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New Splash Art Hits the PBE, and it’s AWESOME.

January 20th, 2013 Leave a comment


As usual, I recommend opening these to see them in their full glory. The Riot art-squad seem to reach new heights every month. These are frankly beautiful, well done.


Panda Annie



Jade Fang Cassiopeia


Dragonwing Corki


Steel Legion Garen


Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao


Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV

- Jaszon ‘Lightblind’ Alexzander

  • Jon

    Mostly new champs will only have 2 skins available. The Classic and the other.

  • Django

    How much it will be the Xin Zhao skin ?

  • Martin

    I think they should have made a new skin for Zed, there is only the normal skin and shockblade skin for him :/

  • zdillon

    theres no taric skin and im like did no one make that connection or do they just hate me

  • SuzanSmithe22

    upto I saw the draft which said $9899, I have faith that my mom in-law woz like realey bringing in money part-time from there computar.. there friend brother haz done this for under sixteen months and just repaid the morgage on their villa and bought a top of the range Land Rover Defender. read more at, Fox76.comCHECK IT OUT

  • Jose

    lol yea. I do sometimes like coming out and playing support fiddles for the suprise party skin. But other than that dryad soraka and green taric from old forever ago so gud lol :D

  • Jose

    Yea I suppose Xin’s dash would have to be remastered, as well as Jarvan’s Standard pull. But…D: Maybe one day…

    we can wish right? ;_;

  • Andy Huang

    chinese new year or feburary 10th or so

  • RandomBro

    They are not best friends or brothers, Xin Zhao was saved from fighting till he dropped dead in The Fleshing by Jarvan II, Jarvan IV grandfather. IMO Xin Zhao sees Jarvan IV somewhat as a son.
    Jarvan IV best friend probably is his childhood friend, Garen.

  • exe1L

    there not best friends they are brothers…. newb

  • nlfabi

    why are jarvan and xin not the same color they are best friends and both fom demacia now it looks like they are rivals (also cuzz zhao yun and lu bu are rivals)

  • Martin Tran

    WHAAAAT?! Stee Legion Garen, but no Steel Legion Lux :(

  • leagueoflegends

    Will these skins be released? If they will, when will they ?

  • GuestMr

    Guess the artists from china are doign well in LA or whichever state it is in Cali.

  • Mortoxic
  • Menace

    My wallet is going to be raped next month. Good thing it is Chinese New Year and I am Chinese; therefore, I get me some lucky pocket money for my funding!

  • ShiroKaze

    Dynasty Warriors!!!@GigaDrillBreaker

  • GigaDrillBreaker

    Xin = Zhao Yun
    Jarvan = Lu Bu

  • Lycanlee

    What ever happened to Steel Legion Lux, she was in PBE before christmas and still isn’t out now they are previewing Steel Legion Garen :S, Da Fuque…

    I am Pumped though i want all of them.

  • chefdoggy

    IKR!!!! and you’re a support? SO AM I!!!!!!!! only if they made all these cool skins for the supports, but hey Thresh is comin soon! So excited!

  • chefdoggy

    thank you, and does that go for the download as well?

  • Yuri

    where is Steel Legion Lux?? =(

  • https://twitter.com/Ravus Lightblind

    That would actually be amazing. It would need whole new models… but still. I’d buy them instantly if they did ride horses…

  • https://twitter.com/Ravus Lightblind

    They only open PBE registration for the first few days of the month. It took me 4 months to actually remember to do it -.-

  • Jose

    @chefdoggy Imagine getting ganked by Jarvan IV or Xin on a horse. Pretty sure as a support I’d run and hide. Quickly. Or just insta use flash lol :D

  • chefdoggy

    that would be so friggin epic!!!!!

  • chefdoggy

    does anyone kno how to fix it? or download it?

  • Jose

    Wish they would actually be riding the horse though. Would be kinda cool.

  • chefdoggy

    how do you download pbe? everytime im mid way downloading it, it stops and says network error, but yea this is B0$$

  • Tucker

    Jarvan IV = LuBu = GG.