact a misperception. I’ve been making games for some time, and long got over the point where an angry forum rant is going to hurt my feelings. :)

Second, we do agree that there has been a drop off in Rioters out here on the Boards and Reddit trying to have a conversation with you all, and that is something we are trying to improve, to get back closer to the good old days. Part of what originally attracted me to Riot was having so many Rioters out there talking to players.

In the interim, that has put more pressure on those of us (I’d call out myself, Meddler and Lyte just to name a few on the design side) who are out here still trying to engage.

Boards and Reddit, to be frank, take a lot of time to scan, read, sort through and answer. It’s not so bad when there are a lot of us, but it can get overwhelming quickly as I am sure you can attest. The conversations move fast. A lot of them are just discussions or debates between players, which are informative for us to observe, but not really our place to step in and disrupt a conversation that should really 90% of the time be among players. That’s not intended to be an excuse, but it’s a reality that we are struggling with.

I am personally experimenting with some other ways to reach out to players and answer questions that have a better signal to noise ratio.

You can hit me up on twitter at @OccupyGStreet or

At least I know those conversations are directed towards me and I can feel free to intrude upon them. It’s also a little easier to reach players in regions besides NA that way.

Again, not intended to be a permanent solution, but something I’m trying in the short term.

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Why is Elise getting such minor changes in Patch 514

For reference, these are the changes Elise will receive in Patch 5.14 next week:


Buff BoxCocoon Final IconCocoon [ E ]

  • Stun duration increased from 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds to 1.6/1.7/1.8/1.9/2


Buff BoxSpider Form Final IconSpider Form [ R ]

  • AP Ratio on spiderlings’ damage has been increased from 0.1 to 0.15
  • Spiderlings now deal magic damage (they deal physical damage on live)


Meddler Final PortraitI believe those are the changes for 5.14, though I don’t have the patch notes to hand at the moment so there might be something small I’m forgetting.

While there are only a few lines of change there I do think we’ll see some substantial improvement in Elise’s performance. The stun increase in particular is a pretty substantial buff, increasing stun duration by 60% for the majority of the game (Elise, even with the current E rank ups, still tends to max E last, so has rank one E until level 14).

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Trinkets dont encourage team vision again only Supports ward the map

Meddler Final PortraitOverall we’re pretty happy with the ward limit per person. There’s a limit to how much vision we think’s right for the game (FOW’s there for a reason), so the limit per player’s allowed us to offer vision in other ways. Trinkets in particular we’re really happy with – they generate some interesting gameplay. It’s also put supports in a much more interesting spot, where they’re able to invest in items rather than being forced to sink anywhere near as much money into vision.

Something that is a bit of barrier to appropriate trinket use though for some players is that they’re put off by the upgrade cost. We’re planning to test removing the gold cost for the upgraded versions in the preseason as a result, find out if that has a good effect on the game. You should pretty much always be upgrading them as is, so it’s a change that’s got the potential to help players that aren’t appreciating the vision system yet engage with it more. At the same time it would also free up a bit of gold for players that are buying the upgrades at present.

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The HUD update ready to go live with 514

Rayven New PortraitAfter an extended stay on the PBE, we’re pushing the HUD update out to the live servers alongside patch 5.14! Check out the HUD update microsite for the full story, but if you’re already familiar with the initial changes and just want to know what’s changed since the new HUD hit the PBE, then read on!

Here’s what’s changed – in a large part thanks to your feedback – since the HUD update said hi to PBE:

  • Teammate ult timers – we’ve added in timers that indicate when your allies can use their ults! Before the update, this was just represented by a binary green light, but you’ll see the ult timers fill up with the update, meaning you can more accurately figure out when it’s time to wombo.
  • Teammate summoner spell timers - hit the tab key at any point and you’ll see if your allies can use their spells, and, if not, how long until they can.
  • Teammate mana bars have returned – we left out allied mana bars with the update, thinking they weren’t super important. We were wrong, you guys let us know, and they’re back in now.
  • Persistence - if you open champion stats or latency display during a game, it’ll persist between matches.
  • Level up ceremony – we added a bunch of animations and sounds to make sure you know when you ding.
  • Spellbar clarity - made some pretty hefty changes to the shape, color, and animation of cooldown, loss of control and out of mana to improve readability.
  • Minimap changes - game time feels like it belongs near the minimap because timing is usually related to map objectives, but ultimately playtests and feedback have shown it’s a more natural fit in the top corner.
  • Visual style – we’re all for minimal, but we may have overshot it. We’ve since tried to squeeze in more magic through texture work and animation.
  • Accessibility - added camera lock and options buttons back in.

We’re planning on rolling the HUD update over to live with patch 5.14. We’ll target non-ranked queues first to make sure nothing goes boom, then, if we’re ship-shape, add the update to ranked a few days later.

We’re super excited to get the new HUD out to you guys! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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MMR Boosting Punishments for the 2015 Season

Rhojin New PortraitHey Everyone,

Through past seasons we have been dedicated to the detection and punishment of players who have been involved in MMR Boosting in one way or another. Over the past seven months the Player Support Player Behavior team and Risk team have been working together on vast improvements to our detection methods to ensure even more of a strain is put on Boosters and those they are boosting.

Now after months of hard work and dedication we are able to aggressively go after players who have participated in MMR Boosting. Over the following weeks we will be rolling out MMR Boosting punishments to over 70,000 players who have had their accounts boosted in the 2015 season. These 70,000 are not the only ones who will receive MMR Boosting punishments this season; starting today we will be rolling out normal ban waves punishing anyone who has had their account boosted this season.

For those who are new to League of Legends and for anyone who needs a little refresher, a MMR Boosting punishment is not something to disregard. Anyone punished will face the following punishment :

  • A two week suspension
  • Removal of all previous Season Rewards (Victorious Skins, Borders, Icons, Ward Skins)
  • Ineligibility to receive the 2015 Season Rewards
  • A second offense will result in the permanent suspension of the account

If you have any questions or concerns regarding MMR Boosting or the punishments please share them in the comments, I and members of the Risk team will be here to answer them. Please remember the Boards rules on naming and shaming, if you feel a player is involved in MMR Boosting in any way please do not post your report here. You can send a report in through a support ticket and we will begin investigation.

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What is your definition of MMR boosting

Riot Cluvie Final PortraitI think that going into detail here would reveal a little too much information behind our detection method. That being said, we go through extensive audits to ensure accuracy and look at a variety of factors, not just one or two things.

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Playing duo with a friend is not boosting

Rhojin New PortraitExactly this. We do not punish players for playing games (ranked or otherwise) with their friends.

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Can we share accounts for normal games

Rhojin New PortraitSharing an account is never okay. While sharing an account for only normal games would not result in an MMR Boosting punishment, it can still be punished for Account Sharing violations.

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How will this affect players who use a VPN or travel a lot

Rhojin New PortraitUsing a VPN will never result in a MMR Boosting suspension, nor will playing from a friends house. We know players like to play from locations other than home all the time. Our methods take this into consideration. The last thing we want to do is punish someone for hanging out with friends or family.

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Do you investigate accounts prior to banning them or are you just guessing

Rhojin New PortraitThere is no guessing or blind firing of bans involved. Before we ban anyone, their account goes through a rigorous investigation process in order to ensure we only punish players who were actually participating in MMR Boosting. If there is even the slightest doubt that a player may not have been boosted we will refrain from punishing them.

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How can you tell between a boosted account and a player on a win streak

Rhojin New PortraitSimply going on a win streak will not get you punished for MMR Boosting. We understand that players may go on win streak, try new builds and playstyles. The only time we punish anyone is if we detect someone else was playing ranked games on their account.

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How will this system detect the difference between smurfing and boosting

Riot Cluvie Final PortraitI think there might be a little bit of confusion here on what boosting and smurfing is — boosting is sharing your credentials with someone else with the intent of them playing on your account to raise your rank up. Smurfing is something that has come to mean creating an alt account and playing.

If a case is brought to our attention and confirmed that it has not actually been boosted, but was detected for boosting, we will take a look and see what caused it to be flagged and adjust the system accordingly.

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Do these 70000 players include other regions or are they all from NA

Rhojin New PortraitThis wave of punishments are going to hit players from the NA, EUW and EUNE servers.

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Will boosters and the people who are boosted receive similar punishment

Rhojin New PortraitYes, the punishments are the same for both Boosters and the Boosted.

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What about competitive players

Rhojin New PortraitAny competitive rulings against pros/teams are made by Riot E-Sports. That being said, if anyone is caught being involved in MMR Boosting they will receive a punishment on their account, even pro players.

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How will players learn if theyre banned for boosting being boosted

Riot Cluvie Final PortraitAccounts that have been suspended will receive an email informing them of the suspension as well as the punishments that have been placed on the account.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


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 Table of Contents


Recent News





Zeronis Captain Fortune Concept Art

[ Note ] You can find an in-game preview of Captain Fortune HERE.

Did Jason Chan draw Captain Fortunes splash

[ Note ] You can find Jason Chan’s art on his official website.

Bioluminescence: Right on the money! You have a good eye.

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Gangplank Single Banner

You can find an in-game preview of Gangplank’s rework HERE.



Note on Gangplanks passive

Scruffy Final PortraitThe passive works on towers too. GP burns cities to the ground.

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Can you cast Parrrley on Gangplanks barrels

Scruffy Final PortraitOh you can DEFINITELY Q the powder keg. This is basically the point. If the barrel kills multiple minions when you Q, you get parrrley gold for all of them. BANK

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Does Parrrley apply his passive

Scruffy Final PortraitQ does not apply the passive (it’s sword attacks only) but it still applies other melee effects like tiamat or melee iceborn gauntlet proc.

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How do Gangplanks barrels function

Solcrushed New PortraitThey expire after 1 minute, also barrels don’t stack damage so you cant do Teemo stuff. We want you to play dominoes not minesweeper/

On the flip side, barrels have 0 cd (although they have a cast time) so as long as you have ammo you are free to use them anyway you see fit.

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Let Gangplanks Ultimate detonate barrels in its AoE

  1. Solcrushed New PortraitThis takes away from the high-reward high-counterplay paradigm we have set up for the E since it makes them unavoidable inside the R. With the end result being GP players are less engaged in the keg gameplay and will just use them as R damage fodder.

  2. Since the E hitting will be more or less guaranteed against targets inside the R, we will need to nerf base R numbers to compensate, which leads to the actual unique use case of the spell (global firepower support) becoming much weaker.

  3. It makes GP AD Teemo, we already have Teemo

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How much silver serpents do the ultimate upgrades cost

Statikk New PortraitEach of them costs 500 Silver Serpents at the moment – you can buy them in any order. Tuning is of course subject to change. >.>

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Ezreal Single Banner

You can find the PBE changes to AP Ezreal HERE.


PBE changes to Ezreal will be reverted

Scarizard Final PortraitThe changes you see here are already being pulled – we’re looking to see how the Runeglaive changes impact AP Ezreal’s dominance as of right now. As it stands, the proposed changes here didn’t really align with our goals for the future and so we’re poppin’ em out.

We’re talking about changes for Ezreal in a future patch, but the intent wouldn’t be to nerf him or dramatically change his power – we think ‘botlane’ ezreal’s been pretty weak for a while and want to find some improvements to him there specifically.

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AP Ezreal had clear early game weaknesses before Runeglaive

Scarizard Final PortraitWe agree. If somehow AP Ezreal perseveres without these weaknesses that’ll be a different conversation, but we’d like to understand the problem space a little better.

As for Bot vs Mid – the goal isn’t to boot him out of mid, but pre-glaive any Ezreal play was solely in midlane. Allowing him the ability to be played as a botlaner without putting yourself at a disadvantage is what we’re going for here, not ‘pigeon-holing’.

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Why does Tahm Kench have 3 lines of inclient lore

Jaredan Final PortraitThe short character intro that you see in-client is not Tahm’s complete bio. He will have an additional background and story text, though it will be a little off the beaten path due to his folklore nature.

I’ll be writing something more substantive about the thinking behind the new format closer to when we show some examples before the end of the month.

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Why did you remove stacking slow from the game

Meddler Final PortraitRemoving stacking slows will make Iceborn Gauntlet, Rylai’s, Red buff etc less valuable on champions that already have slows on their kits. It also somewhat reduces the value of having multiple champions with frequent slows on the same team. We believe it’s a good change for the game though in large part because slows most affect champions without dashes/blinks/leaps. We’d like to help those immobile champs out a bit, reduce some of the power discrepancy between dash/no dash.

As far as champs like Trundle go we still expect Iceborn Gauntlet to be a decent option. His Q slow has a really short duration, so the overlap period is brief, while his E slow’s got a pretty limited radius. It’s not as valuable a pick up as it was, but should still be viable. Additionally, as a melee champ very dependent on his own movement speed, we also expect Trundle to be one of the more noticeable beneficiaries of this change, in terms of what he has to deal with from the enemy team.

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Taric hasnt had a new skin in 3 years Is this because youre reworking him

KateyKhaos Final PortraitYup, this is correct! Since he’s getting a visual update, we’re going to hold off on a new skin for Taric until his update is complete.

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Will Gentleman Gnar be released soon

[ Note ] You can find an in-game preview of Gentleman Gnar HERE.

KateyKhaos Final PortraitHe’ll be out later this patch (5.13). (1)

We don’t announce release dates in advance, aside from the patch they’re in. Sorry. D: (2)




It feels like Riot doesnt care about community feedback Traditional GP skin

KateyKhaos Final PortraitI’d disagree that myself, and other Rioters do not communicate on serious threads.

To elaborate on the feedback comment – I work as a Content QA Analyst on the skins team, and I’m one of the people collecting feedback on content.

When we thank someone for the feedback, we mean it. We really appreciate players taking time out of their day to let us know if they love/hate something, as it helps us improve the content we’re currently working on, as well as what we can improve in future content.

Part of what I do when new content comes out is to collect feedback from various platforms (boards, Reddit, etc.) and compile the feedback into an email which the team working on the content then discusses.

To give you an idea of the feedback we receive and how we process it (at least on the skins team) –

  • Firecracker Jinx – We receive player feedback that part of Jinx is her tattoo, and she didn’t have one in this skin, and that we’d also taken her tattoo away on her Mafia skin. Based on that feedback, we gave her a jade dragon tattoo, as suggested by players.
  • Blood Moon Elise – This particular skin changed color three times based on player feedback. She went from her initial pink, which players felt didn’t fit with the Blood Moon thematic, to red, which players didn’t agree with either, to a happy medium between the two.

MY point is, why do you waste time on threads like these to say useless stuff when you and someone else could go on the threads that actually receive attention and have many good points. The ones that have valid critisism and suggestions.

There are many threads that contain good points, and many of them do get addressed. For example, this post where players expressed that they’d like Sea Hunter Aatrox to better match his splash. This was good feedback that I felt should be addressed.

Aside from the serious posts, we also like to have fun, and will also comment on boards like Misc. or Community Creations.

Hope this clears a bit of this up. :]

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Security Reminder Be wary of scams

Riot Cluvie Final PortraitHey ya’ll!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a reminder, but I wanted to do so again due to the amount of reports I’m receiving regarding in game phishing/spam links/etc.

Any promotions or events ran will be announced and confirmed by Riot —,, or

General Questions:

Q: I was sent a suspicious link from a friend I trust but I don’t recognize it, what should I do?

A: USE CAUTION! If it’s not hosted on one of the websites above, we cannot ensure your computer’s security if you visit them. Remember, facechecking the web is dangerous, so use your best judgement. Be sure to have your antivirus programs up-to-date.

Q: But I entered my username and password into this website! Should I change my password?

A: YES! Please change your password immediately. You can change your password by logging into your account management and clicking on change password.

Q: Is there any harm going to these free skin/RP generator websites but not doing anything?

A: YES! You never know what scripts are running in the background. If you’ve visited any suspicious websites, I would strongly suggest you go ahead and scan your computer with your preferred antivirus program.

If you cannot log into your account at all, you can recover your password by using the password recovery here. Still having issues? Please contact support.

We also have an extensive Knowledge Base article available with additional tips and tricks on what you can do to ensure your account is secure: – Please give this a thorough read if you have a chance!

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Phreak Guide for Runes Masteries for 2015

Phreak’s released an in-depth guide for optimal Runes & Mastery pages:



LCK Team Icons are now available in store

Magus New PortraitKnown for teams being ruthless and unforgiving on the international stage, League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) is an esports league unlike any other in the world. LCK has not only produced multiple League of Legends World Championship winners, including SKT and SSW, but is also home to Faker, the Mid-laner nicknamed “The Unkillable Demon King.”

Whether you think Korea will be able to repeat their 2014 Worlds victory and take home the coveted Summoner’s Cup again or you just love watching the LCK, you can unlock the 2015 LCK Icons Bundlefrom now until September 1. For 2000 RP, you’ll unlock all 10 LCK team icons from Summer Split. Individual icons can also be purchased for 250 RP each.

Stay updated on the latest LCK news over on with articles, Power Rankings and weekly recaps on PrimeTime League. Catch all the LCK action live with the weekly English broadcast on Lolesports as they determine which teams will represent Korea at the 2015 World Championship in October.

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You can purchase the LCK icons individually in the store.

LCK icons in store


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


02 07 Red Posts Banner



On the PBE, Dragon & Baron timers will now update as soon as the information is available to the non-killing team by any means. Riot have an investment in Curse, presumably to integrate Curse Voice (in-game voice chat) in the game. On the forum side, Meddler gave context for the upcoming changes to WotA, the current viability of Doran’s Shield and why Quinn’s experimental changes were reverted on the PBE. Lastly, a fan feature with artist Nips.


Recent News

In Store Mystery Icons Banner




PBE Changes to Dragon Baron Timers




Why are these timer changes being made

Meddler Final PortraitOur thoughts:

If you’ve got any vision of an enemy champ when dragon or baron is killed you already know the time of kill, given both give a buff. In baron’s case you’re also able to get the respawn time even if you don’t have vision on someone at the time of kill by timing from the buff expiration point.

  • Clearly communicating when a kill’s happened removes a ‘skilltest’ we feel’s a cost rather than a benefit (watching stats/clicking on people for buff counts/pushing tab regularly to check dragon status). Fighting the UI basically.
  • Tracking dragon/baron timers you accurately know in chat’s similarly is something we don’t see as an interesting skilltest (see: jungle timers).

This is also a chance to reduce snowballing. We’d like to see a few more close or comeback games than we currently do and we believe the amount of power having a vision stranglehold offers is a significant part why that’s not happening (map control’s extremely powerful of course). We also feel that contested dragons in particular lead to more interesting, healthy games. Farming/pushing, taking dragon easily because the enemy doesn’t have the timer and then going back to farming/pushing does feel rewarding for the winning team, it generates less interesting play than a contested team fight or possible steal however.

There is some gameplay that’ll get lost with this change too of course (e.g. Ambushing people who’ve come to check if you’ve finished yet when you’re already done and killing dragon as 5 then all recalling to shop so the exact kill time’s hard to guess). We feel the benefits above solidly outweigh that cost however.

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Riot Has Made an Investment in Curse

I’m pleased to announce that Riot Games has decided to invest in Curse.

Riot really believes in what we’re doing and where we’re going. This investment boosts our efforts to continue creating what I believe to be the best communication tool in gaming.

In the last year, we’ve seen the size of Curse Voice grow from nothing to over 1 million active players. We’ve added support for most of the top 200 games in the world and are deeply integrated with some of the most popular games our players play.

This is, of course, exciting and positive news for us. We’ve known Riot for a long time, and know that Riot, like us, cares very deeply about the core gamer. I’m excited and confident that this will be good for Curse and for the millions of players we serve via Curse Voice.


Hubert Thieblot

CEO, Curse Inc.

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Whats the context behind the changes to Will of the Ancients

For reference, here are the WotA changes introduced in this PBE update:


Buff BoxWill of the Ancients Final IconWill of the Ancients

  • No longer grants 20% Spell Vamp
  • New Passive: Your spells and abilities heal you for 15% of the damage dealt, calculated BEFORE your opponent’s resistances. 33% effect for AoE Spells.


Meddler Final PortraitWe’re changing WotA so that:

  • It’s not as effective at letting you heal off a minion wave (no resistances), which is particularly powerful on non mana users who pay no cost for doing so.
  • It’s of similar effectiveness against enemy champions with a moderate amount of Armor/MR.
  • It’s much more useful against really tanky enemy champions.
  • It’s effectiveness doesn’t increase dramatically as you buy Penetration, so it’s baseline performance can be a bit better (less feast/famine).

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Dorans Shield is not a costeffective early defense item

Meddler Final PortraitWe’ve been thinking recently about doing a light overhaul on some defensive items (think a smaller version of the AP item changes coming in 5.13). Doran’s Shield is one of the items we’d be looking at if so. A possible direction for that we’ve been considering is buffing the Unique Passive so it gains extra effectiveness against ranged auto attacks. That’s very much at the idea stage though, rather than something we’ve committed to. One of the things we particularly want to avoid there, and so really need to test for, is the possibility of Doran’s Shield becoming the dominant support buy again. When we’ve seen that in the past it’s resulted in really narrow support picks (huge amount of Leona/Thresh, not much else) and that’s something we don’t want to reintroduce.

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What happened to the PBE changes for Quin Why were they reverted

Meddler Final PortraitThe changes that briefly ended up on the PBE were exploring a version of Quinn where she’d been shifted to be more of a roaming ADC. Idea there was that we might be able to get her into a really interesting space by making her ult into a powerful out of combat mobility effect, rather than a variant combat form. That’s something we’re still really interested in exploring, when time permits. It’s very much a ‘let’s see what this looks like’ rather than a ‘this is what Quinn should be changed to’ at this point though.

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Follow Up

Whatre your thoughts on Quinns passive

Meddler Final PortraitI feel it adds a unique feel to her laning phase in particular, and generates some cool gameplay moments. It’s one of her defining features in my eyes (though to be clear I say that as someone that doesn’t play much Quinn).

I’d agree Quinn’s capability to utilize it well, and therefore its contribution, can drop off a bit in team fights. I don’t personally feel that’s inappropriate for that style of minigame though. A lot of their value’s in how they shake up the earlier parts of the game, so some fall off later seems ok.

As far as power goes I don’t have a good enough handle on Quinn’s current state to offer any in depth thoughts.

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Fan Artist Feature Nips

Hey Summoners! This week we’re speaking with Nips, an esports and comic artist extraordinaire with strong ties to the community. She’s also created a unique library of skin designs, and genderbends that will leave you inspired!

Follow her on Twitter and Facebook to see even more of her art!

If you know someone that you’d like to recommend for a future Fan Artist Feature, please let us know here.

How did you get started creating League of Legends fan art?

I started playing League in 2013 when Thresh came out after A LOT of convincing and hassling with friends. I couldn’t wrap my head around how people could fall in love with a game that only had one map (but who needs a map, anyway). It didn’t take me too long to get to “just one more game”.

Friends started telling me about the competitive scene and they always mentioned a team that reminded them of me….Ninjas in Pyjamas….because their initials were NiP….like Nips! haha. I looked up the players and discovered streaming. I drew little characters for Bjergsen /Malunoo and, not too short after, I discovered Cloud 9. They became my favorite team (still are!! #C9WIN!!!) and fell in love with the competitive world! I soon started following LCS games and did team skins for every team that won! Cloud 9 has been a huge catalyst and supporter in my growth as an artist and in the community. They’ve been so kind and have become a virtual family for me.

What’s been your favorite piece to create, and why?

This is a tough one! I’ve definitely enjoyed all of them a great deal for different reasons. However, even though it’s not a specific piece (rather a “series”), I’ve had the most fun making the champion genderbends. A concept that allows me to work with character personality (my favorite!) to bring a champion to life as the opposite gender while still maintaining the essence of the original. It’s a challenge I love to take and hope to one day bend all of them! I even had Bjergsen and Snoopeh request some of their own. xD

Do you have a dream project you’d like to work on?

As far as dreams go (other than swimming in a pool of Nutella), I’ve been very fortunate to be able to work on my personal comic OFFcell. I love creating characters and telling their stories. I’m so grateful to be able to do that on the daily! The project is still growing and there’s many things I’ve yet to learn but I’m excited to work on it all!!! I do have League-related dream projects too though! How amazing would it be to take part in the creation of a champion; bring them to life! Tell their story! If I ever had that opportunity, I could probably die happy haha.

Who’s your inspiration? Do you have any favorite League fan artists?

I follow so many artists. Everyone has such a different way of putting their ideas on paper and that alone is such an inspiration! My favorite League artist is Alvin Lee . His work is filled with top notch energy and dynamism! He pushes artistic boundaries with every piece and it’s nothing short of impressive every time. As for fan artists, hands down, Rachel J. Like me, she does comics and loves telling stories. Her pieces are always so expressive and smooth!Ippus , Kalce , Melissa, Duet and Uguubear are also some very talented friends and keep me motivated to always get better!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the community?

I studied biology in hopes of going to medical school and had no dreams of doing any form of art full time. What made me fall in love with the game, and eventually made me commit to art, were the splash arts. I constantly think about how different my life would’ve been without League of Legends; 12-hour days as a heart surgeon with no breathing room to draw! I can’t even picture a day going by without painting! I’m so grateful to have discovered the game and become a part of the community. Constantly growing every day and it’s almost frightening. I’ve had nothing but pleasant experiences with the people I’ve met through sharing my art and I’m in awe with the kind support I’ve received! Words can’t express how inspiring everyone’s been!! It’s truly, truly, truly outrageous!


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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at