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Team Solomid to Become “TSM Snapdragon” and Get Their Own CBS Show

February 7th, 2013 Leave a comment


Solomid has a new partnership with Qualcomm and CBS. They will appear in a streamed show called GameCrib, which is set to begin February 20th. This is obviously a huge move for the company and makes solomid the first of the LoL-specific orgs to land a “lifestyle” sponsor. It is a sign of the value that companies not historically involved in eSports are setting on the League of Legends scene. The future is bright for pros and TSM Snapdragon is leading the charge.

Read the full article about GameCrib here.

- Jaszon ‘Lightblind’ Alexzander – @Ravus

Retraction: The CBS show will -not- be on TV. There was a miscommunication. It will be streamed instead.

  • Bungo

    LOL. I wish someone could’ve taken your bet just to see your reaction…

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  • boss
  • Artog

    What’s the website most people go for a build? Mobafire.

  • Scarecrow

    They just can’t handle the best team.

  • tsmtsmtsmtsm


  • Crash


    Hotshot is the worst top laner I have ever seen, he’s a “has been.” The whole reason they win is because of Doublelift and Chauster. Doublelift is one of the best AD’s I have ever seen, and Chauster in the Jungle callin shots is just awesome.

  • Crash

    I think they should put something like this on TV. It has to be better then the crap they air on CBS anyway.

  • Imetysaw

    Erh.. I know that TSM isn’t as good anymore, but I just like them for their nonchalant way of playing. Also hotshot got wrecked in lane, he did not easily survive. On top of that, playing without runes is one of the worst excuses they could possibly come up with. As well he did not stomp the everyone, it is just that Malp in late is a pain in the butt, no matter how terribly he screws up his lane. It’s that the rest of the team that managed to clean TSM up because of that tryhard flash-ult play from Regi and bad positioning of Chaox.

  • GG sucks


    ScrubshotGG got carried in that game. And in pretty much every game CLG plays. There are four exceptional players on CLG, and he is not one of them. He has lost his lane in all three games so far.

  • daitoshokan

    I don’t really care if they’re good or not, they’re my favorite team. Cubs fans still like the Cubbies, even if they haven’t won a series in 100+ years. I like their personalities and how they play. Which is why this announcement concerns me. I am concerned this TV show contract will start stipulating that they can’t do their daily vlogs and other fun lifestyle videos because they are contracted to do so exclusively for the show.

  • MrSynir

    Hey. Bro. Who stomped TSM yesterday? Pretty sure it was CLG, hey who was that guy who played with no runes and still stomped TSM, and survived his counter lane.

  • uhh

    That’s hilarious, considering TSM did way better than FailshotFF during S2.
    You CLG fapboys are hilarious.

  • uhh

    Because you’re nothing pomp and thrashtalk.

  • http://www.doubleshit.com Doublelift

    why not CLG? -.-

  • http://brucelleee.com FUCKDAMME

    Nice, getting the worst team …

  • people please.

    @Garrett Kudrna
    also, if u even bothered to read my statement correctly, u’d realise the facts i have stated do not agree with the current situation given, that is tsm on CBS show. please look at what i typed, then scroll down to the comments, then back to what i typed. u’d realise u look like a retard trying to correct me.

  • people please.

    @Garrett Kudrna
    well i dont know why u think my comment is intended to frame tsm as sell outs. im not saying they’re sell outs. im merely pointing out that people use sell outs incorrectly. tsm didnt ignore their fanbase nor did they change what kind of games they play. they merely accepted a money making offer and all of a sudden people think tsm are the biggest sell outs of 2013

  • John

    i love dumbasses@Johnny Depp

  • Cypher

    esportsfinallyontvforthefirstimelol. Guess no ones been around long enough to remember MLG when it came on the channel USA or on ESPN?

  • Garrett Kudrna

    @people please.

    Why would you not sell out >.> they are still playing and doing everything they normally do, just now they will be on TV and they changed their name. If I came up to you and offered you the FIRST IN THE WORLD IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA TO PLAY THE FIRST E SPORT ON NATIONAL TELEVISION WHICH COMPLETELY MAKES THE HISTORY BOOKS, ALSO WELL PAY YOU LOTS OF MONEY JUST ADD SNAPDRAGON TO THE END OF YOUR NAME. You would say no? League of legends played on national television the first ever in the united states of america, and you would not take that opportunity?? They are DOING IT for us, the fans. They are doing it to evolve E-sports to its highest potential. This is absolutly amazing new and all you can spit out is some ignorant absolutely stubborn “THEY ADDED A WORD TO THEIR NAME, SELLOUTS, SELLOUTS!!” You sound like a clown.

  • people please.

    Sell out:
    A word that would be useful if stupid poseurs didn’t use it all the time.
    Proper usage:
    That band alienated their fan base and changed their style according to what the record company wants, that means they’re sellouts.

    Improper Usage:

    Thanks urban dictionary!

  • Jinkese

    sellout please.. They are buying in. Tell me any of those people calling them sellouts wouldn’t take a bunch of extra cash just to do what they do anyway.

  • Derp

    @Johnny Depp
    how dare they want to make more money, what assholes.

  • Johnny Depp

    TSM are a bunch of fucking sellout cunts.

  • blazee

    its true though, solomid has done alot for lol. while i wont go as far as 95 percent a great deal of the lol community uses it. It is a great base for streams and guides. let me guess u use mobafire? @Ian Ko

  • aye

    After this qualifiers TSM will be known as punching bag of lol scene..

  • Ian Ko

    Ben your obviously someone riding on TSM’s ****, cause even though people are hating you ignorantly say that 95(!?!?!!?) % of people use Solomid.net? no not true at all you saying shit like that makes you just like the people that are making shit up to make other teams look bad

  • Wynks

    When you guys edit your articles, you should probably mention that you made a mistake instead of stealth editing, so when people notice and post it on the league reddit (Like Travis from State of the League just did), you guys don’t look like jackasses.

  • Christoph Wagner

    Just as FYI: TSM the org is not exactly the same as TSM the team.

  • LordDude

    So their streaming TSM daily lives? I’m so confused but more TSM is good.

  • MagicBeard

    OH NO ERSPORTS IS GETTING MAIN STREAM WHAT SELLOUTS. Go back to brroklyn and drink your PRB I bet theres an ironic scarf waiting for you.

  • Willis

    TSM starting to sell their soul. GG.

  • Broho

    This is going to be a web streamed show, correct?

    It’s not going to appear on cable television on a television channel from what I read..?

    So it’s just a gamespot/twitch stream show sponsored by Qalcomm.

    Nice, but not what i consider television…

  • Delnoir

    Slap whatever the hell you want on the end of the name but I’m still just going to call them Team Solomid.

  • Trk


    Uh, most people go to twitch for streams. Its the stream site afterall.

  • Ben

    You guys bad mouthing TSM seem to forget all the things they have done for LoL. What is the website 95% of people go to for a guide? Solomid. What is the website everyone goes to for streams? Solomid. These guys are awesome and they actually care about the community. I went to MLG Dallas and all of them were standing around in the open just waiting for people to sign autographs or take pics. While most of the other pros were hiding in a corner. They are entertaining and that’s all you can ask out of them. They are cool dudes and their streams teach me things and make me laugh. They don’t owe anything to me or you.

  • eNQo


    never mind…. xD I was the one reading it wrong… ups ^^

  • eNQo

    the funniest thing is, that in the whole article they say “programming” instead of “pro gaming” xD
    someone who doesn’t actually knows what this is about they’ll be like “what the… a web show about online sport programming ??”

  • Andrew


    Please read the whole article before making assumptions about what it will be like.
    #1 community NA….

  • John

    Teams don’t live by charity they have to make money and sponsors are a big deal

  • http://reddit.com Lol


    Yes progaming is moving forward when we get a jersey shore gaming house tv show. ONWARD!

  • Richard

    @Vympel Knight
    a show about just dyrus would be watched by billions

  • Carlos

    How are they sellouts, if they’re already receiving major sponsorship from other companies and brands? And to those who see a dichotomy between playing well and winning money, isn’t professional sports proof that (most of the time) the teams who cash in and invest more money rank at top tier and have the best performances? If we wish that e-sports become a recognizable and legitimate competetive activity, this is the way our system has of doing it. If this venture is a success, then e-sports will (at least start to) become more popular and other teams and personalities will emerge into the general public’s mind. My best wishes for TSM.

  • Andrew

    The only people commenting are butthurt CLG and Curse fans. Just be happy for the direction the sport is going and support the team because they deserve it.

  • aye

    Im so fcking disapointed..these guys not worried anymore, all they care about is money. and i can bet that they wont be in S3 finals..

  • aye


    TSM is not even to 5 in NA

  • oldlol

    People should realize not every team takes the game the same way. TSM have rich personalities, and many of them have many things in their lifes beside the game (business, girlfriends, having fun, etc).

    Some teams practice 15×6/7, and are more consistent for a reason.

    Go TSM! and don’t become evil now that you’re in the show business, stay true!

  • Synirgy

    This is what happens when a team that was Pretty Good, gets a taste of fame. They start doing it for the money and become a shitty team in tournaments. People might think they’re good because of there fanbase but 3-4th best in NA.

  • justin

    lols…The product is cpu’s for phones…

  • Vympel Knight

    Yeah, but TSM are showmen. They would at least make it look entertaining xD

  • Bjarke S


    However they are the most popular team with the biggest fanbase.

  • Jason

    I don’t think CBS will enjoy their partnership once they realize TSM is probably the weakest “established” LoL team going into Season 3.

  • fanboy


  • bertram

    Jacob :
    People need to realize that they will become either “TSM.SnapDragonReginald” or “TSM.Reginald.SnapDragon” because they will be the TITLE sponsor which is why they have to take their name as a title (Snapdrag is the name of a Qualcomm product)

    Or TSM.SD like with Fnatic.RC

  • Jacob

    People need to realize that they will become either “TSM.SnapDragonReginald” or “TSM.Reginald.SnapDragon” because they will be the TITLE sponsor which is why they have to take their name as a title (Snapdrag is the name of a Qualcomm product)

  • garrero

    lol thesmallone :c

  • tguns

    Yeah the name has got to go… Snapdragon, really?? That is pretty lame. But seeing you guys on tv will be pretty cool I suppose. Congrats nonetheless.

  • Vobz

    Qualcomm is a processor manufacturer and Snappdragon is their popular chip that is in many of our phones and tablets.

  • Lamill

    It’s because Theoddone has a small one :(

  • Sckep

    For those that don’t know, Snapdragon is the name of a Qualcomm product, hence the TSM Snapdragon.

  • Juicey

    More like Team Sellout Mid.

  • Josh

    Were they assigned the name “Snapdragon”? because it is potentially the worst name I have ever heard. Why couldn’t they just be TSM?

    • https://twitter.com/Ravus Lightblind

      It’s snapdragon due to this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qualcomm_Snapdragon – it’s a branding thing. Also it won’t be on TV, I was misinformed :3 It will be streamed only. Kinda weird that CBS wanted it but don’t want to put it on TV but nevermind. Makes some sense I suppose since the fanbase is all used to streaming.

  • Will Richter

    Wow, I don’t know if I like the name change, but it will be cool to see them on T.V. Despite the lack of T.V. that I actually watch.

  • Wynks

    So what’s the TSM B team going to be? TSM Cuddlefish?