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Karma’s Remake and Other Red Posts

March 19th, 2013 Leave a comment
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With Karma’s Remake just a few days (or hours!) away, Riot have been ever so willing to tease the community with bits and pieces of her design.


on on why Karma’s fans have made a return in her design, albeit only during her dance emote.


The Return of the Fans:




Ququroon: I felt this needed its own post.

Yes, we did add them in, on all her skins. Yes, as some of you have guessed, it is only on her Dance. We wanted to give you guys an homage to the fans, as they were a key element to her in the past.


We did initially remove the fans, as Morello quipped in the Leak thread. We weren’t fully prepared for how fond of them some of you were; which is a point we’ve heard loud and clear, and will be discussing further in-depth for future Relaunches and Visual Upgrades.

Allow me to jump into the fray here for a second. On our champions, especially older ones, we have very iconic elements. Things that when you think of the champion, you can’t help but think of. This can go one way or another, either good or bad, weak or strong.

An example of this in the past would be Annie’s panties. Could you argue that it was a core element to her design? Sure. Okay. But was it strong, or a good thing? A little more arguable. Was it something we wanted to keep? How would it look with increased fidelity? How much are players attached? We reviewed this in her case, and removed them. We felt that something like Tibbers was much stronger, more core, and very recognizable in her case, and so we pumped that up to the awesome floppy bear you see today.

The takeaway here for and from Karma is that we should scrutinize core elements more. This doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily keep them all, but perhaps if we do wind up in a similar situation, we’ll keep some kind of reference in. For the fans, as I said, we added them back in as an homage, for those fond of them. We really wanted to push the Mantle of Decorum, and her Mantra style gameplay. And who knows? Maybe this will open the space for another fan champion to blow us all away?

Does this properly explain our choices, whether you like them or not?

Does that mean we can expect to see Sejuani’s boar removed? It only serves a purpose in one of her skills and the thing seriously detracts from her overall appearance.


A little love for Sejuani


Does that mean we can expect to see Sejuani’s boar removed? It only serves a purpose in one of her skills and the thing seriously detracts from her overall appearance.


Annie_Splash_Goth_TibbersQuquroon: I felt this needed its own post.

Sure, I can see how my post could lead to that impression. And you know what? I can agree with your line of thinking. I personally feel that Sejuani is thematically weak- because while she has both a Flail and a Boar, she… doesn’t really use either of them. Does this mean we should remove both? Absolutely not! Hear me out.

What is Karma is two words? What fantasy does she fill? She’s very serene and calm in the face of everything. The fans were an end to those means; a part of the whole, but not really front and center when you boil things down. She has a lot of focus now, and uses her strong empowered will. I’m sure Runaan will speak on this more in the AMA tomorrow!

Now how about Sejuani? She’s a mounted warrior, mowing down enemies from atop a brutal beast. Should she be on a mount? Probably! Does it have to be a boar? …Not really! Could we change that? Sure. The question is will we. And… Will we? Not if we don’t have to. We don’t like changing things where we don’t need to. Could we sell her fantasy better though? Yes. Absolutely. Our angry Freljordian could use some love.

So… in a short of it, I feel like Karma needed some refinement and focus in her fantasy, whereas Sejuani needs improvement and better communication of her theme.


So her skins won’t get the glow hands and sweet leg tatoo thing?




They do. The awesome glow is on all her skins, it shows when she uses Mantra (and looks sweet).



For all you 3D Designers, IronStylus has presented his insight on why certain filters and physics mechanics are difficult to implement.


Why League animating is different:


SwainBilgewaterParrotIronStylus: We do indeed animate differently. There’s no cloth simulation, no real-time physics engine, it’s all hand-crafted. This makes fabrics in general very taxing on the animators, and when things go astray, where there’s clipping, or a particular animation might cause the polys to deform badly, we have to edit. It’s not about “are we up to the challenge”, there are physical limitations we do have to deal with, and we do have to make cost/benefit analysis at times. It can be an issue of practicality, feasibility and payoff.

Ohmikegoodness is an absolute authority on this. He can tell you personally how difficult Queen Ashe and Divine Soraka were.


Follow Riot’s Reddit AMA on Karma’s remake if you’d like to ask the developers some questions of your own!


The New Karma will soon be available on the PBE for testing! In addition to her visual overhaul, she will be receiving numerous improvements to her skills, which are listed here. A full review of her remake will be posted come the next few days!

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  • Starke

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAnd she’s trash now.

  • Raikaria

    random bastard :
    they removed Annies panties.
    Nuff said.
    sejuani remodel? thats … unexpected, but it looks like they working on it along with remake?

    It’s not a karma-like remake. It’s design mainly. Riot dislike how they get across who Sejuani is with her design and her kit dosen’t really make sense with her design either. How does she call forth those winds, chill people on contact, and slow them from miles away? Why does she have a morningstar and a sheild if she never uses either?

    She might get some kit changes, but design is the primary idea for her. Honestly Sejuani isn’t even bad atm.

  • InterestoMomento

    why would they change that sweet pig, Sejuani looks great just her spell kit maybe needs some modifications tho its good atm also just bit too high cd’s, anyways there are some champs that look damn terrible and would need rework much more than Sejuani (Singed, Alistar, Jax, Morgana, Nunu…)

  • random bastard

    they removed Annies panties.
    Nuff said.

    sejuani remodel? thats … unexpected, but it looks like they working on it along with remake?