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ZAC’s On the Run!

March 13th, 2013 Leave a comment



Riot has let loose their blob experiment! What manner of horribly cute being now roams free?


Laboratory Security Breach – Development Log 003





Zaun Morphous Combatant (his name is ZAC) exhibits strong emotional response to captivity: alternates between non-responsiveness and extreme agitation. Project leads have requested time for specimen outside growth chamber. Request denied.

He just wants to be FREE

Incident recorded in which test subject generated sufficient kinetic force to surpass safety tolerances of the growth chamber. Structural reinforcement under ???

If we don’t get him out of there, he’s going to hurt himself




Force Authorization


Growth chamber breached. Test subject and project leads currently missing.

Project placed on hiatus. Cost of generating a new specimen considered prohibitive. Current priority is locating specimen and concluding experimental trials. All personnel have been reassigned, effective immediately.

Revenue loss from project (estimated?) to be significant. Reacquire leads (on experiment?) and specimen at any cost. Use of (deadly) force is authorized.




 Community Feedback


Naturally, ZAC’s reveal caused a bit of stir, which Rioters were quick to respond to:


I’ll be honest, I was kind of hoping for a half-blob creature that was almost a slime pile with limbs extended out all over. I’m happy this isn’t super cute ZAC, but I’ll wait to see in-game/splash.


JarvanIV_Splash_3subninja: Oh don’t worry, you’ll be seeing quite a few splashes with Zac.




Something tells me this humanoid model will be more amorphous than people realize. He’s either going to begin amorphous and eventually evolve into the humanoid form, OR he’s going to break his humanoid form during his abilities to stretch limbs, or even his whole body. I highly doubt it’s going to be as simple as watching a blobman running around smacking things with his bare hands.


morellovatarMorello: Exactly. If he’s a blob-man, he needs to do blob-man things.

You guys will be pleased with this




Please make me happy, Morello; I got really excited just to be let down. I really enjoy your non-humanoid champions and it was disappointing to see this for several reasons.

A- Design doesn’t seem too clever from this first appearance. Sorry, but it is just a jelly man. I hope your final product has been altered, or he doesn’t always look like this in the model. But, well, everyone has different taste in design..
B- The story you showed us doesn’t match up with this whatsoever. He likes candy. He has ‘parents’. Don’t you think he should be more adorable and less evil like the other champions you have (besides yordles, because obviously a yordle /has/ to be cute in Riot’s terms)? We have a lot of evil champions.
C- The four images to his left just give off a ‘I’m angry and I will get revenge’ vibe. Please don’t make revenge the central point to his lore. I’d be more impressed and inspired if I saw otherwise from you all. It is just very overdone by several other artists already.

This is just my two cents. I’m getting ZAC regardless, because I adore Zaun Lab Bot and all of the spoilers you have given us. I know Riot is smart enough to make this an appealing champion. But I’m just a bit dumbfounded by this last picture is all.


morellovatarMorello: There’s more than meets the eye. Can’t have a juxtaposition without an original position.

Think about Annie. If she were an adult, shed’ be a bit lame. If she were a kid that was sweet, she’d be too expected. The Juxtaposition between little girl and pyromaniac make Annie much more cool overall – dramatic irony to a big extent.


JarvanIV_Splash_3subninja: Yeah “more than meets the eye” is appropriate here. This guy looks pretty innocuous when he’s standing still, but in game, he can do a lot of really cool things. We pulled from quite a few different blob-like tropes when figuring out his abilities. I think you’ll dig it.

And in terms of personality, even though he may look like a big scary monster man, he might not be such a bad guy on the inside…


Is he similar to Cho?


JarvanIV_Splash_3subninja: A bit, but that’s more flavor than core to his kit.




I was kind of hoping for the adorable little blob in the second image Zaun Lab Bot gave us.

He still looks good though, just not as cute. ^.^


JarvanIV_Splash_3subninja: There still is one part of his kit that’s kinda adorable.




TwistedFate_Splash_HighnoonRansom: I personally predict incoming plushies.





Fear not!


One thing that the community agrees on is that ZAC should be different from the typical “escaped lab experiment” stereotype. Seeking revenge or being a big bad monster doesn’t quite cut it in terms of originality. But, according to Riot, there really is more to our blob friend than meets the eye. They mention the possibility of him transforming into other… less menacing shapes, as well as an intricate back-story to his arrival and purpose.

So ZAC may yet be a cute blob creature in one of his forms! Although we’re still not aware of his abilities, Rioters have teased numerous skills that Zaun’s experiment may possess. One thing we’re certain of – he’ll be changing shapes quite often! Hopefully the League’s newest champion will deliver on its enormous hype!


If you haven’t caught up yet on the whole train of teasers, here’s a quick recap:

Development Log 001

Development Log 002

Development Log 003

Development Log 004

News of Legends Preview with Thoughts



Stay tuned for more exciting news regarding ZAC!

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  • mflames

    Im just gonna throw guess’s and ideas out there.
    Well to thought “Tons of dmg” must mean he can burst, being “Flexible” Must be an indication that he is hybrid.
    Am i right to assume that his ulti donates to his hp pool every time you lvl it, and to his models size and look. (reference he grew to big for his cage).
    I see Singed in the pic and Viktor. So zac has a regen ability.
    Seeing that he beats his way out of a cage, means he relies on Close range Combat. Because his goo based, could mean he is strong against ad changes but weak against Ap champs.
    He covers alot of things in goo, so is goo a indication to his presence ( so players know he was close by) or a means to counter auto attacks, or will it serve as a ability to cover someone in it.

  • Z Martin


  • league0fdraven8

    april fools all dont get exited

  • Vilecat

    They said there would be a twist more like Annie’s, but the youngin’ with strong magical powers and evil intentions isn’t new either. In-game, I’m pretty much expecting something like what tronix described, or Pebbles from HoN.

    I am disappoint in Riot with the backstory.

  • Man of the West

    Tiny – Amorphus!

  • Blanq

    It’s Majin Buu! Wait, nevermind

  • kuro

    It says Amorphous not Morphous (Thats why his name is ZAC, Zaun Amorphous Combatant)

  • Starfox

    Riot is messing with us. Damn you, Riot.

  • Snowplows

    @kARMALOOP Well Goku and Wukong are both based off the story of Sun Wukong, so indirectly we kinda have Goku.

  • blah

    awh i was hoping he was gonna be more like flubber

  • nooblettwo

    this sounds a lot like that one SCP… (scp containment breach)

  • Phil

    inb4 April Fools Day joke

  • Doug

    I much prefer the original characters.

  • BossLeiser

    We already have a Goku champion by the name of Wukong!

  • tronix

    its going to be like pulsefire ez more than likely,he’ll start the match at lvl 1, as a blob shape and then at lvl’s 6/11/16, (much like Ez’s armor evolves) ZAC will morph slowly from a blob eventually to standing upright humanoid with a jelly center. Due to this were more than likely going to see Zac’s attacks (or at least the animations) evolve in the same manner, with slight tweaks to his abilities (like khaz’ix’s).


    WOOOHOOOO!! Boo has been made a League Champion! Well next must be Goku. He’s is the only one who can counter him ! DO IT RIOT!!!