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TSM Keith Tryout

June 22nd, 2015 Leave a comment

We are announcing a brief tryout period with Yuri “KEITHMCBRIEF” Jew for our AD Carry Position starting this week. KEITH will be staying at the TSM house and will be splitting scrims with Jason “WildTurtle” Tran during this tryout period. We make this decision with the intent to let WildTurtle take a step back from the game to evaluate and find a way to improve on his recent gameplay. Our wish is to allow Turtle a fair chance and motivate him to get back into his old form.

As of this moment, WildTurtle is still the starting AD Carry for TSM. KEITHMCBRIEF will only partake in scrims. Any future changes will be made in accordance with Riot’s ruleset and announced after approval.


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  • Ennard

    If they have not officially kicked him out, it only means that they believe in him and that they are pressuring him to return to his previous high standards.
    (Logic also says that if he fails, he’s out)

  • Calvin Heoung

    Does that mean WildTurtle is gonna leave? oh man pls don’t leave TSM Wildturtle.

  • Hungry Badger

    #KuckFeith #KeepTurtle

  • Evan

    On a real note i had to come back here now that Tahm has been announced, make lustboy learn him, all of your wildturtle problems in lane have been solved :p

  • Adam Santiago

    Damn, that a sad Turtle right there :/.

  • Evan

    This is just my opinion but i really dont see a win at worlds for these guys until they do more than lose turtle. I really feel like Dyrus isnt on the level as many tops in lane, hes getting a little more love after MSI it seems and his team fighting is still decent enough but there is just too much unsigned talent that has loads more potential imo. Dyrus isnt getting younger, and hes really not getting any better. Turtle isnt the same player he used to be, at least they are giving him a warning shot first before hes benched, maybe he will wake up, none the less hes just not the same turtle we knew a few seasons ago, i will say playing through 3 supports, one being a good one, one being a complete rookie and one barely speaking english has to have been tough, but really doesnt have much to do with how much he just gets caught nowadays by random cc (bindings etc) Santorin is an ok jungler, i dont see any real issues with the guy, he doesnt gank alot but thats just not his style i guess, i dont think hes the greatest jungler in the game on a worlds level, but i dont see any reason to move him around just yet. Either way its all opinion so no need for any TSM fans to jump on me about it, but i just dont see TSM reclaiming its former glory as the NA powerhouse with this roster.

    On another note, biggest disappointment for me this season has been c9, words cant express how hyped i was to see incarnati0n become their mid laner, its just a huge shame they are struggling to adjust with him, it seems Hais shotcalling was more irreplaceable than they may have thought at first.but overall its pretty damn saddening to see c9 in this state especially after all the incarnati0n hype.

    One more note, its pretty awesome seeing how well Dig is doing and seeing CLG’s possible return to its legend status that it had during the games baby years, not a big fan of Doublelift but i loved really old CLG so seeing the name itself do well is some nostalgia.

  • Panagiotis Georgoudakis

    We all want the best for the team. WIldturtle might have some problems because it happens, but that doesnt mean he is bad. I believe in TSM and all players, starters and substitues ! I wish good luck to everyone and especially to Wildturtle !!

  • Hunter Thompson

    Even the casters remarked how poorly Turtle’s positioning has been lately and his ability to carry has suffered from it. The 5-1 record Liquid had with Keith should have been a clear indicator that he was an LCS caliber marksman. They even beat TSM when he played only dropping a game to Winterfox’s kryptonite powers. Do I want to see Turtle go? No. But if Keith can show up like he did for Liquid and beat teams like TSM, TiP, and CLG then maybe TSM fans should get ready to see Keith in the starting rotation as early as this weekend.

    • Drew

      Keith replaced Piglet for a few games. Now Piglet gets his revenge. Piglets going to go so hard. Its over Tsm, step down baby.

      • Robby

        Yet just lost to TSM…#logic

        • Drew

          Tsm won both games this weekend by throws from other teams. Guess luck is good to have.

          • Whatever

            Delusional fanboyism.

  • Žiga



    • TurtlyLooker

      … what are you even trying to say?

  • Toncheni

    The thing I don’t get is to me at least is TSM seems to be focusing more on the mid and top lane where before it was more mid and bot lane so of course top is going to do better and bot will do worse depending on which side of the map you focus on more.

    • TurtlyLooker

      Turtle has played poorly all year, and it’s finally really being exposed, because Santorin’s actually coming to the top side of the map sometimes.

  • Drew

    Honestly, you guys said Dyrus improved. But all you do is gank for him top lane. You dont help wild out on the bot side. Put him in losing match ups and he still does decent. Dyrus is the worst top laner in NA. I mean solo killed by seraph but hey performance is the issue right?

    • Connel Badger Braund

      Thing is Dyrus has improved, Wild has not. Thing is sure Dyrus got solo killed by Seraph (was actually incredibly close) but he’s been amazing in teamfights. About your point “all you do is gank for him top lane” Dyrus didn’t get a single gank in this game, though TSM 5 man dove the botlane. Wild’s bad positioning hasn’t changed at all. But of course you are much more knowledgeable than the casters and coaches right?

      • Drew

        They both should be benched. If you don’t think so then you’re actually retarded. Dyrus got solo killed not just any top laner but by an 0-7 team. It wasn’t even close when dyrus missed his ult by a mile. Yeah lets just over look MSI where turtle actually played decent and Dyrus gave first blood EVERY single match. Even loco said they are helping dyrus alot more than they used too. Maybe you should watch the matches again. The point being here if they want to go anywhere then Dyrus needs to be replaced. The main focus of tsm was there top laner. So of course hes going to improve. After his terrible performance at MSI. But yeah I guess he doesnt give first blood every single match. Great improvement.

        • Evan

          No reason for you to go off calling people retarded lol, as fans all we can do is speculate we (including yourself) have no idea whats better for the team, i agree with what you are saying about Dyrus and i dont think winning worlds is realistic until hes replaced by a better top laner but yea you couldve just said it nicer no reason to call someone retarded over it, not like you know whats better for the team, you’re just a fan.

          • Drew

            It just upsets me when someone like WT gets benched but they dont bench dyrus. I honestly feel like dyrus is the weakest player on the team by far. But we will see.

          • Evan

            Well like i said i totally agree, Dyrus is way past due, but I think they are benching WT more off the basis that he has zero motivation for the game right now, they stated after MSI you could see the amount of work Dyrus was putting in and and showed some improvement as well but with WT it seems like nothing happened after MSI, hes probably just not in the right mindset right now, we all know this game is hard as hell to play once you get the slight feeling of boredom in your mind so i could imagine him not being motivated lately being a huge reason for getting the bench. its really hard to play well when you could honestly care less, i personally hope this makes WT wake up, i dont think its a raw skill factor i think maybe hes just bored like alot of pros are this season because the meta is so dry. When ive been bored in game from playing too much, i get caught so much, you just arent there mentally, and you dont care enough to really put focus into improving, you are play off of muscle memory i feel and make almost no good decisions. So idk what the case is i just hope he realizes what is going on here and wakes up, because Keith is not someone to take lightly, he played very well on TL and is a legit threat to take this job.

          • Connel Badger Braund

            It upsets you? Quit getting so butthurt.. Everything you said about MSI is completely irrelevant, he is only getting benched due to performance and motivation issues since the new split has started, and as far as this new split is concerned yes Dyrus has improved and Wild hasn’t.. is this is too complicated for you grasp??

    • TurtlyLooker

      Remember when Dyrus was camped all last split, and received no jungle help at all, but still managed to be relevant late game? Well, now he’s finally fgetting some help, and showing that he’s working hard to improve, and getting results. Wildturtle was already mediocre last split, and now, because Santorin is actually going to the top side of the map occasionally, Turtle is getting punished for things he wasn’t punished for before, like poor map awareness and positioning. Unlike Dyrus, however, he isn’t putting in the necessary time and effort into solo queue, which is especially damning, considering his history of having several accounts in the top 10 in challenger. Now, he barely gets one account anywhere near there.

  • monkeyman_31

    i mean, i understand where they come from with this. after MSI Dyrus probably got the most hate from anyone there at the event, and what did he do? he gets rank 6 and more, so i guess this is turtles own fault, he had a chance and he is lucky to be getting another one :/

  • Bryce Trinh

    I think this is unfair to WildTurtle. Maybe his performance was bad due to the lack of wards from the support, or the other laners not able to call out who is missing or not. This isn’t entirely WildTurtle’s fault. Don’t just think about WildTurtle. But due to this statement, I am not trying to tell you to go ahead and replace other players. This is a team effort. You have to work together to make the machine work. If WildTurtle is going to be benched, so be it. But you should always know that it’s not all of his fault

    • mitchforx

      its not all his fault but he is honestly the weak link right now and he was asked to step up and he did not. He currently has the lowest dmg dealt this split out of the ADCs i believe and his job is a “carry” which he has not been able to get remotely close to doing more than once this split

      • Bryce Trinh

        I do agree that some of this implies to him. And maybe he is the ADC that deals the most damage out of the whole LCS. But at least he contributed???? Some games, when they are in a team fight, they have to go for him, which not only can not make him participate in the team fight, but it does make him weaker. Some of these stuff are not his fault. Just saying.

  • Dawson White

    Wait, so you are trying to have a better worlds experiamce by bringing in betterplayers? wildTurtle has amazing chemistry with the team. regie said that to have a better worlds experiance they need world class players. How is bringing in a new player (in place of a veteran) going to help ANYTHING? KEITH said he isnt as nervous because he has had a little bit of LCS experience. He has about half a split. Wild has WAY more experiance than KEITH (esp in international which you are trying to do better in). I am not slamming KEITH or anyone else. If it works out fine i will admit i am wrong but i can not wait to see this backfire completely in Loco’s face. Bad move TSM

    • mitchforx

      Wildturtle has more experience right? thats undeniable. But what has he actually done with that experience as of late? Keith has more raw talent and potential to grow better that Turtle ever has been and thats why TSM is trying him out. If turtle has been asked to improve his play but has not, then can you really blame them for at least wanting to check their options?

  • Nagisa

    Is his name Yuri Jew?!?!?

  • Galaxy Doge

    Hopefully turtle goes back to his original self, cause with Keith on TSM i don’t think TSM will be going 2-0 on the weekends, let alone going even 1-1…. Mainly due to team synergy, who doesn’t love turtle?

    • Ifan Evans

      I know that Dyrus sometimes duos with Keith, so I don’t think synergy is a big deal with Dyrus, but I don’t think Keith will make a big impact, because I don’t think he will have synergy with the rest of the team, especially LustBoy. Therefore I’m worried about TSM not ending in the top 3. A roster swap this late on could mean not going to Worlds.

      But all and all I’m worried about Turtle. This might only be a wake up call and Keith plays bad, or it might not be and Keith plays good. What will Turtle do then?

    • KevakaBuel

      Turtle is still starter, keith only the sub.
      He is only there for pressure, its like loco and regi saying:
      “If you dont improve Turtle there will be someone to take your place”

  • samuel

    dyrus step up his game so hard

  • Eric

    They should replace Loco first. Just like in other sports. The first to go is the coach before the talent. Loco should have been gone after MSI

    • Will Jennings

      The issue is that in most sports, there are other ways to get reliable coaches, people who can move players. There just aren’t as many good esports coaches at the moment, at least in the west, because it’s still very much in its infancy, if TSM loses Loco they’re unlikely to find a replacement that’s as good, let alone someone they could comfortably say is a step up.

      Talent, meanwhile, is relatively trivial to come by. Turtle might be a great ADC, he might play well on TSM, but there are dozens of unsigned, great ADCs, and TSM can do a lot to ease players into the team.

      When it comes down to it, Loco is probably the most irreplacable member of TSM, Turtle is not.

    • Dyronius Maximus

      Are you serious…

      Loco is almost as important to TSM as Bjerg.

    • mitchforx

      Loco is like the only reason TSM didn’t die after MSI lol.

      • Ennard

        Explain why. In a reasonable way, if possible

      • Eric

        Wow well i hate to say i told ya so but have you seen locos coaching the last few weeks? Those Ez picks though………come on. What T8 did to TSM today is a damn shame.

  • Blaise

    This is sad. I’ve been a fan of Wildturtle for a long time. His smile is unforgettable; he’s been with the team long enough to become part of the TSM family. At Katowice he played very well and won lane or at least went even every game except game 1 vs WE. He also has a great understanding of the game. I remember against CLG game 1 in Spring, he anticipated DLift’s recall, communicated it to his team, and stole a baron off of it, practically sealing the game on that decision.

    It’s also sad because this roster looked so solid and started the year off so well. This year was supposed to be TSM’s best chance yet; and now it seems everything turned around so fast. The bottom line is that if TSM makes a roster change now, the chances they will synergize as a team in time for worlds is really low. There’s always a lot of risk in a roster change, and it takes time to get everyone comfortably on the same page. It’s really disappointing to be facing this potential reality of having the uncertainty of a new roster after such a promising start to the season.

    That said, the competition is always improving, and WT hasn’t improved on the inconsistency that’s plagued him since spring finals of last year when Sneaky smashed every match up. It’s a huge set back for the team and has cost them games, whether it’s a hook, binding, or careless mistake. I think this is the right move for the team to address such an issue, but it’s still disappointing to have happen so late in the season. If this were January I’d be more ok with it.

    I also have to sympathize with WT, because he’s gone from a contentious support in XPecial, to a rookie in Gleeb, and finally to a support that didn’t speak English. Maybe somewhere in that tumultuous season he lost his confidence and hasn’t figured out how to get it back. But it’s also not fair for the rest of the team to continue waiting around for things to change.

    I guess any road to a championship is going to have hurdles, both for the team and its individual components. That’s why champions are champions; they overcome their obstacles while others fail to do so. Props at least for being proactive about it. TSM has the best coaching staff in the West, so I trust their decision.

    I hope WT finds a way to consistently perform at the level he’s shown himself capable of. And if not, I will welcome Keith. He jokes around a lot on social media, but you can tell he’s taking this seriously. He was impressively capable on TL. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him do well by TSM.

  • http://www.playnation.de Patrick Hopp

    I like Turtle a lot and as a TSM fan since 2010 it’s hart to see him struggle, but his performance is far from what it was in the past. I really hope he can pull this off and stay as the main adc for TSM.

  • http://danterminater.blogspot.com/ DantermiNater

    As much as I love Wildturtle, I wonder what is going to become of this. Dyrus has been strong and hasn’t gotten the support he’s needed, so thats not all his fault. Wildturtle hasn’t played well and if he keeps playing, might dip even more. Hope it all goes well and TSM does what they think is best.

  • Kris

    Imagine Keith actually becoming the ADC for TSM then going up against TL. Oh man, that’d be too good.

    • Danielito Rospi

      for me its funny when i see xpecial with piglet against turtle and lust coz at season 3 xpecial and turtle was fighting against piglet xD

  • Teemo C

    Considering Turtle’s performance yesterday it’s not a huge suprise, but still a shock….

    • http://them3blog.wordpress.com/ Abel

      Kalista is such an easy to CC down ADV

      • Blaise

        The comp was really bad for him once it was lane swapped. He couldn’t get close to the other team. Even if he had had items, there wasn’t much he could do in that situation. Urgot on the front line could swap him at any time. Altec could 4 shot him with a longer range. Thresh, Xin could engage on him, and Rumble could slow him to set up an engage. Couple their zone could be extended with flash and TSM’s lackluster peel (their CC needed to be used aggressively because GV had more damage threats), and Turtle couldn’t even join in the teamfights.

        To make matters worse, Tristana got a free lane and Turtle didn’t.

        Still, Turtle went too greedy on certain picks/fights where he would use Kallista to jump past his target and cut off their escape. This placed him too deep and opened him up to being hooked. I don’t think that was the right way to play against a comp that can punish him like that, especially Bunny’s Thresh.

        But even if he hadn’t made these mistakes, the difference would have been marginal because Kallista just got outscaled once she didn’t accomplish anything in lane. The more important difference would have been keeping the other team from getting 450 gold along with a potentially free engage/map control.

  • John Phillip

    i expected this..

  • SkoopSkeePotato

    Yuri Jew? LOL WTF

  • Zeller

    Oh my god, that escalated QUICKLY

  • https://twitter.com/OsamaBinMalz GeneralGnardafi

    :O nononononono. No. Nope. I’m going to assume that this is just a wakeup call for Turtle, considering his contract lasts till 2018 (I think), but it is scary nonetheless. I love TSM and want so much to see them do well, but I honestly feel like Turtle has insane potential when he has a good game. We will see how this turns out.

    • Icely

      Potential isn’t something to be proud of. Potential isn’t an accomplishment or what you have done. Potential is only what you haven’t done and you have yet to accomplish. Keith has potential because he has only shown himself in a handful of games. Wildturtle has been in dozens and dozens of games with TSM, and more often then not he is a liability. I’m glad they are making this change.

    • Dim

      All they need to do is put him on a hyper carry, not some garbage like corki or urgot. Get him on Jinx and he’ll stomp. Watch, if keith gets on the team, all he’ll play is jinx

    • Zep

      So what if his contract lasts until 2018? Player’s have been benched in the past even if their contract wasn’t up. Same with traditional sports. If a player does not perform his contract could (depending on the contract ofc) be terminated before it runs out. I’m not saying WT should be benched immediately but saying he is save because is contract lasts a couple more years is really short sighted.

    • Exdo

      I think they can cancell the contract by paying him some money or something like that :C

      • https://twitter.com/OsamaBinMalz GeneralGnardafi

        Severance packages do exist, but since I have never exactly seen the contracts, it is impossible to speculate.

    • Sian Linnell

      He is on the 2018 contract, but that might not be 2018 playing as a starter on the team, they might just be able to bench him and have him as a sub!:/
      I too think he has good potential, but he doesnt play as good as he could, he gets sloppy and I understand that if they want to try and beat other regions, then their team cant risk getting sloppy!
      I hope he ups his game and stays! I like turtle!

    • Yolosaurus

      Potential? This is TSM not CLG.

  • Nix

    Tutrle pls no