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Spirit Guard Udyr, New Summoner Icons, Future Rework of Yorick, Oceanic Servers and More!

July 1st, 2013 Leave a comment

Awesome Yorick Banner of Awesomeness


 (Credit for the art goes to WooCushWashi, a deviant artist and fan of LoL. If you like his work, make sure to visit his profile!)

Udyr’s brand new ultimate skin, couple of small PBE changes, Summoner Icons awards based on lifetime RP purchases, massive discussion of Yorick with Xelnath and Morgageddon, Oceanic Servers now in beta, a Skin sale and more!

Spirit Guard Udyr: Ultimate Skin
PBE: Champion Changes
PBE: Ultimate Summoner Portraits
Lifetime RP purchase rewards
@Xelnath – Let’s talk about Yorick
Oceanic servers
Skin Sale – from July 2nd to 5th



 Spirit Guard Udyr: Ultimate Skin


Spirit Guard decoration


The second ultimate skin is here! Pick up Spirit Guard Udyr for 1950 RP during the discount period or the whole bundle for 2295 RP if you don’t own the champion. After the sale ends, the skin will return to its regular price of 3250 RP.






Apologies for not providing screenshots of the skin on the PBE, I’ve been having a continuous bug splat problem I can’t seem to resolve. If you’d like to see more of the skin, Riot have released a promotional website dedicated to Spirit Guard Udyr.


If you’re looking for a custom death animation, you won’t find one with Spirit Guard Udyr! Here’s why:

Riot DudeBro Button Rioter Riot DudeBro: Hey folks,
We skipped a custom Udyr death (vfx and sound wise). The reason is he had 4 sets of emotes, 4 recalls, 4 minion deaths, 4 jungle creep deaths, 4 champ deaths.( on top of the other stuff involved with him). We wanted to focus on those as there was of backend tech and content creation involved as well as all the QA that needed to happen. Overall, it was me that didn’t do anything for it( I was underwater in work as it is with this skin).
We’ll take this data so we can use it to for the next Ultimate skin.



“You’re lazy, that’s why you didn’t do it!” (don’t be this guy)


Riot DudeBro Button Rioter Riot DudeBro: Not true…I worked over the Christmas break, missed a number of Riot events, worked every weekend for 2 months(at least) and worked two days straight to get Spirit Udyr done.




Why was the decision made to not include a custom death animation?


RiotMindbullets Button Rioter RiotMindbullets: Just to jump in here and add some more visibility:

This is something we talked about. We decided that we wanted to focus our efforts on making the stances and custom kills as rewarding as possible. We wanted to encourage players to be rewarded when they do something awesome, and encourage them to do those things.

We didn’t want to encourage players to have to die in order to fully experience the scope of the features in game. After play tests and talks we felt it was much more rewarding to see cool features you trigger by killing things, using emotes, etc. It felt not as cool to make the features of Udyr dependent on something negative or that other players controlled like getting killed.

There are times when it fits the theme so much that we are just like “well yeah, that makes sense, we absolutely should do this” (Phoenix Quinn is a great example) but this one didn’t stand out as an especially cool place to do so. It is more of a gut feeling on a skin by skin basis, including discussion as a team.

Not saying this is right or wrong, but just want to be able to answer the question of why.



 PBE Update: Champion Changes




Dragon's_DescentDragon’s Descent ( R )

  • Fury-per-hit decreased from from 2/2.5/3 to 2 at all ranks


Scarizard Button Rioter Scarizard: Keep in mind the Shyvana nerf is a revert to live numbers and is only a nerf relative to the changes we’re testing.

The core issue is that increasing the rate at which she passively generated fury -and- the rate at which she built fury per auto-attack was accelerating her dragonfury a little too much. In some cases, players were being stuck in their Dragon form when they wanted to defend the base, push, or farm the jungle (thus prolonging the time to the next transformation). The change you aren’t seeing is that in response her Dragon Form drains less Fury per second, ensuring that she’s able to transform – stay around longer – but then appropriately reset and prepare her next ult cast.


PBE Update: Ultimate Summoner Portraits


Udyr Ultimate Icon 2 Udyr Ultimate Icon 1 Ezreal Ultimate Icon 1 Ezreal Ultimate Icon 2

There are the in-game portrait icons for both ultimate skins.



Lifetime RP purchase rewards


Similar to the icon upgrade system based on number of wins, an update is coming exclusively for those who have been long-term supporters of League of Legends!



Hippalus Button Rioter Hippalus: (Old post) We have plans to provide players with permanent summoner icon rewards for many different things over the next several months, including lifetime RP purchases as well as good behavior in game. The Shadow Isles summoner icons were specifically designed to reward players for participating in the Shadow Isles and the Harrowing offerings, with some of the icons being extremely rare for those who provide the greatest amount of support. However, I understand the frustration of those who feel they haven’t been rewarded for past RP purchases, or for other contributions such as being a great player in-game, but I can assure you, it is coming.



When can we hope to get the lifetime purchase icons?


Hippalus Button Rioter Hippalus: The icon rewards for lifetime RP spending are still a high priority, but to make them as cool as we’d like (automatically upgrading as you reach new tiers), they need some new tech that is part of a larger initiative.  It now looks like that tech might not be ready until next year so we either have to wait on lifetime RP icons or come up with an interim solution that is less awesome.  In general, Riot is more focused on the long term and would rather wait to do it right.



HippalusButton Rioter Hippalus: In this case it’s that the tech and design for the larger initiative are complex and interrelated so I can’t just ask the tech guys to ignore every other aspect of the project and give me the tech for the Lifetime RP icons. Sorry that’s not much of an answer but it’s all I can share at this stage.




Why are upgrades necessary? Can’t we just get different icons via the current tech?


HippalusButton Rioter Hippalus: Two reasons. 1) We want to have a lot of tiers so players don’t have to wait as long between upgrades. If players have qualified for the 12th tier, it’s a little strange to fill their icon library with 12 relatively similar icons. 2) The current limitations of our icon design space make it hard to make a progressive series of icons like this awesome, so the end result should be much better if we wait for the new tech.


Something interesting that caught my eye…

Originally Posted by Magus Ascendant View Post
Riot you are so disappointing and show that you just are interested in making money….

You cant be sure that you had no time for us players who spent so much money (600€+) in this game for 9 month… I just have no words for that…

Riot this is just really really sad…


HippalusButton Rioter Hippalus: I don’t mind being called out when we don’t live up to our commitments, but what is disappointing (to me anyway) is when players automatically jump to greed as the reason for anything related to money that they don’t like. Sure we are a business that needs to make money to invest in the game, but if greed was our primary motivation I would have my team working overtime to make sure that big spenders like you were constantly rewarded and given incentives to spend more money. Instead we treat all players the same and my department focuses most of our efforts on projects that give all players more value for their RP (flexible bundle tech, new kinds of sales, gifting, etc).


Understand that it’s very unusual for a big gaming company to be transparent with its community in such a way. This completely arrogant and hateful statement would have easily been ignored by most, but here Hippalus is willing to explain his decisions, even though he was never asked to. I urge everyone who’s asking questions on the forums or just wants to catch a red’s attention – be polite and respectful, because these people have proven time and time again that they’re listening to you and they want your honest feedback. How many studios nowadays can hold claim to such a fact?



Let’s talk about Yorick


If GNR hadn't split up

Xelnath posts a simple question: what, according to you, is the problem with Yorick?



Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: I recently polled players on the most frustrating Top Laner to face. 4 champions floated to the top. Singed, Yorick, Teemo and Jayce.  I then read the comments about those four champions to determine what the issues where.
Jayce: “He can poke me, escape and he’s hard to face.” –> Tuning Amplifying Mechanics Singed: “He can farm all day and killing him means nothing.” –> Bounty Mechanics Teemo: “He can poke me, escape and when I reach him I’m blinded.” –> Champion Mechanics

Yorick: “He is a brick wall in lane, with no counterplay, who often loses the game when he can’t turn that power into a victory later on.”  –> Champion Mechanics deny satisfaction from both Yorick’s opponent and Yorick’s team in the late game.
Aka, the most toxic kind of experience a champion can bring to league of legends.
While it is likely a *very* long time before I’ll have anything major to show, help me understand how you experience Yorick better.


Yorick Players:

  1. What is the fantasy of playing Yorick?
  2. What are the high moments of Yorick?
  3. What do you dislike most about playing Yorick?

Yorick Opponents:

  1. What is the most frustrating part of facing Yorick?
  2. How do you win a game against Yorick?
  3. What do you enjoy most about facing Yorick?
  4. How does Yorick lose a game?



What’re the results?


Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: This is unprecedentedly good feedback.  ZenonTheStoic is helping me gather feedback on the EU German forums as well.
So my general take aways so far:



  • The general fantasy Yorick players have is very consistent and unsatisfied.
  • Yorick is much more offensive to players than I had imagined.
  • Yorick players come in two major categories.
  •   – Pick Yorick for his Theme (Necromancer)
  •   – Pick Yorick for his Raw Power (Broken sustain/poke)

This guy will probably be a much more severe rework than Xerath. However, it seems clear what direction he must go:
1) Yorick must feel like he controls an “Army of the Damned” – multiple minions, not one powerful one 2) Yorick must feel like he can make skillful plays, using his ghouls. 3) Yorick opponents must feel like they can outplay his moves.
Some Yorick players show that they appreciate how powerful and uncounterable Yorick is. However, this is not healthy for league, as I think most players will agree. The surprise to me is that these Yorick players feel that he prevents other, worse, champion playstyles from becoming dominant in top lane.
If this is true, it means we may need to simultaneously investigate those issues, if Yorick is the last bastion counter champ…. I will confer with higher skilled players to see if this is consistently true.
Either way, his “no-brain” playstyle clearly must go.



What’s wrong with Yorick currently?


Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: I do not feel like Yorick’s mechanics are good at all.
Q – an attack reset + move speed buff)
* This ability is only good if you can already close to reach the target. Compare with Garen Q which allows you to close to the target to enable the rest of his kit.

W – instant AoE snare + minion summon
* This ability isn’t bad except for the fact that it is unavoidable harass

E – instant DD + lifesteal nuke
* This ability has zero counterplay and is the reason Yorick is so incredibly frustrating to play against. Worse, the ghoul only makes the experience worse if the enemy wants to fight you head-to-head.

R – Clone ally, revive them if the ally dies
* The optimal use case for this spell is throwing it on an enemy who will live long enough for you to take advantage of the double AD. Then just as the duration is about to wear off, that ally dies and comes back again.

This is a double level of frustration – the scenarios to get the best out of it are narrow. The cases where you use it on yourself, it feels like a very bad Tryndamere ultimate.

Passive – +% dmg and %damage reduction
* This is the worst thing on his kit. It says “if you close on yorick, he’s harder to kill than if you harass him”
* This means that players “intuit” how hard he will be to kill by poking, then all-in Yorick and see that Yorick is suddenly 15% more damaging and 15% harder to kill. This leads to constant frustration.



Why are you reworking these champions? First Xerath, now Yorick?


Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: The champions I pick to rework are prioritized based on the following factors:

* They fail to fulfill the fantasy most players have when they imagine that champion
* They have raw power that is either hidden by or tied to mechanical clunkiness
* They have the potential to bring a game-changing experience to league of legends.

Xerath was the long range caster who was outranged and given one OP spell as a crutch. Yorick is the toplane bruiser with no counterplay and no skill-based differentiation.

Both of these guys could be phenomenal, game-changing characters… or at least be more awesome to play.



Why the current Yorick feels rewarding to play


Originally Posted by magik8ball View Post
  • The ability to be losing a battle, duck into a bush to force a melee fight, drop ult and all ghouls, and proceed to mug my opponent for his bounty money.
  • The ability to Q onto a tank, dive into the enemy team after the ADC/other squishies, and force them away from the fight/force a tank peel from my scary shovel.
  • Duking it out with someone, dying off, and then resurrecting to take them down with me.
  • Being a melee champ, but barely keeping the powerful bruiser off of my tower with my ranged ghouls, surviving just long enough that I can get melee power of my own.
  • Slowing and ripping into anyone that tries to dive past me after my ADC/squishies.

These are my game-changing moments. I’m only looking at it from a Yorick perspective – I can’t imagine any of these are fun for my opponents, but they’re certainly fun for me. The question is which ones, and for how many of these does the unfun for them outweigh the fun for me?


Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: Okay, great! This helps me understand the high moments specific to Yorick better than any other post so far. To summarize:1) Ambushing with ghouls + ult is fun
2) Cutting through the enemy team via smart use of spells to reach the ADC
3) Revenge killing someone
4) Defending tower against the odds
5) Protecting your ADC with slows and ghouls.



Is he more problematic than Sion to rework?

You can read about the issues with Sion here.


Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: Sion has a conflict of mechanics and fantasy. Yorick seems to have no real mechanics that players latch onto – only power. Perhaps a few nuances with the ultimate or the ability to position minions.

However, the fantasy space of a spirit/ghoul conjurer who also fights is a rich one.



Why did you decide to rework Yorick instead of the other picks mentioned?

referencing Singed, Jayce and Teemo


Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: Singed and Jayce are being handled by other people in different ways.

Teemo… *shudder*.

Jayce, Singed and Teemo all bring cool, unique experiences to league in the form of tactical shrooms, gateways with dodgable balls of explosiveness and poison trail.

Yorick brings none of that. Maybe he clones a fed ADC once in 20 games.

Yorick is toxic in lane, detrimental to his team in the midgame and outright useless unless absurdly fed. So yes, its a mix of personal passion along with the confirmation granted by the feedback in these past two threads that has solidified my belief that Yorick needs to be reworked.



Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: It was not just the poll – it was the emotional reactions, combined with the logical reasoning expressed as to why a specific champion was bad. Four champions all arose as highly frustrating. Only one arose as both frustrating and incomprehensible and difficult to respond to.

Dominus, I totally respect your skill and I have bookmarked your video to watch at work on Monday. The issue is that his issues are clearly so deep that many, many, players cannot see the windows of vulnerability you feel. In fact, I suspect most players who injure Yorick during them do it by accident.

This is symptomatic of a badly designed champion. It’s not your fault, it’s ours for releasing him in that state. While yes, we could bandaid him, I question if that’s a good investment of resources. Even minor balance tuning requires playtesting and analysis which are a limited commodity. I know you’ve heard this before, but if our options are to nerf a champion into nigh inviability or rework him to be healthy and appropriate for league… where do you really want to see Yorick end up?

The ghouls that deal damage to you like a DoT, but can be targetted and are nigh impossible to kill are confusing and not fun. Should we just make the ghouls untargettable? Should they just be a debuff at that point?

I’m exaggerating these points, though, which I’m sure you already understand. While I am definitely listening to your expert opinion, I also agree based on my gut experience as a designer that Yorick has very little that he brings to the table that doesn’t take away more from the game he’s in than he provides.



Suggestions to improve Yorick’s ghouls


Originally Posted by VoidInsanity View Post

If Yorick were to be readjusted, it’d be nice if his Ghouls acted more like Elise’s Spiderlings and only attacked the things near him or the things he was attacking or if there was some actual reward for killing the ghouls like spiderlings. The current situation is, damned if you do, damned if you don’t because the ghouls are disposable, too disposable. There is no point in killing them, they are too fast to avoid and they die on their own within the time it takes you to kill them.
So I have Two Ideas I’d like to share with you.

  1. Twin Shadows Method – Make the ghosts immune to all damage and die after they have preformed one attack. Keeps him unique and takes away his endgame weakness (ghouls dying to AoE instantly). This makes them less of a disposable pet and more of a two part spell that looks like a pet.
  2. The Orianna Method – Killing units with his auto attacks (The shovel) plays a digging animation that grants him a ghoul which follows him around like spiderlings and are controlled with his spells similar to Orianna’s Ball. This “digging” passive has an internal cooldown so killing his ghouls ends up having meaning, and Yorick actually wants to keep his ghouls alive instead of spamming them at you. Proper Risk/Reward.

TLDR – The problem as I see it in regards to Yorick, some champions can’t get near him because they can’t kill the ghouls. Other champions flat out ignore him because they can kill the ghouls extremely easily which is also the problem Yorick has endgame. Ghouls need a total rework.


Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: Ghouls should get a total rework, I agree.

I find your two concepts interesting. I love the thought you’ve put into this post as well.

1 is “Ghoul as spell effect”
2 is “Ghoul as remote unit which performs spells”

Yorick players – which of these directions do you find more appealing?





Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: Let’s talk about Ghoul for a second.

Here’s why live ghouls are utterly terrible:



1) They are attackable, but only live for a short time.
2) This means they are killable and can consume resources, but are difficult to kill
3) If you choose to kill them they gain their almost full effectiveness (autoattacking you)
4) If you choose to run away from them, you are kiting almost constantly because there’s always some ghouls out.
5) When you do kill them, they don’t grant gold

Here is what this remake will almost certainly NOT have:

1) I will not make short duration summons that are attackable
2) I will not make things with the ILLUSION of counterplay
3) I will not also punish players for focusing ghouls.

Based on those philosophies, I believe that temporary ghouls are a very bad idea and are endemically broken in league unless aoe damage or focused attacks one-shot them, in which case they are useless.

To look at our other summoner character, Zyra:

1) Her whole kit is about summoning
2) She still does damage even without seeds.
3) Her plants create specific areas to avoid
4) Her plans can be killed, dramatically reducing their damage output
4) You are compensated with gold for destroying them, since it probably cost you last hitting.

For this reason, I think Yorick’s present ghoul summoning mechanism is very, very bad and should not be preserved. You have some cool ideas in here I like, such as every X spells, you get to summon a super ghoul who is meaningful. Ghouls who debuff the enemy are conceptually cool, but all that it means is “closing on yorick is bad”. This is something which is already true, because of the existence of ghouls. (Like Elise spiders).

So I don’t feel it really helps his kit. 

Thanks for taking the time to share this.



 Follow-up 2:


Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: How would you guys feel if Yorick’s ghouls were permanent caster minions instead of melee minions and did a larger part of his damage?





Why should the ghouls be ranged?


Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: I see one of two models working cleanly with multiple pets:

A) I am the tank, protecting my pets as they do ranged damage from behind me.
B) I am the caster, my pets are my frontline and they provide space and safety for me.


The fundamental problem with “I am melee and my pets are melee” is the Elise problem. Nobody appreciates her spiderling. Yet they are like 40% of her melee damage.

When you’re in melee with her, you want to be meleeing her. You don’t want to be dealing with garbo spiders. When you’re at ranged, her spiders are no threat and are not worth harassing down.

Let’s not repeat that mistake. Ghouls should be important, relevant to kill and a meaningful part of Yorick’s gameplay. Yorick should feel the pain when they are missing, but not feel hopeless that he will never get them back.



Summary of the feedback


Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: Whew… Finally caught up with this thread.

A lot of good thoughts here.

Things filtering to the top:


* Yorick should still be in the front line
* Ghouls are what Yorick is about.
* Ghouls should last longer
* Ghouls should be meaningful to Yorick
* Ghouls should give *some* gold (maybe 5 like Zyra plants?) if you last hit them


* Yorick’s free, ranged sustain is highly frustrating and doesn’t require himself to be at risk (Compare with Nasus)
* Yorick’s snares and lockdown kit (W -> Q) means once you do close, the enemy has no chance to escape in an even match
* Yorick’s ultimate is too dependant on allies and feels out of theme with Yorick.
* Yorick’s kit doesn’t give Yorick players an opportunity to be skillful.

Going to cook up a couple ideas based on the stuff I’ve seen here. (Keep in mind, no work on this will begin for quite some time – I’m trying to establish a baseline understanding of player expectations and gameplay hypothesis I want to solve.)

Thanks guys



Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: I’ve thrown together two “kit” ideas based on the concepts posed earlier for discussion of the ideas behind them. Keep in mind, these are only tooltips… and tooltips are much easier to write than abilities are to build.

Which of these fits the kind of character Yorick should be? Please explain why you like or hate it.

Good Talking Points:
* Counterplay – which one provides the better experience?
* Creativity – which one lets the player feel like a pro?
* Cohesiveness – which ones feels like it works well together?


Kit 1)

Ghouls buff Yorick. Yorick can give these buffs to an Ally.


Kit 1 Passive

Kit 1 Q

Kit 1 W

Kit 1 E

Kit 1 R


Kit 2)

Ghouls interplay with each other. Yorick’s ultimate is a powerful army command tool.

Kit 2 Passive

Kit 2 Q

 (Q – Ranged Nuke)

Kit 2 W

Kit 2 E

(E – Skillshot)

Kit 2 R



Why did you change his ultimate?


Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: His ultimate is reliant on others for you to be successful in the best case, in the worst it’s negated if you use it prematurely, and serves as an underwhelming revive in the case where you use it on someone about to die.

In addition to those clunky use cases and mechanics, Yorick’s Ult has caused more bugs in league of legends than even Mordekaisers and brings an immense amount of invisible power into the game.

Based on these factors, I believe exploring another ultimate which better serves his kit and his fantasy would be a good idea.



How many ghouls will Yorick be allowed to have at the same time?


Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: Imagine that he has 3 permanent pets. If one dies, it takes him 30 seconds to exhume a replacement. (I really like EX words. EXHUME. EXHAUST. EXHIBIT. EXPELLIARMUS)





Kit 2’s ultimate seems lacking because of the channel time


Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: Maybe R#2 should instead just be “channel for X sec to summon Zergling rush” instead of channelled banelings stream?





Kit 3


Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: Here’s a new pitch based on some of the ideas in this thread.

Basic idea: Yorick is a close-range, melee bruiser. He can use his ghouls to gain ranged damage and harass, but only by putting them at risk.

I also mocked up what it would look like when 3 ghouls were protecting Yorick defensively.


Kit 3 Passive

Kit 3 Q

Kit 3 W

Kit 3 E

Kit 3 R



Is the new ultimate also a channel?


Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: Oh, it wasn’t meant to be a channel. He digs a grave, then monsters rush out of it over time that he can control.





A Red’s opinion on Yorick


Morgageddon  Button Rioter Morgageddon: Morgageddon spies a wild Xelnath thread!


I think the main issue with Yorick top was that he was both impossible to harass (due to the slows from his ghouls) and the healing they provided. When he was grouped together with his team, he was good at focusing a single target away from his team, as well as using his ultimate to make the fight more of a 5.5 vs. 5, since the revenant added additional damage and then bringing the champion back if they died.

If you wish to retain that to be a core part of his kit, while also removing his impossible sustain in lane, Kit 1 would be the better of the two due to the ability to protect a chosen ally, giving them bonus stats to sustain and endure during the fight.

However, if you wish Yorick to be more of a mass CC control champion, Kit 2 makes more sense, since he’d have the ability to slow and root enemies. However, for the ultimate, I’d actually have a counter included and have him summon however many ghouls he had made in the game up to that point. In that way, it encourages you to spam ghouls to increase the numbers and puts the game back in the other team’s hands in order to prevent the game dragging on (thereby allowing extra time for Yorick to increase his past ghoul total and output damage). Perhaps it would reset after each ultimate, with increasing damage with every time the ultimate was leveled up.

Just my 2 cents.




FUTURE DISCUSSION: What type of champion should Yorick be?


Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: It seems like this is the major point of contention:

Is Yorick a melee fighter or a minion commander

Players who want a necromancer style of play want more ghoul commands.
Players who want a strong melee fighter want to ignore the ghouls.

Of these two categories, which one does League need more? Which one is the best “fit” for Yorick? I’ll be discussing this more with coworkers tomorrow as well.


There will probably be a lot more to this thread in the coming days. Lots of suggestions are floating around, some of which I haven’t mentioned here. If you’re interested in Yorick’s feature, test yourself and read the whole thread! There’s even StarCraft in there, I promise.



Offtopic: Heimerdinger


Will we learn more about Heimerdinger’s rework soon?


Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: Actually, Heimerdinger is making progress. However, my sudden insertion of Xerath into the playtesting schedule pushed Heimerdinger back severely. (You can’t playtest two AP mid characters effectively in the same game without warping feedback.)

Morello actually asked me if I would like to pickup the task of finishing off Heimerdinger now that Xerath is getting into a good state. I actually said no, because I’m fried mentally on the AP character space right now and the “cleanup/pruning” stages of development are the ones I find most stressful. (I’ll post more about this in the Xerath thread).

So, feel free to blame me for Heimerdinger being pushed back. That said, the guys who are assigned to him have actually done a great job of remaking him to feel way more satisfying!





Oceanic servers now in Beta!


nami decoration

Australian players rejoice – LoL is coming to you!


MasterMirkinen Button Rioter MasterMirkinen: Summoners,

It is with great pleasure that I announce you that League of Legends is now available down under with the beta launch of the Oceanic server. Players will have English-language support, local servers and a dedicated Oceania website.

Starting today, you can join the Oceanic beta by transferring from NA, LATAM, Russia, Turkey, EUNE and EUW. This transfer is free for a limited time. Early transfers earn exclusive rewards including Ziggs and Pool Party Ziggs and enjoy a 100% IP and XP boost for all players until after the beta is over!

Claim your free OCE transfer token by heading to the in-game store and clicking on the Other tab. Secure your summoner name on the new server by transferring today!

We’re also celebrating the launch with an online tournament from July 6 to July 14. The tournament’s top four teams will head to PAX Melbourne from July 19-21 to compete for cash prizes. There will be more info soon, so check back for all the details.

For the full scoop on the new server, transfer options, beta limitations and more, check out this FAQ.

Thank you SO much for pushing us in providing a better service to you!



If I can’t buy RP during the beta-test, how can I get the ultimate Udyr skin at a discount?


Damiya Button Rioter Damiya: I suspect our awesome Aussie community guys are already looking into this, but I’ll make sure they see the question and pop in with an answer.





What will RP Cost? Will champion and skin prices vary in Oceania?


MasterMirkinen Button Rioter MasterMirkinen: We are still finalizing the pricing structure of the Oceanic server, but we can anticipate this will be very close if not exactly the same of what you are paying today. The RP price of items in the store is unchanged.




Will I keep my ranked standing (tier and division) when I transfer to Oceania?


MasterMirkinen Button Rioter MasterMirkinen: Sort of. League standings are relative to the other players on your server, so when you transfer to Oceania you’ll be placed based on how you stack up against the other ranked players who make the switch. In most cases, you’ll find yourself in a higher tier and division than your original server.
You’ll still have one placement match before you’re officially placed into a league, but your prior ranked standing will be the key determiner. If you think some nefarious ghosts in the machine got ahold of your ranking at some point in the transfer process, please contact player support.





Skin Sale – expires on July 5th


 Sale July 5th

Enjoy the following champions and skins at a discount until June 5th!




  • Nocturne – 440 RP
  • Thresh – 487 RP
  • Xin Zhao – 395 RP



Minuteman Gangplank – 260 RP


Minuteman Gangplank


Statue of Karthus – 260 RP


Statue of Karthus


Uncle Ryze – 260 RP


Uncle Ryze



 IMPORTANT: A kid from Texas is being prosecuted for plotting terrorism on the grounds of a sarcastic comment he made while playing LoL. He may face up to 8 years in prison for this absurdity. You can read the full article here and if you want to help his case and you can sign this petition to help free him of charge and force the US government to reevaluate the anti-terrorist laws it’s currently abusing.


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  • Enlargingcloud

    Hey so I posted this on the wikia summary of the rework but I’ll repost it here in case you read this Xelnath :)

    After reading his thread newsoflegends I was thinking about reworking him this way. Tell me what you all think.

    Passive: Delay of Judgement:

    Yorick’s summons a shielding ghoul 30 seconds, reduced by 2 seconds whenever Yorick lands an attack. Each ghoul acts as a shield that deflects damage equal to 5% of Yorick’s maximum health. While any shielding ghouls are active, Yorick takes 10% reduced damage. Yorick cannot exceed having three shielding ghouls.
    Q: Omen of War:

    ACTIVE: Yorick cleaves all enemies around him dealing X / X / X / X / X (+ X % AD) physical damage. Any champions hit will be afflicted with a spectral ghoul debuff, taking X / X / X / X / X (+ 1% of bonus health) physical damage over 3 seconds.
    W: Omen of Pestilence:

    ACTIVE: Yorick lobs a glob of corpse rot at a location, X / X / X / X / X (+ X % AD) physical damage at all enemies in the explosion and slows enemies struck by 20% for .75 / 1 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 seconds. Any champions hit will be afflicted with a decaying ghoul debuff, reducing their armor and magic resist by X / X / X / X / X for 3 seconds. Slow projectile speed with large radius.
    E: Omen of Famine

    ACTIVE: Yorick flings a clump of magical dirt in a line, dealing X / X / X / X / X (+ X % AD) physical damage to the first enemy hit. Any champion hit will lose X / X / X / X / X (+5% of target’s max health) physical damage over three seconds and is afflicted with a ravenous ghoul debuff, healing yorick for 50% of damage dealt over three seconds. If this ability does not hit a target Yorick takes damage equal to X / X / X / X / X (+5% max health). Moderate projectile speed.
    R: Omen of Death

    ACTIVE: Yorick opens up a portal to the underworld that lingers above him for 5/10/20 seconds. While active, All allied and enemy champions (excluding Yorick) take 5% additional damage from all sources. Over the course of the abilty’s duration, Yorick loses 10% of his max health over the duration of the ability.
    Now with everything written out here is how I view these changes.

    -ghouls are untargetable debuffs, but visually they look the same to provide the same cool effect.

    Passive: similar to Malphite’s passive, but less usable in lane. Better in teamfights/occassional fights.

    Q: Waveclear and damage dealer that does additional damage to champions. Like many aoe skills, one must debate between hitting minions efficiently and damaging your enemy laner.

    W: A low damage and slow-moving projectile that allows Yorick to slow multiple enemies and set them up. Allows Yorick to slow an enemy for a gank. Long cooldown and Yorick’s lack of a gap closer would make this ability manageable in lane yet strong in teamfights.

    E: Yorick’s sustain is a skill shot. If you’re good at landing it, you will heal. Similar tradeoff to Mundo’s cleaver except for the fact that this ability is Yorick’s only sustain in lane. Allows Yorick to play safe in lane and harass without a gap closer. Does not heal as much if it hits a minion since healing is based off the target’s health.

    R: A global ultimate that hurts all champions more. Can be used to help lanes, but only for a small duration. Visually I imagine a red and black gate opening above Yorick’s head, sucking some of his life while pulling others into it. I imagine that all champions have a black “death” ghoul around them.

    Thematically I liked the four horses theme with Yorick and think it could have gone further. I think I simplified the ghoul problem, while adding skill cap, and a thematic “judgement day” ultimate to finish off the theme while solving most problems that were addressed with Yorick.

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    Apologies for not providing screenshots of the skin on the PBE, I’ve been having a continuous bug splat problem I can’t seem to resolve. If you’d like to see more of the skin

  • v1k1nG ShA

    Reworking YOrick is stupid. He is a funny champ to play, my main and stuff. Teemo has no tactics. Just shrooms randomly. Jayce? Just poke. Yorick isnt spamming. WHY YOU REWORK ALL THE CHAMPS THAT ARE NOT PLAYED LIKE EVER? Stupid Brainless fucktard admins

  • Peeep Boy

    Yorick is my main character, and i don’t agree that he is only spamming-ghouls champion. His skills makes him a briliant sustain, but if oponent is smart Yorick can’t kill him easy (couse of omen of war is normaly last skill, so early you have not high slow). So he is like battlefront of WWI :) But if you have to rework him – please make something like necromancer frome Diablo II. With small army of little undead Zergs :)

  • Gathroin

    pls dont make Yorick’s E any kind of an on-first-hit skillshot

  • Fezlex

    Sry i meant ult.

  • Fezlex

    While i see the developer planning the rework (Xelnath) is trying to figure out if yorick is gonna be a ghoud caster or a melefighter getting supported by his goulsh i have a sugestion. What if you make yoricks ut change him into ghoul commanding mode or mele shovel fighter mode. The only problem i see is what are the ghouls gonna do when he is going around shoveling. I am not sure at all, but maybe the ghouls are just gonna be a passive effect, when he is mele fighting wich increases his defense (armor and/or magicresist). Just a sugestion tough i am unsure this will work.

  • Filip

    Agreed @Lazy

  • Concerned

    Does no one notice the news of a kid going to prison for his remarks on League?
    Help out and sign the petition while you all wait for the Yorick rework and Udyr skin.

  • patch

    OMG When will finally come the patch to servers??

  • cyang

    I enjoy Yorick because he’s fun to play. He’s also a challenge to lane against which pushes my game to the next level. If I can’t win then I have to win with my team. Its 5v5 for a reason. Early game hes very strong if he can get “tears” and late game hes very tanky which is great because its all late game anyways unless the other team over powers with good coordination and teamwork, but thats how LoL is.

  • Stab and Bash

    * Crowd control

  • Stab and Bash

    I played Yorick as my main for about 3 weeks easily racking up the triple and cuadra kills, but when I first found this champ i thought he would play like a ” Death Knight” from World of Warcraft. However, I found him to be more of a tank than anything else and a completely broken champ that requires no skill to play and did not have a counter to his over powered crown control and speed boost skills. Kit 3 was my favorite as it focused on Yorick as a champion and not his ghouls. The the changes to Yorick are great, but I wanted to suggest one thing. Remove the ghoul’s slowing effect given by “Explosive Gas”and add three items specific to Yorick ( He can only get one of the three items) that specialize his ghouls to a specific skill. ” Idle of War” ” Idle of Pestilence” ” Idle of Famine”
    Idle of War grants 10 attack damage + 1.75x champion level ( rounded up) and Yorick’s ghouls gain 20% increased movement speed.
    Idle of Pestilence grants 15 ability + 2.25x champion level ( rounded up) and Yorick’s ghouls slowing effect is increased to 40% ( Original crowd control from “Explosive Gas”)
    Idle of Famine grants 10 attack damage + 1.25x champion level ( rounded up) and Yorick’s ghouls gain 12% life steal, the ghouls life steal also heals Yorick for 20% of health healed in this way.
    I feel that these items will give Yorick a boost to a certain one of his moves because of what Idle the player chooses. This would make it so a player can specialize Yorick to adapt to certain champion match ups, this means he will rely on the player better judgement and skill to rack up kills. I think these Idles would work well with his new move set ( kit 3) which completely stripped the ghouls abilities other than their crowd control affect. ( which would be removed if my idea is added)
    I’d greatly appreciate it if a Riot employee working on the Yorick remake looks at this comment and leaves a reply, I think my idea would work exactly like Vicktor’s Augments to lessen the nerf on his ghouls.

  • http://www.leagueoflegends.dk GeneralJones

    Anyone who knows when the update will come?

  • Lazy

    better buff hecarim and stop nerfing him…in future hecarim will become unplayable champion like heimer ,urgot etc…

  • XinHong

    You clearly did not read Sejuani’s W properly… Additionally, Sejuani isn’t played still because of the hit box on her ultimate. People want to use it to get to carries and stick to them but all of her abilities are blockable by front line champions. THAT’s the problem.

    @Xelnath: Yorick’s first proposed kit is better. It would however modify his status from top lane to being more of a support type champion.

  • pinquinsam

    ok about yorick this is my idea of a kit
    passive with the reviving idea and the 3 gouls is great
    q= spectre a ranged goul behind yorick that shoot at people (active spectre will be placed on a spot and shoots at people from that spot (both spectre basicattack and skillshot are apbased)
    w is crush a melee damagedealer that walks in frontright side of yorick can be shoot out to facecheck bushes and and when he hits a enemy he stuns and deal physical damage and basicattacks the 1 he hits if he hits no1 he will stand there for 2 seconds and die die except yorick picks him up by walking towards him kinda like elise her exploding spiderthingy
    e is munch he has more health magic resist and armor than spectre and crush he will be walking on yoricks left side he will aoe and slows when fire-ing (same things applying with crush he will be thrown to a location deal aoe and slowing (just make it a small slow) and dies after 2 seconds if he cant find some1 to run after
    his ult is instarevive all gouls just like your first kit sais
    all gouls aa a enemy that come close to yorick and can be attacked

  • Chefo

    I don’t quite agree with Xelnath’s changes. Yes, Yorick is simplistic in his gameplay and quite difficult to counter. But he has his fair share of cons – no hard CC for when the jungler ganks, little to no escape, extremely weak level 1-3 laning…

    I’ve always looked at Yorick as a bumper for FOTM top picks to rise. Which is a good thing – I mean he did counter almost every popular bruiser on top. He was never about farming until late game, unlike 80% of top laners – more like denying the enemy as hard as you can because, eventually, you’ll start to fall off. In that sense it’s a good thing he is as simplistic as he is – you can be efficiently annoying to the enemy’s Riven without fear she’ll somehow snowball off you because you missed a combo.

    I appreciate what Xelnath is doing, I just don’t think reworking established concepts in the game yields great results. When you look at Karma, for example- she was severely underplayed but had her unique charm for the select few that did play her. She was since reworked into an arguably more generic mage – now people still don’t pick Karma and her old-time fans (heh) are upset because she no longer felt so different and hybrid-oriented.

    Yorick is a special case – I don’t think anyone likes laning against him, but he’s more or less Mordekaiser in that regard- simplistic gameplay and a kit made more for bullying than teamfights. League of Legends needs these niche picks, because they provide diversity. Yorick, much like Xerath, isn’t all that popular – so it makes sense to assume that the people who do play him are already satisfied with his kit. Isn’t a full rework rather harsh then?

  • Nova

    Dont change yorick, People always complain(Mostly little kids). If you change yorick he will never be played again, hes barly played even now. Riot changed Sej and now she is worse, her new change is retarded because you must auto something to activate her w, if she cant auto anything shes useless. But anywho if you change yorick no one would want to play him after the first day, Yorick is fine how he is, people just dont know how to fight him. You just have to burst him which is easy.

  • xibiohazardix

    keep his e, its sooooooo good

  • Aleksandar

    Yorick Opponents:

    What is the most frustrating part of facing Yorick?
    How do you win a game against Yorick?
    What do you enjoy most about facing Yorick?
    How does Yorick lose a game?

    1. Constant heal and all the time poke and harass even when im trying to farm on the turret. When i have a gank he ca just ult and double kills us :(.
    2. I hardly ever win vs yorick. Maybe try to counter pick him (also something really hard to do). If i am playing vs bad yorick player i have some chances to win but… when its a good and smart player… no way.
    3. He needs a lot of mana early game. That can stop him a bit.
    4.When he has a bad team maybe :D. I have only beaten yorick with Riven. All the time constant harass and push. If i manage to get an early gank than i will be 2-3 lv on him and i will have free farm. Than its easy because i have already snowballed. Yorick can be stopped with an early gank i think but 1v1… he is as much annoying as ap Yi.

  • xLykos

    The first kit was definitely my favorite. I don’t want the names of his abilities being changed away from the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse though and I would like to see those stay. I think a simple fix to Yorick would just be to make his minions tankier last longer and be worth gold, make his Q give the speed boost on cast (like Garen’s Q), and then just a rework of his ult some how. Yorick has always been one of my favorite champions ever since I first bought him and I wouldn’t like to see a giant change to him.

  • Lozt

    please don’t destroy yorick… just get him a new look…


    How to destroy a nice champion who only needed for his early game and his late game -.-

  • Yolo Swaggins

    I feel kit 1 is the best, by far. But adding in the ult from kit 3 would be neat.

    Yorick is a necromancer/caster. If we wanted a bruiser, we’d play a bruiser. Remember that

  • TheHoss55

    I think both kits have there perks and they both keep Yorick in the mode where he still excels at 1v1 fights. In the first kit the ghouls will only grant his abilities better stats so they aren’t as OP as before. The ult can be used as an initiate or a save which can be beneficial late game(where Yorick was originally weak) and the abilities can be given to allies which can be beneficial to escaping or giving life steal to quickly join the fight again. I have played Yorick for several games and I think the kit will help balance him better and suits for late game better as well. In the second kit Yorick seems to be buffed in that he has the same abilities but now if the ghouls are active he has a better chance of winning a trade because he can nuke, snare, and root but his ult becomes useless in lane unless you are hidden in a bush because the channel time is long and it wont grant much in lane. I prefer the first because he can be played as a support, or a top laner due to the damage and buffs and his ult can be used in lane to secure kills and he has great late game potential. The second kits is great but I feel it requires more to be effective just due to his ult having the long channel. I think if you change the ult on the second kit then it would be more beneficial and keep Yorick as a ghoul user rather than one who buffs himself using ghouls(kit 1).

  • dexbro

    I think they shouldn’t give yorick a rework, I like it when I start a game knowing no one else will pick, in the first 3 weeks he will popular after that it will be the same, no one will play him

  • miscguy94

    I think that no matter what, Yorick’s last ability should be named “Omen of Death” cause otherwise you will be forgoing the entire theme of the Omens of the apocalypse :(
    Also, perhaps his ultimate of “Omen of Death” should be something that is more closely related to the theme of “Death”

  • ChaoFou

    I LOVE kits 1 and 2 for Yorick! It would be amazing if a new champion came out to be Yorick’s father and used the other kit that wasn’t implemented on the reworked Yorick.

    Although as a person who mains Yorick, I’d prefer kit 1 because it’d also make Yorick a viable support, and would bring some REALLY nice (and needed) CC to toplane’s Yorick players.

    but like I said before, I would LOVE it if both of these kits were playable.

    Just a little idea here, but you can bring Yorick’s dad as a new champion in the lore by Yorick being bored one day or something, and he decided to bring back his dad from the graves via frankenstein methods or pre-rework-yorick-ult method-but-his-love-for-his-dad-made-the-ult-last-FOREVER!!!! The End.

  • ButWhy

    I wont lie … I really dont like how you took yorick to a new level. Yes , he was broken , i know I played with him for over 300 games … but he didnt needed a complete rework. His substain WAS op … it needed to be nerf, his ultimate was used to push tower , to 1 vs 1 or in teamfight to ult the carries but that it and is Q was never used because it was hard to use it on an other champ. I want Yorick to be a strong champ to 1 vs 1 even if he’s not with his ghouls. I feel like nunu will destroy yorick completly if it work like that , enter into the lane , smite and eat one his ghouls , he has almost no defense because he need to wait 30 sec … -.- ! Im sure at the end , you guys will find a nice kit ( And maybe a skin , could also be fun ) but i dont think that the good kit for yorick is here . Ps: Sorry for my mistake , English is not my first languge

  • ChaosRoseStein

    I think the First kit, in my opinion, works well for Yorick as he has bonuses to his abilities depending on what ghoul he has out which makes him somewhat unpredictable but also it’s can be easier to counter what ability/ghoul ability he uses next by seeing it.
    Also, I personally would change the Omen of Famine from #1 with Hungering Rush from #3 as it makes for more of an offensive ability and brings Yorick closer to his target to maximize damage dealt instead of just sending a ghoul over.
    But that’s just my 2 cents as a solo top Yorick player.

  • obZen42

    Oh God I want that Ziggs skin so bad but I’m afraid I might lag on the Oceania server, because I’m in Romania.

  • Mando

    Soo UDYR stances change his hairstyle right ?

  • reruff

    I like Yorrick’s second kit the best, the buffs his ghouls provide are nice and I like his ultimate.

  • http://www.leagueoflegends.dk GeneralJones

    When will the update be out?

    • Chefo

      I believe Patch 3.9 ships on Tuesday, though there hasn’t been the obligatory champion announcement to precede that, so I’m not sure. I will let you know when I get the info!