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Is BotRK BORKED? An Analysis of Blade of the Ruined King

March 4th, 2013 Leave a comment

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Do you want to slaughter the health-stacking simpletons? Think forward and keep reading!


Blade of the Ruined King



+30 Damage;

+15% Life Steal;

+40% Attack Speed;


Unique PASSIVE: Deals 5% of target’s current health in physical damage. Max damage against monsters is 90.

Unique ACTIVE: Drains target champion, dealing 15% of the champion’s maximum Health in physical damage and healing you by the same amount. Additionally, you steal 30% of their movement speed for 4 seconds – 60 sec cooldown, 500 range.



When should I buy it?


Blade of the Ruined King counters health stacking specifically. As such, it doesn’t have a firm place in a standard carry build. There’s core stats you can’t go without- Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Critical Strike Chance/Damage and %Armor Penetration. Then there are the somewhat mandatory stats that you could skip, but rarely. Those would be Life Steal, On-hits (where BotRK falls), Cleave and Flat Armor penetration. Furthermore, you need boots and a defensive item of some sort. Let’s summarize, in order of importance:


Carry build


1) Damage/Crit

2) Boots

3) Attack Speed

4) % Armor Penetration

5) Cleave, Flat Armor Penetration, On- hit, Life Steal, Health Regeneration Decrease

6) Defensive Item


So, realistically, BotRK most often competes with The Bloodthirster.


The Math (what’s missing?)


How well does the BotRK fare damage-wise? Let’s find out.

We won’t be taking armor into account, the reason being it will reduce the results by an equal margin. Keep in mind that BotRK hits for a % of current health, meaning as your target gets lower in life, your damage will also be reduced.

Average DPS: 30 + 25 per 1000 HP;

So it seems that in order to match a Bloodthirster, BotRK needs to be hitting targets with 3000 HP! That’s crazy late game to be worth it, isn’t it? Wrong!


Stat efficiency


Blade of the Ruined King also provides us with a 40% Attack Speed boost.

Now let’s take a look again at how much damage that is. We’ll assume a standard Infinity Edge/Phantom Dancer/Berserker’s Greaves Build on a level 16 Vayne. This sums up to 1.4498696432 Attack Speed, or, to be realistic, 1.450. A BotRK will increase that to 1.67. So let’s see!

Bloodthirster DPS: 145

BotRK DPS: 50.1 + 41.75 per 1000 HP


So what does that amount to? BotRK breaks even vs roughly 2270 health targets!


Life Steal Active: Not so awesome


The Life Steal active component is fairly straight-forward. We’ll only be talking about one of its sides here, and that is the health leech.

150 per 1000 Health

Realistically speaking, in a teamfight where you’ve targeted their bruiser and he has ample amounts of armor (190+), with a full build and Last Whisper included, you’ll heal for about 225. If you have Ignite on, that’s 112.5. On the other hand you get a whopping 3% more Life Steal per hit, should you choose to get The Bloodthirster… So yeah, this part isn’t particularly exciting. It’s a small amount that might help you live, but that’s not the main reason you should be buying BotRK.


Kiting-Oppa SC Style


Now the movement speed leech is incredible. It slows an enemy by 30% for 4 seconds and hastes you by the same amount. If you target a bruiser you’ll steal about 130 movement speed from them and gain the same amount. That’s putting a 260 MS difference between the two of you for 4 seconds! It is the equivalent of a 60% slow which is a godsend.


Advanced Math (hide your kids!)


Logically you’d want to buy an On-hit item on champions with an AS steroid. How does the unique passive scale with those? Let’s see some examples.


Kog’Maw’s Caustic Spittle (30%) – 0.847 Attack Speed, 21.175 damage per 1000 HP

Graves’s Quickdraw (70%) -  1.11 Attack Speed, 27.75 damage per 1000 HP

Tristana’s Rapid Fire (90%) – 1.24 Attack Speed, 31 damage per 1000 HP

Fiora’s Burst of Speed (120%) – 1.43 Attack Speed, 35.75 damage per 1000 HP


And now let’s include those in our previous calculations:


KogMawSquare(30% bonus Attack Speed, 1.59/1.85) –

The Bloodthirster DPS: 159

Blade of the Ruined King: 55.5 + 46.25 per 1000 HP

Breaks even at: 2230 Health



GravesSquare(70% bonus Attack Speed, 1.85/2.12)

The Bloodthirster DPS: 185

Blade of the Ruined King:  63.6 + 53 per 1000 HP

Breaks even at: 2290 Health



TristanaSquare(90% bonus Attack Speed, 1.98/2.25)

The Bloodthirster DPS: 198

Blade of the Ruined King:  67.5 + 56.25 per 1000 HP

Breaks even at: 2320 Health



FioraSquare(120% bonus Attack Speed,2.18/2.44)

The Bloodthirster DPS: 218

Blade of the Ruined King:  73.2+ 61 per 1000 HP

Breaks even at: 2370 Health



This is an interesting situation. As you see, when we near the attack speed cap (2.5) The Bloodthirster actually starts to catch up a tiny bit. Even so, you’d still be getting your money’s worth even when hitting targets who are as low as 2300ish health!


Not Ranged Exclusive!


BotRK is a solid pick on bruisers who do a lot of right clicking, need some method of sticking to the squishy, or have some method of applying on-hit effects. Irelia is the most obvious choice with her gap-closer, slow/stun and true damage on-hit. Next we have Jax, Olaf, Xin Zhao and Udyr ( =( ), all of whom can use the slow/haste to great extent. Warwick can apply BotRK’s passive five times for the duration of his ultimate. Rengar, Riven, Shyvana, Jayce and Vi are less perfect candidates for it, but if the situation calls for it, don’t hesitate. Life Steal + Slow on their own are great things to have on a non-hybrid bruiser (in which case a Hextech Gunblade would be better).

The only downside to BotRK is that it leaves you fairly squishy. It is, however, a very solid pick as one of two damage items on a bruiser who then goes for full defense items.


melee friendly


The huge hidden factor – Crit


Infinity_EdgeSo you’ve made it to the late game, your build is full, BotRK included and you’re happily sitting on roughly 70% Critical Chance. And then it hits you- the unique passive damage can’t crit. This is actually pretty huge; with an Infinity Edge purchased the damage from a BT will be 250. Compare that to a 75 crit from BotRK and you have a problem

Let’s take our Attack Speed Values from the Vayne example, but we’ll add to them a crit chance of 70% and a bonus crit damage of 250%.


The Bloodthirster Damage with Crit: 253.75 DPS

BotRK Damage with Crit: 87.675 + 41.75 per 1000 Health

Breaks even at: 3977 (?!) Health


Things suddenly got ugly for our tank-shredding friend. The core problem here is that as the game goes longer, instead of increasing your damage, BotRK actually hinders it. This doesn’t mean it’s an inferior choice- you still have an amazing slow and a solid tank shredding passive. Keep in mind, though, that due to the crit not stacking, you lose out on a lot of damage versus squishier targets.


The little details- Laning & AD Abilities


The Bloodthirster is a stacking item, and although it loses only half of those upon death, when you purchase it you still need to stack it. This means that BotRK is a much better item right off the bat. If you intend to push early and push hard, the latter will serve you far better. If the opposite is true, however, holding a lane with BotRK isn’t easy. Being a percentage of current health, the bonus damage will heal you for pitiful amounts when you last hit. Also, it falls behind by 70 AD from The Bloodthirster, meaning that any AD Scaling abilities you have will be that much weaker. I’m including them here because, frankly, those are only relevant during laning and mid to early late-game. Skills like Ace in the Hole, Buckshot, Collateral Damage, Trueshot Barrage, etc. don’t determine the choice here. I’ll give you an example- by forgoing The Bloodthirster for a BotRK, you are losing out on 140 damage from Caitlyn’s ultimate. Not so impressive, is it. Still, every bit of damage counts during small skirmishes, so keep that in mind.


Who’s it good on?


Statements such as “get BotRK on Kog he already has %HP shred”, etc. are completely flawed. For one thing, the passive scales with auto attacks, not with other percentage shred abilities. Logically you want it on a champion with high attack speed, which most AD carries have. I’ve shown how steroids and bonus attack speed in general don’t outmatch the Bloodthirster as much as a larger health pool does. To me, the best candidates for a BotRK are those who have ways of applying on-hits, such as Ezreal with his Mystic Shot, and carries who need a good slow and %HP shred to kite bruisers around, i.e Vayne, Tristana, Kog’Maw… pretty much every AD carry in a late game situation.




So, having considered the above calculations, what is the verdict for BotRK? Well, as it turns out, it’s a great substitute for the Bloodthirster, even if the carry you’ve chosen has high scaling on abilities. It trades AD for a substantial on-hit damage, which ultimately lets you clear the tank line faster. On the same note, it helps bruisers chase squishy targets and survive longer in fights. What you’ve also seen, however, is that Steroids don’t play such a major role in your decision on whether to buy BotRK or The Bloodthirster. Rather, you should evaluate the enemy’s Health- every health point above 2300 is damage you won’t be getting with a Bloodthirster!


If you have any questions regarding calculations you’re welcome to ask in the comments!


I hope this breakdown was helpful!


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    I really like this site. You write about very interesting things. Thanks for all your tips and information.

  • FichteFoll

    Yes, please remove that. It does not provide any utility (on the visual side) and just distracts the flow.

  • Chefo

    @claude stg

    Well, it’s a 2850 cost and I’m mostly comparing to a Bloodthirster, so the cost here doesn’t play a big role. I think the items you need to get before that play a bigger role. For example if you’re a bruiser you’d most likely benefit more from a Cutlass early, while a ranged carry will be far better off with a BF.
    Hope it helped =)

  • Chefo

    It is, but the damage is also a percentage of current health, so in the calculations you have to assume that you’re hitting the enemy till he reaches zero. Therefore it’s a 25 average DPS. =)

  • Mark
  • Exclusivity

    Also, the active is stronger than what you actually said. It steals 15% of maximum HP of YOUR TARGET. This means on a 3k HP bruiser it steals 450 HP before armor, 600 on a 4k bruiser. It’s insanely broken on AD carries against bruisers, shifts the meta back into the favor of adc.

  • Exclusivity

    Kevin and Itchycuticles are right about the flawed maths.

    Botrk doesn’t break even with BT at 2270 HP after you buy IE and PD because the 40% attack speed from Botrk boosts the damage from IE and your base/rune/mastery damage as well.

    If you assume you have around 200 attack damage with IE/PD on a level 16 Vayne, it breaks even at 610 HP which is pretty minimal. Add to that the active and it’s the best choice BY FAR. I actually rush it… everyone does, it’s WAY TOO STRONG.

  • Mark

    5% of 1000 is 50

  • Oranjecrush

    BotRK does more dps as a first item than ie. I’ll admit, bt does more damage per hit, but what is important is damage per second. In a given amount of time, botRK just hits more, and therefore does more damage. The active is INCREDIBLE against bruisers. They will never be able to catch you. If your champion is an auto attacker, get BotRK, if not, get bt. If you are Vayne, feel loved.

  • Starfox

    It seems to me as though you’re slightly unclear on how math works…

  • yousodumb

    People like you are why the community can be so bad. being unable to understand an entire article and trying to counter it with something irrelevant is mind blowing.

  • Jio Derako

    Not really, in the current meta at least. When everyone’s building Warmog’s on top-lane, and often the jungler is also building something involving Giant’s Belt, it takes longer than usual before the ADC can start making a huge difference in teamfights. This means the ADC needs to finish more items, i.e., they need to farm for longer before teamfights begin; the earlier you can get your lifesteal, the longer you can sustain in-lane, and the better off you’ll be.
    This is why so many ADCs are building BT as their first big item now, as opposed to the usual IE rush. IE is still perfectly good, but in the health-stacking meta, an ADC with just an IE isn’t nearly as effective as it used to be.

    Considering that most champs aren’t sitting at 2300+ HP at the 15-20 minute mark, I’d still prefer to go for an early BT, and pick up a BotRK a little later on (or at least an early Vamp. Scepter and BT Sword perhaps). Exceptions of course for on-hit abusers who can make better use of the BotRK early-on, and other champs aside from ADCs; Irelia is amazing with an early Cutlass at the very least, from what I’ve been seeing.

  • Bananow

    in my opinion BotRK is effective not because its add the champion health damage but its works in mid game with IE .. 40% AS + some LS and the damage with IE are more useful then BT + FD or SS…

  • Itchycuticles

    Sorry, but the DPS math is completely useless here because you aren’t taking into account base AD + bonus AD from runes, masteries, and other items.

    Let’s assume AD before BT/BotRK is 200.

    BT: 300 x 1.45 = 435 dps
    BotRK: 230 x 1.67 = 384 dps

    Breaks even at 610 HP!

    I suggest taking down this article for the time being because of this omission.

  • Seraph

    Sometimes it’s best to just bypass lifesteal until later anyways.

  • ThePlagueRat

    I feel that BotRK is somewhat mandatory combined with power of Runaan’s for Twitch especially during his Spray and Pray. I personally used BotRK in late game on Twitch in his late game build and now I just rush it and it works insanelly well. I just felt like sharing this, I can also imagine it would be great on Kog, or basically any champion that benefits greatly from Runaan’s.

  • claude stg

    Hey, this is a brilliant format and in depth description. Perhaps I may have missed it, but how come you didn’t include cost? Surely that plays a big deal and can mean if its worth it or not. also when to get it, like if your losing lane, get it early? Or after you get a major item while winning lane.

  • Kevin

    Your logic about where the damage breaks even with the bloodthirster is kinda flawed (: Considering the 40% as not only applies damage from the BotRK, but also from other items you’d have on your adc. Just saying, or maybe I skimmed this article too fast and you mentioned that somewhere. (:

  • https://twitter.com/Ravus Lightblind

    @Th3 Shadows
    So it is, I have fixed that for Chefo. Somewhat ironically he has a Fiora guide coming out in a few hours, haha.

  • Vektorwithak

    I would have loved this to take into account a build with items like Runaans Hurricane where the proc is applied to all targets. This is how I like to build AD Kayle and since Runaans does not spray in crits, I build on hit damage instead of any crit based items and play to the strength of the items.

  • Th3 Shadows

    It’s Fiora’s E that gives attack speed. Burst of Speed.


    good article



  • DOD

    Bolding the first letter of each paragraph is kinda annoying…