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The League of Legends subreddit is, at it’s finest, an excellent community for discussion about eSports, future updates, and the game in general. At it’s worst, it’s known for an extremely volatile community that can turn on a dime. At the head of more than 600k subscribers sits the true influencers of what lives and dies on the forum – it’s moderators.

After recently coming under fire for affiliate influenced censorship, it has been revealed that some of the subreddit’s moderators have signed an NDA with Riot Games.

What should be noted is that this NDA is completely optional, required to sign only by moderators choosing to enter a Skype room with other moderators and employees of Riot. It is NOT required to become a moderator. The purpose of the room is to relay information between Riot and the moderation staff on issues like server stability issues.

This has caused quite a stir among the subreddit’s users, inciting concerns of Riot control over the forum and conflicts of interest among the moderation team.

Rioter Triggs has responded to these concerns through a series of comments, and maintains that Riot’s holds no control over the subreddit or it’s content, citing player security as the primary reason for the NDA.

We do have zero influence on this subreddit. As the statement we provided says, the existence of this room is so that our technicians can better handle emergent server stability issues. The NDA is the same standard that anyone has to sign when they may come across any confidential information.

This chat room allows the moderators to have accurate and relevant messaging on the top of the subreddit that a lot of players come here for.

The NDA doesn’t say that we have any authority over what’s posted here or that they have to check with us before approving/removing a post. It ensures that player information and sensitive security issues remain confidential.

Riot’s official statement in full, taken from the article mentioned above:


“It takes a community to create a healthy live service for League of Legends, so we have a channel with mods where they can report emergency issues: from players threatening to harm themselves or others, to service outages that can be directed to the team with little delay. The NDAs are in place so we can protect player privacy and have meaningful conversations around security. Riot has a clear internal policy that Reddit is a channel for players by players and we are guests there.”

A lawyer working in eSports, known on reddit as “esportslaw” has also offered his take on the subject, found here.

Here is the NDA in question.

It is important to note that any opinions or comments discussed here or on the subreddit are not representative of myself or the NoL staff, and this is intended to spark a meaningful discussion with no favor in any direction.

Rift Pulse Banner March 3

Welcome back to Rift Pulse, a weekly roundup of all things LoL eSports. As the LCS draws to a close, the race for playoff contention is closer than ever.


North America


  • Team Coast acquires challenger team F5, immediately making swaps between the main Coast roster and the Challenger team.
  • TSM Darkness has been dropped from the Solomid organization after they were caught leaking scrims and for their poor performance in the NACS.
  • Winterfox moves Altec back to the starting AD carry position, with Gleeb returning as support.









  • Elements adds Dexter and Tabzz as substitutes, signaling even more potential roster changes.









  • Former SC2 Pro Firebathero joins Team WE as a coach.
















Oceanic Pro League






GPL Standings



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How does it feel to be in playoff contention after a rough start to the split?

It feels good and went better than expected. I am particularly happy with our ability to play good even when we lose, it shows just how much we’ve improved in the off-season and during the LCS


What changes needed to be made and what has changed in the past few weeks? How is the dynamic in the team?

We realized the strengths of our team is playing heavy teamfight compositions. Siege, poke and splitpush weren’t working for us but we tried to force it in the LCS. With bad results, we realized that we just need to stick to our strengths and not focus only on the weakness of the opponent or what’s good in the meta.


You seem to be playing more comfortably and your performance has improved over the split. How do you feel about your current play compared to earlier in the spring and what do you think contributed most to your improvement?

I changed from an agressive playstyle to a passive one. The agressive playstyle could work but junglers noticed that it caused me to overextend a lot and punished me. Now that I’m more passive I focus on teamfight heavy champs and am content with going even in lane knowing I’ll contribute greatly in teamfights.


Who do you have the most trouble playing against in the top lane?

Odoamne and Vizicsacsi have surprised me a lot in how good they are in 1v1. Huni is also always a big threat and an incredible player.


What are your thoughts on patch 5.5, specifically the top lane?

I am very happy about the current toplane meta. I think every player has a slightly different champion pool and preferences which shows just how versatile the top lane is right now.


What types of changes do you expect to see with 5.5? Do you expect to see a rise in tanky junglers as Riot seems to be aiming for?

We’ll see a lot more tanky junglers and with that I think hyper-carries will make a bit of a comeback if not a big one.


The EU LCS has always been considered kind of strange in terms of standings. Do you believe the current standings are accurate of who truly are the best teams? Who do you think is the best team in EU currently?

The standings are close to accurate but strengths of team varies every week and per patch. Last patch I considered H2K to be the best team but currently SK looks on top again.


Who did you expect to win Katowice? Was there anything that surprised you at the tournament?  Did you take anything away that you can use in your play?

Just like everyone else I expected GE Tigers to steamroll the tournament so I was quite surprised to see TSM win although I knew they were in contention for 2nd place.

Champion pool wise there weren’t a lot of new things but seeing different playstyles and then reasoning with yourself why it works and against what it works always adds to your own team and own playstyle.


How did you spend the time off? Is this considered extra practice ramping up to playoffs?

We did practice a lot, focusing a bit more on solo queue in the first week and then going heavy on scrims in the second week. We aren’t in a position where we can slack or take a break because we are fighting for playoffs and to stay out of relegation.


Elements has been surprisingly lackluster despite being the number one team last split. Do you believe they can turn it around and what do you think is “missing” or preventing them from truly performing? Do you think their lack of diversity in playstyles is hurting them to a fault?

They have the skill level to be on top but they are lacking synergy and seem to not understand the meta and laneswap styles. I think they should look to practice against different opponents and try to copy things from other teams into their own playbook.


Looking at the playoff picture, what are your expectations heading in? What is your practice regimen like?

6 days of practice, 1 day off. If we make it to playoffs I think we can upset a lot of teams because we are known to be good in best of 5’s and have the ability to adapt because we always prepare 2-3 team compositions during regular LCS weeks


I am curious about the scrim environment in EU. Do all of the teams play each other, or is there less desire from top teams to play the bottom teams? Additionally, are scrims played completely through? Is there ever the issue of games not being taken seriously?

Most teams have their own circle of teams they play based on friendships and respect. There are teams who tilt/rage after bad early games and there are teams who play out the game no matter what. We are in the later camp. Playing from behind, even far behind is a thing that any team can master and based on some of the comebacks we’ve made I think it’s a great way to approach scrims


Shout outs?

Shoutout to all the fans for their continuous support especially the old ones that stuck with us through thick and thin!

Tim Kimbirk is an eSports Journalist and writer with Solomid. Any questions, requests, or general inquiries are welcome by tweeting to @CaymusNoL 

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From hosting a DotA tournament in 2009 to hosting the EU LCS Regionals in 2014, Riot Games has established an almost expected presence at the world’s largest gaming exhibition. This year, they have announced that they will not be attending.

Wanting to create a larger, unrestricted impacted in more locations and a deeper presence at the local level, Riot has chosen to replace the event with more specifically tailored options in more places. Their goal is to give communities across Europe more chances to get together at live events, aiming to boost player experience.

From the announcement:

We’re not going to gamescom, then, but overall we believe what we do instead will result in a better experience for players all over Europe. There will be more opportunities throughout the year to attend live events and engage with the community through specifically tailored League of Legends experiences.

Official Announcement

Team Solomid made a convincing case for themselves to be considered among one of the world’s finest teams in a clean sweep of World Elite to win the IEM Season 9 World Championship Finals.

After being knocked into the losers bracket by TSM, World Elite clawed their way into the finals with a surprising 2-1 victory over Korea’s number one seed GE Tigers. Heavily favored to win the entire tournament, the GE Tigers would suffer their first ever competitive match loss at the hands of China’s 12th seeded team, setting the stage for a Grand Final rematch between WE and Team SoloMid.



TSM Pre-Finals discussion



In a slow start to game 1, TSM eventually overcame a gold deficit to a comeback victory, propelling them into swift game 2 and 3 victories. A clearly dominant performance earns them their first ever victory at an international event. TSM Looks to take this momentum into the NA LCS Playoffs, only weeks away.

Grand Finals vods via loleventvods:

Game 1,Game 2,Game 3





 IEM Season IX World Championship Katowice Final Standings

1: Team SoloMid

2: Team WE

3/4: GE Tigers/yoe Flash Wolves

4-8: CJ Entus/Gambit Gaming  SK Gaming/Cloud 9

Photo source: IEM Official website


Alexey “Alex Ich” Ichetovkin and Alberto “Crumbzz” Rengifo have come together to create a new Challenger team.

Long time veterans of the LoL scene, the two have crossed regions to join forces and compete in North America.

From the official announcement:

Rengifo and Ichetovkin will be joined by Maria “Yuno” Creveling in the support position. Creveling previously played for Team Roar’s bottom lane alongside Shan “Chaox” Huang.

The AD Carry and Top lane positions have yet to be finalized, but the team is currently scrimming with Ritchie “Intense” Ngo (AD Carry) and Oleksii “RF Legendary” Kuziuta (Top lane). Badawi states that the scrims so far have been going great but that the team is still considering all available options and accepting applications.

See the official announcement for complete details as well as a Q&A with team owner Chris Badawi.


Team Winterfox has just announced massive roster changes via facebook in an unexpected switch of AD Carry Altec to the Support position.

Hailed as one of the best up-and-coming AD Carries in North America, Johnny “Altec” Ru will take over the support position as  Head Coach Hyun-il “Paragon” Choi fills his shoes as the starting AD Carry. Current support Hyeonsu “Imagine” Jang will be moved to the substitute role.

According to the post, the change was requested by Altec, and will be effective beginning in Week 7.


Team Winterfox Roster as of Week 7

Avalon – Top Lane

Helios – Jungle

Pobelter – Mid Lane

Paragon – AD Carry

Altec – Support


Official Team Winterfox Statement

After his benching in Week 5, AD Carry Piglet has returned to Team Liquid’s starting roster.

Citing improvements in team dynamic and communication, Team Liquid hopes to yield better results than their last attempt with the AD Carry.

Team Liquid stands at fourth place with a 7-5 record. Piglet’s record with the team is 2-4, compared to substitute counterpart KeithmcBrief at 5-1. There has been no decision made on who will be their final choice for the AD carry role.

Team Liquid Official Statement


Riot Games has just announced that they will be hosting a Six team international competition in Tallahassee, Florida, on May 7-10, 2015.

Taken from the official post:

Five participating teams are chosen by winning their split playoffs in the EU LCS, LCK, LMS, LPL, and NA LCS. The sixth and final spot will go to the winner of the International Wild Card Invitational (IWCI), another new event to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, in late April.

Top talent from around the globe will compete in a single round-robin Group Stage on May 7-8. The top four teams from the Group Stage will advance to Best of 5s bracket stage on May 9-10 for a chance to be crowned the winner.

The four days of League of Legends action will take place in Tallahassee, Florida, at the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center located at Florida State University.



Official Riot Announcement



In an unexpected release, Gambit Gaming has announced that they will be moving mid laner Sebastian “niQ” Robak to the substitute position, replacing him with Felix “Betsy” Edling.

Originally intended to serve as a temporary replacement while niQ recovered from health issues, Betsy has gone 4-0 with the team since his arrival as a sub, and has been a dominant force in his LCS debut. Gambit Gaming has been on absolute tear as of late, currently holding a 7 game win streak that started in week 3.

Gambit has cited Betsy to be a better fit with the team, and wishes to be in top form for the upcoming IEM World Championship.

Statement by Betsy:

I am happy to get an opportunity to play for such a big organization like Gambit. I really enjoy playing with every single player in the Gambit squad and I look forward to many more wins with the team!

Official Statement