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Solcrushed on Viktor, Xypherous Talks S3 Vladimir, Morde and Karma, La Llrona Morgana previewed, New Rotation and Sale!

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Updates to Viktor’s Hex Core, Xypherous discusses Vladimir, Mordekaiser, Karma and more, La Llorona Morgana to celebrate the Latin America servers, New Champion Rotation and Champion/Skin sale!


Future buffs to Viktor
Xypherous posts
La Llorona Morgana
Wall-jumping and Custom Sets
Ashe – Champion Spotlight
Free Champion Rotation – Week 15
New Champion/Skin Sale



Future Buffs to Viktor


Following the announcement that Viktor will be updated in a future patch, specifically the way his unique item works, Solcrushed chimed in to give us more detail:




Riotlink Button Solcrushed: Updates!

I have been consulting with the Pony on the issue.

We will be trying out a version where he can ‘merge’ the augments together by spending more gold.

Obviously this is an iteration and subject to change!



Will you be improving the stats on the Hex Core, or just enhancing its abilities?



Riotlink Button Solcrushed: Stats too, since one of the common complaints about Viktor is that the Core feels like a waste of a slot late game.




How would you color his staff and what stats would a merged Core give?



Riotlink Button Solcrushed: So one of the biggest reasons I like this iteration is actually the ability to ‘color-code’ the augments.
For example since Q is yellow and E is red… if we allow you to merge Q and E what color would that be?………(drumroll)…….. ORANGE!!

The stats will probably be nerfed, they are EXTREMELY gold efficient because they take up a slot late game, if we give slot efficiency back it is difficult to justify the gold efficiency.



Xypherous posts


A discussion on melee carries, Vladimir, Mordekaiser, Karma, Spirit items and more.



Why can’t melee carries orb-walk like Jarvan or Gangplank?

(Orb-walking is attacking by cancelling the attack animation after a hit)


xyphavatarRiotlink Button Xypherous: While I’m not sure either of those characters can be classified as melee carries – the basic principle is the same – how much skill differential and power does that buy you? Is it enough to overcome the power of focus fire and coordination?

If that were the case, Yi would already be viable because people could show how awesome they were with how well they can control their right-clicks.

Or the old Jax wouldn’t have been a problem, because you could tell that at low ELO, the old Jax obviously didn’t know how to right-click properly and didn’t know how to melee.



How do you feel about laners building Spirit items?


xyphavatarRiotlink Button Xypherous: I’m not hugely concerned with non-laners building the spirit stone upgrades, unless the Spirit Stone items are incredibly game warping on lanes or become core items on a large set of people.

So a few scattering of characters grabbing spirit stone upgrades is actually neat – it’d be worrisome if the Spirit Stone items became required carry items for example, across all carries or something.



Are ‘Reset-on-Kill’ mechanics good for the game?


xyphavatarRiotlink Button Xypherous: From what I’ve seen, Reset on Kill doesn’t seem to incentivize skilled gameplay as much as simply punish the losing team for losing.

It does create enormous high moments though – but they’ve generally come at considerable cost (Darius / Katarina) for example. I’m not sure if we’ve done the mechanic entirely correctly – there’s facets that are good and bad.

In general, reset on kill tends to favor low elo over high elo – which means that it generally decreases in power as skill level increases. However, the flashiness of said resets increases as skill level increases.



What’re your plans on making defensive spells easier to read?


With a few exceptions, defensive spells are instantaneous and buff-oriented. In your response, you indicate that your basic idea of a defensive spell would give the melee adc a temporary armor/mr buff. I think this is a problem. When defensive abilities are instant and buff-oriented, they ignore the rules of counterplay that make offensive abilities so satisfying in this game. These kinds of defensive abilities are often highly satisfying to use but highly frustrating to play against. Nobody wants to see their burst go down the drain cause ap yi cast meditate while my spells were still in flight. The trick is to make defensive abilities more fun to play against, and for that to happen, there must be clear counterplay options. My suggestions were visible countdown timers and skillshot-sequence defensive spells, but those are just some beginning ideas.


xyphavatarRiotlink Button Xypherous: My statement was that temporary defensive bonuses basically equate to permanent defensive bonuses for the most part – as having the defense for most of the team fight, is, in general, as good as having it up all the time – regardless of how you get it.

You can throw a bunch of hoops or gates to lock those bonuses away from players until they do some specific action to add skill to obtaining that defense – but in general, the final thing you’ve created when it “works” is a tanky dude with a lot of autoattack damage.

So much depends on the actual defense ability in general though – because if it’s risky, the character is binary if he misses and if it’s not risky, you’ve just got another gap closing, tanky, autoattack man on you. I think it could be a cool character – I’m just not sure you can solve the current melee ADCs with that paradigm.


If you’d like additional insight into these proposals, you can check out my last article on the matter.



What’s the state of Vladimir and Mordekaiser in Season 3?


xyphavatarRiotlink Button Xypherous: I don’t know much about Vladimir these days, admittedly. Sorry. I know Mordekaiser does pretty well win-rate wise – he’s just super binary which causes everyone to think he’s far weaker than he is.


The Flat Penetration nerfs certainly hit them hardest because they have weaker laning phases than most, and so relied on the flat penetration to carry them through lane. However, Void Staff is completely crazy – I’ll ask about Vladimir when I get the chance.



Isn’t Karma still weak?


xyphavatarRiotlink Button Xypherous: I don’t really like talking about Karma – I kind of prefer leaving that to Scarizard. I will say that we completely screwed up her release balance to an extreme extent and it really sucks that we did because we just didn’t deliver the day one expectations. I feel like the kit has a much better flow to it – but I still wish we kept two mantra charges.

Trundle was a lot easier than Karma, because Trundle already worked – for the most part. It was just getting people to realize that it worked through some visibility changes. Sejuani was overpowered before the remake – and the remake has done nothing but make that even more obvious – so that was also slightly easier.



La Llorona Morgana


See Morgana blend dread and holiness in her newest skin, which will be released along with the Latin American Servers!


La Llorona Morgana Splash

Splash Art


La Llorona Morgana ingame

In-game preview


A little insight into the origins of the name La Llorona: 


La Llorona or, the Weeping Woman, is a figure from the American folklore. It is said that she drowned her two children to be with the man she loved, but he refused to be with her, leaving her shattered and empty. She took her own life in a lake in Honduras, but her journey to the afterlife came to a halt at the Gates of Heaven, where she was asked to find her children. From then on she wanders alone, caught between the living and the dead for all eternity, seeking her offspring until the end of time. She cries as she searches for them, hence the name, the Weeping Woman.



Wall-jumping and Custom Sets


Xelnath discusses some champions’ abilities to cross terrain (eg. Tristana), followed by RiotBahamut with improvements to the Custom Sets found on the PBE.


Khazix_Splash_DefaultRiotlink Button Xelnath: If you play a champion with a ground-targetted jump effect, you should find that jumping over a wall is slightly easier than it used to be.

Previously, if you clicked on the center of a wall, your jump effect would stop in front of the wall. Now it attempts to be slightly more smart about jumping over walls. In addition, I fixed several timing and control issues.

Please play around and let me know how it feels!

(Other champions affected to a lesser degree: Hecarim, Malphite, Ahri, Gragas, Fizz)



Does this mean Tristana will be able to jump over traps?


Khazix_Splash_DefaultRiotlink Button Xelnath: Not yet, but CertainlyT is looking into a solution for that.






Why can’t these champions be invulnerable while jumping?


Khazix_Splash_DefaultRiotlink Button Xelnath: It will be extremely problematic if those characters gained free Zhonya’s effect on a 10 sec or less cooldown.





Does this change apply to Aatrox?


Khazix_Splash_DefaultRiotlink Button Xelnath: No, it’s not. We want to apply it, but currently, it causes an assertion in the pathing engine. I’m attempting to fix it, but I’m having a hard time getting the game to compile on my machine. #FirstWorldGameDevProblems.





Custom Sets – How to select Multiple Champions/Maps


avatar_imageRiotlink Button RiotBahamut: So just as another quick update, the latest changes to Item Sets will allow you to select multiple champions/maps without ctrl/shift clicking. Clicking one will simply toggle it.





Ashe – Champion Spotlight


In light of the massive Freljord update we saw recently, Riot has released a spotlight for LoL’s iconic champion, Ashe.


Free Champion Rotation – Week 15


Week 15 Rotation


From May 14th to 21st the following champions will be free to play. You can also buy each for:



  • Caitlyn – 4800 IP or 880 RP
  • Elise – 6300 IP or 975 RP
  • Galio – 4800 IP or 880 RP
  • Heimerdinger – 3150 IP or 790 RP
  • Lissandra - 6300 IP or 975 RP
  • Nocturne – 4800 IP or 880 RP
  • Rengar – 6300 IP or 975 RP
  • Shaco – 3150 IP or 790 RP
  • Sivir - 450 IP or 260 RP
  • Sona – 3150 IP or 790 RP



New Champion/Skin Sale


May 14th Sale

From May 14th to the 17th, enjoy the following champions and skins at half price!




  • Dr. Mundo – 292 RP
  • Katarina - 395 RP
  • Hecarim – 487 RP




  • Darkrider Sejuani - 487 RP
  • Freljord Ashe – 260 RP
  • Warrior Princess Sivir – 260 RP



Good luck on the Fields of Justice!


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  • Articunoisabeast

    the most full of shit thing i’ve heard anyone say about their favorite champion.

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  • Nandiux

    As a player from Honduras, I thank you Riot for making me remember my childhood trauma. You sure are some considerate bros. Afking when see new Morga.. Well played

  • onalec

    what about warwick, he really needs some love. I see no team comp where he can be usefull, his E is pretty useless and thus his ganking before lvl 6 is mediocre. Even when he hits 6 he’s not tanky enought to make a good use of his ult and has no follow up (plus long cooldown)

  • Theviruskid

    Vladimir, my most favorite champion which is really unrated. If he will gets nerfed, he’s gone. Because he’s already pretty weak and items just keep getting nerfed which means soon it’s almost impossible to counter anyone. He’s really good champ, but riot should also bring him some love and maybe buff him,give skin or at least not nerf items/his skills with what he can survive. I think he’s currently at the point that one nerf and no one will play him anymore as then he will be damn weak. Currently you still can win easily in solo top/mid if you know how to play and later when you get fed, with your hourglass and W and lifesteal 1vs3 is easy.

  • Amissus

    I almost cried when i saw that they are finally going to give viktor some love.

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    Yes he did, he pointed out that orb-walking on melee carries does little to nothing and is therefore not necessary. To be fair, he answered the question behind the question which is: When are you gonna fix these characters inability to orb-walk? He answered by saying it’s not an issue and doesn’t need to change, even citing examples of melee characters who can orb-walk to show how little it matters.

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