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Tribunal Cases of the Weak – Vol 15

March 12th, 2013 Leave a comment

Welcome to Tribunal Cases of the Weak. Every week you’ll get the best/weirdest/worst Tribunal cases. As always, purple text is the accused, green text is the team-mates, and red is the opponents. The title of each case is a link to the full Tribunal case, but don’t click through unless you’re ready for NSFW language. Unsure of what the Tribunal is or how it works? Read Riot’s FAQ.


Case #5: The Cobbler submitted by AmudielWW

Another submission by AmudielWW, who sent in one last week as well.  In this case, Dr. Mundo has developed a shoe fetish.


Intentionally feeding and spending all the money on shoes, he really is the Madman of Zaun.  There isn’t much of an explanation in the chat, other than:


Mundo goes where he pleases, but apparently this Mundo needs six boots to get there.

PunishTime Ban



Case #4: The Recidivist

Another intentional feeder here.  In this case, there are two games in the report and both are bad:


And the explanation in this case is one of the worst:


You can understand why Riot is trying to find solutions other than banning people, because players like this just troll on their smurfs while their main is banned.




 Case #3: The Teacher

This type of troll is typified by his self-righteous attitude.  It’s not his fault he is feeding or playing badly, it’s your fault.  In this case, the player fed in two games to the tune of:


And in both games he was going to teach them a lesson.  In Game 1, it was for “slandering” him early on.  In Game 2, it was for not surrendering when it was clear the game was over.  In both cases, he tried to show them who’s boss.




 Case #2: The Rager

Reading the Tribunal, you can sometimes see exactly when players hit their breaking point.  Some hit it and pull back, uttering just a line or two.  Some hit it and lose all control, like this guy:


Don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel…




Case #1: Worst Troll of the Week

This player left decency behind a long time ago it seems.  In all five games he displayed a terrible attitude and attacked his teammates mercilessly, saying things like:


And like:


And even:


And there’s more:


Five games in this case; probably countless games in total.  This player is deservedly on the way to a permban, but for now:

PunishTime Ban




The permaban this week is a very unusual case.  The ban comes from ARAMs on the Proving Grounds.  It’s a pretty subtle form of trolling, but it becomes clear in context.  Here is the scorecard from one of the games:


He only participated in two of the team’s 45 kills, and they were just assists.  How is that possible?


His team went on to win, despite this player just staying in the fountain and ulting whenever it was off cooldown or joining the fights late so that he can get kill steals.  Even in an ARAM, it is possible to get banned.



That’s all for this week! We’ll be back next week with another round of Tribunal Cases of the Weak.

Have a case you think should be included? Send your submissions to tribunalcasesoftheweak@gmail.com. Be sure to include the case number and region, your summoner name, and explain what makes it interesting.
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  • datbeardedgamer

    my guess he probly had a lot of previous offenses. this was just a final straw. @Lolriot?

  • Lolriot?

    How can you premaban someone for anything else than cheating? That is just bullshit…

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  • Jushak

    So many people with no reading comprehension in these comments…

    The Karthus got permabanned because the account has already had several warnings & timed bans. He didn’t get permabanned based on one match: he got permabanned for repeatedly hitting the tribunal and consistently keeping up toxic behaviour. The Karthus game was simply the latest straw in a big pile.

  • Manu.da

    >>His team went on to win, despite this player just staying in the fountain and ulting whenever it was off cooldown or joining the fights late so that he can get kill steals. Even in an ARAM, it is possible to get banned.

    But he got no kills and only 2 assisits. How could he do what you desribed. He didnt even die. Fail reporting.

  • Nigga69

    dats y ur a fag@charles

  • Nigga69

    permabans aren’t based on how toxic you are, theyre based on how many times that person got banned. so if this guy got a perbanned, that means he had a warning, and quite a few time bans before too.

    “get them low so i can ks”

    that would just fucking tick me off, i know he was trolling but i fucking hate people like that.

  • Zeroskillx

    The tribunal is kinda fucked up : /

  • Zeroskillx

    Ok I would understand giving the karthus a warning for trolling once in an aram. But a permaban? If, like someone said, his match history showed normal games where he played and worked with his team why would you permaban him over the many people who troll . intentionally feed regularly or five times or so in a row?? It’s just a little messed up in my opinion.

  • james

    perma ban for trolling in an aram game? commmonnnn fking bullshit its not like he was harrassing others or being a dick, he just decided to play R to win. his team won, and that could have been very different if not for the karthus ults, so that ban is bogus

  • Nigga69


  • SilviuThe

    You are exactly the kind of guy who ruins everyone else’s fun then acts all hurt if it happens to you. Try some single player games.

  • Math o.O

    Exactly 55. Just add the kills o.o

  • http://geekorner.wordpress.com Guy

    Looking at Caitlyn’s KDA, his team had at least 50 kills ;)

  • sindbadts

    This is not his history he is karthus and the rest is his team so the question here was wtf was he doing with 0/0/2 when there was more then 30 kills his team made :P


    PLs give all these people perma bans. These people take away everything from the game.. Warning?? Why?? At least ban them for 1 week. Second time PERMA ban.


  • MT298

    So pretty much he got permabanned for playing the way he wanted to and not the way everyone else wanted him to….. So moral of the story be your teamates bitch or you get permabanned. OK RIOT….. Look at his history, he is a good player and those other games he obvi worked with his team. So you telling us you cant have fun doing what you want unless its a part of the meta or what your teamates want. It was a custam aram.. like i feel like you are being children here, you perma ban this guy when he was just playing A GAME FOR FUN!!!!!!!!!

  • Scott

    Big difference between having fun and ruining the game for everyone else. If I’m going to do something that I define as “fun” then I usually check with me team if it is okay so I don’t mess up there enjoyment of the game. If they prefer that I don’t do it then I usually don’t. An easy way to avoid something like this is to play with a bunch of friends. When I’m with friends we usually do stuff to make the game more interesting like bot goes mid mid goes top and top goes bot with all teleports to mess around with the other team or we usually just all grab 5 ap champs and burst everyone down. However, when you are ruining the game for everyone else you are usually purposely do it or just are too stubborn to change what you want t do to the point where your team is paying the price. I personally have done this a few times when I was still new to the game but I have matured to the point where I usually don’t do the most outrageous things without asking my team if its okay.

    tl;dr- Try seeing if something is okay with your team before you do it and make sure your not ruining their match experience in order to make yours better.

    P.S.- Pretty sure half the shit I typed up there didn’t make sense but meh.

  • Intervigilium

    So do you find fun if your team in counterstrike keeps buying dual berettas and stays hidden behind a door for 20 to 45 minutes, not helping you at all? This is a team game, and doing something you think it’s fun while ruining other 9 people’s game is ban worthy imo.@J kroz

  • Hia

    @J kroz

    Ignore the part where that one person “having fun” is impacting 9 other people’s game.

  • J kroz

    I feel banning for having fun while in a game is unnecessary. The shoe thing is awesome and doesn’t deserved to be punished because it’s a game. As the permaban was for again a non ranked how can you justify punishing someone for doing what the nature of a game is? I feel this is a ban that needs to be reversed and put for a kind please don’t do that again.

    Riot in my opinion players with ass ‘tude need to be slain not the ones having fun in a non ranked game. Sure it’s funny to say you banned someone but look at it from the definition point of a game. And you’ll see that those involved are in their rights as they are doing what the game was intended for.

  • Thor (thats ma name yes)

    This is ridiculous it really is, not once have i ever trolled, but i did very good almost every game and got reported for hacking because i was helping noob friends lvl. So apparently, since i am doing well in a mtach helping friends i deserve a permaban’d. The account was Lost Luggage, I am Thor, and the tribunal is wack trash.

  • Ilolwhenyouspellretardedincorrectly

    MEGAME :
    damn riot is fucking retarted

    Oh the irony of you not being able to spell retarded correctly.

  • kemper0143

    Okay, it might be not that clear yet:

    You don’t get permabanned for just one game. You have to get banned alround 4-6 times to even risk it. So there is NO doubt about the fact that this Karthus deserves his perma.
    And how hard you get punished depends in most cases not on what you did, but how often you did it. The steps are 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, Pema, if I am mit mistaken. So stop flaming the Tribunal or Riot about “Wtf, XXX got perma for trolling one game and YYY got only warned” If some got perma he did something very terrible (like DDOS) or he was banned multiple times and still didn’t change is behavior. So EVERY perma ban is deserved, noone gets banned 5 times by a mistake. Get over it.
    And for the record: It doesn’t matter whether it is a Ranked, a Normal (Blind or Draft) or a Custom Game. Everytime you ruine someones game with bad behavior (trolling, afking, flaming, etc.) you deserve a punishment. As you said: It’s a game and should be fun. But this fun should not cost the fun of the other members. If u are trolling, even in Customs, it’s maybe funny for you, but for the others it’s just unfair. And even in a game you have rules to follow. In this case the Summoner Code, which clearly forbids that kind of behavior.

    I hope some of you will finally understand that… I hope the Community will learn that soon. You don’t need to risk loose your account because of toxic or unfair behavior. You can have fun without flaming, blaming, trolling of afking. Play nice and keep your cool and you will see: Games are a lot more fun and entertaining than they were before. Hope I reach some of you guys out there

    Let’s meet on the fields of justice, but in fair and exemplary kind =)



  • Slurrpalicios

    All of you people raging about the permabans being undeserved need to get your facts straight. they only posted ONE of his trolled games on this page. Look into his file, he did it several times. Riot does not BAN people for stupid reasons. He obviously has gotten reported before and had his warnings and 2 day ban period. Stop being stupid and get your facts straight. and custom games are just as important as ranked. He is still screwing up the game for other people. A troll is a troll. QQ less please.


    damn riot is fucking retarted

  • Eshua


    You should probably check the rest of the report, you do realize you can go further in and see that he did this in 4 other games xD

    Not trying to justify anything but you should really look more into it and actually check the full report before making comments like this.

  • MacIsaac

    Karthus gets banned for trolling in 1 aram game where he can relax and just fool around. Meanwhile Viktor is intentionally trying to be banned on an alt account because his main account already has a ban and he gets a slap on the wrist? It doesnt make sense

  • megapix

    permaban 100% deserved, if you want to troll play with your friends and ruin their games don’t join aram with 9 random people to troll and expect them to not report your a**

    deal with it.

  • charles

    The way riot handles problems only breeds trolls, not eliminate them. I can sympathize with most ragers, theres a lot of garbage they expect you to put up with in game, and being helpful doesn’t always stop people from playing like morons.
    There’s a mute button, use it…

  • charles

    Lol, some of the bans ive had have been garbage. But I wholly agree, the karthus ban IN A CUSTOM GAME is complete bs. I’ve been trolled by friends and never reported them. And I am quite frankly tired if getting reported by trolls for verbally abusing them, there is a mute button, theres not a “this deep is feeding so keep him at nexus” button. Maybe riot should make a way to kick derps in pre game lobby by majority vote, also i think pre/post game chat should be included in the report, as well as damage done and other stats.

  • noneofyourbusiness

    @JackFrost ikr. also the guy clearly was being a douche. even his enemies reported him and they definitely pointed out he did little to minimal to help the team out. noone likes a troll.

  • JackFrost

    The “other 4 games” are actually his teammates from that 1 game. You don’t get permabanned for 1 game either, that’s not how the system works. He’d have to have been punished for a multitude of times to even risk being banned.

  • noneofyourbusiness

    why are you guys so upset karth got perma banned in a custom game? when you suck the fun out of 9 other people who are trying to enjoy the game and maybe also win, you deserve a ban.

    also, if he got perma banned this time it means he probably had many other warnings and time bans before it got to the perma ban, so he’s a repeat offender. you guys need to get your facts straight before you get pissed off. if he was in your ranked game and sat in fountain, you’d be hella pissed.

  • http://newsoflegends.com wtfthesepermabans

    This is such a fucking joke. every permaban is undeserved. that karthus did that in ONE GAME. ONE FUCKING 20 MINS ARAM GAME, AND HE GOT PERMABANNED. The other 4 games you can tell be played really well, is it really necessary?

  • Litius

    Like lsat weak i can just say wtf is that for a perma ban?!!?!??!?!??
    he troll one aram game wow,who never troll a normal or aram but he seams to be a good player so let him the fun and permaban the noobs above….

  • areyoukiddingme

    germanplayer :
    i swear, if i ever get the chance to find out, who edited my case for my permabann, i was banned 2-times for pussy reasons, tribunal by users etc.
    If i ever find out who hitted the Ban buttton, i will search and hunt him and stabb this piece of worthless shit down till hes bleeding out, i wont let him die that easy, i will banhammer one after one all fingers these bastards feel so mighty behind the pc

    and then you wonder why you were banned -.-

  • evertgtr

    As usual , what a fucking joke.

  • dust

    Also, I’m not sure why any of you are freaking out about how X deserves a perma ban and the other doesn’t, it’s not like only 2 people can be perma-banned every day. Everyone follows their own path to perma-ban,, the other 5 are all on their way to being perma-banned if they don’t change their ways.

  • dust

    I don’t get why you guys would be ok with someone being a tool in one game mode but not another. I play mostly ARAM these days, and I probably report someone in ~30% of the games at least. If you act like someone who needs to be reported, you will be.

    Also, Xenocidist, you’re an idiot.

  • CC-2224

    @The Xenocidist
    I guess there’s more to it than we know, I mean obviously he wasn’t premade as his teammates reported him aswell.

  • CC-2224


    germanplayer :
    i swear, if i ever get the chance to find out, who edited my case for my permabann, i was banned 2-times for pussy reasons, tribunal by users etc.
    If i ever find out who hitted the Ban buttton, i will search and hunt him and stabb this piece of worthless shit down till hes bleeding out, i wont let him die that easy, i will banhammer one after one all fingers these bastards feel so mighty behind the pc

    And he wonders why he’s been banned. This however goes beyond the game, it’s a death threat. How come we have people like that in the Fields of Justice ?

  • Uber Sauce

    I can’t believe that Karthus got perma-banned. The rager gets time ban and the ARAM Karthus get’s perma’d. GG Karthus NO RE

    Lots of love <3,

  • Artaeos

    You DO realize that all cases for perma-bans are reviewed by Riot themselves, right? Which means Riot thought you should be banned for good, not just other summoners.

    Judging by your response I have to say it was a good decision. Also threatening someone’s life, even on the internet can still land you in a world of trouble with the law.\


  • http://yahoo.com CORRECTGUY

    You would get pretty mad too if you got banned for aram games lol. According to this article, he didn’t even say anything offensive or do this repeatedly on a day to day basis. Who wouldn’t get mad? @Duskaga

  • http://yahoo.com CORRECTGUY

    There was no point in perma banning that karthus if he trolls only those proving ground games. Wth Riot are you serious? You can get banned for doing anything in this game. ARAMS dont mean crap. That karthus spawn thing he probably tried to copy from youtube. Im not even that karthus guy and I feel bad for him, unless you guys aren’t showing all the reasons why he should be banned? No proof of repeated offense? He probably played for years and then one day troll like 5 games and get permabanned holy shit.

  • The Xenocidist

    Honestly the Tribunal is fucked up. That karthus was a fucking boss. I totally would do that as well. Iits just a ARAM and hes having a good time. He was probably having a good time with friends, as one typically does ARAM with premade. They wouldn’t mind, it was a good laugh. They won anyway, so the tribunal is banning ppl for trying new strategies in a noncompetitive and relaxed environment.

  • Duskaga

    germanplayer :
    i swear, if i ever get the chance to find out, who edited my case for my permabann, i was banned 2-times for pussy reasons, tribunal by users etc.
    If i ever find out who hitted the Ban buttton, i will search and hunt him and stabb this piece of worthless shit down till hes bleeding out, i wont let him die that easy, i will banhammer one after one all fingers these bastards feel so mighty behind the pc

    Wonder how this guy got banned?

  • germanplayer

    i swear, if i ever get the chance to find out, who edited my case for my permabann, i was banned 2-times for pussy reasons, tribunal by users etc.

    If i ever find out who hitted the Ban buttton, i will search and hunt him and stabb this piece of worthless shit down till hes bleeding out, i wont let him die that easy, i will banhammer one after one all fingers these bastards feel so mighty behind the pc

  • Ryeahn

    @eimerpls After getting an education is seen as cooler than leeching off of society… Because, just remember, when insulting someone, improper grammar makes it all the more emotionally scarring.

  • OmgGGWP


    U say the game will die without trolls? Are un mental? Retarded or just an idiot? Trolls are scum, people who just want to ruin others’ fun. They dont deserve to play the game.

  • Pierresin1er

    So, the tribunal is unfaire, this cases are just bullshit like all the case before and the cases to come. If you pay attention to the summunors code a lot of people must not be banned. Should you bad a blitz that goes top with a pantheon and is letting the carry solo? Yes? Why? Cause it’s not meta? But is the meta in the summoners code? No!
    And what the fu*** is that permaban? Rly? Is that what “players” do? Permaban a guy for, in this case, what trolled game?
    People are crazy, the same stupid guys that rage, flame, insult and shiit juge other people just to get them banned.
    I lost faith in humanity…. You people are dumb as f***.

  • Masochist

    Because permabans are warranted after many instances of being reported and getting punished for it. Or for doing something extreme(Like glitch abusing or hacking).

    You’re an idiot if you think you can get a permaban for being a raging moron in one single game.

  • Shandalarian

    So what? Now whenever you join a normal blind, or a normal draft you have to play for meta? I am allowed to try champs, try gears and enjoy myself while playing. I’m not obligated because 4 ppl instalocked to play support in fear of a report. These players are the ones who should be under gunsight for trying to obligate you to play a char you don’t want to, and usually start flaming and insulting, to then come up with cover stories and spam reports.
    Like I keep telling people, it’s a game, you’re supposed to have fun, not go all Fidel Castro on your team as if only you are entitled to enjoy the game.
    I honestly agree it’s much more important to solve the problems with trolls in ranked than it is in normal; however, toxic players do need to be removed from whichever gaming format they are playing.

  • OmgGGWP


    Reading ur comment it seems u deserve ur ban. Chats dont lie. Neither do stats. U probably are a troll and u seem to be the insulting and flaming kind. Nobody likes to lose in a game, normal or ranked. ENJOY UR BANS…u’ll probably get more…

  • MysticBlaze

    Why is it that all of the permabans are some petty stuff, and the ones that got warnings only are those that are most toxic and causes most harm to the community O_O

  • Ricki17

    Make a permban off case 2 that guy dienst deserve it tot play games like LoL or other MOBA games permban realy a permban

  • eimerpls

    when will ppl learn the difference between your and youre

  • Meewec

    riot should just flag accounts that are in ban periods so they can only play with other flagged accounts along with the can’t make a new account thing.

  • Sweetnowz


    Meny of my friends are only playing normals, so i think you should be treated the same if it is ranked or not

  • zarbon ak


    this guy has no idea how anything works. You can’t make up the chat log. It says it all right there. If some one says the player said something you can easily look it up. If it doesn’t say it in the chat box, the player isn’t punished. Just by your attitude in one post I can tell you prob deserved your ban. If your just going to try to make everyone’s experience a bad one from here on out. Enjoy your next ban sir.

  • Myko

    @sanguedorul seems legit

  • sanguedorule

    your all retarded morons, if the game doesn´t have trolls or flammers the game will die, yes there are som cases where its too much… I say, in with the competitiveness and out with noobs…. NORMALS AND ARAMS WHO THE FUK CARES? take care of problems in RANKED MATCHES, every offense in a ranked match should be made in to a ban right there, rankeds arent for pussys or a place for feeder noobs. And btw i have been banned without a solid reason 2 times. People just make up lies in the texts they send to tribunals and along the chat, i had a feeder GP turn my hole team against me as VI jungler, in 7 minutes i ganked mid and bot and got 4 kills for my self and feeded apc and adc, GP died in 7 minutes 6 times says its my fault everyone believes him and i get banned GOOD JOB TRIBUNAL, after i say get a ward after he died first time but no he just tower dived level 3 to a level 6 jax wtvr… FIX THE DAM BUGS ON TRIBUNAL SO INOCENT PLAYERS DONT GET FUKED IN THE ASS LIKE ME

    untill then im just reporting and making up lies all day long, just say one bad thing agains me and count with a report and a nice text to the tribunal, yeah im going to fuke up as much people as i possible can, JUSTICE FOR ALL BITCHESS

    —-this is the truth about the tribunal—–

  • Oranjecrush

    Funny thing is, My friend is just as bad as these guys LOL

  • A

    You can get banned for behaviour in custom games?

    …I’m way more than fine with that. Also, read the actual cases before you rage, people. Two of his reported games were on SR. Not that it matters, that was a deserved ban – and since it was a perma he was a multiple-repeat offender so hey, good job Riot.

    Also, here’s an idea for a punishment… taking away XP and IP. Dropping someone from level 30 to 20 and resetting all their rune and mastery pages, coupled with giving them -5000 IP (even if it takes them below 0)? That sounds like a solid punishment measure that can’t just be waited out on a smurf.

  • FaceTankAllDay

    not deserved? what the hell.. even on proving ground game u still
    waste the time of 9 OTHER PEOPLE..

    I wish people wouldnt be so damn selfish

    ”i don’t care its smurf/I don’t care its only normal”


  • zarbon ak

    i believe they all got what they deserved. but like the article says they just create a smurf and more trolling begins. Can’t we block the whole IP or something so they can not play the the game at all for the time amount?

  • Snowglare

    I’m glad to see that Riot is swinging the ban/permaban stick strong at ANY form of trolling.

    It’s been a long time coming, and it sends out a good message; no harassment or trolling, however slight and dispite whichever map is on, won’t be tolerated.

    That game was probably the last straw for a man who was on his final warning… maybe he didn’t think just fountain sitting in a ARAM would count? WRONG!

  • K1NG13LOOD

    Well they need to show the scores for the games he got reported for and not those scores were he didnt troll and played good obviously. If you click on PERMABAN OF THE WEEK you see for what games he got reported for still just a little troll nothing i wouldnt be able to carry

  • jwdawg37

    click the link to it all 5 of his reports are from him afking he is underleveled in all 5 games and the chat logs of him he deserved it .

  • jwdawg37

    perma ban well deserved.

  • tomepajk

    Permaban for a proving grounds game?


  • goddamit

    Goddamit!!??? another bull***t permaban? i mean what is riot thingking i believe that the first ones deservera permaban than a karthus trolling in a custom game… not even ranked ffs.