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PBE 23/06


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.



Tahm Kench the River King

Tahm Kench is a new champion. He’ll be available for 7800 IP/975 RP after Patch 5.13 hits live. You can check out his official reveal HERE.



TahmKench_0  TahmKenchPortrait0


Tahm Kench Final Portrait


  • Base Health: 590 + 90 per level
  • Base Mana: 325 + 40 per level
  • Base Damage: 56 + 3.2 per level
  • Base Attack Speed: X + 3% per level
  • Armor: 25 + 3 per level
  • Magic Resist: 32 + 1.25 per level
  • Auto Attack Range: 200
  • Movement Speed: 330
  • Base Health-per-second: 1.3 + 0.11 per level
  • Base Mana-per-second: 1.1 + 0.2 per level


Tahm Model 1

Tahm Model 2

Tahm Model 3

Tahm Recall

Tahm Basic Attack

Tahm Death Animation


An Acquired Taste Final IconAn Acquired Taste [ Passive ]

  • Tahm Kench’s basic attacks and abilities on enemy champions build stacks. At three stacks, his abilities have additional effects.


Tahm Passive 1

Tahm Passive 2


Tung Lash Final IconTongue Lash [ Q ]

Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 mana || Range: 800 || Cooldown: 6 seconds

Tahm Kench lashes out his tongue, dealing 80/120/160/200/240 [+0.8 AP] magic damage to the first enemy hit and slowing them by X% for 2 seconds. If the target has 3 stacks of Tahm Kench’s passive, it will instead be stunned for 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5 seconds.

If Devour [ W ] is cast while the tongue is still travelling, the spell will devour the first minion or monster hit.


Tahm Q 1

Tahm Q 2


Devour Final IconDevour [ W ]

Cost: 90 Mana || Range: 250 || Cooldown: 20/18/16/14/12 seconds

Devours a target enemy for 4/4.5/5/5.5/6 seconds (halved duration for enemy Champions), dealing  20/24/28/32/36% [+0.04% per AP] of their maximum Health as magic damage.

If cast on an allied champion, Tahm Kench gains X% bonus Movement Speed while holding that champion and moving towards an enemy champion.

If cast on a minion or monster, Tahm Kench can reactive the spell to spit them out, dealing 100/150/200/250/300 [+ X ] magic damage to all target hit.

Enemy champions can only be devoured when Tahm Kench has 3 stacks of his passive on them and he is slowed by 95% for the duration of the spell.


Tahm W 1

Tahm W 2

Tahm W 3

Tahm W 4


Thick Skin Final IconThick Skin [ E ]

Cost: 50 Mana || Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 seconds

Passive: If Thick Skin is not on cooldown, any damage Tahm Kench takes fills up a gray health bar. If the bar starts decaying, it will start healing him.

Active: Converts Tahm Kench’s gray health bar to a shield that lasts 6 seconds. The shield loses value over the duration.


Tahm E 1

Tahm E 2


Abyssal Voyage Final IconAbyssal Voyage [ R ]

Cost: 100 Mana || Range: 4000 || Cooldown: 190/145/100 seconds

Passive: Tahm Kench’s basic attacks and damage spells deal an additional X% of Tahm Kench’s bonus Health as magic damage.

Active: Tahm Kench channels for up to 15 seconds. Throughout the duration, any allied Champion can click on Tahm Kench and be absorbed by him. Tahm Kench and his ally will then travel to target area on the map. If an enemy Champion deals damage to Tahm Kench during the channel, the spell will be interrupted. Tahm Kench can re-cast the spell during the channel to travel alone.


Tahm R 1

Tahm R 2

Tahm R 3



Master Chef Tahm Kench

Master Chef Tahm Kench will be available for 975 RP or together in a bundle with Tahm Kench for 1462 RP.





Chef Tahm Model 1

Chef Tahm Model 2

Chef Tahm Recall\

For his recall, Chef Tahm stirs his stew and then swallows it whole, utencils included.


Chef Tahm Passive 1

Chef Tahm Passive 2

An Acquired Taste [ Passive ]


Chef Tahm E 1

Chef Tahm E 2

Thick Skin [ E ]


Chef Tahm R 1

Chef Tahm R 2

Chef Tahm R 3

Abyssal Voyage [ R ]


PBE Bugs Feedback Thread Master Chef Tahm Kench

Galetta Final PortraitNow we shall gluttonize,

Out of the frying pan and into the fire, Master Chef Tahm Kench is here to cook up some trouble! This skin includes:

  • New model and texture!
  • New Recall animation! With the addition of some eating utensils on his angry idle, angry run, and his taunt animations!
  • All new particles on his passive, (E), and (R)!

This skin will be 975rp. (pricing on PBE is subject to change)

Your feedback and bug reports are extremely helpful to us, so please check out Master Chef Tahm Kench and let us know what you think! Feel free to drop any bugs you find in this thread as well!

See you on the Rift!

[ Link to Post ]



Gentleman Gnar

Gentleman Gnar will be available for 975 RP.


Gentleman Gnar Model 1

Gentleman Gnar Model 2

Gentleman Gnar Recall 1

Gentleman Gnar Recall 2

Gentleman Gnar has different recall animations depending on his form. While small, he chews on his clock; in mega form, he rests on his cane.


Gentleman Gnar Q

Boomerang Throw [ Mini Q ]


Boulder Toss Q 2

Boulder Toss [ Mega Q ]


Gentleman Gnar R

GNAR! [ R ]


PBE Bugs Feedback Thread Gentleman Gnar

Nurse Flan Final PortraitThe world’s most interesting Yordle enters the Rift – announcing Gentleman Gnar! Don’t be fooled by his new high-class look though, he doesn’t carry around his cane for show!

Check out all his new stuff!

  • Fancy, fluffy white cat with a monocle!
  • Brand new, hand-tailored suit! (pls don’t touch, it’s designer)
  • Some sophisticated new particles (cane, pocketwatch, and a clocktower!)
  • New recall animation, for Little and Big Gnar!
  • Some new audio! (*audio may not be complete at this time)
  • 975 RP* (price subject to change)

As players who get the first look at this in-progress skin, it would be wonderful to hear your thoughts and feelings on the new Gnar skin! The constructive feedback and bugs you leave here will help us get a better idea of things we may still have to take a look at. :]

See you on the Rift!

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Item Changes


Nerf BoxRighteous Glory Final IconRighteous Glory 

  • Health decreased from 600 to 500
  • Cooldown on active movespeed buff increased from 60 seconds to 90


Buff BoxBlasting Wand Final IconBlasting Wand

  • Cost decreased from 860 Gold to 850



Change BoxNeedlessly Large Rod Final IconNeedlessly Large Rod

  • Cost decreased from 1600 Gold to 1250
  • Ability Power decreased from 80 to 60


Change BoxRabadon Deathcap Final IconRabadon’s Deathcap

  • Recipe Change: Needlessly Large Rod + Blasting Wand + Amplifying Tome
  • Total Cost increased from 3300 Gold to 3500
  • Ability Power UNCHANGED: 120 AP
  • UNIQUE Passive now grants 35% Ability Power Amp, increased from 30%


Change BoxZhonyas Hourglass Final IconZhonya’s Hourglass

  • Total Cost decreased from 3300 Gold to 3000
  • Now grants 100 Ability Power, decreased from 120


Change BoxLudens Echo Final IconLuden’s Echo (Summoner’s Rift)

  • Total Cost decreased from 3100 Gold to 3000
  • Now grants 100 Ability Power, decreased from 120
  • Now grants 10% bonus Movement Speed, increased from 7%


Change BoxArchangels Staff Final IconArchangel’s Staff (Summoner’s Rift)

  • Recipe Change: Needlessly Large Rod + Tear of the Goddess + 1030 Gold
  • Total Cost increased from 2700 Gold to 3000
  • Now grants 80 Base Ability Power, increased from 60


Buff BoxSeraphs Embrace Final IconSeraph’s Embrace (Summoner’s Rift)

  • Now grants 80 Base AP, increased from 60


Change BoxRod of Ages Final IconRod of Ages (Summoner’s Rift)

  • Total Cost decreased from 2800 Gold to 2700
  • Now grants 300 Base Health, decreased from 450
  • Grants 400 Base Mana, decreased from 450
  • The passive growth now gives 40 Mana per minute, increased from 20, up to a maximum of 400, increased from 200
  • Passive now grants 4 AP per minute, increased from 2 AP, up to a maximum of 40 AP, increased from 20


Change BoxNashors Tooth Final IconNashor’s Tooth

  • Total cost increased from 2920 Gold to 3000
  • Now grants 40% Attack Speed, decreased from 50%
  • Now grants 80 AP, increased from 60


Buff BoxRylais Crystal Scepter Final IconRylai’s Crystal Scepter

  • Recipe Change: Needlessly Large Rod + Amplifying Tome + Giant’s Belt
  • Total Cost increased from 2900 Gold to 3000
  • On single targets, the slow strengh has been increased from 35% for 1.5 seconds to 40% for 1.5 seconds
  • The AoE slow strength has been increased from 15% for 1.5 seconds to 40% for 1 second
  • For Passive DotS and “zone spells”, the slow strength has been increased from 15% for 1.5 seconds to 20% for 1 second


Nerf BoxHaunting Guise Final IconHaunting Guise

  • Total Cost has been increased from 1480 Gold to 1500



Buff BoxLiandrys Torment Final IconLiandry’s Torment

  • Recipe Change: Haunting Guise + Blasting Wand
  • Total Cost has been increased from 2900 Gold to 3000
  • Now grants 80 Base AP, increased from 50


Buff BoxWill of the Ancients Final IconWill of the Ancients

  • No longer grants 20% Spell Vamp
  • New Passive: Your spells and abilities heal you for 15% of the damage dealt, calculated BEFORE your opponent’s resistances. 33% effect for AoE Spells.


Change BoxMorellonomicon Final IconOmNomNomicon

  • Recipe Change: Fiendish Codex + Forbidden Idol + Amplifying Tome
    Total Cost unchanged


Change BoxAthenes Unholy Grail Final IconAthene’s Unholy Grail

  • Recipe Change: Fiendish Codex + Chalice of Harmony + Amplifying Tome
    Total Cost unchanged


Nerf BoxVoid Staff Final IconVoid Staff

  • Total Cost has been increased from 2295 Gold to 2500
  • Now grants 80 Ability Power, increased from 70




If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



05 06 PBE Banner


PBE 05/06


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.


Splash Art Tweaks

The shared splash art for the three Prehistoric skins has been flipped horizontally for Prehistoric Renekton:




Also, the loading screen splash for Prehistoric Anivia now features 30% more bird. Left side is the OLD version, right side – NEW:

AniviaLoadScreen_6 AniviaLoadScreen_6 (1)

Below you can find previews of all three skins:


Champion Changes


Ekko Final Portrait


Nerf BoxParallel Convergence Final IconParallel Convergence [ W ]

  • Mana cost increased from 30/40/50/60/70 to 50/55/60/65/70


Revert BoxPhase Dive Final IconPhase Dive [ E ]

  • Base damage increased from 30/60/90/120/150 to 50/80/110/140/170 [ reverted to live value ]


Item Changes


Revert BoxAbyssal Scepter Final Icon Abyssal Scepter

  • The rework has been reverted and the item is back to live state.

[ Note ] You can find the original rework HERE. Also, Reinboom mentioned on the PBE forums that Abyssal Scepter’s rework has been “iceboxed”, meaning it won’t be worked on for awhile.


Also, Mandrake Ward has once again been removed from the PBE. You can find a full preview of the item HERE.


HUD Update Revert

The new HUD has been removed from the PBE, which means it probably won’t make it to live with Patch 5.11. You can find a preview of the HUD update HERE.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



PBE 13 05 Banner


PBE 13/04


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.



Ekko The Boy Who Shattered Time

Ekko is in today’s update. PBE’s still down so I only have the text descriptions of his spells (no numbers yet):


Ekko_Splash_WP (1)

EkkoKid_0 Ekko_Square_0

Ekko Model 1 Ekko Model 2 Ekko Model 3


Ekko Final Portrait


  • Base Health: 580 + 80 per level
  • Base Mana: 280 + 40 per level
  • Base Damage: 59 + 3.5 per level
  • Armor: 27 + 3 per level
  • Magic Resist: 32 + 1.25 per level
  • Auto Attack Range: 125
  • Movement Speed: 345
  • Base Health-per-second: 1.8 + 0.18 per level
  • Base Mana-per-second: 1.2 + 0.16 per level
  • Attack Speed-per-level: 3.5%


ZDrive Resonance Final IconZ-Drive Resonance [ Passive ]

Ekko’s damaging spells and attacks build up Resonance stacks on his enemies. Every third attack against the same target triggers Ekko’s passive, dealing 15 + (12 per level) (+0.7 AP) bonus damage and slowing his enemy by 40/50/60/70/80% (values for levels 1/6/11/16/18) for 2/2.5/3 seconds. If he triggers his passive on an enemy champion, Ekko also gains a movement speed buff equal to the amount he has slowed the champion by. The slow cannot be triggered on the same target for 3 seconds.


Timewinder Final IconTimewinder [ Q ]

Cooldown: 11/10/9/8/7 seconds  || Mana Cost: 60/70/80/90/100

Ekko throws a device in a target direction, damaging 60/75/90/105/120 (+0.2 AP) all enemies along its path. Once it reaches max distance or hits an enemy champion, the device expands, creating a field that slows all enemy and neutral units by 32/39/46/53/60%. After a moment, the device contracts and rushes back to Ekko, dealing 60/85/110/135/160 (+ 0.6 AP) damage to all enemies in its path.


Parallel Convergence Final IconParallel Convergence [ W ]

Cooldown: 22/20/18/16/14 seconds || Mana Cost: 30/40/50/60/70

Passive: Ekko’s basic attacks deal bonus magic damage to enemies under 30% health, equal to 4% (+2.857% per 100 AP [ +20% at 700 AP ] ) of their missing health (capped at 400 damage vs. minions and monsters).

Active: Ekko opens a time rift, creating an alternate reality copy of him that tosses a device to a target location. After a delay, the device expands into a broad zone that slows enemies by 40%. If Ekko enters the sphere, it detonates, granting him a 150/195/240/285/330 (+ 0.8 AP) shield for 2 seconds and stunning all enemies inside for 2.25 seconds.


Phase Dive Final IconPhase Dive [ E ]

Cooldown: 15/13/11/9/7 seconds || Mana Cost: 40/50/60/70/80

Ekko dashes a fixed distance towards a target area. Once his initial dash has ended, Ekko gains greatly increased range on his next basic attack, and blinks to his target to deal 50/80/110/140/170 (+ 0.2 AP) bonus magic damage and apply on-hit and spell effects.


Chronobreak Final IconChronobreak [ R ]

Cooldown: 90/80/70 seconds || Mana Cost: Free

Ekko rewinds time, briefly turning untargetable and invulnerable before reappearing wherever he was a few seconds ago. Once he reappears, Ekko heals for 100/150/200 + 20/25/30% (+1% per 30 AP) of the damage he was dealt over the last 4 seconds. Ekko also deals 200/350/500 (+ 1.3 AP) magic damage to all nearby enemies.


Here’s his Champion Select quote:


And his complete set of lines, courtesy of SkinSpotlights:


Here’s an in-game preview of Ekko’s spells:


Ekko Passive 1

Ekko Passive 2

Z-Drive Resonance [ Passive ]


Ekko Passive 3

This is the trail Ekko leaves behind when he triggers the movement speed buff from his passive.


Ekko Q 1

Ekko Q 2

Ekko Q 3

Ekko Q 4

Timewinder [ Q ]


Ekko W 1

Ekko W 3

Ekko W 2

Parallel Convergence [ W ]


Ekko E 1 Ekko E 2

Phase Dive [ E ]


Ekko R 1

Ekko R 2

Ekko R 3

Chronobreak [ R ]



Sandstorm Ekko

Sandstorm Ekko will be available in store for 975 RP.


Sandstorm Ekko Model 1

Sandstorm Ekko Model 2

Sandstorm Ekko Recall

For his recall, Sandstorm Ekko opens his time device and sand swirls out of it and around him.


Dudu Ekko Passive 1

Dudu Ekko Passive 2

Z-Drive Resonance [ Passive ]


Dudu Ekko Q 1

Dudu Ekko Q 2

Dudu Ekko Q 3

Timewinder [ Q ]


Dudu Ekko W 1

Dudu Ekko W 2

Parallel Convergence [ W ]


Dudu Ekko E 1

Dudu Ekko E 2

Phase Dive [ E ]


Dudu Ekko R 1

Dudu Ekko R 2

Chronobreak [ R ]


PBE Bugs Feedback Thread Sandstorm Ekko

Nurse Flan Final Portrait In the depths of a forgotten ruin in Shurima, guarded by an arcane sandstorm, hides a mysterious relic of time. A golden hourglass filled with glowing sand, the physical manifestation of Time.

A young orphan braved the harsh trials for a relic to help save and protect the childhood friends he had left. Sandstorm Ekko emerges from the dunes, equipped and prepared to protect the forgotten and forsaken people of Shurima.

  • Completely new model!
  • New sandy particles for abilities!
  • New recall!
  • Additional new sandy SFX over his abilities!
  • *This launch skin is 975 RP (pricing always subject to change!)

As players who get the first look at this in-progress skin, it would be wonderful to hear your thoughts and feelings on Sandstorm Ekko! The feedback and bugs you leave here will help us get a better idea of things we may still have to take a look at. :]

See you on the Rift!

[ Link to Post ]



Knockout Lee Sin

Knockout Lee Sin will be available for 1350 RP.


Knockout Lee Sin Model 1 Knockout Lee Sin Model 2

Knockout Lee Sin Idles

Knockout Lee has a few new idle animations: mostly warming up routine before a boxing match.


Knockout Lee Sin RecallKnockout Lee Sin Recall 2 Knockout Lee Sin Recall 3

For his recall, Knockout Lee Sin rests on a chair. When he’s recalled, the bell rings and he kicks his chair away.


Knockout Lee Sin W

Safeguard / Iron Will [ W ] 


Knockout Lee Sin R 1

Knockout Lee Sin R 2

Dragon’s Rage [ R ]

PBE Bugs Feedback Thread Knockout Lee Sin

Galetta Final Portrait Ding ding ding!

Kockout Lee Sin enters the ring! Keep your guard up and watch out for that left hook! This skin includes:

  • All new model and texture!
  • New bell particles on his shield!
  • Lots of new boxing themed animations!
    • 4 new idle animations!
    • New Attack 1, 2 and crit animations!
    • New Recall and respawn!
    • New Run animation
    • New Spell1 (dash) (Q)
    • New Spell2 (dash) (W)
    • New Spell4 (R)
  • New SFX on his recall, respawn, and his (W).

This skins price is 1350RP – (pricing subject to change)

Your feedback and bug reports are extremely helpful to us, so please check out Knockout Lee Sin and let us know what you think! Feel free to drop any bugs you find in this thread as well!

See you on the Rift!

[ Link to Post ]



Nightmare Tryndamere

Nightmare Trynd will be available for 750 RP.


Nightmare Trynd Model 1 Nightmare Trynd Model 2 Nightmare Trynd Spin


PBE Bugs Feedback Thread Nightmare Tryndamere

Galetta Final PortraitThis top lane is full of monsters! How can you just sit there and eat pizza?!

A monstrous looking executioner has appeared on the Rift….Nightmare Tryndamere is here to judge the guilty! This skin includes:

  • All new model and texture!

This skins price is 750RP – (pricing subject to change)

Your feedback and bug reports are extremely helpful to us, so please check out Nightmare Tryndamere and let us know what you think! Feel free to drop any bugs you find in this thread as well!

See you on the Rift!

[ Link to Post ]


Order of the Lotus Irelia

Order of the Lotus Irelia will be available for 750 RP.


Lotus Irelia Model 1 Lotus Irelia Model 2

Lotus Irelia W

Lotus Irelia R

Transcendent Blades [ R ]


PBE Bugs Feedback Thread Order of the Lotus Irelia

KateyKhaos Final PortraitOnce again, Irelia’s blade is at your service with Order of the Lotus Irelia! This skin will not cause nerfs to Irelia. ;D

Order of the Lotus Irelia is 750 RP and includes:

  • New model and texture!
  • Quality of life particles for her Transcendent Blades (R) so they match her weapon.

Order of the Lotus Irelia is now available to play on PBE! We always find bug reports and feedback super helpful, so feel free to comment in the thread below! Likewise, if you’ve got any questions, post ‘em here, and we’ll do our best to answer them!

*Prices on PBE are subject to change.

[ Link to Post ]



Champion Changes


Karma Final Portrait


Buff IconGathering Fire Final IconGathering Fire [ Passive ] 

  • Spell hits now reduce Karma’s cooldowns by 2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds (at levels 1/6/11/16), increased from 2 seconds at all levels
  • Auto attacks against champions reduce Karma’s cooldowns by 50% of that value – 1/1.25/1.5/1.75 seconds respectively


Buff IconFocused Resolve Final IconFocused Resolve [ W ]

  • Karma can now also leash jungle monsters


Rework BoxRenewal Final IconRenewal [ Mantra + W ]

  • No longer heals Karma or deals bonus damage
  • Now applies a debuff to the target that increases all damage dealt to the target by 10% (excluding true damage). Karma and all allies damaging her target heal for 20% of the damage dealt
  • Reworked – both healing and bonus damage removed.


Buff IconInspire Final IconInspire [ E ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 10 seconds at all ranks to 10/9/8/7/6
  • Mana Cost decreased from 60/70/80/90/100 to 60/65/70/75/80
  • Shield value decreased from 80/120/160/200/240 to 80/110/140/170/200


Rework BoxDefiance Final IconDefiance [ Mantra + E ]

  • Damage portion removed
  • Now shields the target for an additional 30/90/150/210 (+ 0.3 AP) (stacks with Inspire’s shield)
  • Allies around Karma’s target are shielded for 50% of the target’s shield, changed from 30/70/110/150 (+0.3 AP)



Ryze Final Portrait


Buff IconOverload Final IconOverload [ Q ]

  • Base damage increased from 65/90/115/140/165 to 65/95/125/155/185


Rework BoxDesperate Power Final IconDesperate Power [ R ]

  • No longer passively increases the duration of Ryze’s supercharged state from his passive to 4/5/6 seconds
  • Now lasts 6 seconds at all ranks, increased from 4/5/6



Item Changes


Rework BoxAbyssal Scepter Final IconAbyssal Scepter [ Reworked ]

  • Item cost increased from 2400 Gold to 2500
  • Recipe cost increased from 730 Gold to 815
  • Recipe changed: Builds out of Amplifying Tome (435 Gold) + Ruby Crystal (400 Gold) + Null Magic Mantle (500 Gold) -> Negatron Cloak (900 Gold)
  • Grants 30 Ability Power, 250 Health and 60 Magic Resist
  • UNIQUE Passive: Every 4 seconds, the user emanates a pulse, dealing 80 (+5 per-champion-level) magic damage to nearby enemy Champions and reduces their Magic Resist by 15% for 10 seconds. This debuff stacks 3 times, up to a maximum of 45% Magic Resist shred.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


Champion Update: Ashe

April 28th, 2015


Ashe Update banner


Champion Update: Ashe takes aim at PBE


Another old timer within League’s ever-deepening champion pool, Ashe has seen almost six years shoot by with her launch kit largely intact. Until now! We’re not rebuilding her from the ground up, but we have made some pretty meaningful changes to her abilities all intended to solidify Ashe as League’s premier utility carry. Finally, we’re also sliding in a couple of small tweaks to give her opponents more ways to play against her. Here’s a rundown of her new moves!


Frost Shot Final IconPassive: [NEW] Frost Shot

Ashe slows whoever she damages with her basic attacks and abilities.

Ashe’s basic attacks always deal bonus damage to slowed targets, replacing her ability to critically strike. Bonus damage increases with her critical strike chance.



Rangers Focus Final IconQ: [NEW] Ranger’s Focus

Passive: Ashe gains a stack of Focus whenever she slows an enemy, up to a cap of five stacks.

Active: Ashe gains a small amount of attack speed and applies a heavier Frost Shot slow for a few seconds. If Ashe has fully stacked her Focus, she also fires out a fast salvo of arrows with every basic attack for the ability’s duration.



Volley Final IconW: Volley

Ashe nocks several arrows on her bow before firing them simultaneously in a large cone before her. Each arrow deals damage and slows its victim.

[NEW] Ashe fires more arrows than before. Targets are more likely to be hit by multiple arrows, but they’ll only take damage from one.



Hawkshot Final IconE: Hawkshot

Ashe commands her hawk to scout out an area. The hawk travels slowly, revealing areas it passes as it heads towards the target direction. Once the hawk reaches its destination, it hovers for a few seconds, revealing all non-stealthed units, even in brush.

[NEW] Hawkshot now has a global range. Ashe can store up to 2 Hawkshots for quick use, too.



Enchanted Crystal Arrow Final IconR: Enchanted Crystal Arrow

Ashe fires a huge ice missile in a target direction, damaging and stunning the first enemy champion it hits, with the stun duration dependant on the distance the missile travels. Enchanted Crystal Arrow also damages and slows all neutral and enemy targets surrounding its victim.



ashe-imageCheck out the abilities above and you’ll see that most of our changes focus on taking out the less exciting aspects of her kit. Frost Shot, for instance, was a pretty dull ability: you either had the ability on and slowed your targets while slowly losing mana, or you didn’t. At the same time, we really liked the idea of Ashe as a kind of utility marksman, someone who brings unrivalled crowd control and vision to games compared to other champs in her class. So we moved Frost Shot to her passive, simultaneously kicking her old toggle to the side while opening up her Q for something new. Ranger’s Focus fills the gap, providing Ashe with incentives for staying in combat (versus her old passive, which literally rewarded you for not attacking), and giving her a decent spike in damage when she handles her Focus stacks effectively.

As for the other part of her passive, removing crit strikes from a marksman might feel unintuitive – they’re pretty central to a bunch of basic attack damage dealers – but Frost Shot still rewards Ashe for building crit. Thing is, instead of hoping to get the occasional nuke, Ashe players will consistently deal extra damage as they build crit, and even more damage when they build that old staple of hers: Infinity Edge.

The changes to Ashe’s passive and Q enhances her basic attack-focused gameplay during all stages of a game. She shoots things, builds up Focus, then uses Ranger’s Focus to deal extra damage alongside her basic attacks. That left Volley too strong, so we tweaked it. We gave Ashe more rounds in her Volley, so if she’s able to cast it from distance, she can theoretically hit more targets and instantly fully stack her Focus. However, to compensate, we retooled the ability so that enemies and neutral targets are now much more likely to absorb multiple arrows. Old Ashe could fairly reliably hit enemy targets through their minion wave, something that’ll be much harder to pull off with the updated ability. This means enemy frontliners can get up in Ashe’s face now and reliably tank every Volley round for their backline squishies. These changes should emphasize Volley as a tool for Focus development and crowd control rather than raw power and poke, and although it’ll be less of a threat during laning, the ability will have a bigger presence in teamfights, particularly when Ashe positions herself correctly.

Finally, we took out the old Hawkshot passive because it basically gave Ashe a bunch of invisible power. Instead, we gave her tangible power by significantly improving her E active! Turning Hawkshot into a global ability – and allowing her to store multiple charges – gives Ashe and her team an immediate and immense vision bump, particularly when the enemy team’s effectively killing your network of wards. By firing out multiple Hawkshots, Ashe can use their vision to scout out Baron and the surrounding brush for signs of impending Fnatic-style brush baits. You now have no excuse for facechecking!


Ashe heads out onto PBE today. Take her for a spin and let us know your thoughts on the Frost Archer’s new kit! For more champion update team news, head over to the gameplay and balance subcommunity!


PBE 10 04 Banner


PBE 10/04


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see heremay not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.


Check out Blood Moon Zilean, Forsaken Jayce, Master Arcanist Ziggs, Risen Fiddlesticks, the updates to ARAM mode, the changes to Black Cleaver and Randuin’s Omen and more here:

PBE 08 04 Reference Banner



New Chroma Packs

A new batch of Chroma packs has been added for Blitzcrank, Garen and Pool Party Leona. Each pack of 3 recolors will be available for 590 RP in store after Patch 5.8 hits live.


Classic Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank_8 Blitzcrank_9 Blitzcrank_10


Classic Garen

Garen_7 Garen_8 Garen_9


Pool Party Leona

Leona_5 Leona_6 Leona_7



Champion Changes


Kha'Zix Final Portrait


Void Spikes Final IconVoid Spike [ W ]

  • Heal from explosion increased from 40/70/100/130/160 to 60/85/110/135/160



Nunu Final Portrait

  • Health-per-level decreased from 96 to 90



Ryze Final Portrait

  • Base Health pool increased from 506 to 558
  • Health-per-level increased from 75 to 86


Overload Final Icon Overload [ Q ]

  • Base Damage increased from 55/80/105/130/155 to 65/90/115/140/165


Spell Flux Final Icon Spell Flux [ E ]

  • Number of secondary targets that Spell Flux can hit has been increased from 4 to 6


[ Note ] Ryze was reworked in yesterday’s PBE update.



Sion Final Portrait


Soul Furnace Final Icon Soul Furnace [W]

  • Shield strength decreased from 10% of maximum Health to  6/7/8/9/10%
  • Shield can now be reactivated to explode after 3 seconds, increased from 2



Mark Dash Summoner Spell for ARAM

Following the recent updates to ARAM, here’s the new summoner spell from the Poro King featured mode:


Mark Final IconMark

Throw a snowball a long distance, dealing true damage to the first enemy unit hit. If it hits an enemy, this ability can be recast for 3 seconds to Dash to the tagged unit. Dashing to the target will reduce the cooldown of Mark by 25%.

Mark projectiles are not stopped by spell shields or projectile mitigation.


Dash Final IconDash [ Re-cast Mark ]

Dash to the unit hit by Mark. Casting Dash will reduce the cooldown of Mark by 25%.



Here’s the list of PBE updates from the Patch 5.8 cycle:



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


PBE 02 04 Banner


PBE 02/04


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see heremay not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.



Check out Arclight Vayne, Guardian of the Sands Rammus and Skarner, and Morgana’s new VFX!

PBE 24 03 Reference Banner


You can also find previews of Satan’s legendary skin and Guardian of the Sands Xerath below:

Omega Teemo Reference Banner



New Splash Arts


Arclight Vayne

She’ll be available for 975 RP. You can find a complete preview of her HERE.




Guardian of the Sands Skins

They all share the same splash art. Here it is + the loading screen splashes for each skin:

Rammus_Splash_7 (1)

Skarner_4 Rammus_7 Xerath_4

Skarner and Rammus’ skins will each cost 975 RP. Guardian of the Sands Xerath is priced at 1350 RP. You can find previews of all 3 skins below:


Debonair Galio

He’ll cost 750 RP. You can find a preview of Debonair Galio HERE.




Omega Squad Teemo’s splash art has received a few lightning tweaks and is more zoomed in. You can check out a full preview of Teemo’s legendary skin HERE (check here for the updated models on his shrooms).


cs_bg_champions (4)






Check out all the PBE updates from the Patch 5.7 Cycle:


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


Champion Mastery Guide

March 16th, 2015



We’re kicking off the rollout of Champion Mastery with a PBE stint from 3/11. If all goes well, a couple of weeks later we’ll then launch a beta in a single region, focusing on Summoner’s Rift normal queues to make sure the feature’s stable for expanded use. We’ll read through your feedback and keep you updated with our progress, too, so keep an eye out for future posts after the service goes live!








The mastery system is designed to recognize a player’s respective investment in a champion and uses skill-based progression to measure advancement. When a player wins a game, they’ll earn CP (champion points) toward mastery levels for that champion, and get rewards along the way. The amount of CP earned is heavily weighted by team performance.



Your summoner level must be at least 5 in order to unlock Champion Mastery.

All champions start at Mastery Level 1, 0 CP (Champion Points). As you play and accrue CP, you’ll achieve new ranks and unlock rewards associated with that rank. On your profile, you will see your:

  • Top 3 Champions
  • Mastery Score (the sum of all levels for your unlocked champions)
  • Champions Closest to Mastery

At launch, Champion Masteries will only be supported in normal games on Summoner’s Rift.



Champion Points are earned for winning a game with a particular champion. Earning CP will allow you to gain Mastery Levels in that champion and earn rewards as you progress. Points are based on your team’s performance as well as your own contribution. You can see how much CP you earn at the end of each game.

NOTE: Your previous games will NOT count towards your CP.

Keep in mind that you’ll earn slightly more CP if you team up with other players in a premade before your game. The larger your premade team is, the higher the additional bonus will be. :)

Premade Size Premade Bonus
Party of one No bonus
Party of two 10% of CP earned
Party of three 20% of CP earned
Party of four 30% of CP earned
Party of five 50% of CP earned


For example, if you team up with two other players (for a total of 3 players in your premade) and earn 25 CP at the end of your game, you will receive an additional 20% of your 25 CP — 5 CP. This will give you a total of 30 CP earned.’



At the end of your game, you can hover over your Champion Mastery points bar to see the grade our new system gives you. These grades are awarded based on your performance in the role with the champion you’re playing and where you’re playing them.

The possible grades you can achieve are:

S+, S, S-, A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-



At launch, only Summoner’s Rift normal queues will be eligible. Once we’re sure the feature is stable, we’ll look at expanding to other maps and modes. Please share your feedback so we can work together to improve this feature.





Depending on the rank, the player will receive different rewards for their mastered champion:

Level Reward
1 -
2 -
3 -
4 Mastery Badge Emote, Loading Screen Border, Announcement Banner
5 Mastery Badge Emote, Loading Screen Border, Announcement Banner

This is just the beginning! As the system matures, we’ll unlock extra tiers and rewards as we build on the program.


Required Mastery Level: 4 or higher

This is a way to display your achievement with a champion in game. Just like existing emotes (laugh, dance, etc), it is bound to a key. The binding will be listed next to emotes in the key binding menu:

You can also use a slash-command to use the emote. Hit enter to bring up the command prompt then type “/masterybadge.”


Required Mastery Level: 4 or higher

If you have unlocked this reward, you will see a banner next to your champion’s splash during the loading screen. This will display of your mastery rank will only be visible to players on your team.


Required Mastery Level: 4 or higher

A banner will appear under the multikill announcement in game if:

  • You or a player on your team killed an opponent
  • Whoever performed the kill is playing a champion above rank 4

Original Post by Nancymon


PBE 13 03 Banner


PBE 13/03


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.


Check out all the April Fools skins, texture rebalances and the Champion Mastery System that will be up with Patch 5.6!

PBE 11 March Banner



New Champion Select Music

New music for Champion Select has been added to the PBE:


Blind Pick


Draft Pick



Champion Changes


Evelynn Final Portrait


Shadow Walk Final IconShadow Walk [ Passive ]

  • Time to re-stealth decreased from 6 seconds to 6/5/4/3 seconds (values change at levels 6, 11 and 16)


Dark Frenzy Final IconDark Frenzy [ W ]

  • Now has its cooldown reduced by 1 second every time Evelynn hits an enemy champion with a spell
  • Evelynn’s spells no longer grant her flat movement speed when they hit enemy champions (old passive removed)



Irelia Final Portrait


Equilibrium Final IconEquilibrium Strike [ E ]

  • Base damage decreased from 80/130/180/230/280 to 80/120/160/200/240



Singed Final Portrait


Fling Final IconFling [ E ]

  • Base Damage decreased from 80/125/170/215 to 50/65/80/95/110
  • Now additionally deals 6/6.5/7/7.5/8% of target’s maximum health (capped at 300 bonus damage against minions/monsters)



Rammus Final Portrait


Powerball Final IconPowerball [ Q ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 70/80/90/100/110 to 60/65/70/75/80



Veigar Final Portrait


Equilibrium Final Icon Equilibrium [ Passive ]

  • Mana regeneration increased from 1% of missing mana-per-second to 1.5%


Baleful Strike Final IconBaleful Strike [ Q ]

  • Range increased from 900 to 950 (live value is 850)
  • Cooldown decreased from 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 seconds to 5 seconds at all ranks


Event Horizon Final IconEvent Horizon [ E ]

  • Range decreased from 750 to 700 (back to live value)



Ziggs Final Portrait


Bouncing Bomb Final IconBouncing Bomb [ Q ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 50/60/70/80/90 to 50/55/60/65/70



Zilean Final Portrait


Rewind Final IconRewind [ W ]

  • Mana cost increased from 40/30/20/10/0 to 40 at all ranks (revert on the changes in this PBE update)14/12/10/8/6 from 18/15/12/9/6
  • Cooldown decreased from 18/15/12/9/6 seconds to 14/12/10/8/6


Time Bomb Final IconTime Warp [ E ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 50/55/60/65/70 to 50 at all ranks



Tweaks to Upcoming Skins


Order of the Banana Soraka got her tattoos back! Here is an updated model preview of the skin.

Order of the Banana Soraka Model New 1

Order of the Banana Soraka Model New 2

Order of the Banana Soraka Recall

Order of the Banana Soraka Banana Attack


Definitely Not Udyr got some color tweaks to his stances and now has a zipper on his Turtle costume. Also, he got a new recall animation! Left side is the OLD version of his model, right side is the NEW version.

Udyr Skin Model 3 Def not Udyr Model 2 New

Udyr Skin Model 4 Def Not Udyr Model 3 New

Udyr Skin Model 2 Def not Udyr Model 1 New

Udyr Skin Model 6 Def Not Udyr Model 4 New

Def not Udyr Recall 1

Def Not Udyr Recall 2



Texture Rebalances

Ryze, Human Ryze and Zombie Ryze have received tweaks to their recently-updated models. Will post screenshots as soon as the PBE is up. Left side will be OLD version, right side – NEW.

[ Note ] I don’t have access to Human Ryze so I can’t cover him. Sorry!


Classic Ryze Model 1 Ryze Model New 1

Classic Ryze Model 2 Ryze Model New 2

Pirate Ryze Model 1 Zombie Ryze New Model 1



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at



PBE 11 03 Banner


Today’s PBE update contains 5 new April Fools-themed skins, strings for the return of U.R.F. mode, the newly-announced Champion Mastery System, texture rebalances for Kayle, Lee Sin, Pantheon, Rumble, Ryze, new spell icons for Twisted Fate and Rammus, nerfs to LeBlanc, a rework of Darius’ ultimate and more!


New Skins

New Features


Visual Updates


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.



Archduke Nasus Banner

Archduke Nasus will be available for 750 RP.


Archduke Nasus Model 1

Archduke Nasus Model 2

Archduke Nasus Model 3



Definitely Not Udyr Banner

Definitely Not Udyr can definitely be yours for 975 RP.


Udyr Skin Model 1

Udyr Skin Model 5

Udyr Skin Model 3

Udyr Skin Model 4

Udyr Skin Model 2

Udyr Skin Model 6


Order of the Banana Soraka Banner

Order of the Banana Soraka will be available for 750 RP, which is around 2 bananas in length.


Order of the Banana Soraka Model 1

Order of the Banana Soraka Model 2

Order of the Banana Soraka Model 3

Order of the Banana Soraka Model 4

Her basic attack is a banana! YEAH!


Surprise Party Amumu Banner

You can let Amumu in to your party for 1350 RP. Unavailable in today’s update! I’ll cover him in the next.

Surprise Party Amumu


Urf the Nami-tee Banner

You can buy the golden spatula for 750 RP and you get a free Nami with it.


Nami Skin Model 1

Nami Skin Model 3

Nami Skin Model 2



URF Mode Strings

Looks like we’re getting URF back for April Fools!


  • Shield Overload: This unit has a shield that can’t handle the sheer amount of awesome. Non-ultimate shields cast by this unit have stat scaling.
  • Heal Embargo: Direct healing effects are less effective. Heal effectiveness will increase gradually over the course of the game.
  • Awesome Buff of Awesomely Awesome Buffing: Mana and Energy consumption reduced by 100%. Cooldown Reduction on Abilities, Activated Items and Summoner Spell, Tenacity and Tenaciousness, Movement Speed and Speed while Moving, Attack Speed Bonuses increased by X% (different ratio for Ranged Champions) Critical Strikes deal additional base damage. Health Costs reduced.



Champion Mastery

A new feature is coming that’ll reward your experience and playtime with your favourite champions. You can read more on the feature HERE.


Champion Mastery Banner




Finish a game of League and you’ll earn points for your champion based on your team’s performance as well as your own contribution. Earn enough points and you’ll level up that champ’s mastery level, giving you rewards as you progress.



Hover over your Champion Mastery points bar in the post-game screen and you’ll see the grade that our new system gives you. Grades are awarded based on your overall performance in the role along with the champion you’re playing and, crucially, where you’re playing them.


Leveling Up

Check out your in-client profile, and you’ll see a new stat telling you your mastery score, a sum of all your mastery ranks combined.



We’re kicking off Champion Mastery with the first five ranks for each champion unlocked. Here are the crests your champion will earn as they rank up:





Loading Screen Badge
Custom Emote
Announcement Banner


Loading Screen Badge
Custom Emote
Announcement Banner


Here’s an initial preview. The profile page now displays your mastery of your most-played champions.

Profile Page


You can check you progress on any champion by visiting the ‘Champions’ tab.

Champion Mastery Screen 2



Champion Changes


Darius Final Portrait


Noxian Guilotine Final IconNoxian Guillotine [ R ] – Reworked

  • At rank 3, Noxian Guillotine’s cooldown resets entirely on kill.
  • Mana cost decreased from 100 at all ranks to 100/50/0



LeBlanc Final Portrait


Mimic Sigil of Silence Final IconMimic – Sigil of Malice [ Q + R ]

  • AP Ratio decreased from 0.65 to 0.6


Mimic Distortion Final Icon Mimic – Distortion [ W + R ]

  • AP Ratio decreased from 0.975 to 0.9


Mimic Ethereal Chains Final IconMimicked  Ethereal Chains [ E + R ]

  • AP ratio decreased from 0.65 to o.6



Nocturne Final Portrait


Paranoia Final IconParanoia [ R ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 180/140/100 seconds to 150/125/100



Zilean Final Portrait


Time Bomb Final Icon Time Bomb [ Q ]

  • AP ratio increased from 0.8 to 0.9


Rewind Final IconRewind [ W ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 50 at all ranks to 40/30/20/10/0



New Spell Icons for Rammus

Rammus has some spiky new icons! From left to right: Passive, Q, W, E and R:


Rammus Final Portrait Armordillo_Powerball Armordillo_ShellBash Armordillo_ScaledPlating Armordillo_RecklessCharge



New Spell Icons for Twisted Fate

All of Twisted Fate’s icons have been updated. From left to right: Passive, Q, W, Blue Card, Red Card, Yellow Card, E, R and R re-cast.


Twilight Shroud New Icon Cardmaster_PowerCard Cardmaster_FatesGambit Cardmaster_blue Cardmaster_red Cardmaster_gold Cardmaster_RapidToss Destiny_temp Cardmaster_Premonition


Summoners Rift Map Updates

Summoner’s Rift has received shiny new ornaments and details. You can find comparisons below: left side is the OLD version, right side is the NEW PBE version.


Old Map 1 Map 1 New

Old Map 2 Map 2 New

Old Map 3 Map 3 New



Texture Rebalances

Kayle, Lee Sin, Pantheon, Rumble and Ryze have had their models updated in today’s PBE patch.


Classic Kayle

Classic Kayle Model 1

Classic Kayle Model 2


Viridian Kayle

Viridian Kayle Model 1


Battleborn Kayle

Battleborn Kayle Model 1


[ Note ] Silver Kayle, Unmasked Kayle and Judgement Kayle have also been updated, but I don’t have access to them on the PBE.


Classic Lee Sin

Lee Sin Model 1

Lee Sin Model 2


Traditional Lee Sin

Traditional Lee Sin Model 1


Dragon Fist Lee Sin

Dragon Fist Lee Sin Model 1


Muay Thai Lee Sin

Muay Thai Lee Sin Model 1


Classic Pantheon

Classic Pantheon Model 1

Classic Pantheon Model 2


Ruthless Pantheon

Ruthless Pantheon Model 1


Perseus Pantheon

Perseus Pantheon Model 1


Full Metal Pantheon

Full Metal Pantheon Model 1


Classic Rumble

Rumble Classic Model 1

Rumble Classic Model 2


Rumble in the Jungle

Jungle Rumble Model 1


Bilgerat Rumble

Bilgerat Rumble Model 1


Classic Ryze

Classic Ryze Model 1

Classic Ryze Model 2


Tribal Ryze

Tribal Ryze Model 1


Uncle Ryze

Uncle Ryze Model 1


Dark Crystal Ryze

Dark Crystal Ryze Model 1


Zombie Ryze

Pirate Ryze Model 1


Pirate Ryze

Pirate Ryze Model 2


[ Note ] Human Ryze and Triumphant Ryze have also been updated, but I don’t have access to them.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at


PBE Round-up: Patch 5.5

March 7th, 2015


PBE Roundup Patch 5 5 Banner

Patch 5.5 will hit live in the early hours of March 11th for all regions. Here are all its contents:


New Champion

Store Content

Balance Changes

Visual Updates



[ Note ] Debonair Galio and the Mandrake Ward will NOT be released with Patch 5.5.


Bard the Wandering Caretaker

Bard will be available for 7800 IP/975 RP for the first week after release; afterwards his price will drop to 6300 IP. You can also pick him up in a bundle with Elderwood Bard.



Bard_0 (1) Bard_Square_0 (1)


Bard Final Portrait

Base Stats

  • Level 1 Health: 535
  • Level 1 Mana: 350
  • Level 1 Movespeed: 330
  • Attack Range: 550
  • Level 1 Attack Damage: 46
  • Level 1 Armor: 21
  • Level 1 Magic Resist: 30
  • Health-per-level: 85
  • Mana-per-level: 50
  • Base Health-per-second: 1.08
  • Base Mana-per-second: 1.2
  • HP-per-second per level: 0.11
  • Mana-per-second per level: 0.09
  • Attack Damage-per-level: 3
  • Armor-per-level: 4


Here’s Bard’s Champion Select Quote:


His login theme:


And his lore for ants:

“Bard travels through realms beyond the imagination of mortal beings. Some of Valoran’s greatest scholars have spent their lives trying to understand the mysteries he embodies. This enigmatic spirit has been given many names throughout the history of Valoran, but titles such as Cosmic Vagabond and Great Caretaker only capture a fleeting aspect of his true purpose. When the unknowable structure of the universe is threatened, Bard steers all existence away from utter annihilation.”


Basic Attack


Traveler’s Call Final IconTraveler’s Call [ Passive ]

Ancient Chimes: Bard’s presence causes sacred chimes to appear on the Fields of Justice. Collecting a chime grants Bard a brief burst of movement speed, experience, and mana. Chimes remain on the ground for 10 minutes.

Meeps: Bard’s presence attracts small spirits known as meeps to his side. Whenever Bard attacks, a meep throws itself at his target, dealing 30 (+0.3 AP) extra damage before disappearing back to the spirit world. As Bard collects more chimes, the meeps that follow him grow in both number and power.


When Bard collects a chime, his running animation turns into a swirly flight.


The locations of chines are marked on your minimap and the number of chimes collected and how many meeps follow you can be seen atop the UI bar.


Cosmic Binding [ Q ]

Cooldown: 11/10/9/8/7 seconds || Mana Cost: 60 at all ranks

Bard fires an energy bolt, dealing 75/110/145/180/215 (+ 0.5 AP) magic damage to one or two enemies. The first target hit will be slowed by 60% for 1/1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8 second(s). If the bolt hits another enemy or a wall, any enemies hit are stunned instead (same duration).



Caretaker’s Shrine [ W ]

Cooldown: 12 seconds at all ranks || Mana Cost: 100/105/110/115/120

Bard raises a health shrine that immediately offers 30/60/90/120/150 (+0.2 AP) health, but restores up to 70/110/150/190/230 (+0.45 AP) health as it gathers power for 10 seconds. The shrine’s effect also grants 50% decaying movement speed for 1.5 seconds. Bard can have up to 3 shrines active at once, which remain until visited by an ally or crushed by an enemy.



Magical Journey [ E ]

Cooldown: 26/24/22/20/18 seconds || Mana Cost: 30 at all ranks

Bard opens a one-way corridor through nearby terrain. Both allies and enemies can use the corridor by right-clicking on any part of it while near its entrance, with allies travelling 10/20/30/40/50% faster than enemies. The corridor disappears after 10 seconds.



Tempered Fate [ R ]

Cooldown: 130/115/90 seconds || Mana Cost: 100 at all ranks  || Missile Speed: 1800

Bard sends magical energy arcing to a target location. On impact, all champions, minions, monsters, and turrets in the target area are put in stasis, becoming invincible, untargetable, and unable to act for 2.5 seconds. Epic monsters are also put into stasis, despite normally being immune to disables.




Elderwood Bard

Elderwood Bard will be available for 975 RP after Bard is released.




Elderwood Bard New

For his recall, Elderwood Bard bows to his meep friends who bounce around him.


Basic Attack


Traveler’s Call [ Passive ]


Cosmic Binding [ Q ]


Caretaker’s Shrine [ W ]


Magical Journey [ E ]


Tempered Fate [ R ]



Headhunter Akali

Headhunter Akali will be available in store for 1350 RP after Patch 5.5 hits live.





For her recall, Headhunter Akali fuses her kamas together, spins them and her suit is then covered with a pink grid.


Mark of the Assassin [ Q ]


Twilight Shroud [ W ]


Crescent Slash [ E ]


Shadow Dance [ R ] 



Secret Agent Xin Zhao

Secret Agent Xin Zhao will be sold for 975 RP.



For his recall, Secret Agent Xin’s spear retracts into a briefcase.


Crescent Sweep [ R ]



New Summoner Icons


No news yet on how these’ll be obtained (URF ICON HYPE):

profileIcon784 profileIcon783 profileIcon782



Champion Changes



Azir Final Portrait


Arise Final IconArise! [W]

  • Sand Soldier range increased from 325 to 375



Gragas Final Portrait

  • Base mana pool increased from 300 to 400


Drunken Rage Final IconDrunken Rage [ W ]

  • Maximum damage to monsters increased from 250 to 300



Kassadin Final Portrait


Riftwalk Final IconRiftwalk [ R ]

  • Range increased from 450 to 500
  • Cooldown decreased from 7/5/3 seconds to 6/4/2
  • Initial mana cost decreased from 60 at all ranks to 50



Lissandra Final Portrait


Ice Shard Final IconIce Shard [ Q ]

  • Base damage decreased from 75/110/145/180/215 to 70/100/130/160/190



Nautilus Final Portrait


Titans Wrath Final Icon Titan’s Wrath [ W ]

  • On-hit damage decreased from 40/55/70/85/100 to 30/40/50/60/70
  • Shield scalilng increased from 7/9.5/12/14.5/17% of maximum health to 9/11/13/15/17%


Riptide Final IconRiptide [ E ]

  • AP Ratio decreased from 0.5 to 0.3
  • Mana cost decreased from 60/70/80/90/100 to 40/50/60/70/80
  • Cooldown decreased from 10 seconds at all ranks to 7/6.5/6/5.5/5
  • Slow duration reduced from 2 seconds to 1.25



Nidalee Final Portrait


Bushwhack Final IconBushwhack [ Human W ]

  • Damage changed from 20/40/60/80/100 + 10/12/14/16/18 (+ 0.02 AP) % of target’s current health to 40/80/120/160/200 ( +0.2 AP)


Pounce Final Icon Pounce [ Cougar W ]

  • Base damage decreased from 50/100/150/200 to 40/80/120/160



Shyvana Final Portrait


Flame Breath Final IconFlame Breath [ E ] 

  • On-hit magic damage increased from 2% of maximum health to 2.5%



Sion Final Portrait


Decimating Smash New IconDecimating Smash [ Q ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 45/50/55/60/65 to 45 at all ranks


Roar of the Slayer New IconRoar of the Slayer [ E ]

  • Mana cost increased from 35 at all ranks to 35/40/45/50/55



Skarner Final Portrait


Crystal Slash Final IconCrystal Slash [ Q ]

  • Base physical damage and on-hit magic damage have both been increased from 18/28/38/48/58 to 20/30/40/50/60


Fracture Final IconFracture [ E ]

  • Base damage increased from 40/60/80/100/120 to 40/75/110/145/180



Sona Final Portrait


Crescendo Final IconCrescendo [ R ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 100/150/200 to 100 at all ranks



Tristana Final Portrait


Rapid Fire Final IconRapid Fire [ Q ] 

  • Rapid Fire’s cooldown is decreased by 1 second each time Tristana auto attacks a target which has Explosive Charge on



Trundle Final Portrait


Frozen Domain Final IconFrozen Domain [ W ]

  • Bonus healing and regeneration while standing in the area increased from 8/11/14/17/20% to 20% at all ranks


Kings Tribute Final IconKing’s Tribute [ Passive ]

Range increased from 1000 to 1400



Urgot Final Portrait


Terror Capacitator Final IconTerror Capacitor [ W ]

  • Base shield value decreased from 80/130/180/230/280 to 60/100/140/180/220
  • Shield value now additionally increased by 8% of Urgot’s maximum mana


Hyper Kinetic Position Reverser Final IconHyper-Kinetic Position Reverser (R )

  • Cooldown decreased from 120/110/100 seconds to 120/100/80



Vi Final Portrait

  • Movement speed decreased from 350 to 345


Assault and Battery Final Icon Assault and Battery [ R ]

  • Base damage decreased from 200/325/450 to 150/300/450
  • Ratio decreased from 1.5 of Bonus AD to 1.4 (on live the tooltip is wrong, actual live value is 1.5 currently)



Volibear Final Portrait


Frenzy Final IconFrenzy [ W ]

  • If Frenzy is cast on a jungle monster, its cooldown  is halved 



Xin Zhao Final Portrait


Battle Cry Final IconBattle Cry [ W ]

  • Heal on every third hit increased from 26/32/38/44/50 to 30/35/40/45/50


Audacious Charge Final IconAudacious Charge [ E ]

  • Base damage increased from 70/105/140/175/210 to 70/110/150/190/230



Veigar Final Portrait


Baleful Strike Final IconBaleful Strike [ Q ]

  • Missile speed increased from 1750 to 2200


Event Horizon Final IconEvent Horizon [ E ]

  • Dashing through a wall will now stun you immediately as opposed to you going through the walls and then being stunned (blinks and Flash still pass through the walls as normal)
  • Delay now starts at the moment the spell is cast, not after Veigar finishes his cast animation



Zac Final Portrait


Elastic Slingshot Final IconElastic Slingshot [ E ] 

  • Knock-up duration increased from 0.5 seconds to 1 second



Zilean Final Portrait

[ Note ] Zilean was reworked in Patch 5.4. You can find the full changelist HERE.


Time Bomb Final IconTime Bomb [ Q ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 12/11/10/9/8 seconds to 10/9.5/9/8.5/8



Ludens Echo

Luden’s Echo is a new 120 AP Item that’s similar in effect to Statikk Shiv:


Ludens Echo Final IconLuden’s Echo

  • Cost: 3100 Gold
  • Builds out of a Needlessly Large Rod (1600 Gold) and Aether Wisp (850 Gold)
  • Grants 120 AP and 7% Movement Speed
  • UNIQUE Passive: Gain charges upon moving or casting. At 100 charges, the next spell hit expends all charges to deal 100 (+0.15 AP) bonus magic damage to up to 4 targets hit.


Luden’s Echo has a tooltip icon similar to the one of Statikk Shiv. At 100 charges, purple bolts come out of the spell’s first (or only) target and seek nearby enemies to hit.

Luden Echo Tooltip

Luden Echo 1

Luden Echo 3



Item Changes

The Juggernaut enchantment has been removed and replaced with the following:


Bamis Cinder Final IconBami’s Cinder (New Item)

  • Builds out of Ruby Crystal + 600 Gold (Total cost is 1000 Gold)
  • Grants 300 Health
  • UNIQUE Passive – Immolate: Deals 5 (+1 per champion level) magic damage per second to nearby enemies. Deals 50% bonus damage to minions and monsters.


Bami Cinder Effect

Bami Cinder’s particles are identical to those of Sunfire Cape.


Speaking of which, Sunfire Cape now builds out of Bami’s Cinder rather than Giant’s Belt and its passive has been renamed to Immolation.


Juggernaut Enchantment Final IconCinderhulk (New Jungle Enchantment)

  • Grants 350 Health and 25% Bonus Health
  • Total cost is 2200 Gold, Recipe cost – 350 Gold
  • UNIQUE Passive – Immolate: While in combat, deals 16 (+1 per champion level) magic damage a second to nearby enemies. The damage ramps up overtime while in combat, up to a maximum of 24 (+ 1.5 per champion level)


3 4

5 6


Ohmwrecker Final IconOhmwrecker

  • Now grants movement speed passively when near destroyed turrets too (on live the passive only works for active turrets)


Raptor Cloak Final IconRaptor Cloak

  • Armor granted increased from 30 to 40
  • Passive now works on destroyed turrets (same as Ohmwrecker)


Righteous Glory Final IconRighteous Glory

Health granted increased from 500 to 650


Zzrot Portal Final IconZz’Rot Portal

  • Armor and Magic Resist granted both increased from 50 to 60
    • Passive now works on destroyed turrets (same as Ohmwrecker)



Jungle Changes


Gromp Final IconGromp

  • Base damage decreased from 90 to 83
  • Poison aura buff from smiting Gromp now additionally scales with 10% of the champion’s bonus health


Murkwolf Final IconMurkwolf Camp

  • Mini Murkwolves now grant 16 gold, increased from 12
  • Big Murkwolf now grants 53 gold, increased from 42


Razorbeak Final IconRazorbeak Camp

  • Base damage on Razorbreak decreased from 55 to 45
  • Raptors now deal 16 base damage, decreased from 20



  • Inhibitor turrets now grant 50 Gold, decreased from 175, and don’t grant any experience (down from 100)
  • Nexus turrets now grant 50 Gold, decreased from 150, and don’t grant any experience (down from 120)
  • Inner turrets now have 1300 Health, increased from 1000
  • Shields on inner top/bot turrets decreased from 200 to 30


The inner mid turrets no longer grant shields or have shields of their own.


Inner bot/top turrets still grant shields and have shields.



Kassadin Visual Update

Kassadin and all his skins have been visually updated.


Classic Kassadin

Kassadin VU 1

Base Kassadin Updated 1


Festival Kassadin

Festival Kassadin VU


Deep One Kassadin

Deep One Kassadin VU


Pre-Void Kassadin

Prevoid Kassadin VU


Harbinger Kassadin

Harbinger Kassadin VU


Kassadin’s also received new spell icons. From left to right: Passive, Q, W, E and R.




New Katarina Spell Icons

From left to right: Passive, Q, W, E and R.




Texture Rebalances

Cho’Gath, Janna, Taric and Warwick have received a model overhaul:


Classic Cho’Gath

Chogath Classic Model 2

Classic ChoGath Model 1


Gentleman Cho’Gath


Loch Ness Cho’Gath


Jurassic Cho’Gath


Classic Janna


Tempest Janna


Frost Queen Janna


Hextech Janna


Victorious Janna


Classic Taric


Armor of the Fifth Age Taric


Bloodstone Taric


Classic Warwick


Big Bad Warwick


Tundra Hunter Warwick


Firefang Warwick


Hyena Warwick

[ Note ] Grey Warwick, Urf Warwick and Feral Warwick have received texture updates as well, but I don’t have access to them.




The Dragon pit now has a dragon-figure ornamentation on the floor.


Dragon Pit Update



Victory Defeat Screens Animated

The long-ago promised victory/defeat screens are coming with Patch 5.5. Videos by FrostyNinja:




New animations for default Wards

Default wards (no skins) now have their pillar placed on the ground, followed by the gem falling on top of it. No particles or effects.

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