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That Old Blue Side Advantage – The Facts

January 11th, 2013 Leave a comment

What Is Blue Side Advantage?
The Blue Side Advantage is the belief that being on the blue side equates to a statistical advantage in-game.  In easier terms, Blue Side offers an edge that allows for a slight advantage to help win a game.

Tom ‘Zileas” Cadwell of Riot Gaming had this to say:
“The advantage is there, but is slight.  We actually think this is more related to map geometry and objective placement than it is to screen angle.  The actual amount of the advantage is quite small.
We are making some minor tweaks to adjust for this in season 3.  However, right now, matchmaking correctly auto-adjusts for this in how it distributes elo and so forth.”

What Zileas means here is that the Purple Team will have slightly higher Elo players assigned to it to help compensate for this “imbalance”.  However, according to figures put out by Riot, Blue Side still wins 52% of the time. While this may seem negligible, consider that this still represents thousands of games.

Blue Side is stronger, because the meta-game makes it so.


1) The Double Golem Advantage.

It may not seem like much, but going into the lane a half level ahead of your opponent allows for earlier exchanges and more one-sided trades. Also, if the Purple Team should manage to freeze the lane, you can always hit up the Golems to continue to farm.

2) Roaming Mid.

If the Purple Team should over-push, Mid can easily come down to gank, kill them and return to lane. The enemy Mid cannot roam as easily since the Blue Mid can travel through the Jungle quickly. The Purple side cannot reach bottom lane without walking through ward coverage. There are more angles and paths for the Blue Team to gank bottom.

3) Jungler Disadvantage.

The path of the enemy jungler attempting to gank Blue Bottom is easy enough to predict, and almost all of those paths will be warded- unless the jungler takes the long way around and loses additional farm. If the jungler is going to camp bottom, the longer he is there, the weaker his team-mates become. If the Blue Team avoids dying to the gank, that valuable laning experience is now being split three ways, while the Blue Duo are still receiving 60% experience and leveling up twice as fast.

4) The Blue side has superior access to Dragon.

Because the majority of the Blue Team’s Jungle Creeps are located towards the bottom of the map, versus the Purple Team’s being mostly located on top, there will almost always be a numerical advantage for team fights at Dragon. However if Dragon is not attempted, Purple Team’s Jungler may lose valuable gold and experience by hovering to possibly contest a Dragon attempt, whereas Blue Side’s Jungler is not punished as much. Stealing Dragon also favors the Blue Team because the person attempting to steal will often be protected by lack of vision/walls.

5) Tower Diving.

As previously mentioned, Blue team has a numerical advantage in terms of how many people can be on bottom lane, and how quickly they can get there. This allows the Blue team to tower dive, go in 4v2 and completely decimate the enemy. This is also true for Defense on Bottom Lane: Blue will almost always have somebody nearby to assist.


Blue Side is stronger when it’s Mid can freely roam and help gank, and so long as Purple adheres to the current meta, which allows for the Blue Side to end the laning phase with a noticeably larger Gold Pool than the Purple Side.

Current ways to negate this are to send the Carry/Support Top or just focus entirely on snowballing the top lane, while stalling on bottom.
But that’s an article for next week.

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  • Listren

    I just realized i’ve lost 3 ranked games in the last 8 ranked games. All of my losses were bottom lane, in purple team. -.-“

  • Someshta Hater


    It’s 4% advantage you silly hat.

  • Someshta

    Glad to see you aren’t just another cog in the machine coxy. Fight the man, and keep on bringin’ us the hard truths.

    I’ve seen that tower dive advantage come into play many times. That purple tribush makes multi-man ganks very easy, and the geometrical advantage is hardly reciprocated. The inverted symmetry puts that brush behind the blue top lane tower which is an almost useless spot for early ganks.

    Having said that though, it does come to mind that late game, with outer turrets down, it is easier to chase kills or punish players out of place in the top blue lane than it is on the bottom purple lane…but I guess that’s why its only a 2% win advantage.

  • Gelato

    Personally, as a support player who prefers to play on lock camera to keep track of myself in large fights, I find that when on purple I can’t see much below me, so when at my tower I can’t see the enemies while they poke. Although this is easily fixed by using unlocked camera, which I have been adjusting to recently, it could be a bother to players with lower skill levels who use locked camera. Just thought I should share, thank you:)

  • Frank Sinatra

    “The biggest block to our group stage was getting rolled into 3 purple side matches.” – Chauster