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After many hours of debate and much consideration, the management of SoloMid has decided to replace Chaox with WildTurtle on a permanent basis. We are extremely grateful to Chaox for all he has contributed over the last two years and it is with a heavy heart that we bid him goodbye. The accomplishments TSM achieved with Chaox on the team will be remembered for as long as people play League of Legends. WildTurtle will be the AD carry for TSM from this week onwards. We are confident this change will be a positive one in the long run; TSM have their eyes firmly on the top of the podium.

For interviews and behind the scenes footage showing the road to this outcome watch this week’s episode of GameCrib.



chTSM announced today that Chaox, their AD carry, would be taking a short break from competitive League of Legends. For one week Jason “WildTurtle” Tran, already an official TSM sub, will be filling in for him.

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Announcing the TSM Subs!

February 13th, 2013


Every team needs some subs for the LCS and we’ve been waiting to see who TSM would choose- that wait is now over!


Dan Dinh


eG9nZWJrdMTI=_o_league-of-legends-dan-dinh-interview-the-nature-of-the-First up we have the one and only Dan Dinh;if you have any interest in Professional LoL at all you know who this man is. A pro, on and off, since 2010 and founding member of the team Epik Gamer, Dan has more tournament experience than many of the other players in the LCS. He mains jungle and plays far more champions in the jungle than most can, to the point where he was the only player who made jungle Eve work reliably in early Season 3.



Daryl “wingsofdeathx” Hennegan



Next up: Daryl “wingsofdeathx” Hennegan. Another former Epik Gamer player who remained with the team after they transitioned into being TSM Evo. While wings has only been in the pro-scene since the middle of last year, he made quite the splash. Known for strong mechanics, very good game knowledge and a deep champion pool. wings is a strong addition to any team. He was most famous for his Lee Sin, Riven and Kennen in Season 2 and is credited with being one of the first people to start building AP Kennen with ADmsteries and a Doran’s Blade for early lane dominance.

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 Jason “WildTurtle” Tran


IMG_0249[]Last but most certainly not least we have Jason “WildTurtle” Tran. Mr Turtle has been around for quite a while, though often in the sidelines. He helped Monomaniac (currently called GGU after a long stretch of being Team Dynamic) qualify for IPL4. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to attend himself and parted ways with the team. He took the spotlight at IPL Faceoff, while subbing for Team Legion, where he wrecked Misaya in midlane. He joined oRb, which became Quantic and then Cloud9, which was the biggest upset in the LCS qualifiers when they did not make it. WildTurtle managed to shine through however and we welcome him to the TSM bench.


And that fills out the TSM substitute list for now, I’m sure you’ll join us in wishing them the best of luck.


Having been robbed by their sponsors Orbit Gaming, then founding a new team Reddit Nation, getting donations to go to Lonestar, and Yazuki going through Hurricane Sandy it has been a rough year for Hai L9 and company. Which is why it was great to see them get picked up by Quantic Gaming. However this is why it saddens me to inform you that Quantic Gaming is shutting down and disbanding their StarCraft II, DotA 2, Call of Duty, and League of Legends teams. This morning Complexity’s Jason Lake warned over twitter that “Big NA team news coming later today. Not good news either. Can’t elaborate w/o breaking trust but it’s a sad day,” and it looks like this is what he was talking about. Allegedly their closure was due to investors having pulled out from the team cutting off funding. There has been no official statement from QxG as of yet, but founder Mark Ferraz had this to say:

“Don’t believe the hype. No drama here, just not enough growth to justify pushing forward. I’m very sad, but it’s for the best… “ - Mark Ferraz, Quantic Gaming



“We attempted to create one of the world’s greatest eSports teams out of an ultimate belief in the pursuit of passion and greatness. We love you all, our fans, players, staff, sponsors, and owners… 2012… and forever in the hearts and minds of those touched…”Quantic Gaming


Quantic Gaming started in 2010 as a small group of friends and grew to be a eSports titan in the North American community. It’s really a shame to see them go, and more importantly where does Reddit Nation go from here?

Not in any rush for sponsors, after the whole orbit thing we were being cautious and it’s quite unfortunate with what happened to Quantic. It’s not their fault but we’ll take it slower, and uhm we still plan to stay together and qualify for Season 3, under who/anyone, we don’t know yet.” – Hai L9


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Captain Hai L9 is accompanied by an all star cast. Yazuki, who having played League of Legends for only a year shot to the top. Merciless Gladiator Nientonsoh who was a top WoW player, and would later be known as teamcarry` in HoN. WildTurtle the unpredictable AP and AD Carry who shocked the onlookers when he subbed for Team Legion. Finally we have LemonNation the last member of Orbit to stick with Team <Insert Sponsor Name Here>, the support only player who took the rank one spot in solo queue. Boasting a strong line up, the team formerly known as Quantic Gaming / Reddit Nation / Orbit Gaming has the potential to be a top contender in season 3. Follow them on twitter @hai_l9, @nientonsoh2, @yazuki_l9 and support this amazing team.