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PBE Update, Magma Chamber, TPA Skins, Hybrid Items, Behind the Scenes of A Twist of Fate and More!

May 27th, 2013 Leave a comment
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Catch up on all the things that have happened this week and some new ones!


Champion ChangesMidair Spin
Neutral Monster Camps
Item Changes
Skillshot/UI Update
Magma Chamber
TPA Skins Available
Xypherous on Hybrid Items
Offtopic Discussions
A Twist of Fate Cinematic & Behind the Scenes


PBE Updates


Champion Changes




Blood_Well Blood Well (Passive)

  • Duration of regeneration after “death” decreased from 4 seconds to 3


Blades_of_TormentBlades of Torment (E)

  • Bonus AD Ratio increased from 0.4 to 0.6.
  • Range increased from 900 to 1000


MassacreMassacre (R)

  • Magic damage to champions changed from 15% + 0.01 AP to 200/300/400 (+1.0 AP)


Neutral Monster camps

120px-WolfSquare Wolves

  • Now spawn for the first time at the 1:55 minute mark
  • Respawn time reduced from 60 seconds to 50



  • Now spawn for the first time at the 1:55 minute mark



  • Now spawn for the first time at the 1:55 minute mark
  • Respawn time reduced from 60 seconds to 50


120px-GolemSquareAncient Golem

  • Base Experience gained increased from 220 to 275
  • A particle effect has been added to display who the buff has been transferred to


120px-LizardSquareLizard Elder

  • Base Experience gained increased from 220 to 275
  • A particle effect has been added to display who the buff has been transferred to



Item Changes


Wit's_End_itemWit’s End

  • New Recipe: Recurve Bow + Null Magic Mantle + Dagger + 700 gold = 2400 gold
  • Attack Speed increased from 40% to 42%
  • Passive now steals up to 25 Magic Resist from the target and gives to the user


Nashor's_Tooth_itemNashor’s Tooth

  • Combine Cost increased from 2500 to 2920 gold
  • Ability Power reduced from 65 to 60
  • Passive Added: Your attacks deal 15 + 15% of your Ability Power bonus magic damage on-hit


Note: The 20% Cooldown Reduction passive has not been removed.


  • Removed from the game


Boots_of_Speed_itemBoots of Speed

  • Cost reduced from 350 gold to 325


The changes to spawn timers will deny junglers the ability to get Wolves before the Ancient Golem buff or Wraiths before the Elder Lizzard buff. On the same note, blue side has officially been denied early double golems for bottom lane. This means that balance between the two teams has reached near equilibrium, with the exception of camera angle issues, which are not as game- breaking as the XP lead. All-ins with certain combos at level 2 easily dominate solo queue.

With experience gained for both blue and red buff going up it means junglers will have an easier time reaching level 3, which translates to quicker ganks on their side. This is an excellent change, given that Season 3 has presented a plethora of opportunities for laners to keep the river and brushes warded from the start. Now junglers may become a fearsome early-game force again, removing the element of passive gameplay that occurs in certain matchups. Another cool feature of this patch is the decreased respawn time on Wolves. Seeing as you won’t be killing those with the help of your teammates before the Ancient Golem spawns, it pays for the camp to appear again in the same timeframe.

And finally we have the cost of Boots of Speed to talk about. 25 gold less means Summoners have access to more consumables at level 1, for example, Boots + 2 Wards, or better yet, Boots + 1 Ward + 2 Health Potions.

Keep reading for an explanation of the changes to Wit’s End, Malady and Nashor’s Tooth.

Apologies for missing these changes in the last update.


Skillshot/UI Update

Several neat additions have been implemented for champions with odd skillshot patterns.

Lux Skillshot Update

Update to Lux’s Final Spark (R) Skillshot Indicator

Vayne Skillshot Update

Vayne Condemn (E) Skillshot Update

Vayne and Poppy can now get indication where their target will head during the knockback.


Magma Chamber


Remember this?


Magma Chamber concept


This isn’t it! But Magma Chamber has indeed been revived- if only as a 1v1 and 2v2 duel map for the All-Star Week.

title pic

All-star showdown on Magma Chamber


When your all-stars take the stage in Shanghai, China, you’ll see them face off mano-a-mano (and two-on-two, in the case of bot laners) for the right to claim they’re the best top, mid, bot or jungle players in the world. You’ll also get a look at the upcoming Magma Chamber map, which is specially designed for individual and pair competition.


Why preview Magma Chamber at All-Star Week?


small pics


Watching the best players in the world duel it out for honor and glory is pretty damn exciting. If you were following the all-star race, you probably caught the epic showdown between Wickd and Soaz. Matchups like that are really fun to watch, so we wanted to make sure we had a proper battlefield for individual grudge matches. Since it’s only natural to wonder who the best player in each role is, we thought All-Star Week was the perfect venue to give you a sneak peek at the map, and let the pros settle the score while we were at it.


How does a head-to-head match work?

One vs. one competition actually has a pretty long history in the League of Legends community. The first one on one tournament actually took place in beta, and we’ve seen many more battles of this nature since. We tried to stick close to the existing one vs. one conventions.


During All-Star week, players will win a match on Magma Chamber in any the following ways:


  • Kill 100 minions
  • Destroy the enemy turret
  • Score first blood in 1v1, or score 2 team kills in 2v2


When can we play?


end pic

While you can watch the all-stars treat their favorite champions to a magma tan today, remember this is a sneak peek and the public release is still on the horizon. We’re targeting before the launch of Season 4 while we tackle the following:


  • Tech challenges: A one vs. one map is unlike any game mode we’ve ever launched, and releasing it to millions is a lot different than letting the all-stars play on tournament realm. Before launch we need to load-test the servers and make sure we have the right supporting hardware in place.
  • More testing and optimizing: So far, Magma Chamber’s only optimized for tournament hardware, so there’s a lot of polish and bug sweeping left to finish. Before we can launch, the map needs to run smoothly on our full range of hardware, from the humblest min-spec to the most impressive gaming rig.
  • Game balance: Getting a map ready for live requires a lot of iteration on the design side. Right now we know it’s fun to watch the best players in the world throw down one vs. one, but we need more testing (including a full tour on the PBE) to make sure it’s balanced and fun to play!

We know Season 4 seems like it’s a long way off, but we’re using that time to get Magma Chamber shipshape and ready for launch. Stay tuned for more as we get closer to the new season.


TPA Skins Available!




Celebrate the victory of the Taipei Assassins in Season 2’s World Championship with Dr. Mundo, Ezreal, Nunu, Orianna and Shen all decked out in special uniforms! These skins will be available for 750 RP each or as a bundle for 2812 RP if you own the champions! If you don’t, you can grab those at a 25% discount, meaning all 5 champions + their TPA skins will cost you 5358 RP.



TPA Dr Mundo



TPA Ezreal



TPA Nunu



TPA Orianna



TPA Shen

And yes, Mundo does indeed throw Championship cups.


Xypherous on Hybrid Items


Curious about the changes to hybrid items on the PBE? Xypherous is here to shed some light!


Why are hybrid items bad for the game?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: I don’t claim that hybrid builds are bad – I claim that focused Hybrid items are bad for the game because they lock the character in question to only using hybrid items when they are balanced *or* the character is overpowered when they aren’t.

If you think about the breadth of itemization that a champion has – an item that appeals to hybrids would have to offer more statistics than one standalone AP or AD item. This means that the item in question is far more efficient for that character than any other item because it provides mixed statistics that no other character can take full advantage of.

Now think about what happens if this is a core item for the character build in question: Either he needs the increased statistics from the hybrid item (which means his AD / AP ratios are artificially low because this item exists) – but then almost every standalone AP or AD item now sucks, or more likely, the character is overpowered because he has decent ratios for AP and AD – but now there’s an item that gives him a wealth of both and he now simply has more raw damage or scaling than any other character.

To put it in concrete terms: think about what Gunblade did to Akali’s balance and ratios – I would rather a world in which Gunblade never existed so that Akali could simply have higher AP and AD ratios – and then she could then use more items that suited her from the normal pool of AP and AD items. However, because Gunblade exists, everything about Akali’s scaling is toned down around the fact that there’s this keystone item giving her 50% more statistics and thus everything that scales about her had to be toned down or she would simply be massively overpowered.

One could argue that Gunblade is the overpowered item in this case – however, break that down. If Gunblade wasn’t overpowered in terms of statistics for hybrid builders – why bother getting it when you could get an AP item *and* an AD item? By necessity, in order for an item to be appealing to hybrid characters – it has to offer a surplus of both statistics.

Note that this says nothing about hybrid builds – A hybrid build consisting of getting a Bloodthirster and then a Rylai’s scepter is interesting and compelling. However, focused hybrid items destroy a lot of the power of a hybrid character’s dual scaling – it takes away from the character being able to build whatever they want in terms of AP or AD – thus losing the benefit of a lot of good unique passives and actives.


Is the extra magic damage from Wit’s End gone?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: It remains as 42 magic damage.

Wit’s is probably slightly too cheap now – still trying to re-evaluate numbers / actual gold value of the two passives.

Won’t Nashor’s Tooth be too strong on champions like Teemo and Master Yi?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: As a third or fourth item, Nashor’s is going to make AP Teemo very strong – but Teemo has enough AP Ratios such that rushing 2900 gold on making his autoattacks stronger is going to cost him in other ways – such as blinding dart or mushroom damage.

It essentially adds another multiplier on top of their AP damage and potentially these characters might have to be looked at in the future – but I do think it’s important that the AP/AS builds have a keystone item to build around if they choose to do so.

Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: To do 100 magic damage with 15% on hit requires 566 AP. If one slot is Nashor’s Tooth, the other slots would have to be really heavy AP items. You’d have to have at least 2 Needlessly Large Rod items, one of which being Deathcap.

As to doubling Teemo’s poison – Teemo’s poison has an 0.3 AP Ratio and then another 0.4 AP Ratio as the DoT ticks. While this will increase Teemo’s power quite a bit once his build gets going – it’s not to that degree.

Yes – it’s scary – but a character with 566 AP, perhaps, should be terrifying.


Why do you consider Nashor’s Tooth lackluster for pure AP builds?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Basically, just opportunity cost. If you have AP abilities – spend 2900 gold on AP/CDR with no Mana or MP/5 is going to cost you in more than one way.

Contrast – Athene’s at 2900 which gives you the same CDR and also gives you Mana to fuel it, or Deathcap – which just gives you 3 or 4 times the AP (depending on how much AP you have.)


What are your plans for hybrid items in the future?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: In my opinion, focused hybrid itemization is kind of a misstep, overall.

The advantages of having both AP and AD ratios is that any item is good for you – not that there’s a specific class of items with 30% more stats because no one can use it correctly and thus it is good for you. When hybrid items are in vogue, like gunblade – it simply leads the detriment of any champion that can use it well.

The end result of that is that once you’re balanced around hybrid itemization, you have 70% of the ratios of any other champion *and* you’ve effectively locked yourself out from any cool AD or AP itemization, defeating the point of being hybrid in the first place.


Why did you remove Malady?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: The drive to remove Malady was that there was some obvious benefits from shuffling the passives that we liked around. Revamping or removing rageblade at this point without an obvious direction to take would be premature. Basically, I don’t have a great idea for it – so leaving it like this at least has no *new* net negatives.


Why are hybrid champions struggling to implement AD in their builds?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Convincing people that the best thing for their hybrid characters is to have no hybrid items at all is difficult at best.

The other aspect of this is that the hybrid characters we have don’t actually take advantage of hybrid scaling – they need a much heavier focus on basic attacks if they were to dip into the advantages of AD.

You have a handful of characters who hybrid scale – but don’t actually benefit from a hybrid playstyle of attacks and spells – hence the drive for sheer raw statistical power. They don’t actually benefit from building any of the AD items – nor does their playstyle synergize with some of the more focused AP items like Zhonya’s and the like. If you take a look at the line that connects Kayle, Akali and Jax, the common thread is that they almost all rely on going nuclear at some point through sheer statistical might.


Why is it a problem that these champions aren’t locked into a certain role?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: It’s not a fundamental difference in the problem. It’s a difference in expectation.

When you pick a ranged carry – you expect to do ranged carry like things. Kill dudes with your ranged attack – harass with spells – train on people. You have a specific set of needs and you are trying to accomplish them.

Similarly, when you pick a mage – you want to kill people with abilities. You could care less for your basic attack. You hit buttons – they die in a wildfire.

However, what do you expect out of a hybrid character? The flexibility to do both – or run a range from whatever you want it to be. Focused hybrid items kill that – because they demand that you build them. You don’t get to choose what range you are from ‘burst caster’ to ‘sustained drain-tanker’ – you only get to build the hybrid items because your ratios have been tuned around these inflated items to exist.

It goes against the base expectation of flexibility or ‘jack of all trades’ nature that the hybrid scaling seems to promise you in the first place.


What would the perfect hybrid champion be like?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: If you want the bluntest expression of a hybrid character – recall Kayle’s old passive which I will always miss even though it made her explode and hyperscale.

You *could* not be anything but a hybrid character with that passive. Your attack damage was ability power and vice-versa. Every item improved every facet of your character, whether you wanted it to or not.

It’s blunt, crude and possibly the purest expression of what it means to be hybrid to me.

As for playstyle changes – it depends on the passives and statistics which you favored. A hybrid playstyle looks remarkably similar to every hybrid character – except for the player playing him who is familiar with exactly how he wants to build or play.


Why doesn’t Akali benefit more from AD?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Akali as a hybrid character and it’s odd because she really doesn’t want to autoattack much. Nothing gives her a chance or an opportunity to – which is why I suspect the AP build is the default – and that any hybrid items created simply augment the AP build, if they’re good.

I’m not sure what you could do to change that – or if making Akali more AA focused would be a good change now. It certainly doesn’t fix her current problems if you made AD stronger on her.


Why not tune the hybrid items and make hybrid champions viable without them?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: That’s definitely a good approach to take – the issue you run into there is that any hybrid item will then be seen as prohibitively weak by any non-hybrid character. How big an issue of that is up to you to decide – but they’ll be seen as dead items by a majority of the character pool.

In a world where there was many hybrid champions – that’d definitely be the ideal approach to take. In a world dominated by more standard scaling champions – it’d be mostly taking up space in the item store.


What’s the purpose of Nashor’s Tooth now?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Nashor’s tooth allows the potential for a large group of existing champions to branch out into a subtype (autoattacking) and synergizes with champions that work well with it.

However, core hybrid itemization, when balanced, does not allow either AD or AP to branch out in such a fashion. A balanced gunblade does not help any AD or AP character aspire to any aspect of their character.

As for dual penetration %, think about how much % penetration it would take to rival Last Whisper or Void Staff. You are dealing split-damage already. Thus, any advantage of % penetration is cut in half. This is mitigated somewhat by lopsided resistances of the opponent – but then it’s hard to argue that Last Whisper or Void Staff wouldn’t simply be better in that regard then.


Aren’t hybrid items currently limiting hybrid champions instead of helping them?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: I can easily point to Gunblade limiting hybrid champion build options because whenever Gunblade has been good at had to be balanced around, we’ve continuously nerfed the AP ratios of the characters who could use it.

If I removed those 3 hybrid options from the game and simply increased the ratios of hybrid champions, now instead of those 3 items being their only options they now have access to every other AD or AP item in the game. It’s the fact that balancing around hybrid items simultaneously forces them into those items and also takes away existing items that is so criminal here.


Offtopic discussions

Here you’ll find talk about Hecarim, Nautilus, Renekton, Doran Items and more!

Can you explain why Hecarim’s passive was changed?

If you recall from a previous PBE update, Warpath’s collision ignore was removed.


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: I don’t really have any context here at the moment – sorry.

The reason why this context post isn’t being posted by me is because the vast majority of the changes are being handled by other people. The few changes I’ve made on this patch are mostly starting item oriented and the removal of Malady.

As far as I know, I think the assessment is that Hecarim doesn’t need it and it’s greatly increasing his dive strength and escape power. I believe that while ‘E’ is up, he will still ignore unit collisions however. I believe the contention here is that Hecarim is still really strong and further numerical balance without removing this strength would start to get pretty dire, in terms of nerfing his end-game survivability and damage.

Ignore Unit Collision is a terrifying fighter statistic – as I’ve said before when this was brought up for boots. :x


Why were Doran items nerfed in price?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: The problem we had with the old Doran’s items starting with a potion is that no one ever died. Health Quints, starting potions and Doran’s items created an odd environment where most people started with 650 to 800 health and a potion.

We live in a very different world now – where level 1 fights are terrifyingly brutal. Some starting items with a little bit of health to them is probably healthy in this world where max health quints and max health early in general, is very difficult to rune / mastery for.


Will the new Doran Shield make melee champions viable on the bot lane?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Hopeful – but most likely it won’t. For Melee to compete in the duo lane space – they have to somehow be able to farm at range and be item scaling rather than level scaling.


Is Warmog still being looked at?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: It’s regarded as weak – but more likely in a decent spot.


Why doesn’t Locket of the Iron Solari build out of Emblem of Valor?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Locket doesn’t built out of an Emblem of Valor because it was re-designed as a sister item to Aegis of the Legion. In effect, because Locket and Aegis function so well together – we didn’t initially want to introduce anything that caused the pairing to clash.

As for why Aegis builds out of Emblem of Valor now – it was some weird principle that the keystone aura item should be an aura item at all points, including lane – which is ironic given that Aegis is frequently built by the Jungler.


Can you explain the changes to Nautilus and his W damage?




Titan's_WrathTitan’s Wrath (W)

  • Bonus damage on-hit changed from 30/55/80/105/130 to 40/55/70/85/100 ( +0.4 AP ) over 2 seconds .


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Sure – we took away the thing that held Nautilus back, his early clear – and now his actual overpowered elements are coming into the forefront.

This is one of those cases where a 50% win rate didn’t necessarily mean balanced. Something was holding him back – something unreasonable and out of the player’s control (early clear) and we compensated it with extreme damage. Well, that’s all fine and good, except it means roughly half your games are stomps and half your games, you are terrible. Hence the retuning – removing early weakness – but also removing this unnecessary damage.


What’s your opinion on Renekton currently?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Renekton right now serves as the ‘You must be this tall to enter top-lane’ champion. While he’s kind of obnoxious at this role, he’s not the root cause of it.

He’s probably slightly too strong right now and probably needs his ‘Q’ nerfed a little. Otherwise, he’s kind of the quintessential bruiser man – one of the few we find annoying – but not egregiously so.


Can we expect improvements to Atma’s Impaler?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Quite frankly, it’d be pretty easy to make Atma’s Impaler good (make it slot-efficient, rather than gold-efficient, given how late of an item buy it is) – but we’re not altogether convinced that making Atma’s Impaler good would make the game better – so we’ve been holding off on it.


A Twist of Fate


Finally, we have an intriguing cinematic from Riot Games that was featured at the All-Stars Event.

Definitely a triple-A CGI, but how’s it all made? Find out below!

Pro tip – if you think your champion is extremely strong, don’t spread the word. See the Yorick community? They know he’s overpowered, but they’re keeping it cool.

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  • John Smith

    @TokeHardGatorrr Vayne’s E isn’t a skillshot, it has the indicator to show where the person you condemn does and you don’t have to guess anymore

  • TokeHardGatorrr

    League has messed them selfs up , vayne E is now a skill shot ?? that doesnt make sense , but i like how they took you Malady . i just really want to play on Magma Chamber.

  • bones

    @pissed off
    1) pros play champions for a reason
    2) early game power becomes lategame power if you don’t fail

  • bones

    @Vite ya i hear ya, malady is a classic item that needs to remain.

  • http://solomid pissed off

    love riots genius behind nerfs. lets nerf champions that we see pros play… fucken ridiculous nerf renekton q? when it doesnt really do much damage late game and its his only poke and sustain he has? come on riot there are champs that you arent even looking at that are more OP then these guys

  • Lithorak

    As always, thanks for the incite from the PBE side of things. It is nice to see these notes for those of us who may not have time to test this.

    I like the balance coming from the Jungle spawn changes. The exp compensation should be nice and this actually open up time for even more jungle invades since people will not be worried about making the first camp spawn at 1:40. As for Malady, I would largely agree with the decision revolving around hybrid items. Most of them are overpowered for the people that they are useful for but the combonation of stats isolates the items from most people. Most hybrid characters would be just as effective with proper itemization outside the hybrid section.

    I am glad to see that you are working to keep the passives alive though. The passives on many of these items is what really speaks to the hybrid champs. Something like the Guinsoo passive on Nashors would be interesting, if Guinsoo is also on the chopping block.

    As for Hecarim, if it is that much of an issue for some people, build a phantom dancer. Problem solved.

    You may also want to note that may of these overpowered points that are being nerfed, come from bug fixes that caused the champion to seem artificially weak. Once the bug is fixed, the champions true power comes out and they will occasionally needs nerfs. Such as the reasoning behind nautilus.

    Please make sure that you read more into the context then just “Oh no, My favorite champ!”. Most of the changes are completely valid to keeping a competitive scene active and viable.

  • Vite

    OHH NOOOOO!!! MALADY !!!! NOOOO. SIMPLY NO, thats the only item that i like the most. OMG, MALADY. RIP

  • Brago

    so aatrox will comeback ?! xD

  • Charlie


    They take from Renekton and Naut because they became popular in LCS

  • Charlie

    The way I see it is they are essentially giving Master Yi and Teemo better shit when they are already OP as ****. And taking away from all the unseen picks, I love playing renekton, The best way to counter him is play passive early until he falls off, Now they’re nerfing his Early game which is his only real excelling point. Nautilus, I’ve used him since i started about 7 months ago. I would never used to see him played in ranked or LCS or at all really, Now all of a sudden they are nerfing him because he is FINALLY being acknowledged as a descent champ because he is becoming popular in tournaments. Riot really needs to reconsider where it stands in the fact they Take away from the Poor and underused, And give to the OP, Teemo, YI and Akali (Who seems to be improved a lot) . Keep in mind, The only reason Malady was ever really bought was for it’s passive, Now it is being merged to an already EXTREMELY powerful item for only 450+ gold for the loss of 5AP…. Come on Riot, Get it together

  • Mattzory EU West

    Omg.. Remove so many good items and the put in new items that sucks so hard.. That’s just wrong… Just ruined another game for me :'(

  • james

    xD renekton have you seen jax ,kayle well have you ?

  • ANDRE99001


  • Kaeaddaar

    I think the hybrid argument is totally interesting. And when you find an interesting problem we should come up with interesting solutions. Getting rid of the hybrid items is a great idea in my opinion for the current setup of the game, but I think there are far better choices. Imagine if you could choose between 3 modes for Hybrid Characters. 1) Hybrid, 2) AD Based, or 3) AP Based. Your stats and item availability would be based on which you choose, and no more hybrid problem.

    Hope that muddies the water enough for everyone. :)… BTW I want my on hit scaling back for my on hit Oriana builds.

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    Dat ass.

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    Malady removed

    Another cool item removed :/
    I miss heart of gold and the nature force thing ^^

  • Chefo

    Guys, please remember that this is just asking Xypherous’s opinion on Renekton. It doesn’t reflect any decisions Riot has decided to make and does NOT mean he’ll get nerfed.

  • James

    I think what their doing is fine. Renektoon is a beast in the top lane and the only champs ive beat him with are jayce and quinn(since quinn when played correctly can rip apart ad bruisers early game). he needs the nerf so other top laners have a chance to beat him without hugging for dear life and hoping to farm yourself into late game.

  • mhh


  • http://Solomid Gammashark

    wat fucken shit is this? Nerfing renektons early game when his late game is shty? Come on he’s really balanced and underplayed yet you guys want to do this? God why would you guys do this. Nerf champions that need to be nerfed and buff the champs who need a buff FFs leave him alone

  • BlackenedSlayer

    GeorgeMawlWerf :
    RIP in peace malady :’(
    rip AA dps

    @GeorgeMawlWerf Rest in Peace in Peace? :D :D :D

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    i dont like the magma chamber its just a aram map with some weird things on the sides

  • Chefo

    This is a discussion on why Doran items were made 475 gold each even before Season 3. It’s an old change, Xypherous was just explaining the thought process behind it.

  • BrandBuffs

    Just buff the range on brands E and hes perfect!

  • TheOne

    Welcome to the league of nerfes.

    Hey, Renekton is strong early and shitty lategame. Lets nerf his early so hes useless in every part of the game.

    Lets not buff useless champions, lets nerf perfectly balanced ones so our new champions get bought.

    Please just leave the game alone, thanks.

  • Azures


    go look up faker’s leblanc in ogn and tell me about her not being a viable pick.

  • ixlHD

    Reneketon Q is to strong ? not his stun 0_0

  • Lord Aeolus

    if they TOUCH Renekton i will stop playing him all the time… seriously, yes, his Q is amazing, but that’s because it HAS to be, hes strong early, yes, incredibly so, but that is what he does. its like nerfing Draven’s Q early. you dont take away from what a champion does… you just dont. Renekton out of laning is absolutely terrible unless you went 5-0 or better in the laning, because of his kit and his need to hit things (minions mostly) to really be doing his thing. if they take his Q and nerf it or change it then they will make him alot like Rengar.
    taking a really balanced champion, and changing them so you never see them again. I never see Renekton now as is, why? because people at higher leagues KNOW what he can do, so back the f*ck off till he is weaker. super simple. facing a Renekton? let him push, he has no trouble doing that on his own, and farm when you can.

    Rant over

  • Malmer

    oh ffs riot… welcome to the league of nerf…. if they remove items they have to add items, i wanna see buffs not nerfs, screw new champions. theres more than a 100 of them and many of them just aren’t essential for play, like leblanc bieng a viable pick in ranked… spend more time on adjusting the current league instead of releasing new op crap champs and then waste all your time adjusting them…. anyways fellow summoners im off to work GL & HF

  • bruthsaw

    I like the new passive on Nashor Tooth… but Malady… WHY THEY GOTTA TAKE YOU AWAY FROM ME! Well… I guess I will just get a new item for AS lulu…

  • SoZi

    They changed the price from 450g to 475g long time ago

  • DyroneOP

    I would like to see The General’s reaction to the new jungle :c

  • StrikexDK

    What changes have they made to dorans items? I haven’t seen any changes?

  • GeorgeMawlWerf

    RIP in peace malady :'(
    rip AA dps

  • Molto HD

    Jevta4Swifty :
    MALADYY!!!! NOOOO!!!! :’(

    They don’t understant that they destroy LoL ….

  • Jevta4Swifty

    MALADYY!!!! NOOOO!!!! :'(