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PBE: Black Cleaver Nerfs and Buff Particle Changes Hit the PBE

December 10th, 2012 Leave a comment

The Black Cleaver has been the number one item under discussion for several days and Riot has some serious nerfs for it currently on the PBE:

In some less game-changing but still very nice news; the particle effects on all three creature buffs have had a large overhaul and look significantly more modern:

That’s all the PBE news for today, we expect the last of the xmas skins to land sometime soon- stay tuned!

- Jaszon ‘Lightblind’ Alexzander

  • http://escgaming.de esc.icybox

    It Stacks up to 4 Times only not to 8 or 16 Times so NO its not possible to stack the % Passive. It even wasn’t before….
    It Stacks only up to 4 Times … do u guys cant read or what?

  • Harthhal

    now instead of 2 black cleavers i stack 1 and a LW?

  • MV

    @Still not fixed.

    Still stupid. It doesn’t stack the way you think it does.

  • http://shurima.net MrQuackers

    @Still not fixed.
    No, they don’t. Stacking Black Cleavers for the % reduction passive only allows you to get 2 stacks per hit, it doesn’t let you go over the 4 time stack limit. So if you had 2 of them, all that would mean is that you would get 25% reduction in 2 hits rather than 4 hits.

    It works the same way rageblade worked.

  • StupidDelayedReflex


    He’s talking about the 6.25% armor per stack part.. are you stupid?

  • Moobeat

    Those changes aren’t new unfortunately :(

    The Black Cleaver changes were from the PBE patch on the 7th.

    The buff particles aren’t new either, they were in the last batch of PBE patchs ( and have been floating around in various forms for months ) and just were never pushed to live. Hopefully since they haven’t canned them it means we’ll see them hit live soon.

  • DelayedReflex

    @Still not fixed.
    CDR caps @ 40%, and there are many other items for CDR other than stacking black cleaver.

  • Still not fixed.

    Still broken. They need to make the % part UNIQUE. :L

  • Scampie

    Multiple can still be bought, but it’ll only make it so you get more than 1 stack per source of physical damage and there is still the cap of 4 stacks on a champion no matter where they came from.

    Stacking them isn’t worth it anymore, the reason they were stacked was because flat armor pen is really really good now.

  • Cristian


  • Jack

    The passive % can be stacked, yes. This is so that multiple black cleavers on one team will work together.

  • A man with a question.

    Can the “passive % reduction for 4 secs” be stacked?

  • Ginocipo

    Maybe no more Black cleaver stack.