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Cloud 9 – Making the Hype a Reality

June 19th, 2013


To say there was a buzz around C9 coming into the Summer Split would be a vast understatement. Their scrim record is beyond exceptional and they breezed through the Promotional Tournament to earn their spot. The only question mark surrounding them was the often-true idea that online scrim results and actual LAN ability do not always line up. It is safe to say that such worries were entirely baseless for Cloud 9.

They seemed to have little difficulty in their 5-0 run through Super Week, showing both the ability to play very aggressively early and snowball to victory as well as the patience to wait, while behind, for the perfect moment to turn the game around. They defeated TSM, Dig, VES, Curse and Coast- this includes two of the three teams currently tied for second place. Their heavily Korean-based strats and spectacular cohesion suggest that this is not going to be short-lived success either. In this vlog Meteos talks about the team, their new living conditions (as they recently moved into their own gaming house), their scrim schedule and his rapidly growing stream.

While it’s very early in the season and much can happen between now and Worlds, if C9 play like they have so far, they may be NA’s best hope for a podium finish.

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