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Red Post: Lore Rich Teaser

March 15th, 2013 Leave a comment

Riot Fixed


It seems like Riot have found their love of lore all over again and we got treated to a little more today.

Teaser 1 Art

The storm of war looms over the Freljord.

Rumors of strife in the north have spread for months, but Demacia is only now taking notice. The Freljord has remained divided and tribal for centuries, but should they unite, a barbarian march could threaten our borders. It’s time someone assessed the danger to Demacia. Prince Jarvan has granted me leave to gather information.

Val and I leave tonight.

Avarosan Camp, Southern Freljord

The stories I’ve heard always made the Freljord out to be a barbaric, uncivilized place. If the cold doesn’t kill you, the people will (so the soldiers of Demacia say)

I didn’t expect the warmth that greeted me in the Avarosan camp. If not for the snowy mountains in the distance, I’d have mistaken this for a Demacian border town, not a tribal stronghold. It’s clear that Ashe, the Avarosan leader, has greatly advanced the Freljord people since our last envoy visited this place years ago. These are not scattered barbarians at war with the land and with each other. The people here are adapting to the hardships of the Freljord, growing grain, and building the foundations of a civilization.

Ashe is diplomatic and welcoming. She carries herself with the air of a leader that shines through her youth. Even Val likes her (how rare). Ashe guessed that we’d come here to offer Demacian aid, but she insists nothing of the sort is needed. “We fight our own battles,” she told us.

Her words may be true, but I see division amongst her people. Val’s tense around some of them, and he can sense their discomfort. Some happily tend to the fields, while others hold their tools like weapons. They’re waiting for a war, not a harvest.

I’ve spoken to a few tribesmen. Most are confident that Ashe is the rightful leader of the Freljord. They swear she’ll unify the tribes, but I can see some doubt in their eyes. They whisper one name in fear: Sejuani. She leads the tribe known as the Winter’s Claw. It’s clear some of Ashe’s people fear her strength and ferocity.

Val and I are off to scout Sejuani’s territory at dawn. We’ll determine the extent of the threat she poses to the Freljord—and to Demacia. - Quinn and Valor



    i actually always play seju-san :D her ult is the best!

  • Zerorat

    @random bastard

    Pretty sure that behind malph and amumu, Nautilus is the best 4 cc champ, since he ACTUALLY puts out some damage.

  • Ansvar

    Branimir :
    This would be a lot more ominous if Sejuani wasn’t the North Korea of League of Legends champions.

    hahahahaha I can’t breath. That’s the best thing i’ve ever read.

  • random bastard

    she got 4 cc and a dash. Her problem was that ppl rather wanted shiv/mao/lee instead of her.
    But when you want tons of cc you has to pick her or … udyr/rammus.
    Maybe in new jungle she got some love from not-lazy players – when you got banned amumu/malph, sejuani says ‘hi, each my skill is cc’.

    3rd Sister of freljord inc!

  • Branimir

    This would be a lot more ominous if Sejuani wasn’t the North Korea of League of Legends champions.

  • Yuri

    Brace yourselves, Lissandra is coming