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More Woes for GGU

February 23rd, 2013 Leave a comment


GGU just announced that Shiphtur, after being stopped at the border into the US earlier this week, would need to wait a further three weeks to get his work permit in order. This is quite a blow to GGU who have had to play many games without their full roster and had hoped to be at full strength from now on. While Fat, their main sub, has been doing a decent job of filling in, all the practice they have done with Shiphtur is currently going to waste. Why the work permit wasn’t sorted out properly beforehand they didn’t say. Hopefully his trip through the land of red tape will be swift and as painless as possible.

Read the official post here

Jaszon ‘Lightblind’ ALexzander @Ravus

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  • Balsagna

    Waaaaah visas, move to USA where all the cool kids are. I hear riot headquarters is even there. In California, right by all those pro gamers who live in California. Huh, yeah you’re right, why would they host tournaments there, Mexico is so much warmer this time of year.

  • Doug

    First of all, nobody outside of the USA cares about the Super Bowl. That’s why it’s never held in another country. But in case you didn’t notice, they started holding regular season games in other countries to drum up interest. But that’s completely beside the point. How big do you think the physical attendance for LCS actually is?

    Secondly, you might want to do a little (a lot) more research on the teams than you’ve done. Even if we disregard the nationalities of the players completely, do you think they all lived in the same city before the tournament began?

    Third, you clearly don’t know much about the visa situation in North America. If you did, you’d know how comparatively easy it would be for players from the US to play elsewhere.

  • Deathroe

    10/10 would lol again

  • Vicious


    Yes lets hold a tournament, in which 99% of the players are American, outside of the United States. It makes way more sense for all the American players to leave the country, than for one guy to better plan his travels. But no your right they are totally showing “favoritism” towards the American teams…oh right that’s all 8 of them. No Mexican or Canadian teams last I checked. I hear they are having the next Super Bowl in North Korea; people were complaining that holding it in the USA every year was getting a little “lazy.”

  • Doug

    Why would they even host the NA LCS in the United States? Nevermind, I know the answer to that. It’s laziness and favoritism.

    There are three countries you don’t hold a major tournament in: USA, Russia, China. There have been countless work permit and visa problems with these three countries. The fact that we’re even still talking about this is nuts. Scenes clearly don’t learn from each other.