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Zed, Karma and Thresh Changes / Summoner Icons, Future Buffs, Tweaks and Other Titbits!

April 21st, 2013 Leave a comment



Changes to Karma, Thresh as well as Zed, a new Summoner Icon, Progression System and dozens of Red Posts!



Zed’s mechanics revamped!






Living Shadow ( W )

  • Cooldown reduced from 22/20.5/19/17.5/16 to 18/17/16/15/14 seconds 



Shadow Slash ( E )

  • Hitting enemy minions and monsters no longer reduces Living Shadow’s cooldown
  • Hitting enemy champions now reduces Living Shadow’s cooldown by 2 seconds, up from 1 second


harbringerkasRiotlink Button Statikk: These Zed changes are aimed towards 2 goals:




1) Reducing his lane safety
Currently, Zed has little need to actually manage Living Shadow’s cooldown due to the interactions with lane minions. Zed’s that get ahead are able to push and harass with impunity since in these situations Zed’s Living Shadow has a fairly negligible cooldown.
This is not intended as Zed is by design a high risk, high skill cap, high reward type of champion.

Zed’s Living Shadow, especially early on in the game, should be something both him and his lane opponent need to keep track of. When Living Shadow is down, Zed’s lane opponent should be able to take advantage of this window of vulnerability to punish him and Zed should have to play defensively until it comes back up.

2) Allowing Zed to actually achieve Living Shadow resets in team fights
With Shadow Slash’s increase to cooldown reduction upon hitting champions and the base cooldown of Living Shadow being reduced, Zed actually has a legitimate shot at very quickly resetting his Living Shadow cooldown in actual team fights depending on the situation and his execution. Zed can now potentially open up fights with Living Shadow, land 2-3 solid Shadow Slashes, and have Living Shadow back up in order to exit the fray or continue chasing down his targets.
Like stated above, all of the changes are tenative as of now, but I just wanted to give you guys some insight into the thought process here.”


Does the new CD reduction work per champion hit?


harbringerkasRiotlink Button Statikk: “It is for EACH champion you hit. So yes, if you ever hit 5 champions, it would reduce the cooldown by 10 seconds.”




Jungle Zed is still viable!


Graves_RiotRiotlink Button Scarizard: Just a reminder- while this change will impact Zed’s jungle mobility – it doesn’t actually reduce his damage output in the jungle, and as such shouldn’t affect his clear. Double-casting Shadow Slash doesn’t increase its damage – so while he won’t be able to cast W in the jungle to dart about quite as much, the changes to the cooldown of Living Shadow (4 off the top, 2 off the bottom) should help mitigate this, especially early-game with Blue.



Karma buffs, Scarizard discusses!






Inner_FlameInner Flame ( Q )

  • Damage increased from 60/110/160/210/260 to 80/125/170/215/260


Focused_ResolveFocused Resolve ( W )

  • Cooldown lowered from 16/15.5/15/14.5/14 to 16/15/14/13/12


InspireInspire ( E )

  • Cooldown lowered from 12 seconds to 10 seconds at all ranks
  • Movement speed boost increased from 20/30/40/50/60 to 40/45/50/55/60



Mantra ( R )

  • Cooldown lowered from 45 seconds to 45/42/39/36 seconds


Graves_RiotRiotlink Button Scarizard: These changes address a couple of things that i feel are pretty important to Live Karma’s success. Let’s talk about the big one, and that’s Mantra’s CD Reduction with Rank.

In the past, i was reticent to make this change due to how insane it -could- get with Gathering Fire and multi-champion hits; but from testing, it seems like this change could be just what the doctor ordered. From my POV it accomplishes two things:

1. More Mantras, More Decisions, More Fun – Something that’s been brought up a lot in this thread is ‘TWO MANTRA WHERe'; fundamentally, if ‘High Impact Mantra’ is to exist, double-cast must be out. It’s something i think works on Rengar but fails here. How cool can Q2, W2, or E2 be if you can cast them independent of the cooldown on the base skills? How much weaker do the ‘Empowered’ versions have to be? This was a failing of the old kit that we felt was to be solved on a new Karma. Old Karma had a shield that was literally just a damage shield (Trivia: the only shield in the game that had no special effect) that needed to eat a Mantra to feel even baseline effective as a spell – because she had two charges, neither Mantra cast could be independently powerful, leaving some things to be straight up overtuned (read: shield damage, scaling, range, etc) for you to even feel functional as a character, regardless if everything else fell short.

The vision for new Karma is that, while i would give you more Mantra casts they would be spaced out so that we could drive the impact for each individual Mantra higher. [Now, dear readers, this is where i’ll admit we undershot – the promise that i and the team made to you the players is that this Karma would legitimately be stronger, but along the way of balancing fell short of delivering a powerful champion. There are a lot of factors that go into this, but if the reality is not matching the intent then we will continue to address it as i have been in this changes. Back to our regularly scheduled wordvomit] The Mantra CDR going down with rank (as well as the Gathering Fire/Focused Resolve buffs last patch) create a more fluid mid/late game wherein at the extreme, Karma can almost instantly refresh her Mantra – loading another big moment and meaningfully contributing to that engagement, not just matching the baseline effectiveness of other champions.

2. Itemization! (Less block-of-text) – Lowering R’s Cooldown (As well as W + E) means it’s easier for Karma to build more efficiently. Are you still gonna want 40% CDR? Most definitely – but it’s no longer a hard-cap requirement ‘oh my god get it immediately or you aren’t even a real champion’ as it was before. 40% CDR is easily attainable – Athene’s/Morello’s, but that easily leaves you under the AP Curve relative to other champions despite being a necessity due to high CD’s. Easing this means that while it’s highly likely one of those two items are a first buy, there’s more flexibility in what you can buy and at what times you can buy them due to the fact that your spells scale to much lower CD’s naturally than they had before.

But why tell me about these changes if all i want is Old Karma back?

Like i’ve said before, i’m committed to new Karma and making her an experience that’s fun for players. That means holistically that while i listen to/process feedback, that i’m focused on the future and where we go from here. The changes above are a step to achieve that – they are not a final, perfect fix. A lot of you have mentioned that she’s boring because of similarity to other champions’ spells – and i totally understand that. It’s the gameplay associated with the frequency/generation of Mantra that is meant to tie this kit together, both in flow and feel. Once the machine is well-oiled, we can see if she needs a new engine (so to speak).

I do apologize for prolonged silences – the whole ‘working at riot thing, keeping busy talking about/implementing awesome stuff for players’  it gets pretty busy, but i’ve been refreshing/checking the thread since this morning. Even if we don’t agree on Karma, Balance or who’s the best pokemon (Hint: It’s Nidoking), i hope y’all understand that i appreciate your feedback, positive or negative and that you care enough to share it with me. Thanks again for being patient, y’all.



Thresh’s Q passive on E


DeathSentenceDeath Sentence ( Q )

  • No longer has a passive magic damage on-hit



Flay ( E )

  • Now has the passive from Death Sentence (Q)


Darius_Default_AvatarRiotlink Button CertainlyT: The goal of these changes was not to directly nerf Thresh (though I feel it will likely result in a reduction in his power — particularly at levels 1-2, as a poster above mentioned). One important purpose of our skill rank up system is to let players make meaningful choices with their skill point allocations. After the change, Q=Control, W=Utility, E=Damage is more clearly defined, though perhaps not 100% there yet.

Think of it as a new iteration, or version, of Thresh — one that is a cleaner and generally better design.


Will this change bring support Thresh in line with other picks?


Darius_Default_AvatarRiotlink Button CertainlyT: The goal is definitely to open space for more of our supports to shine. We’ve consistently received feedback from our pro teams especially that Thresh and Lulu crowded out most of the competition.




New Summoner Icon Progression


BrandFrostRiotlink Button BlueFire: Hello Summoners!
We want your help. You’ve seen us add icons in unique ways for events such as The Harrowing, Snowdown Showdown, and most recently the Lunar Revel.



We wanted to test some icon granting functionality. How does it work?

First select one of the following default icons (all accounts have them) as your icon in the client:

RI1 I3 I2

Then you have to win 10 games and you will unlock another “10 win icon” based on which one you selected:


1) You can’t win with another of the 3 icons between your 10 wins!


EX: If you win 3 games with the  icon and then win a game with the  icon, your win counter will be set to 1 for the new icon and 0 for the old icon!


2) You can only have one of the “10 win icons” at a time!


EX: If you earn the  icon and then earn the  icon you will lose the  icon!


3) No Co-op vs AI games or custom games are counted!


What if I get a win with an icon that is not one of the three you showed?
Nothing! Only WINNING with one of these three icons will affect your wins for the event.

Are you going to use these icons / do the exact same event on live?
No. This is merely for testing purposes.

Will I lose my icon if I win one game with a different icon?
You can only lose your icon by winning another icon!

How long do I have?
We hope to run this for at least a week on the PBE but may extend/shorten it as necessary.

How long will it take to receive my icon after my 10th win?
You should receive it within 24 hours. If you do not, please let us know here.

What games count?
There are two rules. No custom games and no Co-op vs. AI games. All other games will count (ranked/unranked/dominion/etc).

What happens if I lose?
Nothing! Only wins are considered in this event.

Can I see my win counter anywhere?
Unfortunately you cannot. So please keep track of your wins.

If I find a bug what do I do?
Describe it in detail here! Also be sure to include the summoner name of your PBE account so I can investigate.ve seen us add icons in unique ways for events such as The Harrowing, Snowdown Showdown, and most recently the Lunar Revel.

We wanted to test some icon granting functionality. How does it work?

First select one of the following default icons (all accounts have them) as your icon in the client:


New icons are on their way:


BrandFrostRiotlink Button BlueFire: We don’t have any current plans for re-using these icons. It is purely for testing purposes.





Scattered Red Posts, Unite!



Has the Norse Darius skin been scrapped?


morellovatarRiotlink Button Morello: Not scrapped, just still have some cleanup work to do  No ETA dudes, sorry!




Are you planning on nerfing Anivia? She’s proven to be really strong.


morellovatarRiotlink Button Morello: I agree, but the team (who I tend to trust a lot on this stuff) disagrees for right now.




Do you guys plan on buffing Rengar?


morellovatarRiotlink Button Morello: We do – though I wanna keep the details tight as Classick’s still fiddling with it.




Urgot improvements on the PBE:


Caitlyn_Splash_5Riotlink Button ricklessabandon: I made a change that I hope will improve Urgot’s quality of life a little bit. Urgot players will now see a range indicator when near an enemy marked by Noxian Corrosive Charge. The indicator shows the max range at which he can acquire a missile lock with Acid Hunter.


Anyway, this change is live on the PBE right now and I’d love to hear any feedback (bugs or feel/usability) you have after playing with it. I’m particularly interested to hear feedback regarding its accuracy, ‘noise’ levels, and/or responsiveness.

Thanks in advance! ♥


These are all the news from the testing server for now, stay tuned for more!


Good luck on the Fields of Justice!




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    I played karma a lot and carried very hard. This new karma is just odd, seems like she has a bunch of recycled abilities without the champions lore/name in mind. For example the old karma had a cool feel about her! HER NAME IS KARMA SO HAVING HER PASSIVE MAKE HER HAVE MORE AP THE LOWER HERE HEALTH AND HER HEAL HEALED MORE THE LOWER SOMEONES HEALTH WAS WHAT I CONSIDER VERY KARMA LIKE!

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