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Part 2 of our group coverage! We’ve gone over Star Horn Royal Club, SK Gaming, TSM and winners of S2′s Worlds, Taipei Assassins, in search of new and returning picks we might see in Group B.



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 Better nerf Irelia. SHRC banned the bladed lady all 5 games in their series against OMG in the LPL Summer Playoffs and played her successfully against LDG. It seems Irelia is making a small resurgence to Royal Club’s team comps, adding a bit of EU flavor to their champion pools. We also got to see everyone’s favorite Demacian, Jarvan IV. Royal picked Jarvan four times throughout the playoffs and has been practicing him in scrims as well.

 Jarvan is a one-size-fit for most comps, lending early jungle pressure, a teamwide aura, armor shred and some of the best, if situational, late-game CC in the game. He can take risks when invading and live with his E-Q combo and can built versatile if his team needs another damage dealer or a beefy fighter. J4 is a great pairing with Orianna, Syndra, Xerath and just about anyone who’d benefit from having their target(s) locked up in a small space. He can be a second bruiser on the team, aiding his top laner in diving the backline. Most of all, he can make or break Dragon and Baron fights with his Cataclysm.

 inSec is a legend in the jungle and it’s him we owe the majority of big plays on Youtube. Watching him on a play-maker like Jarvan will be a spectacle. We’ve known his style and picks for a long time, from his all-time favourites Lee and Evelynn, all the way to niche picks he popularized like Zed jungle. inSec is big on calculated risks, which he can greatly capitalize with the lock-up potential of J4. He’s also known for working with his mid laner for map and teamfight pressure. Given that J4 is an excellent combo-maker for Yasuo, a popular pick across regions, we can expect great matches coming out of him and Corn.



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 SK”s recent scrims against EDG show Jesiz on Syndra, an odd choice given SK’s scene and playoff matches. Syndra isn’t as common in EU as she is in NA and so it’s a neat surprise to see SK’s mid-laner pick up the Western trend just in time for Worlds. We didn’t see Jesiz play Syndra during SK’s road to Worlds, but it seems he’s developing her into a pocket pick for the group stage.

 It’s easy to pin-point Syndra’s strengths, as she’s usually the center of plays. The long-range AoE stun, coupled with massive single-target burst and lane control is what define her as a scary carry on the competitive scene. Her lack of mobility often betrays her against teamfight comps, which is why she’s a more situational pick than longer-ranged carries like Xerath. Still, she’s a great bully in lane who can handily out-farm her enemy mid and go for a kill at 6. Syndra is a reliable initiator and scales into late-game in both damage and utility. Lastly, she’s a great roamer and so an excellent pick for teams who like to run their mid and jungler into the enemy jungle and take early objectives.

 It’s interesting to see what Jesiz can accomplish with such a potent pick. Though SK’s scrims against EDG ended poorly with him on Syndra, it’s still encouraging to see him on a champion that’s remained fairly niche in the EU scene.



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 When WildTurtle gets excited, this happens. Known for his aggression, WildTurtle is never afraid to try and make a play. Lustboy knows this all too well, and it seems he has added another tool to his protect the Turtle arsenal – Janna.

 Thanks to the AD bonus on her shield, Janna has a great time in lane with Marksmen that have high AD scaling abilities, such as Lucian, Cait, Ashe, and Ezreal. Turtle is no stranger to Lucian, picking him 6 times in the playoffs and regularly throughout the Summer Split. Janna’s ability to peel compensates for her weaker early game, and really helps her shine later on.

 Outside of the lane phase, Janna offers incredible utility in the form of an AOE healing disengage that can also be used to cleverly displace the enemy team, or even individual targets. Her Q, Howling Gale, is also interesting. The knock-up it provides is useful in any situation, but when paired with Yasuo, a definite possibility on Bjergsen, it causes tremendous amounts of chaos in a teamfight. Having the ability to engage with Yasuo’s ultimate every 10 seconds will have any opponent on their Last Breath.  Janna is a highly versatile champion and so fits a myriad of team comps and strategies TSM might pull off at Worlds.

 WildTurtle brings a real threat of carrying games, and is a massive target for enemy teams looking to exploit his in-your-face playstyle. Requiring peel at all times, who is a more perfect match than the Storm’s Fury herself, Janna? Lustboy has taken a liking to the breezy support, racking up more solo queue games with her than any other support during his bootcamp in Korea.



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 Though hailed by their competitors as of late, the Taipei Assassins have essentially left us in the dark. In the LPL finals, They showcased that they aren’t afraid to revert to picks like Jinx and wreak havoc on the map, and there are surely more slightly off-meta picks to come. This event is a proving ground for TPA to surprise their opponents, or be assassinated.



Pre-worlds coverage of Groups:





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After a lengthy delay due to bugs, Azir is finally ready to reign majesty on the Fields of Justice.

Azir Q&A covering his story, gameplay and art side:



The lost empire of Shurima rises at Azir’s command. Resurrected and ascended, Azir won’t rest until he’s restored his kingdom, his people—and himself—to glory.

Galactic Azir

The evening’s gentle darkness envelops a lone, rickety barn, its decayed walls sagging against the framework. A cool breeze glides across the surrounding fields. Suddenly, a dazzling beam of light punctures the clouds, enveloping the world beneath. The earth begins to quake, crumbling rotted beams as a massive vessel usurps the sky. It plummets through the air, halting its plunge before smoothly touching down. Settling to the ground, the front wall of the skip dilates open, revealing an imposing figure silhouetted against the pale glow of the ship’s interior. Galactic Azir has come to rule.

Command the might of an empire as Azir and his Galactic Azir skin for 1462 RP (normally 1950 RP) until the end of the weekend.


Not familiar with Azir? Here’s a preview:


Azir Model

Azir All Emotes

All of Azir’s emotes. He does a fitting chicken dance for his joke.

Azir Passive

Will of the Emperor [ Passive ]

Azir Basic Attack

Basic Attack

Azir W

Arise! [ W ]

Azir Q

Conquering Sands [ Q ]

Azir E

Shifting Sands [ E ]

Azir R

Emperor’s Divide [ R ]


Azir New Portrait

  • Damage: 43 (+ 2.8 per level)
  • Health: 390 (+ 80 per level)
  • Mana: 280 (+ 42 per level)
  • Attack Speed: 0.6 (+1.5% per level)
  • Movement Speed: 330
  • Armor: 14 (+ 3 per level)
  • Magic Resist: 30
  • Health-Per-5: 6 (+ 0.55 per level)
  • Mana-Per-5: 6.5 (+ 0.65 per level)
  • Range: 525

Will of the Emperor [ Passive ]

ar-passiveWill of the Emperor: Azir gains 1.25% Attack Speed for every 1% Cooldown Reduction he has.

Disc of the Sun -Azir can summon the Sun Disk from the ruins of a turret once every 3 minutes. The Sun Disc behaves like a normal turret but disintegrates over 1 minute. Click the ruins of a turret to activate Disc of the Sun. The ruins of an enemy Nexus and Inhibitor turrets are immune to this ability.

Conquering Sands [ Q ]

ar-qCost: 70 Mana || Range: 800 || Cooldown: 10/9/8/8/7 seconds

Azir sends all Sand Soldiers toward a target location. Sand Soldiers deal 60/90/120/150/180 (+0.5 AP) magic damage to all enemies they pass through and apply a stacking 20% slow for 1 second.

Arise! [ W ]

Cost: 40 Mana || Range: 450 || Cooldown: 1.5 seconds

ar-wAzir summons a Sand Soldier for 9 seconds. When Azir attacks an enemy in a soldier’s range, the soldier attacks instead of Azir, dealing (+0.7 AP) magic damage to enemies in a line. Soldiers attack even if Azir himself isn’t in basic attack range.

Azir can store up to 2 Sand Soldiers at a time. A new soldier becomes available once every X second. Moving too far away from soldiers deactivates them. Sand Soldiers expire twice as fast when near an enemy turret.

Shifting Sands [ E ]

Cost: 60 Mana || Range: 1100 || Cooldown: 19/18/17/16/15 seconds

ar-eAzir dashes to one of his Sand Soldier, damaging enemies hit for 60/90/120/150/180 (+0.4 AP) magic damage and knocking them up for 0.5 seconds. If Azir hits an enemy champion, he stops and gains a 4 second shield that absords 60/100/140/180/220 (+ AP) (+15% of bonus Health) damage.

Emperor’s Divide [ R ]

Cost: 100 Mana || Range: 250 || Cooldown: 140/120/100 seconds

ar-rAzir summons a wall of armored soldiers that charge forward, knocking back enemies and dealing magic damage. The soldiers then remain as a wall for 5 seconds.

Enemies will be stopped by Emperor’s Divide, even if they attempt to dash over the wall, butAzir and his allies can pass freely and gain 20% movement speed for 1 second when they pass through the wall.

Emperor’s Divide does not interact with Azir’s basic attacks or spells.

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PBE 16/09 Content:

  • Champion Changes
  • Item Changes


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.


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New Soraka Icons


From left to right: Passive, Q, W, E and R.


Soraka_Passive Soraka_Q Soraka_W Soraka_E Soraka_R


[ Note ] Soraka is reworked on the PBE. Link to changelist.



16 09 Champion Changes



Maokai Final Portrait


Vengeful Maelstrom New IconVengeful Maelstrom [ R ]

  •  Maximum stored bonus damage decreased from 150/200/250 to 100/150/200 [ changed from this PBE update ]


  • [ Note ] Vengeful Maelstrom’s maximum damage on live is 200/250/300.



Talon Final Portrait


Cutthroat New Icon Cutthroat [ E ]

  • Now slows the target by 99% for 0.1 seconds (number could be a tooltip error)
  • No longer silences for 1 second.



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Infinity Edge New IconInfinity Edge

  • Total cost decreased from 3950 to 3800 [ revert on the changes in this PBE update ]



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The following Champions will be free-to-play until September 23rd:





Aatrox Final Portrait

Anivia Final Portrait

Graves Final Portrait

Janna Final Portrait

Karthus Final Portrait

Lucian Final Portrait

Sona Final Portrait

Udyr Final Portrait

Yasuo Final Portrait

Zac Final Portrait



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Champion Skin Sale September 16 to 19 Banner

The following Champions and Skins will be 50% off until September 19th:


Karma Final Portrait

Varus Final Portrait

Vladimir Final Portrait

Battlecast Xerath – 375 RP


Nemesis Jax – 487 RP



Pool Party Graves – 675 RP

Pool Party Graves Splash


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 Welcome to a co-op series where Tim and I will cover all four World groups and what new picks we can expect in each one. We aim to get the series wrapped up before Worlds so we can focus on coverage of the matches. Enjoy the read!



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 Ban Yasuo. Those words held true in every game of the LPL Regional Qualifiers and Summer playoffs that featured EDG as teams took the swordsman completely out of the picture. With 5 different picks in the mid lane across 12 games, U has shown he can definitely play around his team’s apparent dislike of the wanderer.

 Of these picks, Kayle came out for three of EDG’s matches. While Kayle remains strong despite her most-recent nerfs, she has definitely fallen out of flavor.  Her most recent revival usually comes paired with a Zilean, creating an incredibly frustrating team comp centered around an undying carry. U has shown that he will play her with or without the Chronokeeper.

 Kayle’s strengths come in droves. Amazing waveclear, great up-front damage, massive utility in the form of a heal and movespeed boost, and an ultimate that can make or break teamfights. There’s less countering Kayle and more just dealing with her, something that becomes incredibly tricky once a match gets to late-game.

 When Kayle and Zilean get together, it’s like divine Intervention. Allowing unlimited dive opportunities, Kayle and the rest of her team can wreak havoc in the front line safely under the protection of Chrono Shift and Intervention. The pair also prevents a champion from just being dived on and exploded, and can force their opponents to think hard about who they want to focus and when they want to fight.

 There are a Zilean possibilities, will the opposition be prepared?



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 AHQ’s Westdoor is known for his constant aggression. Expect all eyes to be on the mid lane as he looks to get his team out ahead early. Kassadin and Twisted Fate were almost permanently banned against Westdoor in the GPL and it shouldn’t be much different on the world stage. AHQ depends heavily on their mid laner, and acquiring a comfort pick for Westdoor is a must for them. Keeping Fizz in the back pocket is surely on the agenda, especially looking at his dominating performance on the trickster in the past.

 Fizz brings deadly assassin strength to a team, being able to dash in with Urchin Strike and deal massive burst damage, only to disappear unscathed with a cleverly placed Playful/Trickster. Chum the Waters offers great disruption and zoning potential in a teamfight, forcing players to retreat or fight around its AOE knockup. It’s also a death sentence for anyone caught out of position, which can help AHQ create picks and secure objectives.

 Not to say the Trickster is without flaws. Limited siege ability can set Fizz’s team behind if they’re unable to start a fight. Also an issue is getting to the backline to hunt for carries. If the enemy team sees Fizz, they can center their comp around peeling for their carry and easily counter his strengths. Lastly, Fizz is a risky laner; if he’s facing a poor lane match-up, he can easily fall behind – worst-case scenario for a champion who must be ahead to have a real impact on the game.

 AHQ enters the World Championship as underdogs, and other teams will definitely have heard of Westdoor. With a reputation for clutch plays and snowballing games, letting Westdoor get any of these champions is definitely a mistake. Therein lies the largest issue: lack of diversity. While he has shown he can fall back onto popular champions like Yasuo, Westdoor’s greatest strengths come from familiarity. Teams will either look to ban him out, or prepare strategies specifically tailored to his champion pool.

 Will AHQ adapt, or will they FIZZle out?



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 Though he dominates solo queue, Rammus is a rare sight on the competitive scene; OGN Masters saw him once in a favorable match-up against Xin Zhao and Wickd rolled his way to victory at the end of summer LCS in a zer0-stake match against Millenium, but that’s all the pro action League’s armordillo saw this year. Despite odds, it seems DanDy has been racking some Rammus games in Solo Queue and with great success. Can we expect to see a tanky jungler sneak his way past Lee Sin? Certainly, he is blind.

 The meta across regions right now favors stall comps that rely on picks to get objectives and push for map control. Rammus fits the bill with his Sonic Ball and a 2-second taunt. He’s great at locking down and soloing the currently popular hypercarries or peeling bruisers from his carries. Being the best tower-diver in the game, Rammus can capitalize on a pushed lane better than almost any other jungler. His slow clear speed means he loses significant gank pressure in the early game, but that can be off-set by just going for safer laners and stalling until Rammus can become that beast of a frontliner and initiator.

  In the hands of DanDy, Rammus is a snowball machine. DanDy is the one who sets the pace for White’s matches by constantly being in the mind of the enemy jungler and predicting his moves. A Rammus counter-gank is deadly, as it can come from very far away and with guaranteed hard CC. We already know how strong DanDy is at smite-stealing objectives – put that mechanical skill on a rolling ball and you’ve got dragon control covered against all but the top-seed teams. Best part? No one plays or bans Rammus, meaning DanDy always has a surprise pick for when his team faces serious challenge (at the finals).

 Ultimately, a pocket pick doesn’t matter much for White at this point, as they can likely blindfold themselves, go all mid and still stomp their group.



dark passage banner


No data on DP’s Solo Queue training and their Wildcard matches suggest they’d like to go standard at Worlds. If they are bringing new picks against the top teams, they’ve yet to grant viewers passage to their strategy.


See? Phreak liked it. Reluctantly.



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Azir has been delayed on the live client because of bugs, Ghostcrawler explains the goals of the Fighter rework and Lyte notes that extending chat restrictions for neutral players is a mistake of the system. Lastly, IronStylus with clarity on texture rebalances and why the end result seems less detailed than the original.

TL;DR in featured comments.


Recent News


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Are you delaying Azir because his Shurima story isn’t over

sixtwo Final PortraitHey guys, not sure where the quote comes from, but Azir isn’t out yet because he’s not done – bug fixes are being checked in around me as I type this. Now carry on!

[ Link to Post ]


Baconhawk Final PortraitI was not clear in stating Azir is not available yet because of “reasons” (he is getting bugfixes). I did not mean to insinuate we are waiting for a lore story part 2… just to give some sort of hope and looking forward. My wording was ****.

I’ll try to be more clear next time. Let me know if you have any more questions.

[ Link to Post ]



He shows up in Champ list but is unavailable for purchase

Baconhawk Final PortraitThis is because he was shipped in the patch but not switched on. This is normal.

[ Link to Post ]





Can’t you give us detail on issues or at least a timeline

Baconhawk Final PortraitI totally understand. Unfortunately, we’ve gotten really burned when trying to give you guys dates on when x will come out (or if it even will at all, RIP Magma Chamber, so say we all), so to save us all the the heartache, its best if we just get him ready and unlock him when he’s finished.


You DO know there’s a champ coming. There was a time before PBE when surrender@20 and other sites wouldn’t be able to do all these great screencaps and preview videos, and set the hype stage for champs, skins, game modes, etc. We have a lot to deliver and we’d like to make sure it’s ready before we say YES IT IS GOING OUT ON THIS DATE and then what happens when we get an Azir and he ends up with some last minute bugs that just absolutely cannot ship? We look bad, you’re upset, we’re upset, and no one wins. The expectation is that we will release everything perfectly, meet everyone’s expectations 100%, release on time AND let you know ahead of time when that is. IN A PERFECT WORLD!

[ Link to Post ]



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What are the exact goals for the fighter rework

Ghostcrawler New PortraitThe goals are to agree on what is the strategic identity – the strengths and weaknesses – of melee champs, as well as figure out how many categories of melee we actually have (e.g. Is a bruiser different from a diver? What is a melee carry?)

The list of champs that we’d want to adjust to meet these goals is beyond the scope of a forum post. Generally those who are largely balls of stats with limited counterplay or those who seem mirror images of other melee are the ones most in need.

We haven’t decided yet on the future of red buff. As a general guideline, I think we do throw around movement speed debuffs too readily.

It’s okay for someone to have good or weak laning, within reason, as long as there are trade-offs elsewhere. Our general concern about melee is they don’t have any trait to offset their lack of range. The two characteristics that we have tried (hard to kill or eats your face if they manage to close) have been problematic. The former erodes a niche for true tanks and the latter makes the counterplay pretty binary, as well as making melee on melee engagements slow slugfests.

[ Link to Post ]



How would you define a “tank” in League

Ghostcrawler New PortraitA common thread we’ve found with tanks is that they are good at initiating. The problem is that the word “tank” also carries a strong connotation from other games that they have a ton of survivability as well. If we renamed the role it would be easier to define, but we’re not sure players would react well to redefining a whole lot of roles in the game (as I mentioned for fighters above).

[ Link to Post ]



Why don’t you name the Fighters you plan to rework

Ghostcrawler New PortraitNot sure I agree with that.  Even stating that we think a champ is overtuned feels like a mic drop without a lot of context. The other challenge is that when we mention we want to work on something (like say a fighter rework) and then it takes a lot longer than expected, players get frustrated and want even more context for the delay. Believe me, my inclination is to be as honest and open as possible. If we can earn enough trust with the community that changes we mention will eventually come to pass, I’d love to be able to talk more about long-term plans.

[ Link to Post ]



Can we have specific information on the Fighter reworks

Ghostcrawler New PortraitIt’s just a big project that touches a whole lot of champions. At our current cadence for gameplay updates, it would take a long time to reach them all. In the meantime, if we introduce say counterplay for one fighter and not another, then the second one becomes overpowered in the interim. It’s not just fighters either. If we decide that we offer too many slows, then a lot of ranged champs would need to be touched as well. This is the kind of thing we’d love to be able to hit with some sweeping changes all at once, but we’re still working out how that could be possible.

I’ll talk to Morello and some of the other designers. Maybe we can put together a dev blog that explains our current thoughts so long as we can provide sufficient caveats that we haven’t ironed out all the details yet and would welcome plenty of feedback before those thoughts turned into patch notes.

[ Link to Post ]



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Chat Restrictions shouldn’t be extended if you’re neutral

Lyte Final PortraitCompletely agree. We recently tuned the system to try to be more accurate up front, but it’s clear we might be up to ~20 games off still in some cases.

[ Link to Post ]




Can you provide an example of toxic gameplay

Lyte Final PortraitAt the end of the day, are you a neutral player, or a negative one? If you’re still negative, your account will continue to get chat restrictions.

Have you actually reformed after going ~50 games in silence? The answer is probably no. Even how you communicate with others here on the forums shows that your behaviors really haven’t changed.

[ Link to Post ]


Lyte Final PortraitThe idea that the system expects toxic players to be “positive” is a misunderstanding. If a player is “neutral,” their account will eventually be clean of any penalties or punishments.

The actual problem with the system is with situations like these, where the system should have probably just given the player 78 chat restrictions right off the bat; however, that’s a tuning problem that we’ll need to continuously work on to get right.

[ Link to Post ]



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Why texture rebalances seem less detailed

IronStylus Final PortraitGotta remember that detail frequency often works against us. Excessive detail, especially detail that is highly contrasted against it’s adjacent material leads to “flickering” and “buzzing.”

That a) hurts they eye, b) generally feels low quality, c) doesn’t fit in with our changing style.

While it can be sometimes confused with feature removal, it results in a cleaner asset, it’s for the overall health and quality of the game.

[ Link to Post ]



What are some of the more known Rioters working on

FeralPony Final PortraitSure, no real spoilers here (sorry) but CertainlyT is still working on Champions. From what little I’ve seen the next one he’s working on looks pretty awesome. Xypherous and myself are working on “Systems” which is primarily working on the next pre-season patch change with a number of other folks.

[ Link to Post ]



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PBE 12 09 Banner


PBE 12/09 Content:


PBE Changes 4 17 Banner



Texture Rebalances


Don’t know what “texture rebalancing” means? Here’s a summary of red posts on the topic:



[ Note ] Sorry, PBE is still down and I can’t wait for it to come back up (living in Europe). I’ve uploaded screenshots from the Model Viewer, but that’s about all I can do. If you want to see the updated Champions and Skins in an in-game environment, check out Surrender@20′s coverage of the update, they have most of the content covered.


Classic Ahri
Dynasty Ahri
Midnight AhriClassic Akali Crimson AkaliStinger AkaliBlood Moon AkaliNurse AkaliSilverfang AkaliAll-Star AkaliClassic Ashe Freljord AsheWoad AsheSherwood Forest AsheQueen AsheAmethyst AsheClassic CorkiHot Rod CorkiURF Rider CorkiUFO CorkiClassic FioraRoyal Guard Fiora  Nightraven FioraClassic Galio Enchanted Galio Hextech Galio Commando Galio Gatekeeper GalioClassic Graves Classic LeBlanc Prestigious LeBlancMistletoe LeBlancClassic Leona Defender Leona Valkyrie Leona Iron Solari LeonaClassic Nautilus Abyssal Nautilus Subterranean NautilusClassic XerathRuneborn XerathBattlecast Xerath



Worlds 2014 Icons


profileIcon696 profileIcon697 profileIcon698 profileIcon699 profileIcon700

profileIcon701 profileIcon704 profileIcon705 profileIcon706 profileIcon707

profileIcon708 wallpaper_760px_1522 profileIcon702 profileIcon703 (1) profileIcon694



Champion Changes 12 09



Garen Final Portrait


Perseverance New IconPerseverance [ Passive ]

  • When Garen reaches level 11, damage from non-epic monsters will no longer stop Perseverance, the cooldown between taking damage is decreased from 9 seconds to 6 and the health-per-second is increased from 0.4% to 0.8% (per second)
  • When Garen reaches level 16, the cooldown is decreased to 4 seconds and the healing is increased to 2%



Soraka Final Portrait


[ Note ] Soraka was recently reworked on the PBE. Link to changelist.


  • Movement Speed decreased from 345 to 325  [ revert on the changes in this PBE update ]
  • Base Armor decreased from 18 to 17


Starcall New Icon Starcall [ Q ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 70/80/90/100/110 to 70/75/80/85/90


Astral Infusion New IconAstral Infusion [ W ]

  • Maximum heal from Starcall (when Soraka is low) decreased from 50/70/90/110/130 to 40/60/80/100/120


Equinox New IconEquinox [ E ]

  • Mana Cost increased from 60 to 70
  • Base damage decreased from 80/100/120/140/160 to 60/80/100/120/140
  • Now deals damage only to Champions, not minions and monsters



Tristana Final Portrait


Buster Shot New IconBuster Shot [ R ]

  • Cooldown increased from 60 seconds at all ranks to 100/85/70



Viktor Final Portrait


[ Note ] Viktor was recently reworked on the PBE. Link to changelist.


Glorious Evolution New Icon Glorious Evolution [ Passive ]

  • Hexacore AP-per-upgrade decreased from 25 to 20


Death Ray New IconDeath Ray [ E ]

  • Missile speed of base and augmented version decreased from 2000 to 1500



Item Changes Banner


Infinity Edge New IconInfinity Edge

  • Gold cost increased from 3800 to 3950



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at




News Banner 12 09



Patch 4.17′s forecast is here, detailing a shift in Nidalee‘s balance from AD lane bully to an AP bruiser, possible nerfs to Kha’Zix‘s W, minor buffs to LeBlanc and Rammus, nerfs to Tristana‘s early and mid game and the recent PBE reworks of Viktor and Soraka. Also, all 111 Champions released before 2013 and their skins will be color-fixed to match the visuals of the new Summoner’s Rift. This doesn’t mean particle changes or texture updates, just a rebalancing of the colors.

TL;DR in featured comments.


Recent News





PBE Changes 4 17 Banner



Patch 4 17 Forecast Banner



Live Gameplay: Saludos Invocadores!

Spinning these Patch Forecasts back up as more changes come hurtling to the PBE. In the future we’ll be experimenting with the forecast to see what’s the best way to communicate pre-PBE changes, but for now we’ve got some neat things on the way that we wanted to talk about.

The overarching narrative for this patch is to reduce stagnation in the live environment by targeting highly banned champions and (finally) looking at those champs who make for a low-counterplay game (looking at you Talon). Speaking to the latter (low counter play dudes), it’s worth mentioning they’ve always had low counterplay, but that we’ve traditionally let them be due to their low visibility and (occasionally) lack of current-meta strengths. More below!

There’s also the GLORIOUS EVOLUTION of Viktor with his gameplay update (PBE friends, check that feedback thread) and the still-glorious-but-not-named-glorious evolution of Soraka with a larger gameplay update of her own (PBE friends, once again).

So some forecasting:

There are a few oppressive champions out there who have been climbing the ladders in terms of ban rates, play rates, and win rates, and we’ve finally decided to get into the weeds to make them a bit healthier to play against. Between 4.17 and 4.18 you can expect some small changes to champs like Akali, Talon, Yasuo, and Fiora (oh man Fiora), with most focused on reducing some in their low-counterplay abilities (maybe not eliminating, but reducing at the very least).

Speaking of strong dudes, there’s a few more on our radar that we wanted to address specifically:


Nidalee Final Portrait

Cat lady’s doing pretty well in all levels of play, specifically when she’s thrown into top lane as a low counterplay bruiser-bully. We’re looking for ways to reduce some of Nidalee’s high AD / auto-attack focused strengths while maybe giving some love back to her AP bruiser / AP burst builds.


Tristana Final Portrait

Don’t really need to say much beyond this, but Trist’s pretty good right now. Specifically her early / mid-game tradeoffs just aren’t being made when she’s got such a monster lategame potential. We’re looking for ways to fix this, specifically by adding windows to actually beat her up throughout the game.


Kha'Zix Final Portrait

As an opportunistic assassin, Kha’Zix’s gone back to his missile-bugging days of prioritizing W to poke away at people. Given W’s got tons of utility already piled on top of it (slow, vision, aoe), we’re a little concerned that as missile-bug picks up, Kha’Zix will go back to losing a lot of his counterplay, especially since he can poke for high damage on grouped up individuals. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Kha’Zix as our changes develop, but if he needs help assassinating people, we’re prepared to give him some love in those areas!


Rammus Final Portrait

Not really a nerf or a huge buff, but just in case anyone mining PBE files gets confused, we’re making it so that Powerball and Defensive Ball Curl can now overlap by 1 second, so if you use one to cancel the other you get 1 second to consider your mistake before it actually happens.


LeBlanc Final Portrait

LeBlanc changes! Since we removed the silence from her sigil of… malice, LeBlanc hasn’t been in the best of places. We’re looking for ways to give LB a bit more power in a healthy way, so we’re talking more deception and cleverness rather than more damage.


And that’s it for this forecast! Remember that we’ve got champion update forecasts going on with their own separate contexts here:


As for followup discussions, today we’ll be throwing Riot Jag into the mix to answer any followup questions you may have.

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You’re hitting Kha’Zix’s W just because players use it now

Riot Jag Final PortraitThe direction we’ve always wanted to take Kha’zix is that he has to be an opportunistic assassin. To exert his power on the field, he needs to find the correct windows of vulnerability on the enemy team instead of brute forcing his way. Much like DR on his earlier versions of evolved ultimate, or the damage profile on his old Q, this version of W gives him the ability to force action.

I sympathize with you that continuous nerfs to a champion can be frustrating. That said, we’ve tried to reorient Kha’zix’s power in ways that are healthy for the game while still giving him the opportunity to be picked. We don’t plan on nerfing him to the point where he does not feel viable.

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You can’t force players to isolate themselves as Kha’Zix

Riot Jag Final PortraitYou bring up some good points. The part that is questionable to me is asserting that teams can ensure they literally never will prevent themselves from becoming isolated. I think the natural chaos of teamfights means that positioning is a dynamic state, and opportunities will always present themselves, even against top-level players. Furthermore, certain champions control space or just create disruption and isolation naturally (e.g.: Gragas), so I think teams that play Kha’zix will always have tools to make certain he’ll find his spots.

That said, isolation has often been challenging to tune correctly, both in terms of range of isolation and in terms of payoff to Kha’zix. The clarity issue is made worse by the concept of isolation being difficult to understand. I wonder how you’d feel Guardian of the Sands Kha’zix feels in this regard?

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Why are you nerfing Champions

Riot Pwyff Final PortraitForgot to add this in but we’re prepared give Kha’Zix some compensatory assassin-y buffs if he needs it. Q is important to note with regards to isolation (so Kha’Zix is more of a strategic counterplay than an in-the-moment tactical counterplay, I suppose), but yeah back to that first point.

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What about Cassiopeia, will she receive changes in 4 17

[ Note ] Cassiopeia was reworked in a recent PBE update. Link to changelist.

Riot Jag Final PortraitDefinitely keeping a close eye on her. We get more playtests of a champion in the first hour they’re out on live than we ever did internally, so RiotStashu will have plenty of data to look at and assess what state she’s in. Keep giving him feedback.

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Can we expect the Poppy gutting for this patch

Riot Jag Final PortraitRight after we crush Hecarim.

P.S. Just kidding.

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Morello Final PortraitI’m not sure if we’ll club her or not – I’d prefer to stop abusing her if we can manage or if there’s some team strategy that makes this interesting as opposed to dominant. I need to speak to the Live Gameplay dudes as this develops.

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Are you aiming to nerf Akali or give her counterplay

Riot Pwyff Final PortraitWhile Jag is out, I think we’re exploring lighter changes to give her more directionally-relevant strength while potentially giving her just a bit more opportunity for counterplay. That said, Akali’s a tough gal to strike the right balance. Her effective all-in and reset mechanics are a very big part of her core identity, which gets really weird because that’s pretty anti-counterplay.

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All-ins and Reset mechanics don’t fit Akali’s ninja theme

Riot Pwyff Final PortraitShe collects their essences and becomes stronger. Isn’t that what Ryu Hayabusa does? Ninja stuff.

In all seriousness, I think the shroud/stealth aspects of her kit really do fit with what you’d expect of a ninja (aside from giving resistances, cough) and there may be changes we can make to it to play up that a little bit more. We’re still looking at options.

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How do you plan on giving Talon counterplay

Riot Pwyff Final PortraitI don’t think we have anything concrete to commit to as of yet, more that we are considering both and hashing through proposed changes / playtesting them. Sorry :(

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Visual Rebalancing Banner



Ququroon Final PortraitHey everyone!

As the update to Summoner’s Rift continues to percolate on the PBE, we’re looking to address the fact that many of League’s older champion and skins were created using the Rift’s current look and color palette (or even older ones), which continues to evolve over time. At this point, many champion and skin textures need a bit of rebalancing to ensure they look nice regardless of where they’re standing, or who they’re standing next to.

We’re talking just about every champion and skin released before 2013 (with a few outliers). This may seem scary, but I want to emphasize that these will generally be small tweaks; corrections rather than major changes. Due to the scale of the project, this won’t all be coming at once, so don’t despair if you don’t see your favorite champion in the first batch! Here’s an example of what you’ll eventually see (old on the left, new on the right):

This then ties back to the update to SR, as one of our primary goals with the update is fleshing out LoL’s visual hierarchy. Put simply, this means that particles should have the highest visibility, followed by characters, then finally the environment and map. Rebalancing characters’ colors and textures gives us the chance to also better execute within that visual hierarchy.

We also aim for hierarchy on the characters themselves, drawing attention to key areas like heads and weapons through highlights, while dropping the values on less visible or important areas so it doesn’t distract from characters’ focal points. At the highest level, we want to ensure that everything looks consistent, and that the art always adds to, rather than detracts, from gameplay.

With these goals in mind, we’ve locked several character artists in a room (no, they’re really in there – they’ve got classic rock playing on a loop, and we’re occasionally throwing them some food or something), and they’re cranking away in order to finish things up by the time the update to SR hits Live. We’ll be rolling these out over time, and you’ll see the first batch of ~10 tomorrow on the PBE (barring any hitches!).

Please let us know any feedback and questions that you have on this. IronStylus and I will be hanging out and chatting!




Q: Could you explain a little more of the technical details of this?

While making these changes, we’re reassessing the finer details and making calls to emphasize certain areas of characters with the goal of increasing overall visual fidelity. Because we have a very zoomed out isometric camera angle, we want to communicate the important parts of a character without detracting from them as a whole. In other mediums (minigames, Udyr comic, cinematics like ‘A New Dawn,’ etc.) characters will also show a level of detail suitable for the angle in question.

This is something we’ve already been doing with new champions and skins to increase readability and clarity, while minimizing pixel flicker and excess noise. Our goal is never to take something away from our characters. We continue to develop and iterate on all our characters so they look like they fit inside of the same world, and in this case so they’ll have visual consistency on the Rift.

Q: Are you updating skins as well?

Absolutely. We always consider skins when working on champions, although in this case most recent skins already reach the quality standard that we’re shooting for on this project.

However, there will be a few instances where we’ll deliver some changes to a character that will only affect their default appearance. An example of this is a metal shader that we’re adding to Orianna’s base texture, which will not be applied to the skins at this time. This is being done opportunely where we see a chance to do justice to the character’s core identity.

Q: Will this affect the releases of Champion Updates?

Nope! This isn’t a project done by ChampUp, so it won’t affect any of the upcoming projects in the slightest.

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What’s the difference between this and texture updates

Ququroon Final PortraitThis isn’t the best example, but this might help.

A TU would be repainting your car. You might even add a spoiler during the process. Man, what a cool car!
A Rebalance would be more like… repairing any sun damage, or filling in any chips in the paint.

Does that make sense?

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Will there be any particle changes to the updated skins

Ququroon Final PortraitNot at this time. This is just texture rebalancing, not particles and not really any model work. Sorry! 

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Can we also expect updated Splash arts

Ququroon Final PortraitThat is apart from this, but the Splash team is working super hard.

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How many of the 111 pre-2013 champions are you adjusting

Ququroon Final PortraitMost of them? :D

And Legacy skins are included in this.

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Will all these updates be live before the new SR visuals

FQuquroon Final Portraitor the most part, yes. We might miss a couple by a patch or two, but it should be at least very close.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at




PBE 11 09 Banner 2


PBE 11/09 Content:


Reminder: The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.


Previous updates from Patch 4.17 Cycle:


PBE-09-09-Banner (1)

PBE-11-09-Banner (1)



New Skins Fnatic



Fnatic Corki – 750 RP


Fnatic Corki Model 2 Fnatic Corki Model


Fnatic Gragas – 750 RP


Fnatic Gragas Model 1 Fnatic Gragas Model 2Fnatic Gragas Q


Fnatic Janna – 750 RP


Fnatic Janna Model 1 Fnatic Janna Model 2


 Fnatic Jarvan IV – 750 RP


Fnatic Jarvan Model 1Fnatic Jarvan Model 2Fnatic Jarvan E


Fnatic Karthus – 750 RP


Fnatic Karthus Model 1 Fnatic Karthus Model 2



Champion Changes Banner



LeBlanc Final Portrait


Mirror Image New IconMirror Image [ Passive ]

  • When dropped to 40% HP, LeBlanc goes invisible for 1 second, increased from 0.5 seconds


Distortion New IconDistortion [ W ]

  • Time during which LeBlanc can re-activate Distortion increased from 3 seconds to 4



Maokai Final Portrait


Vengeful Maelstrom New IconVengeful Maelstrom [ R ]

  • Maokai can now store up to 150/200/250 magic damage, decreased from 200/250/300



Nidalee Final Portrait


  • Base Attack Damage reduced from 49 to 44
  • Base Attack Speed reduced from 0.670 to 0.638


Takedown New IconTakedown [ Cougar Q ] 

  • Attack Damage ratio reduced from 1.0/2.5/3.33 to 0.8/2.0/2.67  (min/max/max Hunt)
  • Ability Power ratio increased from 0.24/0.6/0.8 to 0.3/0.75/1.0  (min/max/max Hunt)


Pounce New IconPounce [ Cougar W ]

  • Pounce cooldown reduction mechanic added to Hunted Pounce (removed from Hunted Swipe)
  • Pounce cooldown reduction mechanics baseline effect increased from 1.0 seconds to 1.5
  • Cooldown reduction mechanics on Pounce now affected by Nidalee’s Cooldown Reduction stat


Swipe New IconSwipe [ Cougar E ]

  • No longer affects the cooldown of Pounce when used on a Hunted target



Clarity on PBE Nidalee changes

Repertoir New PortraitHey all,

Now that Nidalee has been out and about on the Live environment for awhile, we wanted to make some changes to her to address a few issues. There are all sorts of ideas floating around out there as to what to do about her, ranging from ‘leave her alone’ to ‘please just delete her.’ Not too surprisingly, I’m sure, we haven’t opted for either of those, but here’s what we have decided to do.

One of the paramount problems with Nidalee in from a playing against perspective is that she doesn’t offer opponents meaningful windows during which they can put their guard down or feel like they have the upper hand, especially during the laning phase. Nidalee is intended to have short periods of time between Javelin Toss cooldowns where she is somewhat less dangerous, but when she builds primarily AD duelist items, that weakness seems like it’s hardly there anymore. To that end, the approach we are taking is one that will hopefully help to emphasize her windows of strength and weakness, and we feel that moving her more toward the direction of AP or AP bruiser will help with that. AP builds almost always have lower power from basic attacks, so we think that if she can move a bit in that direction, she won’t pose a such a high constant level of threat to opponents, particularly in the lane phase.

One final thing to note is that Nidalee is not exactly known for her incredible teamfighting capabilities, and a large contributor to that is that she actually offers opponents so many ways to play against her in a teamfight environment. As such, we’ve made a small change to the way the Pounce reset on Hunt works to give Nidalee players more consistent results on the mobility end when Hunting.

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Soraka Final Portrait

[ Note ] Soraka was reworked in a recent PBE update. Link to changelist.



  • Base Movement speed increased from 325 to 345



Luminary New IconLuminary [ Passive ]

  • No longer converts bonus Armor and Magic Resist into bonus AP. Still grants increased movespeed when moving towards allied Champions below 40% HP.



Starcall New IconStarcall [ Q ]

  • Slow strength at the center of the AoE increased from 20/25/30/35/40% to 30/35/40/45/50%.



Astral Infusion New IconAstral Infusion [ W ]

  • Base heal increased from 110/140/170/200/230 to 120/150/180/210/240
  • Base passive heal when an enemy Champion is hit by Starcall increased from 20/30/40/50/60 – 40/60/80/100/120 to 25/35/45/55/65 – 50/70/90/110/130


Equinox New Icon Equinox [ E ]

  • Now deals 80/100/120/140/160 (+0.4 AP) magic damage to enemy Champions in the cast radius (once). All enemy Champions who are rooted by the zone at the end of its duration are dealt the same damage.


Wish New IconWish [ R ]

  • Now removes any Grievious Wounds debuffs from allies before healing.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at