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Insert Sponsor Name Here, RIP Quantic Gaming

December 5th, 2012 Leave a comment


Having been robbed by their sponsors Orbit Gaming, then founding a new team Reddit Nation, getting donations to go to Lonestar, and Yazuki going through Hurricane Sandy it has been a rough year for Hai L9 and company. Which is why it was great to see them get picked up by Quantic Gaming. However this is why it saddens me to inform you that Quantic Gaming is shutting down and disbanding their StarCraft II, DotA 2, Call of Duty, and League of Legends teams. This morning Complexity’s Jason Lake warned over twitter that “Big NA team news coming later today. Not good news either. Can’t elaborate w/o breaking trust but it’s a sad day,” and it looks like this is what he was talking about. Allegedly their closure was due to investors having pulled out from the team cutting off funding. There has been no official statement from QxG as of yet, but founder Mark Ferraz had this to say:

“Don’t believe the hype. No drama here, just not enough growth to justify pushing forward. I’m very sad, but it’s for the best… “ - Mark Ferraz, Quantic Gaming



“We attempted to create one of the world’s greatest eSports teams out of an ultimate belief in the pursuit of passion and greatness. We love you all, our fans, players, staff, sponsors, and owners… 2012… and forever in the hearts and minds of those touched…”Quantic Gaming


Quantic Gaming started in 2010 as a small group of friends and grew to be a eSports titan in the North American community. It’s really a shame to see them go, and more importantly where does Reddit Nation go from here?

Not in any rush for sponsors, after the whole orbit thing we were being cautious and it’s quite unfortunate with what happened to Quantic. It’s not their fault but we’ll take it slower, and uhm we still plan to stay together and qualify for Season 3, under who/anyone, we don’t know yet.” – Hai L9


<Insert Sponsor Name Here>

Captain Hai L9 is accompanied by an all star cast. Yazuki, who having played League of Legends for only a year shot to the top. Merciless Gladiator Nientonsoh who was a top WoW player, and would later be known as teamcarry` in HoN. WildTurtle the unpredictable AP and AD Carry who shocked the onlookers when he subbed for Team Legion. Finally we have LemonNation the last member of Orbit to stick with Team <Insert Sponsor Name Here>, the support only player who took the rank one spot in solo queue. Boasting a strong line up, the team formerly known as Quantic Gaming / Reddit Nation / Orbit Gaming has the potential to be a top contender in season 3. Follow them on twitter @hai_l9, @nientonsoh2, @yazuki_l9 and support this amazing team.






















  • Guile

    oh man teamcarry` is nien!? whaaat, i remember that nigga from back in the day on HoN

  • JackFrost


    It has been heavily emphasised that Hai and co. were unaware of what Riot did concerning that, and would’ve given up the acronym had they been aware of the situation.

  • Washiolka

    Gabriel Ng:The worst part of all this is that someone took our original names.
    Oh the irony….. Where did you get the team acronym from?