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Interview with KaSing of SHC: “I think the only EU team capable of winning worlds as of right now would probably be Alliance”

August 10th, 2014







You came into the LCS in the middle of the split. Did you feel pressure to perform right away or did you naturally ease into playing competitively on LA?

KaSing: I was definitely very nervous subbing in for Supa Hot Crew in week 5 since LCS was based in the UK for that week. At the time, i had a bit of lan experience from various lans such as Insomnia, Gfinity, Dreamhack. I can still remember the sound of my heart pounding like 5 minutes before first match versus Copenhagen Wolves so I knew that I had to perform to the best of my ability.


How is playing professionally compared to your time on Team Dignitas UK?

KaSing: It is very different playing now in the LCS compared to the amateur scene back when I was in Dignitas UK with Impaler because I was good friends with everyone back then, whereas being in an LCS team you need to be professional when it comes to practice under a specific schedule that everyone agrees to.


What do you like most about playing with MrRallez? What do you feel stands out about him most?

KaSing: MrRalleZ is an adc who definitely outperforms a lot of other adcs in the EU LCS  from my perspective, playing with him has been a pleasure. Although we haven’t played for that long together compared to the other bot lanes in LCS, I think that we can only improve and get better in the long run and I’m entirely confident in MrRalleZ’s ability and mechanics to win the game whenever we are playing. I feel with MrRalleZ, he is able to understand that the role of the Support isn’t just only about the lane but also about applying pressure to the entire map.


What is your favorite support to play? Why? Is there any support that you wish was played more often?

KaSing: My favourite support right now is probably Zilean because I love his skillset, his laugh, pretty much everything about him. He is very fun to play and has a unique playstyle which the enemies will not know how to play against. I wish that ap supports were played more often such as LeBlanc because I enjoy champions that  utilitize good mechanics. She has tons of damage regardless of her ap and requires high skill to play which fits my playstyle.


How would you describe your playstyle? Do you think it has changed since playing with SHC?

KaSing: My playstyle during the first week of when I played with SHC was overly aggressive, I would dominate lane phase but kind of fall off midgame as I was nervous to make plays. Now I think it has changed to a more smart-aggression playstyle where I punish the enemies mistakes harder rather than blindly playing hyper-aggressive.


What bot lane do you enjoy playing against most? Why?

KaSing: I like playing against Rekkles and YellowStar because they’re both very good in terms of mechanics and their duo lane synergy is immaculate so it would help me understand how to play the bot lane matchup better.


Do you believe there is an EU team capable of winning worlds? Who?

KaSing: I think the only EU team capable of winning worlds as of right now would probably be Alliance because having the best jungle/mid combo would be the EU trump card on beating the Korean/Chinese/NA teams.


How do you feel about the way support is currently? Do you believe the 4.13 patch will bring in any notable changes to champion pools?

KaSing: I feel like supports could do with a bit more space in terms of warding as I feel like 3 isn’t enough to ‘support’. Although Riot done this so that people would value wards more and people would play this game so that it’s more 5v5 rather than 1v9. 4.13 is bringing back tank supports such as alistar because since spellthiefs edge is getting nerfed, this is a nerf to all ap poke-heavy safe supports such as Morgana.



KaSing: I would like to shoutout to Supa Hot Crew, Team Acer, CMStorm, fans and my brother Eric Tsang.