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Chaox Taking a Short Break From LoL, WildTurtle Subbing In

March 19th, 2013 Leave a comment



chTSM announced today that Chaox, their AD carry, would be taking a short break from competitive League of Legends. For one week Jason “WildTurtle” Tran, already an official TSM sub, will be filling in for him.


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  • cooldude12345

    Choax is the best adc hands down

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  • Mr.Unstable

    so you’re like a stupid person right? He wasn’t removed because he was too good he got kicked because he started to slack off he missed scrims and didn’t practice. The players said it themselves its not a game anymore for them it’s a full time job and he didn’t treat it as such @Michael Dairus

  • Asryrite


    I disagree with the idea that WildTurtles playstyle will be the thing to bring TSM to the next level. It will definitely open up new opportunities, but these opportunities may not always be positive. I just hope that this will not make it rather boring for me to watch TSMs matches for the sake of watching TSM play.

  • Jei

    Chaox needs to pull himself together. He is a great player and has shown this many times, but recently he seems to be slacking. After watching the latest house video, we kind of found out why.

    All I have to say is Chaox dude, keep that to the spare time you have, keep your head in the game and make those plays.

  • mls096

    You are about as IGNORANT as it gets… You’re pathetic. @Michael Dairus

  • Adam

    I must say that after doing some research on wild turtle im rly impressed. I dont want to say it but i think he can be a better choice then Chaox. Chaox have a to defensive playstyle i think and wild turtle is very aggresive. So i think that can take tsm to the next level! I feel the games they have lost is because of to defensive plays so this makes sense.

    But i still get sad about this :(

    Love to chaox, baylife bro!

  • Brian


    Why do people say this kinda of stuff… How is tsm not improving? MRN and the newer teams arent doing much better at all. They got a few lucky wins and thats it. Mrn and ggu are like 3 wins 12 losses. They aren’t that good. Nor or they improving really at all. They get shut down by teams like dig, clg and tsm. No comparison.

  • Michael Dairus

    hate that tryhard regi banning chaox from the team because he’s jealous about his skills :(

  • http://www.twitch.tv/lolrapster lolrapster

    WildTurtle did very well at LCS something to consider.

  • Mad J0ker

    You cant say that wild turtle showed how good he is in the first two games. He did really well at auto attacking but i think even a bronze V player could’ve done what he was able to do in the matches because he was never focused in team fights. They focused regie every time and let wild turtle alone until the game ended. This success proves that mrn and complexity miss played not that wild turtle is a better adc.

  • shodog

    I Hope everyone knows he was forced to take this break when he showed up hours late to several of the Practices they had in Dallas.

  • Vincent

    Call in the troops, or rather, the troop.. the one and only, The Riot Man! (Rain)

  • timotheus auge

    Turtle carried better than chaox ever did in season 3
    step it up man or get benchaoxed

  • smifcollege

    TSM is still rank three, their performance in the LCS isn’t reflective of how they will perform in tournaments because they have always been weak in best of 1. However there does seem to be some issues personally in the team, I think it’s good chaox is taking a breather, hopefully they can pull it together.

  • ardisfoxx

    Wild Turtle got a pentakill :)

  • vpras

    TSM need to get their shit together. All of the other NA teams are improving, including the newer teams such as GGU, MRN, etc. TSM hasn’t improved at all since NA regional finals, and other teams are catching up to them. A few losses here and there, and the members are blaming each other. I don’t think they can win any more major tournaments if the condition stay like this

  • HelloFriends

    This should clarify, a post straight from Chaox’s twitter.

    ”Did some riddiculous things and I’m benched for a week. I think overall its good for the team. Don’t fret, everything is okay.”

  • casper

    tsm is being uncontrolled they have to pick up their slack TOGETHER

  • michael

    aaah youre gay.

  • Traithan

    @bigd973 Wrong. They beat several euro teams, and won an international tourney during that win streak.

  • Lunc

    @zG Husinecka
    Actually, he got benched for not focusing on his team during MLG.
    And he deserved it, i’m a chaox fan and all that, but i get the reason and totally understand it.
    Hopefully he’ll come back strong and ready to do what it takes for the team.

    You can watch the new gamecrib episode to see what he did. It’s not like he’s an idiot or anything, it’s just bad for the team.

  • Bitchcrank

    Who is leena? Who is becca?

  • bigd973

    How many of those tournament wins were against International teams?…The answer is 0.

  • Ninja PLZ

    Latest from twitter:

    Shan Huang ‏@ChaoxLoL 56m
    Did some riddiculous things and I’m benched for a week. I think overall its good for the team. Don’t fret, everything is okay.

  • Shane

    after watching this week’s show…makes total sense :)

  • TSMbetterthanCURSE

    Just to say,when Dyrus joined TSM they won 7 tournaments in a row.I know that was last year but still..

  • Zeath

    TSM without Chaox is going to suck IMO.

  • Slash

    I belive that TSM needs a more aggressive TOP, Dyrus is alittle bit to passive aggressive and often get caught out in the lane. Dyrus is a very skilled player but they have changed their whole strategy to fit his passive aggressive playstyle and it doesent suit TSM.

    They are abit like GG (former M5) or well they used to be when they were actually aggressive. I also agree that Regi needs to step up and play more dominant Mid champions and the team to be all out aggressive esp with wards and counter jungling. The TSM we seen so far in LCS has been very very passive aggressive, not making alot of plays outside of dragons /teamfights. Oddone is an extremely good offensive jungler but dyrus plays to passive to use him and regi plays to passive champions (like Oriana 90% of the time).

  • http://kazzanova.net Kazzanova

    I hope he becomes a support for another team…

  • joseph

    Wilt Turtle is not a better player than chaox. Not even close

  • orchidd

    don’t forget that you can actually watch the games on youtube so, i guess, the counter on twitch doesn’t show all the viewers.
    also, i think, a lot of peoples are using youtube now instead (for obvious reasons aka zero lag, pause and resume when you want etc…).

  • ??? NRScorch

    As if Chaox is the one who should be benched. Regi should be benched. All TSM needs is a stronger mid/leader. Regi makes stupid comments, participates/encourages half the nonsense they say to each other.

    All TSm has to do is stop talking shit to each other and work as a team.

  • TrueGameZz

    i actually like chaox, he is not that heavy serious, but he is doing well! and all the guys who write that he shall leave and dont come back, just stop it! he was a great carry s2 and he will have his comeback, anyway its just not what you want to read at the commends under a serious thema

  • TheJan1tor

    You have a problem with immaturity, yet you think Chaox is the immature one on TSM? Seriously? Regi makes a comment like “If you piss me off, I’ll kick you (from the team)” — and i’m assuming he makes equally retarded comments like this far more often than what’s shown in interviews and other videos he’s in, and you Really think this is gonna be Good for TSM?
    Real bro…..real…

  • mokoto

    Finally this scrub is getting benched.. never liked this man-child attitude guy. Team needs to get serious and do their best and this guy never stops laughing his lungs at dumb things..

  • HappyMockinbird

    it clearly says 1 week….@NahtePS

  • NahtePS

    Any indication of how much time is this brake?

  • Crysisbrox

    Yeah, he is taking a “brake”………………..@juoppoukko

  • 3lratha

    Save the horses!

  • Johnny Nguyen


  • chris b

    lol reginald is an ape he has no eyebrows

  • chris b

    lol i was so hppy but den u said u wer coming back. den i wus sad u blkie

  • michael

    fk off nvr come bk kkk?

  • Slirre

    Durendall :
    So, unless I’m bad at reading this just says that he is taking a week long break, otherwise known as a vacation. This is the purpose of subs. So why is everyone talking like he’s been benched or something?

    Its just that players who leave their teams in the past for “break” has ended up not playing in that team anymore( most of the times).

  • Slirre

    Root :
    Seariously everyone in TSM is in bad shape and as a season 3 came Ad carries cant carry so hard like in s2 so all team is needed to make adc strong (Sucks to be ADC)!!!

    Im a anti-TSM-losing fan too, BUT I think TSM isn’t TSM without Chaox, he and OddOne are the 2 original players left and the 2 with most personallity, therefore I think he just needs a rest then come back and kick ass, if not many ppl will lose intrest in TSM since he has the 2nd/3rd biggest fanbase in the team.

  • Durendall

    So, unless I’m bad at reading this just says that he is taking a week long break, otherwise known as a vacation. This is the purpose of subs. So why is everyone talking like he’s been benched or something?

  • sibby

    Slirre :
    I personally think Chaox has been the worst player in TSM last weeks, not really himself (like S2 when he carried). Regi and Oddbro is the 2 carries of TSM atm. I hope Chaox will come back, he was the first streamer I watched and was the reason for me being a fan of TSM.

    I have been of the opinion that Chaox has been struggling lately. He just isn’t dominant in those 1v1 matchups like he was last year.

    You can blame it on the relative weakness of ADC right now but I do see ADCs for other teams in LCS really carrying their teams.

    I’m not anti-chaox.. I’m anti-TSM-losing.

    From a TSM fan perspective I just want what is best for the team. Hopefully this will get them on a winning track regardless of whether or not chaox is the man or someone else.

  • Root

    Seariously everyone in TSM is in bad shape and as a season 3 came Ad carries cant carry so hard like in s2 so all team is needed to make adc strong (Sucks to be ADC)!!!

  • Slirre

    I personally think Chaox has been the worst player in TSM last weeks, not really himself (like S2 when he carried). Regi and Oddbro is the 2 carries of TSM atm. I hope Chaox will come back, he was the first streamer I watched and was the reason for me being a fan of TSM.

  • Netso

    I think Chaox will come back with a fresh start and even stronger plays i think. Sometimes a break is what u need.

  • IIIAlienIII


  • jbuu

    that’s becouse when sc2 was going on lol stream was rerun LOL

  • MyspÃ¥sen

    Arlen10 :
    Actually at MLG Sc2 had about 20k more viewers than league of legends.

    You are aware that LCS was running during the same time and had an more viewers than the MLG lol stream. So your statement would be correct, but quite misleading.

  • http://zghusinecka.webs.com zG Husinecka

    Respect to chaox. Been a huge inspiration to alot of people out there. Ive been a tsm fan since the season 1 days and ive seen how much the team has grown. I just hope this was a team decision and that you weren’t blindsided [the clg way]. I think yall need a manager who can make decisions like this so it doesn’t create bad blood in the team. This is obviously not the same as when trm left as everyone on the team wanted him off. All the best to you chaox, im hoping this break wont lead to you leaving the team but motivate you to work hard. Full respect to you and the rest of the guys for making this difficult decision.

  • Woong

    Even I’m better than Chaox! GG trash.

  • Mathias Jakobsen

    @Some Troll Doublelift incoming.

  • Arlen10

    Actually at MLG Sc2 had about 20k more viewers than league of legends.

  • d3nce


    You do know that Blaze is no longer Azubu. right.

  • tronix


    Only times SC2 has more viewers than league is:
    1) NA servers are down for patches/maintenance
    2) During big main events, ex: MLG/LCS, since well there is a no streaming during tournament matches agreement or some shit, and majority of people go out of their way to watch PRO’s stream, not random 5knuckleshufflechuck1234 derp his way thru top lane, League stream views are gonna take a hit.

    also dont forget, SC2 just had an expansion released, I’d think very pathetically about Blizzard if they botched another release hype, but like most Blizzard titles, give it another month and SC2 will be back at the end of the twitch games advertised line.

    And for the record, Chaox, Man the fk up, you wanna be a professional in your industry, Act like it, rather than a little high school bish, everyones got problems, hell look at reginalds face, no wonder he’s angry, whats your excuse? Xpecial and Dan are honestly the 2 most grown up ppl living in that house, and the general is excused from any and all flaming cuz he’ll send armies of plastic green men and pack rats and dinosaurs after me and that shit aint right! Just because you play games for a living dont mean you have to act like fk’ing children.


  • CaptainJack

    Chaox is fknooob!

    #Azubu BlazeCaptainJack

  • roflmaster

    @puzzle please,

    League of Legends
    46,104 Viewers

    StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
    9,061 Viewers

    It’s this ratio 90% of the time, unless SC2 has a major event when League doesn’t.


    Chaox just retire. youre washed up. 0-15 against Asian teams? Time to yolo que brah!

  • 7th Solar Flash

    Hearts out to you chaox, you’ve been an inspiration to us all

  • Glitch


    During a major event. MLG always has high viewership. Look at SC2 twitch population during regular weeks, it’s usually like 10, maybe 20 thousand. League is usually around 50 thousand, even at non peak hours.

  • puzzle

    Starcraft 2 is dying? it had around the same number as viewers in mlg as league and even had more sometimes

  • http://www.lemonparty.org Crs Stvicious

    lol n00b scrub

  • Dante


  • The Bear

    @The Real Obama

    Starcraft2 may be dying and EG may be getting less attention, but LoL is not and TSM is still the Fan Favorite. The point i was trying to prove, is that TSM Knows this and it’s distracting them from things they’ve could have done. Take for example the little Gamespot segment they have.


    You assume way too much. Not only did you assume that i meant he was leaving forever, but you also assumed what his reasons for his “Break” is. If he wanted people to know, he would have said why. Instead he chose not to, which is ok it’s his right to. Assuming, like the saying goes “It makes an Ass out of U and Me”.

    Yeah maintaining the name they had in this game isn’t easy, i do believe if you read what i said early, you would come to realize that i mentioned that if they do not work harder, then they won’t keep that name. One of the reasons i mentioned was that they’re more concerned about the “Flash” and the perks that came with the name they earned. It’s why people come to conclude that they’re “Overrated”. One of the reasons i’ve come to stop watching their matches or streams is that they’re slowly declining from the status they’ve had before, and the reason is like i’ve said before, they’re caring about show instead of the actual game.

  • Asmodeus

    He’s leaving for a week and all you niggas are acting like he died lol. Read the fucking post.

  • juoppoukko

    I love people who can’t read and are like “omg Chaox left TSM forever :(” when it actually said that ue will take a A BRAKE FOR A WEEK. A WEEK people. He is not kicked nor is he benched just a 7 day break.

  • Yujioh

    @The Bear
    He’s not even leaving. It clearly says he’s “taking a break and letting WildTurtle sub-in for just a week.” You don’t what is going on in his personal life. He could have some family emergency that he needs to take care of. Maybe he does just need to clear his head so he can concentrate and perform better but don’t know that. Yeah I know you mentioned that he could be leaving for a good reason but the comment was rather negative towards the entire team. Yeah, TSM hasn’t been performing the best, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t working hard. Don’t you think that ALL the other pro teams out there want the spotlight as well? They are working just as hard if not more just to get recognition. It’s one thing to be number 1, but to maintain that status isn’t easy.

  • The Real Obama

    @The Bear
    Not necessarily. Look at EG in StarCraft 2; HuK, PuMa, ThorZaIN, and others all were popular while on EG even though they were not successful because EG does a great job of producing content for the fans. Obviously they get less attention nowadays but mainly because StarCraft 2 is dying.

  • http://xxxkylaxxx.deviantart.com/ Kyla Anderson

    Stay strong Chaox, I love you and support not only you and your team! You’re sync is still and always will be awesome! I will stand by and support you guys forever!

  • lol

    Chaox is one of the best ad carries out there. TSM will feel his loss, definitely.

  • ohmahg00000d


  • The Bear

    Take it or leave it, but this is my honest opinion.

    Honestly, I see TSM caring less about the game it’s self and taking an interest more in the show. Sure, you’re getting paid for the things you do, but you need to take into fact that they’re paying you because of how good you “were”, eventually they’ll lose interest in you, find better teams, and stop paying you, it’s what is called Business. Sad but true, quit focusing on the now and think long term (this applies to both the game and how you’re gonna take life).

    Chaox leaving, that shocked me completely. As shocked as i am, I can’t really say that he’s doing the right thing nor the wrong thing. For most of the people making conclusions as to why, well it’s not really fair of us to do so. He has his reasons and it’s up to him to either tell us or not.

    If there’s one thing i could say that’ll wrap this comment up, it’s that everyone on the TSM team, needs to learn when it’s time to have fun and when it’s not.

  • http://Dyrus.com Dyrus

    Is the hot pot ready?

  • http://leagueoflegendgiveaway.com/ league of legends

    dont leave us chaox!!!

  • Skeptical

    Is this because of all the fights between regi and chaox?

  • BMAL

    Really saddens me to see them bench chaox. I feel like this is the begging of the end of TSM. I hope I am wrong but TSM stay strong. Voyboy is op

  • Woong

    I looked at the screen in the Season 2 tournaments lol.

  • TSM Chaox

    Becca is already my bitchhh

  • Reginald

    Big news comin’ soon for TSM, WE’LL BE LIFTING UP OUR TEAM

  • NotDoublelift

    yo regi hit me up man u know who this is

  • Reginald

    Ok guys, so there’s been a lot of drama lately in the TSM house, and we decided to bench Chaox for a number of reasons. What’s been talked about so far is true, but what no one has known is that Chaox slept with Leena. It’s caused a lot of problems in our relationships (with Chaox and Leena) and I decided it would be better for the team without him.

    Thanks for your support guys. TSM!

  • TheOddOne

    Hai doods!

  • Happy Pirate

    wow dude, that’s a really big responsibility…i mean like, i could help if you’re interested

  • Dyrus

    I should’ve been benched, hehehehehehehe

  • Zerdius

    U coulda got Seeiya instead of Wildturtle :/

  • The Rain Man

    Hey guys, I play ad.

  • Lebowski

    Chaox really tied the team together man.


    why did you make me break up with Chaox then? @TSM Reginald


    I hope Turtles and Hamsters get along

  • TSM Reginald

    I am not sure who started this rumour, but I wish to clarify that Chaox REMAINS as the MAIN ADC for Team Solo Mid and we will NOT be replacing him in the foreseeable future.

  • Kim Jong-un

    If Chaox is not back in TSM after week, I will attack USA.

  • Gmoney SPZ

    how can it be doublelift when they play clg in LCS?

  • FanboyGG

    Well, I kinda saw this coming after Xpecials Vlog the other day. I was suprised to hear that it isn’t going to be DoubleLift filling in though.

  • Hotshotgg


  • hotshotgg

    Becca will never have sex with you, get rekt

  • Xpecial

    I am a sad hamster

  • Phreak

    Welcome, to another League of Legends Champion Stfu

  • hotshotgg

    I wish my team was good but everyone sucks but me. Maybe we will try out Chaox if he’s willing.

  • The Odd One

    In fact Chaox told he couldn’t handle another episode of gamecribs because i was showing leardership of the team and creating a lot of internal drama, he decided to step back 1 week, and if that drama continued he would leave permanently.

  • Reginald

    i’m a fuckin douche i want to suck chaox’s dick

  • Jorginhu Carregado

    Ei carinha, veja meu utimo jogu de varus!!1 qrem me contratah pra adc pru seu time?????????

  • S32


    I sincerely hope Reginald knows what he’s doing. From the looks of Xpecial’s Vlog, he’s not all too excited about getting a new laning partner. Chaox and Xpecial have been playing with eachother for so long in the competitive scene, this is a real big change for TSM.

  • Voyboy


  • Blanq

    on another note, take it for what its worth – considering im silver 1 its probably not worth the bus ride home – but TSM played so much better and more consistent when they played to have fun. playing good just came. now, that its all serious and theyre trying to be professional, theyre trying to play to be good, which just doesnt work for them in my opinion. play to have fun again, being good will follow. just now, add in the knowledge of the other teams to the equation.

  • Nooo


    Chaox es #1

  • Chaox

    After some quick discussion, the team has decided to reverse this announcement. I will continue to play AD for TSM.

  • richard duarte

    pics or it didn’t happen?

  • An Innocent Bystander

    TSM needs to bench one or both of their solo lanes, not their strongest lane (bot).

  • Doublelift


  • Blake

    Yoy are not reg @Reginald

  • Blanq

    to critique on some other comments:

    dyrone doesn’t smile.
    all around, xpecial is the most talented player on the team.
    yes, its a 7 day break. its probably better to have some time off since him and regi have been fighting a lot lately.
    yes, regi has been inconsistent as of late, but as flawed an argument as it is. its his team. when hotshotgg benches himself, then and only then can we talk about regi.

  • Blake

    I really effing hope that Choax stays with the team, he is my fav player on the team and would be very terrifying to see him leve the team. I really hope they all will stay together!

  • Dyrus

    im the real Dyrus

  • Blackjackx

    I get he needs a break, not the best time for it. Sucks losing your main ADC. But then again team cohesion is needed. Hopefully WildTurtle can step up

  • thechocobrozone

    Hopefully this will be in the best interest of both Chaox and TSM.

  • richard duarte

    why internet. why.

  • yellus

    wtf is going on?

  • richard duarte

    wow. everyone is hating on regi for chaox taking a break… look. these guys are kids, you don’t seem to remember. their house is like lord of the flies. they have no one to blame for shortcomings but everyone else right now. these guys dont even really know how to cook yet. why are you expecting so much of them? every team has it’s ups and downs depending on the meta. these guys are under stress and a lot of it. i should be their cook/maid/lifecoach or something now that i think about it. it would make their lives much easier.

  • Seraph


    Five bucks says this isn’t the real Dyrus and should probably be removed.

  • 1st3v37

    *cough* hotshot *cough*

  • jonny

    wtf regi needs to leave not chaox regis the worst one on the whole team

  • GiJoe

    I hope it all works out for chaox and reginald retires from active playing. Reggie is way to inconsistent and he should have left after the S2 World Championships as he had planned to do.

    Dyrone on the other hand looks lately like he needs to take a month off and go sleep on a beach somewhere for 12 hours a day. He doesn’t seem to be having any fun anymore and never smiles when he’s streaming for anything…

  • Raw Eggs

    It’s a 7 day break you fucking tossers. Learn to fucking read.

  • josue

    This is him taking a break not regi fucking making him do this

  • Jake

    *10+ hours a day

  • Crazyasian2o

    Low blow Regi, even for you…

  • sup

    Chaox is TSM’s most talented player… At least it’s only for a week. But I think Regi needs to man up and just be the manager. Xpecial can ap carry very well…

  • Seya

    I guess this is not about regi and chaox’s argument few week ago…
    hope he’s gonna back soon . TSM

  • cris

    pls chaox come back soon and dont fight haha

  • sirderpderp

    They all need to take a break(permanent). TSM is way overrated and are nothing compared to the Asian scene. Regi is only on a team cause he runs one.

  • Zephyr1530

    Lol chaox is playing way better than Regi in my opinion, if anyone should leave it would be him, he has a very bad habit of not knowing when to keep his mouth shut *facepalm*

  • Jon

    Honestly, I think Chaox has been underperforming, and had too much control over the teams strategy. Wild Turtle has better mechanics.

  • Slaps

    Of course this happens the week of the rivalry TSM vs CLG game… I smell landslide win for CLG

  • Sanger Zonvolt

    So the bomb finally explodes!!!! GG Reginald X_X. Now aiming to be the no.4 team in LCS NA.

  • Jon

    I don’t think Chaox will return. He is obviously clashing with Regi and the team. Wild Turtle will fit in well with Regi.

  • Daaaaave

    Interesting…. Hope he gets the rest he needs. I’m also anxious to see how WildTurtle fits in bot lane with Xpecial.

  • Chucksta

    Hope not :/

  • Kyle

    Wow, I was honestly expecting Dyrus to be the one taking time off, not Chaox. This is bad for TSM in my opinion.

  • JesusDiedLoL

    can we have an explination?

  • Michael

    Does this have anything to do with that fight with Regi and Chaox?

  • Chucksta

    Wow Bro…LOL

  • Dever

    :[ Chaox Noooooo

  • rhoxis


  • champerbutt

    everyone needs a break. i’m glad chaox realizes he needs to take a break. it must become boring if you play 8 hours a day.