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Freljord Art, New 1v1 Map, Skins and Icons and Champion/Skin Sale!

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An All-Star Duel Map Revealed, New Splash Art, Skins, Icons, Champion/Skin Sale and Free Week!



New Freljord Art


Here are all the splash arts from the Freljord updates we’ve been receiving over the past few weeks. These include Lissandra, Nunu, Sejuani, Trundle, as well as the Bloodstone Lissandra, Blackfrost Anivia, Ice Drake Shyvana and Runeguard Volibear skins. Click on the captions for my previews of each one:



Blackfrost Anivia





 New Frost Icons & Lore Quests


The Hollowing Abyss is deeply tied to the latest lore pieces released by Riot. The Three Sisters (Ashe, Sejuani and Lissandra) are sworn enemies and whenever they encounter each other on one map, they engage in a hunt quest- sort of like the Kha’Zix/Rengar interaction.

There are special quotes for each of the sisters whenever this event occurs:


AsheSquare“Lissandra is an abomination. Ashe must eliminate her to protect her people.” 

“Sejuani cannot be reasoned with. Ashe must defeat her to build a better future for the Freljord.” 



“Ashe is a powerful symbol to her people. Lissandra must kill her, so they will fall in line.” 

“Sejuani is too reckless and powerful to control. Lissandra must put her down.” 



“Ashe’s peaceful alliance must be broken. Sejuani must kill her and rule with strength.” 

“Lissandra is an abomination. Sejuani must crush her to purify the Freljord.”



Three Frost Icons have also been included on the PBE Client:


frost icons


As you probably remember, a new Summoner Icon collecting method was recently shown by Rioter BlueFire. These latest icons are most likely tied to the Three Sisters Quest and will be unlocked via this new system.



Taipei Assassins world champion skins




Reigning world champions Taipei Assassins secured their place in League of Legends history when they defeated Azubu Frost at the Season Two World Finals. Soon, you’ll be able to field TPA’s winning lineup with new skins that commemorate their victory. Get ready to capture the power and ferocity of these titans of Taiwan during the LCS All Star break!


Here is the official announcement from Garena (it’s in Chinese):

“Whether we succeed or fail, using the limited resources that we have to work with players’ interests is a must. Even with numerous setbacks, Garena will keep Summoners’ thoughts at first priority, because their interests are our interests.

We still remember the victory of Azubu Taipei Assassins in Season 2, so to commemorate this glorious feat, we had Riot design special Azubu TPA commemoration skins for Ezreal, Mundo, Nunu, Orianna and Shen. After six months of planning, these skins are close to release.

Note: These skins will be available in the Store for all Summoners.



A 1v1/2v2 duel map leaked!


A video on a Chinese website shows what’s apparently a duel map!
Here is a much quicker-loading Youtube version:


VP of eSports RedBeard mentioned that this map was designed purely for the All-Star Game:


Ziggs_PoolPartyRiotlink Button RedBeard: Hey guys – since this is getting a ton of attention, I thought I’d pop in to share a few details:

This ‘first blood’ map was dreamed up by some Rioters who wanted to make an awesome 1v1/2v2 map JUST for the All-Star game. They brewed it up during the ‘Thunderdome,’ which is a regular all-night hackathon Riot holds to explore cool new stuff.

Wickd vs SoAZ’s 1v1 extravaganza was awesome to watch and got me even more hyped up for this event at the All-Star game.

Because it was created solely with the idea of using it in the All-Star game, it’s not something that we have any concrete plans for besides the event.



Champion Sale: Season 3/Week 12


Champion Sale 23  to 26

The following champions will be free to play this week:


  • Dr. Mundo – 1350 IP/585 RP
  • Fiddlesticks - 1350 IP/585 RP
  • Miss Fortune  – 4800 IP/880 RP
  • Rammus - 3150 IP/790 RP
  • Shen - 3150 IP/790 RP
  • Thresh - 6300 IP/975 RP
  • Twitch - 3150 IP/790 RP
  • Veigar - 1350 IP/585 RP
  • Xin Zhao – 3150 IP/790 RP
  • Zed - 6300 IP/975 RP



Skin Sale: 23/26th April


Skin Sale 23 to 26

The following champions and skins will be put on half price for the next three days:




  • Jayce – 487 RP
  • Mordekaiser – 395 RP
  • Urgot – 395 RP




  • Chosen Master Yi - 260 RP
  • Enchanted Galio - 260 RP
  • Muay Thai Lee Sin - 487 RP



 That’s it for now, stay tuned!


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