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Garena.LoL wins. Take notes Riot.

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Maybe because unlike RIOT Games, Garena delivers on promises.

“Still remember our 110k fans promise? Here it comes! All champions unlocked from 21st December 12:00am until 23rd December 11:59pm

Thank you all for supporting us in this year 2012. Although there have been many unfortunate circumstances that has happened over the year, we’re still grateful for everyone’s understandings and patience with us. We will continue to try our best to fix every technical issues and we hope that all of you will continue to stick with us. It’s been a wonderful journey this year and let’s begins a new journey next year with many more events to come!”


Hey didn’t Riot games have a facebook likes event? Oh yeah that did happen.

It took Riot two years to deliver, so I forgot.

It took Garena 7 days.




It’s true, this has been a hard year for Garena, with countless disconnection and latency issues, but no more issues than Riot. The difference is how they handle these troubles. Garena has been around a long time, and they’ve learned of the importance of customer service. This is why almost every time there is a latency issue a XP/IP boost pops up the weekend after they are resolved. Riot should take notes.

These are just the events for DECEMBER.

Triple XP/IP Events

Hey Riot did this. Like once. Three years ago. Garena does it very frequently. Last weekend (14th) we had a 3x boost on all games, a few weeks ago we had bonus IP gain in ARAM/Proving Grounds.

Random Lottery Drawings

Issued upon logging in you got entered in a lottery to win fun prizes.


12/12/12 end of the world sale, Xmas sale, just because sale, GM Birthday sale. We have a lot of sales.

Lucky Draw

Spend at least 3 hours in game to trigger a “Stay with Annie” Event.


Twisted Treeline Tournaments and 1v1 Tournaments

As hard as you may find it to be, there are people who do like Treeline. I’m one of them. Garena at least makes an effort to acknowledge TT players. Unlike Riot who ignores them. We all know how popular the SoloMid First Blood 1v1 tournaments were, but these were incredibly hard to manage; but Garena still runs their Last Man Standing / Solo Kings tournaments despite this.

Closer interaction with teams and fans

Both KLH and SGS are encouraged to run events co promoted by Garena. I don’t see Riot promoting  the TSM Invitational. KLH and SGS also run custom games with fans which are also promoted by Garena. Also Djehuty is the best damn commentator there ever was.

Participation Rewards

Play at least one ranked or normal game, get an Apple. Apples are traded in to Tristana for prizes.
















With all their fame and money, Riot games forgot how to run events. Yes, we have our little Snowdown icons which promote gifting and special skins we can purchase; but what ever happened to free fun? It doesn’t always have to be about milking us for more money Riot. Sometimes you gotta give a little back, ya know?

Garena.LoL: Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to give back to the society. Garena LoL team will be hosting a mini party for the residents at Thye Hua Kwan Home for Disabled at Eunos. It would be great for any volunteers to join in the fun as well :) After that, the team will move to Garena Stadium for a fund raising Lan party where players will stand a chance to win IP boost and Christmas skins.


God damn it, they put you to shame Riot.

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  • Benjen

    Philippine garena.LoL sucks balls. The number of Philippine players is extremely high yet those retarded garena employees in charge of the server don’t know how to properly manage their game. They just sit in their desk chairs all day and put a few champs on sale every now and then. They just think of increasing their profit and not give a fuck about their players. Even their preseason changes webpage is a complete ripoff of the one LoL Eu made. They should learn from the other SEA garena.LoL servers. Bunch of retards.

  • ToeKnee

    The Philippine Garena.LoL server doesn’t reap the same benefits as some of the other servers Garena covers. We get events every now and then for free skins and some sales but nothing like any of these events.

  • martin

    but…but… the 21st is the day the world ends…

  • StarK

    dat last sentence was beast