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After announcing his retirement on April 28th, Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels has transitioned into a casting role in the EU LCS.
From his facebook post:


Hey guys,

A lot of you have been asking me what my future plans were and i’m finally able to share them with you. Starting immediately I will be part of the EU LCS Broadcast team filling the role of colour caster & analyst desk member. I traveled to Berlin on Saturday and started working with the team today.

It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve announced my retirement and I’ve had no regrets since. Part of me will always miss the stage but I think it was the perfect timing for me to move on to the next challenge and hopefully start building a long term career.
I hope you all will tune in to the Summer split to watch me cast alongside Deficio, Quickshot & Pira. And of course sit on the desk with the lovely Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere. I know I still have a lot to learn when it comes to shoutcasting, but I look forward to working hard to keep improving every single week. Feel free to always leave feedback!

Lastly, thanks for your patience and your support!

Rift Pulse Final 21 05

Rift pulse is back with another weekly update of the most recent events in LoL esports. With the EU and LCS less than a week away, and both the LPL and LCK already in action, rosters are finally taking shape across every region.


North America


  • Brandon “Saintvicious” DeMarco stepped down from Gravity, joining Team Coast as their Head Coach.
  • Team 8 acquires Zach “Nien” Malhas and Chad “History Teacher” Smeltz, as starting AD Carry and Head Coach respectively.
  • Min-su “Move” Kang joins Gravity Gaming, taking over the starting Jungle position.
  • Johnny “Altec” Ru finds a new home in the LCS, this time as the starting AD carry position for Gravity Gaming.
  • Ainslie “Maplestreet” Wyllie will sub for Misfits in the NACS as Jebus has run into visa issues.
  • TDK adds Jin-Hyun “Emperor” Kim  and  Geon-Woo “Ninja” Noh to their starting roster.
  • Team Winterfox unveiled their new roster, with former Gambit Gaming AD Carry Kristoffer “P1noy” Albao Lund Pedersen taking over as Starting AD Carry.





  • InnerFlame joins Gamers2, assuming the role of Team Manager.
  • Team ROCCAT has announced Etienne “Steve” Michels as their new top laner, also adding EXORKK as a substitute AD Carry.





  • OMG has revealed their roster for the 2015 LPL Summer Split, with Hu “Xiyang” Bin moving to the top lane.





























Scene Updates



images via lolesports, Riot Games


XiaoWeiXiao Interview Banner

Looking back at playoffs, what would you change about the series against TL? What went wrong in your eyes?  

We shouldn’t have picked Yasuo at all – our communication during picks and bans wasn’t good.


Youre known to play Yasuo despite him seemingly falling out of the meta. What is your reason behind continuing to play him?

Yasuo is good pick against ranged AP champions and they picked a lot of poke champions.


What changes, if any, would you make to the champion to make him stronger in the current meta and where do you think he fits in now?  

His lane phase is very weak – they should buff his HP.


How do you feel about your performance in both the playoffs and spring split?

Not bad.


What are you looking to change most individually?

I want to make my champion pool stronger.


Do you feel this team is stronger than LMQ?

Our Jungle and top are better than LMQ. Teamfights are worse than LMQ.


How is the Dynamic within TiP compared to LMQ?

LMQ is easier to communicate with but TiP is more exciting for me with all the players being from different regions.


What is the team environment like in game, especially with language barriers? What steps are you taking to overcome language barriers and is the team focusing on communicating in English?

Our biggest problem is language but we are trying to study some simple words to communicate easier.


How are you preparing for the next split? Are you confident you can make it to the World Championship?

We are going to fix our language problem as soon as possible and I think we can make it to worlds.


What are your thoughts on Incarnati0n joining Cloud 9 and do you believe the team will be even stronger? Where do you think Incarnati0n stacks up among the other mid laners in NA?

I have no idea because I haven’t seen him play. I can’t say anything right now. Let’s see how he performs in the LCS.


How do you expect the new teams, NME and TDK, to perform? Who do you imagine will be in the last place spot at the end of the split?

We have not played against them yet. No clue about last place.


Who do you predict will be top 3 at the end of the split? Who will go to the World Championship?



What is your opinion on the Mid-Season Invitational as a whole? Did anything stand out, and were the results what you expected? How would you rank the regions, in order? Were you proud that a Chinese team was able to finally take down a Korean team in an international event?

I was surprised about AHQ/FNC, they look so strong. I was shocked when they both beat TSM. I would rank the regions at MSI in this order:

EDG, SKT, TSM, Fnatic, AHQ, Besiktas.

I’m really proud that EDG beat SKT. ClearLove finally made his dream come true.


Are there any champions you wish you could bring into the meta that arent played?



What are your thoughts on the recent Zed changes and how do you believe it will affect his gameplay? Is he still just as strong? Would you make changes to Zed?

I don’t think it will affect his gameplay too much. I think he is still strong in some team comps. I would make him more tanky.


How would you describe your playstyle and do you believe it has changed since joining the LCS?

I think my CS is always good and I do the most damage in team fights. I play more aggressively in lane since joining the LCS and I am trying to roam more and help other lanes.


How are you feeling on the tank meta, and what changes, if any, would you like to see to the meta? 

The new Jungle Items make junglers too tanky, it’s so difficult to kill them in team fights. I would like to see more mid and AD picks where people just all-in in a team fight.


Expectations heading into week 1?

There will be many dark horses coming out in week 1.



Thank you to our sponsor Azubu, Riot Games, and especially to our fans who support me. I will do better this season.

Tim Kimbirk is a content creator and interviewer for SoloMid. You can find him in the depths of solo queue, or on twitter talking about eSports.




How are you spending the time between MSI and the Summer Split? Do you get any downtime? 

I get a week off, but I feel like don’t deserve it, so I am constantly playing as much as I possibly can to prepare my mental tolerance to do better in competitive play.


Heading into MSI what was your perspective on the Meta of the event? Do you feel you prepared correctly in terms of picks/bans and what to play?

Yes, we just played very badly. I feel like the only thing we could pick up would be Rumble top and Urgot bot. something we’ve tried before.


Expectations were high heading into the event. What were your personal expectations? What factors played most into the teams lackluster performance? Do you think it’s an issue with preparation? How much of a factor was “tilting” and can you expand on tilt in competitive play?

I think it was 60% Tilt and 40% everything else. When we got first blooded we lost almost all of our positive mindset and hopes of winning.


It seems as if you should have lane swapped against in your game against Fnatic and kept the 1v1 against AHQ. What were the reasons for playing these the way you did and what could you have done better?

In the 2v1 I could have not died. In the 1v1 I could have called for Santorin to protect me from dives. I played like this because I feel like I didn’t play enough solo queue before the event, and didn’t work hard enough on the important factors of communication.


Fnatic, 6 top bans. How did this affect you and did you expect it at all? Were there other champions you could have played and simply didn’t?

I played Gnar a huge amount of times so it didn’t really affect me. What did affect is me not being on a specific tank champion and doing well. But it didn’t really matter because my play this tournament regardless of champion was pretty bad.


Instead of asking “what went wrong”, what went right? Despite the obvious errors in game, was there anything you felt the team managed to do correctly in the face of losing?

Nothing went right for us.


The popular opinion is that you were simply left on an island to fend for yourself in most of the games. You have stated this simply isn’t the case. Can you elaborate a bit on how those situations (being dived/camped) could have gone differently? Is it as cut and dry as you not getting the help, or is there a communication issue?

It’s all about the communication and if I don’t ask for it, then I deserve to be dove for not asking from them to be there instead of saying “I’m going to get dove here.”


Moving forward, what is your immediate next step and what do you think you need to work on most individually? As a team?

Communication, positive mindset, and for me being comfortable playing league while communicating against godly players.


In terms of overall strength, is NA as far behind as it seems? While it is quite far off, how do you believe each region will stack up at worlds? Do you believe TSM can win worlds?

It is the same as fans think. For us winning worlds, this is the best lineup we’ve ever had so if we had a chance of winning worlds before it is at its highest percentage now.


How much do out of game activities affect in game performance and what have you been doing outside of the game?

Playing too much CS:GO and GTA 5 kept my mind off of the terrors of solo queue. Which was a mistake because I need to feel that pain to be used to playing on stage comfortably.


You’ve played professionally for over 4 years, and have been to every world championship. Have you considered retirement? In your mind, when are you “done”?

I’ve considered retirement since last year before we beat c9 for the summer split. I felt like I couldn’t do anything to carry, then when we played there my performance was surprisingly really good. I feel like I played better than I ever expected myself to play. My mindset changed for worlds and I dedicated myself to trying to do more for my team. I don’t want to be a burden and if there is a better top laner then me available I would gladly give up my spot if it increases TSM’s chances of winning worlds.


How do you deal with criticism? Has there ever been a point where it’s gotten to you to the point that it affects your in game performance?

In my rookie years yeah it did a bit. Nowadays it doesn’t it’s just motivation for me to do better to prove people wrong. But it does apply some pressure to my game which could hurt my play, still not sure myself.


Looking at the summer split, who holds the top 3 slots at the end of the season? Who will attend worlds?

TSM, and whoever else they don’t matter.


Any thoughts on the newest additions to the LCS, TDK and NME? Do you expect them to perform well?

I’m looking forward to see how well Seraph plays. When he first joined I felt like he didn’t deserve to be in the LCS, but as time goes on it is inspirational to see players climb back in through their own resolve and team.


Do you watch the EU LCS? What teams in EU are the strongest in your opinion and is there anyone you want to play against specifically?

I’ve always wanted to play against SK but we never got the chance. They seemed to be in a slump for playoffs because of team synergy I’m guessing. FNATIC is obviously the strongest.


What champions do you want to see return to competitive play? Are there any champions you wish you could play more often?

I play a really mean Olaf. I never got to show it at season 2 because I never thought he was as OP back then but my Olaf was world class at the time in my opinion at least.


What is your thought on the current top Meta and state of the game in general? What has been your favorite Meta to play in so far?

Top lane is never fun unless you’re carrying the game.


Who is the hardest top laner to play against in the NA LCS?

Impact and Quas.


What is your current favorite champion in general?

Jax and Singed.


Tim Kimbirk is a content creator and interviewer for SoloMid. You can find him in the depths of solo queue, or on twitter talking about eSports.



As anticipated, Team ROCCAT has officially announced the final member of their roster. Etienne “Steve” Michels, formerly of Team-LDLC and ThunderBot SPARTA, will take over their top lane for the 2015 Summer Split.


Team Roccat Official Statement:

Bienvenue dans le monde de ROCCAT, Steve !

We’re proud to announce Etienne “Steve” Michels as the new Top Lane player for our League of Legends squad. He’s already living with the team (Hi Vander) and training hard for the EU LCS Summer Split.

With an outstanding Solo Queue track record (Rank #15 EUW; 65% win rate) and experience playing in a competitive team, we believe he’ll be an asset to our line-up.



Roccat Manager Tomislav “flyy” Mihailov had this to say on the addition of Steve:

Steve is a really strong mechanical player, his attitude towards improving and in general in the team is just amazing. Add that to the perfect English and the strive for success he has and you have a really good combination for a pro player – so making the choice to go with him was not that hard.


NoL sources have informed us that despite rumors, Overpow was not kicked, and did not demonstrate toxic behavior during his tenure on the team.


The team has also revealed that Amin “Am1n” Mezher, Challenger player EXORKK, and Remigiusz “Ovepow” Pusch will comprise their substitute lineup for the 2015 Summer Split.


Team Roccat Official Roster – 2015 Summer Split

Top: Steve

Mid: Nukeduck

Jungle: Jankos

ADC: Woolite

Support: VandeR


Sub/Jungle: Am1n

Sub/Top: Overpow

Official Announcement ]


Riot Games has just announced that they will be hosting a Six team international competition in Tallahassee, Florida, on May 7-10, 2015.

Taken from the official post:

Five participating teams are chosen by winning their split playoffs in the EU LCS, LCK, LMS, LPL, and NA LCS. The sixth and final spot will go to the winner of the International Wild Card Invitational (IWCI), another new event to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, in late April.

Top talent from around the globe will compete in a single round-robin Group Stage on May 7-8. The top four teams from the Group Stage will advance to Best of 5s bracket stage on May 9-10 for a chance to be crowned the winner.

The four days of League of Legends action will take place in Tallahassee, Florida, at the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center located at Florida State University.



Official Riot Announcement


Wonder Above Banner

A new story unfolds; here’s the teaser for Riot’s latest champion:


Stories are not just history. They can be so much more. They nourish your mind and, if told well, can even fill your belly. Some tales are warnings, reaching across time. Others uplift the souls from yoke of everyday burdens. We laugh at fools, cheer heroes, and curse villains until the fire burns down to embers.

Our first rule: The facts may be important, but they aren’t as vital as the telling, of speaking to who we are and why we live, details might change and fade, but truth lives with us for all time.

Stories are everywhere. We build them from what we see. Even the sky above whispers to us.


Teaser 1


Look toward the Frozen Watcher.

Summer’s grip loosens; winter’s herald dominates the night skies.

A horde of these strange creatures once enslaved the tribes of the Freljord. They smothered Valoran under glaciers and cast a shadow upon all of Runeterra.

The Frozen Watcher signals the end of the harvest. It reminds us we must all be prepared to endure winter’s lash.


Teaser 2


“A cloud of smoldering destruction hangs in the night sky. This is the Fall of Shurima.

The Ancients groped blindly in the darkness, threatening to unravel the very fabric of creation in their hubris. Noble Shurimans who Ascended found a loose thread in the universe’s tapestry, and pulled upon it. The vulgarity of their ambition consumed thousands of innocent lives and ended a golden age.

Such was the fate of mighty Shurima and of men who would become gods.”


Teaser 3


The powers that govern life and death are not to be trifled with.

The Shattered Crown is a king’s reward for defying the shadows’ embrace. I believe we are meant to ponder mortality through poetry and verse, not enslave it to our will.


Teaser 4


There was a time, not long ago, when this constellation was absent from the night sky.

Some call it the Mountain Shrines or the Great Caretaker. Those of us from the floating villages know of an older name, a name that speaks of a universal truth. The name we took for our kind: Bard.


Teaser 5



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


Rift Pulse CLG TSM Banner Welcome back to Rift Pulse, a weekly roundup of all things LoL eSports. This week follows week 5 of the LCS, Team Liquid benching Piglet, Standings from around the world, and more.

North America


  • Team Liquid is benching Piglet for week 5, moving KeithmcBrief to the Starting AD Carry role from the substitute position.
  • Jesiz rumored to be benched from Team Coast, with former XDG mid laner Zachary “Mancloud” Allan Hoschar allegedly filling in for him.  
  • TSM Introduces new challenger teamTSM Darkness’.
  • Cloud9 Tempest was disqualified from the Challenger Series for the Spring Split.




NA standings



  • MYM is fined $5,000 due for violating the LCS ruleset.
  • H2K replaces Voidle, introducing KaSing to their starting Support role.
  • Scene veteran Ocelote announced his retirement in a video, intending to stream and continue with his business, Gamers2.














Source: gamepedia




LMS Standings


Oceanic Pro League




CBLoL Standings




GPL Standings


Source: Garena official site

Seven months ago, it was mentioned that a new Patcher & Landing Page would be rolled out as the foundation for future updates to the game client in an effort to overhaul both the visual appearance and the underlying technology of the current client.




Today, Koen Hendrix aka Riot Boompje confirmed on twitter that CrossPvP has been purchased by Riot and that they are indeed working on a new client.

For those not familiar, CrossPvP was a client project started by Boompje several years ago with the intention to serve as an alternative to Riot’s client, aimed at being both technically better and to allow cross-platform compatibility.

As seen below, the only information so far was provided via Boompje himself in the form of several reddit comments from this thread.








less resources



A new client has been one of the most talked about topics in the community and it’s nice to see Riot shed some more light on it’s progress. There is currently no estimation of when the new client will be launched.



What is it like going from playing in Challenger Series to playing in international LAN tournaments? What is the hardest part to adjust to?

Kikis:  As for myself, I have a lot of experience of playing LAN events even before LCS was a thing, for example 2012 regionals at Gamescom, so it’s nothing new to me. But it’s a lot different and more exciting to play in front of huge live audience, when you can feel when they cheer and get hyped, instead of online at your sweet home. It’s definitely something I look forward to and will never get bored of.


What steps do you take to adapt to the newest patch? What is your approach to the current jungle?

Kikis: Well, the most important thing is to get used to it. And to do that, you just spam solo Queue games.. To get a feel of what’s strong I try a lot of champions that I think might be worth experimenting with. If I don’t see any potential in a champion, I’ll just drop it and move on. If I think something can work I’ll use it in a scrim to see how it works in a more competitive environment. I don’t look too hard though, I don’t put pressure on myself to deliver a new pick to the audience. I won’t put team in situation that we lose purely by trying too hard to make something work.


Who do you expect to give you the hardest time in the jungle?

Kikis: It’s hard to judge skill levels after new jungle patch came out and most of the junglers didn’t play competitive games on it. But if I had to choose, I respect Svenskeren as a player the most and I think he could give me the hardest time in the jungle with his aggressive playstyle. It doesn’t mean I would fall under his grace though, I will fight to the death with everyone I meet on Summoner’s rift.


What do you like or dislike about the current state of the jungle in the preseason and what changes would you like to see heading into Season 5?

Kikis: I like the way changes are going right now. Riot is doing their best to make this role balanced and fun. I actually really enjoy 2 stacks of smite and ability to change jungle items for free before enchanting. It gives better options for farming junglers that start with purple smite, and later on they can change it back to more useful smite in team fights.


What are your thoughts on ranged junglers and do you believe they require an advanced mechanical proficiency? What is their place on a team?


Kikis: I think ranged junglers are pretty strong, but it’s hard to fit them into a team comp. A lot of the times you have mid, ad and support ranged and you need some kind of front line. They require proper knowledge and practice about juggling the minions to not lose health and also don’t let them hard reset, which slows your jungle tremendously. Though with the recent nerfs on soft resets going down to 5 I am not so sure about them anymore. That might’ve killed their viability.


What was your mindset picking TF at IEM, was it intended to be a “cheese” or is it simply something you’ve practiced and had success with? What were your thoughts going into the matchup against TSM?

Kikis: We’ve practiced TF in scrims quite a bit. It worked pretty well. A lot of damage with great CC and map control with ult. I was confident in the champion, team was confident in me and we just went with it. Of course the part that we pick it in higher rotation to make enemies think it’s a mid-laner played a big part and that was intended, but it wasn’t the sole reason to use Twisted Fate. Everyone was super pumped against playing versus TSM and we were really motivated to win that and I’m really glad we actually did.


What did you gain most from playing at IEM? What are your overall thoughts on the event?

Kikis: Most people on the team doesn’t have a lot of LAN experience, especially in front of such a huge and wonderful audience, so it was a good thing for us. We played versus the best teams from NA and we learned a lot from C9 about vision control and team synergy. The event itself was really nice. We’ve met a lot of fans of the team, signed some stuff and took some photos. (which is pretty new to us by the way, it was overwhelming).


How are you preparing for the LCS? What are your goals going into the spring split?

Kikis: Well, mainly playing the game. 7 hours of scrim daily, 1-4 hours of solo Q and some analysis/team talk and watching replays. Every day we are getting better, we know our problems and we address them correctly. Everyone has a lot of trust into each other which is really great. We are not afraid to practice picks that we think are strong and we are motivated to put up a good show in the LCS and hopefully more.


Who are you looking forward to playing against most and who do you feel is your biggest threat in the EU LCS?

Kikis: It might sound lame but I look forward against playing every team. I am curious about overall strength of EU teams and on how we stand against them. The biggest threat will probably be Elements and SK. They look really good on paper, but we have to see if they stand up to their hype.


What players do you look up to? How would you define your playstyle and how do you feel it plays into your teams overall gameplay?

Kikis: The people I most look up to are the ones that give their heart and dedicate a lot of time to league. So from Europe it would mostly be Rekkles and Froggen. Also Faker, because he is a god, and Zefa. I really like Zefa’s playstyle and love watching him play.


What is your favorite lane to gank? 

Kikis: I don’t really have a favorite lane to gank. The only thing is that a lot of the times it’s hard to gank bot lane because they have more people percentage wise compared to other lanes and more defensive summoner spells.


Shout outs?

Kikis: I would like to thanks to everyone who is cheering for me or my team. The amount of support we are getting lately is huge and we are grateful for that. Also shout outs to our sponsors for helping us out and making living in gaming house possible!


Authors Note: Due to a busy schedule and preparation for the upcoming LCS, the release of this interview was delayed and some of the information is late.

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