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Red Posts: Nidalee & Fiora Reworks, State of Rengar, Warwick Relaunch, Guinsoo Returns and More!

April 6th, 2014 Leave a comment


Nidalee and Fiora Rework Banner


Red Post Collection

Single Posts – Stale Balance, Skarner, Support Gragas



Fiora Rework Banner

Awesome news – Guinsoo is back and he’s ready to deliver on the fantasy of dueling Champions with a French fencer lady!



 GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: Hi guys. I’d just like to weigh in on what some of the Fiora goals are. The main problems we see with Fiora’s current kit are that thematically, she doesn’t deliver on the fantasy of being a skilled duelist/fencer, and mechanically, her game presence / play pattern / role doesn’t line up with being a skilled duelist/fencer.

As far as the duelist fantasy goes, at least when I think of Fiora, I expect her to be extremely mobile but not just going in, she needs to be good at dancing in, out of, around and about combat. She should be about finding weaknesses in the opponent’s play and finding the proper occasion to go on the attack. She shouldn’t be about running in and bursting enemies down, she should be dealing high, steady DPS over time that is relatively target agnostic.

Mechanically speaking, I’d expect a duelist type champion to be mechanically intense. I expect opportunities to use my abilities at optimal times to counter out the enemy’s champion. I want to have a lot to keep track of, but with clear success cases when I do well.

At the end of the day, live Fiora is a ball of stats with some untargetability thrown in; she pushes her buttons pretty much as fast as she can without a second thought, and she’s also extremely snowballey. In short, she’s bland with no cool opportunities to exchange gameplay between her and her lane opponent.

Some of the current goals including switching Fiora from an assassin to a melee DPS, and moving her lane from top to mid/jungle, and adding tons of ‘outplay’ functionality on her kit, as well as more mobility especially in terms of being able to disengage and re-engage at optimal times.

I can’t share too much of exactly what the plans are for her kit, as I’m sure it’s going to change tons during development, but I’ll leave this here to hopefully stir up some excitement for our favorite rapier wielder. Also bear in mind this is an early, experimental Blade Waltz, and could certainly change drastically between now and remake launch time.

I also understand it’s hard to understand exactly what this sample Blade Waltz does, given the lack of context on her basic spells… but rest assured, there are significant tweaks (or more) to all 4 of the other abilities, so hopefully your imaginations run wild 





Do you think this new ultimate will accomplish what the old one did?


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: A great question. I’m not going to directly answer it, but I’m going to pose a theoretical question.

If one assumes that Lunge is _kind of_ like Blade Waltz’s jump around and hit things function, and that Riposte is _kind of_ like Blade Waltz’s untargetability, is it hard to envision a scenario where you don’t get the current functionality of Blade Waltz if you’re allowed to rapidly cast your basic spells? But with options around when each individual jump and spell block comes from, as well as considering how many jumps to use vs spell blocks vs disengages, when, how many auto attacks to weave in, when to focus more DPS vs more survivability vs more mobility, etc.

The goal behind the current ult was to sometimes emulate the behavior of the old one, but make it more timing and decision based, add more options, and add more counterplay for the opponents. I feel like the new ultimate offers far more opportunities than the old one, if one assumes that R/Q emulates the feel of her live Blade Waltz.



Do you think Fiora’s rework will allow her to duel the current top lane picks?


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: Right now to me the ‘natural’ top laners are people like Renekton, Shyvana, etc. I feel like in order to make a melee ADC (ala Yasuo) compete with those types of champions in the top lane, we’d have to make other sacrifices to her core design (e.g. putting life regeneration on her kit, I really don’t like her current passive but I worry that without it she’d really struggle top lane).



As a fencer, Fiora should be about one-hit knockouts, not poking enemies


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: OK, I feel like I used the wrong terminology when I said “poke enemies down.” I edited my first post to “deal steady, high DPS that is relatively target agnostic.” While I mostly agree with you that fencing is all about scoring OHKOs, well obviously that type of gameplay isn’t great for any type of PvP game.


The way we’re choosing to handle this is to give her strong, steady DPS, but have it come in bigger chunks that one might anticipate from a steady DPS champion. For example her Riposte has heavily negative implications on her outgoing DPS… unless she blocks a significant spell or attack, at which point she can respond with a very hard hitting Thrust.

In general we want her to feel good (and be greatly rewarded) for using her abilities properly. While that can’t be in the form of OHKOs, I think the next best thing is “big chunks of damage.”



Off-topic: Why were you gone for so long?


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: Truth be told, 6 years of intense video game development got to me and I really needed to take some time to destress. I spent about a year traveling and relaxing and now I’m locked and loaded and ready to pump out some sweet content.



Why would Fiora be picked over Yasuo?


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: Here are 3 reasons off the top of my head to pick her over Yasuo. Please note I’m talking about her new kit with new abilities, not her old kit with a new ultimate. I just spoiled the ultimate for funsies 

1) Kayle ult with a few catches on a normal slot
2) Weaker engage, but much stickier than Yasuo
3) Built in disengage



Will her Reposte be able to block tower shots while Fiora is using her ult?


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: I doubt it. I’m not a great fan of tower diving. I think her kit still leaves her much better positioned to tower dive than the average champion even without being untargetable/immune to turrets. I’m not completely opposed to her having some turret mitigation capabilities. But I’d rather avoid it, and so far my instinct tells me she’ll do okay with out it just due to the sheer mobility on the kit.



Do you feel her passive is underwhelming?


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: That’s kind of what I’m driving at – the passive feels lame, it’s especially lame in tense moments like battles with other champions, and its only real use is allowing her access to a lane that I don’t really feel she belongs in in the first place. It’s power without gameplay, and plus it feels useless too. It’s effective, but totally lameballs. That’s pretty much the opposite of where I’d like her passive design space to lie.



Why would a duelist be a jungler? It doesn’t seem thematic


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: That’s an interesting consideration. But I still think mid lane works fine for her; perhaps you’re right that jungle isn’t where she belongs.





How will you balance Fiora’s damage spike from her new ultimate?


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: Originally I was debating how to primarily balance this implementation of Blade Waltz. There are two obvious limiting levers, duration and number of casts. The version of which I posted a screenshot is clearly more duration limited. In this iteration I was counting on the various “drawbacks” / nuances of the abilities to limit the ultimate – e.g. travel times, delays, parry times, etc.


In the end with the directions we took for some of the other , and the more recent version is more moderate 8 second duration, with a limit of 4 / 6 / 8 casts (still needs tons of tuning). Also note that right now Blade Waltz doesn’t provide any bonuses to how hard the skills hit, to emphasize mobility and tactics over brute force during the ultimate (obviously when casting that many spells in succession, it’s going to be doing a certain amount of brute force work).

You’re partially right that an ultimate that uses stronger versions of your basic skills requires a sharp tuning knife to make it feel good with and without. But in this case, I think there are some “under the hood” things that we can do to make the ultimate feel like a thing of its own. For example right now when you activate it, it resets all your cooldowns so you can start your comboing or dancing immediately, you get X number of casts chosen pretty much any way you like, and afterward it puts the cooldowns back where they were. I think this really helps make the ultimate feel like a spell all of its own. Additionally, the more potent the “spell modifications” that Blade Waltz offers, the more it feels like the ultimate is a collection of different spells. I think the W captures that well right now, the E to some degree, and the Q not nearly enough.

She definitely pulls a lot of weight with all her spells. In fact, she’s decidedly spell based and mostly weaves autos between them, but still plays a lot like a melee ADC because she can cast so many spells within her windows and (conditionally) deal steady spikes of damage. As far as the actual itemization, that is yet to be determined. Right now, she does have an attack speed steroid elsewhere on her kit (originally it was on the ult, but that doesn’t fit for obvious reason), but it’s not clear to me yet if that will or should stick. That is one of the balancing levers for her that partially determines if she’s more assassin or melee ADC; in an ideal world I’d like her to play exactly like a melee ADC without any basic attack steroids, but that’s a lofty goal that’s probably not possible. I also don’t want her to rely exclusively on her auto attacks like for example Tryndamere, I think it should be somewhere int he middle.

And I don’t really have any thoughts on jungle Fiora at the moment. I’m really not sure if that’s a reasonable expectation or not. It has not yet been tested, and it’s definitely not the primary focus/intended role for her.



Will Fiora’s kit be overtuned to fit the Melee DPS archetype?


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: I think there are levers you can tune to allow a character to be very mobile while not being completely out of hand. It’s definitely a hard goal, and melee DPS seem to be one of the hardest classes to get right. I certainly would like to try.



Can you make Fiora’s dash work on allies?


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: It’s something we’ve considered; ultimately I don’t think it fits the fencing fantasy well so I’d rather try to go other routes to get the mobility we like. But we’re not opposed to it if other methods fail.




Why are you reworking Fiora when some people don’t want her changed?


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: People don’t like change. It’s in our nature; if we like something we don’t want it to change. But that doesn’t mean it’s not for the better. I’m confident we can deliver a new Fiora kit that delivers most of the same mechanics that the old one has (including the important ones like the Blade Waltz experience) but creates new gameplay and makes her actually feel like a duelist.

I prefer to focus my responses toward posts that are more constructive.



Warwick Relaunch

Warwick will soon be getting a full balance rework, complete with a visual update. More from Zenon.



ZenonTheStoic Button Rioter ZenonTheStoic: We have a full relaunch slated for Warwick, but the question is indeed when. Currently our highest priority in terms of full relaunches is Sion; as for visual only stuff we’re excited to bring you Twitch very very soon.

I’d love to say Warwick will happen at some point this year, but who knows. The landscape of what needs work most is ever-shifting. For what it’s worth, I have a kit I fully believe in ready for further work.



Is Warwick getting a full ability rework as well?


ZenonTheStoic Button Rioter ZenonTheStoic: Yup! Blood Scent stays (but receives a toggle) and Hungering Strike becomes Hungering Strikes (still with a very similar purpose), but other than that a lot of things will change.




Will Warwick’s other skins get the running animation from Blood Scent that Hyena Warwick has?


ZenonTheStoic Button Rioter ZenonTheStoic: That’s a very good question! I do want special animations for all skins when he goes into Blood Scent, but I like that Hyena gets something special. Maybe the other skins will get somewhat more vanilla wolf running animations? That’s a conversation I will need to have with my animator once the pod comes online (once we start working on the art).



Will WW’s balance rework ship before his visual update?


ZenonTheStoic Button Rioter ZenonTheStoic: We had the discussion on whether or not we can ship WW without art, but some of the things we’re doing would just look very, very derpy without new art, so I’d rather wait. WW is at least a niche pick right now, unlike Heimer who was simply unpicked before the remake.



Is Warwick going to retain his life-drain tank niche?


ZenonTheStoic Button Rioter ZenonTheStoic: Absolutely! If anything he’ll be more of a drain tank. He currently gains self-heal with bonus health, so if you want to drain tank you no longer build AP on him. He has a passive that stacks up on himself when he attacks stuff and his self-heal also increases with those stacks, so he needs to be in combat for a while before his drain tanking really comes online. It creates some pretty tense “can I live through the first 10 seconds of this and then become IMMORTAL DOG” situations.



What’s your favourite thing about this rework?


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: My biggest like about the warwick gameplay changes in progress are that they give him many more important decisions and high moments. He will actually be able to make “big plays,” which is really great.




Nidalee Rework Banner

After extensive research, it turned out Nidalee is anti – fun. Rioters are on the case to bring Nidalee a shift in balance, along with some welcome QoL changes to her Cougar form.



RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: Hi guys! As has already been mentioned here, I’ve been doing work on Nidalee for some time now, and I definitely think things are headed in the right direction with her. I can’t really share specific details of the kit changes just yet, but I can share some of the primary (there may be others, but these are the forefront ones) problems that we’ve identified and are working to solve.


-The way Nidalee utilizes both forms to succeed is out of whack. She very regularly doesn’t have to use Cougar form as part of her killing pattern. This is not only unfair to enemy players, but also just a bit lame as a shapeshifting character.

-Nidalee doesn’t put herself at enough risk of death when she succeeds. I personally think it’s okay if Nidalee averages a high number of kills every game, but the number of deaths she accrues needs to be a bit higher to reflect that.

-Nidalee is pretty hard to control in Cougar form, and she just feels clunky much of the time. Even in pro games we see people Pouncing/Swiping in the wrong direction while farming or faceplanting into walls they meant to hop over.

As for Javelin Toss, I know this doesn’t provide a definitive answer on that subject, and once we have more definitive details on a direction, I’ll be happy to talk about them. At this rate, I wouldn’t expect Javelin Toss to undergo fundamental changes to its mechanics. It will almost assuredly remain a “deals more damage at greater range” ability, and it will hurt to get hit by. Furthermore, it probably won’t have cooldown reducing mechanics or ramping mana gates or something like that on it. None of that really matters if the Javelin that does hit you or your carry drops them from 100% health down to 40% at the beginning of the fight, because you’re still just forced to leave. In that case, we’ve just condensed the window of frustration rather that targeting the frustration itself.

Looking forward to sharing more details with you guys once we’ve something a bit more well-defined to talk about!



Any major changes to Javelin Toss?


RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: Basically, I think we can put Javelin Toss in a good state that leaves it satisfying without added intricacies to the reasons or timing of casting the spell. With a kit to support this, of course.




Will this impact bruiser Nidalee’s viability?


RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: Bruiser Nidalee should be fine following the changes, if not more fun to play.





Currently tested kit


ZenonTheStoic Button Rioter ZenonTheStoic: Piggy-backing on this: we do have a kit in testing, designed by RiotRepertoire. That kit mostly tones down Javelin Toss’s mid range damage and creates a follow-up opportunity to encourage more time spent in cougar form (which is currently the wave-pushing and teamfight clean up form) (plus strategic map movement I guess).

However, to set expectations appropriately: just because we’re testing changes doesn’t mean those changes necessarily see the light of day. We test a LOT of kits, sometimes with crazy experimental changes (a Brand kit from last year comes to mind where Pyroclasm slowed down after each bounce but could bounce INDEFINITELY so long as the enemy team stayed together), and often the answer is “probably not worth doing”.

This is a strength of our design process. We’re highly iterative and we realize that there’s only so much value to be gained from theory-crafting it all out in your head. There’s a time and a place for spreadsheet design, and IMO that’s in the very beginning of a design idea, when you just want to get a rough read for the power level. After that there’s no substitute for “just put it in a playtest and see how it goes”.

My personal feeling is that while everything Repertoire’s changing about Nidalee is a positive change compared to live (a couple of GREAT QoL changes like pounce and swipe going toward mouse cursor), we’re not addressing the truly grating aspect of live Nidalee, which is random spears chunking you down to 50% health. In theory, Nidalee is mana gated and can’t just throw out spears all day. In practice, blue buff exists and Athene’s is a gold-efficient pickup even without the mana on it, so yeah. May not be a Nidalee problem. May be a problem of how we’re failing to do mana gating in modern League.

But the kit is still in testing and it’s way too early to tell where it’s going. Definitely don’t expect it to hit live any time soon; these things take time.



State of Rengar Banner

After the big changes to Rengar in Patch 4.5, it’s time to sit back and not get one-hit from stealth. What’s the community’s take on the rework?



Is Rengar getting shifted from an assassin to a fighter?


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: To be clear about Rengar’s role in a team, we wanted to leave this mostly unchanged. He is still the guy that hunts the enemy squishies and can stalk around choosing his prey at will. His damage is lowered some, but we still want him to be a strong damage threat.


He is unique from some of the other assassins like zed or khazix because he has much more versatility with his ferocity skills (CC, Damage, Heals, many options here). On the other hand, some other assassins have escapes, where he does not. Considering he doesn’t have a reliable escape once he has engaged, we gave him some more tools like durability and speed so that once he is in, he has a means of contributing.

As far as items, we’re not designing towards any “right” way to build Rengar. He scales well with both offensive and defensive items and that is something that is cool about him as a character.

Keep in mind, we’re not going to leave Rengar out to dry if he has problems/needs changes. We already have a bunch of changes planned for the next patch like speeding up the Q attack animations significantly, and some ult warning changes that we have been talking about in this thread. We should have a bunch more data soon, which will help inform us if he needs more changes, and where.

I appreciate all of the feedback, and I know that change can be frustrating on a character that you know and love so well. Don’t fear for Rengar, he’s not going away anytime soon.



Any changes you’re planning for his ult?


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: We have an ult change coming in the next patch that will not alert enemies if you wouldn’t be visible to them outside of stealth. This is really big for when he is ganking or approaching his targets from a brush or near walls. It was pretty silly to alert the enemy when Rengar wouldn’t have been visible out of stealth anyway, you guys were totally right on this one.

Also, the Q and Empowered Q attack animations are getting significantly sped up. This will fix a lot of the “my Q didn’t go off” cases, and it’s a non trivial buff in his dps output over time.

This isn’t the end, but it’s what I can say is coming with certainty right now.



Can you bring back Rengar’s Q+Auto Attack chain from brush?


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: The Q from brush will be working better after our next set of changes as well. Also Q does currently and will still reset his auto attack.




Are damage a likelihood if Rengar proves too weak after his rework?


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: Things like damage numbers are never set in stone. We will make adjustments to his damage if we overdid the changes. Real data will give us lots of information about how the changes turned out: Is his early game too weak? Is his late game too strong? etc.. Depending on what we find, adjustments will be made. It’s unfortunate that we cant play millions of test games with any changes before they release, but the least we can do is respond to the real data once the changes are live.



Single Posts banner



Are LoL Champions being standardized like the classes in WoW?


ghostcrawler Button Rioter Ghostcrawler: Flattening unique and powerful abilities was something WoW had to embrace to some extent or else players would just stack classes with the most valuable unique mechanics and neglect the others. In Sunwell, you needed one shaman per melee party for Windfury, and in Throne of Thunder, you wanted several warlocks for Demonic Gateways and perhaps even Healthstones.


This is largely a function of the noble desire for boss encounters to have different mechanics, though it does exist in WoW PvP to a lesser extent. The sweet spot is having classes feel different without actually being dramatically different. Too many differences leads to lack of diversity, because your group composition becomes inflexible. You are forced to play Tetris to min max the class mechanics you need.

League is a different kind of game. Champs have fewer abilities than WoW classes, but the fights are also less predictable, so you don’t know that you will need a certain ability to solve the puzzle. Blitz’s grab or Sona’s auras are useful, but hardly mandatory, and you’re giving up something else to bring them. The game rules also don’t allow you to stack champs, One For All not withstanding. In this case, it’s important for champions to be as different from each other as possible. If two champs have similar mechanics, it’s easy to evaluate which one is the best choice, usually just based on higher damage or stats. In this case, not having enough differences can lead to lack of diversity. While it’s advisable to build teams with some synergy, there’s a ton more flexibility and much less of the Tetris feeling.

TLDR, champ similarity isn’t a League value.



Upcoming Buffs for Rumble


morellovatar Button Rioter Morello: Right now, the balance team is looking into Rumble buffs for an upcoming patch. With All-Stars, we’re unsure if that will be 4.6 or 4.7 (or later…), but there’s a few top laners we’d like to bring up – Rumble is one of them.




Can you give Vandal Twitch his green shades on his visual update?


Ququroon Button Rioter Morello: We’re investigating changes on this now.





State of Skarner


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: We still have plans for Skarner, mostly in the realm of bringing excitement and a bit of the old identity that people liked about the old Skarner back.

We can keep a lot of the gameplay gains (versatility, windows of power/weakness) and add a bit more stickiness/cc control that people liked about the old kit. I’ve been in ongoing discussions about these changes with a lot of the team, and I should get down to implementing them sometime next week. When we have a more final changelist, I’ll let you know what we intend to do.



Is Support Gragas a possibility after the rework?


Riot Zephyreal Button Rioter Riot Zephyreal: When I first saw his kit on the community beta thread I immediately thought support Gragas. He now has 3 forms of CC at 6, his knockback on E is either tied or slightly further back than Thresh flay, and his Q slow is pretty heavy if there is any sort of charge up time (which you can set up with combos with his E or even more impressively his R).

His passive is also pretty sweet since he has to go kind of close with his body slam for trades, so that extra heal is nice if he can manage the passive timer well. But also given the fact that the E knocks back and stuns, he pretty safe to begin with if he wants to do an E+Q combo for harass. I’m literally chunking people for 35-40% HP (depending on Q charge) and walking away without a care in the world.

The one downside is that you’re not flanking much in laning phase as support Gragas to maximize the displacement on body slam, but again if you can combo a Q through an E (super easy with practice), it should be easy for your lane partner to follow up.


If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo.

  • Pauer

    man, reading this thread just makes me lose hope in the league community; i genuinely feel bad for the devs of this game, fiora needs change, shes the highest risk character in the game by far, and she never will be a viable pick because of it, if you get shut down youre literally down for the whole entire game… this is coming from a challenger player.

    every single change being proposed and put forward by the devs is to further the game, balance it and make every pick viable and unique without trying to break it. Fiora is a duelist, and she’s unreliable at the best of times (I play her at a challenger level) she needs to be made reliable so she is viable; all the same as nidalee having her identity refined and reworked to where she is supposed to be as a character. WW needs the rework to further his drain tanking too, since feral flare got nerfed to the ground hes not even a 3rd tier pick, you cant have characters be defined by items, if items make them viable then they weren’t viable in the first place. Have an open mind because league isn’t what it was in beta, its better, its moving forward, growing and flourishing the way it always has and always will; if you cant roll with changes making the game more fun and diverse you shouldn’t play multi-player games.

    Thank you for this Guinsoo, Morello and others keep up the good work :)

  • Caesar

    I main Fiora I have no problem with escape I often will us my trinket and lunge to a monster over a wall I feel if you want to give her more escape you don’t and shouldn’t change her playing style what so ever simply let her lunge take her to allied minions or something like that please don’t change her, please.

  • Caesar

    Guinsoo You are Wrong… And we can’t do anything about it.

  • Caesar

    I feel the same way as you but in my case for fiora, these champs are fun to play with and should not be messed with. Let’s be fair, WHO cares about the lore and how the champ play’s in game. CHANGE the lore not the champ, they are fine as they are now PLEASE do NOT change them! I play Fiora to have fun and think about how to do well in game she is not hard to play sure but she is hard to play well and I believe that is part of the fun of fiora to give your all into one fight with little to no escape and no cc that is her job and you intend on taking that away from us. Not only that but any good Fiora should not have a problem with escape simply play smart I adore the all in way that is why you play as Fiora to dive and do crazy untargetable stuff under their turret and to follow them when they flash and any good Fiora or even a mediocre one should have absolutely NO problem seeing where her ult takes her. PLEASE DON’T ChANGE THESE CHAMPIONS. If you do I am done with league of Legends for good.

  • Newgragasincoming

    Nidalee being changed is just plain stupidity, being dragged by the low tier hell of “omg nida so powerful” people, nida is perfectly fine the way she is now, although I havent really “mastered” her, its obvious she has a lot of weaknesses just to achieve that sieging potential she has.

    And you do this 1 week right after a lot and I mean A LOT of players bought the headhunter nidalee skin, what do you think all those players will think of you? for real, they bought the champ for a reason -> they wanted to play that style of champ -> they even bought a lot of headhunters nida last week -> you change all nida mechanics.

    Do you understand that doesnt make any sense? I looked up the PBE before and her kit right now is awful… that isnt the nidalee we all like to play, you are gonna do to her the SAME you did to gragas, people bought and played old gragas because they liked that ap mid kind of champ -> you reworked him and made him a (top?) champ that no one who bought gragas before will enjoy playing, ill grant you his abilities look cool now, but its NOT fun to play, and in fact after that rework ive been playing a hell of a lot and ive been counting the gragas attempts (8 gragas, a very very poor number) seems no one even plays him now, though before he was an awesome champ to play and very fun…

    Please, dont repeat the same thing with nidalee, dont be dragged by the “omg nida so powerful gg” people which doesnt even know how to counter nidalee q by warding or dodging… Gragas was awesome to play as he was, you reworked him and now hes awful and not fun and almost no one plays him anymore. Nidalee is fun as a sieging champ with that ap spear barrage and the awful weakness of being awful in close quarters, not as a tanky bruiser, which seems to be the direction she is going with that changes.

    Dont make nidalee the new gragas please…

  • Mutant mind fish

    THANK YOU! Please dont change her

  • Mutant mind fish

    This is complete BS… I am done if this happens

  • Old Man Phallus

    Please DON’T change Fiora, PLEASE!!!

  • Imperial


  • Electrized

    @KretzsH So youre actually right considering that you can walk to a spear and get hits… BUT THE PROJECTILE SPEED is not that high like blitz hook is… The further it is thrown the easier to dodge it… Cougar got wallhops like Riven. But still not unbalanced as W works greatly as a gap closer not as an damage input. If nidalee reaches AA range you can easily burst her down as she cant put damage with q… Heal is powerful only at late game same in traps. Nidalee Q is AD scaling and has higher damage the less % of hp enemy has. It is not totally broken. Players think that Nidalees kit is full broken but only Q is… You can nerf the Q but if you nerf Cougar abilities it will be too bad. THIS IS TRUE

  • Myoric

    I can guarantee you that that is not even close to the reason for the nerf… I love Nidalee, I own three of her skins and play her all the time, but even I agree that she is too powerful. there are very few counters to her once you hit late game, she stays far out of the fight and completely decimates the enemy team, either forcing recalls, or insuring a win in the next fight.
    yes her laning phase is tricky, but she will still be incredibly strong.
    and to be quite honest, i’m really exited for these new mechanics, i have always loved the cougar form, but it just wasn’t very viable in most fights.

  • Myoric

    would it at all be possible to add some AD scaling to Nidalee’s Cougar form skills? not massive amounts, that would make AD Nid far to powerful, but just some incentive for a bruiser nid

  • Agent109

    Thank you! And for this case, tweak the numbers on Nidalee’s Q It’s far too much in max damage.

  • Agent109

    I don’t Understand! Fiora is a pretty new champ compared to the rest and you’re already changing her? I’ve played her and I love her! What she’s lacking is cc, period. Why not add that to her w? Maybe every 3 successful parries, she stuns or slows the enemy attack speed? I mean, she just takes skill to be good with overall, listening to people complain about her being useless is just wrong. And those champions that were listed for the most best common top champs, need to be nerfed like Irelia. It’s just far too much changing, Fiora needs to be untouched. Please! Only a few have seriously given Fiora a chance to shine and few ever try and play her. And she matches a fencer well!!!

  • Hutser

    Walk into the lane like I just got hit for 99% of my health by one spear and have to b again. Not broken? She can throw thousand damage spears from off the screen on a 3.6 second cool with max CDR. People cry about weaker champs being OP all the time, but oh the champion who’s Q can do as much damage as a full skill rotation and can nearly one shot people in her cougar form is a-ok. No, and before someone brings out the “just learn to dodge hur hur” argument, they NEVER have a high cool. You could literally dodge 100+ spears (this could actually be achieved by the 10 minute mark if she used it every single time it wasn’t on cool) easily in one game, but if even one lands you’re either dead, recalling, or in serious shit. Do you guys have fun doing the harlem shake trying not to die in one hit? I don’t. Cannot wait until the rework, hopefully they balance her out, or better yet, make her the new Skarner for a few seasons.

  • damedash

    I like the changes. Everyone else qq in a corner. nid isnt “broken” but shes far from fine… her human form is fine yes, but cougar imo can use work, especially her jump, seems stupid i have to do a full 180 to jump backwards, (i click behind me and press w she jumps sideways yeah thats great) especially wit a champ with no cc. i also like the fiora rework. any champ that can get shitted on the first 5 lvls hit 6 and turn the lane around regardless of skill is “broken”.

  • icklepeeker

    If you nerf my fiora i will go to riot HQ and slice you all.

    lolking: Icklepeeker check out that fiora win ratio.


  • Gary

    Oh no. We will miss you. (Sarcasm)

  • KretzsH

    Jesus.. Riot is so dumb.. they see achampion played in OGN or LCS and procede to nerf.. Im tired of this game.. I love Nidalee I think shes not broken at all.. she have so much counter play.. specially in soloQ.. she have the weakest laning phase from almost all midlaners. its ridiculous that they nerf her just because pros play her.. Im getting so tired of this cycle jerk.. always nerfing the fun champions.. I am diamond III player and I honestly say this game is getting more and more boring.. they simply nerf all midlaners from this game .. im done with this I will play other game.. cya league of legends

  • Lesbefriends

    Nidalee is far from fine. Most players only use her Human Q and E, yet still do fine on her. Then you get the players that know how to use everything, which is when the problems really start. A well played Nidalee will apply so much pressure, do well in team fights and pretty much never die (or get many key spells used to kill her, winning team fights through that), because her kit is just that strong.

    Anything that forces players to make use of both forms of Nidalee (beyond using cougar to escape/waveclear) is a good move imo. But I guess that would require too much skill for most people, which is probably why Jayce is rarely played.

  • sebastian

    I completely agree. I main Fiora and i really like where she stands right now. the new rework sounds fun and looks good, but maybe intended for a different champ all together. But that just my opinion. I really hope she is still my main if they to end up pushing the rework.

  • shadowclaw191

    @Nidmidplz pls, even when a leona builds mr and health and uses her eclispe, she still takes hard damage from a nidalee spear, since void staff and abyssal scepters with sorc shoes exist, even front line champion still take a lot of dmg.

    The main point is not that she can chunk important carries, is the fact that tanks have to recall even with good mr/hp items from 2-3 max ranged spears. banshee’s cd is long, nidalee’s spear is like 2-4 second cool down? So building a banshee’s veil to block 1 hit is not exactly a good counter.

    The best bet we have now to counter nidalee is braum, with his shield that hopefully negates much unnecessary damage from nidalee’s stupid spears.

  • Nidmidplz

    Alright, I want to chime in really fast. Nidalee is fine first of all. All of the people saying “she takes 3/4 of my health” are obviously not highly ranked. Any smart player knows that the majority of spears will hit the front line if they hit. Front line should have resistances built and be able to soak up that damage. If the back line gets hit, it is because they are out of position and you are punishing players that are good with a champion. If syndra lands a q and e on an add, they are dead. no doubt about it, the team will follow up and blow them up. Nidalee cannot 100 to 0 a person with a spear unless she is so far ahead there is no chance the other team will win. Also, players use cougar all the time to be aggressive and that is what separates the good nidalee players from the great ones. The good ones can land spears, the great ones know when to use cat form and when not to. Nidalee is one of the most entertaining champions to play because you have the ability to outplay your opponent. Comments saying that she is completely safe while chucking spears are only made if a person does not know how to play against her. Stay behind the front line and creeps or build banshees. There you go, you just countered nidalee. Don’t change a champion the way you changed gragas. He is not even gragas anymore.

  • Benny

    “Currently our highest priority in terms of full relaunches is Sion”

    You said after the Xerath rework, you will shift all your efforts into reworking warwick. now we’re hearing this???? PLEASE GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER RIOT

    WW has sat patiently waiting while other champs got countless updates while he just stared.

  • Justice Bringrrr

    Do not change WW’s dance. I’ll set the building on fire. (yeah, like Milton. (jk)).

  • BuffedBee

    Guys,Nidalee IS NOT an overpowered champion,Nidalee actually has more weaknesses than any other mid champ in the game. I as a Nidalee main can tell you, she was nerfed enough for people who DO NOT main her as her q is changed, you can’t destroy a champ who is mastered by someone, and all that cougar risky stuff – we all remember the times when Nidalee’s ult used to give her armor and MR, give us armor back and I can guarantee you that people will dive more, and to counter that you can even add some enrgy costs to her cougar spells,don’t mess with her spear it is damaged enough, instead of destroying already a weak and underplayed champ who is countered by a single item (banshee) and the easiest mechanic (dodge), make her stronger, because plat and higher no way you can land a spear unless you are chased.
    My point is – change her w, in about 9 months of playing her i got maybe 20 kills with 2, its only use is vision and helping the jungler,add the slow and you will see how drastically people’s style will change.

  • pattyrick16

    A few suggestions to test out.

    1.Cougar form run off of energy. A unique way to do this can be to have her speed increased in cougar form but reduces speed the more she uses skills i.e leap and swipes.
    2. To fix the buggy cougar leap make it a targetted desired location. Similar to khazix leap but obviously with smaller range.
    3. Nerf heal because late game nid heals are pretty op.
    4. Reduce spear dmg but have traps snare and increase dmg taken from spears.
    5. Balance out dmg from spears to a lil more dmg in cougar

  • robert

    ur a whiny bitch

  • Ixenbay

    Don’t change Nidalee. If anything revert back to earlier Nidalee when spear damage was based on distance from nidalee and not point of release, and her cougar form’s innate mr and armor buff gave the incentive to use her cougar form. Why take away the cougar armor/mr then say that people don’t have the incentive to use it?

    And you can’t change her pounce or swipe to be in the direction of the cursor, that takes all of the skill involved out of the champion, there would be even more complaints about how easy it is for Nidalees to escape.

    Please Riot, don’t mess up my favorite champion anymore.

  • Astaudia

    One of the best ways to test if Fiora is working, is pit her against Jax. If she trades well and wins the duel, then you’re doing something right. If not…you’ve got some more work to do.

  • Yager18

    Chefo :
    Hey there,
    No information on Sion and Urgot’s visual updates, other than that they’re both being currently worked on, with Sion’s VU having top priority on the rework team. Because Sion is getting an entirely new kit + visuals, he’s likely a long way off from hitting live. I’ll keep you updated here if something pops up on the forums.

    ty, for the Info i like 2 look every week into this blog ^^

    Rly thank u very much

    with best regards, Yager18

  • Kiril

    About Rengar, he is realy better now and fun to play. You can actualy can do all in and get out safety and u gave him 3 more styles of play.The only thing i wonder is when Rengar kills Kha Zix can u guys give him bonus Armor Pene or CDR or smt to his BnT ? It will be realy nice! :)

  • ISnortCocoa

    I used to love fiora, but I’ve stopped playing her as much as before due to her boring button mashing and hoping someone dies. I’m actually looking forward to the upcoming changes, I hope they’ll make her fun for me to play again :) Will she also have a visual rework, it’d be cool to see my Nightraven look change, I’ve become bored of the current one.

  • HelloWorld


    Nidalee actually is actually very poor at holding people off / counter seiging due to her lack of ranged wave clear in comparison to champions like Ziggs and Gragas. She is being reworked not because she is broken (which I believe she is not), but because she lacks an incentive / means to go into cougar form without being completely blown up. This is why Riot is not changing her spear damage but rather changing it so that from what I understand can engage from a greater distance.

    They are also reworking her kit because she is clunky for new players to use, with her cougar form being very buggy and hard to learn. All in all she is being reworked to make her mechanics easier to use with more incentive to go into cougar form rather than because she is inherently broken.

  • Zabdiel

    @Nidalee Bot

    all of you guys saying nidalee is fine the way she is are completely delusional. even if you’re losing the game, if you stand back and chuck spears, you can either a) hold them back for the entire game or b) pick somebody off and win a fight

    this is the reason why she’s being reworked. stop complaining

  • Nidalee Bot

    Please don’t ruin the fun of playing AP Nidalee!! It’s the only champion I play and she’s already pretty weak and easily countered, as well as the spears have super slow travel time at 1300 compared to other skillshots that are usually 1500. I would not mind the QoL for her cougar, but I really don’t mind playing her as she is, makes for more impressive looking plays when you actually are able to use the cougar form properly and outplay hard. The spears are difficult enough to land and taking power from the mid range and giving it to max range spears would only make her RNG based and I don’t want that for any champion.

    Please consider her rework very carefully and take your time on this one, don’t screw it up!
    She’s already useless in a losing match and can’t do anything towards hard-engage teams in soloqueue, nobody, even in low diamond, knows how to siege properly and she’s already hard to carry with as opposed to other faceroll champions like wukong jungle who basically just builds full damage and wrecks everyone from invisibility 100-0 4 champions at once, and you worry about carefully aimed single target spears that can be bodyblocked, creepblocked banshee\spellshielded and dodged. Pleaserino no ruinerino her ;_;

  • Riotsareretarded

    rofl, I can not even launch the game once since this crap 4.5 because of bug splats and instead of fixing ur retarded mistakes you are going to rework some champs I enjoy playing with, which dont need ur reworks at all. Seriously, the hell? Warwick, nida, fiora are absolutely in perfect condition – this game is not playable not because of some champs. Srsly, fuck it, im going to play some dota since it is able to launch and has some stability at least.

  • http://freedomofnothing.com Chefo


    Hey there,

    No information on Sion and Urgot’s visual updates, other than that they’re both being currently worked on, with Sion’s VU having top priority on the rework team. Because Sion is getting an entirely new kit + visuals, he’s likely a long way off from hitting live. I’ll keep you updated here if something pops up on the forums.

  • Evan Rogers

    I’m a bit annoyed that they’re going to completely ruin my favorite champion. All she needs is a tiny change: make her passive stronger, let her W block spells, make E give ArPen.

    You’re done.

  • Yager18

    first point Riot don`t like any META

    second point why the heck u don`t try a new strategy ?

    thirt point is if u rly don`t get the fact that the Game changed ofer the Years since S1 ( META )
    u are quite a Newbie then, Maybe ?

  • Yager18

    if Riot or Chefo read this pls respond ^^

    I play the last time more Urgot and Sion and i would like 2 know then the Visual Updates or reworks will get to Live.

    And e other point is dat the current player all flaming hard if i play those champs, even if they are quite strong.

    PS: the Twich VU looks nice.

  • Youaresodumb

    Then stop playing only the champs that are broken and have a super small skill cap?

  • ImTyler

    Nidalee is fine with her spear but the real reason cougar isn’t used is its way too clunky and the pounce needs to be more of a leap (no stun locking animation after). she is fine most of the time. id suggest an ad scaling on her q and remove some ap scaling ( 80% total ad and lowered % of ap). the cougar needs a rework as is too clunky to use efficiently and we miss to much of its usable power.

  • Alex

    YES I totally agree 100%. Nidalee’s spears are ridiculous, the fact she can take 40% of your health away with one attack w/o any items and barely any CD/Mana charge is beyond me. Fix the range on those damn spears seriously.

  • legendsofthedark

    I actually don’t mind any of the changes proposed here. And while the prospect of Nidalee getting a rework that makes her less satisfying to play makes me worry, there is still no real evidence that this will be the case – and we all know that the cougar form desperately needs some love.

  • MaxiMus

    You people really need to stop being so butthurt. Then stop playing the game if you have problems with it! Some of us don’t complain, but insted try to adapt to the new changes riot is putting out to make the game better to play! If you’re unhappy with the way they do it, stop complaining and go find something else to play.

  • Herp

    Nidalee is fekkin bullshyt. She has always been bullshyt and will always be bullshyt. Vs Nida is more irritating than vs Teemo

  • Anon

    About the champion reworks, I do not agree with these. I am a Nidalee main and while I do agree she is strong, I do think she is balanced. She has a tough early game because you can push her around in lane and out trade her before she hits level 6, and even then you can kill her if you play it right. Late game she has the potential to throw out spears that do 70% of the enemy carry’s health, but that’s the reward for winning early on and making the right choices that allowed to to get ahead. There have been plenty of times when I played Nidalee where I did not make the right choices to get ahead and provide for the team, and as a result my spears never had crazy damage throughout the game. I believe for these reasons Nidalee is a balanced champion. Sure she may have an annoying mechanic, but it can be stopped if you play against it the right way. Plenty of other champions have annoying mechanics too at varying degrees. A strong Aatrox with guardians angel isn’t going to be fun to play against in team fights, but the passive is part his identity as a champion and how he’s played, and if you play against him right, you can stop that from being a problem. In general, I don’t like the idea of reworking a champion in the sense of nerfing a champion. I hate Gragas and Kassadin, but I don’t think the changes to them were acceptable. I may ban Gragas from time to time, but if I play against Gragas, I understand that there are very possible things that I can do in lane to beat him and win the game. Changing the identity of the champion by overhauling certain spells should not be a go-to thing. Changing the numbers behind skills usually has the potential to bring a champion that is overpowering to a reasonable place. Please do not change Nidalee with a rework and if possible, bring Gragas at least somewhat back to how he used to be.

  • Yeallow

    As I knew, I sweared that I would see a Nidalee change out of my experience when looking at the monkey balancing team Riot has. The worst part is that they prioritize the “Stupid” decisions/things instead of what really is important. The focus on her Remake will of course be her Spear, they will remake it into something more stupid. No matter how they put their excuses, I still think this change is unnecessary. I mean, I don’t even play Nidalee and she is indeed an OK champion, but Riot can do whatever F they want.. I’m done. LoL is like an island of champions and every champ is supposed to leave that island someday. To prove you guys a point; Why did Riot have to remove and replace the old Twisted Treeline? the map was perfect fine except a little problem they could fix in spawn, but what did Riot do? they went a long stupid way. It was to make a new map, which prob took them more time and money to do. Again Riot stole something from the community which is unforgivable, so one thing is clear: Rito balancing team is a gang of monkeys.

  • Anonymous

    Said the man as he booted his client and clicked on “solo queue.”

  • Eunile

    So when will Sion be reworked? He was even less played than Heimerdinger pre-change.

  • ivanhoe

    April and still no Poppy data..

    she remains bugged on the E since.. i bet about a year now..

  • Topcat

    Every champions kit is what makes it unique and FUN. Fun should be first because that’s what video games are designed for. Champions that are stronger or more viable as you put it, were viable at one point until their numbers were tweaked or other champions numbers were buffed, so players then moved on to something else. Everything is viable it’s just a matter of learning the champion inside and out, where it fits best etc. That’s why there are counters, and a good player would learn from the match ups. Is a rework fair to those of us who like the champion the way they are? No its not. I like to play champions into counters so I can learn how to counter against my counters. If riot wants to see older champions played more all they need to do is buff the ones that aren’t played, not change the abilities because they are cheap or not played. Also why rework a champion that does see a lot of game play like Nid. They want her to change into cat form and fight more like that, then that’s the opponents job to figure out how to force her into melee combat and not let her sit back and poke. league is a game of learning. So players need to learn and not go crying to riot every time they think a champion is overpowered or underpowered. As to coming back to playing a champion that you love, is it not what the abilities do that make it unique and make you want to play it? That’s why I play the champions I like. A rework would turn me off and ruin the champion for me.

  • Seamen Salad

    Nidalee needs this, I play a lot of nidalee, but if you can hit spears, you will most likely win the game.

    I sit on a 70%+ winrate with nidalee, and it’s sad, because I’m not putting any effort while playing her.

    I really enjoy playing Bruiser nidalee, but since the nerfs to her passive mr in cougar, it’s not easy to pull off, and rarely worth in this meta with teleport on 200s cooldown either.

  • X52495the2nd

    As league of legends evolves, so too do the players. When a champion’s kit no longer becomes viable and is never played because of a different champ being able to do it better, what are they supposed to do? Delete the champion? No, they rework them so that players can come back to playing a champ they love but knew they’d never have a decent game with. Besides, relearning a champ adds to the fun!

  • Elkas


    QQ get a banshee’s, Nidalee’s a poke-based champion, she’s completely useless in teamfights, so if you engage first and have a front-line of banshee’s veils you pretty much win the teamfight. She can run? Well yes she can but give her a bit of cc and she gets completely wrecked mate.

  • Topcat

    Riot just needs to stop with the ability reworks. One aspect of league of legends is learning how to play against your opponent. A champion doesn’t need to have their abilities reworked because they feel its cheap. The abilities are what makes that champion unique and FUN. You want to make the champ more viable tweak the numbers, not what the abilites do. Stop ruining League.

  • LethalTurd

    5 People dodging a spear that flies by every 4 seconds dealing 600-1200 damage is kinda hard, you get hit by a spear before teamfigh and you are done for it, you need to go to base. thats what the changes are about

  • Thisguyaboveme

    Sorry they are ruining your no skill easy way to win. Quite honestly she has no game play, you’re either chucking spears, setting traps, or healing. She only changes to cougar form to stack tear or get closer. I’ve never seen nids go cougar form to fight. I do, its gets me a few more deaths too but it gets me kills. Please go ahead and quit though, maybe people with actual skill can play the game.

  • Theonethatdothing

    FK you RIOT fiora ult right now is what make her cool, way to change her ult, always have to fk me up dont you.

  • RyseQuinn

    ty riot for the updates. I find fewer and fewer people appreciate riot for their efforts. Myself included. I mean we get to play this amazing game for free. Sure you have certain aspects which you might not agree with but for a team as big as riot’s, trying to handle all the requests from the most played game in the world, that they take the time to read and respond to our messages. Sure they’re not perfect and certain things might be insanely annoying, like for example, I’m never EVER gonna manage to get medieval twitch and that kind of pissed me off. But riot HAS to do stuff like that because they are giving us FREE content. They have highly skilled video-game programs. This means 2 things. One is that they are humans, just like you and me and they want to have fun. They try things out all the time and have fun instead of just waiting to see what the community seems to deem important and just do that. They take it a step forward and try out new things. Now this hasn’t always been effective and sometimes they undo nerfs or buffs that they’d given to a champion but as I said they are only human and have a right to make mistakes. The second point is that need a salary and the fact that there is no game subscription fee means that they need other ways to make money. League is also update insanely often, way more than a lot of subscription fee games I know. So I’m writing this comment to say thank you riot for all your hard work and all your efforts to communicate with the community. Thank you also for the twitch visual update! I’m really looking forward to it!

  • MotherTrucker

    It’s not certain*@MotherTrucker

  • MotherTrucker

    It’s certain if she’s going to get buffed or nerfed for this is a complete Rework. This can go one way or another. I’m a Fiora main since season 3, and in my opinion, I think that this rework is for the best for her. @WeeDy

  • MotherTrucker

    Soooo, will Fiora be manaless like Yasuo or wat?

  • Tiburón

    Stop making the game more easy !! , is so hard dodge a fucking spear? , the game is about skills , if nid dont hit a spear is useless, and i am pretty sure 90% of the people saying ” stop cry ” about nid changes , dont even know how to play nid , and eat every spear she land. STOP MAKING THE GAME MORE EASY !

  • xFishy

    I was thinking the same thing, but it seems to me that they were targetting bruiser Nidalee in the reduction of armor/mr. While this does reinforce the fact that Nidalee is a long-ranged siege champion, having the armor/mr meant that Nidalee was able to be tankier than expected of a long-ranged caster. Also, Nidalee is extremely slippery, and having those armor/mr stats would make her even worse. Giving a champion mobility, armor/mr, and the ability to output damage as an assassin/clean up would spell disaster in any champion. I think the reduction of armor/mr was to give players more of an oppoortunity to capitalize on Nidalee’s poor positioning and punish her for it.

  • Radar6590

    Yeah I don’t really get it. Riot seems to have this obsession with taking every champion people really like and reworking them. If nidalee is too strong, for example, why not just tone down the scaling on her damage for distance with spears, or increase the damage for SHORT spears so she has to get close, something like that. Then just make it so that the jump and the swipe follow the mouse cursor as opposed to the direction you’re already moving and you’re good to go.

  • 441

    Also, seriously? No news on the Urgot and Sion reworks? You put the big breasted babes on high priority, but not the badass undead warriors? Lame.

  • WeeDy

    you guys hella troll dont touch my fiora INSTEAD OF NERFING BUFF HER< SHE IS SO WEAK AT TOP LANE:S

  • 441

    Because it was so much fun being taken out of a fight before it even started by a spear you didn’t see coming.

  • Dede

    @RiotIsPower seems like your favourite champion just got hit by a truck. I was honestly annoyed by Nidalee’s spears, chunking down 3/4 health on my ADC right before the teamfight while she kept herself out of range. Being able to kill people while being completely out of range and having a spammable escaping ability is, well.. a bit unfair?

  • David

    oh poor u, they change ur main and u gonna cry? get over yourself, they need to balance the game and forever changing. they will allways change the champs.

  • Nephira

    Fuck you riot, really stop touching my midchamps tyvm. first gragas, now nida.


    I think Fiora is a good champ; she don’t need a rework !! She’s very strong and very hard to use !

  • Cobra

    Im so sad about the nidalee rework… I fucking love nidalee dont ruin this for me pls.

  • wellpGgRIOT

    Nidalee is fine. People pick her because she is a strong champion and can counter certain mid laners. If you change anything on her make it easier to last hit under tower or something. With this rework its making her being forced to use both forms to do anything. I as a player and someone who enjoys her. I like not having to fight in cougar form. Not that I don’t enjoy it it is used to chase people down and get the kill either in form or with the spear. If in order to even play her you need your cougar form it better come with your level one like with elise. Otherwise everything you’re trying to change is pointless as fuck. You’d be changing the spear AGAIN with shorter range and then not giving her cougar from the start she would have a really hard laning phase which she already deals with now.

  • OmgItsTom

    ^LOL probably goes back to playing league after posting

  • Jollitier


    I wouldn’t call Nidalee fine where she is, she’s incredibly gimmicky with little depth.

    Sorry you won’t be able to cheese so hard.

  • Felipe


    Stop crying, they are doing it fine nidalee needs a change

  • Voltic

    Gj riot your shittin on your own game Stop trying to change the meta to your standards let the community decided your changing champs that dont need a change Fuck you Riot for realz

  • ImGreg

    Wasn’t Nidalee’s kit changed not long ago where they made it more punishing to go into cougar form by removing the armor/MR buff you got in cougar form? That made it more desirable to stay back and poke more and way less likely that any Nidalee is going to be an in your face champ.

  • RiotIsPowerHungry

    Im done with this game if the nidalee changes go throw. Shes fine the way she is, thank you for ruining this game for me. I guess it is finally time to call it quits. RIP RIOT, you are ruining champs left and right, just absolutely ruining them all. POS.